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6524 Cornell Ave B, Indianapolis, IN 46220, United States

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REVIEWS OF Rene's Bakery Inc IN Indiana

Lydia Jay

We had bought three flavors of croissants, and they were all amazing. The vanilla one in the paper cup, and the almond croissant in particular were delicious.


Yum. That's all.

Joshua Wanner


Soooo good!

Jess Frayer

Jae Chung

Betsy Hoover

Tristan Bourne-Nisson

Best croissants I've had since Paris.

Nick Amann

Susan Nesbitt

Best bakery I've encountered in over 25 years! Love everything about them. What a find.

Sarah Kempel

Myles Wagner

OLD FOOD BEING SOLD. It looks very good, but after bringing it home and trying it.... i had to spit it out. They apparently have custom orders which might be good if your calling in before hand, but the ready made stuff is just YUCK!

Tim C

A Hodges

Michelle Mullen

Steven Holloway

Bought a cake..BEST EVER!

Lisa Berryman

Love the fruit tarts

Cristiana Hentea

Andrew Moore

Always fresh baked, and delicious. Cramped but cozy to go

John Thakidiyel

Epic cakes and very very friendly staff

Erica Boorom

Fresh pastries everyday, they're delicious

Paul Cassutt

salha alahmari

Sharron Manassa

We buy a gross of assorted cookies every year for family reunion, and every year all of the cookies disappear. They have them boxed up ready for us, baked fresh, and they put them in the car with a smile; and then the whole family goes away with the cookies one or two or five at a time. And I keep expecting to take a dozen home with us, but it never happens.

Kevin Perry

Nice employee and delicious treats

Shuyu Guo

My fav bakery in Uptown:)

Andrew Coomer

Wonderful macaroons and chocolate croissants.

Rebecca Townsend

More excellence per square inch than anyone in Indy! One of my absolute treasures in life!

Hunter G

Awesome small town bakery where all of their breads and pastries are freshly made each morning. Tasty Blueberry muffins and warm brioche bread. Careful when visiting this shop because you might want to buy one of everything!

Sharon Crooke

This is a treasure for Broad Ripple and Indpls. Excellent pastries and baked goods. I purchased a loaf of bread for a house warming gift. During all the construction there is plenty of parking. Just be clever and park at the bakery or nearby. You will be glad you did.

Bryan Haro

Just found out about this place a little over a month. It’s one of the best bakeries I’ve ever been to and the croissants are amazing.

Tony Wozniak


harold parker

Dorothy Wilkins

Lovely bakery. The almond croissants and raisin swirls are very good. Not cheap, but that's a good thing because everything is so delicious.

Joyce Lee

Awesome baked goods and bread. Love to get their raspberry or strawberry danishes and chocolate croissants. They also do cakes on order and were very accommodating when I needed it on a day they weren't usually open (I ordered a week ahead of time). They're wonderful and friendly, and the place smells delicious when you walk in.

Pete Horv

Napoleon Maminta

Robert Anderson

Good place to pop in and get a croissant or danish to carry around, and a baguette or brioche to bring home. No inside seating, though.

William Morrison

My family goes regularly to Renee's. Best bakery in Indy.

Ward Drennan

james anderson

Wes Weber

Friendly staff and amazing pastries!

Annie Schuster

Erik Johnson

Delicious bakery products. Yum!

Tony Fleming

Everything here is delicious. Seriously. I haven't had anything bad. My favorites are the ham and cheese croissant and the ginger molasses cookies.

Susan Haber

Rene and Ana were so helpful—made Jared’s grad party easy for us to host. Gracias, Ana! Merci, René

Tracey Edwards

Trying macaroons for the first time. Delicious

Tatyana Fedorikhina

Love this place. Clearly it is very popular. On Sunday, there is a line out the door. This week the blueberry pie was wonderful.

Matt Good

Ihssan El Haouari

A best little French bakery I have seen here in Indy.

Brian McQueen

Love this bakery! We had their dinner rolls for Thanksgiving and Christmas - they were crowd pleasingly great! Through the week we like the pumpkin bread, and banana walnut bread served at the Monon Coffee Company. We also stop in the bakery for the cinnamon rolls. The rolls are sweet but not overdone. They blast you with great cinnamon flavor and not with sugar. The texture is a nice flakey dough that you can hold in you hand, peel apart and let melt in your mouth. This is on my 'top Indiana business list.' Make it a stop on your list as well!

