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1880 NW 86th St, Clive, IA 50325, United States

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REVIEWS OF Krispy Kreme IN Iowa

Sam Hodges

We absolutely love KK. Except they changed the free policy of when you come in you can get one hot off the line. Too bad. That was one of the cool reasons to go there. Yummy

Stacey Murray

Cameron at the drive thru window was so kind and sweet. He was polite and made sure he packed up the ones we wanted. I would recommend this location.

Susan Quandt

What can I say that hasn't already been said about the beloved Krispy Kreme donut? It's simple, and delicious. I had been here earlier in the day to pick up 3 dozen donuts for a work event and on my way home felt the magnetic pull since I didn't partake in the morning donuts.

Joni Leonard

Just left without buying donuts. I am from out of town.. was excited to get some Krispy Kreme donuts. Walked one else there. No one said welcome, can I help you, or anything. I stood there for a little bit.. one person was on her cell phone..others were working in back but didn’t say anything. So... no donuts for me.. won’t be back.

saurabh shegokar

Best place to have morning coffee and donuts. They prepare high quality donuts. If you are donut lover I would recommend this place.

Joseph Stewart

Idk how they make those donuts so quick but they're the fastest I've ever seen in fast food and the taste is unbeatable!!

Lawrence Pickett

Great service and great customer service very friendly employee that work their

Patrick malloy

Expensive and the floors could of been cleaned

Anne Buck-Kemp

Warm and fresh... melt in your mouth, yum! (Yes, there is a drive up window.)


Best place to get a fresh doughnut, best service and staff. #1 in my book.

Oguz Aranay

My first time here. Looks like the origin of doughnuts. I wonder why there's no Albany branch! Seems like DD has bought the regional rights.

Bad Wolf Girl

Who doesn't love Krispy Kreme donuts? The only bummer was that the Hot Now sign wasn't on. Friendly customer service.

Michelle Ross


Eric Bell

Always awesome - especially when hot and fresh!

Andrew Larson

Went in for 2 dozen of the ‘original’. Got: “We’re out of original glazed.” Donut shop doesn’t have donuts — epic fail.

Jacob Belcher

Who doesn't like doughnuts?

Gaylene Lee

Need to make sure you have coffee on a Saturday morning. Went at 10 am and had nothing!

Keith Knights

I don't know why Dunkin is still around but, LONG LIVE KRISPY KREME!!!

Derek Priebe

The young lady at the drive-up window was very short and didn't seem like she was too happy to be at work at 8am on a Saturday. In addition to the lackluster service, somehow the doughnuts were cold. Not room temperature -- cold. I found that to be odd coming from a bakery that early in the day.

Stacy Harp

Iced coffee is the bomb!

czc Khol

The service here is great.I only wish that they had more varieties of the jelly filled variety.

norm fournier

I've been spoiled living in the south, but the kk in Dothan Al. Is by far the best I've ever been to they can only hope to attain their service record. Impeccable by anyone's standard. As for free doughnuts I don't recall them ever giving them out, but I've never been one to look for freebies. A clean well staffed, courteous place is good enough for me. This establishment needs a little work. Also 24hrs is imperative for a well run doughnut emporium...

photoxliz videos

For this Krispy Kreme being open 24 hours I had a lot higher expectations. They had barely any donuts and it wasn’t even 10pm. They had about 4 types out of stock. The employees were not very friendly. They seemed to just want to go home. The cake batter donuts tasted a little old, but the chocolate frosted tasted very fresh. Would not choose this location to come back to.

Matthew Didday

Fresh, warm donuts and friendly staff.

Anthony Sciuto

Went inside the store and it took 25 minutes to get an iced coffee and two donuts; there were only 5 people ahead of me. Coffee and donuts were as expected.

John Shoemaker

Delicious as usual but took a while due to them not being able to scan a printed gift card and they weren't sure how to type it in manually. Couldn't scan my phone either. Employees were very nice but management should train them better and have equipment that works.

Oscar Calvin

Great when their warm

Tiffany T.

Amazing donuts.

Kurt B

How can you say something bad about a little piece of heaven in every bite.

Moana Yuko Kitamura

Great service and DELICIOUS donuts. Loved it!!!

Rebecca Taylor

BEST DONUTS OF ANYWHERE AROUND! My fave is the Glazed Cream Filled!

Mary Mitchell

The staff is polite just very slow. No one seems to notice or care that the customers are trying to get to work on time and 10 minutes to get a couple dozen donuts is just ridiculous.

shravya shravs

OMG...the original donut's taste is other donut can beat the taste of ambience....all other flavours are deliciois too..... The original one tastes like ur in heaven....

Frances Steinbrueck

This Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is one of my favorite. Lots of option.

Haley Marsh

Very friendly and fast service

Abreea Cooley

Not happy. Drove 40 minutes for them to only have three donuts ready out of their whole menu. Everything we asked for she said " we don't have that." she was not nice and super rude. Do not recommend.

Nick Button

Doing good in the neighborhood.

420 Vision

Get the App for Kripy Kreme. It'll let you know when the red light on for hot fresh doughnuts. It's the best doughnuts you'll ever eat. (Hot Fresh Doughnuts)

Karen M. Jones

Everyone knows it's good!

Katie Robinson

Bathroom needs to be clean more often

Emad Barbar

Very good costumer service I spoke with Nicole which was I think a manager she did a great job helping me

Yukiko Coons

I greatly enjoyed the doughnuts and I also witnessed the making of the doughnuts. I am glad I know where they came from.


Love it! Good service and friendly people.

mark mcnary

What can I say. The hot donuts sign was on.

alex rutz

Despite living several hours away I've been to this location quite a few times. This nice to watch the donughts being made and having a whole box to yourself. The coffee isn't too bad either.

Joshua Davis

Their pretty good and fresh but I wish they had all the new flavors though.

Andrew Nixon

Delicious! Best doughnuts in Des Moines


Good deal w coupon

Mohamed Fotaih

Good donut

David Van Zummeren

Good doughnuts


Classic goodness!

Tyler Morris

If you want to get real fat real fast this is your spot

Maria Anna Witt

The Hot sign was on, so we stopped in. Watched the donuts flipping in the cooker and getting their glaze coating. They were like fresh warm delicious donut pillows.

Gwenyth Glenn

Hard donuts. Did not taste anywhere near fresh.

Judy Ryan

Yummio...Reeses donuts!

Wanda Bone

I can't live around Krispy Kreme because I would be so fat and out of shape and I can't afford to be like that at at the age of 75 I just love those donuts.

Crystalann CB

Awesome donuts and great people. Think theyre getting a bit expensive but very good donuts.

Kelsey S

Stopped by when I was passing through the area, pulled in at 8:28 and they were closed early. Google says they are open 5:30AM -9PM but apparently the closing time isn’t always consistent. I guess call ahead if you are ever passing through the area to make sure they’ll actually be open...

jessica wheatley

Only complaint is I wish it were busier so the donuts were fresh off the rack. Still good and made every morning, but nothing like made two seconds ago donuts. On the plus side you can get in and out fast. Staff always friendly.

