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REVIEWS OF Nothing Bundt Cakes IN Indiana

Operation Clan

Robin was fantastic! I called and requested a last minute delivery for my uncle who just got out of the hospital. Even though they do not have a delivery driver on Fridays, Robin offered to make the delivery herself! That is customer service at its best. My uncle was thrilled with the delicious cakes and I highly recommend their personalized service. Next time I am in Louisville, you will be my first stop.

aumia a

How can you go wrong with a cake shop? Always delicious. They usually have a featured flavor with plenty of samples ready to eat. My favorite is the red velvet and chocolate chip. If you join the coupon list, you will get a free birthday bundlet and free bundlets throughout the year (I have gotten 3 so far since they opened).

Drew Adams

Great service as always, great people, and great cake.

lynn manning

I showed up to pick up my order that I thought I had ordered online something went wrong when I was searching for my confirmation I realized I never got a confirmation email. No fear they jumped to it put the birthday cake together real quick that was exactly like I wanted and saved the day in 10 minutes I was extremely grateful !! The cakes look and taste great ♡

Karen Carp

These cakes are amazing! So moist and delicious, and the icing is perfect and not overly sweet. And there's more cake than icing, which is right. Lemon and Chocolate Chocolate Chip are my favorites. They also have Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookie. Careful - they're addictive!

Geri Ellis

My favorite location in all of Lafayette! Perfect gift for every occasion! Elegantly packaged and better than any cake I've ever had!

Deion Sanders

Shucks Walker

Maggie Lou

We happened to show up to the store about 20 minutes after it had closed. The manager was inside and was kind enough to let us in and get our bundlet cakes for us. He was extremely welcoming and made us feel like valued customers, and we were inspired to buy more cakes than we had planned on buying. The cakes, of course, were delicious. I would definitely recommend going if just for the great service

Nida Khawaja

This place is phenomenal!! The cakes are delicious. There are a variety of different flavors. The cakes are moist and true to taste of their flavors. My favorite ones are the red velvet, lemon and double chocolate chip. I've had the white chocolate raspberry which was amazing scrumptious. There is the perfect amount or cream cheese frosting on it. The store is super clean and they always have samples for their flavors. Staff is friendly and helpful!! Highly recommend this place

Peace Maker

Created by God


Lisa Carter

I had a friend over for lunch and she brought two of the mini cakes ,cinnamon and red velvet OMG the most moist and best tasting cakes ever. I don't know which one was the best. Both wonderful. I will be a customer!!!!!

Tess Carlson

michelle cook

Romane Wesley

Eddie Freeman

Cathy Schlegel

Amazing cake, great service. The have "bundtlets" that are the size of a large cupcake and are priced right. Perfect for a little treat!

Special 31 Hall

Cakes or the best

Tamara Anthony

Bryan Wall

Got 2 dozen bundtinis instead of a birthday cake and ordered all 9 normal flavors and even their flavor of the month. Every single cake was amazing. Service was fast and courteous. Side note-even two days later they are still moist and full of flavor! Strongly recommend this bakery

Josh May

Love the gluten free bundt cakes.

Candy Monay

Always good cake.

Becca Steinmeier

Bianca Delaglio

Tim Garrett

This place is amazing. Very highly recommended

Morgan Perry

My favorite!!

Craig Augenstein

Wow! How moist is that chocolate chocolate chip bundt! Love it! And my boss loved it too!!



Love this place. Excellent customer service

Danielle Turnipseed

These cakes are really good! Just enough for a taste with the bundtinis, a big hit for a group. The shop is really nice, the samples were tasty, and the variety of the flavors suited everyone's tastes.

Sobia K

Really nice and creative

Anita Kniefel

Krystal Burks

These cakes are sooooooo dang good!!!!

jennifer howell

I love these cakes. They are the perfect size and soooo good

Jaclyn Bumm

Michelle Provenza

Very friendly and delicious cakes!

Marcus Thomas

Great cakes with Lovely workers!

Jonyshia Scruggs

Absolutely delicious!!!!

Kristen Rochocki

Christine Campbell

Yummy and a great variety of flavors and sizes of Bundt cakes including gluten free!

Joseph Meyn

Good service, always friendly and prompt service for group quantities.

Trice Taylor


Mimi D

Tasty sample cake when you enter, friendly staff, and their bundtlete carrot cakes are to die for. Yum!

Cindy Jones

Love this place! The lemon bundt is my favorite!

cynthia howard

Love this places first had them in San Carlos Carol. Now here in Shreveport. Will try all before I tell you my favorite


Brett Wiggins

These Bundt cakes were delivered straight from heaven! They are amazing everytime!

Nyeasha Miller

Lovely staff! I recommend the red velvet! So delicious!

De Ann Gregory

Great cakes,and great service

Brandie Brown

I ordered a dozen of the buntini's for my dad's birthday. I ordered 4 carrot cake, 4 lemon raspberry, and 4 red velvet. They were delicious. I will order from here time and time again.

Traci Moore

The cakes are absolutely delicious.

Amy DeHate

Quatangelia Gaines

Great service and the cakes are soooo delicious!!

Ava Byrne

I have never really been a fan of bundt cakes in the past, but I stopped by this store one day and fell in love! The cakes are so light and fluffy and the white chocolate raspberry is to die for!!!!

Alicia Duvall-Woodward

Zink 1985

It was really really good the time first I visited, but the past 3 months or so has been very disappointed in the quality of the cakes I have ordered. I will update this review if it improves. Thanks

Our Rentals

Susan Spears

Love this place

Christopher Nash

Picked up a cake for a friend. Very nice lady quickly helped. The cakes look great and the store is really nice.

Laura Whalen

The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. The cakes are absolutely delicious!!! A little on the expensive side.

Aleeda Nelson

This place is fantastic! The cakes are delicious!

Nathan Barrow

Love the white chocolate raspberry cake!

j paulley

The cakes are delicious but if you need a gluten free option; do NOT get their gluten free cake. My wife has had them twice and both times had a severe reaction which means it’s more than just a slight cross contamination.

Karen Henninger

Love this place

Iraina Briganty-Vidal

Just tried one for the first time and it was delicious. Thank you for coming by and giving us samples. That says a lot about your customer service also. We will definitely be stopping by for more.

Brieann Drake

Kathy Daughtry

The employees are the nicest, the bundt cakes divine, and the icing, pure joy! My only complaint is that there isn't one in Grenada, Mississippi.

Jacky Flair

Have had one gluten free cake for the past 2 years, and in one size. Horrible service, I ordered one for pickup the next day, showed up at the designated time, and was informed they had decided not to make any that day. They care nothing for those who cannot eat gluten. I only wish I could give zero stars. I am so sick of restaurants and bakeries serving ONE gluten free item and thinking it is enough for the population!

