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2568 Walton Blvd, Warsaw, IN 46582, United States

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REVIEWS OF Rise'N Roll Bakery IN Indiana

Kimberly Kelley

Always always always delicious! I've bought them for others but never tried them. Finally my mom and I treated ourselves and good lort were they amazing!

Cindy Koogler

Bought donuts for the staff to celebrate national donut day. Not only was I pleasantly surprised with a free donut, but they we super friendly and fast considering the line that awaited them at opening. Great service and even better donuts!

Cno Eway

Very good, almost perfect donuts. They don't skimp on the way they fill or top them. My preferences is a little less on heavy powder sugars, but kids love them! Good size donuts that aren't all fluff and air. Not the easiest to get out of the parking area turning left, out of lot on a busy weekend day across traffic, but well worth it to make an occasional stop in.

Alec Hinesley

Had a lemon and lime filled doughnut, it was exquisite.

Nick Crook

Is there better? It honestly comes down to what you want from a bakery. Trust your gut and get one of everything you see at Rise'n Roll.

Michael Sausaman

Great selection and very nice staff.

Lindy Eversole

Best donuts ever

Britt Winchester

All of the food was incredible, the place was very clean, and the customer service was great. The caramel powdered sugar donuts were insanely good. Great variety of food options, fast service. Perfect experience.

Matt Oplinger

Both the donuts and coffee were delicious. Staff was very friendly.

No Bull

I was just passing through when I stopped here. I came out thinking they have a really nice take on the pastry business.

Jason O'Connell

I have one word for this place: Amish Crack, and wow!! is it good! I mean, yes, it's really good! This is what a yeast donut should taste like!

Mandy Kratzer

The cinnamon carmel donuts are the best!!!

Patti Jason

Addison Witt

A bit overrated. This place doesn’t bake their own donuts. They are shipped in from another facility, which takes away from the freshness of the taste. They’re good, but not good enough to come rushing back anytime soon. They do have free small coffee with any purchase, which is awesome.

Vicki Hightshue

These are the best donuts ever

Sandra Bennett

Even though it was less than an hour before closing, there was still a good selection, and bakery items were fresh and delicious as usual. Staff was very friendly and helpful.

NamesPolicy SubmitAppeal

The donuts here are amazing, but it's a small bakery that sometimes adheres to their own wants and needs when it comes to restocking foods that may have recently sold out or closing a little early at times.

Yvonne Spillers


Kamariyae Henderson

First time trying so good

Zack Byers

Amish crack donuts are so good! I’m always asked to bring them home to Michigan for friends and family

Melissa Cost

Best donuts ever! Free coffee with purchase. Also, they have a small dining room to sit down for breakfast and lunch.

Patricia Richards

Donuts are amazing! Kid friendly environment. One of the few places feel comfortable taking my toddler. They also have a deli and sell other packaged food such as jams etc. Definitely have my business :)

Holley Doucette

The carmel powdered donuts are SO delicious and very reasonably priced. The rest of their donuts are delicious too. I was also surprised how smooth their regular coffee is. As an out of towner, this was definitely worth the drop in.

Bluegrass 44

Brenda Wright

Busy but employees take time for you. The donuts are indescribable, so delicious

jeff jones

Great owners and staff

Kim Whitenight

Don't go anywhere else for doughnuts or their baked goods, they are simply the best!

Jon Fedorowicz

The best donuts in the world and a free small cup of coffee. What more can you ask for!

Laura Tate

Great donuts!!! A must try!!!

Matthew K. Hartman

My wife and I make it a point to visit this place if we're in Fort Wayne early enough. If you go in the afternoon, there really isn't much to choose from. But that's a testament to how great the donuts are here. They sell out pretty quickly. Highly recommend.

Kyle Leavitt

Best cinnamon rolls in the Midwest or East coast.

Robert Eldridge

Breakfast was delicious! Service is always great.

Sara Kissell

Lauren Lantz

Camella Werling


Tina Morgan

mayra galicia

Best donuts ever ! The sandwiches are delicious as well ! Workers are great !

jeremy miller

Go to a orchard get some cider, come here get some cinnimon sugar donuts. Dunk donut in cider. Eat and enjoy life.

