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REVIEWS OF Tim's Bakery IN Indiana

Wakandaforever90 Mcdowell

Absolutely friendly staff fresh and I mean fresh donuts and hands down in my opinion better than longs donuts

alfie n julie mossé

We came about 9:20 on a Monday morning, and met a very short line, very friendly service, and plenty of donuts and muffins to choose from. My husband inhaled an apple fritter and I personally have never had a donut melt in my mouth until today, a gorgeous blueberry cake donut/fritter something. Amazing.

Toby Davis

Local. Handmade daily. Enough said.

Sherri Browning

First time here and it won't be the last. I understand why they keep a line out the door! Donuts are delicious and service was friendly and fast!

Carl Carr

Great turnovers and donuts!

E Rodgers

The definition of love at first taste.Tims is by far the king of donuts I rather Dunk these donuts cause they're so krispy

Tabatha Hart

It was very busy on a Saturday morning about 8:30am. That was to be expected. The line moved fairly quickly. The staff was very friendly, greeting every customer, and making sure no one was skipped, as there were multiple employees helping get each person taken care of. Add on items like coffee and juice were being offered upon checking out. Overall the food is great and the staff has been great every time we've been in there.

Judy Riddle

Awesome donuts and other pastries.

Daniel Spieth

Best donuts in Indianapolis area. Saturday is national donut day. Get there early! . If you like my review please click the thumbs up below!

Blake Flannery

The demand is too high for the one employee filling boxes and taking money. The line is difficult to distinguish once you get into the shop. They are much better at making donuts than avoiding poor customer buying experience. People in line chat about how this is normal and how they would never bring kids because of the long wait. I took a 4-year-old and it was a mistake. The donuts are good which is the reason for the demand. I'm not sure the business decision to keep long lines the norm.

Chriss Gregor-maxwell

Oh for goodness sake, just make MORE donuts so you don't run out!

Delores Thompson

OMG!!! I use to live in Indianapolis, I moved 3 hours away. And I can't find any donuts close to Tim's. So when ever I'm going that way I make plans and time to stop by Tim's Donuts. So just in case you didn't get it his donuts are VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY DELICIOUS!!!! Anytime you're willing to drive 3 hours just for the BEST DONUTS ON THE PLANET!!!

Jen Sanford

I've been here on multiple occasions. Today, I waited in line for over 30 minutes (10 of which were spent outside in the rain), but the donuts are so worth it! Get there early for the best selection. The donuts melt in your mouth and he offers a variety of flavors. I haven't tried anything yet that I didn't love. I've lived in 5 other states, and I travel a lot for work, but I've not found a better donut than these!

James Mcvay

Best fritters around no one can top these.

Sam Loyd

If you are near here you have to try the blueberry cake. So soft.

Heather Apel

Great local bakery, specializing in donuts and other pastries. They are closed on Sundays and open 5am Mon-Sat, usually closing by 11am or when they run out of donuts.

Jackie Franklin

Worth the wait outside to get in the door. Amazing.

Chef Darnell Miller

It's normally the BEST but this last time we went the yeast donuts tasted too greasy. We have never experienced that taste from Tim's before.

Storrey Rogers

Amazing donuts!! They stay soft for sooo long! Got one at 7 am and didn't eat it until 6pm and still super soft. People are very nice. I would say this is better than Longs donuts. Better get there early or else you'll end up waiting in a long line which just proves how good they are.

Brian Fedje

The best doughnuts in Indy!

Kayla Graham

Even though you can wait some mornings for a bit, these donuts are so worth it! They're the best donuts in town!

Dave Bagnall

There is a reason for the long lines at Tim's every Saturday morning. It certainly isn't the ambiance, but the donuts are fantastic.

Bill Brant

Really great donuts, great service friendly staff

Brent Kuhn

Best donuts period!

Angela King

Cherry fritters. Mmm Mmm....

Leo Don'tGiveUp

Arguably the best doughnuts in town. If you're from Indianapolis yes even better than that spot you're thinking of. Trust me

carl carr

Good local secret. Friendly staff. Excellent donuts.

Crystal Rose


Lindsey Sorg

You never know what options you'll find at this bakery, but it almost doesn't matter. Everything is amazing.

Bill Reed

Best doughnut around bar none. Get there early to get the best selection as they are so popular they can easily sell out fast!

