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REVIEWS OF MCL Restaurant & Bakery Arlington IN Indiana

Jason Woodruff

This long time chain has always been a favorite. The food is fresh and worth the cost. My only complaint of this location is the cleanliness. The carpeting looked as if it hadn't been swept or cleaned in a while. The tables weren't bussed efficiently. While some employees presented a professional, warm welcome, others appeared to be dressed for a nightclub. Was quite a difference from what I expected of such a reputable chain. I'd recommend going to another location.

Robert Walsman

The food isn't high quality. Years ago, the quality used to be much better.

Clarke Campbell

As always, excellent home cooking. The fried chicken us excellent and the daily blue-plate specials are worth the trip. Low key, friendly atmosphere.

Marva Wickware

Food was good server was attentive

Mona Berberena

Food had no flavor

Brandon Demaree

The cafeteria format is not great. The food is WAY overpriced for being not very good. Portions are quite small. They expect you to tip the person that brings you two refills? I was dragged there for a funeral dinner oh, I will never go there again

Child'of Christ

Absolutely horrible. Most of the time when I come to MCL Cafeteria my food is good but I particularly love the coleslaw. So I always buy it in pints or quarts. This time I ordered a pint of coleslaw and instead of giving me the coleslaw they had a front the lady went and got me some from the back. It was horribly old and I cannot believe they gave me this coleslaw. With as much money as you guys charge for food you would think that you would make sure if somebody buys a pint or quart of coleslaw it would be fresh or at least made the same day. You can see the yellowish browning of the cabbage and it's not the center either.

JH Russell

Great food and service. Custard Pie was incredible.

Troy Gifford

Great food, good service, steep price.

Ouida Norris

The help is excellent. Food generous and delicious down home recipes.

Tracy Blair

Went here with my family when I was little and through the years. No other restaurant brings me more comfort and a big part of that is the comfort food they serve! Haven't been for awhile and was so happy to see this location is still open. Don't forget to try the cinnamon roll. I also like their stuffed chicken breast.

Donna Wiseman

Food is good but are becoming a little more expensive than they used to be.

K Miller

Tasty food without all the overhead of a normal restaurant.

John Abernathy

A little dated atmosphere but the food is delicious

Run Teach

Fresh food, fair portion size, and quiet restaurant.

Dennis Nicholas

Great table service.

Sarah Peters

The food is good . I have eaten there a time or two .. But I'm not so sure about the managers who work there .. I put in an onlone application at MCL so therefore I call periodically from time to time and check to see if they are hiring .. Ok , so one particular call some colored woman gets on the phone with me .. She was just plain rude . She lets in to giving me an interview right there on the phone . She let in to asking me to tell her about myself so forth and so on . It irritated me so I kept blundering by saying "um ." She asked me why I kept saying um . Then hurried up and got me off the phone by saying they had my application and that they'd call me if they needed me .. My question is this .. If you are in need of employees , then why on earth would you treat any applicant who might become a potential employee less than what you would want to be treated just because you are a manager ? Good question isn't it . You haven't even looked at my application , yet you're going to start interviewing me over the phone ? How horrid . The location was the MCL located at the corner of 10th street and Arlington Avenue . I'm a good worker . But I wonder if I'm wasting my time sumitting the application . *shaking my head*

Eric Hoogland

Great homestyle food; servers are always happy and courteous and seem to love their jobs

Lonnie Roberson

Expensive!!!.... even with the minimal discounts they might offer.

Madeline Barnes

The food is pretty good

Kelle Davis

Very good home cooking! This food is made w love, it's delicious.

Thomas Pacheco

Delicious as always. Love MCL!

Suzanne Robinson

Very good service and the food is good.

Stacy Lawrence

They are always good!

Jane Bell

Go frequently . Would be great if the food was hot its usually warm to cool to cold. And I know they check the food temp. But it still isn't hot. I guess the water understands it is, but not the food. I'll still go for the verity is good.

Doug Crane

Great staff, great food, great place to attend Friday noon Bible study together!

Amelia Lengerich

Roast beef is killer!