Corrie Miracle

I have never been here. I haven't ever heard or been to this place. So how can I write a review, you say? Because this masterpiece was gifted to me yesterday by people who I can now only refer to as doing the Lord's work. I didn't quite know what I was getting when they said, "this will change your life." I mean. It is cake. Can cake even do that? I put it on the passenger seat beside me and continued about my day not giving another thought to this so-called life changing bundt cake. At a stop light (because I am a giant walking sweet tooth and slightly impatient) I popped the lid on this bad boy and stuck a finger right into the creamy top part. As soon as the amazing creamy goodness touched my lips- the skies opened up with sunshine pouring down upon me and I swear I hit every green light on the way home with no traffic. I mean. It is just cake, riiight? What I am saying to you, that I know for a fact, is this bundt cake it nothing less than amazing. Can it be more than that? I don't know. You decide. I just presented the facts. What i do know is that you need to try it yourself. This place is doing the Lord's work and its followers are doing the good deeds of spreading its joy to others. Highly recommend this life changing bundt cake!

Valerie Plater Williams

The best cake I have ever eaten

Yvonne Schlichte

Everyone is soooooooo nice at the Eagan store. And the cakes are so look delicious.

Diane Borders

I recently received a White Chocolate Raspberry Bundtini as a gift.....came in 2 weeks later and ordered 10 for gifts. Was shocked that you had been here 1.5 years and i had not heard of you. They are so cute and delicious. Makes a great gift in a snowman bowl wrapped in cellophane and a ornament tied around the neck. ❤


Cute, clean & fun store. Great cakes...So many diet-busting choices. Friendly service. Clearly the owner is working hard and cares about the business.

Katie Rehbehn

Galina Goncharova

Chantille Williams

Rob Johnson

Jacqueline Washington

Cheron Broussard

Angie Baker

Love this place, great experience and xake was fabolous. Guest gave it raving reviews. Will be ordering from them in two weeks:-)

Ania Williams

Tina Weindel

First time here on a recommendation from a co-worker. I tried the Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bundtlet...super moist and delicious. Enough for two people.

Serena Townsend

Clayton Harris

Awesome cakes. Love it

Andrea Schnurr

Great customer service, easy ordering and the cakes are delicious! Perfect for kids or adults birthday partied. I have ordered for two birthday parties and a larger cake for an anniversary and they were all wonderful!

Lisah Sutton-Williams

First, the cakes are delicious! That is not in question. Here is my issue... I called prior to coming because I was coming from downtown and wanted the drive to be worth it. I asked if I could get a few bundtlets with light icing. The girl on the phone said yes. I inquired if I needed to order them or if I could just ask when I got there, and she said to just come in and ask, no problem. Upon arriving I ordered my bundlets And asked for light icing, she said no problem, but said it would be a few minutes. Great! A few minutes later another lady came out and told me I could have light icing one of them because all of my flavor had already been iced. Me-not happy. The only reason this is an issue is because I called ahead of time and asked this specific question and they told me it could be done. If they couldn't have done it, I would have sucked it up and probably would have come a different day, with no issue. Better communication with everyone in the store would be helpful.

Candice siegel

Jayson Walberg

Clancy Scraptasner

The cakes are okay, but the checkout was problematic. The staff needs training on how to operate the cash register. A cash transaction should take 20 seconds and a credit card transaction should be completed within 45 seconds.

Melisa Samuelson

Don't go here unless you don't mind getting addicted to cake! These Bundt cakes are like tiny presents from heaven. The Lemon Raspberry and Chocolate Chocolate are personal favorites. The staff is attentive from the second you walk in, but not in an annoying way. I keep finding excuses and "special occasions" to need another tiny bundtlet!

Laura Steinberg

Gwen Wilson

Conner Harper

Absolutely terrible cannot handle the service plus I swear they spit in my cake!

J Reynolds

Mr Me

Good cakes. A little expensive but good.

Leslie Germond

Rude people!! Will not be going back!

candice wilson

Always wanted to try. I’m glad I did

Ashley Ortiz

As usual, NBC did not disappoint. I ordered a tiered cake with an extra 8” cake for my wedding of 30 guests. The cake was delicious and it was delivered within the agreed upon timeframe. The staff at the shop knew the cake was for my wedding and that I was going to add flowers to the cake, so they made sure that any of the holes that needed to be in the cake for structural support were close to each other so that they could be covered by the fresh flowers. The cake was moist and delicious. All of the guests mentioned how good it was! I will continue to use NBC for all occasions.

Gina Napolitano

I have nothing but great things to say about this place!! Every single flavor is amazing, you can't go wrong with any of them! I go here for every occasion now. They also never, ever give you too little of icing-always a perfect amount or more! LOVE!

Valerie Coleman

Just had the red velvet and the classic vanilla, all I can say is WOW!!!! Very delicious and will return until I sample them all.

D. Reed

I absolutely love this establishment. The cakes are unspeakably scrumptious/ delicious. I have nothing but positive feedback about this location. The service is great and I love the idea of the different samples of cakes they have for you to try. I'm not sure what they use to keep the cakes so moist even after a couple of days from purchase but it's good and well worth the purchase. If you ever try it, you won't be disappointed each time I've gone it's always been a pleasant experience.

Rachel Hanna

Ordered 12 bundtinis in various flavors and they were really a hit. Will definitely be back when I need something quick and delicious. The young women working the st Matthews counter were helpful and pleasant.

Kayla Georgeff

Exceptional customer service and amazing product!

Tracy Westbrook

Great cake

Cory M.

Perfect 5 star service and quality red velvet cake!

Carmen Guthrie

Jennifer Sierra

Leslie valle

Staff is very friendly and the cakes omg the cakes I've never a cake so good. It is so moist and delicious.

Hannah Ladipo-Hameen

Love the place

nathaniel williams

Pam Ritchey

Angel Ortiz

always awesome

Kyle Johnson

Amazing bunt cakes!

Heather Lumbley

WOW just WOW! The most delicious cake I have ever eaten! So incredibly moist and the icing was to die for! Not to mention it was such a beautiful cake! White Chocolate Raspberry!!!!!

Joehesha Allen

Stephanie Stager

Great service and their bundt cakes are so good!

Joe Peterson

Everyone is very friendly here. They have all sorts of gift that you could purchase. Very knowledgeable of there product. And the Bundt cakes are delicious

Deb Gutzman

They are always moist, they look very fancy, and everyone loves them!!

