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REVIEWS OF Rise'n Roll Bakery & Deli IN Indiana

Jakob Dodd

Rise'n Roll donuts are possibly the greatest thing ever to grace a human pallette. The powdered cinnamon sugar pull-apart style donut holes are so good it's not even fair.

Maya McCorkle

So happy one of my co-workers told me to stop by while traveling in the area. I had their famous donut and wish I would have purchased more than one. Very cute deli and welcoming staff!

Jeremiah Chism

Ugh. This place is should be illegal. The donuts are actually addicting. The staff are always friendly. The food is amazing. The parking is convenient. Go here. Spend all your money. Really.

James Zhang

Nice local Amish bakery and market. They are known for their cinnamon caramel donuts, appropriately named 'Amish crack'. Very addicting and usually have samples out for you to try. Aside from that, they have a host of other foods and goods celebrating Amish culture. You'll have to stop yourself from loading up your basket with everything you see.


Best donuts ever! No wonder people refer to them as Amish crack, you can't eat just one! Take these to work and they disappear quickly, everyone loves them.

Raymond Martens

Good place to buy goods

Mickey Mostoller

Always so good! My first stop when I come to town!

Tresea Pigg

The best bakery ever! My new favorite donuts!

Julio Oswaldo Perez

First time going today and they have the most caring and wonderful working employees. Answered all questions, got the Cinnamon donuts which are the absolute best! :-)

junior munoz

The original donuts with the cinnamon powder were amazing... First time in there... you cant just buy 6, you must take the 12pack.. you wont regret it ...

Erin Dantzman

We love this place! At least once a week we stop by and pick up dounuts. They are consistently amazing, not just good and the people that work there are friendly and helpful.

Mark Young

Donuts are excellent. Little pricey. $9 for half a dozen.

Tina Emerick

Donuts melt in your mouth

Ben Shuh

Was in town for work and my company had cinnamon donuts from here as our morning snack. They were so good that I had to find this place and get some before I left, to bring them home to the family. Store was neat and clean, service was great. Had a wide selection of Amish style food, donuts and pies. But if you go I highly recommend those donuts!

Rumbi Msipa

They have amazing food

ken martsolf

Best donuts ever!


Can't wait to try the donuts we just bought here. I've heard that they are awesome. Bright, clean, and very friendly and helpful staff.

Ross Yoder

As a Yoder.. And having some experience with the Amish cuisine.. This bakery is a godsend. Cinnamon rolls are phenomenal and they have MONSTER COOKIES!! my grandmother used to make these when I was a child. It is home baked recipes like these and cooking at home with my mom growing up that inspired me to become a chef. Keep up the GREAT work! Yummy

Dash Jeffreys

As we all know by now, Rise'n Roll is incredible! They have coffee. And creamer. But this area lack's a COFFEE HOUSE! Such as the excellent Main Street Roasters in Nappanee. Why not combine the two and make two exceptional "must haves" in one location?!?


After my daughter had eaten almost her whole doughnut, I noticed something on the side. I pulled it off and it was an insect leg. Stuck in the glaze! I felt sick that I had let my daughter eat the doughnut, and we threw out the rest. I will never return. Disgusting.

k s

This place gets me in trouble with my macros haha

Mickey Roberts

Gotta live thre Amish Crack!

Fran Meier

I knew there was something different by the weight of the bag holding 3 creme filled bismarks. There was 'tons' of creme filling. It was tasty too.

Jacob M

some of the best doughnuts you can find, the cinnamon caramel ones are life changing

Hannah Wilson

The best donuts I’ve ever had!

Angela Decker

The Raspberry Apple Jelly and the Carmel cinnamon rolls were fluffy with a lot of tasty filling...sinful. I was hoping for more pastry choices, like Almond Bear Claws, but the choices they have are tasty.

Marcel Gaida

Their cinnamon doughnuts are pure heaven. I could easily eat a box of 6 on my own. If you get the chance to try it - do so! You won't regret it. I would give 6 stars if I could! They don't call it "Amish crack" for nothing.

JD Snyder

Amazing and delicious

Erin Kolasinski

Their donuts and the chocolate covered pecan crunch are amazing. I definitely recommend them!

Robert Beduhn

Really good doughnuts!

jim payte

What can I say except yes please... Yummy sweets... If you like fresh doughnuts then you must try this place.... If you've never been here then you must try this place...

Deena Murphy

Amish crack is amazing

rob ferrin

The donuts at this place should be outlawed. They are so good!!

ben tackett

Really good donuts

adrian vermeire

More than donuts.....way more. Very impressed, stop here everytime im in town.

