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REVIEWS OF Olde Towne Bakery IN Iowa

Raymond Hannon

Top Notch pastries and cakes.

Patrick B. Fisher

Love love love those cream filled long johns!! The best ever!!

Breanna Caldwell

This places customer service is terrible. If I could give this place no stars I would I had 74 cookies ordered for my high school graduation party with the Assumption logo on them and they made them with the Alleman high school logo on them and we called to let them know asking for new ones nicely and they said there is nothing they can do! They will not make any new ones! They said it's fine to just put them out! How can you do that? It's not even the right high school. This is absolutely ridiculous they made the mistake they should have to fix them! The girl was so rude and very inconsiderate. We will not ever be returning there to buy anything.

Liz Sears

Love this bakery better than any bakery in the Quad Cities

Roberta Cusack

They were quite busy, but that's no excuse for telling us the whole reason we drove over (iced sugar cookies) wouldn't be done for an hour, then giving us the wrong thing and selling the next people 12 of the cookies we wanted... when a guest requests a specific item, you should check on its availability before giving them misinformation. I will NOT be driving that far for quite some time.

Jan Jeffery

Best bakery in the QC area! Great cakes, cookies, pastries. So yummy!

Marcus Fenix

Best cookies ever!

Diana Cotton

Had better cakes made☹️

Emily Rose

My mom works there and my friend Hailey worked there. Best place ever!

Lori Maynard

Always good never disappointed

tonya wilkins

Love the sugar cookies!

Lindsay Mumma

Cakes by Kay in the East Village is better. Not to mention the workers are more polite.

Nicole Margaret

Best bakery in the Quad Cities.

g a

Mmmmm Bavarian cream doughnuts!


The goodies are tasty. Staff almost always makes you feel like you're interrupting they're day.

Tina Lux

Best cake EVER!!

Dylan Parker

Great little independent bakery. Good place to get donuts or wedding cakes! Since Leo's South Park bakery shut down in Rock Island, this is our go-to-spot.

Cassie B

Great food that's affordable. I didn't know this, but they also do wedding cakes!!

Bill Woodward

Cookies were perfect as always. Zero disappointment everytime

Kent James

I have used this bakery for at least 6 years, when I first started going I was very pleased. However the quality and customer service has declined greatly. I have had several bad experiences and have decided to go elsewhere for my bakery needs. On one occasion I had ordered a very expensive two tiered cake when presented with it the cake was lop-sided, the staff was very rude when I requested it be fixed. One a separate occasion I ordered a cake for my son’s birthday, when I arrived I was told they did not make the cake because they did not have what I had requested, no apology was made they were very rude and told me if I did not like the service to go elsewhere, when presented with the cake for my daughter’s birthday it was pink even though the ticket said purple, again no apology instead I was told by the OWNER I was too picky! When confronted with a unsatisfied customer the staff is very rude and unapologetic. I will never use this bakery again I would never recommend them to anyone. I am certain there sales will continue to decline because of the poor customer service. Overall HORRIBLE SERVICE, MEDIOCRE CAKES!

Elizabeth Witt

Great hot cross buns. Good selection of cookies. Jelly filled Bismarck my favorite. Cakes for all occasions.

Mary Dub

Beautiful 80th birthday cake made for my mother! Perfect and lifelike roses and leaves. Couldn't be happier.



Zabina Buchanan

grandkids needed their favorite cookies

Michelle Burroughs

Best bakery in the QCA

Dale Jones

Very good cookies and cakes friendly service

Kelly Lehman

Ordered a wedding cake from them which my hubby to be promptly did not transport properly. Fell over. One job..*headshake* Long story short they were able to make a beautiful small cake with the same theme we could cut for photo purposes. I know they were pressed for time but really worked hard in order to make our day special

Mark S

Delicious A must visit in your lifetime! Fast, friendly service. Delicious

Carri Rasing

Everything here is amazing! You can get anything from their reeces peanut butter cookies to their out of the world eclairs. A must stop for any out of towner.