Justin Fowler

Best doughnuts.

Brad Chaney

The best around, love their doughnuts....


doughnuts did not disappoint. The hot guy that worked at 6am when I went in did not disappoint either.

Robin Rees

The donuts are fantastic but they are a victim of their own success. Waited in line for 30 minutes to pick through the leftovers. They are great but worth the wait.

Dylan Hollenberg

1. Worth the wait. Donuts are so soft and melt in your mouth. Easily the best donuts around 2. Go early on weekends. Someone said before 8am, but I would recommend closer to 7am 3. They take credit cards!

Nick Gill

No other donut shop can compete! You can keep your Longs donuts, they got NOTHIN on Tims!

luis ibanez

Have you ever had a doughnut that melts in your mouth? OMG this place deserves more than 5 stars. Long's bakery has nothing on this guys!!!!! Great job.

Stephanie Sanchez


Nicholas Covert

Not good. Waited in line for 20 min which is normal. Watched everyone in front of me try to order yeast donuts and couldn't because they were not done. 20 min later when I get to counter I am told it will be another 25 plus min for yeast. The gentleman at the counter was rude and handed me an empty bag with their phone number on and said the only way you can get what you want is if you call in the order the day before. This was the worst experience I have had there and I am a regular customer. Quality of product and people are going down.

Tim McCullough

Great donuts and great service, every time! Keep up the great work!!

Wendy Mae

They are good and will melt in your mouth!! Line is long always do plan to go early if your on your way to work.

Damon Currin

Best donuts in town hands down no discussion. Chocolate yeast and tiger stripes are always fresh

Nikya Mcclendon

Amazing. It's easy to say these are the best in town(McCordsville). It's also the best for the few small towns surrounding it. I won't say it's better than Long's but, it doesn't have to be. The nearest Long's donut is 45 minutes away. There's no competition for either of them. You will absolutely have to wait regardless of whether you go early or late or Monday or Saturday. Many people wait longer for fries @ McGarbage. If you expect to get in and out in under five minutes you are fooling yourself. If you need to know what's coming up the answer is simple... DONUTS.

cris roush

This place needs no review. Best donuts on earth. Plain and simple. Be ready to stand in line though. Worth it.

Bob Ruff

Tim's Bakery is the best place in Central Indiana to fullfil your pastry desires. Well worth the drive !

Carol Bays

Tim's bakery is so good. Tim's open at 5:00 am. and you got to get there early before Tim's sale out. On Saturday morning about six there is a line out the door

Jennifer Hester

Oh my goodness, these donuts are the BEST my husband and I have ever eaten. We have lived in several states and have never found a better donut! We arrived at 7AM, on a Saturday morning, line was small but to the door by the time we left just a few short minutes later. The two men behind the counter were very kind. Tim's is our go to place...never will we go to another donut shop! Fantastic!

Doug Stivers

This place is awesome and fresh early in the morning. There cherry and blueberry bear claws are amazing

Samantha Pratt

I LLLLLLOOOOOVVVEEEE their fresh donuts. The best I've had yet. Great job guys.

Brandey Huemmer

This place is great. Nice selection. Best donuts around. Clean place very friendly. Make the trip, it's worth it

amie stinnett

I have always thought Long's was the best, well Tim's just beat them. They are always so fresh, and melt in your mouth. Job well done

Robert Edwards

Fresh pastries. Best on the far East side of near Indy!

Hannah Hartman

A local gem! But plan ahead, because even early on week days there are lines!

bill lambert

Love Tim's, I recently moved out of the area and I absolutely miss Tim's and try to find reasons to return to the area just for Tim's

Yvonne Zirkle

Wonderful doughnuts!

Ride out

You dont have to go to Longs Bakery for donuts

Michelle Archer

If the world could have a Tim's donut everyday... There would be peace on earth.

Kendric Downs

I just rated it 5 by seeing the comments lol. But is it better than Longs donuts? Honest opinion and tell me your favorite donut

joe scheumann

Best donuts around!!! First thing my son gets when he comes home from college. We even get them every Wednesday with my youngest son before school. When they are warm they melt in your mouth.