Robin Wolkiewicz

To much surgery no none sweet options even though it says and deli

Karen Livingston

The very best coffee lots of good sweets

kim weaver

Lots of nice samples, but they are all over the store and not necessarily by the product they are set out for, so walk around and look for samples then make your choices. Based on the sample selection, you can't go wrong. I ended up buying mostly individual things to sample with my group, the only exception was a loaf of "sausage roll " bead ($12.99 a loaf, totally worth it!). Something for everyone literally, they even have a gluten free section.

Mary Loriot

Great smells, great taste testing, wonderful staff, love Rise'n roll!!

Shannon Pecoraro

OMG the donuts here and the home made chocolate tofee candy is to die for.

Lyn Cheramie

I bought donuts to take to the office and make everybody happy

Bill Strong

Great baked goods as well as other great products

Bernadine Van

Excellent food! I first experienced some of their delicious items when they visited Advocate South Subrban Hospital,Hazel Crest,IL. I look forward to their monthly visit and so does my family.

Rod Fetters

Fast and friendly service. Wide selection. Donuts and so much more!

Candace Rivero

Amish bakery items along with pies and bread

Brad McLeish

Huge donuts, and really good coffee. The donuts are tied for the best ever. They're commonly referred to as Amish crack. They have other things, but I just come here for the donuts.

Victoria Holt

Generous amount of filling, doughy and delicious, reasonable prices, great for doughnuts, cinnamon rolls or pies. So yummy. Friendly staff and free samples.

Starr Corbit

We loved all the try me stations we ended up buying most of what we tasted. Would have like to see more

Jessica Barfield

There cinnamon donuts are Amish crack

Jason Craft

We all know the delicious classic cinnamon doughnut, but they have other flavors too! I know that's a dumb response, but I didn't expect it on my first visit to their shop. I was overwhelmed with choices and got several doughnuts instead of the single one I went in there for. All were delicious.

Jennifer Davis

OMG!!! The donuts are heavenly, the atmosphere is friendly and makes you want to enjoy your coffee and donuts while hanging out with family and friends.

Jeanne Van Dusen

Delicious! The Amish do make tasty food! Donuts, pies, jams, jellies, brittle crunch, and more!

Terry Schollmeier

It's hard to beat the quality of baked goods at Rise'n Roll. Great friendly staff too!

Sheron Crudup

Donuts taste good but very pricey

Donna Murray

Good selection and friendly service.

ginny Cripe

Omg everything I have tried from here has been anazing!!!! Good treats

Dustin Fritz

It's yummy...

Ursula Mcfarland

You haven't lived until you try this place. It's not just donuts. Must try

Kevin George

The baked goods are to die for. There is a lot of empty shelf space, and the displays are sparse. People in Mishawaka haven't discovered how good their products are.

Gerald Huntington

I felt that the service could have been a little better. The donuts were definitely great and everyone enjoyed them. Since elkhart opened its store, I will definitely try them out.

Tammy Kelderman

Very nice and helpful staff. Let us know where all the samples were told us what the specials were and what they are famous for. Great place


YUM!!! the coffee is amazing too

Solley-Mead Family

Amazingly good donuts


Very good donuts! Amish Crack.

charles artist

Very good donuts and other pastries and food items.

Craig W

The cinnamon doughnuts are amazing but you need to eat them outside in a strong breeze to avoid getting sugar all over you.

Brandon Johnson

Amazing bakery goods, especially the caramel cinnamon donuts! The other donuts are also delicious, but I was disappointed by the cappuccino I received. It was clearly an "instant" mix and it had terrible flavor. For such a nice bakery, it would be nice to see the addition of "real" espresso and coffee options to complement things.

Joshua Santos

Friendly staff, everyone in the area loves this place.

Lynette Schuck

Excellent service and outstanding product! These are really yummy pastries and Amish delights abound in this pleasant establishment. The best service I've found are the early morning staff that really make you feel welcome and happy to spend your money for a good product. If you can ignore non -welcoming looks from the staff that work after the morning group , which I do cause the food is so yummy, then you'll enjoy your visit here. That aside, this is a very good place for morning pastries and pies later.

Louie Beehler

Amish crack donuts are the greatest


So delicious... but CONSTANTLY picked over, needs to adjust production to meet demand.

Ann c

Good selection, clean, everything I've tasted was amazing

Richard Sawyer

Love there donuts.

Tricia Walker

Thank you for your response. The reason for my rating of 3 stars, "it's only okay", was mostly due to pulling up to the location where both signs advertise Rise'n Roll Bakery & Deli. This was my first time visiting this location and found it quite disappointing to take my guests in only to be told it is no longer a deli and hasn't been for over a year. Online as well as both signs at the location have yet to be altered. Plus it had a stark cafeteria feel, with employees that weren't aware of their stock (no idea what pies they carried, and which may be seasonal). Unfortunately, the 3 of us got back in our vehicle and chose another location for lunch. I do love their donuts though, so I couldn't resist grabbing a dozen before we left.