Linda Du Shane

Good Kona coffee good quality pastries.

Stephanie Belock

Absolutely love this place..been coming here for years. Only downside is recently they have gotten skimpy on the frosting on donuts. That's why I quit going to Duncan Donuts.

Hungry Bear

Friendly staff good prices GREAT Baked goods!

Ian Leonard

The donuts are delicious as are the cakes and cookies, cant go wrong at this bakery! Not to mention the staff is always cheerful and very quick and helpful!

Rick Oelerich

Awesome cakes and nice people

Shane Wheatley

The best...everything! Iced cookies are amazing, cream horns, and I never liked maple donuts until I ate them here, now try are my favorite.

becky franklin

The cake we got for a baby shower was so beautiful and delicious. The staff are very nice and helpful too. Love this place

Sherri Jamison

I will only get my cakes here greay cakes and more love it

Christopher Moressi

This is a place where you have to come at last one time! Awesome Place.

Victor Wenskunas

The gal Faith was so nice and helpful to my son. Thank you. That made his day

Candace Wise

My favorite item are the Thumb Print cookies! I could eat a ton of those cookies!!!

Robyn Schlieper

The cake decorators really do a fantastic job creating beautiful cakes.

Linda Meirhaeghe

Love this place never ever had anything bad from here.

Chris Holte

The ladies bahind the counter and decorating cakes are all so nice.


Ok doughnuts but they have great cake. Their frosting is the best.

Hope McAtee

Delicious coffee and snacks or lunch.


Best buttercream and white cake East of the Mississippi! We order ten inch two layers with buttercream and it's under $30. Don't waste your time or calories at grocery stores on bad sheet cake! Make your birthdays and holidays memorable!

Adrienne Freeborn

Delicious cookies and cakes

Brittaney Patricia Ann

I love this place!!! I'd never go anywhere else for cakes or cookies! Their taste is impeccable!!!


Best bakery ever. Cookies. Cakes donuts... All delish!

Carrie Lantz

Coooookies! Need I say more?

Kyrie McConnell

Dod Gam, those sugar cookies...

Harry Cleaveland

When I need to get cakes, this is the only place I think of. Amazing skill and artistry in cake making. I like to give them a framework on making a cake, allowing them artistic freedom, and they always knock it out of the park.

Shane Brasmer

The best bakery in town

Abigail Dickens

Love there sugar cookies!

Ryan Taylor

The best in town, hands down.

Marissa Troche

The very best sugar cookies I've ever had!

Doris Tuftee


jeremy cobert

the stencil cookies are tops ! pastries are excellent. if you like a small hometown bakery this is the best. i noticed a lot of fake reviews here "They may do something right" ignore them and find out why this place has been around forever.

Nicole Kranz

Delicious treats. Awful customer service.

Brittany Utley

They were very nice and helpful

Nicole Ringier

Every thing I have ever gotten here has been amazing...their sugar cookies are my favorite and the staff is amazingly sweet and friendly and have the best customer service

James Veasey

The Apple fritters were really good

Logan Grossen

My cake was very well frosted, even on top, and beautifully written. The place smelled great and had a variety of high quality baked goods and their wedding cakes were beautiful


Best sugar cookies I ever had. I have been buying from Olde Towne Bakery for years and was never disappointed. They make cakes and donuts that look delicious but I always end up getting cookies.


Always visit Olde Towne when in town. This time they gifted me two smiley face cookies for my granddaughters! It's a great local resource!

Susan Roggendorf

This bakery has been consistent in its quality of all the baked goods I've purchased. I've been buying their products (cookies, cakes, cupcakes, donuts, etc.) for nearly five years. I ordered my graduation cake from Olde Towne, and not only was it very affordable with the extras I added to the order, but it was a hit with everyone who enjoyed a slice. Highly recommend this bakery!

