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820 W South St, Lebanon, IN 46052, United States

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REVIEWS OF Titus Bakery IN Indiana

Ben Biddle

Great selection and good service. Parking lot can get crowded so be careful. I've never tried anything other than their donuts, but worth the stop.

Louis Spinelli

One of my favorites. Nice selection. Always fresh!

bruce adkins

I believe the Best Hands down. And They make a peanut butter dog biscuits that our dog Really enjoys. I really don't go anywhere else. U will not be disappointed...

Steph DeWitt

It was wonderful as expected! I'll drive another 3.5 hrs just to get it! Well worth it and great customer service

Gideon Bower

I have been going to Titus frequently for a few years and never been disappointed. The service is amazing and the donuts are even better! I'm happy to see that they're expanding into Westfield.

Ciarra Hiatt

Always a great place. Fast service and comfortable atmosphere.

Leslie Bowen

Will only give 3 stars til they are open on sunday bc i only eat doghnuts on sunday and im a doghnut snob and these are one of the only doghnuts i like so open on sunday

David Dulhanty

Best doughnuts in greater Indianapolis area

Maria Lindsay

Great Donut selection. They are all yummy too!

Christopher Wiger

Possibly the best donuts I've ever had...the hoagie was great too

Michael Bandy

Titus is awesome! Never a disappointment!

Amanda Zibrowski

I grew up in Brownsburg. Hillgoss is soooo much better. I’m not impressed by them at all. They r ok definitely not worth it

Trena Fisher Brockway

Best donuts I would highly recommend you stopping and getting Titus Donuts especially Maple icing with cream filling I do believe they're called Persians

Priscilla Zachary

Had riast beef subway..delish nd gd price too.

Beth Walton

Best donuts around

Reneé Fidler

One of my favorites is the Peanut Butter Fluff! Messy but Oh so good!

Monica Bianchini

Jake Crippin

This is a delicious local bakery. It's a small, cozy place with amazing baked goods.

Anthony Chupp

Pete Mcqueen

V Burchett

Very good place but needs a little more when you are eating

Paul Lyons

The Pershing is their signature but everything is delicious.

Victor Rodriguez

awesome donuts

Richard Campbell

Best donuts in Indiana!

Diana Dickerson

They make the greatest donuts!

Alice Benson

Very busy with lots of options

Joseph Mazelin

Best donuts than any other store I've been to! Great staff and amazing quality!

Chantel White

Best Damn donuts

Dio Brando But Cute

It is A great place! G o there when its open!!!

Tim Hester


Lonny Mcgee

What can I say world famous and worth every penny !!!!!! Been eating there ever since race days always the first stop out of town . get your morning started right!!! They are the best!!!!

Benjamin Shover

Delicious donuts. Known for their Pershing and glazed yeast donuts.

J3T urmum

Shane Pollard

Try the donuts pudding. Just like bread pudding, but made with donuts. With raisins or without, your choice

Nick Cramer


I love this bakery! They consistently deliver amazing goodies and friendly service. In 1 1/2 years donuts have always been fresh, never old or stale. Do yourself a favor, and try the maple cream filled or any of the other delicious selections.

Evan Overbay

Best doughnuts in the area!

Sharleen Rude

They are good good nice people to help you out

Melinda Faber

Best donuts for miles

Angelica M Guerrero

There sandwiches are very good and the doughnuts are awesome.

Rachel Harrison

They are always pretty helpful even when I don't remember the names of doughnuts etc. I love the cookies as well myself.

Tonya Chaudion

We live 30mins outside of town, we often make a special trip to Lebanon just for Titus' awesome donuts!

Denise Harris

The best donuts on the planet! They make a mean turkey sub, as well.

Tanner Rennels

Best donuts in town and in the indy area

misty frazier

Kei Sato

Great donut shop with a great selection to choose from! If you are in the area, definitely worth a try! It's only a few minutes off of I-65 exit, which makes it very convenient if travelling through! The ladies were very friendly, even at first thing in the morning! Seemed a little pricey though for a small town donut shop, and did not seem to have a dozen pricing when you mix. From what I could tell, we were charged the individual prices for all 14 donuts (yes, we got an odd amount...), totalling $20+. Still reasonably priced overall for the selection &quantity we got compared to other shops with similar unique donuts in a metropolitan area. Every kind we tried was great! The Pershing was good and we can see why it's a favorite of many! The Peanut Butter Fluff was good, but did not live up to my hope. The "fluff" had a weird consistency, but that may have just been me! The custard filled was great! The cake donuts (Devil's Food and Blueberry) are always a great go to! My wife tried the Coconut Cream and Key Lime, and was very impressed! The Apple Fritter was giant (almost 7in diameter round) and very good! The Strawberry filled was a pleasant surprise! I expected strawberry jelly type filling, but it was more of a preserve with real strawberry bits! Definitely stopping by in the future if we're passing near by and craving donuts!