Ryan Phelps

Cinnamon rolls are so good. There isn't a baked good I've tried that I didn't like. Doughnuts are yeast and very good.

Matthew Latza

Good donuts with reasonable prices.

Melinda Maefield

Excited about the gluten free egg noodles I have been looking for for over a year!

Stephen Kennedy

lots of good tasting treats friendly staff

Tamara Pressler

Most amazing donuts and fresh baked goods. A little pricey but worth every penny and we make it a family treat!

James McNett

Really good donuts & cookies !

Amy Lambuth

Very good food at a very affordable cost. They had a huge variety of Amish style pastries and also numerous different things like noodles, coffee, and jam. By far the best bakery I have been to in the South Bend/ Mishawaka area

Emily Van De Voorde

The staff is very friendly and helpful. The donuts are yummy too!

Audrey Wood

Probably just had the best muffin I ever had in my life. They have a complimentary cup of coffee with your bake goods or you can buy a larger cup. Great selection of amazing Amish goods, like pickled veggies of all kinds and great cheeses. The place is devided in two sections. A little store and an eating area. I would come early for the best

Mike Mitchell

Best donuts and pies in the area

Alyssa Robinson

This place has goodies everywhere ♡

K'Nicole 123

Everything is fresh. They always have a few samples out to taste..some items are a bit pricey but for the's worth it. Once things are "day old" they are usually marked 30% off, sometimes 50% after two days.

Jeremy Whetstone

I really like stopping in at Rise'n Roll. The bathrooms are always clean and the store is kept up well. It is always fun to try their new donuts. They also sell pies and other little snack items.

Juno B. Anthonee

I don't normally eat donuts. I had two of these cream filled, cinnamon donuts in a 2 hour period. I was so full I couldn't move and I got that kind of sleepy you get after Thanksgiving dinner and passed out for the night. It's the next day and I still feel full.

Sabrina Thayer

Great Donuts, cozy atmosphere. The deli has been converted into a bakery case for the donuts, but I'm not complaining!

Deb Sailor

Very friendly staff at the Mishawaka location.

Sheree Van Ausdal

Always friendly and delicious. Try their home canned soups and sauces , jams and jellies. Um um!

Brandon Fozo

Super friendly. Amazing Doughnuts

Emilie Hancock

Great selection of homemade Amish food. There is also a service counter to order doughnuts or ice cream and a small seating area. Friendly staff and clean establishment.

Tim Parrish

Best bakery around here...EASILY

Benjamin Mullen

The new owner came in and fired my favorite employee, Al after a 5 minute conversation with him. He was never late and showed kindess and friendship to customers. He was part time and it was his only job. They lost my business.

James Curtis

Great doughnuts. The ones covered in cinnamon are the best and the ones filled with Apple filling are great too. The habenero pickles are good too. I have also had the peaches and jellies. All are good.

Dean Rumsey bakery that I encountered in South Bend area. Skip your hotels cheap frozen pastries and treat yourself to some great donuts served by very nice staff. Close to several hotels and easy to access parking lot. Very reasonably prices also.

Alyssa Howell

Best doughnuts in town!

Dylan Davison

Amazing donuts. Bavarian cream is incredibly good. Not too sweet

Sasha Padilla

Rise and roll has the best donuts I’ve ever tasted! Their cinnamon caramel donuts are to die for. They literally melt in your mouth. I go there on the semi-regular basis (Mishawaka location) and the staff is always friendly, helpful, and welcoming. I’ve never had a waiting problem at all.

robert hoyle

Donuts are amazing. The Bavarian cream donut is by far my favorite.

Jeremias Manny

I was totally caught off guard by unbelievable flavor; perfect texture! So awesome..You wont be disappointed, guaranteed!

Michele Lentner Maxwell

Food and atmosphere are great! The caramel cinnamon donuts/donut holes are a must buy!!

David Livingston

Delicious donuts , a little pricey

Vickie Bryan

Disappointed that they don't serve lunch anymore. Great food.. hard to get in and out onto Grape road.

Margie Midday

Wide selection of Amish foods. Delicious!

Joseph Jones

Love this place, returned a second day to take some back home with me. Very clean and great staff.

Renee Tyler

Love the caramel cinnamon donut holes

Martha Search

This is a Amish Bakery and I would recommend that everyone would give it a try. They offer specials and tasty bake goods.