Erik Pruden

It felt welcoming and the cake was to die for

Emerson Destin

Do you need a fresh, timely cake for the occasion; I suggest Nothing Bundt Cakes. The store is very cozy, and the reception is great. Try it out for yourself. They even have a free taste available including quick gifts like cups etc.. I love the refreshing environment and the kids love the cake.

Marilyn Boyd

Nancy Bitter

There is no Better place for cakes

Holly Cato


DJD Bumblebee

Icing is excellent!! Prices are a little high but they taste like nothing else and are always fresh! Plus you get a card that they punch with every purchase and after 12 you get one of the singles free! Wish they stayed open later because with it being on shelbyville rd it's hard to get there before they close. But the many different flavors will keep you coming back for more! The birthday cakes are beautuful and there is a catalogue to flip thru to pick out what suits your celevration needs! Awesome!!

Tony Street

josephine Gilman

I ordered a 10 inch lemon rasberry with a pink and yellow bow for a Hawaiin themed birthday party - it was a huge sucess - I will definitely repeat this, it was a great choice and the taste was amazing!!

Diana Borgia

Chelsey Medley

This store is pure sweetness! Dawn and the crew were welcoming and created a beautiful gift for my loved one. Thank you, Nothing Bundt Cakes Eagan!

Mistie Martin

Very lovely place.

Bruce Wynn

margaret gattas

That have the best cakes and the best service! Plus they always have awesome samples!

Curt Walker

Awula Naa Caro

lisa bonner

Joi Singleton

These cakes are AMAZING. They were selling them at Burnsville Center one day and I purchased 2. I will definitely be going to the store for more.

yolanda lawson

Christina Logsdon

Ashley Hemler

Andrea Hall

This location is poorly managed and I witnessed the front of the store staff with unclean hands making all of the cake decorations. They were making them in the front of the store where they were visible and it was young girls that were alternatingly ringing people up and just passing the time by making the decorations with their hands. Mind you these are the same decorations that go directly on the cake that is to be consumed. Also if you order a decorated cake they will not give you a box it just comes on a 10 cake holder with cellophane wrapped over top in which the cellophane will attach and stick to the icing and look very sloppy once you get it to your destination or the person intended

Impala Mertes

Lovely polite staff and exquisite cakes. Mouth-watering. I always stop by when I'm in the cities.

Jessica Amos

Today was my first time in this establishment. I must say the customer service is great. The cake was DIVINE!!! Will be going back.

Lennin Bvlgari

Excellent Place!

Danielle Stein

Lisa Brown

The best customer service and best cakes I've ever tasted in my life

Edna Drakes

Blayne Allen

marian moxley

I bought 1 dozen bundtinis and mixed the flavors myself!! Everyone loved them!! They are so moist and delicious!!!

Latanya Wilson

Love the greeting and samples!

Janie Wallace

Have had their bundtinis, bundtlets, and bundt cakes. All are moist and delicious. Service was very good. Pricey, but worth it.

tyerica rice

I love this place the cakes are always good and the staff is super friendly

Susan Bales

Went in with a free coupon, and yum! Lemon very good, as others say, light and fluffy, when bundts are usually very dry. I'll be back


Great little place, with great tasting cakes. I used a coupon and got some bundtlets, and between those and the samples they handed out, everything was delicious. They even have a frequent punch card for the mini bundt cakes if you are so inclined.

D Schultz

Meredith Harris

Twice I have ordered cakes from this location to be delivered- which is an extra charge of $20. Twice my cakes have not been delivered. The first time someone ended up having to pick up the cake...the second time they delivered it to the wrong address and didn't even call me or the person I sent it to. When I called and spoke to the manager, she admitted they had spelled the address wrong and delivered to the wrong address. Now the cake is being delivered five days after it was supposed to. Did she offer to refund my money? Nope. Not even my delivery charge. She just kept saying it was a mistake. I will never buy another cake from this location, nor do I suggest any one else does.

Christina Fox

We love Nothing Bundt Cakes. While I am not personally a fan of cream cheese icing, the staff never has a problem pulling one from the back for me with no icing. I love that you can even add your own personal touch when needed.

M Rachelle Tavora

Yummy Cakes......would love to came back for more!!!!

Laura Celis

Very good service. The counter girls are always personable. And of course the bundt are always soooo delicious.

Ben Dunaway

This place is my sweet treat. Best bundt cakes ever. Always fresh and very friendly service.

Susan Soule

Diane Archibald


Lica Sarkar


Some great cakes here! I recommend the red velvet flavored bundtinis!

Too Cute

Felicia Shaw

In the store recently, and as always a warm greeting quandary smile. The staff is always polite and professional, the buntinnis, bundtlettes, and cakes.... they speak for themselves when you taste them. So worth the day trip to get them!

Sydney Morgan

Lakeidra Clark

They were so friendly! The cakes are delicious!

Kimberly Carson

Their cakes are great and the staff is always helpful and friendly.


Mark McElroy

Remarkably moist and flavorful, this little shops is serving up exactly what they claim to: buddy cakes, big and small. At less than $20, the sampler pack, with a dozen little cakes (three of each of the top four flavors) is a bargain. Stop in, make a beeline for the samples, and take home a box. Or two.

Cordaro Pickens


donald mchenry

Rachelle McCord

Staff was rude on phone and in person. Seemed to be burdened by questions being asked by a customer. I tried twice, I'd skip for other bakeries.

Ashley Evans

Absolute best cake I've had hands down. Moist, flavorful, and perfect!!! As a person with a major sweet tooth, this cake was life!!!

Shiease Horton

Great friendly service... Awesome cake

Sandi DeSchane

Judy Rock

Beautiful store, great gift items and delicious cakes!

Alisha Brawley

love these cakes!

Nicolle Grayson

Nice, moist and flavorful cakes. Delicious! And the staff is amazing.

Sidneya Price

Debbie Windle

We had the most amazing Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake from here! The cake was moist and decedent while the icing was light and not overpowering. With a variety of flavors and sizes I'm looking forward to my next visit. Great selection of fun party accessories like candles and toppers for birthday, wedding, etc. They are located on the West Side in the Payless shopping plaza right next to Jimmy Johns.

Jackson Neuman

I ordered and prepaid for a set of standard mix buntinis for my daughters birthday. Then she got sick and we had to cancel her party. Even though our buntinis were their standard flavors they refused to give me any refund or in store credit to get them at a later date. Our only addition to them were pompoms that could easily be removed. We love their products, but awful customer service! We won’t be back, and unfortunately for only $25, they lost a loyal customer who was looking for some grace on top of a sick child on her birthday.

Rich Powe

Louis Villa

Gale Kirwan

Fantastic! Service is great! Cakes nothing bundt delicious!