Tina Pinch

They don't have any of the doughnuts that I like. How hard could it be to get an apple cinnamon doughnut? One person said they had them I just had to go early. I tried to call in an order and they don't even sell them. So irritated.


Oreo donuts and newyork cheesecake donuts awesome

chris strickland

It's the best doughnuts. Lady at the counter was a sweetheart

Ben Thurman

What can I say. The

Angela Jam

Great service, the cheesecake donuts tasted a little more like lemon then cheesecake.

Buelah Withrow

Not as good as Lamar's Donuts

mm rr

Love love love this donut shop! I hope they'll open one in Cedar Rapids soon. They always have a cool new donut to try, and if you sign up for their emails you'll know when they're giving away free donuts!

Greg Lee

Loved the doughtnuts, live them hot and fresh

Brittney Orr

The donuts are very good however the two people working other than the manager had zero listening and customer service skills. They got our order wrong, not once but twice. The manager seemed to be doing their jobs too and I felt bad for him.

Madi Caples

Really good and very friendly employees.

Michael Bacha

Never disappoints

The Schwarbs

The donuts are tasting more like the plastic -like oil than delicious donuts. Kinda disappointed.

Stefanie Chaney

Yummy donuts

Matt PC

Great people and service, & the best part is that this location is open 24 hours/day!!

Dominique McMorris

Awsome donuts

Joe Baharian

Fresh made Krispy Kreme doughnuts? Yes please

Liz Hicks

Great to have a Krispy Kreme in KCK! This area used to have several donut the Krispy is a welcome addition!! They often have deals going on, coupons, etc. Friendly service, pretty good coffee, and a good option for grabbing a 'morning' donut, treat for co-workers, or a dessert/treat! Always clean! Seating inside or Drive-thru (fast and convenient!)

Shylendran C

Bad service, not cleaned at all. No water n the restrooms!! The doughnuts were too sugary, its not like any other Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Katie Rose

This location serves fresh delicious donuts and were so very cool to my daughter who was trying kk for the 1st time. Nothing better than shopping all day and grabbing a fresh still warm glazed donut and cup of coffee as a reward. Very excellent once in a while treat.

Bobby Page

Amazing donuts and great service

Kai Rod

When the red light is on.. Baby.. ❤❤❤

Better You Today

Nice place staff was friendly. Be careful there donuts are so good your going eat at lest 3 or 4 of them.

Pam Owens

Great service! Delicious donuts! Thanks!

Kendra Young

Gave me a sample fresh donut to try.

Jerry Hiebert

Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Do I really need to say anything else? They are the reason. We traveled 3 hours. The hotel and everything else was just a nice bonus. The Reses doughnuts are now my wife's favorite. It would be even better if they had a gluten-free option for my daughter. We try to not eat them in front of her.

Mr Keith Jones

When you need a quick snack

Jo Bond

Great donuts

Robert Lemke

Always hot always fresh. Gonna die of 1 deadly sin or another. Damn there good!

John Denney

Great service.

Kathleen Worley

However, need one closer to me in East side.

Eliane Davis

Very good, love them

Daniel Oglesby

As usual heavenly fresh and hot

Deana Stradford

Hot fresh donut you can't beat it


Maple glaze is the best.

Gary Moreau

Crowded and slow but a cool place to visit


Always fresh

angela pollard

Staff is not friendly or helpful. They tell you to download an app so you can get free donuts and discounts but the app never works for me and I can't ever get any help from anybody they don't even say I'm sorry you're having a hard time with that they act really snobby and that's not okay. And why would they stop making donutsto clean the machines? Do that at the end of the shift or something people come in to see that.

g.s. loucas

Great staff

Kathy Perry

Really good doughnuts. Have added some new & interesting varieties since I was there last

Randy Wright

The past few times we went the selection was terrible. We went today and all they had was original glazed, chocolate glazed & raspberry filled. All they do is donuts and they can't even do that right. We drive from Kansas City north and what a waste of time.

Valerie Marshall

Had a weird smell to it that didn't smell like fresh doughnuts

Tonya Jackson

Sorry but i can't eat all that doughy sugar Omg and they got sugar creame on the inside to no thank u Apple keeps the dentist away just way to sweet got to change the recipe something that's not so sweet

Robert Stoutenberg

Love it

jeff jeff

Loved the fresh glaze doughnut sample received while waiting

brenda Thompson

Very clean and always fresh

Richard Glenn

Excellent donuts and coffee. Good service.

cindy walt-lillis

My son and I stopped in on Friday night 2/22 for some donuts and some cold milk to wash them down. Donuts were tasty, however before pulling out of our parking space to leave my son became sick in the back seat. Not sure if it was the donuts or the milk? It will be a while before we go back.

Michael Butcher

This place was nasty. First time I have ever been. I had to wait 10 min for coffee. Employees weren't washing their hands. It's a shame. And so many employees!

Liam Reagan

Drove 280 Miles from central MN for Krispy Kreme. Some may call me crazy, some may call me mad. I believe me to be enlightened.

Annie Schmalbeck

Awesome field trip for the daycare kiddos!! Even better donuts!!

Michael Vercande

Hot doughnuts now.

Regina Jones

Glaze is too sweet. But it's a good donuts

Kandace Meade

We stopped by for fresh donuts while the hot now sign was lit. They no longer give the free sample. We still bought 2 dozen for work just no sample

Cornelius Smith

As always, a perfect 10, in my BOOK! I LOVE Krispy Kreme!

Wayne Clark

Very good prices, in employee s

Gautam Kabe

Great donuts best visited when they are making it .. eat them hot from the ovens. Cannot stop on one. Rating them 4 because of good quality. One star omitted because their prices have gone through the roof.. nearly $10 a. Dozen now..

Steve Chapman

Doing their best but not happy :-(

Kag Gak

Seems like every time we go in in the afternoon they give us a different time that they do their hot donuts. Our next trip over to that side of town we go in at that time and it's changed again. The draw to Krispy Kreme is hot donuts. With the limited hot donuts hour it's no wonder it's always empty

Christen Beans

We love this place! Wish there were more locations closer to Mason City. Hate having to drive 2 hours away for amazing donuts! When we're in Des Moines, it's definitely on our list of places to go. We get a dozen while we're there and then a dozen for the ride home lol.

Kristine Taylor

We traveled here from Iowa City just for the Reeses donuts and the first 2 times during the day we went, they were completely out. When one of the enployees (I am guessing he was a manager) heard how far we drove just for those donuts, he offered to have one of his employees make them just for us if we came back in a few hours. When we came back a few hours later, they had a dozen waiting just for us :) That is just wonderful customer service right there!

Marlene Groves

The manager was EXTREMELY RUDE!!!

steven sumita

Best when fresh off the conveyor belt. Save money and find coupons in Valupack, download the app, and mail flyers. They usually have a bogo deal.