James Page

Desi Pearson

Alex Groh

Pete Anderson

I've been visiting Rene's several times a month for the last several years. Only problem I've ever had is navigating through all of the delicious choices. Everything I've ever eaten here has been fantastic.

Robert Riley

Sharon Lauray

Awesome! Try the Vanilla Sugar Rolls..superb!

Jennifer Vincent

Jacob Darling

Simply amazing!

Chris Lee

I think this place is the one and only French bakery in the city. I went to France about 10 years ago. Whenever I go to this place, it brings back my wonderful memories. I love this place.

Michael Maddox

Burton Fisher

Fantastic baked products. And the staff is amazingly friendly.

Ashley Tucker

They made me a customized cake with just a couple of hours notice for a last minute surprise party I was having that night and let me come back after hours to pick it up. It was beautifully decorated and all of the guests devoured it before I could get a photo. And might I add that we had this amazing cake and experience for half of what we would have paid at CakeBake. I paid ahead of time and I'm still kicking myself weeks later for not tipping more than 20%. I work at a salon just around the corner and I hope all my refferals make up for it!

brittany tinney

Went for Maccron day and they had a large selection of Maccrons and they were so fresh and good ! Will try again !

Irene Slivka

Ana Rosales

Cakes, breads, cookies, french macarons and more much more!

Jacob Williams

My son loves the macaroons! Everything is good here.

Kelly King

Rene's is the BEST bakery in Broadripple!!! An, the people that work there are extremely nice and kind!!

Tammie Hardrick

Macaron Madness day in Indy. This is stop 2 with so many choices. For me it was passion fruit yum! The breads here look amazing! Adorable bakery with friendly and cheerful staff in a wonderful setting. We will be back!

Diana Bahena

This is one of the best bakeries in the Midwest, and I am from Chicago so I have a tall list to compare it to!! Every piece tastes as good as it is pretty! We stumbled upon this cute bakery while exploring Broad Ripple and am sooo glad we did!!

Kevin Anderson

John Jackson III

David & Irma Duque

It feels like a bakery back at home! Awesome

Matt Hanger

Jane Spiegelberg

Do you sell salt rising bread?

Jessica Pearson

I was told about this shop by a friend. When I made my first trip I didn't think I was at the right place. It's super small but I must tell you, looks are deceiving. Although it is small and not the prettiest, they have amazing treats! I had previously went to the bakery down the street from them called cake bake, and although that bakery had the glitz and glam, their prices were extremely high and their pastries weren't the best. Especially when they charge $3.50 for a little macaroon. Renee's has a wide variety of baked goods and priced very reasonabley. I am now addicted to their macaroons and am now a regular customer!!

Matthew Ashley

Vast selection. Incredible flavors. Fair prices.

Erin Wigger

What a cute bakery! The macarons are delicious! The breads look amazing!!

Alex Wash

Great bakery. Best eclairs I've found in Indy so far, but are not always on available, if you see them, try one. Other selection is great as well, from breads and buns, to cookies, cakes, pies and Macarons.

David Frederick

Best bakery in town. Especially for French style baguettes and croissants.

Brian Stanley

Though only open on the weekend, fantastic pastries! Perfect place to cancel out that Monon workout!

Joshua Abrams

Great service and even better food items!

Chris Corr

Nathan Traylor

Best bakery in Indy. My wife, son, and I love this place. We bring all our friends here for excellent sweet treats!

Olivia Trevino

Edward Johnson

Staff is friendly. Love the raisin bread and macaroons!!

Osvaldo Zamora

Carey Cseszko

LOVE Rene's! Rene studied overseas and his pastries, croissants and baguettes are the closest I to being in France have found in Indy. Rene himself is charming and enthusiastic to tell you all about everything he makes. And you will almost always meet him when you go to the shop for a purchase. Get there early though to get the best selection!

