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6002 Crawfordsville Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46224, United States Located in: Speedway Super Center

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REVIEWS OF MCL Restaurant & Bakery Speedway IN Indiana

Cady Brock

MCL cafeteria is one of the best places to eat! I have been going there since I was a little girl everytime I come home I love that place I go I definitely recommend MCL Cafeteria I like the one in Speedway because it's the closest but they're all good money well spent and I always end up taking some home with me people are friendly clean good atmosphere 5stars!!!

Lisa Chapman

Very friendly they went out of their way to help us and the food was delicious

Kevan Soderberg

This was my first visit to this restaurant. There is plenty of parking available. We arrived just behind a bus, so there was a line of about 50 in front of us. But they moved surprisingly quickly through the line. The food was good. Served with generous portions on hot plates. Kristina attended to us in the dining room with silverware and napkins and drink refills, etc. She did an excellent job. The pricing, at least for me seemed confusing, and certainly unclear. If they have a special which includes an entree and 2 sides, I don't know what my choices are so as to get the special pricing. Otherwise, everything is a la carte, and if you are not careful, you can easily blow the budget.

Kim Simmons

Loved it made nice for me and a friend to catch up

Khepri TemuRa

For these prices, the roast beef Manhattan should never be as cold as the Cobb salad. Erica was very polite and attentive.

Dan Shreffler

LOVE this place. It is a part of our Speedway experience. We go to lunch at MCL and then go to the track. Lots of IMS memorabilia on the walls and history is just part of the place. I wonder how many Old Timers visit this place.

Peggy Biggerstaff

My favorite cafeteria! We don't have one where I live. My great-niece especially liked the blue Jell-O!

S Horton

Good food that I don't have to cook.

David Bienz

Healthy food so we try to get there at least once a week and decent prices

Marcy Whitfield

Nice friendly place to eat good food.

Elayne Lewis

My grandson loves the chicken and pillows( noodles)

Tamiya Nicole1

Great food place I love it

Jowanna Peterson

Wholesome, hot, and satisfying. Great comfort food. Relaxing atmosphere. Good service!

Joel Hedge

They have the best chicken pot pie.

Charity Livingston

Good food.

pat haynes-madden

My husband and I love MCL. In fact, it was my very first job way back in 1968! The food is always great and the service and friendliness is second to none!

Robin Weaver

Filthy place with workers not wearing gloves and have no idea of board of health requirements.

Harold WhitneyJr

Good food goes hand in hand with great customer service.

Rosalyn Jones

Food was good but cold rolls and chicken staff was pleasant friendly

Roy Layman

Quick, good food..go to speedway mcl

i need 2mil on small Mohawk x sub

We couldn't decide if the catfish or the chicken tenders were the best. The cabbage was delicious. Nobody has better lima beans. Wish they had squash more often or on certain days so I'd know when to go.

Lane Hatcher

I went for all you can eat catfish. It does not taste like catfish but it was good. Great service as always.

Bob Donnelly

good american food

Jack Huddleston

Haven't eaten here in a long while. Very good food and the staff was so friendly. We will be back!

Tammy Eubank

Too expensive for an a la carte, small buffet type place. The catfish wasn't too bad. But no one in our group liked the chicken teriyaki or the rice. Salad was super expensive for the size, and not good at all. Had a chemical taste to it. The roast beef was pretty cold, and the gravy wasn't as good as the jars you can get at Walmart. Will not be returning, not worth the money. I could've eaten at Texas Roadhouse for less!

Bobbo C

Thursday was a day like any other, until I found out that I could add pie to my order for only 99 cents! Thanks, MCL.

dixie express

Getting poorer. Over priced. Seniors only crowd dying off.No younger people coming in Very small portions. Too much tip me for every move I make. Over pre salted food killing off seniors all fighhting high blood pressure.

ameerahgang squad

Good service and good food

shantel davis

They're food is awesome and very comforting. Everything is always fresh. Soul Food for real. Yummy

Alexis Hesik

Friendly service!


I like it here. It's quiet, it's cheap, it's good


Normally better, but they didn't have my favorite stuffed chicken breast tonight.

Kathrina Riley

I like the booths.

Deleise Fasehun

All you can eat catfish for $5.65 was a hit for a last minute Friday night meal. The fish was very tasty and we enjoyed it. We're going back next Friday. I also had red potatoes and they were good as well.

Terry Becraft

Food was a little cold

Matt Deiters

It was nice


The staff is ok, it’s quick and fairly clean, but the food sucks really bad.

LaShunda Morris

Love the food and customer service

Mike Locotosh

Its always a treat going to MCL. If you like home cooked food and don't mind a cafeteria atmosphere MCL is for you. Just wish they would spruce the place up a bit.