Joshua Mayer

I could list all the issue I had with my experience but if you keep employees that hate there job then clearly it won't matter what I say. Hope you get better people in here, if the gm wants to know more then he or she will reach out .

Athena Delgado

Krispy Kreme doughnuts will always be my favorite doughnuts.

La-Tica Paige

Delicious donuts and great service. Staff was quick & attentive to servicing the customers efficiently.

Jan Jones

I said good morning to Mary who snapped at me without a greeting: "I'm filling orders, someone will be with you". As I tried to place my order, a man obnoxiously beat a mixer/spatula with batter on it so hard and with so much repetition, I struggled to hear the person helping me. It took several minutes to check out because Keisha (sp?) stated she was new and not trained on how to enter a coupon. I asked if the other employee at the register could help as she wasn't reaching out for help. He said "don't look at me, I'm new too and haven't been trained on that." I was late to work because of this place and treated poorly. I would not recommend this place to anyone.

Crystal Dawson

Who doesn't like sweets

Jack Grey

If you haven't experienced this you need to.... just an all around great place for the best donuts on earth

Colleen Riker

Look, I come here for the doughnuts, which are consistently excellent. No real complaints with the staff, either. Yes, the customer service is a little flaky, but usually it’s just fine, and I expect people who work at a Krispy Kreme during the peak hours to be a bit stressed and grumpy sometimes, so I don’t hold it against anyone if they rush me a bit or anything. They’re great doughnuts, and that’s all I need.

ALICIA Gutierrez Hall

BOGO for ORIGINAL DOZEN for $1 - not able to keep up demand to provide enough selection for those who wanted other than original. Could have used additional staff - try a temp agency to help out for the day.


Good place

Crecinda Houk

This kck location is the worst, never have what's on the menu. Drive thru menu broken

BNet channel

Hate to tarnish the review. Guess I came on the wrong day. Went there because I wanted to give it another shot since before I couldnt have Krispy kremes with icing on it due to stomach discomfort. Found out recently that they can give people donuts when its fresh on the belt to customers before it hits the icing and they were doing it for various customers but it was too late before I knew that I could do it. I hunted for the fresh light and didnt see one so I tried to call and the gentleman was kind of rude. Went all the way there and tried to see if I could get another type of donut un iced since I missed the original and she didnt even want to help me . they seemed rude to each other too. Right after I left I deleted the app. So much for a second shot. Never again.

Dhuli Ishaan

You only have three Krispy Kream dount places in the whole entire United States

Marie Evans

The glaze on the original was different. Usually clear. This time it was cloudy. Not as good.

JediButtercup Estes

They advertised of heart shape doughnuts with sayings on them. I got small pink heart with swirls on them. With little kreme filled in them. Epic fail. They stop doing free hot doughnut. We’re you get the whole doughnut for free. It’s hot from the doughnut machine. Now they give you old small free doughnut. I’ll not going back to this doughnut shop.

Chizzle Alberty

Awesome place great Donuts even though I can't even eat half a glazed donut customer service was absolutely awesome very helpful was in and out very quickly it's a shame that Krispy Kreme is not as popular as it was when I was a child but I will definitely go back to Krispy Kreme cuz that's the only Donuts that seem really really good to me and plus I despise Dunkin Donuts because they never hired me in Denver so Krispy Kreme five stars I will return

Beau-Mason Forte

Delicious donuts every time

Roger Dougherty

Bad service I was next in line and they walked away to help a guy who did not get on lime after 5 minutes o left

June Sorensen

How can you ever go wrong with a Krispy Kreme??

Mary Devosha

Myself along with others are waiting for this place to open. At 5:35 a male employee got out of his car and yelled we don’t open till six. Then went inside and proceeded to point out at us and laugh. The website and the hours listed on the window say 5:30am -10pm. Had you not been sitting in your car for the last 15 minutes smoking, you could have been doing your job and open up on time.

Anthony Ayan

Tasty donuts

Focus on my Journey

Always has a sell or deal going on. Fresh donuts. Good customer service.

Jillian Brown

Great service. Freshly made.

Awesome Dogo people

Donughts are so gooddddd

Douglas Miller

When did a dozen donuts get to be almost $20?! Glad this is about a twice a year stop for the family! Quick drive through stop today. Just OK service. Nothing outstanding, nothing especially good or adversely bad. I guess in today's world that would be outstanding to most people. Still a nice treat yo have warm fresh donuts on a Sunday morning.

Sherri Jamison

I love Krispy Kream best hot glazed donuts in the world

Anthony Johnson

Amazon place everything was fresh

Jim M

Gotta love Krispy Kreme and I do. 4 stars though for the older lady employee being rough on the new younger teenage employee. This older gal might be why they are looking for help.

Don Jolley

Not open on time. Poor service.

Midwest Railfanner

A great place to buy and eat fresh donuts. The staff is always friendly and the food is great!

Kari Krutsinger

Bad service, people walking out, no donuts, one person knows how to run check out.,could not ring up special or coupons. We won't be back

David B

Great customer service

Gabe Boi

If you look at the picture below, you can tell that Krispy Kreme is being honest with their doughnuts because they let you see the cooking i action! They’re not hiding any unhealthy or unspeakable. You can see, smell, and hear everything! They may also offer one free doughnut sample to your kids. Hygiene here is great - OK. Taste of doughnuts; REALLY GOOD! They are a bit hot to maximize taste as well. Overall, this place is a great place to treat your family, friends, or co-workers.

Lorri McCollum

Great doughnuts but they are greasy

Elizabeth Covel

I love this place! The managers are amazing and doughnuts are awesome!!

Jesse Vanden Broek

Their donuts are sooo addictive thou....

Kimberly Briley

Manager was rude. They ran out of the message heart tags for the doughnuts days before Valentine's day. On Valentine's day by 8 am they ran out of the heart shaped doughnuts and all I saw on the line was the regular round doughnuts baking...very poor planning!! I would have bought several dozen for my clients but I left and went somewhere else.

Kelly Benhart

Friendly staff, fresh doughnuts yum!

Shanicqua Jelks

Doughnuts was fresh & hot

Rhonda Hill

If I would gain weight eating those donuts I would have them every day

Frank Allen


Chase Credeur

Best doughnuts ever. Down side is that we have to go to Kansas City for fresh doughnuts.

Kyrie Lowell

The staff wasn't friendly at all. The person at the counter didn't greet us when we came in and the donuts weren't that fresh. Disappointed with this experience, I know it can be better than this.


Fresh doughnuts off the assembly line. Delicious

DougMichele Hanson

Fresh and tasty!!

Rick Poche

The red light was on and no free donuts. $20 later, all I feel is fat.

Wendy Simpson

Yep Had to get 1 doughnut, drivethough excellent customer service

Raw Gator

Best doughnuts ever. I have never had a bad experience at any Krispy Kreme location. The strawberry lemonade slush thing is awesome too

Sue Abu-Awad

Very good, maybe too good.