Quintin Coppola

Rene's Bakery is another gem to add to your list of places in the Indianapolis area. The only other bakery in Indy that holds a candle to this place is Amelia's off of Virginia Ave. I purchased a few different items to sample...especially to compare against of the baselines I developed while living in France. In this review I'll cover the lemon meringue tart, the croissant pan au raisin, apple cinnamon scone, and the raspberry-chocolate macaron (not pictured). First off, the macaron. Light with a slight chewy texture and a filling that tasted like raspberries and dark chocolate. Not too sweet, flavor profiles were balanced, and the filling was a bit more generous than what you'll find at Ladurée but it wasn't overfilled. I'll have to try more. The lemon meringue tart is up next. First, let me say, I'm not much a meringue fan. In fact, I would have bought this without it, if it was an option. But I will say this, the meringue was on point...not too sweet, which is usually why I have them in the first place. The tart's crust was firm, as it should be, and had its own buttery richness. The lemon that was the star!!! A natural lemon taste that was slightly sweet, yet still retained its zip of tartness and acid. I can't stress how hard it is to find a balanced lemon tart/bar in the states. This is the first one I can say I'm pleased with since my time in France. Now on to the croissant pan au raisin. Buttery, rich, a touch of raisin, a touch of rum?, and a light glaze. All of the flavors worked together to balance eachither out. Now, I came at the end of the it wasn't as fresh as it could be. By that point it was a bit dry and not as flaky as I would have liked. However, I'm certain that if I had warmed it up, it would have been much better. I guess that means I need to make an early morning run to verify. Last up is the apple cinnamon scone. There was a touch of apple, a touch of cinnamon, and again the richness of the butter coming through. In general, I think scones need some sort moisture to accompany them...jam and the like. This scone was not dry by any fact, I think if they were pulled out any earlier they wouldn't have been slightly under baked; now that's some skill. I could imagine this being slightly warm and being served with butter or in a dish of cream...mmmm, makes my mouth drool. Overall, I'll say this place is a must visit while in the Indy. Bravo, there is some true talent here. Keep up the great work, you've made yourself a new customer.

Harsh Parikh

It was good experience to have fresh macaroons. Not best but if you crave for macaroons, this is the place. it's small place but nice variety of macaroons, cakes and other bakery items.

Joan Jang

Isaiah Sloss

This place is had amazingly pasteries. I went 2 weekends in a row for those scones and croissants. My fiancee loved it

Cecy Medina

Best carrot cake I have ever had!!!! Pastries are AMAZING!

Marion Pele

Rector Suarez

Whitney Thompson

Oh my goodness. Had no idea this was here and am so thankful I know now. Such a great greeting, the baguette was the best I've ever had, as was everything else. Can't wait to go back.

Emily Fitzharris

We had my sister's wedding cake made here and it was incredible! Rene is so nice and the cake was exactly what we wanted. We also orders 2 dozen of their breakfast pastries for our wedding brunch and they were to die for. This place is amazing! If you like macaroons, you absolutely need to get some from here. Everything they make is so amazing and they have different pastries depending on what fruit is in season. Stop by and pick up something when you get the chance, you definitely won't regret it


Wendy Smith

Jesse Deavers

Great Macarons, breads, pastries & cakes

Adam Binder

Fantastic! Delicious croissants and cinnamon rolls! Can't wait to go back and try the other wonderful items!

Jim Zeiger

#1 in Indy. Absolutely the best croissants I’ve ever had. A must visit! As locals we went nearly every weekend. The fresh loafs of bread are delicious.

Matt Zappasodi

Ham/cheese, almond croissants are amazing. Friendly, tasty, and smells to die for. Thanks for being there for our family fix!

cassandra titus

Excellent baked goods!

Amber Janson

Lela Adams

I have never tried anything here that I didn't enjoy eating.

Isaac Williams

Patti Lacey

They have a variety on their menu that changes. They have the best desserts for a treat for yourself or others or for special occasions. They now carry challah bread.

Michael McCully

Stacey Coles

Rachel Lesniowski

Amazing, just wish it was open on more days.

Patrick Murphy

Exceptional quality, we always stop in when we're in Indy... It's a must try spot.

Amy Lurker

Everything here is delicious. You can't go wrong no matter what you choose.

Allison Moos

Rene and Albert make the most wonderful treats I have ever had. I highly recommend them for all your baking needs!

Ruth Black

Same great goodness!

jenny gaha

Love this place best pastries in town.

Jem Holden

Alex Opell

Quaint little bakery. great experience

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