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REVIEWS OF Titus Bakery and Deli IN Indiana

David Oz

I tried the maple iced doughnut, they mark it on the menu as their most popular. It was really good

Kimberly Kelley

Excellent variety of donuts and pastries. Plenty of space for guests and a friendly, welcoming staff.

Scott Hepburn

Best donuts in the area. The custard filled chocolate longjohn is a favorite. My son loved the caterpillar sprinkle don't made with a coffee stirrer and four donut holes.

Adam White

The donuts at this place are filling enough one is a meal. Quick and friendly service. They have a deli/lunch menu there too but I haven’t tried that yet.

Justin Armstrong

So slow. Line out the door. Left after 15 mins and only moving 5 feet. May want to staff for weekends better. Have been here before and donuts are good just not worth a 30 min wait to get them.

Joel Cooper

delicious, affordable baked goods

Briana Weakland

Visited twice, each time around noon. On both occasions, donuts were fresh and delicious. Definitely my #1 pick for donuts. Perfect amount of fluff. Also tried a vanilla latte, tasty and would honestly prefer this over Starbucks.

tracy armanno

I felt like the donuts were dry and greasy. Everyone got a stomach ache after eating a few bites.

Joshua Hallmark

Amazing Maple Pershing latte. All of their donuts are great too

Adam Bernard

Fresh donuts and friendly employees

Greg Gennaro

My dad grew up going to Titus with some pocket change between classes in Lebanon. I grew up going with my grandpa and dad. Now they are even closer to home. It's dangerous to be this close. Be very careful here!!!! You may just get addicted. I know I am.

Tyler Merrick

This is a review in-progress since I have only been once so far. It is nice to see a quality bakery and donut shop come to our area. I stopped in on opening day and get a half dozen donuts. Some of my favorites are missing (old fashioned and crullers), but they have plenty of choices and specialize in pershing donuts. I am excited to try some brownies, cookies and sandwiches. As far as baked goods go, you can't go wrong and they have a years of experience at their other location.

mandy dale

Pershings. Fresh. Classics.

Karey Bredemeyer

Doughnuts are good but the customer service is poor. My experience at this location has been awful for just about every visit. They treat you as if they doubt your intelligence.

Allyssa Larrick

Great food and friendly staff fair prices

Adam Flogel

Almost zero options for gluten free vegans. Staff was very friendly and helpful.

H20 N D WiND G

Friendly Family Staff *Inviting* Very Clean* Wonderful Menu* Great Sandwiches & Soups Fresh Delicious Bakes

Bradley Sneed

I laugh that there's a corporate donut chain (the pink know) and their parking lot is empty by comparison to Titus... And for good reason

Dawn McKnight

Best donuts! Also have sandwiches, drinks

Drive Admin

Best chocolate covered doughnuts

Michael Mack

Baked goods delicious and there were 2 varieties of coffee that were just OK. Get baked goods here and go elsewhere for coffee.

Stephen Chapman

Wow - clean fast and friendly- even made a custom donut for my better half on request. This is a winner!

Ronnie Smith

Incredible sandwiches and doughnuts!

Joe Lee

Where do I start? If you have a groggy morning, start your day here. Their awesome staff, fresh donuts and coffee will recharge your day. Really appreciate the staff coming out super early in the morning and greet the customers with a smile. Everything about the store adds to the positive energy to your day. Don't start your day without Titus!

Westin Williamson

In running for the best bakery in the Indy Metro area. Doughnuts are amazing.


Visit was ok. Floor was sticky, donuts didn't taste as fresh as they did when first opened last year. Complained about freshness of donuts and Kyle didn't want to do anything about it but it. Won't be back. Titus you need to work on freshness of donuts. Customers don't want stale tasting donuts.

Jason Peters

Great, terrific, and amazing donuts. 5 stars if they were more affordable....

Brandon Reddish

Great food, great staff, and a very clean place! A must-see for anyone in driving distance!

Timothy Peterson

I like the selection and quality of the pastries, I wish I could still order the coffee at a cool temperature.

Tina Robinson

All I instructed was that I needed a birthday cake with bluebonnets. The cake was gorgeous and tasted like a million bucks! Thank you!

Marilyn K Ryall

The best doughnuts I have ever had! Sandwiches are great too but I do think they are a tad expensive however, I know they use Boar’s Head meat and that brand is expensive so that speaks for itself. What I would like to see is a location open up in Noblesville.

kim weaver

I was told to stop and have their donut of the day as anything else that looked good, because, "everything is amazing." We ordered a sampling, basing most choices on the recomdation of the staff, and the donut of the day. It was really pricey, super pricey, and not that great. They had a limited amount of choices and nothing tasted fresh. The cherry fritter was not cherry, but we couldn't figure out what it was because it wasn't apple either. I might try it again during different hours.

