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755 W, I-80, Walcott, IA 52773, United States

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Carissa Johner

One of the neatest truck stops we’ve been to and definitely one of our favorites. Everything you need is here - from a pet wash, to a chiropractor and dentist, to a movie theater for commercial drivers. They have a truck museum, a good restaurant, multiple fast food options, a great gift shop, lots of parking and spotless showers. Whenever we’re traveling on I-80, we always make sure to stop here for a shower and to stay the night. This is one of if not the nicest truck stop that we’ve been to. It’s very traveler and trucker friendly.

Robert Lake

This could be your destination for a trip -- not just a place to stop on the way to somewhere else. AMAZING!

Michael Yaromich

There's no secret why it's the world's biggest truck stop they have a lot of fast food they have a sit-in restaurant they have two grown Museum next door and a lot of amazing stuff

Jimmy Ottilie

Lots of places to eat. Real fun to stop at and just wonder when you are on the road.

Jeffrey Peters

Wow... What an incredible place! The wife wasn't to happy with the amount of available stalls in the restroom. The line extended into the main aisle of the of the food court.

Kevin Rabine

My family stops here every time we head to Iowa to visit family. Its redneck as can be which makes it pretty interesting. They have a decent food court and a great 24hr restaurant with a buffet. Definitely worth stopping if you are on interstate 80.

Jennifer Frausto

This is a great place to stop for a clean store, very clean restrooms, big rig museum, nice sit down "The Kitchen" resteraunt with awesome staff hospitality who are super helpful in the area of special dietary needs, ingredients requests!!! We were very impressed with the level of service to our table when we dined here this morning. They have a great selection on the menu as well. The shopping experience in the store area, they have a large selection, however we are from California and nothing really appealed to us. If you want just a souvenier of where you were, or a tee shirt, or magnet this is your place.

Dave Colwell

The Iowa 80 ta truckstop is absolutely fabulous they have over a 500 available parking spaces they also have the Iowa 80 truck rodeo every year they also have a fully stocked truck repair shop that can work on yourand once you go inside you will just be absolutely amazed at everything that they have and the restaurant ain't half shabby either they got great food make it a point to stop there in your travels

Matthew Hall

This place was amazing. The worlds largest truck stop has it all. Fast service, great food court, antique trucks and an incredible truck museum. Five stars

Brian Smith

It's a great clean place. They don't have many warm clothes there at this time. Should have a more variety of sweaters and pullovers with I80 truck stop on them.

Michelle Storie

Nice location plenty of gift ideas and souvenirs to choose from and the restaurant is great!

Randolph Burkyss

As a new truck driver, Iowa 80 Truck Stop had me excited when I arrived. It's famed as being the world's largest truck stop, and it certainly delivered with everything in it. On top of having just about anything you'd need for your truck, it also has a wide assortment of services for you as a driver, such as a dentist, chiropractor, etc. Parking has to be the easiest of all truck stops I've been to thus far, best shower facilities, and best food court. 10/10 truck drivers would recommend.

Debbie Collins

We stopped for breakfast and had the buffet. Everyone was pleased with the food (except for the pancakes which were cold and hard). We got scrambled eggs from the buffet and the waitress asked if we wanted eggs made another way so a few ordered eggs over medium. Also, the bathrooms were clean. Lots of neat stuff at the gift shop, a few restaurants to choose from, and other neat stuff to look at.

Tammy Marschner

Used the shower the lady we had to see to pay for shower was not friendly went to unlock shower door a man came practically pushed me aside and when we came out of shower he was standing right outside the door. All other staff very friendly and helpful. Loved seeing old trucks in the museum.

Lisa Witmer Hedgecock

Biggest truck stop in Iowa! Restuarant served great food and huge portions.

Laura Batey

Spent the night here in my car amongst the truckers. Felt safe and comfortable. Restaurant had good food, generous portions and priced well. Truck stop had healthy options for snacks and variety of gift ideas. A great place to stop and stretch your legs.