Chanel Johnson

I was sad that they no longer give a free donut with the hot and now sign, but the donuts were still fresh and amazing. Their apple fritters are the best.

Cindy Jeffers

Chocolate iced glazed cause both joy and guilt

Mike Keesler

Friendly employees and great donuts, of course. They are all good sports and several of them put in tons of extra time to support "Talk like a pirate day". The manager there is always kind and chats up folks at the register. Did I mention the great donuts?!

Shirley Roosa

I stood at the counter forever. Someone else came in and they waited on them and left me standing.

Benjamin Iacoban

Even though it’s way out of my way, the reason I buy their doughnuts is because they’re made fresh rather than other doughnut shops that get them delivered frozen. And they’re Amazing!


Nasty - dirty, probably not worth, I have to be within 5 miles if I'm going to stop, otherwise, not worth it. (and even after I go, I have instant regret. (This 1 star is because it's been nasty and dirty for years)

Carol Curtis

Their store didn't have hardly any doughnuts found a much better selection at Hen House

Greg Campos

This location is always clean. And the staff is always patient and nice.


They don't do the hot light anymore

Ahmed Syed

Best glazed donuts ever.

Mas Jones

Good hot donuts

Tracy Longe

Service is always quick

Gretta Armitage

Great friendly people work here!!

Mark Kreutzer

Very friendly and fast service

Mari Jack

OM! My youngest son ate 8 out of 12. Left us barely none. Coffee is dull not strong enough. Mc Donalds coffee is better.

RJ GodBless

The cleanest establishment in Kansas City

Matthew Morris

Selection was atrocious when we went in. Most of what we did get was less-than-fresh. The staff was very nice

Paulina Kray

Can't beat this doughnut!

Asia Goss

What's not to like about a place that makes one of the best days doughnuts! Located near Oakland!

Tasha Clark

Krispy Kreme donuts are good. When I got there they gave me fresh donuts. so so so sweet.


Went to pay, and was told we do not take $50 dollar Bill's. Order was $30, so was not aware that is even legal to reject legal tender. Was in formed by the rude lady that since the police told them its was ok to reject larger Bill's then it was fine. Maybe invest in some counterfeit pen markers, and that might eliminate the problem.

Greg Christie

One of the best things in the world is getting a freshly made doughnut from here. Coffee is alright but if you are coming here its pretty much for the one thing they make.

Alex Baldwin

The best donuts in the world, the hot glazed donuts are heaven. Sign up for the rewards program... They email you lots of deals (the actual rewards are terrible but the email deals are great)

Miss Bookworm

This was my first visit to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts since arriving in Kansas. My partner and I were greatly disappointed. The front cashier seemed to have a major attitude. She did not acknowledge us, offer any input when we had questions about our selections, or even say thank you. We hurriedly placed an order and left instead if sitting down to enjoy our anticipated treats. The donuts were good however, we will try a different location next time. I work in customer service (Human Resource) and when I spend my hard earned money, I want the same attitude that I present to everyone- positive!

Mark Rupp

Very good location, friendly staff and the donuts are sinful!

Logan Bridges

Best donuts around, plus the employee nick is very good looking!

Natasha Faumui

Never went to but would luv to

mrs wonderful

Dirty floors but young man took care of us as soon as we walked in door

Berenice C

Getting the original glazed doughnut off the belt is sooooo good. Every doughnut is great and I feel it's worth every bit. Love their loyalty program.

marjorie lotharp

Love it great

Michael McDaniel

Friendly staff and fresh donuts. You also get a hot fresh glazed donut with purchase.


People are always really friendly and Donuts are the best here. The coffee is ok.

Eric Rice

My kids love watching the doughnuts being made. The first Friday of the month they have chocolate glazed.

Mike Frederick

Some of the best doughnuts around, and the staff is great.

Misty Pickens

Rude kids working there throws ur donuts in there you get home an they are all over

LeRoy Malone

It’s Krispy Kreme donuts so 5 stars is pretty standard

Mr Jones

Hot Light always right on time!!! Can't beat it! Lol

Sara Marquart

Superb outstanding donuts... especially their Krispy Kreme filled and the sour cream cake donut...

Jay Armbruster

Donuts are great just not $8.32 for a half dozen good. I will just go to Price Chopper right behind the store for $5 for 6 donuts for excellent donuts that aren’t overpriced.

Sheri Gangestad

Great staff super friendly and helpful! Easy to joke with!

Brad Farnsworth

Pretty good Doughnuts, expensive for mass produced product though

Sheri Koger

Turn off the dang light if you only have 17 donuts in your case and NONE HOT AND FRESH AS THE LIGHT WOULD INDICATE!!

Patty Povlitzki

Great friendly staff.

Paula Duchin

Great my favorite


Love you guys keep up the good work! Mom and daughter great team and customer service!

Loretta Strozier

When I cheat that's the only place I want to cheat at with food that is great love their donuts

Alicia Purser

Amazing donuts. The freshest I have had in years.

Joe Rufin

The staff are horrible when it comes to customer service. They act like we're need thrum for than they nef their customers.


The Hot Doughnuts Sign pulled me in!

Pauline Hugan

Best Donuts in they

Luke Durda

Nothing special about this place just another Krispy Kream

Teresa Cone

Who doesn't love Krispy Kreme?

Dan Meier

Always good service and great donuts. Not crazy about the coffee but overall nothing bad to say. Side note: restrooms were very clean. Great job!

Kelly McErlean

My iced caramel latte was basically pure caramel with some milk...... I didn't taste ANY coffee in it.

Cheryl Stubbs

Always love this damn place

K Robinson

Nice place nice people, three fresh & hot

Jacinta Lyons

Good donut I was surprisedthat they don't give out one free donut when making hot one.

Kaylee Curts

Great donuts especially love some of the flavors they come up with, the Banana Pudding donut being my favorite.

Tim Pagel

There Krispy Kreme Donuts but the service is very poor

Miguel Pena

They do not open till 6:00, not 5:30 as listed

Josh C

We waited 10 mins before being served

ellen bollinger

Great Donuts and Drinks

Lynn rayle

Good was good customer service sucked

The Main Campaign

You can't have any dislike for a place that makes the tastiest pastries! Great service, attitude, and clean place.

Samuel Craig

Please make the drive get awareness that America runs on Krispy Kreme donuts

Christopher Crowder

Everytime I come here they're "out of" whatever kind of donut I want to order. Additionally, they are * ALWAYS * out of apple fritters. If there was * any * kind of Donut place

Sheila Floyd

Love it Krispy but give the customersback the whole doughnut glaze to eat free one.

Nayeem Syed

Best place to go if you like Donuts. They stopped giving free donuts when you walked in.. several times we used to go there to grab a free donut but ended up buying a donzen for friends and family. But since they stopped giving away free donut. I only go when I need to eat..