Doug Clements

By far the most substantial donut for the dollar. They are a bakery, so prices and quality reflect that. Be prepared to wait in line if you didn't order ahead. It's worth the small trip off the interstate for some awesome donuts.

Collier Miers

Best donuts around. Always a family treat!

Jennifer Brown

Always great donuts

Daniel Lee

Good service & good food

Logan Gasper

I really love their donuts! The Best Ever!

Kunal Vyas


Drew Kohler

Holy Donuts and more!!! WOW! You have to visit at least one of their 3 locations in IN !

Ronald Ramer

Titus is the greatest donuts by far we live in northern Indiana and make sure we stop here every time we are down here

Loretta Chambers

Love them great donuts

Carrie Richard

A true gem! I work in Indy and my coworkers beg me to bring Titus donuts in. Some of my faves are the maple-bacon, the gigantic apple fritters, and of course their famous pershings. For me, they beat Long's hands-down every time.

Aaron Sutton

Best apple fritters ever.

Morgan Ross

Love this place! Amazing doughnuts for great prices. Awesome variety of baked goods!

Tee McClanahan

Michael Abbott

James Mossburg

Alec Jansen

Jan Nelson

Stopped while traveling. Friendly employees, delicious well priced sandwiches and awesome donuts!

Judy Eylens

(Translated by Google) A good one (Original) Um um good

Rex Colbert

Fantastic as always. Just wish they was open on sundays some like Westfield.


Some of the tastiest donuts I have ever had. I've loved them since I was a little kid. The danish is currently one of my favorites.

Jason Derson

I have been going to Titus since I was a kid, when was actually small building by the IGA . Since then they moved to the larger location they are in now .Everything is made on site and you can definitely telltell .Everything here is mouthwatering from the basic glazed to there famous Pershing

Tim Johnson

Delicious! Great selection

Thomas Tree

Amazing donuts

Gary Day

Maple bismark and coffee great! Good service.

Austin Michael

Good... Just Not as good as longs...

Gregg Hiland

Nothing like Titus Bakery ANYWHERE. The best doughnuts you will find. You have to get a'll thank me later.

Andy Gall

Best donuts anywhere

Bryan Chamberlain

Great bakery. HUGE fritters...and Soo delicious!

Chels Knox

Great service. The donuts are just as amazing. Never have an issue. The wait is no more than a 5 minutes most the time too.

Roxanne Spurlock

Absolutely the best.....


Nacole Swenson

Yeast donuts are the bomb!!!

Tatjana Moffitt

We went to this bakery on our way back to Chicago based on a recommendation and it was SO worth the stop! Super friendly staff and amazing, delicious fresh donuts. Everything was delicious!

Tiffany Garber

I went in to grab donuts and looked over and Titus bakery touches the ready to eat food with their bare hands. I don't know that you actually wash your hands or how much and what you touch beforehand. So that is just gross and is a major health code violation


They make the most amazing fresh donuts our family favorite is the "Persian" my personal favorite is the nut stick and my moms favorite has always been the long John!

Ann J.M.S. Harlan

Web Gem

Wasn't impressed at all. To thick and heavy.

Paula Hall

Ryan Couevas

Aaron Profitt

Very good and massive apple fritter! Other items were also good, with an unusually light, soft texture to the yeast donuts.

Rudy C

Donuts are good, but they only have cinnamon rolls on Monday. Are they lazy, or just too profit centered? There’s nothing wrong with making a profit, but when it causes you to cut corners, I’m out. I paid good money for a roast beef sandwich and it had two thin slices of roast beef thinner than the cheese. The photo backs up the claim. The soups I’ve had are not bad at all - quite hearty. I may continue to go in for donuts if I’m not barred after this candid review, but never again for lunch. Fool me once, shame on you, but you ain’t gonna fool me again! - George W

Marilyn Schulte

Donuts are so delicious!