Helen Medina

You just have to stop in and see!! Nice , friendly people everywhere!! Food galore and shopping. Buffet is superb

Edward Wyatt

It's the Iowa 80.... what's there not to like! I did have the best Wendy's experience ever... everything was fresh and fast!

Roudy Joseph

I Love This This Truck Stop Everything Your Truck Needs Even Your Self Y’all

Lisa Bailey

Good truckstop....lots of parking n I mean lots! Lots to look at inside....very nice restrooms very clean and the showers get really hot a N are very nice!

Linda Van Dusen

His place is so big and has so much different things also the place if you need an unusual gift for someone go there great place

Cassandra Moore

Love love love! Have been going for 12 years and it was amazing

Cricket Colson

Was definitely crazy BIG to say the least. Just about anything you could want you can find here. We stop in when the truck show was going on so it was like a mob in there but we were still able to find parking. Stop again about a week ago. it was definitely more easy to shop around. The buffet was bad at all. Though I would skip the meatloaf. Other than that, fast service , friendly staff , clean facilities and a ton of parking. Definitely a place to hit

Lillian Embree

Awesome took my 6 year old grandson loved these trucks had dinner

Andrew Lewis

Not your everyday truck stop of course. It's basically a tourist destination geared towards truck drivers. Showers looked nice and clean but when you flush the toilet, it turns the shower on. It had plenty of hot water but the water pressure itself is not good at all, even after installing own shower head. Plus side is they have a dairy Queen, I was able to get an orange julius something I haven't had in years!

shawn branch

Best shower on the road and the restaurant has the best pork chops meal

Mark Windon

Convenient location, always has parking, good food and service from the restaurant. Good and convenient services here as well.

Cathy Jo Dolgner

Man this place is huge! Well worth the stop. Anything you need is here and then some.

chad c

This place is amazing so much to see and do it is a must if you are traveling. Great food great service. If you are a trucker this is our place it is an absolute must.


Place is kept clean, first thing you notice. A good amount of food options are available too and the history of the location is a must if you are a driver.


It's big sure but more in a big area sense, wish there was a bit more healthy food options for the fast food but the restaurant and buffet makes up for that

lisa pannell

Nice..I like Both truck stops Iowa and Joplin Mo.

Jaime Long

Plenty of truck parking. Food court,convenience store, souvenir shops, big rig accessories shop, food buffet, separate TV and movie rooms, showers, barber, and laundry facilities. Very nice truck museum.

A. Barbarian

Wow! What a wonderful place. So fun. So much to see and buy. You can find anything Every thing here.

Carolyn Hutchins

Nice place. Clothes and shoes a bit pricey but variety of food places..Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, DQ, and Wendy's. Plus a restaurant with buffet

Arron Johnson

If you want a nice walk and a brief travel through history, this is THE place. Admission is free and if you want to, you can make a donation so that they can keep the museum stocked and bring more attractions in. I had a great time with my husband, partially because we are lovers of trucks and automobiles. Very fun time and will love to return.

Angella McConnell

Loved it! Service was great. A wonderful place to shop and see cool things. I gotta go back because I did not have enough money to get the stuff I needed and wanted. Love it.

Carleen Ziga

Love this place! It's a family tradition to stop here on our road trips. To eat, get gas, and always check out their wonderful gift shop. Such a great variety of different artists. From fun novelty stuff to gorgeous jewelry.