Sexxy Shanda Sexxy Shanda

Their prices are creeping up the prices are getting too high

Craig Rein

Although this location's footprint is much smaller than when I first ate there 50 years ago, the food is as good now as it was then. Still a great cafeteria, and staff is very friendly.

Clay's Trueday's

When I first arrived at MCL I got out of my car and noticed that the parking lot was pretty full.. so Im thinking wow theres alot of people here, must be a great dine in place. I walked in to the resteraunt, and upon entry noticed two things the first was the smell. "It smells pretty good in here gigi! (My mom)" The second thing I notice is the decorum.. The wallpaper is very bland and dim.. also many of the pictures are black and white.. which usually dosnt matter when there is colour to back it up. The most colourful thing in the room was the flag mounted on the wall.. and even it was dull and almost lifeless. When getting to the buffet line, the food dosnt look bad but.. prices are written in chalk on the wall above making it hard to really know how much your spending if your not paying attention. I used my coupon for a prime rib, which came with two sides. The first I hot mashed potatoes. When asked if I wanted gravy I replied no, even after my reply she started to put gravy on, reminding her that I didnt want gravy she apologized and grabbed a spoonful of more mash and just topped it over. When getting to the register a few people ahead of me had been waiting a minute, because the manager at the register was on the phone with an employee, who called in reporting he was at his sister's and couldnt make it. After hanging up the phone she continued to talk with an employee about him for a minute or two. With the people in front of me still waiting. By tge time I was able to sit down. My prime rib was cold and had no taste. The waitress was good though checking on us every few minutes. And so this novel dedicates my experience lol I hope anyone who does go there has a better experience. Ciao!

CHS ChasMan

So so place to eat, food portions small for what you pay, good services, clean.

Theresa Madden

Delicious healthy food, served quickly. Our waitress was very friendly and helpful

Douglas Smith

Once a month, nice place to eat and always friendly, they take good care of you

Chris C

We were in town and weren't sure what to expect. It's basically a school cafeteria line where you get a tray and say what you want. But the food is surprisingly tasty! There were mostly older folks in there but the "waitress" was very friendly. I'd go back.

Jim Brown

Always an awesome meal, but a little pricey, too. I don't do it too often. Fish Fridays are fun. LOL But always good quality food.

Ledrena Girton

It is ALWAYS a pleasant place to go and eat lunch. My Granny lives it here. She is 94 years old.

Nadine Graham

I just ordered food through door dash. I'm home sick. When the food arrived everything was not in the bag. I called & spoke to supervisor. Now I need to call door dash to get money back. If the staff would just complete the order, these extra steps would not be necessary! I personally love the food at in MCL. Customer service is number one and so is accountability! Something they need to work on.

Angela Kivett

We arrived and it was not busy. Started to make our selections and the person ahead had a big to go order. There were plenty of people working but they couldn't seem to get it together to fill this order. There was no teamwork and this caused a bottle neck. The servers wouldn't help each other, an it's not my job mentality. We got to drinks the server said the were out of coffee cups and would bring it to our table. The wait while they were trying to get the to go order caused our food to cool considerably. Finally got through and the coffee was not brought. Had to ask for it. After we sat we noticed the girl working salads scratching her head and rubbing her face and hair along with checking her phone then handling food. Would have not purchased food if we had seen this earlier. We come here regularly but will not anymore after seeing the blatant unsanitary way the server was.

Morgan Dixon

Always love eating at MCL when in Indianapolis and this visit did not disappoint. Very friendly staff and clean condition were great compliments to the "tastes like home" flavors that MCL is known for. Highly recommend! Only have 2 pics to share because most of us ordered similar items.

Tammy Sweezy

nice place to eat a good meal. Not fast food real food. Nice to have the welcome people and atmosphere .

Lindy Pruett

My sandwich meat was very chewy

k. whatley

The food was so good. I went back the next weekend. The greenbeans were great. The baked chicken was great. My family and I loved it.

shiva harger

Nice people Ok good food

Lisa Hill

Great service.. the waitress Kathy was awesome

Carl Wiese

One of the best cafeterias I've ever been to

Mary Palmer

Service was good. Food was good and fresh.

lisa lisa

Roaches and they treat their staff horrible

Paula Diana Barrett

Food was great and I will be back.