John Graham

I love Tim's. From the outside, it's not overly impressive, but there's a reason there is always a line on Saturday mornings. From their simple cake donuts to their three different flavors of fritters, I've never had anything from here that I didn't enjoy. If you're coming here for the first time, the seating inside the building is very limited, so you're better off grabbing your stuff to go. Also - especially on Saturdays there tends to be a constantly shifting variety of what's available as they try to keep up with demand. Chances are, you'll only have a few things to select from, but as I said above - it's all good. My personal favorites are probably the apple fritter (which you'll actually taste the apple in it) or classic favorites like chocolate iced cream filled or jelly donuts. They also have fun specialty ones like their apple pie, which is covered in cinnamon sugar and has a nice dollop of apple pie filling, or cream cheese donuts if you're a fan of cream cheese frosting.

Speak Life

Tim's Bakery is a hidden treasure. The chocolate yeast donuts are to die for!

Erica Rolle

Im thinking about a change of heart #LongsLover

nicole Morris

Oh my god I love

John Hancock

Wow for those of u who can remember Roslyns Bakery this place is as good if not better and at a very reasonavle price. Keep up the good work guys ill drive from greenwood any time for some tims!!!

evan cannon

Great donuts worth the wait

Karen Bradley

Can't say enough. The very best.

Ryan McClintic

Famous local donut shop... They never disappoint... As long as you go early :)

Robert Koehne

Tim's us awesome. Just get there early on the weekends or the demand is greater then the supply.

Sonja Berryhill

Always fresh light and fuffy

Jacob Ellis

Amazing donuts, I’m from West Virginia and this place is a must when coming to the area!

Michelle A

Love their fresh, glazed donuts! The taste is like no other, not too sweet, and not too doughy, just right! Other than the buttermilk stix (shown), fabulous, I've not had many other pastries, but I'm sure they are just as delightful! Get in there early, or call ahead; they stay packed!!! Oh and you are always served with a welcoming, I'm glad you came smile, no matter how busy they get!!!

Kelly Waters

Best donuts I’ve ever had. The yeast donuts melt in your mouth like little pillows of sugary goodness. And the staff is so incredibly warm and friendly. Love the feel of the place, too. I’m officially obsessed.

Tom Foltz

Excellent donuts, excellent service, excellent price!

Heather Bocek

Rather go to Tim's than any other donut place

Clarence Payne

Excellent Donuts, but you better get there early because they go fast.

Matt Eichholtz

Great hot fresh donuts melt in your mouth

Melanie Wing

I went with my kids at 9am on a Friday morning and 95% of what they sell there was gone. Thankfully they were still making some glazed yeast donuts which just came out and were amazing in every way...light, fluffy, warm goodness. The line filled the store when we were there, but wasn't too long considering only one employee was filling orders and taking payment. I agree with some other reviewers that they should have more people filling orders to keep it moving. 5 stars for delicious donuts, less for always selling out and a slow purchase process.

CT Wheeler

It's Tim's. Why are you even reading this? If you even think you might like donuts, this is the place. There is no alternative worth your time or money.

SharkyPlays 037

Do I have to even explain why it's so delicious?!?! Highly, HIGHLY recommend it (mostly for the jelly donuts

Chris Sexton

The smells that assault you once inside the door are marvelous. Be ready for a long line on Saturday morning but well worth the wait.

Scott Minnich

Tim's has the best donuts in town. But supplies are limited by 8 am because they sell so fast.

William Vankleeck

The best donuts to ever have to stand in line for. They were still warm by the time I got to work!!

SheW Moore

Though I stood in line over 20 minutes, it was definitely worth the wait. Though they're known for their yeast donuts, I'm more of a cake girl and their cherry cake donut was

Stephanie May

Incredible donuts! Been coming to Tim's for years, donuts are always fresh, and every one is hand made. Has to be some of the best donuts anywhere!

Michael Laird

Best donuts in the suburbs. On par with Longs on the near west side. Get there early on the weekends (before 8 AM) or you may be waiting in a line out the door!


Excellent doughnuts & well organized.

Bev Fudge

Don't let the building fool you. Best donuts anywhere!

Barbara Johnson

Better than long' s donutin my opinion

Tracy Brown

It's doughnut the way they should be made. Not a single thing in here has ever been less than wonderful. I have purchased items 2 days in advance, and they still taste wonderful. One of the best doughnut shops I have ever been to.