Donnie Howard

I saw a documentary on this truck stop and here I am in the area and finally getting to stop in! I'm excited and absolutely blessed to have made another bucket list destination come off with satisfaction. This place is huge and really can't be seen in one 10 hour break. There are tons of showers(24 I think) a nice drivers lounge whiff is on the 3rd floor tucked away from the hustle of the people visiting the awesomeness down stairs. Barber Shop,laundry, truckers lounge,chiropractor and dentist office are all in the same area. I didn't see one but they MAY have a MD doctor floating around their place somewhere...i wouldn't be surprised. Gifts gifts gifts and more gifts. Stuff you need that you can't even find online!(no I don't work here) Over 900 parking spaces I read so the chances of finding parking most of the time should be really good. I saw some reserve spaces but the amount was very little...handicap shoots too. The museum is on the left as you come on to the lot....the dang place is just so welcoming,it really does feel like a truckers Disney. Truck wash in the rear but I didn't go over because there is just not enough time!....gotta make this way some more and take everything in. Come with could basically remodel your whole truck. I had my turn and I made it out with something left in my pocket but it wasn't easy. I'm only giving 4 stars because I didn't have enough time and money.

Laura Ritchie

Always good place to stop for the night. Love walking around to see what new things they have added

jolynn lawrence

Great place to stop when traveling.. Restaurant, Fast Food, Gifts, Clean Restrooms.

Jami Tharp

Nice and big. Nice selection. Plenty of parking.

Pup Figaro

Fun stop to stretch your legs and find cool stuff.

Roman Rzadkosz

Amazing gas station, literally you feel like you are in Walmart store :) The biggest gas station and truck resting area in USA.

Thomas Shaffer

This is an awesome to dor for everyone to stop and see the restaurant is amazing and a waitress name Jen H is the bomb she is super friendly and customer oriented so if you go by it make you stop in and look around

Kim Huska

A neat place to stop and eat. Looked around at everything. There is even a museum. Unfortunately we didn't have time to look.

Cheryl Vandermeer

Its always a fun place to stop on the way to visit relatives, this was the first time I had my grandson with me, he liked all the cool trucks to look at inside and out.

Kyle Fauble

Definitely the largest truck stop. Some old trucks and the like are shattered throughout the place. Lots of food selections but only during regular business hours. It's strange you have to pay for food and gas in separate locations for some reason. But not all of the food just some of it that was apparently made there.

Vincent Panell II

World's largest truck stop. Great place with great food. Many different things for the whole family not just truckers. But man do they have a selection of truck accessories!

Philip Kahn

Ate at the restaurant. The buffet wag great. Whole place very clean and well kept.


Giant gas station with multiple food options inside from Wendy's and Dairy Queen, to a more traditional sit down restaurant. Plenty of nick-nacks and touristy gifts to suit your fancy! A full truckers pit stop paradise. Out back is a museum too.


Everything you would expect at a truck stop! Decent food at the buffet but seemed limited when i visited...large gift shop...full size tractor trailer indoors..busy place..couple of fast food places inside also...clean showers, with nice lounge for truckers.

Vivy D

Really enjoy stopping here as I visit the state. So much to look at. And a huge selection of beautiful gift items.

Kay Pippin

This is always a must stop, when I'm in the area!! Always a great place to stop and stretch the legs. A wide variety of food available. Clean bathrooms, and Iowa souvenirs.

Hannah Cunningham

It was cool. There was so much to see. We spend a good 30 min there.

Robert Haines

The world's largest truck stop. They ain't lynin'. If they don't have it, you don't need it--fast food, soft drinks, ice cream, clothing, souvenirs, auto parts, a classy restaurant. I'm sure I didn't see everything. If you're travelling, take a break. Get out and stretch your legs. This is almost a vacation all by itself.

Debra Hickman

Wanted to buy so much. Beautiful place. It's a must see.

Amanda Bailey

It's called the World's Largest Truck stop for a reason and I completely agree. This was my first time there and it was amazing

Shantrese Chapple

The actual truck stop itself is amazing! But the rude racist lady who worked at Wendy's ruined the experience! She acted as if she couldn't understand what we were saying & kept repeating our names & giggling like it was funny! Never will I spend at that Wendy's again! Loved everything & everyone else.