Linda Chapman

Good Salmon patties are so good

Sandra Webster

friendly staff, good food

Rhonda Perry

Pretty good food and employees are always cool but the prices are a little bit much.

Matthew Wilson

Pricey but good food.

Laura Mills Morris

Service was friendly & food was good. The one thing I didn't like is the price for just a piece of pie....way to high.

terry Spencer

Best iced tea ever good food too

Kevin Mullis

Love the variety and sweets available. Nothing like some home cooking.

Richard Schneider

Excellent food and service!

Vicki Hale

Food just ok. Dont like being bothered by floor staff for a tip. Remember baby, I served myself.

Kizzy Mason

Wednesdays special Catfish...was surprised fish was very salty and this is supposed to be a low sodium restaurant. Seniors watch out for Catfish!

Harold Boyce

I love Very much eating MCL Restaurant great Food

Hanna Grif

Good food good price

Janice Blair

Nice place to meet and eat with friends

Marissa McClure

17 dollars for a plate of food. Never again

Shirley Herzberg

Good food.

Kimberly Tanner

Food is always good and the service is great!!

Dani Girl

Over priced and not worth the money. Had lunch for 3 people and our bill was almost 80 bucks. Crazy!

Linda Chechopoulos

Loved it! Great Food! Excellent Service!

Roberta Zachidny

Four of us went toMCL Arlington for our evening meal. The food was excellent and servings were large. Even though busy, servers still took time to acknowlege us and made several trips behind the food bar to get us what we wanted. Very pleasant evening meal.

Lloyd Barnard

Great all catfish u want 5.99.

Dave Mansfield

I've eaten here for years. Good homestyle comfort food like I grew up with.

Mr Williams

It's a nice restaurant. The food is ok it seems to me like it's a little under seasoned. It seem to be a place frequented by older people maybe that's the reason for them holding back on the seasonings. But I can see that being better for you. Overall I can recommend them if you want something close to home cooking.

Jon Pope

MCL is a quality cafeteria that serves a variety of dishes like roast beef, fried chicken, tilapia, beef Manhattan, spaghetti, stuffed chicken breast, etc. They have some of the most tasty salads, baked rolls, and deserts in town. Don't forget the sweet tea! The best part everyone of the staff I have ever encountered is friendly.

Curtis Lipe

Had roast beef Manhattan. Beef was so tough could hardly chew it.

David Turner

Good service food was ok but not great. Loved the cherry pie.

Barbara Stoffer

Good food and decent pricing. Always clean and friendly.

Joyce Allen

Home style cooking with a variety of fresh vegetables and salads. Good for single diners and families. Parking is free and restrooms are available. Open 7 days a week. Generally, has daily specials.

Phillip ONeal

MCL restaurant keeps the old values fast friendly and always make you feel at home

Saundra Mitchell

Consistent and great service

Gus Williams

Always great food and great service. It's usually somewhat chilly in there though.

Vernita Jenkins

I have found hair in my food.

toni scott

It's a good place

supersnoopy6666 arts & crafts

Its a nice place to get a feel like a good home cook meal.

Marion Akers

I love to eat at MCL restaurant, because they have good food.

J Rangel

Heather was so attentive to our needs. Great experience.

Jody Heeter

They were welcoming to my group that like to get together and play games on Saturdays. We will be back next Saturday. My husband and I got the daily special. So good!

jim Cairel

Because I do!


MCL is a nice and cozy spot on the outside, but it's a totally different ballgame behind the scenes. They pay their workers the bare minimum, cut their hours, and treat them like dogs.

scott sheffield

Good food

Alma Ingersoll

Now I know why I haven't been there in a while. The food wasn't that good.


Always an enjoyable visit; MCL's are always clean and relaxing, the staff is polite & professional, and the food is tasty, filling, and just what one wants homemade meals to be: Made w/ Care & Love.

Lovely Washington

Fresh food daily.. Always have a special going with meals.. Family friendly and wonderful waitress

Jonathan Tobin

Great Fried Chicken little pricey

Janet Routh

great food..not as many choices of sides as some of the MCL'sbut the food was goid friendly staff

Peggy Wessel

comfort food

Bill Emery

Good food. Wish more fruit pies.