Grant DeLay

Phenomenal cupcakes and gluten free options. A+

Mark Dolan

First time here. The place is incredibly clean and inviting and the staff seem to enjoy being there. A bakery environment is very difficult to maintain a clean feeling. Nicely decorated and comfortable. Even the presentation cabinets are done well. Most important is the free samples! They are proud of their creations and rightly so. Cannot wait to try the cakes themselves! If the samples are indicative, I will be a repeat customer.

Laura Morriss

These are the most flavorful, moist, fresh, delicious cakes I've ever had! All of their standard flavors are great and they usually feature a seasonal flavor as well. I love to take the Bundtinis to group events. ❤

Srushti Parsana

My all time favorite for bundt cakes Fresh cakes with amazing flavors Bundtinis and bundlets are mini versions I totally recommend white chocolate raspberry and marble cake

Wes Anthony

The cakes taste great but their Online ordering and ability to answer the phone at the store are terrible. Ordered online once for a 10am delivery and instead of calling me to let me know they didnt delivery till 1pm which was to late by then. I called the store to ask for a manager call back and they took my info but never heard back.Could have just picked it up myself. I gave it a year and tried to give them another chance. This time simply just wanted to order a dozen mini bundt cakes (bundtinis) called at 3pm and no one answered just got a voicemail that was full. Tried calling again at 4 pm same thing no answer. Tried calling again at 9:40am the next day still no answer. So not fooling with this place anymore will just go somewhere else.

Emily Green

The cake is pretty good, I will grant that. But their customer service is AWFUL! We ordered a retirement cake from them for a lady who'd been with my company for 30+ years. I ordered it online three days in advance. I requested a delivery time of 10 a.m. The order indicated that the cake might be delivered up to three hours prior, which was fine with us. The morning of the lady's retirement party, 10:00 comes and no cake. I started calling at 10:20 but no one would answer the phone. I kept getting their voicemail, which said their mailbox was full. I finally reached someone at 10:25 and asked where it was. I was told that the driver had 6 deliveries to make but that he was on his way. When it wasn't here by 10:40, I started calling again. Once again, no one would answer the phone. I kept hitting redial, and someone who identified herself as an assistant manager told me that the delivery driver was delivering our cake "first." I asked when he left to make the deliver and was told he hadn't left until 10:30. I told this person that our cake was ordered for 10 a.m. She informed me that delivery times "can't be guaranteed." It does not say that on their online order form or on my e-mail order confirmation, just that delivery was for 10 a.m. but that it might be delivered prior to that. I was not apologized to or offered anything to make this right. By the time the cake got here at 10:50, the party had already begun, and they were waiting on the cake. This is simply outrageous and ridiculous. If delivery times can't be guaranteed, then the customer should be notified ahead of time to make alternate arrangements. I ordered well enough in advance so that if the delivery was going to be a problem, someone had my contact information to call and tell me. DO NOT USE THIS PLACE IF YOU NEED A CAKE DELIVERED AND DON'T WANT TO DEAL WITH HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

Erika Gilliam

Always Good!!!

Brian Warner

Dropped in for a birthday cake wife. A big hit.

Betty Westmoreland

Theresa Gomez

Everyone is very friendly here. They have all sorts of gift that you could purchase.

jennifer gaines

Delicious and love the variety!

Megan Callahan

I would highly recommend any of the bundt cake flavors for any occasion. The staff and owners are amazing to work with, very helpful, responsive and community minded. Not only are the cakes to die for, but they have an amazing presentation that will give the extra wow factor!

B. Crooks

Best cakes around!

Jeff Spartz

Don't let your cardiologist know you are hanging here. The carrot cake buntinies are surpurb.

April Crysel

Most delicious cake!!!!

Jessica Smith

I wish they would sell the mini cakes individually and not make you wait 15 minutes for them. Got a chocolate chocolate chip and a marble. There was not much marble to the marble... only one small piece of chocolate cake at the top. Otherwise, cakes were moist and tasty. Cream cheese icing was good.

cooking account

I am really upset about my experience.

samantha wynn

love love love their cakes! Never have been disappointed

Carrie Kanieski

Net Smith

These cakes are very delicious! Always moist and fresh! I highly recommend

Molli Miller (Senior Marketer)

I LOVE Nothing Bundt Cakes!! The white chocolate raspberry is my favorite but they are all delicious! They have so many options to choose from depending on the number of people you are feeding which is perfect for me because I do marketing! Everyone there is so nice and helpful, especially Kasey! He always has a smile on his face and goes out of his way to make sure his customers are taken care of. Thanks Kasey! Great customer service!!

Dave Thornton

Best sweet treat ever!! Great for birthday cakes too.

Deanna Gordinier


Wonderful service and wonderful sugar treats!!!

Holly Berry

Good cakes. Everyone in my office loves them.

Lilia Williamson

I've always had a very positive experience whenever I've gone into the store. The decor is cheerful and the staff have always been polite and accommodating. But the absolute best part is, of course, the cake!!! Cake is a wonderful thing, in and of itself, but these cakes are sinfully, dangerously good. We're talking choirs-of-angels-sing-with-every-bite good. The cake itself is moist and flavorful, and the rich, creamy icing is just perfection. Even if you're full and can't eat another bite, you won't be able to resist the indulgence until the last crumb is a memory. I've tried putting the fork down (you know, to save half for later) but I just can't do it! I've already tried every flavor. They even have samples available sometimes. So dangerous, for real. I've been tempted to show up with disguises and ninja gear so I can keep grabbing samples over and over again. Shame on me - but it would be sooooo worth it! Endless free samples of the best cake ever? Oh yeah, I'd suffer the years of ninja training to make that dream happen. Thanks for the great cakes guys and gals! I hope to keep indulging for many years to come.

Jamie G

Delicious cakes, best butter cream frosting ever! Cute gifts, friendly staff, love getting a free bundtlet for my birthday. This place has my favorite cake!

Janis Harden

Brian McElroy

Adriana Villalobos

Steven jackson

As far as bundt cakes go... This is heaven. Positives: If you are down to try a bunt cake that really tastes nothing like a bundt cake, go here. I say this because I've never had a bundt cake that was so moist and decadent! I really can't put into words the taste. We got the cinnamon swirl and it was beyond good. Can't speak for the other flavors yet but I'm sure they are great. We did also try the white chocolate and it wasn't as good as the cinnamon. The store is fun as well.. Lots of adorable plates and mugs types of thing. Would be a good place for a cute kitchen gift! Negatives: Nope!