Blake Dossett

Anybody who has said in their reviews that this place isn't unique is terribly wrong. We've switched to Olde Towne Bakery exclusively for all our cakes. They're delicious and they're always so accommodating. I take random pictures of characters, toys or anything (3 small children) and they always produce a beautiful cake at a very reasonable price. Their sugar cookies and donuts are amazing as well. If you haven't tried this place, go immediately. If you don't love at least one thing they make you need to have your taste buds checked.

Debbie Fuller

The Best bakery in the Quad Cities, the sugar cookies are the best!

Joe Schneider

Great bakery


Best sugar cookies ever!!


We had several problems while dealing with this bakery for our wedding cake. We ordered our cake and put down a deposit. My husband went to pay for the rest of the cake and drop off decorations that we bought to be put on the cake. A couple weeks before the wedding they called and said that we still owed them. My husband went back in and was told that they had no record that the cake was paid for. Even though he had the transaction on his bank statement, they said that it wasn't their "merchant" number and would not accept it. The person working said that they remembered him coming in and paying previously, and that they would accept half of the remaining amount. He paid it because he thought that he had no other option. When the cake was delivered, it was just a plain white cake. None of the decorations that we had given them were used. Luckily, my sister is creative and crafty and decorated it perfectly for the reception. The only reason I gave a star for this review was because the cake at least tasted good. But it definitely was not worth all of the hassle.

Kristi Loveless

Best doughnuts in the Quad Cities!

Ruth Barber

Good service, great yummy eats

Russ Klavon

They're looking for help but they still had plenty of people in there waiting on the people that were there which was many compared to a normal day

Sue McCabe

5 stars all over! The cake we had for a baby shower was perfect in taste, texture, and appearance. The young ladies who took my order were knowledgable and helpful. I could not have done better with any other bakery!

Melissa Tavarez

The more I try it, the more I find their cakes to be just like any other supermarket cake, just like Hyvee or Walmart cake, Jewel Osco sells better cakes. The sugar cookies are very good, that's why the 3 star rating. Very overrated, and their workers could learn better how to serve customers and their needs. So if you are looking for a personalized cake and experience, not the place.

Nesa Lagunas

This place was so cute! I walked in and it was like walking into a real life Pinterest board. Bonus- EEEEEEVERYTHING we purchased was super yummy. I wish I got our attendants name, she was very kind with her suggestions and even gave us free cookies to taste! 10/10 will be coming here every time I visit the Q.C.

Jennifer Deaton

Perfect. I was not expecting this to be the best cake I've ever had but not only looked better than I was expecting at a reasonable cost, SO MOIST! No complaints here. I read a couple negative reviews and thought maybe this place isn't as great as I've always heard but believe me, they're better! Service, product and price all get 5 stars from me!

Theresa Chipman

Yummy place to visit

Demi Corona

Always very friendly and welcoming. They do a great job!

Holly McLin

I called three days ago and made an appointment for a tasting for a wedding cake. I called the day before to confirm. When I arrived for the tasting I was told that my appointment was supposed to have been a week ago. I only made the appointment 3 days ago. If a bakery is unable to even get an appointment correct for a tasting, there is NO WAY I would ever trust them to be responsible for my wedding cake. What an unprofessional and disappointing excuse for a business.

Bee Rok

Thanks for recognizing military service members by offering a discount. Cookies were delicious and looked great!

Kimberly Wilkins

They did an excellent job on the cookies I ordered for my daughter's graduation party.


I'm sure there's lots of gushing about the sugar cookies on here, and that's all true, they're delicious, but don't underestimate them on everything else. Their cakes are amazing. Both taste and decorating. Literally everything they make is top notch. Cupcakes, donuts... All of it. And double bonus. It's local and they genuinely appreicate the business. I highly recommend this place!

cody johnson

Needs more coffee options

Valarie Lambrecht

Best bakery in the Quad cities

Nassos Lazaridis

Great cakes, cookies and other sweets

Lewis Randleman

I gave 3 stars because even though a couple of items are very good, there are a couple of items like cakes that were only a little better than a grocery store but they are priced like a good bakery. It probably gets great reviews because most people have never been to an exceptional bakery.

