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REVIEWS OF The Flying Cupcake IN Indiana

Jayla Spearman

The cupcakes there are fantastic! I want to try all of them! The only reason I'm giving it a 4 star rating is, because the employee's attitude could have been better. You could tell she didn't want to be there lol.

tk maes

Samantha Jera

Amanda Collins

I tried two cupcakes from this location. A mint chocolate chip and the chocolate chip cookie dough. The mint chocolate chip cupcake was decent, but not the best I've ever had. The icing was the best part. Melted in my mouth and paired well with the cake, which was a basic chocolate cake. As for the cookie dough, the cake was over baked and dried out. The icing didn't save it. In the case was a selection of other cupcakes. One tray was full of red velvet cupcakes. The edges of all of them were broken, burnt, or hanging out of the paper. Very sloppy. For being downtown Indianapolis, I was really let down.

Stas Daszkiewicz

Great cupcakes but a little pricey.

James Bell


Love it, tasted them about 9yrs ago and they are still my favorite cake place.

Nicholas John

Really good cupcakes.

Charlene Volk

I lived for your gluten free cupcakes. I have visited your stores multiple times over the years and would always bring back a dozen cupcakes to share with friends. Imagine my excitement that we would be in town on my birthday and I could get an amazing cupcake. On December 30th, I ordered a dozen cupcakes from the Mass Ave store to share with my family. Everyone was super excited about them, especially my nieces. Unfortunately, the strawberry cupcake my 8 year old niece was eating had a large piece of plastic in the cake part. I called immediately and spoke to someone that promised a manager would call me back. I then called on Jan 1st and 2nd, leaving voicemails. No response. I am beyond disappointed.

Jacquelyn Sloan

Kayla Roan

These cupcakes are perfection. yes they have that sweet flavor without having that pure sugar that some icings have. And the flavors are to die for.

Gary Neat

Excellent cupcakes. Smore was the best

Micki Mick

Cause I love all kinds of cupcakes

Bobby Henry

I literally pick up a box every day @ the on in Castleton/ Keystone Crossing. Everything behind the counter is so breathtaking!!!!

Amanda Miyahira

Justin Reed

Vegan cupcakes were

Casey Beckley

9+ dollars for two cupcakes but my man and I both agreed: worth it

Daniel Nering

Dan Phillips

Tasty treats, hard to pick something that you don't like.

Alex Turner

One of my favorite bakeries in Indianapolis. The red velvet is my favorite! It is so delicious, moist, and the buttercream frosting is to die for. Wish the inside was cuter, but they have a really gorgeous turquoise seat in their Castleton location.

Rachel Goebel

The service is great, the packaging is perfect!

Sneha Swaroop

Jamill Shaw

David Chan

Alex D

My Girl loves this place. They have a wide variety of flavors and you are sure to find one you love. This place also has Pup cakes so your Furry Best Friend can join you on this flavorful adventure.

Kimber Krauser

Patrick Wilkins

I bought a cupcake and tried to eat it, but ended up getting hit in the face with a rock.

Kristal Shriner

Lynn Pannicke

Why would you order 20 cupcakes two days in advance of the day you wanted them, ask for a variety, and receive 6 of one flavor, 6 filled -2 different flavors, 5 choc., 3 white? Why is this considered a variety of their numerous flavors? Apparently, if I had called this morning I would have a variety of what was available. But apparently, calling in advance this request of a variety was considered a special order, and limited on the number of one flavor?

Shyam Tiwari

Offers wide range of muffins and customized cup cakes with beautiful design. I recommend this one for your loved ones on occasions like Birthday & other important events of your life

Rhonda Sprouls

Julie Schwieterman

Heather Rocco-Geissler

Janaule Bennett


Lisa Wintler-Cox

Really excellent quality. Happy Birthday To Me Vanilla was my favorite. Tasted like they were from scratch. Salty Caramel was also amazing. Best chocolate cupcake I've ever had.

Maria Khan

Love their red velvet cupcake, probably the best cupcake I've ever eaten.

Allison Kingsland

This place was such a pleasant surprise! We weren't originally looking for cupcakes, but the sign on the door and the quirky decor really drew us in! The cupcakes had very clever names and the decorations on the walls were very interesting to look at! The chocolate peanut butter cupcake was delicious! I highly recommend this place! (Cannolis are not available here, I brought that in from a different place)

Matthew Kerl

"Life is short, eat dessert first" a common phrase that my family says and it happens to be in the bathroom area. The bathroom is very clean and an enjoyable place to be. The staff were wonderful and helped my girlfriend and I while we were deciding on what to order. The cupcake that we shared was very delicious and it was vegan! I will be back when I'm in the city again!