Kristi Miller

I had a client bring me a dozen of the small bundt cakes to work yesterday. They were DIVINE!! She brought 4 flavors chocolate/ choc chip, rasberry, red velvet and lemon. I dont know which one is my favorite, Yes i tried one of each! I cant wait to go to the store myself and try more. The cake was soooo moist and icing was fabulous too! Keep up the good work!

Mariam Bukhari

Shane Scroggin

Great tasting cakes!

Susan danley

Jeremy Rogers

This place is amazing. Carrot cake is my favorite.

Carpet Yard

Fenise Hibbler


Its 1 of the only cakes that I eat

felecia bookout

I am a die hard "Nothing Bundt Cakes" fan. I discovered the Laredo, Tx. store about 9 months ago. This store is beyond awesome with customer service and genuine friendliness. I now found myself hoping that the Louisville Ky store delivered. And yes they do within a 10 mile radius. Sarah, was patient with me and helped me 100%. I recommend this store and franchise so far to anyone who wants to have top customer service and products that are beautiful and delicious. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH....

zelda wafer

These cakes are phenomenal. Lemon is my favorite.

Jacqueline H

All I can say is, WOW! This was my first visit. Excellent and personable customer service with a variety of miniature, small, medium and large bundt cakes. Today's sample was red velvet. It was beyond scrumptious! I'm hooked and already looking forward to my next visit.

Cathy Hellen

Such a charming shop. Their sample was delicious. Look forward to the birthday bundt we ordered.

Ahmad W. Hanif

Sorry nBC it took me a while to write a review but guys, this is by far one of the best bakeries in town! Their cakes n cupcakes are simply delicious! Nothing crazy, just delicious for any occasions. The 1st time I had nBC was about 4-5 years ago and I've been a fan ever since. I recently called in to place an order for my wife's bday and all it took me was couple mins over the phone to place an order and the lady that took my order was definitely knowledgeable and sounded like she knew what she was talking about. Most importantly she sounded excited n made me feel good about ordering a cake from them! When I went to pick up, they helped me with the cake to my car and that was just a cherry on top! Thank u and wish u guys success n happiness!

cara divelbiss

The Lemon Raspberry was amazing. The customer service is always above par.

Marisa A

The young ladies working here are so pleasant and sweet. They definitely made it worth the hour and 15 minute drive out here.

Mahesh Rali

Excellent bundt cakes. A unique place in the area. But a little on the costlier side.

Sonja Ridge

I have been shopping here since they have opened. Great flavors, can decorate for any occasion. Have even taken them with me when I went on vacation,as a hostess gift.

Januna H. Skinner

Colleen Malterud

This is the most delicious cake I have ever had! Staff is friendly and helpful!

Darlin Henderson

The cakes are delicious! My favorites Confetti. chocolate chocolate chip,red velvet, classic white, they used to have a cinnamon swirl it was delicious. They discontinued it. I go at least once a month.

Theresa Graves

Delicious and very moist cake. The staff is very friendly.

Jennifer Johnson

This place is wonderful. The cakes are so fresh, good range of flavors and the staff is so courteous. I've made it a habit now to stop by there every time I'm in town.

Latasha Tonette

Love this place! I can't get enough of their classic and lemon bundt cakes. I'm ALWAYS a very happy customer

Ileana Lapp

I tried the red velvet , was very good , very moist . Little pricey for me .

Linda Shaughnessy

Great cakes, great service

Patricia Crowell

Best cakes ever. Always moist and delicious.

LaTrese LeSane

Amanda Bailey-Shaw

This place has phenomenal cakes! I've had their bundtlets several times over different occasions. Each time they're delicious! Their cakes are moist and fluffy. Not overly sweet. Their flavors are on point. The frosting is wonderful. (I am almost always a frosting scraper off kind of girl. I find most to be too sweet and lacking in actual flavor. ) Nothing Bundt Cakes' frosting is not too sweet and has a great flavor. It's like the perfectly balanced cream cheese frosting. The bundtlets make great little gifts. Be sure to get an extra for yourself. They usually have samples in their store. Every sample I've tried has been outstanding.

「peachy grace」

Yesterday was my first time visiting the store. I purchased the mini red velvet cake it was delicious!

Ashley Nicole

This is horrible customer service to never answer the phone at a place of business. It's going on 10:15am, no answer and the mailbox is full. You can't leave a message and it's a cellphone. Ridiculous!

Angela Alford

Awesome! It never disappoints!!

Jade Brice

They were very gracious in donating to our military event. Their cakes are delicious and we could not be more thankful!

Gwynn James

Chris DeWitt

I sent a cake as a Valentine's gift to a friend in DC. Because of security, they could not leave the cake when she was away from her desk but offered to re-bake and re-deliver it. The manager and I emailed several times to make sure they had delivery times and location correct so the second try would go flawlessly. And it did. The feedback from my friend was that the cake was AMAZING!

Jennifer Peterson

Nothing Bundt Cakes is outstanding! Dawn, the owner, is lovely to work with and so generous. They donated Bundtinis to our recent Ann Bancroft Foundation annual fundraising celebration, and our guests were raving! One friend said that she couldn't stop eating them. Amazing texture and flavor, and a bonus that they provide gluten free cakes as well. Thank you and YUM!

Dana Raley

My mom, and I get two small chocolate, chocolate chip bundtcakes for mother day/birthday.... they were the moist, taste delicious cakes we every had.

LeEtta Johnson

The staff is very friendly and accommodating , and the cakes are the best. I like a lot of there flavors , however Red Velvet is my favorite. I have and will continue to recommend people to this establishment . Good Job Staff and keep up the good work .

Veleria Williams

I had the pleasure of tasting the Lemon Bundt Cake. It was the best lemon cake I've ever tasted. Moist, Delicious, and Flavorful. Now I think I'll just have to buy one.

Sha Monique

I absolutely love this place. The cakes are YUMMY! Customer service is always amazing. I come to get some cakes whenever I come to Flowood

Ann Ann

Worst Customer Service Ever!! I went there to pick up my birthday cake, and their staff named AMY gave me a dirty look since it was a FREE birthday cake from my account. She was super impatient and embarrassed me in front of all other customers by making me repeat what I ordered for "five" times. She was not smiling at all. I was trying to order a birthday cake for my son, but her attitude changed my mind. I will not go back there simply because of her bad service =/ Very disappointed experience and ruined my birthday mood.

Pam Hawkins

Best carrot cake....Simply delicious... thumbs up... pecan praline cake is equally as good..

Shannon Hemmingway

Donna Joe

Truly some of the best cake I have ever had; it is so moist and just the right amount of sweetness. All the flavors are great, but my favorite is the cinnamon. I brought one of the mini bundt cakes home for my husband and he loved it! He returned the following weekend, bought more, AND ordered a large cake for Thanksgiving. I will be back again and again.