Spencer Stites

Amish crack is to die for. Try it out, worth the calories.

Mark Bowers

Best Donuts ever!!!

Peter Wolff

The classic carmel powered sugar donut is amazing. A few of the others seem too sweet.


Honestly this location is rather miss most times. If you can go north to any other location you should. The donuts elsewhere always seem better at the locations north. Also the lack of the free cup of coffee to enjoy your donut like they do at the locations north of Warsaw adds to reasons I’d rather drive to Nappanee or other locations over this one. The staff are sweet and personable. However something is missing on the products here and just isn’t the same quality or experience.

sarah brown

Best donuts in Northeast Indiana! Light and fluffy with just the right amount of sweet..... Gotta try the Bavarian filled cinnamon caramel!

Hannah Diller

I mean, it's not called Amish crack for nothing.

Olivia Martin

A remote location from the Middlebury store. Donuts are still delicious and addicting. The store can get very busy and does run out of specific donuts from time to time. Workers are always friendly and helpful.

Lana Scherer

Amazing pastries that will impress your guests when hosting a brunch. They accept orders for pies, which is recommended if you prefer a specific pie, especially near the holidays.

Cynthia Schrage

Everything they make is so delicious. Wonderful donuts! Great selection of traditional Amish jams, jellies, and preserves, with many interesting new flavors to tempt the more sophisticated palate. The only place I know of in the region that has Lebanon balogna.


Jason Miller

best Amish crack around

Saul Favela

These are the best doughnuts I tasted in my life, and one of the all good things I remember from Indiana. Hope someday you can open branches in other states like Texas or maybe in Mexico, we don't know, but you can compete easily with Dunkin donuts or Krispy Kreme. Good prices, excellent service, great flavor, variety of cakes and doughnuts, clean premises. Thanks!!!

Gwenda Gard

Fantastic baked good

Alexis Broyles

Just what you'd expect from an Amish bakery!! Or maybe more than you'd expect. Amazing food and breakfast choices and also I can't forget to mention the Carmel cinnamon doughnuts!!!! My family calls them crack doughnuts they are so addicting!! Must go!

Jonathan Kelevra

One of the best bakery in town

Andrew Huizenga

Always delicious

Brad Yates

Johnny Gonsalez

Mcsentra jdm

Great stuff. Very friendly staff. But overpriced compared to other bakeries. Good location.

Christian Rivera

Nice donuts! Free coffee ftw!

Carolyn Schultz

Wonderful and reasonably priced.

Jo ANNA Kogin

Staff really didn't know much about anything the sloppy joe was cold and didn't teast to good told the 2 young ladies they said ok and walked away. Asked if they would heat it up the just walked away

Donn Hussey

It would be easy to eat yourself fat here. Everything is amazing, you can't go wrong.

Jill Wack

Sara Ensign

The best donuts ever.

Denny Macias


Ryan Getts

What can you say! The confections here are the best! The cinnamon doughnut holes are addictive!

Scott Longnecker

Ti Leit702

Love rise'n roll.. Support local business!

Matt Harmless

Absolutely fabulous doughnuts!

Charles Frisinger

Excellent service, friendly personnel.

Ann K

Everytime I go to Rise'n Roll the service is EXCELLENT! Food is AWESOME! Highly recommend the Cinnamon Caramel Donut! You will not be disappointed if you visit!

Dylan Schauwecker

Best Amish bakery in Ft. Wayne, great bakes goods and deli


Vanessa Uribe

My family and I have tried some of your donuts and muffins, and they are really delicious. You also have a good variety of deli products at reasonable prices. The place is very clean and has a cozy atmosphere. My bad review goes for a detail in the service: your "courtesy" coffee. I've tried the "paid" coffee and the "courtesy" coffee, and frankly I'm disappointed. Although both taste like dirt, the taste is not the reason for my bad review (after all you are not a coffee shop). My heartfelt suggestion is that if you are going to offer something as free, you should strive to serve it at least in clean cups. I can ignore the taste of coffee, but the fact that your "courtesy" coffee is served in dirty cups makes me feel bad, I feel it as a lack of respect and as an act of contempt, I can even feel it as something personal.