Carolyn Lewelling

The ebony and ivory cupcake was delicious!!! Loved the cream cheese frosting.

Brittany Emerson

I hosted a small meet up here and we loved it. It's adorable inside, great for photos if it's not busy. The cupcakes are yummy and really big!

Andrew Peterson

Always fresh, incredible cupcakes. Happy people selling happy cupcakes.

Dusty Wyman

I love these cupcakes they are kinda pricey but I still get one every week.

Cam P.

Cupcake was ok but employee who was working was incredibly unfriendly, uninviting, and verging on rude. Asked her two questions upon my arrival in the store (one being asking her how she was doing) and she acted beyond bothered to have to answer. I didn't even want to ask about the cupckcup after that, so just chose one randomly. Would have loved to have a better experience but oh well

William McCurdy

Cassandra Merriman

This is a great place for vegan shoppers to find cupcakes premade and ready to go.

Kathleen Anderson

The best cupcakes by far! Their buttercream frosting has great taste and texture. Some of my favorite flavors are here comes the bride (almond flavored), mint to be, and the fat elvis (red velvet). Terrific service. Downtown location on Mass Ave is near subzero ice cream.

Joe Gramelspacher

Terrific cupcakes. A real treat for any special occasion.

N. M. Hayes

Ben Baroni

Austen Gray

Some of the most awesome cupcakes in the world. My favorite are the red velvet!

eve powell

Didn't have the items that were on the website which I specifically went there for. But we bought 4 cupcakes and the buttercream frosting on the cupcakes were hard not soft and creamy. The taste was ok, no great. The sugar cookie crumbled and the taste was just so so. Really for the price, I expected more. I can get better tasting cupcakes and frosted sugar cookies at Walmart for much cheaper. Very disappointed in this bakery. Really wanted to like it but was let down.

Jocelynn Sanders

Dana Tillett

This establishment has my business forever. Kristin at the Mass. Ave store went completely above and beyond for us on race weekend. Thank you sweetie!! The cake was an amazing Golden Snitch from Harry Potter. Worth every penny!!!

Kim Codd

Twice here from Cincy! We love the fresh and flavorful cupcakes!!!

Harpreet singh bajwa

Really cool place little gem ❤️

Raul Tovar

Best cupcake I've had. Ordered the Boston cream pie cupcake and it was moist and heavenly.

Trippy Levelled

Lyndsay Herbst

Erin Nichols

My experience at the Mass Ave Flying Cupcake yesterday was so embarrassingly awful, it felt like a Saturday Night Live skit. Alas, it was very real. I went in to purchase a couple of cupcakes around 1pm on December 19th and was shocked to find the case nearly empty. There were two full trays of two of their standard flavors, and a couple of lone cupcakes off by themselves, and that was IT. There was a woman in front of me, and we were both looking over our slim options while the young woman behind the counter just stood there. No greeting, no filling the case, I assumed what we saw was what we got. The other customer asked about a specific flavor and the employee said, "Yeah, I have it, but I can't put anything else out until I count it." I clarified that she did indeed have other flavors available to sell and she rolled her eyes and said, "Yeah, but I can't sell it until I count it." The other woman and I looked at each other and said, "Well...could you do that please? We'd like to see what else you have." The employee very obviously rolled her eyes and said, "I mean, I've just been really busy." At this point, I think any normal person would have seen that this young woman was not at all interested in selling us anything and walked out...but I am pregnant and was not going to leave there without a cupcake! Myself and the other customer looked at each other, shocked, again and said, "Um, we will wait if you could go ahead and do that please." The employee rolled her eyes again, let out a huge sigh, and said, "Alright." Then proceeded to slam trays around and sloppily fill the entire case with probably 6 or 7 flavors for about 5 minutes. Thankfully, she had exactly what I wanted, and I placed my order when she was done. I also asked her if she had a card for her manager. She said, and I quote, "Huh uh. Your total's $9.08." I asked her how I could speak to someone about my experience today and she said the only thing I could do would be to call the main number tomorrow, which would transfer me to the main office, and then I could be transferred to this store, and the manager might be in tomorrow. The whole experience was such a complete joke. 2 stars only because the cupcakes were very good. I certainly hope that someone of any importance reads this review, because I was genuinely embarrassed for your company yesterday.

CarlosKarla Delariva

They are by far the best cupcakes we have ever had!!!

Gazal Nagi

Tried the cupcakes while in Indianapolis and was disappointed. Wouldn’t go back, however the young lady who helped me out was very sweet and nice hence the 3 Stars. Taste gets 1 if that.


Gregrey Frye

Wow these cupcakes are really great. Gotten for my finance's birthday and they were a hit.

Daniel McLaughlin

Great cupcakes and great service!