Velida Juzbasic

The cakes are great, but I was very disappointed by no willingness to be customer friendly. This is the second time, I stopped there. I wanted to get the dozen of small bundties. I don’t like the regular assortment, only because of lemon. So I asked if I can have all the other ones, but replace the lemon with one of each of the other flavors. They said that can be done, but you have to order online and will be ready in an hour. I asked them, to replace 3 bundties with different flavor would take an hour and both employees replied “Yes”. Keep in mind store was empty and they had many bundties ready on the tray in display.

Lacie Kendall

It is very neat and decorated and taste so good

David Lagowski

The only thing that made me less depressed about my move to Kentucky. THE BEST Cakes. Icing is absolutely orgasmic, and the service is refreshingly nice. Red Velvet fans, this is a MUST TRY!

jenni slater

amazing cakes, friendly staff and adorable shop!!!!

Porsche Elam

TaraMsSue JR

LaPrade LINC

Marc Elliott

Best cake ever.

Kaitlin Sheldon

Abby Campbell

Best cake!!!!!!!

Butt Monkey

Courtney Schmidt

Cakes are wonderful. Best cakes ever. Great place!

Marie L

john daniels

Jennifer Hammond

Pretty good, although a bit pricey. The bundtinis are my favorite.

Rachel-Phuong Le

The bundt cakes here are moist and delicious. I love the variety that they have to offer. I like bundts more than cupcakes and this place makes a mean bundt. Service is always good.

Cecelia Tres'Chic

Bobbe Brooks

long nguyen

Jayln' Hampton

I can’t seem to reach anyone by phone to make an order and I’ve been trying for 30 minutes.. but the cakes are great.

Alex Richardson

Fast and very helpful!!

Emily Nelson

Bree Ward

Aquetta Butler

Very nice.

Tina Sloan

Dana Bak

Gregorio Sanabria

Nice place but to bad they don't sale single cupcakes very friendly and great customer service

Nikki Bell

Julian Johnson

Tameka Spencer

EVERYTHING about these cakes are wonderful!!!!

Corderro Whitley

Melinda Best

Brett Norton

Best cakes!

Grace Lee

A bit pricy. The decoration is additional $10 on top of the price of the cake. For an 8" cake with decoration, the total comes to just shy of $35. Service is excellent and store is clean and cute. I didn't really enjoy the cake as it was a little too sweet fir me. I don't think I will go back.

Sophia Thomas

Cole Clark

Dee Michele

It's okay. We ordered the pecan praline cake and the cake itself is really good no complaints. Being that there's only one option of frosting to choose from is odd and there's so much of it on the cake it's a little overbearing. The cakes themselves are over priced, especially the decorated ones. The one we had was literally a fake flower with the stem broken off and placed in the middle of the cake under a thick glob of frosting. The other decorations are just paper cut outs stuck on wooden or metal sticks and stuck into the cake. These same cakes could easily be made at home

Sarah Thomas Brooks

Love the personal size cakes and also,the mini'sare perfect for small kids.

linda brill

These cakes are amazing! There is usually a sample in the store. Yum yum yum!!!

Travis Gilley

Kathy Addy


Yvette Tullos


Sirena Blaze

The cakes are extremely yummy. I'm normally not a fan of icing but this icing is crazy amazing. I only gave 4 stars because it's pricy but this spot is good for a well deserved splurge every once in a while.

lyrica radio

John McCollum

Great cakes and great service

John Zeydel

OMG these are so good! Staff is the best as well! Yummmmmmy all flavors and creations... Fantastic to give as gifts too!

Zoya Rypkema

The red velvet are my favorite because they have a very good flavor and the chocolate chips add texture

Gregory Burt

Delicious! My wife loved her birthday cake!

Alice Washington

Merv Huber

These cakes are delicious - no question. Just a bad experience today sadly. Out of town all day until late. Then rushed all the way across town to try to purchase over $100 of mini bundt cakes for a Super Bowl party tomorrow after telling everyone how freaking good they are. Made it at 6:31pm - one minute after closing time. Doors locked, and the staff's chosen way to react was to avoid making eye contact with me as I stood on the other side. And you didn't recognize me? Have been coming every week for months now... One minute. Come on. Now instead of giving everyone delicious cupcakes, we'll be telling everyone about the bad experience.

M Ulysse

Cakes are moist and delicious. Chocolate chocolate chip and white chocolate raspberry are my favorites. There are always samples in the store and the staff are always friendly. Many options for serving sizes- 10 and 8 inches, personal cakes, and assorted bundtinis. Always a hit with everyone.

Karen Kane

Place is amazing haven't found a cake i hate yet!!!! Good luck trying!!!!

Kimberly Brooks

Jessica Woltering

Becke McCoy

Wonderful cakes.

Crystal Morse

One of my customers at Eddies had one for her Birthday Aug 3rd. She decided to share with the whole work place...BEST EFFEN CAKE EVER!

giselle wrobel

Kristina Chang

Sharon Rivers

Kathleen Hunt

Always helpful staff, efficient service and great buntini's!

Dawn Stucky

Meredith Sowers

Casey was wonderful! Polite, acknowledged my kiddos and helped them pick candles out! Thank you!

Suzi Fraser

Such yummy cakes! My daughter and I sometimes get their "bundtlets" as a special treat- the red velvet with cream cheese frosting is delicious!

Vickie Bogatay

This place had people standing in line out side the door into the parking lot yeaterday. They had two people taking your order and getting what you requested. Two people on the cash register. Two lines going . It didn't take 30 mins. I was in had my cake and out. Cakes are wonderful. The employees were fast, kind and had smiles and still giving out samples. You need a gift for Valentine Day here is your store.

Bobby Plajinko

Most of the staff is very friendly except for the older lady whose name escapes me at the moment. I went in few months ago, to use my free punch card and she was rude when I presented the card, and gave a very negative attitude when I asked to use my unused punches telling me that the promotion expired in a week and then took my card and tore it up and trashed it. Since then, I haven’t been back. I also haven’t gotten promotional emails since May, so nothing else seems memorable about the place to remind me to go back other than how I was treated in Mid June. I’ll stick to insomnia cookies for my sweet tooth, totally out of the way, but never had rudeness thrust upon me with no provocation..... UPDATE, I will NOT giving this business anymore of mine ever again, there are too many options out there to be treated badly by who I can only assume was the franchise owners wife. Customer lost for as long as your appeal is popular in this town.

Mike Goonewardene

First of all the cakes are delicious! Even more importantly the customer service at this store is exceptional.