Caleb Farley

Honestly, the best donuts I have ever had. Literally drive hours to get them. Worth it.

Clarence Payne

One of my fav's, always fresh and always delicious.

Dustin Whitaker

Brandon Harmon

Staff is very friendly! Donuts are so good! Came for one, walked out with a six pack. Opens at 6:30am not 7am, so go early! Tried to get a photo, but the sign didn't want to be taken.

Bob Purdy

Great! The staff are pleasant and helpful. Food is amazing. They offered me a free cup of coffee!!

Incognito Vortex

Best doughnuts in the tri state area hands down. Reasonable prices and very friendly staff.

Karen Bartley

Amy Claeys

Donuts are unbeatable

William Lehn

Awesome donuts

Mike Alejado

Lucas Falk

What's not to love about donuts. These were really good, and their location is pretty spot on. I'm also a fan of Tom's donuts, but that's clear in the center of town. They give you free coffee when you order, nuf said.

Betsy Anders

The best donuts and amazing cinnamon rolls. Our family fell in love with these donuts when they started in Middlebury. So glad there are local locations now. Great coffee and nice seating for an afternoon coffee date or donut date with the little ones!

Marlena Joslyn

Donuts are delicious and always fresh!

Terry Wood

Giant doughnuts

Pamela Anderson

I love these donuts. They just melt in your mouth

Debra Sorg

friendly service, wonderful fresh donuts & Rolls! Free Senior Coffee. My Grandchildren love it too!

Rena Baldwin

AMAZING donuts! And great food as well. Very reasonable prices and friendly service. Wish there was one near me

Darrell Lummer

Their caramel cinnamon donuts are absolutely amazing. But I also really like the crunch delight, which is, in my opinion, even better.

chantelle sessa

Fresh donuts made daily

Ryan Caudill

Long Line On Saturday Morning but well with the wait Awesome Doughnuts !!!

Josh Padgett

Best donuts in town! Stop in for that. Stay for breakfast and lunch. Take home cinnamon rolls, sausage rolls, etc!

theepicweird guy

I really love this place! The donuts are superb and I so many different flavors! Whenever my grandma visits, this is a need to stop for her. The only downside is that you have to get up early, other wise there will be no more donuts! (ok maybe that’s not a downside!)

charles artist

Donuts taste great and better than some other places and they stay moist longer .


Connie Seipel

Great quality. Everything I bought was very , very good. Donuts are huge ! Not as many choices as I had thought there would be. Not super ' high-end ' but definitely higher than local grocery store bakery. Not sure I will be a ' regular ' but definitely will go there when I want to treat myself to a big, yummy , cream donut !

Jose Dominguez

If you only go to one bakery in Fort Wayne, then visit this one. The donuts melt in your mouth.

Unmarked White Van

Great local donuts. Easy 10

Reaghan Fletcher

Ashley S

Good treats, trendy store, store was VERY busy, but the staff were still friendly and helpful!


You should expect the best donuts in town because you're going to get them. Good luck trying to drive home with them you might as well just sit at the restaurant and eat them

Melissa Joker

Stopped for coffee and a few rolls

Steph Puckett

Seth Keck

Mary Baughman McCoy

So far above the rest. The Best doesn't seem good enuf. Must try 2 with coffee. cinnamon crunch is number 1.

Gerald Green

Best donuts anywhere

Kim Hartman

Our favorite bakery....lots of other goodies there too...go before noon though! :-)

Alan Fodrey

It's hard to put into words just how delicious Rise'n Roll donuts are. It's like taking a bite out of your hopes and dreams and filling your mouth with gladness and joy. Warning, this will ruin other donut shops for you. Also, pretty sure you risk lapsing into a sugar coma with every donut... so pace yourself.

McKell Clyde

It’s a good thing I don’t live super close to Rise N Roll or else I would need to be buying bigger clothes. Amish Crack is a real addiction

Ryan McGilvrey

Incredible donuts and breads. Can't be beat.

Mistie Comerford

Absolutely the best baked goods and home made jams and jellies. Always, always polite, courteous, and willing to make the customers happy. I absolutely love this place.