Lawrence Romero Jr

Always a favorite stop. A little pricey on some items, but the selection is huge. Chrome,chrome and more chrome. Good full service restaurant as well a a selection of fast food. HUGE parking lot said to accommodate 900 trucks. Clean showers and restrooms

Steven Jackson

I have always heard about this truck stop. When I was going through my training my trainer told me if I ever had the chance to stop do it. I have passed it many times but finally had the chance to stop by today and I love it. Definitely stopping by again when I come back through here.

Samantha Haggstrom

Great place to stop. Clean, updated and modern. Tons of options and amenities. Parking lot and exits are super chaotic.

David Little

So big! This place definitely surprised me. I expected to see gas station food and CB Radios. The inside of the truck stop is like a mall! They have a food court with a bunch of restaurants, toys, shops etc. there are gas stations, fireworks, and really anything you’d want to grab while traveling.

Alex Hernandez

It's a decent truck stop. But keep a sharp eye on your kids. Don't let them out of your sight, I've heard there are some not so good elements that frequent the place.

kelly heuton

Love this place but I always buy so much stuff. Such a variety.

corey starbuck

Stopped here on my way back from Codfish Hollow.. Iced coffee was good. Nice lady working

Richard McIntosh

They remodeled and expanded the upper level convenience store and fast food court area. Now it's kinda similar to the addition and remodeled ta Iowa 80 on i95 in keenly nc. Way to many non drivers in truck equipment area, making navigation difficult, especially the little free range kids running around. Long check out line at convenience store, after 10 minutes, I put my selections back and walked out.


The name says it all. After long time driving here is the best place to stretch , eat good foods at great prices,,even met new fiends you never know. Crowds or not it’s still organized and clean. The staff is more than courteous , fast , great customer service too. It’s a world

Foxy Fierce

Awesome place to stop. They offered so much and more. Very happy we stopped. They will also let you climb up inside a big rig.

Nick U

Clean place. Well kept. Friendly staff. Convenient position right of Interstate 80.

Katherine Magnuson

Great truck stop: clean bathrooms and great food options. Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, DQ, Einstein’s. Highly recommend!

Todd G

We make sure we stop here every time we drive through. Friendly staff. A MUST visit if your in the area. This truck stop has it all. You won't be disappointed.

Brent Wedding

Great stop. Everything you could possibly need...even a dentist and chiropractor on site

Morgan Crozier

Cool pit stop while on the road with a full food court inside. Tons of stuff for truck drivers too.

Chris Bitner

Very nice! Always parking, they remodeled the inside and the showers add a new restaurants and the fuel island is not always blocked like the other truck stops

Ralph Kiel

Best place to fuel up your rv, gas or diesel. Easy in and easy out. Fast.

Wayne Kaley

If you ever get a chance, stop! Even if you aren't a trucker. So many things to look at. And the truck museum is pretty cool to see as well.

Kevin Tilford

Best pot roast you've ever had in the restaurant. recommended by waitress that brought us a sample. large portion too

Donald Gratz

Awesome truck stop. One of the biggest I have ever been too. Nice onsite truck museum. Huge food court. Massive chrome shop with many accessories. They advertise 900 parking spots and I believe it.

Isydia Vibes

900 semi parking, biggest truck stop in the world. inside description INCREDIBLE, AMAZING..ahem, you get the picture. showers bathrooms...etc everything first class.

Heriberto Arroyo

Something awesome to see when you are in the road I highly recommend to stop there its the only store of it's kind in the whole United States

Amy-Jo Buckman

Store is amazing and has almost everything you need for a semi. Their kitchen food is horrable. Service is worse. If you are not a man by himself then the waiters suck. The majority of the waiters are to busy thinking with the wrong lady parts.


A perfect place to blow off some steam after a long drive. I stop here everytime I head between states and it's always a nice experience. The food court has many options to choose from, and there are plenty of cute or cool souvenirs in the various shops. Definitely stop here, because there's not much else out there like this.