Lako Vivians

This is a great place very good

Lashonda Topps

i give them a 1 because I placed an order in November & when I called to make changes to my order the manager Alex told me that the ordered gotten erased out of the system. so i asked Alex could i just redo the order again & she said I only had to pick from the top 4 flavors. Alex punished me for her system having a glitch in it & erasing my order & forcing me to pick flavors i did not eat. i asked Alex why they couldn’t just redo the order since it was their fault & she said they did not have any vanilla flavor in. i asked for the red velvet & the lemon cake instead. she said that it was only for boxes pre-made. soo Alex did not do what the customer asked about. all i wanted was to redo my order that i placed last month but she told me no.

Claire Egler

Delicious cake! Friendly service! It's awesome that you can set everything up online as easily as possible!

Patrick Carroll

Love their product, but My wife was in the store today and had a somewhat unpleasant experience with one of two employees there. I actually posted a two star review on the incident which I have deleted. I deleted it because my wife received a text from the owner of the store this evening after she notified the store of the experience via an online customer feedback . In the text she asked her to reach out so she could discuss and possibly rectify the situation. Now that is good customer service to go along with a great product. Kudos

Sonya Wilson

Love their cakes. They’re delicious and they have a variety to choose from. One cake from there and you’re hooked. So good!!!

Arianna Wells

Usually friendly staff, but not this afternoon in Shreveport

Luiz Moreira

Abby flannery

Doug Watson

Jourden Hoke

Brian Borgmann

This gluten free bundt cake can't be gluten free! But It is! Yummy

Patrice Robinson

Excellent service and atmosphere. Servers and cashiers are so pleasant and the prices are reasonable. Samples are available inside the store. The cakes are very moist and not too sweet. I'll definitely be going back.

Chasisty Willhite

Great service and I never had a cake that was so moist and good. This place is awesome. But there is to much frosting on and inside the cake

Jeffery Jones

I wish I could give this place a zero star. Horrible and super slow service.

Melissa Vélez


Delicious. Moist. Flavorful. Soft. Yummy!

Sharon Flowers-Williams

These Nothing Bundy Cakes are amazing!! So moist, you have to try them. You will not regret it.


First time I tried their cakes were this weekend at pearls and pumps. Oh my goodness they are good. I bought chocolate and lemon

P.W. O'Leary

The word that comes to mind when you sample something that was made here .... delicious, very delicious !! The staff was helpful and very friendly. I will say since it is located on Shelbyville Road it can be a bit of a hassle getting in and out of the parking lot but trust me it is worth the hassle.

Bill Stroud

Absolutely amazing! Great service, great food, just wonderful all around. Highly recommended!

Ethan Stein

Great cakes, great service. The staff are all really friendly and love talking to you about all the different flavors of cake, and what goes into making them. The have a good selection of flavors and a nice daily special too. A little heavy on the frosting for me, but really good overall cakes.

Mekia Reliford

Alexis Morris

So good!!!!

Irene Vangsness

The cakes are great, but the customer service leaves something to be desired. When I asked for no decorations on the cake, the clerk said would I like to "have" the sunflower that was sitting on it. . I said yes and then there was a $7.00 charge on the bill. She offered a refund, but the manager said "no refunds", then told ME I should have asked. She then gave me a loud sarcastic "have a nice day" as I left the shop. I'm not angry, but they should have been more forth-coming about their charges and be a little less defensive in their dealings with customers.

Brant N

Crystal Havens

I buy the Bundtinis for my clients and the Bundtlet Towers as Teacher Gifts. Everyone who tries them LOVES them!

Dave DuChene

google user

Melinda Brown

Terrible ordered on line for my mother and father 60th Anniversary, I picked up and box was torn and sealed tbeu did not show me my purchase, I should have checked No flags that I purchased extra and ALL cakes smashed to top very ugly for such a special occasion, VERY DISAPPOINTED AND NO COMPENSATION FOR WHAT I DID NOT RECEIVE AND NO COMPASSION AT ALL...

Angela Gannon

Words cannot explain just how good, y'all come on and try it! Worth it! We'll be back!!!

Tara Cessor

Quincy Tennyson

I just had my first cake from here at someone’s birthday party. I will never purchase a cake elsewhere. All other cakes are dead to me. Long live Nothing Bundt Cake.

sathya jaganmohan

Made to wait in the store for a pre-made cake for 20 minutes. Poor customer service for overpriced cakes!

Gene Lemmons

I ordered a gluten free cake for my wife's birthday to be delivered to my place of employment. They said it would be no problem to have one ready and delivered on Friday by noon. I ordered the cake tuesday. At 4:30 I tried to call and got no answer. After the 9th time calling someone finally answered. I got a lot of excuses and a sorry. Then I was asked if I would like to pick it up or have it delivered the next day. By this time I have a birthday party planned and no cake. I told her to go ahead and deliver it the next day. I hope I get it. Very disappointed and dissatisfied.

Karann Luckcuck

Best carrot cake I ever had.

Dani Witte

I adore this quaint little bakery. The owners are so accommodating and the food is delicious! I always stop if I'm nearby.


Tiffany Dickhausen

I came in just before closing, knowing what I wanted. The girl that helped me provided terrible service. She made me feel uncomfortable. She wasn’t kind, and really seemed bothered that I was there. I can’t remember her name, but I can remember that her badge said that she had been there 1 year. Absolutely awful customer service. This hasn’t happened at any other location that I’ve been to. Such a disappointment going out of my way to get a birthday treat.

Sherri Metoyer

They are always friendly and serve Cake!!!!

Alize Ballard

I love it their cakes taste so delicious they melt in your mouth

Andrea Roth

Carolina Zacarias

Love them!!!!!!!

Michelle Westfall



Tiffany H

The cake here is amazing. The place is cute and cozy and they have samples so you can taste a featured flavor. The ladies are so nice and informative. If it will take a while to prepare your order they will even bring it to your car. Great cake and awesome service!

Latonya Allen

Maria Espejo

Cakes are great. They need more organization inside the store

juan woods

Very professional staff, nice clean establishment.

Carolyn McDonald

Dean Johnson

My family and I were driving down Lakeland on our way to a restaurant. I was reading the names of stores and mentioned "Nothing Bundt Cakes" aloud. My wife said she loved them, so instead of continuing to the restaurant I stopped to run into the store with her and get one. Personally, I don't eat many cakes or cupcakes but I do love to make my wife smile. We chose several small cakes. I had the carrot cake and it was GREAT. All the flavors were excellent (chocolate with chocolate chip, red velvet, lemon, and carrot). I will definitely go back.