Jill Kelly

Best bakery in town, been going there for over 50 yrs. Love the sugar cookies, thumb prints, cakes, everything is pretty darn good there!

Lyndsey Levetzow

Best. Cinnamon Rolls. Ever.

Birdie Lopez

Best cookies ever. Their cakes are also awesome.

Angie Tapia

Best bakery in the Quad Cities

Jayme Krouth

Hands down best frosted sugar cookies. Best everything in my opinion. Customer service could be better though. They make beautiful cakes.

Brad Barclay

Absolutely love their cakes and the creativity of their cake decorators!

Jeremy Burge

Awesome cookies!

Ely Berns

My mother ordered a cake from this bakery for my birthday and it was absolutely perfect. Best white cake I've ever had with a nice chocolate buttery frosting. Thank you!

Jacob VanDam

Got a wedding cake there. Cake was awesome, delivery was punctual, the baker was super helpful, but getting the time of day from the front counter workers, even at off-peak times, was like pulling teeth. We were considering getting cookies as well, but decided against it after it took twenty minutes and three different people just to get prices. They lost our tasting appointment (fortunately the baker remembered). At one point, they told us that it was too late to schedule our date, because they were fully-booked that day- because we had already taken one of their last openings on that day two months prior. Again, the cake was awesome, the baker was awesome, the delivery guy was awesome, but dealing with the front counter staff was probably the worst part of planning the wedding.

Melissa Diarra

Best donuts in town! Cakes and cupcakes are amazing!

Wicked Shmart

Absolutely adore this place. If you got a minuteand a sweet tooth stop and check them out. I promise you won't regret it.

orediggers 92

POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Last year I ordered a cake for my birthday and they gave me the wrong flavor (did not know until we cut into it). When I visited the store to tell them on February 9th they put a credit slip into a shoebox on the counter stating it was good for a year. I stopped by on January 25th to place an order for a cake and they could not find the credit slip. They said they would look into it and call me back. They never did so I called them back and they said that they would not honor the full amount, only half of it. They stated that I was probably confused about the I don't know what date my birthday is on. The manager was rude. IF THEY GIVE YOU THE WRONG ORDER DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO PUT A CREDIT SLIP INTO A SHOEBOX, INSIST ON A REFUND!!!!! They need to re-evaluate how they manage credit slips. Will never go back nor recommend to anyone.

Donna Wilson

This place has really gone downhill in the last couple of years. My daughter's birthday treat cookies looked horrible. Not to mention the issue ofhaving them saying they didn't receive the email to use the logo, which they did, because the auto reply they have set up was received by the person giving permission to use the logo!

Brian Prybil

Everything is great here! Filled long johns are the best around. There cake is also the best around.

Jane Hoerner

Ordered a cake, cake did not have chocolate frosting as ordered. They offered to redo but I live 25 miles away. Gave me $2 off $22 cake. Cake was dry. Just not impressed overall for the cost. They do make good cookies.

Robert Gore

Great food. Great service. For a celebration their cookies are recommended because the cookies are good and if you have a kid they can take it to school as a birthday snack. The atmosphere was good. The cookies are soft and are better than cupcakes because you don't have to buy both vanilla and chocolate for the picky ones that have to have a specific kind of cupcake.

Paige White

Always amazing service. Cookies donuts and especially the buttercream frosting for the cake. I literally drew a cake and they created it perfectly!!!