Dan Davis

Donuts are phenomenal. We've tried several, but the Bismarck is our current favorite. I don't think you can go wrong. Sandwiches sound great, but we haven't tried them yet.

Gessica A

My husband LOVED these donuts! He said they had a TON to choose from on a Saturday morning and the staff was very friendly. I can personally say their signature maple donut was wonderful!

Valerie Brown

I ordered a birthday cake for my husband and the bakery team in Lebanon did a great job. I had an inspiration photo of what I wanted and they matched it perfectly! Tasted great too :)

Jim Bach

Large yummy sandwiches filled with lots of meat.. one sandwich is enough for two people.

Shawn Keller

In addition to amazing doughnuts, the birthday cakes are the best! We ordered a cake for my daughter's birthday, the designer called to verify the type of design and I sent pictures to her to use as a guide. The cake turned out perfect.

Derek Gregg

Excellent just like Lebanon

Sally Hansen

So nice of them to make my CARMEL (unfilled) long John, just as they would do at the original Titus! Warm, moist, and so tasty!

Shirley Todd

Their maple icing is the best I've ever tasted!!

Jill Bird

Amazing lunch - Boar’s Head meat, delicious sandwiches ! Very friendly service. Pastries our of this world - award winning donuts. Clean bathrooms. So glad we stumbled upon this jewel.

Debra Lanning

When they first opened I was not a fan. That said, they have really good donuts but coffee not so much. Back to the donuts: very good

Chuck Bjork

Cheaper than Starbucks and excellent quality. Very nice facility. The only reason why I didn't give them 5 stars is that they have just opened, and are still working out their order fulfillment process.

James Zenor

Amazing donuts and always fresh usually go once a week.

Chantel Weigel

Great selection of doughnuts! They had all the classics and quite a few unique ones to try. They also have sugar cookies, turnovers and some other treats. They have a selection of made to order sandwiches. The also have tea made from what is apparently the only tea plantation in the United States. It's definitely a nice place to stop for a special breakfast for the kids and there's even a drive thru.

Tylor McClain

Great donuts. And the subs are amazing

Sonny Richardson

Best donuts in the USA

Kyle Rawson

Donuts: Top notch Sandwiches: Took 25 minutes for two. I could understand that at a restaurant, but at a bakery/deli not so much.

Ryan Anderson

Great donuts, there's a reason the name is so well known. They're just continuing the goodness they started at their first location

Steve M

Great as usual

Craig Farrell

Best donut shop in town. The pershing is amazing.

You No-Hoo

$$$ - Pretty salty at $18 for a 1/2 sandwich, chips, cookie, and soft drink lunch box. Did add a serving of 1/2 cup of chicken noodle soup. Friendly staff but can't advise on cleanliness or quality of food. Went through drive through for ailing sis-in-law.

Pat Towle

Great selection of donuts, friendly staff great location.

Wessie Clemmons

A nice friendly place

Priscilla March

Love their donuts!!! The place in Westfield is clean

Chris Hinnard

Best donuts ever


OMG this place right here. Love their maple Persian, love the coconut filled danish, love the yeast donuts...I seriously think they put crack in their donuts. They are addictive and absolutely amazing. And dont even get me started on the fruit cake. YEP I SAID FRUIT CAKE it is moist and tender and juicy and fruity. It is definitely not your grandmas nasty brick azz fruit cake from the 70s. Their fruit cake is flipping amazing. It's expensive but very good. They also have soup and sandwiches if you're wanting lunch or dinner...just an FYI. OH AND THEY DO COOKIES AND CAKES TOO

David Willard

Awesome donuts and pastries. I love going there and would go there every single day of the week if I had the money to buy stuff.

Brian Bennett

Donuts are so good! Favorite place for my daughter and I.

Paul Commons

Great donuts! Finally a place in the area that rivaled the bakery skills of the Amish bakeries in northern Indiana. The only reason I gave only four stars was because I wasn't able to get a cake for my wife's birthday with a 24 hour notice. It seems there cake decorating person didn't work every day so they needed a two day notice. Now that I know, I will just make sure I give them the sufficient time.

duane m

mmmm.... I've been eating titus donuts for as long as I can remember. I've never found a better donut and I try every where I go.

Shawna Reinhardt

Free coffee/decaf refills. :)

Mo Hamer

Great fresh bakery, because grocery stores are lacking in quality fresh bakery goods lately!

Tony Papay

We enjoy donuts after Mass on Sundays and Titus offers many, so many to choose from!

Stephen Schultze

They make my absolutely favorite doughnut in the world...their Pershing. Their jelly filled pastries are fantastic, as well.