Dana Barrett

They take pride in keeping the place clean. I ate at the restaurant. The waitress started off a little rude and all 3 of my pancakes were burnt on one side. The staff in the shower, food court and vending areas were nice. Huge selection of gifts, etc. It's a mall in comparison to other truck stops. If it wasn't for that restaurant I would give 5 stars

Bobby Nance

Clean, food was hot ,prompt service, t.v. and theater was awesome no problems great place.

Abagail Badura

Shower was nice and clean. Went to buy a half gallon of whole milk but they didn't have any not even in the pint size at main store or fuel island. So disappointed!

Toriel Dreemurr

This place called the Iowa 80 Truck Stop is so remarkably amazing! If I am correct, this is the largest truck stop in the world. This place is always busy and is open 24-hours a day. There is a Pizza Hut, Wendy's, Taco Bell, and A Dairy Queen, all in the same area! (There might not be a Taco Bell). You can buy children's toys, name tags, purses, and a lot of other amazing things. They have free Wi-Fi that's fantastic. Their gas prices are pretty good. It always makes me happy to visit this place because this place brings good vibes in my opinion. Thanks for being amazing! I always love being here!

Adam Salisbury

Love this place, the food is top notch, the showers are always spotless, and today was my first time fueling there no complaint here!

Glass Diamond

When I first walked in, was pleased with the renovation. Its nice and open now. Plenty of room for the crowds that are there during the day. I was there pretty late at night and was happy to see that there were still food options. McDonalds, Dairy Queen and Taco bell were open. Pizza hut had shut down. Was a little after 11pm. I need to go again during the day to check out the museum. This is a fun day trip thing to do if you're a local.

Janet Vogel

Best place to stop, rest, fill up and eat.

T Scott Rees

Great place to stop, along I 80. Wish we could have spent more time there. A great museum to look at the progression of the "Trucking" industry.

Sandra Rubinstein

The World’s Biggest Truck Stop! What more to say?!? Something for EVERYONE , here. Food Court, Coffee House, Full Family-Style Restaurant with a HUGE menu. Drivers, Travelers... I HIGHLY recommend this stop for many Reasons... passing through/need souvenirs? They got it! Need a Shower? Ask for one of the Higher-Numbered Showers, they are HUGE! Always clean, always hot water. I had a problem at my home and was unable to shower so I investigated and discovered I-80... you’ll get an entire room with full bathroom/nice stone walls, fan, and NO time limit!!! Great place to refresh on the road. Check out Einsten Bagels! And of course, all the scales/fuel/driver necessities! Check it out!!!

Wanda Jewell

They really need to be an example to healthy eating and not cater to fast food. Most truckers are sick of the fast food industry and this place has the ability to set an industry standard. If you want to keep truckers rolling and drive the business you have you need to take care of or at least look out for the well being of drivers.

Alonzo Richardson

This place has a well deserved reputation as World's Largest Truck Stop. It's absolutely gigantic. It has an enormous parking area; it bet that one could find a parking spot even in the dead of night. There's all sorts of amenities, shops, restaurants too numerous to name. They have a dentist office, a barbershop, a movie theater, and a bunch of other things. It's really nice.

Amanda Bandkowski

Fun one stop place to get the kids out of the car. A few restaurant choices, lots of shopping and a free museum.

Phillip Bassett

Pretty cool place. Very big. Clean, and a lit going on. Would be cool to spend some time here, going through the whole place.

Jonathan Larsh

Great stop on the road. Good shopping and food. Just needs a kids playground :)

J Font

Wow that’s all wow . Place is big .be prepared to just be amazed. You can get almost anything here.great staff fast and friendly service. Whoever is running this place truly likes there job and it shows. Way to go.

Sandy Sommer

I've heard do much about this place and surely didn't disappoint! If you need it then they probably have it. Really great food court with options for many tastes.

Mark Bishop

The showroom and the convenience store let you stretch your legs. And the I 80 kitchen is one of the best restaurants in the area. Good prices and friendly staff. The fast food court boasts a 24 hour Wendy's. The shop has lots of t shirts and hats and has a customization shop where you can get vinyl lettering done as well as engraving and embroidery for hats shirts and jackets.