Crystal Hanna

Erika is ther best server! It's like she senses what would make your meal better before you know. Easy for me to eat healthy and still have choices.

Morgan Dixon

Fast friendly service foot which MCL is known. Consistent table service and great homestyle food!

David L

Great homemade cafeteria food! Clean and friendly staff, all the food was delicious!

callme lioness

They did not have on gloves. Serving the food. The waitess was nice.

Real Reviews

Way better than when I was a child! The food is actually seasoned!

Anthony Morse

I love mcl all the time

Margie Appleget

Great home style food

Duane Washburn

Always dependable, fried chicken the way I like it.

Jo bumen

Excellent breaded tomatoes, excellent service!

Michelle Sims

Love it as usual! Me and my Ma have lunch here every Sunday after Church. Its my special time with her.

Robloxspacekid84 Love youtube!xx

The smell from bad plumbing in the bathroom came all the way out to the dining room very unpleasant dining experience

Cole Raven

Overpriced for what you get, food is just ok. Mostly older crowd.

Gregory Johnson

The people and the food always great. More fried cauliflower

Phil Lambert

Awesome food, salty prices!

Kevin Summers

Liver and onions were excellent

Sherry Masters

To go was fast

Erroll Trouillier

Good home style food. The prices are a bit too expensive.

St. Christopher Craft Show

Great food. Can get pricey.

Norbert Naaman

Satisfying, moderately priced

Janet Bible

Food was good and it was hot.

Marcia Flaunders

Good homesome food. Homemade.if you want dinner.

Brandy Schroeder

Always great food and service

Sue Phillips

Very good service was wonderful Shelly is a very good server

Dallas Muse

So good, waitress couldn't have been nicer.

Jenny Kelly

I like to go on Thursdays when they have a special on liver and onions--it reminds me of my mom's cooking when I was a kid

Gwendolyn Riley

Great service.

Joseph Connell

Fantastic food

Bobby Brewer

Great Food

Janice Blair

Large seating area great for meeting friends yes the food was GOOD !

Christian Arkins

Great service and good food!

Brad Williams

Good service Bad food the gravy was full of lumps the vegetables were cold

Daniel Grundy

Way to high

Nora M

Fresh home cooked meals pricing is a wee bit high

Mary Hunter

Awesome food & friendly people

Michael Gough

Great home cooking.

Shirley Springer

Food and service was great

Camilla Reedus

It's a great place to eat at I love it.

Matthew Dye


Joe Geiman

Lousy food quality. Some food not completely baked. Way too much salt. Manager was not interested in addressing the problem, other than more time in the microwave. I will not return to Speedway MCL. And I will warn all my friends. Too many other options. Not cheap either. I'll pay for quality but I did and did not get any.

carolyn tyler

Great food and service!!


Nice, clean place, reasonably priced food

Melissa Hedge

Good food but gets pretty pricey.

Scott Scharfenberg

Great home cooked food

Jim Herman

Great family food

Mary Alford


Alejandro Pena

Good food but the price is high

rebecca stevons

Fried chicken was moist and delicious. Turkey with dressing was good. Price not bad.

Darlene Marsh

Food was really good place was clean people were very friendly!

Marshall Howard

Every Sunday we eat our after Church meal. Food is great and so is service.

Christopher Aldendorf

Good mashed potatoes

Rick Gier

Limited hot vegetable selection for the veggie plate

MadHatters Relic

Smelled like an unclean bathroom.

Terry Borgan

All of your servers should be wearing gloves this is a health issue.

Cathy McClain

me and my daughter love this place staff is generally very friendly waiters are as well always remember to tip them good people and good food

Barbie Love

Great food. Nice staff and I just love having a quick place to get a semi feeling home cooked meal for a change

Madeleine Black

Staff is great and have never had any issues with their food

Jamie Blaydes

Great service. Great food. Our favorite place.

Shirley Mcevoy

Fresh baked goods and Lillian's casserole are worth the drive to Speedway.

Maggie Eckler

Don't het me wrong, thw food here is great, however the prices are outrageous. I paid $10 for a salad.

Chestic Apodaca

It was very good food and good service. Ty

Sharon Kirksey

Good food

Connie Williams

I'm from Clarksville Tn and very chance I can to visit a MCL I do. Love the food is yummy Thanks

Mary Beth Gianoli

Great food. Brought back lots of fond memories!

Cathy Smith

Every thing were good and will be coming back again thank you

Kathy Brown

Lots of choices for a fairly decent price. Excellent, polite, friendly service from all the staff. Servers, cashier and table bussers treated all the "old people" with patience. 2 of the people in our party were happy to discover that Liver and Onions were on the menu and they both declared 2 thumbs up for the flavor, tenderness and portion size. A very clean, well kept store.

Richard Dean Mattox

Food is great.. Good service.