Felicia Moose

Hot and fresh doughnuts a tasty treat

Stephen Paynter

Always delicious

Randy Robinson

When you go into a place that specializes in Donuts, you expect the donuts to be made to almost Perfection. You're paying top dollar for something you can actually get cheaper most other places and then when they turn out that they don't even put cream in their cream filled Donuts anymore, well don't waste your time going to this Krispy Kreme. It's either poorly run or they just don't care and when we went in there, it was in the afternoon when they weren't busy, but the employees were all just sitting around talking with their friends at tables and the donuts weren't prepared properly.

Jes H

My fiance loves coming here when we come out to visit. He loves watching them make fresh donuts.

Jamie Sue Shomaker

Always missing a lot of the favorite doughnut choices. Been this way for months. The staff is friendly and helpful but, has not been able to correct the shortage issue. Used to run a fresh sign on free glazed deal, no longer runs. Has a lot of technical difficulties.

Samantha Shoelover

Amazing hot and fresh donuts. Had the hot caramel mocha and it was delicious

Sheryl Lackland

You can smell fresh baked doughnuts, before you get out of your car. I enjoy watching the glazed doughnuts being made. My favorite is Bavarian creme with chocolate icing. Highly recommend.

Adonis Gillespy

They're the best

Alex Hayes

Absolutely love their donuts. Can't wait for the new store to open in Ankeny.

Vape Guy

Krispy kreme has some of the most delicious donuts i have ever tasted. Watching the donuts roll across the conveyor belts and you can watch thwm become delicous doughy morsels. ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED

Gregory Delt

The light was on but they didn't have any original glazed and said they weren't making any today!

Frank Vela

Fast and friendly also very clean

Elizabeth Seydell

Counter girl seemed asleep. She could not answer my questions. What I went in for, plain glazed holes, I never got. Worse, she said I did get them and I asked her that direct question! A big disappointment. The facility was clean and neat.

David Mills

Best dam DOUGHNUTS ever.

Kari Robinson

Absolutely love this place! I am in no way deterred by the 10 mile journey to get the world's best donuts!

Terry Pritchett

Love it

Greg Dostal

Amazing donuts and a super friendly staff

Kayla Baldwin

Cake donuts were dry but others were great

Deanne Foreman

I wish they would have this in the northland.I had to travel a little ways but was worth it.

Corey Jones

Very unprofessional claimed lights went out lights come on instead of them coming to say the system was down they sat in the lobby looking at me in the freezing cold if it wasn't for another customer at drive thru I would have still been standing in the cold

Tiffany Moy

Was in town and stopped by here to grab a Krispy Kreme donut because most of the KKs where I lived are no longer in existence besides being at the chain grocery store (which does not taste the same). We went through the drive through and got the standard glazed donuts x2 and a coffee. The donuts were how I remembered them to be, soft and pillowy and super sweet glaze all over. However the coffee was just bad. I hate wasting and I think we even threw it away.

Anthony Kennedy

Damn good


Very good doughnuts!

Sara Miller

Love krispy Kremes however. The krispy Kreme in Kansas city was sad. The employees really acted like they hated their jobs and didnt want to be there which made it a not so fun trip. The Krispy kreme in omaha though was great!

joylyn kinney

Always out of Apple fritters and cake donuts.

Thomas Moore

Very busy location. Always tastes great!

John Cannon

You can never go wrong with KK

Kaz Nitram

Crazy busy, but didn't wait long and theDonuts were good. The tables were dirty and there were no napkins, We would have used the drive through if we had known.

Elizabeth DB

I’ve had krispy Kreme donuts my whole life and it’s often a treat my family and I look forward to when we come over to Michigan from Canada. Today was my first time ever going inside (we usually go through the drivethru) and it was so much fun! Watching the donuts get made and the interaction we had with the cashier was just so great. Her name was Denise, and she was AMAZING! So friendly, knowledgeable and just overall a joy. I will go back to this location just to see her again. -well and the donuts!

Salman Baig

Hot from the oven... none can beat Krispy kreme fresh donuts.

Jay Wagoner

This location makes the doughnuts on location but only between certain hours. Very friendly staff. Complimentary bakers hats are set out in this establishment with ample seating space. The atmosphere has a newly updated authentic old stlyle Doughnut/coffee shop feel. Also take home KK coffee in bean form with some coffee cups and other licenced merch for sale. Not only are the doughnuts delicious the experience is great as well. YOU GOTTA WEAR THE HAT!!! ENJOY!

Seth Bartmess

Great donuts and the kids love watching how they are made.

Matthew Betts

Excellent, fast friendly service and the store is very clean and well maintained.


No more free hot & ready donuts ☹

Kelsey Becker

Love there doughnuts! Affordable too.

Sundaresan Mohan

Very fresh doughnuts with live preparation...

Carol Fons

The light was on and though the doughnuts where fresh and hot, I thought that meant you got a free doughnut.


All of the donuts I have had have been great, especially the original one when it's hot. Still very good when cold. Look for the sign on the side windows letting you know when they are hot. That's when they are free. Last time I was there they were giving donut bites not whole donuts. Disappointed because their prices seem awfully high. Would have scored higher than a 5 if only the prices were more affordable.

Marlin Reisman

I go here once or twice a year and I love there donuts and was not disappointed in them ordered a cappuccino and it was black coffee with foam on top very disappointing

Cheryl Taylor

Best donuts in town!!!.... always fresh. Always fresh

Steven Benoit

Being from the south I love Krispy Kreme donuts and was surprised to see one here. The only reason I didn't give this store a 5 star rating was because of management.

Rose Burse

Wonderful Service as usual great Donuts great coffee Dunkin Donuts to take a lesson from them

Joshua Thomas

Love the place, but I'm sad they don't give out samples at this location anymore. I suggest they have it that you take a sample only after buying doughnuts.

Andrew Gabriel

I didn't even want to pick up my family from the airport I just knew KKD was within 20mins of the airport so I was grabbing a couple dozen and hiding them in a compartment in my back back seat. Great employees I felt like I was at a Chick-fil-A

Ruben Hinojosa

If you like donuts

Larry Friend

Great coffee, anyone knows Krispy Kreme makes great donuts

Terrie Franklin

I live Krispy Kreme and it National Donut Day, so you got a donut free. Only problem was I got a chocolate iced donut and they put it in a bag and part of the chocolate stuck to the bag

Mitchell Baugher

Love their doughnuts!!

April Wilcox

Amazing customer service and coffee and donuts are wonderful

Dee-Dee Perry

I've not had Kk over 10 years. Still very good!!

Halee Greene

Love visiting this Krispy Kreme! The staff is always friendly and great a good atmosphere. Our family comes here every Tuesday and the Hot Light is on every time we come in!

Michael Wheeler

Really the best in chain doughnut shops. There are some better old family owned shops here and there but it's nice to know this chain is dependable and all over.

candace haney

Fun for the kids to see how the doughnut s are made.

Jacory Johnson

Best donuts ever

Jerrod Bridgef

It use to be fast and accurate with the customer service they just took way to long and the lady had a very bad attitude very unprofessional

Katherine Curtiss

Always hot fresh and fast. These guys are amazing and make my kids so happy.