Madelynn Ford

Redline Racer

Good donuts, real fresh and tasty! The coffee is good too.

Nancy Weaver

Billy Highfill

Great amish baking!

Mich CimmSang

Sam Pressler

Brian Stringer

Goodbye ketosis. You will be missed for the next 48 hours. But not much.

brian waltse

Amazing place, awesome donuts

melissa ramsey

Probably one best donuts I've had. Super fresh.

Christopher Hale

Best donuts around

Amanda Swangin

Three words- Cinnamon Caramel Donutholes. Just trust me.

Anna Magner

Nice donuts! I appreciate the free coffee.

Jen Joy

One donut from here needs to be on everyone's buckets list.

Ann Varatharaj

Best donuts I've ever had.

Studio 13 Nail Salon

OMG!!sinfully delicious! !

Leigh Laws

Picture is worth 1,000 words!

Tammy Hegwood

Best donuts in town and always so fresh.

Anne Duff

Gloria Berger

Some of the best doughnuts ever.

Alisha Lowe

Their specialty is donuts, but there are all kinds of baked goods, jams, etc. Really enjoyed the jelly-filled and Bavarian cream filled donuts. They have multiple flavors of Bavarian cream. Yum! Store was very clean, and the employees were nice.

Truman Brough

Most definitely as good as they say. No reason to go anywhere else for a doughnut.

Austin Powell

Very friendly staff members, especially Alyssa at the counter. She answered some questions I had. Pie and cookies were a big hit.

Adolfo Palacios

Mmm good donuts

Esther Anderson

This was my first time eating here and really enjoyed it. My husband I went with another couple and our two kids under 2 years old. Nice atmosphere, friendly staff, amazing food! Will definitely return! I personally recommend the Khao Pad Goon Chaing (Thai Sausage Fried Rice).

Mary Alice Crutchfield

If your wanting cake donuts this place isn't for you. Not a big fan of yeast donuts. The free black coffee was awful. My friend said, "That's why it's free!" Lol. Nicely arranged and clean!

Manal Saeed

Cinnamon caramel donuts are my crack!! Love the donuts! I get requests from Canada to bring these back for my family!!

Julie Patton

Rise'n Roll Bakery is a great spot to get the best pastry and s free coffee to go with if you want to stay and consume mass quantity of donuts and sweets. They also have a super collection of jellies, jams and butters that provide gift ideas for family and friends that have everything they need. Soup mixes and breads popcorns of several variations. They also have other gift items. Great smiles when you go into the shop. And warm thankyous as you leave.

Kris Terrell

Get ready to blow your diet with the best donuts and goodies!

Kdfjoker Kdfjoker

Amish crack it's the most addicting donuts in the whole world

Chrissy Baggett

Best bakery ever

Christian Lemus

I write this review as a visitor from Florida on business, and this was a reccomendation to me I'm passing forward. Getting the apple cinnamon donut is an absolute must. Not too spiced, not too sweet, but deliciously moist. And the sandwiches? Delicious. Finally, free small coffee. Staff is kind.

James Curtis

The carmel glazed donuts covered with powdered cinnamon are to die for. Love the jars of jellies. They even have some no sugar added jellies. Jars of pickles, etc. I have also had some of their sandwiches fresh made and they are good also. Worth the trip.

Brandon Reed

Great donuts, pies and bread! Pumpkin bars are wonderful! Nice staff!

Atalka Underwood

Food was delicious. Service was superb. Friendly environment. Very comfortable and enjoyable.

Stew Ruckman

Honestly they have really good doughnuts but I must confess. I haven't been back since they discontinued their fried pies ( just like Hostess pies from the grocery store only a thousand times better) The store manager told me to write an email and complain because so many people were complaining about it as well, so I did but they never responded. So I've not been back. They have other baked goods and breads and jams, most everything I've tried I liked. So I'll give them a fair to good review but please bring back the fried pies Me and Mrs. Disenroll!

Jim Armstrong

You just have to try the Lemon Marmalade and the Blueberry Jam. Awesome!!