Joia Ducharme

Kinda expensive but good but for 18 bucks I should have gotten a steak

Charles Wise

Food was good.

Juanita Sample

Good eats and very friendly staff!

jennifer Lambert

Awesome food and great service

Alexandra Smith

The food is wonderful!

670 XC

Very good food and service

Irender Jackson

The food is very good and i love eating at mcl keep up the good work.

Melodie Baker

The food wasn't very good.

Stephanie Galbreath

Catered through them Nice respectful gentle souls with good food.

Craig Dragoo

Great home cooked food. Lots of variety!! Plus you may run into some famous race car drivers since it's locates less than a mile from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway !!!!

Patti Bennett-Price

Yummy food!

Dewan Allen

Food was good. However, some was not hot enough. Good Service

Susan Koch

Food is always good here in my experience.

Susan Beaumont

Ok food

Gregory Digsby

Great food

Terry Washington


Anthony Adams

Nice people

Deborah Ashley

Love the food & the service...

Glenn Schwenk

Prices good for standard cafeteria fare.

David Rhodes

Great host my two friends are handy cap but i havent got a sticker so i let them out by door

Mike Johnson

Great service,very clean and the Mayfield value meal is a great deal.

Debie Sunier

Always tastes great. Home cooking without the dishes.

Steve Carr

Decent place to eat, mostly older folks

Joyce Anderson

I always love MCL..I had a turkey Manhattan.

Richard Street

I was there for the all you can eat catfish and it was great! Everyone is friendly and suggest their favorites, everything looks delicious!!!

Holly Adams

Been going here aincw I was a kid and its always been the same great place. I just love it. The food is amazing!!!

Kevin Merriweather

Food AND Service BOTH Good!

Tonie James

Good selection! Only issue I basically order the same items and the price for my meal is different every visit!

Jeff Salmon

Delicious but a la carte pricing made for. $20 per person bill

Martha Carroll

Fried Chicken was good,lemon cake not so much,young lady in express needs some retraining!!!

Thalia Lane-Salman

When ever I go to any MCL I always purchase their dressing because it is very good. I went to this particular location in Speedway and they only filled the container halfway full. I asked the manager if they could put more in there and she said no. She didn’t even look inside the container to see how much was in there. She just said no.I explained that two of the other locations I visited filled their containers up. She said that she will have to call and report them. With the prices they charge they should have no problem filling the container up.Why would she hate on them like that? I don’t think that manager was having a good day and I will not be visiting that location anymore.


Home style cooking

Tohav Harris

Stuffed chicken yum

Delores Robinson

Very good food, great pies & everything is made from scratch!

Amy Crain

Three Mayfield Platters and one Child's Plate to go. Chicken & dumplings, baked tilapia and roast beef with corn, green beans and mashed potatoes with gravy. Cornbread, a cinnamon roll and a cranberry muffin for the bread selections. Overall, the food wasn't bad. The line service while ordering the food was pretty bad though. The first server couldn't tell me how much anything was or what the price difference was between the Mayfield Platter and the Kids Plate and didn't concern herself enough to find the answer. I believe the manager was the next server in line. He also seemed more irritated to have to serve four plates than pleased to have customers (which equal a job). Overall, I felt as though being a customer at the establishment was an inconvenience to the staff and am not likely to refer them to others.

Patty Warner

Some recipes have changed

Yvonne Richardson

The food is good. We also go to MCL on west 86th street.

Lauren Hoffman

Mcl is amazing!! You can't beat the mayfield special , mmmmm

Yuan Cao

fry fish is perfect

Grant Donaldson

Didn't care for their food

Delisa Jameson

Good down home cooking


We never ate there before since we are under 40 years But i have to say the atmosphere is spectacular and very "HOMEY". There is very little vegetarians can eat but the food was pretty good. Add your own seasoning.

Russell Jones

I have been going to MCL since I was a little boy. That being said, it saddens me to say that I would no longer recommend this restaurant to anyone who makes less than six figures a year. Unless you have money to throw away MCL cafeteria is not the place to eat. The food is average and the prices are outrageous. Which is a travesty because this use to be such a wonderful place to meet the family and eat.

shawn smith

great food and staff

Jennifer Johnson-wade

I go there regularly. Friendly staff. Foods okay.

Troy Roberts

The 5 dollar fish friday was not too apeasing you did not get any sides with the fish but on the other side the fish was actually really good. I would recomend this place to any of my frineds or family . this is also a good place where you can go in the middle of the day to get lunch

John Harvey

Easy in and out at carry out on side.

charlene clark

Never had a bad experience been eating there for years

leah franzen


Ameera Abbas

Great food and service


Friendly staff

Kim Garmany

Good food and service

Jeffery Bladen

Great food and service.

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