Stephen Rusanchin

Says 24 hours. Go there later 8pm and the inside is closed and you go through the drive thru and someone comes over the speaker and says its the drive thrus closed till 6am. So how is this 24 hours again??? Also don't expect to get the right order of you order anything but doughnuts. Ask for a medium, get a small. Ask for iced coffe, you get hot. They also over fill the iced coffe with ice so you get about a sip of coffee out of the whole thing. Love Krispy Kreme but the service was unexpectable.

Mike Taylor

One of the least busy Krispy Kremes I've ever been to. The donuts are like the rest of them though, especially when the Hot and Now light is on. If you're there in October try the pumpkin spice glazed donuts. They were a good flavor change from the original glazed.

Gloria Williams

Pack on the calories, very good

Derek Tyler

This is a sad excuse for a krispy kreme. Awful customer service and the doughnuts didnt taste as good as other locations

Big Steez

Always a good time


Best donuts hands down.

zenifa hsasn

Garbage stuff..I went on Friday 13th for 2 dozen donuts but they had only original one and my kids started crying for other donuts ...that's cheating..

Terri Boyd

It got me to send the place

Cody Shelton

Amazing Hot fresh donuts! DO NOT taste like what you can buy at the store.

da don

Called to see when fresh donuts were being made. Was told 5pm. I drive 30 mins for fresh donuts at 530pm only to be told no fresh donuts til 7pm. And the light was on

maha manha

It was very busy but they only had original glazes nothing else...which wasnt good at all!

Aaron Armentrout

Very good service. Above and beyond.

Cassondra Placencia

8:30am on Valentine’s Day & your already out of the heart donuts?I drove 27 minutes out of my way & trying to call the whole ride but your phone was busy. All this time wasted & still have to wait for everyone ahead of me to get their order because the drive thru doesn’t let you go around...

Tracy Chattman

Who dont love krispy Kreme donuts

Barbara Alcala

The best donuts. Hot and melt in your mouth. Yum

Lacey Patton

you can't not like this

Katie Mulera

We received a free donut on June 1st for National Donut day. Everyone in the car was able to get a donut. We waited a while in line, but once we got to the window it was very quick. My son was a bit disappointed because he thought the donuts were small, but the Oreo donut was very sweet.

Not No one

Love the original glazed donuts. Can eat a whole dozen in one sitting because are so soft

Jonathan Leibovich

Kind, knowledgeable, and helpful staff. It was definitely worth the drive down!

Charles Stradford

It was the first time I had went there the was right on and had the donuts on hand

Richard Cross

Excellent donuts.

A Webb

Some of the best donuts I've ever had and a great selection to pick from

Megan J

Good and fast service. Delicious donuts.

Xondra Anderson

Staff was easy enough to deal with and the drive through was quick. My biggest issue is, the donuts I ordered were sitting on a tray, close to the floor, next too a broom and what looked like just swept up trash. I don’t expect fresh donuts all the time but this was very off putting.

H Saleh

Love their donuts.

Renee Zimmer

Decent service but the past few times I went, they were out of quite a few options.

Brenda Lusk

Love their donuts. They are the very best!

Abhilash Bingi

The donuts are amazing like always, but of late the whole place smells like diesel exhaust fumes! Couldn't wait to get out of there! Now that they don't even hand out the free donut, if you want to enjoy a hot donut, you have no choice but to sit there and eat your donut in the fumes.

Lauren Morris

Old Doughnuts, rude customer service! Wish I can give them a zero.

Russ Dalziel

Great Donuts

تعلم اللغة الكورية خطوة بخطوة

i loooove it. i love the manager she is sooo nice and the staff

Lauren Smith

Came at 10 o’clock through the drive-thru and they refused to acknowledge we were there. We went all the way up to the window where they looked at us and still did not serve us. We drove around twice along with other cars. We were very disappointed.

Carmen Bordea

Placed order in person, with a manager, to be ready this morning. Nothing was done. Had to leave without coffee .

Cody Johnson

Grear doughnuts

Marjorie Morrison

wanted a light yummy glazed doughnut. Well my glazed doughnut was heavy or dense it was green did not like it at all. I wanted a light glazed doughnut. Disappointed is all I can say.

Tasha Watson

I love this place

Leilani Luker

Great service, donuts, and coffee, no surprise there!

Ben Jorgensen

A great place to visit very cool to see the donuts being fresh made and the fresh hot donut here is easily the best I've ever had!

kezia Nogalski

Used to love this place! Now they won't give you fresh donuts till certain times. I don't think they keep the conveyor belt going all day anymore. You used to walk in and they'd hand you a warm original donut while you decided what you wanted. The fun, family atmosphere is gone :(

jackeline rinehart

My kids loves them

Dave Friedl

Overpriced, sticking sweet... better doughnuts at Quik Trip

Angie Calhoun

This location seems to always hv a new kid at the window whi knows nothing about nothing. They are messing up orders, over charging your card or under charging you because they didnt hear the last thing u added, it's crazy. I think their hearing shuts down as soon as they ask 'how many dozens today' after that...good luck getting your or right. Word to the wise...NEVER PULL AWAY UNTIL YOUVE CHECKED YOUR ORDER.

Alex Thomson

Best doughnuts ive ever had

Lana Pier

*ATTENTION* This location is NOT open at's 6:00am. Good to know after I drove 10 miles round trip. Someone might get up off their duff & correct the hours of operation on this site. While I was there 3 other vehicles & 1 other walk up discovered the same. And we all left. Hours of operation have been changed on the front door but is of little assistance if the hours posted here are different.

Thomas Strickland, Jr.

Outstanding pastries!

Margaret Deer

Always an interesting experience, but doughnuts are always consistent on quality

John Kenned

Why does everything have to be sugar coated? Sugar on sugar hello diab


Poor service the one on state ave.

Eliza Sweeny

Delicious doughnuts!

Matt Jergens

Fast friendly service. Great fresh donuts

Missouri Momma

Get a hot fresh glazed. It will change your life!


I was happy with the donuts but was a little pricey for me

Frank Mullis

Great donuts, filthy store and restrooms

Mystikal Momosky

The service is pretty good and they usually always have what I want.

Rj Henkel

Smells so good and so tasty!!

Nikki Birk

Great donuts! Made fresh & the staff was super pleasant.

Kamal Dampella

God I Love me some Krispy Kreme Donuts!

Kaitlyn Le

This location is always out of ice....

Zachariah Ikenberry

Their donuts are really good

Joshua Mitchell

The staff here are nice and the donuts are always hot and fresh!

Eddy Randall

Super nice people work here.

Justin Gilbert

Nice clean Krispy Kreme fairly close to I-70. Staff was nice.

Fab R

No variety..always out of flavors..very dissappointed at this store!!

Erik Kubs

They don't give out a full size donut anymore. You just get two donut holes. The full was and should still be the tradition. But as always the best donuts around. My son and I drove from the west side to just have breakfast.