Nicholai Ivanitsky

This is the biggest truck park on the planet Earth and in the whole Alpha Quadrant. Some overly sophisticated people would find it tacky. However, there are some real jems here. Like unusual trucks from the 50ies. Or a recreated Standard Oil gas station from the era when a gallon cost 25 cents. Your kids will be happy.

Kit Bleakney

Since the renovations completed great stop for variety of food, neat, clean and nice to walk around before getting back on the road.

Shelly Byington

This place is amazing.. was an otr trucker and really appreciated stopping here multiple times. Food is good and I even bought some Christmas gifts

Shaun Creque

As I’ve said before, I love the TA Iowa 80 is one of my favorite stops! A must see, and visit the truck museum

Juliane Richards

What a cool place, so much to see. Staff is friendly, the facility is very clean and the food in the restaurant was really good. Thanks Lisa you livened up a long day.

Tammy Deatley

Love this place. Always parking available. If you haven't been to this place, it is a must stop!

Erich Krause

We have stopped here a few times during our travels... Never disappointed. Very clean place and a lot of stuff to keep you busy for a little bit while you strech out. Plenty of food choices and a big shopping area with just about everything. Becides... Who can resist the biggest Truck stop in America!

Catherine Faber

I have been stopping here since I was a kid! Now my grown kids and my Grandkids make sure that this is their stop. This landmark knows we are either close to home or almost halfway to our destination. The restaurant offers great food, you can find unique gifts and more it is Clean!!!

George Cvarkov

Great truck stop,big parts selection,lots of accessories. Clean restrooms,dont know about showers. Few fast food and one dinning restaurant. Huge parking lot.

Kimberly Eckhoff

Love this place, for a truck stop it's amazing the amount of merchandise they have. Great place to pick up souvenirs for family and friends.

Scott Albright

Always a good place to stop and stretch out and relax. Straightened out the crazy driveway idea so it is much safer in the parking lot. Big changes in food court area and large c store. Rest are nice and clean. Showers are good. dentist and hair stylist do good job also. " it's all good".

Jeremy Youngblood

Best truck stop ever. The kitchen was awesome also friendly courteous and tasty

Rita Smith

This place was amazing! The coolest truck stop I ever been too!

K Humble

What a cool place! Lots of fast food options, shopping and clean restrooms.

Brady McDowell

A must for places to visit! It's like a truck stop heaven. They have a lot of souvenirs and even home decor to purchase. A nice dining area and quite a bit of food to choose from. Some of the corporate foods' employees don't always have the best attitudes but I totally recommend the kitchen. Very delicious and open 24 hr!

Zac Rister

Heard about this place from several of my friends who travel about as frequently as I do. This is a great place to stop for everyone. There is over 900 semi parking sports just to give you an idea of how big this place is. It is the size of a mall there is several fast food places to eat inside as well as a nice buffet. There’s a lot of antique trucks inside that is pretty cool to see. One thing I didn’t get to do is visit the truck museum which is in a different building across the parking lot

Mrs. D'Neydra Fleming

The restaurant to the amazing ladies Marry, Jessica, and Miranda on 3rd shift were absolutely awesome! Great attitudes for working wee into the morning at the register in the front of the store. Thank you so very much! I truly enjoyed our chat!

Kahlia Ford

One of the coolest truck stops I've ever visited. There's several restaurants and you probably can purchase any and everything you need for your truck here. And you can get all of your snack and drink needs here

Joe Falasca

First time getting there during the day, the museum opens up at 9am and is worth the walk thru, it's free. And the big store has more bling then you ever afford. And the restaurant has a killer buffet. Get there early the parking starts filling up, oh you'll find a spot almost 300 of them but it a good walk from way out back.