Daniel Ellington

Best donuts ever.

bigkid forever

Titus Bakery is one of Lebanons' own, my husband has shared stories how this bakery has been in business since the 80's. Needless to say there is so much history here, they serve a number items; donuts, fresh deli sandwiches, in house made popcorn, cupcakes . The quality of the donuts are impeicable that are one of a kind, I think I say that because this bakery takes pride in having all local ingredients and they make everything within the bakery. The service is equally as good as their food, I love cake donuts with chocolate icing unfortunately everytime I get here they have ran out. But someone behind the counter Is always sweet enough to go and make a fresh one . I can appreciate a small town bakery like this, with fresh donuts ect. , You can taste the love and effort. If you come here for lunch definitely get the lunch special (sandwich with a drink ) , if you're craving donuts well that's why i wrote this review. If you're visiting Lebanon, Indiana stop in one morning for some fine donuts.

John Ureno

Great Donuts made fresh! Love the variety.

Britny Thies

Delicious. Good price. Service terribly slow.

Daniel Henry

Paul Hildebrand

Bad. Day old taste like week old.

Richard Walton

Best donuts

2JZ Addict

Hands down - best donuts in Indy! It's well worth the bit of a drive to get here. Longs can't hold a candle to this place! Absolutely phenomenal! Great staff and incredible pastries!! You've gotta come by if you're in town!

Michael Lennartz

Uncooked donuts. Stopped and got an apple fritter and a box of various donuts. We had left the store to realize the apple fritter was not cooked all the way thru. Fortunately we had not left town (we do not live in lebanon), and returned the fritter. Unfortunately, none of the apple fritters were cooked all the way. We did not check our other donuts (smaller donuts) until we got to Lafayette. Unfortunately, a lot of our cake donuts were under cooked as well.

Jennifer Douglass

Best donuts in the entire USA. Family owned and operated and it definitely shows! The Maple Persian (pershing) donut is legendary, with a frosting that isn't too sweet. Perfection.


BEST DONUTS EVER, so delicious. :)

Matt Stucky578

Not only doughnuts and cookies, but also great sandwiches! A definite to do while in Lebanon. The lines and parking get pretty rough on Saturdays around 9, but otherwise the wait isn't too bad.

Aaron Kleyla

I'm ashamed I didn't know of this place sooner. Found on the side of a road in Lebanon, this bakery appears to be cranking out cakes, cookies, doughnuts, and all sorts of deliciousness. We went on a rainy mid-morning Saturday. With such a variety, we decided to get an assorted dozen. This can be picked by you or the staff. The staff was very helpful and seemed to have fun helping fill up our cardboard box of fried dough. Our favorites were all made with flour and had glaze, meaning everything was wonderful. The dough was tender yet had substance. The ganache was thick but not sickly sweet. My only whiny complaint is that the cream filling didnt go all the way to the middle of the doughnut. This place is worth the trip if you are in the indy area looking for doughnuts.

Gpa2002 DLS

Very good. Great selection. So many donuts it's hard to decide.

Richard Hamrick

Very nice place inside and very nice people. I will have to tell everybody about this so they can enjoy it like i have.

Gary Merrell

Outstanding donuts great service

Alexis Miller

My cousins bought 2 dozen donuts to celebrate as we were visiting from Texas. I have a rare disease that limits me from eating artificial sugars and if ingested it's similar to poisoning me. I called to ask what kind of artificial sugars she had in her donuts and she told me that she wouldn't tell me what's in her recipe. It is your responsibility being in the food business and being the owner to inform your customers about certain food allergens if you don't have the sense to do that please do us all a favor and take your attitude with you when you leave.

g u

Great food, people are really nice, but not very good clear menu boards, no restrooms to public either.

Rita Brown

Yummy Donuts some of my favorite things. They have a very nice variety also! Much more than donuts.

Sandy Stewart

Not sure why Titus doesn't have 5 big bright stars! The Pershing rolls are the best anywhere. The change in owners makes the atmosphere so much better. When I go home, to Lebanon, I make a point to get there for Pershing rolls. If you haven't tried them you're missing the best thing you would ever put in your mouth!