John Smith

We had initially planned to have our wedding cake made by Olde Towne and we put down a deposit, but communication was terrible. We had a special request for our cake flavor (it wasn't anything crazy though). We went in to taste test it and it was completely wrong. It was absolutely not at all what we ordered, it was chocolate with just plain white frosting, but they insised there was no mistake making my fiancée and I feel like we were crazy. We weren't rude or yelling, just trying to make it clear this was not the right order. So, they admitted no mistake, and made several excuses (much to our discomfort and dismay), but set up another tasting. This time it just tasted really really bad. It was very bitter and tasted like someone had spilled a cleaning product on the food. It also wasn't really how my fiancée wanted it, but that was just due to miscommunication. Still, I couldn't believe that they would have given us something that tasted so bitter. I'll eat anything that's a sweet, I have a major sweet tooth, and I took one bite and could not finish it. We tried to get ahold of the baker, several times, and our email was never responded to. Finally my fiancée thought of contacting them through Facebook and they told us we'd have to wait 3 days to hear back from the Baker (who never treated us rudely or anything) but it was hard to ever get ahold of her. She told my fiancée that she could not do the passionfruit curd that we had asked for, even though we had been told before putting our down payment down, that it wouldn't be a problem. We are disappointed with our treatment and won't be recommending their service. Instead, we won't ask for our down payment back, but we will be going with CakesByKay instead. For anyone wanting a wedding cake flavor that is not just the normal basic flavors do not go to Old Towne. Once they take your money you will not feel prioritized in the slightest.

LaJanice Sanderson

Amazing selections and beautifully decorated cakes for any occasion.

Kedar Mukherjee

Very very disappointed with their cup cakes. Seems to be very hyped and overtly expensive for the quality we got.

Rick Schomer

The cake was very moist and good. They do an awesome job with the decorating and preparing for the occasion. Very delicious every time!

Joycelyn Clinton

My coconut cake was delicious for my birthday that just passed on the 2nd! I am ordering my 3 cake as of today for my hubby.

Elcie Mishay

We typically buy their sugar cookies for our kids' birthdays to take to school and they've always been a hit. They're affordable and delicious. They've got a lot of things they can do for your decorated pastry needs. Definitely worth trying out.

Larry Conway


Jennifier Thompson

Love the giant apple fritters

Terrie Finch

Always the best sweets ,

Carla Belgarde

Always good to pop in for a coffee and nice treat. Plus I like picking up cookies for friends. Nit many good bakers left.

Tim Dreher

You simply can not beat this bakery!

Julissa Valenzuela Rieger

Best cakes and treats in the qc

Jim Power

Amazing cookies. Greeted we entering and served with a SMILE

Darby B Alvarez

Loved the cake tasting experience! Great tasting cakes! Cant wait to see my wedding cake!

Dana Ralston

The best!!!

Mary Wolverton

Great pastries & cookies. Cakes are yummy.

rayshanette brown

I appreciate the family feel great customer service

Robert Heston

Not cheap but the grandkids love the sugar cookies. Me? Meh, not a fan of those. Some of their other cookies are much better

Mary Johnson

Was close to it but not there

Aaron J. Brown

Best donuts, cakes and sugar cookies. Downside runs out of stuff quick. Crowded.

Rafael Ceja

Best cake I have ever had

Nichole Fiscella

I ordered my wedding cake from Olde Towne and sugar cookies for the wedding also. The cake and cookies were both delicious, and my two tiered cake was beautiful. We hardly had any left over and so many guests complimented us on our treats.

Destiny Maynard

Love! Great place!

5mile Digital

A bit pricey but better than the grocery stores.

Tanner Carizey

Get their sugar cookies. Lots of desserts all the ones I've tried are great.

Ruth King

The best bakery hands down!

Blackhawk Electric

Alway a must for any of your cravings in the sweet department

Valerie J Garrison

Nostalgia, delicious sweet treats, and friendly service.

Gerald neece

The best bakery there is

Kenya Weatherspoon

The best sugar cookies! Great customer service!

layai daniel

Sugar cookies and donuts are delicious, cake so-so. Doesn't matter what time you go in, the counter help is very rude and not very friendly.

Rebecca Casillas

One of my favorite little treats is a piece og white cake from there that's so good I often eat it with a plastic fork in the car. Delicious.

Brian Volk

Best Iced sugar cookies.PERIOD! GREAT cakes with tasty frosting. Marble/white/chocolate birthday cakes are delicious.

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