Roger Conrad

Good doughnuts and helpful staff

Jeff H

Friendly service. You. Need to try the Pershing. Donut and small coffee very cheap price.

Dave Copp

Very good donuts and a large selection .

Clarence Payne

Very good pastries and an excellent Deli!

Ashley Trowbridge

Definitely one of the better donuts I've had in Carmel area. Just wish the coffee was better.

Traci Staley

This is my favorite bakery. Their maple glazed cinnamon pershing donuts are to die for. Drove 45 minutes just to satisfy my craving for them. Love!! I wish they had one closer to Greenwood.

Julie Dokter

The Cheezy Broccoli soup was so warm and comforting! And delicious!! But what made this stop over the top was the fried Danish! Flaky, sweet, fried dough with all the flavors of an elephant ear or funnel cake! So so good! Very friendly staff, too!

Rich Ripple

Great variety of awesome pastries. My coworkers love them!

catherine robertson

Best apple fritters around.

A Enmark

Have had their Pershing many times from co-workers bringing them in to the office. Stopped yesterday for a couple but they were stale, and not at all what I remember. What we received were not cinnamon rolls just blobs of plain dough with maple icing.

john tuttle

Love this place. Might be the reason I get diabetes, but...

karen rob

Very disappointed. I love Titus Bakery in Lebanon and made the drive from Westfield quite often to get an apple fritter. So disappointed when I bought one at the Westfield location. It was overcooked and had to return it. The second one had little to no apples in it. I have been there 3 times and won't return.

Beehive Promotions

Yum. Taste better on weekdays than on the weekends. Or is this just me?

Nate B

Best chocolate covered doughnuts.

Alberto Ruiz

The doughnuts are superb, and the staff was very friendly


Has a drive thru, friendly staff and a good selection and they will make you something on the spot if possible. Their filled donuts are fully filled.

Larry Hanks

Great service good selection friendly help eat access


Not my favorite donuts but they are good. Great warm and welcoming atmosphere (like most donut shops haha) and very friendly staff.

Zen Doggie

Love this place! The staff is always so friendly. The Peanut Butter donut with Peanut Butter Fluff is a gift from the gods!

A Gunny

Delicious cupcakes, awesome cakes. Highly recommended.

Kathy Okeefe


Jeanne Hershey

Every donut/danish that I have tried has been incredible but 2 of them stand out as absolutely heavenly: the Peanut Butter Fluff and the Maple Bacon.

David Rosas

Very tasty donuts!

Wraith Z

Amazing donuts

Karuna Anantharaman

delicious donuts, the pershing is excellent. a bit pricey. while we miss Long's on the southside, this is such a great place at our end. Huge, huge apple fritters - we did not try them but will when we have someone to share one with :)

Baba Shango Oshun


Veronica Maldonado

Always great sandwiches. Just wish their box lunches eaten there would ditch the box, as it's pointless. Save the box. We picked our own chips. Just place the sandwich and cookie on a try and save the box.

David Rusk

Huge selection of delicious pastries. Very friendly and helpful staff.


Food & donuts are amazing & service wAs awesome

Jessica Menke

I just moved to the area and tried out Titus a couple of times. Every donut I’ve tried so far has been delicious, and all of the staff I’ve interacted with have been super friendly. Also, they have a drive thru! Love that I can support local business on the go.

Jeff Georgiou

It was ok

Martha Adams

Awesome popcorn. Can't have the donuts since I am gluten free.

Lauren McGrew

My husband and I are in search of the best custard filled doughnut around. The one from here did not disappoint. We were a little afraid when we cut it in half, as you can see in the picture. But it had a good amount of delicious custard, chocolate icing that tasted like hot fudge (totally a good thing), but the texture of the donut was chewy-not my favorite. We had EXCELLENT service there. They are seriously so friendly. Pretty solid place for doughnuts I think.

Zee Hy

So good! So hard to decide!

Adrian Kearney

There pretty good most days

Raymond Wininger

I think they have good donuts. I like them better than Dunkin, but they don't have the big icing covered cinnamon rolls that Jack's has. Everyone has an opinion, so just try them and do your own comparison.

cymone williams

Nice little bakery/deli.

Maggie Cowan

Excellent bakery, great prices.

Mary Nell W

First time here. Ordered lunch sandwich and tap water. Was given the smallest plastic cup I have ever seen. Said to server people must assume that people who drink water drink less than if one were drinking something else ( that they paid for). He said, " you can just keep refilling the cup and besides that way we would know if you were cheating" (filling your cup with soda). Very insulting! Horrible thing to say to any customer. Won't be back.