Olivia Vasquez

Love Fresh breads....the donuts are the bomb !!

Amanda Hagerty

Barbara Deckard

Sugar Free Apple Butter is scrumptious!

Tabatha L Harris

They have wonderful

Michele Williams

Amish crack! Delicious donuts and price comparable to other donut shops!!


Cassandra Meck

Didn't have any of their famous cinnamon caramel doughnuts available then when I asked to get a shake instead she told me they didn't have ANY ice cream either. It was all around a wasted trip with some rude service. : /

Jerry Dinger

We LOVE Rise n Roll Bakery

Steve Norton

Awesome customer service and the donuts are out of this world

Daisy Mae

Amazing donuts!!

Holly Neher

Loved donut in town

Natasha Mitchell

Best doughnuts in town! Once you have rise and roll you wont want anyone elses doughnuts. There doughnuts are so good it's hard to have 1 favorite. They also have lunch and sandwich options too.

Marilyn Marschand

The cinnamon caramel donut holes at the best I love going in this store. I always buy a lot more than what I go in there for. Their coconut cream pie is to die for everyone loved it. They always offer you a free cup of coffee and when I went in to buy another one they gave it to me I have company from out of state and they couldn't believe the taste of everything I bought. Rise and Roll Bakery is one of my favorite stores.

Seldom Sabel

A lot of homemade jams and other assortments and foods.

James Hoover

Great if your tastebuds are weak.

Cami Wakley

Love it here



amy mclemore

It has awsome donuts, pies, pastries, jellies, and so much more along this line. I got a coconut cream pie for mother in law. She loved it.

Van Tilburg

Kick Awesome Pseudo-Amish place. Doughnuts, served food, deli, staff all top notch.

yuvedhan j

Ryan Manns

Best Doughnuts I've ever had in my life by far!!! There doughnuts are insane.. So addictive I couldn't stop eating them HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Della Pollock

I love rose and rolls the mocha frappe was delicious it's better than star bucks

Misty George

Love the cinnamon caramel donuts. But then again all of there stuff is amazing

Lawn Man82

Gale Buckhannah

Delicious and the staff have been pleasant and kind every time I've gone there. Keep doing what you're doing and I'm sure you'll be our go-to for donuts for many years to come! :)

millissa reber

Rose Whitworth Whitworth


Janet Passey

Deliciousness prevailed!!

Gerald Lambert

Love the Amish crack donuts. The staff are very nice and friendly. Rise’ n Roll is always on places to stop when Warsaw and Middlebury.

Nunya Beezwax

The donuts and sticky roils are legendary.


Great service. Great product. Love this place!

Gearld Green

Best donuts ever

Whitney White

They are always nice, and almost always have what we want :D

Hans Griepentrog

R. Ackley

A tiny bit overrated but overall still good. Some of the donuts are super delicious, others average. Same with the baked goods. I feel like they are pretty pricey compared to other bakeries that have superior product.

Amanda Branning

They have amazing donuts and great lunch.

Rachel Slucki

Danielle Vaccaro

Everything is good here!! However, you MUST try the "Amish Crack". Imo, the donut holes are sufficient. I can only eat one, maybe two of those because they are so sweet. I couldn't imagine eating an entire donut. Their lunches are delicious, as well. So excited for them to be opening another one out north!

Reggie Moore

Some of the best donuts you will ever have!

Kevin Odor

Hmmmm donuts!! The best donut you will ever have..hint though .. Go early they sell out quick and even if its for just little ole you..get a dozen ..its Amish crack

Joel Keane

Great doughnuts with friendly service. A must try.

Carol Spears

Wonderful food great service.

Kortney Bennett

Fresh bakery. Good selection of donuts.

Jordan SAsaS

Holly McAfee

Decadent rolls and donuts. Can't beat the taste! Friendly servers. Free coffee. Worth the drive.

Tiffy H.

Their yelp was incorrect on stuff. Which is the reason I went in there, they gotten rude towards me, because I asked them about said particular item and the young adult staff have a nasty attitude.

Addam Vanover

If you want to die happily go ahead and treat yourself to a masterful artisan donut. This is where Donuts meet art.