Beverly Schrank

Always consistent and yummy

Debra Hurd

Donuts melt in your mouth! My grandkids love to go and pick their donuts out (usually with sprinkles) and they are generous enough to let each have their own bag with their own donut so they don't fight about who will carry the bag. They always leave each with own bag and huge smiles on their faces! They tell everyone that Tim's donuts are the best ever!

Emmie Morris

First time going and was very satisfied. Loved the donuts!

Harry Cangany

Great place..friendly people, and, probably the best donuts I have ever had.

Tony DeSimone

The best. Great cake donuts. All are great

Martin Wippler

Come early, or miss out. The locals clean the joint out quick. Don't be afraid to try something you haven't tried before.

Kevin Long

Be prepared to stand in line. A long line. Around the building line. But don't worry, it is so worth it.


Best donuts in Indiana. Tim's blows Long's out of the water. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Michelle Mahoney

Always fresh. They are busy for a reason!

k r

Best donuts in the world. However one tiny thing I wish they had was more than one register to help get customers in and out a lot faster

Lynn Nicholson

The best doughnuts in any town around

Jennifer Gates

These are my favorite doughnuts! They melt in your mouth!

Danay Fernández-Smith

The donuts might be good, but you have to waste an hour of your time standing up waiting in line, and by the time you get to order none is left. You have to know what you want because even if you ask "what's up next? We've already been waiting an hour in line, we don't mind waiting a few minutes more", they won't even tell you all what is coming up. Some people were waiting for donuts holes and they won't announce anything saying they weren't offering them that day because they had a huge order to fulfill. More information is appreciated. Won't go back, my health and my time will be glad. EDIT: I recommend calling a day before to place a phone order so when you get there they have what you want. I wish I would have known this before.

Michael Anderson

Best donuts in Indy. It’s worth making the drive if you don’t live close!

Tracey H

There isn't much more I can add that hasn't already been said. This is my unicorn of donuts. They absolutely. Blow away the competition. I feel lucky to live so close! The donuts are outstanding and the staff is so polite, and just 7 different kinds of awesome. You don't always come across customer service this good these days. <3 If you ever had a doubt that McCordsville is a sleepy little town, then you haven't been to Tim's Bakery at 5 in the morning. ^.^

Ashley Currin

Best donuts and a good family

Sam Woodward

The worlds BEST donut. For real, 10/10 recommend to anyone

Eric Turner

I love this place donuts are incredible the best in the state of Indiana amazing always a line but worth the wait in rain,snow or heat, give 10 stars if I could.

Christy Stewart

Best donuts I have ever had, but get there early......

Trully Loved

Best donuts ever! Must try!

Richard Stewart

great donuts. best in the area.

matthew smith

Very good donuts! I had the buttermilk stix! Mmmm

Emily Hale

Best donuts in Indy!

Craig Barboza

Fast and friendly service with a smile. The line moves fast than it looks.

Tony Messier

Good donuts, and can’t argue that they’re the best (and only) donut shop in town. Expect a long line, and a limited selection if you’re not there early. Cinnamon butterflies are the best!

G Willow

It's such a nice small place. The pastries were delicious, and fresh. They let you see how they're making the donuts, this place is amazing.

Kim Dowell

Best donuts in Indy!!!

Craig Johnson

Love these donuts

Jason Hartsell

Very good quality donuts. During the weekend you better plan on arriving early in the morning if you want a full selection available to you. The line is typically out the door and parking is doable but be careful backing out onto 67.

Collin Nelson - Burns

The yeast is good

Joe Brewster

It is the best doughnuts ever

N Odell

Delicious donuts and pastries. Good service. Get there early, very popular place.

nicholas williams

Best donuts in the state. Best prices and fast service, but be prepared to wait. The line usually stretches out the door.

Lynn D

Absolutely THE best donuts we have EVER had. Bar none. Try the buttermilk stix --> oh my gosh-melt in your mouth delicious ! We order them regularly. Also order a perfectly made glazed donut, warm, a luxurious bite of heaven.

Add Robertson

Even though the wait is long it is always amazing food

Larry E. Marrs

Great donuts, and coffee, friendly atmosphere. Go early, to make sure you avail to a wide selection of choices in their pastry... Highly recommended!

Jason Alexander

Bad parking. Long line. Great doughnuts

Tanya Grays

I enjoyed them.. very good variety to choose from.