LaJanice Sanderson

Usually I have a great meal here. Today I opted to order off the menu instead of the buffet. Bad mistake. Food looked good when delivered to the table. I soon learned meat was under cooked, pancakes tasted like raw batter and eggs were to be medium but instead almost done yoke and whites were way over cooked. I don't recommend this meal at all. Waitress was on point and polite. I didn't say anything about the food being bad. But wasn't ask either when half of two meals were set to the side of the table to be picked up. Next time I'll either do the buffet or go up to their food court.

Robin Escue

The buffet is definitely not worth having! the shopping is very cool... but the restaurant is a pass.

Deb MacKusick

The best truck stop I'm ever been in. Very clean.

Notwayne Fuller

Entertaining to walk and look at everything. I have been there more than a few times. Still finding new stuff.

David MacMillan

Place is nice but it's very hard to find what you're looking for if you want just one item.

Donna Cronce

This place is huge. All the amenities for truck drivers, but also great for average travelers. Many food choices. Very clean. Just fun to look around.

Jodi Hoke

Huge and has everything you need. People watching here is great. The buffet is delicious but everything is under seasoned.

Chris Rose

Great place to stop! A VAST number of parking spaces (900 if I recall correctly) with a variety of eateries inside. If you have time, check out the trucking museum located adjacent to the main building.

Blake Huntington

My first experience here was great! The restaurant inside had plenty of room not to mention the fast and friendly service followed by the delicious food. I would highly recommend the chicken fried steak! But if you're not looking for a real restaurant they have just about ever fast food you could want not to mention they basically have a full grocery store! After you eat you can spend forever looking at gift ideas or head over to the truck museum.

kelley hellman

Always clean, friendly with super selection of almost everything! Prices are usually competitive.

Brandon jones

Nice people and products,worth visiting for sure,show trucks and vintage trucks


This is an amazing truck stop- largest in the world. Something for everyone. Great restaurant inside, as well!

Edward Gaines

I had fun! Even went to the museum in back. I was disappointed that the kitchen no longer serves chipped beef on toast though! Still, it's nice that this famous truck stop is right on the tip of Iowa coming westward!

Zane Bodensteiner

This place is an awesome experience, I highly recommend stopping in if you get the chance. Everytime we go we stop and get the caribou and einstein bagels. There is also and awesome museum.

adam c

Pretty cool spot to stop on a road trip. My son likes the full size trucks inside. I like the ample parking and options of food and drink available inside. Next time I would like to go to the museum. The overall place is clean, lots of bathroom options, and the staff is overly friendly. I would not hesitate to witness this monster truck stop if you have never stopped there before.

patty scarberry

I thought it was really cool on the inside they had so much stuff to choose from the people were really friendly to next year going to take another trip

Megan Ayers

I always love stopping here. The cafe is really good and the selection of souvenirs in the gift shop is mind boggling. Shirts, toys, cups, soaps, knick knacks galore! Super friendly staff.

Matt Fernandez

Always clean. Nice little spot for lunch (a good kitchen and a selection of fast food). The employees are always helpful too!

JoAnn Schatz

Awesome place has a little bit of every thing from truckers needs to nick nacks to food hair cuts and a theater in the house. Also known as the world's largest Truck Stop

Mike Haefer

Great place to get a rest. Great food (especially the buffet). The time runs fast in there.

Randy Thompson

A must see. There's everything truckers need and then some. Crazy big and crazy cool.

Marla Taylor

Love this place. If you've never been there its worth the stop. Good service and really good food.

Lou Cypher

Its HUGE, has pretty much ANYthing U may need, MANY Food Options, drinks(Hot or Cold), all Ur travel needs. Exceptionally CLEAN Bathrooms

Robin Schramm

It was great like it is all the time.THE BEST TRUCK STOP IN THE WORLD.