Nourah Abdul

Great donuts

Tamika Adams

Best donuts ever! We call them crack donuts, because they are extremely addictive! Even better than a warm Krispy Kreme donut

Samuel Harmless

Kimberly Maxwell

Love the food

James Torres

Donuts are not baked fresh at the store.

Josh Kennedy

If you come here you have to get the cinnamon donuts. Literally melt in your mouth. Nicknamed "Amish Crack."

Ben Wilson

Literally the best donuts I have ever eaten in my life! The staff is friendly and helpful! Really like the store as well.

Amber Martin

Andy Lockridge

April Eberly

Justin Matthews

I stopped into this place when I was in the area visiting a customer. The donuts were great! Had to order some to go to bring home to the kids.

Lisa Rector

Jorge Gonzalez

Everything is very fresh. Try the cheesecake and their latte.

Angela McDonald

Everything here is amazing! Not just the doughnuts but EV-ER-Y-THING!

Elizabeth Swager

The food is delicious. I’m a big doughnut fan and they make them in a spectacular fashion. The staff is always friendly when I go in and if I get food for my co workers they help me find a good selection for them to chose from. (I just like plain glazed ones, but coworkers might like different ones and the staff is so helpful!!) wish I could come by more often.

Donna Russell

A wonderful place to go with homemade everything and the best chicken salad I've ever had. The staff is warm, knowledgeable and friendly. Baked goods or soup and sandwiches. You'll find what you want here.

Caleb Darr

The cinnamon powdered Donuts are amazing and I cannot buy enough for all of my friends back at college!

Whitney Carson

These are the best donuts I've ever had... And I've had a lot of donuts! I highly recommend them. Stop in and see for yourself!

John Mason

Everything is delicious. The lunch items are a must try! I enjoyed a turkey bacon wrap with ranch and a cup of potato bacon soup. I have had many of their donuts as well. They offer frappe's and coffee as well. I had a mango smoothie.

Ethan Neher

A secret spot to grab lunch. The food is delectable, balancing between bold tastes and easy on the wallet prices. Service is fast, especially for *hand made* sandwiches. Options are a little unconventional, but always worth exploring something new. And if you have room for desert, you can always pick up a doughnut.

Jess Rapp

Easily the best in fort wayne! Possibly the best donuts I've ever eaten. Never a disappointment.

Ginger Dani

Fantastic little donut shop! Everything was so delicious, the store was meat and tidy, and the staff was really nice!

Kelly Neely

This place is deadly for diets.. Lol! Love the maple glazed so much

Larry Reed

Their donuts are so good!

Jay Cuellar

Best doughnuts ever

Emily Jones

Their donuts are just AMAZING!!

Linda Harding

Wonderful friendly pleasant. Very clean. Very interesting and bright.

Jennifer Nicole

Best stuff ever. Seriously. Nothing better.

Rose Abbott

Was starving! Wanted a donut, decided to order from the al la cart menu, 2 hot dogs. 1 was shriveled like tales from the crypt ole lady finger. The other nice n plump but tasted like ole lady finger dipped in ketchup n mustard. Never again!

Poochie Craft

Brooke Todd

Nom. The best donuts in Indiana.

Amy Underwood

Best bakery around!

Brent Knutson

I got the rise and roll king sub, the cinnamon Carmel donut, white powdered donut, and 2 large coffees. The service was quick and friendly, and the food was very good. Prices are reasonable as well. I recommend this place for brunch or breakfast!

Greg Underwood

Michael White

Good Donuts .

Hailey Salary

Best donuts ever!!!

Stee Weaver

They have the best donuts. They offered me free coffee. This place is heaven.

Donna Martinez

Cinnamon rolls were very good, but need more cinnamon.

Joe Gruber

K Burger

Shante Smith

Best donuts in town

Chad Twombly

Awesome donuts. This store is a little different and that is for the better. Better coffee, attractive decor and great vibe. You will want to stay and enjoy your coffee and a donut at a table. They have pies too, whattt!!!