F Sims

They were very helpful, and they are always excited ! They made my day!

J Pack

They open at 6am. By 605am the doors still not unlocked as we stood just outside the door. Employees inside saw us, did not respond. Lost customers

Joshua Murrell

Best doughnuts ever


They had buy 1 dozen Get 1 dozen FREE! 12/12/18

Joe King

Definitely the best donuts in the world as far as chains go. And if you can get one when the sign is lit noting that they have fresh hot donuts ready stop in and grab one. There’s nothing like it.

Leo Eisenstein

They treat you great the products are quality at the same price cheapo donuts. Building is clean & still looks new. Love Krispy Kreme

Robert Simmerman

The doughnuts are great. Even better off the bakery line.

Rhonda Brackett

Full selection of donuts and friendly staff even though it was close to closing time. Delicious donuts as usual!

Spencer Nord

I'm not a big fan of Krispy Kreme in general. They are fine donuts, but way too sweet to eat many of them. The service was alright. Most of the workers looked like they didn't want to be there. They weren't rude or anything, they just looked apathetic and indifferent.

Nick Grusha

Excellent as always. The young man who helped me managed to upsell me additional donuts. And persuaded my daughter to add a couple of special donuts to the order. Ate one while leaving the parking lot!


There is no better donut than one from Krispy Kreme. This location is very clean, the workers are very friendly and efficient. The day I went was free coffee and donut day and they were able to get me through the long line in a reasonable amount of time. I was there close to closing time and they still had a good choice of donuts to choose from.

marvin clayton

I like when the hot light is on

KBS Services

I love this Donuts

Kevin Russell

Nothing like hot doughnuts..ahhh Krispy.

HappyGrateful Family

Very nice staffing. Clean atmosphere. Our family enjoyed our visit!

Brenda Mahan

They are rude

Calvin Williams

Awesome display of making doughnuts before 9 am on Saturdays for the kids.

Danielle Humphrey

Please prep more Apple Fritters.

George Bergeson

Maybe because it was 5:30. But not as good as it used to be. Still descent.

SangMin Lee

If you can go early morning, you can get a fresh warm doughnuts.

Brian Bopp

If you've never had a "Hot Glazed" from Krispy Kreme I seriously doubt your commitment to doughnut excellence. When the time is right you can watch the awesome doughnut machine in action. The sacred recipe drops lightly onto the raising trays. With precision timing they perform a flawless dive into the hot oil. After a brief backfloat they are turned like a sunbather on an air mattress. Then its time to get out of the pool for a short trip down the conveyor to pass through the shimering curtain of goodness - the waterfall of glaze. The Hot Glazed is born but it won't last long when you take your first bite.

Cole Rixner

The best donuts in the world. Hands down. Don't try to change my mind

Hamid Awan

Nice stuff.

Dustin Williford

My donuts had holes In them

Aleta Mundy-Middleton

Fresh baked, always delicious! Sometimes they have run out of what you may want to order, but the servers are nice.

stix stones

We went way out of our way to go. They had very little in the way of product. We left empty handed, only to return a couple hours later.... They still had little to offer. Really glad we wasted so much time and fuel to be disappointed.

Ralph Johnson

Too many chiefs not enough Indians!

Kendra Guilfoyle

Love love love me some KK

Cleon Broussard

Great donuts. Love them hot

Sai Zaman

I prefer Dunkin' Donuts coffee over Krispy Kreme, but Krispy Kreme donuts over any other brands. I had a bad experience with their coffee before, but decided to give it a second chance - it was a terrible decision. The coffee was cold, and it doesn't ever taste good. I'll still come back for the donuts though.

Michael Cibasek

Always a family treat , and good when they take them fresh off the line.

David Perez

Went in this morning 2/22 for donuts for work and some extra coffee. Ashley was great. Best customer service I've had in a long time. I'm not one to write reviews either so to you girl great job. It does not go unnoticed

johnathan alberty

Me and my dad we went to Krispy Kreme and got a bunch of donuts I got my favorite usual than 12 of glazed and the customer service was really great the sad thing to see is at Krispy Kreme is not very busy nor popular which is kind of sad because I remember on their Peak they were the Pinnacle of the donut shops I will always support Krispy Kreme even though my teeth do not agree with it but if I have some words of wisdom for Krispy Kreme is keep fighting never give up and you guys make the best donuts I will ever have nobody in the world can beat Krispy Kreme

David T

Who doesn't like Krispy Kreme?

Craig Wilson

Ok posters if you have NEVER HAD ONE & you are Not a diabetic make a trip to this SUGAR HEAVEN & try a FRESH REGULAR GLAZED THEY ARE SO SWEET & YUMMY

Cj Stathas

I have noticed the cook never washes his hands. I always see him digging into his pants. Wow

Will Stout

You should already know these donuts

TIM Gardner

Dry nast food

Charles Dodson

Good food friendly service will go again


Come here EVERYTIME I'm at Oakland Mall, love the donuts here.

Christophe Granger

Why don't we have krispy kreme in Cedar rapids. The glaze donuts are warm and fantastic

Byrd PM

Drive through experience, was dismal. Wanted to get a half dozen mix, asked for a blueberry cake, was told “we don’t have that” ordered apple fritter told “we don’t have” ordered raspberry filled “we don’t have that” I finally asked what to do you have. That’s when Sagal, the window person explained their machine is broken and they only have original!! Why the hell didn’t she lead with that verse having me list almost every donut in the menu!! I asked for half dozen, she said 4, I said 6, then she said 2, I said 6! The lack of critical thinking was flabbergasting. When I was at the window she was still letting people list the donuts, then saying “we don’t have that”. JUST LEAD WITH WE ONLY HAVE ORGINAL BECAUSE OUR MACHINE IS BROKEN.


Very delicious and original.

Umair Amin

The staff haven’t got a clue about what they’re doing - service is a big 0. But, not their fault, they’re obviously lacking the training from the company. No delegation. We were asked atleast 4 times by 3 different people about our order. The staff wasn’t trained on making espresso coffees obviously. The craft coffees me and my wife had, frozen latte and cappuccino, Like, old beans/flavour. The cherry on top was when I was asked, “any whipped cream on your cappuccino?” I’d give no stars if there was an option. The company should get their act together and invest in staff training.

PapaBrent A

Great, fresh donuts! Warm, friendly staff.

Josh Yarbrough

Great service. The staff was friendly and assisted us very quickly. We missed the window for hot donuts, but lucked out with a free dozen donuts per month per year. We'll definitely be back!

Maria Scaggs

Always a great experience here. Friendly ppeople, and quick lines.

Christina Flores

It was loud, service was slow and staff was disorganized. They weren't following the line, just grabbing random boxes and being like who's is this. After being "picked" the cashier walked away and left me to stand there waitng for 5 minutes until someone else walked up and rang me up. The kicker was while I was counting out my cash the cashier was rushing me! Donuts were great though.