Jaycee Kay

Unicorn Reborn

I've had cakes made here for years and they are always spectacular! I have celiac disease, so they are very accommodating with their gluten free options. Their cake designers are absolutely talented. Every year, we throw some ridiculous theme at them and let them figure out the details on their own. From monster uterus to Lisa Frank, they have never disappointed me. This year I had them design a cake for my husband's birthday and it looks amazing as usual. Thanks guys!

Madeleine Post

Chris York

Harold Turner

Nothing bad to ever say about this place. Always fresh and tasty with excellent customer service.

Chris Dixon


Super delicious cupcakes. Kind of expensive but great for a treat.

Elizabeth M

My husband and I knew we wanted cupcakes for our wedding reception, rather than the traditional cake. I researched other cupcake companies in the area, but in the end going with The Flying Cupcake was a no brainer! Their cupcakes are so delicious, their prices are totally fair, and their customer service is wonderful! At your tasting, you'll get to taste as many cupcakes as you want and get some to take home (yum). We got a small 4" cake to place atop our cupcake tier, and they decorated that without any extra charge. They were also super easy to work with for day-of pick up (you can pick-up from any of the bakeries). You won't be disappointed in going with them!

Patty Campbell

The best cupcakes I have ever had

Sarah Beth Pugh

Best cupcakes ever! Staff is always kind and helpful, very clean and artistic environment. You can't go wrong here!!

K Key

Awful. Husband and I stopped in around 3pm on a Saturday after strolling around downtown. When we walked in, we were not greeted or acknowledged, and there were only 2 other customers eating their cupcakes. Walked up to the counter, said hi to the girl behind the counter and she continued to look at us without speaking. I made my selection (gluten free lemon) and my husband made his. $10 for 2 cupcakes, I'll let that slide. We weren't thanked or anything, she just took our money, boxed them up and sent us on our way. We sat down to eat, and I only needed one bite to make up my mind. I've had some bad gluten free cupcakes, but this was the worst. The cake was dry, the icing tasted like plastic, and overall it left a funny taste in my mouth. My husbands experience was similar. He only finished half. Again, no thanks for stopping in, have a good day. Nothing. $10 wasted on poor service, poor selection, and poor product.

erika tucker

Cutest cupcake shop ever

F Sykes

Nice people working there and a good selection of different flavored cupcakes.

Jake Hand

Best damn cupcake I've ever had. Awesome service too!

Melissa Gonzalez

Kids love The Flying Cupcake. Parents love the gluten free and vegan options.

Tainara Dias

Dannie G

It's pretty expensive, but I always go when I'm downtown! Amazing cupcakes!

Steve Cuevas

Chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting. What can it say!

Diane Brow

The choices were good, but not all flavors come in the standard size cupcake, or the jumbo cupcake. Got a half dozen, mixed, but not all were fresh. Taste was good & and the service was very good.

Michele Grif

Nice quaint spot....nicely decorated!! Lots of whimsical old-fashioned decor which was very cute. The cupcakes are good... different flavors to choose from. Not a huge selection, but it's not a huge it works for where they are. There is no price list, so we weren't sure how much the cupcakes were until she added up the bill. We were able to sit down and taste the cupcakes.. it was kind of hard choosing a favorite, but we definitely had some 1st & 2nd place ties. I would visit again if I were in town visiting.

Moises Corona

Gina Lisak

Chelsie Gaffney

I have celiac disease so when I find a place that does gf cupcakes I get pretty excited. The price was pretty steep for a fairly small cupcake. The texture was mealy and it just crumbled. Five to ten years ago I would have understood but gf baking has come quite a long way. If you're going to charge extra for a "premium" cupcake, I want to walk away feeling like it was worth my money. Not so much here.

Shannan Schmitt

I called out of state to place an order for delivery for my friend who is recovering from surgery. Customer service is top notch. Can’t wait to visit Indy as I’ll be hitting up the shop as soon as I get there. Also the choice of flavors is crazy good! I got Ugly Christmas Sweater and You’ll shoot your eye out! Tis the season!

Brandon Chitwood

Better than Sprinkles

mackenzie King

Joseph Halvorson

S Zucco

Chase P

Delicious cupcakes.

Sunshine Oakley

Sarah G

A great place to stop for a treat! I recommend the Koo Koo for Coconut, it was delicious.

Carla Jackson

I love the fact that have vegan cupcakes that were really good.

Prapti Parab

Justin Miller

great help in a pinch

Michelle Hastings

Before today I would give a 5 Star. Always had warm friendly service and moist delicious cupcakes. Flying Cupcake is my go to for every birthday. Today the service was just ok and the cupcakes were really dry. I will not give up on you Flying Cupcake!