Derek Elliott

Very good sandwiches. Most extensive choice of kettle chips. Nice people. You're expected to customize a sandwich here vs. other places looking at you like you're a d-bag for asking to hold the mayo.

Jonathan Snell

Super friendly and very very good. Their sandwiches are good, their baked goods are amazing. I can't remember the name of their signature pastry but it's cinnamon dough with maple frosting and it's delicious. The apple fritters are huge and the filled doughnuts have great filling. Staff was extremely friendly.

Jimmy Cox

Doughnuts here are great! Clean and nice business. They have a doughnut style bread pudding. Try it!

David Rohrer

Great donuts, and great staff! They even offered to carry my boxes to my car for me.

Craig Summitt

Great bakery, fried Danish and donuts are wonderful, good deli sandwiches and soup of the day, nice selection

Jamie Shepherd

Ordered three sandwiches: two took over 25 minutes to get, the other didn’t have anything I ordered on it. Ordered a cherry turnover. The first one had zero cherry in it. Took that one back, and the second one had a red tint in it. I do not r commend this place.

Paul Bushue

Nice bakery/deli. Reasonable prices.

Karen Lancaster

I am a wws bus driver and some of us come in here every morning to have coffee and sit between routes. They are so wonderful and friendly. Donuts and coffee are spectacular. Thanks for the warm friendly atmosphere and making us feel welcome.

Sharon Thompson

The donuts and coffee were great. The room is kind of small, and I hoped for outside seating. That would have been 5 stars.

Josh Spink

Best donuts hands down in the entire north side of Indianapolis

Kim Krumel

Nice place, very good donuts and prices.

Hollie Heritier

They are amazing! I can't give them enough stars!

Connor Minix

Really good, but a little overpriced. Everything was still fantastic though! And to make everything better, my brother who is also named Titus was brought home a souvenir T-Shirt.

Dillin Wright

Have been getting Titus donuts since I was young at the Lebanon location and never had a bad donut. This location though has been very disappointing. Most times I’ve visited recently, the donuts are either old or way over fried to the point they are hard and taste burnt. When this location first opened I was telling all my coworkers to go here, I would drive to Lebanon Titus after working a 12-13 hour shift at St Vincent’s on 86th just to bring donuts back the next shift. All my coworkers were excited that there would finally be a location closer for them to visit, but most of them have had bad experiences like me. Ever so often I go back to see if this location has improved and about 2 weeks ago the few donuts I bought were pretty good so today I decided to go back. I bought their signature Pershing donut and a Carmel bismark through the drive thru. When opening the bag up at home I quickly realized these would be disgusting. The Pershing donuts were beyond over fried and hard and the bismark, while not over cooked like the others, tasted like it was days old. Very very disappointed. Don’t believe I’ll be back to this location again.

Jay Pranger

Everything good, but a little high.

ShaTayvia Calderon

Donuts are pretty basic. Not sure what the hype is about.

Curtis Scheller

Awesome doughnuts. Nuff said.

Aaron Caito

Really good

Shawna Conrad

One of my favorite places to visit. I have been eatibg Titus donuts since they first opened in Lebanon.

Cyle Cobb

This is the best donut place near Indy. I just wished they had buttermilk old fashioned donuts, so my wife would be happy. I have provided a photo in case the owner is reading this (photo of donuts from The Doughnut Vault in Chicago).

Opolis Prime

Best around

Alan H

These dounts are way good. They have some dounts no one else has. If you haven't tried this place you are missing out.

Adam ogrzewalla

They were so great! They overheard us talking about our daughters first birthday and the ladies went to the back and quickly came out with a custom cookie just for her. Great tasting donuts and coffee.

Erin Hunter

Staff was very friendly and the baked goods were WAY better than anything from a chain Doughnut shop. It is a little pricey but it's definitely worth it!

Jaime Whitlock

So delicious! They're known for their Pershing rolls!

sherry koontz

Don't have to wait as long as dd, grandson loves the donuts!

Paul Kern

Best doughnuts ever.

Erik Huntoon

Great selection of donuts and other assorted treats. Friendly service.

Dianne Penley

Such delicious cookies and their cakes are some of the bests I've had in my whole life!

M. C. Miles

Love their Turkey Gobbler with fresh bread!

Lisa Lynn

I believe i just got yesterday's donut... so dry i couldnt swallow it. i'll make sure to only visit the lebanon location from now on.

tonkatim amenkiller

Tasty treats. Highly recommended.

Jennifer James

While many may know this place for their yummy baked goods and donuts ... they have really great sandwiches as well. This is the Piggy ... Boat's head ham, Swiss, lettuce and tomato (with added yellow mustard) really fresh veggies and really fresh bread. Great if you are looking to fill up or big enough to split if looking for a light lunch with a friend!!

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