Jamie Berhow

Hot & fresh and extremely delicious! I got 2 original glazed 2 strawberry frosted & 2 raspberry filled

shannon laber

Smelled amazing food was great

Kristine Marie Carucci

Amazing hot n fresh donuts!

Kaozong Scott

Great donuts! Head some where else for coffee though.

Kelli Carmack

Yummy Donuts very sugary

David Lemos

Very slow and hardly ever get my order right!

Jill Smith

Warm yummy

Derryl Givens

I went to Krispy Kremes to get a free donut on my birthday. The lady inform me they don't give out free donuts anymore. You have to belong to a club.

Jimmie Wilson

Donuts were dry and tasted old

Anonymous Guide

I really like Krispy Kreme. They have very nice donuts. All of their donuts have a nice texture and they are very airy too! I really like Krispy Kreme a lot and I have nothing bad to say about them. Yay Krispy Kreme!

Kali Gravitt

Glazed donuts are amazing as always!

Desiree Miklus

Always have friendly service and delicious hot and fresh doughnuts! Great variety always ready for purchase and tastes amazing, even the next day.

Elizabeth Gray

This place had the slowest people working there.

Luay Kayyali

I was there and I like it my kids too

prussian millionaire

omg best donuts good coffee too

Kim Tiseo

Donuts were good. More choices than I expected. Very disorganized employees. The guy waited on me did not listen to my order at all. He kept walking away putting the dozen box down and working the register so that all 4 people behind me in line got out the door before me. I asked for 2 lemon he gave me 3 when I told him he ripped the top off the 3rd one said yep that's lemon and threw in garbage. Then I asked for 3 coffees 1 bold and 2 regular when he handed them to me I asked which one was the bold since he didnt mark them he said , "oh you wanted 1 bold?" OMG he took 1 cup back threw in garbage then I had to wait again for the bold coffee, please dont wait on me again. My order took so long it was almost comical!

Troy Miller

It’s 40 miles away from my house but worth every mile. Hoping they open a location further north.

Tanya Guthrie

The glazed donuts are the best

Mark Schneider

Would have been better if they actually were open at 6AM when I got there. And they were running about an hour behind making fresh donuts. I could've just gone to Speedway.

Clyde Thornton III

Very friendly staff

Kaylee White

Dirty and no hot doughnuts. Ever

Yasmin Mustic

They don't take discover, and their coffee is never sweet.

c m

This place is magical. No happier place in the world ♥️

Tracy Bowman

No gluten free anything

Robin Young

Taste great

tammy clothez

Donoughts are usually good

Roni Peters

Managers are rude and disrespectful to their employees. Never buying anything from that location again.

Susan Harvey

Great donuts they need more locations

Pam Maurer

They were supposed to be hot and they weren't they told us the hot light goes off at ten well, we were in line at ten and they wouldn't give us a hot dozen.

Bobbie Fields

Best fresh and hot donuts around

Lukia Rain

Donuts were great but the service was bad. Workers were on their phones rather than working.

Pastor Doug

Strong coffee and a super fresh, melt in your mouth donut! Yumm, worth getting off the xway for!

Marcus Palay

This place is awesome! They used to give out free donuts when the hot sign was on but I’m assuming they don’t do that anymore because the last staff member said we don’t either. The place was kept very clean and very organized and also Krispy Kreme hats were on every table for you to freely take and wear them. Definitely will be coming back for more donuts the donuts were on point. Also reminder if you have a receipt if you do their survey you get a buy one get one free coupon once completed.

Jennifer Weatherson

It would get 5 stars because the dounut it’s so good. But it’s only 4 because the staff is always rude and they look like they are always super unhappy

David A.C.

Melt in your mouth glazed when fresh from the belt. So delish. Friendly staff also.

Jonathon Wilson

Fresh donuts every time I've went and the lady serving me every time is amazing

Alecia Bradley

The young man at the drive-through window never came hear and always gets the order wrong. And then when I tell him it’s wrong he gives a blank stare. This happens whenever he works the window! No one seems to be helping him through the orders and clearly he can’t do it on his own!

CTRK Chaitanya

No more free donuts

Shel Hanson

Grumpy employees! drink was made incorrectly after I repeated it twice. Never heard hi, welcome, thank you, sorry about the incorrect coffee. Doughnuts of course, good as always. Did get correct coffee but it was cold.

Beth Johnson

Super nice people!!

Greg Diener

Always delicious donuts.

Tamatha Hatch

Fast service

Olivia W.

Love there donuts! One of the best donut places in the world!

Steve Barnes

Great donuts

Christian moore


Terri Laytham

Love donuts They have a great variety and they melt in ur mouth.

E Johnson

Delicious. Donuts

Joyce Brazelton

A little pricey but wonderful donuts and worth the long trip to try n take home to share :)

jamie gray

We don’t come here often because it’s about a 30 minute drive but when the light is on we stop in for a free donut and I like to buy a dozen for appreciation, but this last time (7/15/18) we stopped in since the light was on ...I was informed they No Longer offer the free donut!!!

David Wright

A friend of mine wants to lay down and go through the glazer. I think he would give them 5 stars.

Joy Rhoads


Brandy Kline




Jennifer Auten

Love them what else can I say? Taste great Less Filling doesn't fit either?

MacGyver of 94

It's Krispy Kreme! What's not to love about it

Amber M

Great donut selection and friendly staff

kimberly williamson

Great place always fast and hot

Riell A.

The actual Best Donuts Ever™ - nothing can truly beat original glazed Krispy Kreme donuts in my opinion. Super soft and just so delicious!

Kelsi Papesh

The hot, fresh doughnuts are AMAZING!

Celestina Rajesh

Man those hot glaced doughnuts are freakin delicious , most of variety of there doughnuts tastes really good.

Greg Smith

So good!

jonathan james

Donut's are great but the employees are so ghetto. I literally could not understand anything most of them said. It is almost like they collectively decided to not speak correctly. They mumble, slur their words and use made up words in order to make an attempt to communicate. It doesn't work. You shouldn't have to ask someone to repeat themselves multiple times. It would be far better if English wasn't their first language. Then you could understand them better. In this case, hood rat is a language I do not understand.

Queen Ky

Who doesn't love

Cheryl Gamble

It was good a lot of donuts this time

Stephanie Sheley

My family loves being able to get a fresh, soft donut after a doctors appointment in Kansas City. I wish we had a Krispy Kreme in Topeka.

Edward Wollner

Good selection but not too many, and smaller counter so that you can decide and get out. Morning and evening staff were both very friendly.

Gabriel Vela

Bad service is only 8:07 and they dont wanna make more donuts

B. Lee

Red light was on ..went in to grab a few free donuts the guy behind the counter said they don't give away free donuts anymore. Is this really true? Why? It's been there thing for as LONG as I can remember. What gives? Why light the sign if they don't offer them anymore? It's confusing to a customer. I didn't want to be the idiot that ONLY goes for a freebie so I brought my kid a donut. And left. I didn't ask him because the line was so long behind me I didn't want to hold it up for anymore then they had to wait.

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