Mark Hurtt

Best donuts ever but they raised the price and lowered the amount they give you.

zak wright

My wife insisted that we stop at Rise'n Roll on our drive from Pennsylvania. I was a little sceptical since it added a descent amount of time to our drive.... But. Out was it worth it!!! These donuts are AMAZING!!! Fluffy and chewy, but not doughy. They are COMPLETELY covered in cinnamon sugar, so make sure you have plenty of napkins when you eat them! This is definitely a place to stop in South Bend if you are there or just passing through.

Jesse Wu

My wife and I are huge donut fans. Whenever we travel, we find local donut shops en route. The cinnamon caramel (aka Amish Crack) and caramel with bavarian filling are among the best we've ever had. Great customer service and free small coffee to boot. Highly recommended!

Cetric Koller

Yum cinnamon Carmel donuts do it! Very clean and friendly worth it!

Tamela Samuels

Yummy. Pricey

Clayton Hopper

They have wide selection of donuts, cookies and other desert items you get. This place is the best place to go for donuts in the area. My favorite thing on the menu is there ice cream filled donuts.

Patti Felty

Great donuts

The Buda

Best doughnuts in town

Ethan Fletcher

Of course the donuts here are amazing. Everyone has always been friendly!

Chris Rogers

Very nice clerks variety of items

Becca aka Red

Always so delicious! The cookies and breads are amazing, always fresh. The cookies are soft and have high quality ingredients.

Toni Bayless

Absolutely delicious peanut butter and butter.

Hamad Almutairi

I loved their donuts. It’s the best ever.

Gary Welch

Great for doughnuts and other treats

Martina Ruiz

Love there donuts

Lindsay Marquette

The donuts are delicious!

Michael Sciba

Uh..can you say one of the most mouth watering pastry shops EVER?!! Very polite and respectful "all the staff," just an absolute wonderful place for a quick delicious doughnut!! Or many other pastries that you can choose from!!

Rebecca Conley

Of course the donuts are OUTSTANDING

Jason marks

Very good... Great food friendly staff

John Perry

No words necessary!

Brenda Pittenger

Favorite place to stop! MMMMMMM!

Sherri Cox

Great customer service and good large donuts for a reasonable price.

Dinodill1 CS

Best fundraising product for elementary students etc., best donuts in Mishawaks, IN.

Michael Waldron

Peach pie tasted factory-made.


Very delicious doughnuts. The very best!

Matt Clapper

Great doughnut shop. Offers coffee, and other baked goods. Awesome people work there. Fair prices for what you get. Delicious deserts.

Mala Gandhi

Biggest and best donots ever. Very fresh. Nice workers. Very friendly

Debbie Evanoff

Donuts = Amish crack! So soft and delicious!!

Chester House

Love this plaxe

Jennifer Mann

Best donuts ever!!!

Thunder Cheeks

Good for my feels, bad for my diet. Delicious.

Kendra Fike-Neary

Amazing food & great friendly service too

Dorie Shinholt

Excellent customer service and food!

Tawnie Pike

This is a local bakery and deli with a fantastic selection of items. They have great regular and polish doughnuts.

Angela Balderas

I purchased from Rise and Roll on the past, when I spent $45.00, I received 3 punches on my frequent buyer card. Today, I purchased the same and the elderly woman told me she could not give me three punches for the $45.00, I had spent. She said it is for any purchase over $15.00 per visit. I hadn't read the small print on the card. I will be sure to limit my purchase to $15.00.

Louise Filip

Always go there when we are in town great donuts and service

Peter Mykrantz

Nice atmosphere and food.

Lori Carney

Yummy donuts, there great Christmas gift ideas.

McKinnies Party of 5

Delicious donuts, they even do an ice cream filled donut

Amy Jaye

Everytime I go I stock up on jellies and canned goods like pickles everything there is yummy

Joel Gregory

Do not EVER think you know what a good donut tastes like until you have eaten at this AMAZING BAKERY!!!! The Amish have PERFECTED the art of pastry. These are wondrous creations and each bite is like getting a glimpse into heaven...its for real that good.

Charlene Johnson

Their donuts are better than Duncan donuts

Alma Carlsen

They have some of the freshest doughnuts anywhere. And everything is so clean. Always enjoy my visit.

Cathy Courtney

They have the best cinnamon caramel doughnuts you will ever taste! You just can't eat one!

Penny Krug

Apple fritters at Farmers Market we’re so dry that we threw them out. Not edible. I thought they were baked daily. Obviously not the ones I bought.

angela Benke

I just started working here. The BEST place to work! It is under new management. They are amazing people! Thank you for such a great place to work.

Vince Barletto

Great donuts. Really enjoy going there. I feel like the little cafe is missing something.

Brandy Forsythe

Omg I love this place! Pecan pie was amazing!

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