Andrew Scriven

Try it and you'll discover why locals frequently refer to it as "Amish Crack" – their donuts are absolutely addicting! Rise'n Roll Bakery's donuts have made it onto the World Bucket List of the Top 5 Donuts you have to try before you die. There are a few locations in the Midwest, most in Fort Wayne, IN. Being an Amish bakery, their always-from-scratch philosophy renders some of the most delectable donuts and pastries you've ever tried. King of them all is their Cinnamon Caramel donut, and it reigns supreme! Grab a dozen box and prepare for your eyes roll to the back of your head. They are unforgettable! Pro tip: skip their coffee, I've had better coffee on airplanes than Rise'n Roll's. Stop in nearby Mocha Lounge to grab some Java for a perfect pairing to your donuts.

Janet Wooten

The best donuts and baked goods on the planet, period!

Amira Siddiqui

Keith Lantz


Good golly miss molly you've got to.try these donuts. Located in a strip of businesses with a shared parking lot. Prices are good and the donuts are exceptional. They serve food along with dry goods. Staff is excellent. Place is very clean but small very limited seating for lunch.

Michael Tome

The staff was very friendly and implacable in knowing their products. Boughts some to take home and will try them then but the looked amazing

Jeff Roush

Great food and very friendly workers

penny groves

Chad Burgh

Jessalynn Smith

Great pastries, and ok coffee.

Beau Adkins

Cherry Doughnut. That's all I'm saying.

Sharon Johnson

The best

Stefanie Grennek

Great donuts, very unhappy server. The spiced chai is coffee based, which is very unusual, and the server seemed to think I should have known that before ordering. Will have to try other area bakeries to see if donuts that are just as good can be paired with better service.

melanie Eller

Karen Kritzman

These donuts are unbelievably good. They literally melt in your mouth.

Jeff Feldman


Absolutely amazing donuts that melt in your mouth. We call the cinnamon caramel our crack donuts.

dreama lozier

Love everything about this bakery.

Mike C

For a first visit, it was just ok. The donut was good and fresh but the cinnamon roll tasted a day old. They had a "discount" section, which all items were days and weeks passed expiration and only 30% off. I'll certainly check out the other locations.

Marta Hawkins

An awesome bakery!! Donuts are like no others - soft, light and so delicious!

Michelle Butts

Best Frappe!

Elise Yoder

Amazing donuts and food. You can't beat the service either!

Susan Fowler

Fabulous people and the best donuts ever.

tori bell

The best donuts in Fort Wayne. Everybody loves the cinnamon caramel powdered donuts, but all of their donuts are phenomenal!!!

Lori RN

WAYYY TOO MUCH SUGAR!!! T funny If you like heavy powdered sugar on top of heavy sugary caramel, on top of heavy sugary glaze on top of an extremely overly-sweetened yeast doughnut, then this is your place. However, I prefer to taste a yeast doughnut with one of those toppings. This place is overkill in my personal opinion. :( Very disappointed.

Dana Kreft

Good donuts

Matt Wilcox

Absolutely the best donuts ever!

Darrell Guerin

There so good we call them crack doughnuts

Stephen Stuber

Best sticky buns in the Fort.

Pranesh ram

Shori Gerardot

This bakery / deli is a prime example of what a classic kitchen should be. Their donuts are extremely delicious, while having a great variety as well as seasonal donut specials. Their signature Dona is the cinnamon caramel powdered donut. This donut is so popular that unless you arrive early, or call in and have them hold a dozen for you oh, you will have to buy their Frozen dozens. The Frozen dozens only require that you sent them out for a few hours to completely thaw before enjoying just as delicious a donut. This shop also offers other baked goods, jams and preservatives, and deli meats as well as a few frozen food items. The price is extremely reasonable, and well worth it. There is a reason why their donuts are infamously called " Crack donuts" and are widely recognized around the entire city.

Map Cat

Sarah Frey

The donuts were amazing. Best I've had in quite some time. Also has pies and a wide variety of jams, jellies, relishes, salsas, and more. Definitely worth a stop!

Danielle Miller

Friendly staff. Awesome donuts. Free coffee.

Alyssa m.

Amazing donuts! Some may say it's overpriced but you get the quality you pay for. They also gave me a free little coffee on my way out. I will definitely go back.

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