Sharon DeBlois

Friendly helpful employees. Many pastries to choose. All look delicious. Deli sandwiches, flavored popcorn tubs and even dog treats avl for purchase. Steady flow of customers. Worth the stop!

Dawn Sabbah

Just passing thru. Early morning and wanted donuts. OMG. Delicious! A bit pricey, but worth it.

Dawn Dalton

Absolute perfection. Couldn't ask for anything better. All of their food especially their donuts are amazing!

Chad Keraga

Found a piece of rubber in my donut. Customer service was terrible when dealing with the incident.

Lisa Howard

Linda Sexson

Co-workers and I used to love this place but recently the donuts and danishes taste different , you can tell they cut back on icing which sucks. They workers there are great

William Potter

Superstar! The best donuts and the friendliest staff. I've had them for over 15 years and they are the best around.

Kala Newell

Melissa Cobb

Best doughnuts around!

Chris Willhite

Jeff Curiel

Michael Barton


gary hodges

Best donuts anywhere.

Penny Jamison

Worth the wait!

Philip Black

Awesome Place, Super Friendly

Nicole Biggs

Andrew Hart

The staff is great and treat you like family. If course the donuts are the real show stoppers!

Gary Powell

Always good. Best bakery products!

Estela Salazar

Delicious Donuts...the Girls are so sweet and helping with their menu!!!

Terry Jean Nichols

Excellent donuts! Has sandwiches, soups and drinks.

Karen Casey

Busy place, that's one way to tell that their donuts are delicious!

Claire-Anne Aikman

Donuts are yummy, did not get a cherry fritter as it was bigger than a watermelon and I didn't want to indulge, but next time when I have a crew of 8 with me I will get one. They also make a pretty good sandwich and the staff was super nice.

Ray Faber

Very good fresh doughnuts very popular local spot. If you are ever in Lebanon in you owe it to yourself to have a doughnut there.

Shawn Beck

Best place and always will be! For your donut's. Sometimes we buy the all ready boxed donut's too! Parking can be tight but it's Lebanon. Small Town. That's why! We like it here. It's not Zoinsville or Carmel. Shawn

Sue Spears

Matthew Brown

Premium deli and bakery for a premium price

Corey&Andrea Carlyle

Very welcoming place! It was our first time there and everyone was very helpful and didnt make us feel rushed. The donuts are amazing! Deff will be making more trips there!

Karen Flynn

Nice staff. GOOD donuts. Big variety.

Ricardo Casillas

Shireen Samson

Got some donuts on a road trip from SC to IL. Best donuts I've had in a while. Especially the maple bacon one!

Holly Duke

Titus bakery is always so yummy and the staff are incredibly pleasant. Always a great experience!!

Rachel Cox

Very cute, great sandwiches, even better donuts

Micki Gipson

Ron Titus

They are made fresh daily and taste that way

christie dewitt

Best doughnuts I have ever had. Have been coming here way back since before it was Titus. Remember when it was near IGA and it was Leopards?? Yeah....that goes way back.

Edgar Perez

I love this place, you will get a heart attack if you eat here everyday, but ITS SOOOO GOOD =)

Nicole Yoesting

Edward Vale

Stopped here while traveling through Indiana. OMG best donuts I’ve ever had. Super fresh and the maple frosting is to die for. Gonna be a family tradition to stop always on our way to Disney!!

Hunter Conrad

Amazing donuts but I wish I would have gotten more!!

AJ Schwichtenberg

- no bathroom - chewy glazed donut - just your basic bakery, I was expecting more considering the reviews + cheap + fast service

Andrea Jett

Very unhappy...we were overcharged, even after questioning cost. Prices did not match board. Donuts mediocre. Iced cookies absolutely awful!! Young girl behind counter did not seem to know what she was doing. Will not return.

Robert Kandel

First time checking it out was excited to see cherry and apple fritters, the apple was barely done cooking but tasted good the cherry were sadly too far from done to eat. High hopes dashed :(


The best donuts around!!

Charles Snowman

Jason White

Best donuts in Lebanon. Unfortunately that says more about Lebanon's options than about Titus.

Amy Bethard

Alyssa Allen

A local treasure.


Titus Bakery is what's at the end of the rainbow. Titus Bakery is the reason infants laugh for the first time. Titus Bakery will always love you.

Kyle Beltran

Best place in Indiana for doughnuts

Desiree Roth

Clean Good service and great food

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