Juanita Coleman

The best donuts in Indianapolis! Well worth waiting 45 minutes to get fresh hot donuts!!!

Shelby Tikkanen

Seriously AMAZING donuts! My mom has had office competitions with donuts from all around Indy and Tim's always wins or occasionally ties with Long's. WAY better than Jack's. Show up early. Expect to wait. Always eat with milk as well. So light so fluffy. Always fresh!

James Ferge

Great place

Laura Amonette

Delicious is an understatement. I dare say..better than Longs. I live 15 mins from Longs bakery but would drive out to McCordsville fot the pure heaven that is Tims donuts.

john petty

5 star products. For a long time Tim's had nothing but 5 star reviews, only business I've ever seen pull that off. I'm sad to see these none 5 star reviews being based off a line.... What do you expect when you go to a highly rated popular place? For it to be dead and no one there? It was 5 stars for a reason.... Don't let these ignorant, impatient, self centered people who are so anti social a line for them ruins a five star product.

David Taler

Had a patient bring in donuts for the office, BEST donuts ever.. We have never had Tim's before but we will be going there all the time now.


Great donuts and awesome customer service. Come early as possible to avoid the line.

Leah Ecklor

Best donuts!! Always worth waiting in line!

Eddie Hitze

There's just something about Tim's donuts that sets them apart from places like Taylor's, Long's, Jack's or Dancing Donut - all of which are good. Tim's donuts are so fluffy and delicious. They truly are the best donuts I have ever had. So much so that my wife (who loves her some sleep) will willingly wake up at 5:30 on a Saturday morning to go get some for her and the kids.

Patricia Dilossi

Not much of a variety. Even though some were warm they were so sweet, no one could eat them.

Lucinda Endsley

Excellent warm donut holes and they serve coffee. You can eat there or take away. Excellent price.

cheryl dardeen

The absolute best donuts ever made! I travel 30 minutes just to get these donuts..they simply melt in ur mouth. They are so much better than other place i have been to...if a donut doesnt get eaten right 2 or 3 days old they are still fresher than any place that sells donuts!!!

Jeremiah Perkins

Amazing place to get donuts!!!! Get there early (7am) if you want choice though!!

Susan Bass

These donuts are wonderful. Will drive out of our way to get them.

Chris Atkins

Best tasting donuts in the area by far. However, unless you call ahead the day before (and you have to call in the morning because they aren’t open past 11am or 12pm) you absolutely will not get the donuts that you want. So because of that, we do not go here anymore. We now go to Jacks, because even though they don’t taste quite as good as Tim’s, they always have the variety we want. I respect the business model at Tim’s - he is printing money but he clearly is doing this more for a hobby because it seems like he is leaving some money on the table by not fully meeting demand.

Terrance Ballard

Best donuts in Indy... Hands down...

Jeff MacDonald

Best donuts in Indianapolis. Family that works and owns it are very nice and accommodating.

Latonia Williams

Very friendly staff & donuts was fresh

Chris Werling

Awesome donuts in a hole in the wall place! Very fresh. Often right out of the frier. Truly some of the best around. Closes a bit early. A bit of a drive for most Indy goers. Most often a line out the door.

Doug Applegate

Best donuts ever!

Brittany Hinesley

The best donuts around! The only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is because i understand some people want to sit and eat their donuts after purchasing, and it's really standing room only when there's a line, which is basically the entire time Tim is selling donuts. Little known fact : you can call the night ahead for a bigger purchase to make sure you secure your order. LOVE Tim's!

Jerry Hedrick

The best yeast donuts.

C Jones

Amazing doughnuts,friendly place just call ahead to make sure they are open if near a holiday

Brandon House

Best donut spot of all time Better than Long's

Ronald Cecil

Closes whenever he feels like, tried twice in "normal business hours" and he was closed before 11 both times.

Sandra Mckenzie

Best Baked Goods !!

John Knight

Amazing fresh donuts! Plan on waiting in line a bit as this place is well known and worth the wait! Classic glazed yeast are amazing but their cinnamon rolls and fritters are amazing too!!

Dennis Hart

Always busy but the service is very quick and the doughnuts are delicious

Mike Nieto

Bring a glass of milk, this place is dentist must love you Tim...

Mervin Mcdowell

They are good like always

Aaron Chimento

Absolutely hands down best doughnuts in the world!!!

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