I just ate the best cupcake I’ve literally ever had and it came from here

Erica Wright

Love this place! I couldn't wait for them to open and there's nothing that I've tried and didn't like. I love that there's more cake than icing unlike those designer cupcakes elsewhere. Everyone I shared them with loves them too. And the staff is awesome!

Ashley Jackson Williams

My husband and I wanted a non-traditional wedding cake AND one that our guests would actually enjoy. We decided to get a two tier cake to cut during the reception and ordered 150 bundlets in three different flavors for our guests. The staff was beyond friendly and so easy to work with on our large order. They packaged each bundlet and organized it by flavor on the cake table. Folks were running up to the cake table--it's that good! This doubled as our wedding cake and wedding favors as guests could take their cake home with them after the wedding.

Rachael Terry

Hilary Labloul

Macey Beedy

Melinda Bradford

Christy Stockton

Moist, deliciousness!!

Shanequa Kirkwood

Martha Jane Greer

Renay Lynch

Jasmine Giles

I love this place!!! I come here like once every 3 months. My dentist Dr.Regi Pettaway bought me these cupcakes for my birthday and I was HOOKED Like a crack feen!!! lol I will come here often!


Best cakes ever made. And the manager is super nice.

Megan Schulte

Tony Veigel

Mike Museus

OMG this place has the most delicious cakes. Strawberry creme was Amazing. The carrot cake was very good and the cream cheese frosting is heavenly. Get here fast they close at 6pm

stacy king

Beatrice Sutton

Nekeshia Barrett

The cakes are moist and flavorful!

Deanna Steers

Thank you so much for the wounderful service I was provided by the staff in Gaithersburg. A special shout out to Mira for taking the time at the end of her shift to help me get the cake to my car since I had my hands full with my dog. The cakes are amazing but the welcoming and helpful staff puts the cherry on top

Karen Foecke

This place is incredible. Their cakes are the most moist, delicious cakes I’ve ever had and they have the perfect amount of frosting. Love the Bundtlettes in raspberry and white chocolate flavor

Cindy Ealy

Stoney Clark

Very disappointed cake was supposed to be delivered between 12-1. It was never delivered call several times throughout the day. Finally at 415 pm after calling again come to the conclusion cake had never went out for delivery after speaking with someone on two separate occasions. Very disappointed

Douglas Marsh

Swati Prodduturu

Super yummy! Yet super pricey!!

Michael Anders


Daisy Anderson

Chris Blocker

Karen W

Madelyn Chilton

It's a small shop and the cakes are delicious.

Shronda Taylor

My coworkers brought me one while I am home bound. OMGoodness!!!

Julie Williams

Fabulous - as always!

Amelia Little

Christina Phillips

Doug Lightfoot

We went in there about a week after they opened on a Saturday. We were quickly greeted by a young man who introduced himself as Devin. Explained all the different types of cakes to us which helped us decide what we wanted for our party. He promptly went back and created the cake we ordered and very professionally rang it up and thanked us for our purchase. Devin definitely made the experience a great one and it's too bad there aren't more kids like Devin working in local businesses and learning the right way to work hard. After we got home we snuck a taste of the cake before the party and it was absolute delicious and it was the hit of the party. Definitely going back!

Tonya Thornton

The cake is delicious but they are skimpy on the icing which takes away from the cake. Please add the icing on the cake like the other locations. 5/4/19 Update: went back to this location again. Unfortunately the same issue. This time I asked for extra icing and it’s a $.75 charge for three extra thin stripes. Then asked for silverware at this eatery and they told me they no longer carry them. Needless to say I will not be returning to this establishment. I will only visit in other states. The worst nothing bundt cake experience I’ve ever had.

Rocio Mireya Infante Castro

I'm love

Arthur Lancaster

Every Saturday, 10am. Best part of week!!!!!

Erik K

Crystal Scott

Amazing!! Hands down best cake I've ever had! Super moist and the frosting is sooooo good! The white chocolate raspberry and lemon are the best!! I've recommended this place to so many people! You definitely won't be disappointed! The Eagan store was very clean and has all sorts of other cute stuff inside.

Cassandra Sessoms

I love carrot cake and actually enjoyed the carrot cake bundt the first time. On two other occasions, the carrot cake bundts were dry with strings in them that I finally decided were some form of shredded yellow carrot. Won't do that one again.

Mary Chu

We get all of our family's birthday cakes here. They have the BEST tasting cake I've ever had!

Ian Babitzke

Great cakes amazing frosting but silly policys. As of the first they no longer have forks. I tried to pick up a few for my coworkers on the jobsite over my lunch break but we are wait until.aftet work because I didnt have time to stop somewhere else to get forks. Also they will let you.ordet extra frosting but have none in store to sell. Seems like a very simple quick add on to not offer it. I'm willing to pay for it just have to wait a day or more. By the way the other locations give out forks I was told its company wide so not.sure what's going on with that. Maybe other managers realize if you sell a product that's eaten with a fork you should give them out or at least sell them. I'd have paid a buck each to save time. Oh well great cakes at least.

Daffanie Bell

The customer service is always amazing, the Bundt Cakes, Buntlets, and the Bundtinis are absolutely DELICIOUS! Since their doors opened in Gaithersburg, I have placed orders for baby showers, brunch events, and birthday parties they are always a big hit!


Warning: Do NOT use these folks to deliver for a special occasion! They completely dropped the ball and failed to deliver the cakes I ordered for my son's birthday. The owner was apologetic but what a disappointment. I should have stuck with Mammaw's or Insomnia. Both are very reliable! Kicking myself for straying...

Prentiss Johnson

Kasey & Tyler Rajotte

Diane Klemme

The Spider Ham

Courtney S Huell

What I expected please a friendly atmosphere!!!! Samples available also

Terry Steinmetz

Red Velvet is absolutely wonderful!

Christie Will

Amazing cakes. Great staff, super friendly. Very cute shop!

Frances Solovieff

Had my inlaws in town from Mass. and wanted them to try something new, picked up a WHITE CHOCOLATE RASBERRY they loved it! Went back the next day to try Chocolate chocolate chip. Absolutely awesome!! Melt in your mouth, like a symphony of flavors playing a beautiful song. My mother in law loved it!!

Brandie Blake


Michelle Rowe-Johnson

Stopped into the Eagan store on Saturday Oct We stopped into the Eagan store on Oct 31st because we heard that they were sampling the pumpkin & Spice die for! I was disapointed that my husband decided to purchase the Red Velvet. Oh boy, was not disappointed when I bit into it. Amazing with a capital A!

Yuliya Tk

I likes their cakes. Also, they don't have much sugar in them

shanda jones

Heaven in my mouth!!!

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