Spirit Soul and Body Wellness

Eryn M

I had a cupcake that was gluten-free in pretty decent but I went to go try to visit them during their hours of operations they were not open

Ashley Michael

So I’ve went on 3 separate occasions and each time the cupcakes are always so dry and taste like they were made the other day.. I gave them the benefit of a doubt but after 3 times it seems like a trend

Jami Sayeed

Jireha D

Red velvet cupcake with chocolate pieces omg soooo good "Red Velvet Elvis"

Aaron Jones

Michelle G

Marci Ball

Service was fast and friendly, and I loved my cupcakes. The blueberry cream cheese was my favorite!

Riz M

Nice interior. I love their red velvet here. Very big cupcake.

Ken Groen

Best cupcakes in Indy

Sandy Gonzales

We pay a good price for these cupcakes. Not sure if anyone else has noticed. But they are getting smaller and the price on some cupcakes are nearly $4. Hate when a small buiness starts to cheat their valued customers. I've nevermind paying the higher price, but cheating is no longer acceptable for this customer

c0ntr4ct ki11er

Brian C

Good cupcakes. I usually get them from their food truck by the med center on Thursdays.

Chill smith

Cupcake was great the atmosphere not the friendliest

Elisabeth Solchik

Kimberly Dreyer

Nice indie vibe and helpful customer service. Cupcakes are amazing too. Great variety but need to get there early or they sell out

Jennifer Johnson

Only thing is... if you're not familiar with downtown.. dont expect to see a sign.. there isnt one. The parking is horrible on a Friday. Had 2 walk several blocks with 2 dozen cupcakes or pay $15 for parking.. due to an event.

Marcus Cabell

Sarah Hulet


Wonderful cupcakes and cookies. I love the chocolate cupcake with caramel filling.

Daman Drake

Bought a variety of cupcakes for our daughters birthday's and had to go back 2 weeks later for a 2nd helping. Everything was great. The only thing I would change is the Red Velvet Cupcakes have 2-many chocolate chips in them.

Maggie Cowan

Great customer service. Flavors are all great. They have a nice selection of savory and gluten free cupcakes as well.

Lesli Tester

We were visiting the Mass Ave location today. The cupcakes were good, but the customer service was saddening. We did not receive a hello or any sort or acknowledgment and had to wait at the counter for quite some time before the girl behind the counter acknowledged us being there. I understand people have bad days, but your customers should always come first.

Brandy Wood

Ok. Here's the scoop. Velvet elvis is moist and giant. Icing is amaze balls but rich. Also love the vegan chai. I'm an omnivore but credit where credit is due... the chai is dense and flavorful. I also get the coconut from time to time. It's worth it too.

Amber Davis

I would live here if I could. I love the very shabby chic eclectic decor. I've also never had a bad cupcake here. From the simple to the crazy they are all a fun experience. If you're like me and don't necessarily have a huge sweet tooth, get one to share.


Rob W

This place has amazing cupcakes. I've tried quite a few of their offerings, and haven't been let down yet. The prices are what you would expect for good, quality cupcakes. If you want cheap ones, go to Kroger. If you want good ones, get them here.

Brett Jaynes

Nicholas Rush

Ned Funnell

Decent selection of cupcakes.

Beverly Leonard

Nicole Edwards

Delicious and moist from first to last bite. I should have ordered a dozen! I love the chocolate and the lemon cupcake. Friendly service too.

Joy K Williamson

Sherrell Simmons

Art Lovaa

Beautiful selection. And very delicious!

Karen Steuerwald

Usually very good. Not sure what was going on this day. Chocolate Birthday cupcakes were stale and we threw 1/2 of them away. Based on past purchases, they are worth another try.

Nicki S

Kanti Crain

My daughter's favorite stop for a snack

Edgar Perez

Andrea Washington

I love the black bottom cheesecake cupcakes, but they rarely have them

Cam Melton

Awesome cupcakes! Some of the best I've ever had. I've liked every cupcake I've tried from there.

Monica Peavie

Um, it is no longer at this location....

Dani Scanlan

Best cupcakes ever!!! Although when trying to place an order on Postmates it is a HUGE headache. They rotate their flavors regularly, but they don't say this on the app. So it becomes a game of phone tag just to place an order.

Brooke McMillin

Michael Ventura

Corinne Herndon

Cupcakes were great! That is the ONLY reason it gets two stars. The service was the WORST I have ever received, the girl at the front dint say hello or goodbye, rolled her eyes when me and the guy I was with tried to talk to her. When she started putting them in boxes, I told her we were going to eat there, she sighed, rolled her eyes, and reluctantly gave them to us. Directly after that she pulled out her phone and sat down as we paid. Like I said cupcakes were fantastic like every other time I've gone, service could use some work.

Anita Hernandez

two thumbs up

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