Dalton Payne

If you are a truck driver, avoid the main building during the day. This place turns into nothing more than a tourist trap. People wonder into the chrome shop with zero intention of buying anything from there because they don’t have a clue what they are even looking at. The food is mediocre at best and the quick service restaurants could care less about customer service and friendliness. This place’s saving grace is the fuel island and the parking. You will always find a parking spot here and the ladies at the fuel desk are (generally) pretty friendly and welcoming. In general, it seems like the owners and management have forgotten what made this place, the truck driver. They are more concerned with gouging every cent the can from the general public because it is a tourist attraction now, not a truck stop.

Markus Hooks

Pretty nice place. No complaints at all

Joe Rickman

I call this place Trucker's Disneyland. It's called the world's largest truck stop and I can't argue with that. We spent a whole weekend here and still didn't see everything. There are full sized trucks inside the store and they have a truck museum in another building. They have just about anything you could want that has to do with trucks. Chrome and light addicts will be in heaven here. All in all it's a stupendous experience.

devlin moore

Great place to park truck. Has everything a trucker wants or needs. Good food cool stuff. Very big truck stop in the middle of miles of corn fields.


We have good cleats showers have two ladies off and then are cleaning the showers. The men's rooms are usually clean and they don't stink like they've never been mopped or wipe down. They actually care about their jobs in the service they provide.

Brian Ontheroad

Of course there is nothing I can say that hasn't been said before, but, this place is amazing! Whether a truck driver or family member, an enthusiast or history buff there is something for everyone here. The facilities are clean and well appointed. Plenty to choose from food wise and thousands of gift items. Three thumbs up.

Enoch Rasmussen

Wow! I never thought of a truck stop as anything amazing until I saw this! The Iowa 80 Truck Stop is HUGE. In total I found that the building is about the size of a regular Walmart but with restaurants, a grocery store, and even a small fitness area for truckers. In total the building has two floors and I think I counted 8 trucks on display throughout. There are many food options to choose from. They range from Pizza Hut and a large buffet, to regular grocery items, and Caribou Coffee. The sheer amount of merchandise for sale here is crazy when you think that it’s a truck stop. One side of the building has touristy things: hats, t-shirts, games, and novelty items, while the other side has just about every thing you can think of for customizing a truck. The have everything from lights to exhaust kits, truck beds to steering wheels. I would definitely recommend checking this place out if only to say you’ve been there! It will be an experience you will not forget.

Chad Jay

Very nice place to stop for fuel and snacks! Huge selection of anything you can think of. Plus it's a landmark/bucket list place to stop!

Angie Dickerson

Always a fun place to stop, browse at farmhouse relics, get some good cookin' or grab a fast bite before you head out again. Showers, restrooms, dog wash, truck/car wash, vehicle service and auto/truck parts. Travel games, tech gear, movies, books on tape, It's all here.

Veronica Gonzalez

Very big. Lots of cool stuff. Small Indoor food court. Nice place to take a rent when your traveling on a gray hound for 3 days.

William Bracken

Worlds largest Truck stop is always amazing and entertaining. Oh, the restaurant is 4 star with a buffet which is always stirred and kept clean and hot food. This is how the Petro's need to learn to run a buffet.

Mark Otte

Believe it or not, this place is worth a stop. It has a vast interior full of all kinds of knickknacks and sundries for the traveler and the visitor to the area. They have other things of note ....for example a restored old car's supposedly the world's largest truck stop. For that reason alone I thought it was worth a quick trip.

Louise Nielson

They have just about everything anyone might need on an overland trip! Its huge! The museum looked like it would be a good stop next time, as it was too late at night for us this trip. Very clean store and restrooms


I like the new layout they have really opened up the place. It would be nice if they would lower some of the prices on the lights and stuff. We are driver not millionaires.

Movses Timiryan

Awesome place! I didn't even come here for the fuel and showers. I just wanted to check out this place. They have several restaurants, a museum, a giant store full day of all kinds of things that drivers may need or simply like. Worth at least one visit in a lifetime. Ended up buying windshield washer fluid and a replacement charger cord for my Android phone, the prices were alright for a truck stop. Also, the employees appeared to have some knowledge of what was being sold.

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