Honey Davis

Was great food at a great price. Very calm atmosphere

vicki Heard

A little expensive but love the alicart

Janese Edwards

Good food

Janis Groce

good food but a little expensive

nicholas caplinger

Food ok, not great, service excellent, overall ok.

timmy white

Great comfort food

Barbara White

Normally I have delicious food at MCL but at this Friday all-you-can-eat catfish fry the fish was cornbread batter lined with very little fish, dry and tasteless, not sweet and juicy the way catfish should be. Sweet corn and water were yummy!

Jvf frank

Good food

Rickie Bellany

Food and service was good.

Billie Mills

The food was very good, enjoyed my dinner. - Bob Mills

Pamela Lucas

Great food, great prices

Bsharon Smith

Great dinner, the chicken was tasty!

Brenda Fromer

Their food is fresh, the service is excellent. All were friendly and welcomed us. Our waitress was amazing. We will definitely be back.

Nancy Landers

Some. Foods served cold.had to ask for a reheat, but generally very good. Service always great.

Victoria day

Food was great in the staff was extremely friendly

Neil Hunt

This restaurant has been popular for years, with mostly the older population. The food is overpriced, and mediocre at best. I only go when other family members want to meet there.

Kumba Nyorkor

MCL has good food, but can be pricey outside of thier daily specials. Portion size could also increase just a tad!

james key

Service good clean vegetables more cold than warm and even more this is the second time we've been there in the vegetables were called

Chad McClellan

This is an old fashion cafeteria type place I've been eating at randomly since I was a small child. You pick up your try and silverware and everything is alacarte. Just pick and choose which food items you want to eat, place them on your try and pay at the end of the line. They have roast beef, fried chicken, stuffed chicken breast, and much more for main dishes, many different sides, salads, desserts, breads, and finally drinks. It is a bit on the expensive side, but the food is good, not great, but good. Its nice to go back and enjoy a meal from here every once in a while. Homemade pies, and other old recipe dishes are served daily. They also have a banquet room available to rent for parties. Plenty of parking as they are in a strip mall location.

Karen Loucks

Wonderful food, eat at your own pace, a great place to eat. Server was very attentive to our needs, even offered to warm our bread. Loved it!

chanel marshall

Good but pricey

D Houston

Good service and delicious food ever since I was a child. My fav.

Katie Oskay

Not sure if it is the place itself or the chain as a whole, but MCL seems to have gotten a bit expensive for the cafeteria-style food it serves. This location is always clean and friendly and the floating servers who walk around are the nicest! Still great comfort food and always reliable!

James Ferge

Always great ie strawberry and cake

Larry Griffin-Sledge

Good old-fashioned home cooking at its best!

Manone Whitehead

Quick meal

David Casserly

Always good food and helpful staff.

John Burris

The food was Excellent and the staff was friendly and well mannered. An overall good experience.

Garth Campbell

Good home style cooking with a different menu every day of the week

Audria Ayers

Stopped here for lunch by myself and had their 1/2 portion of roast beef which included a bread and two sides and a drink for around $10.00. A quiet nice place to eat and the staff was super nice. I used to come here with my grandmother when I was little and the homestyle down to earth atmospheres hasn't changed.

the Brown girls and Thier gmaw

It's ok but kinda prices for two dinners with know extra not even dessert.

K Stephens

Just as you'd expect. Friendly, quick, & delicious

Kevin Richardson

Dam good food love the chicken

R Ashby

LOVE this restaurant but today the roast beef was extremely dry...

Kynoyah El Bey

Nice & Friendly.. Realy for Senior Citizens but that doesnt mean they will treat you any different.. They carry the elders trays to there table if there unable to.. Just great customer service I will continue to take my grandparents here!!!

Wanina Rogers

Great customer service, allowed us to stay well passed closing and yummy food. Even offers sugar free options for those who need to watch their sugar intake

James Brown

Great food as always, but a bit more expensive than what I had hoped for.

Bastard Pineapples

THE BEST people work at this MCL. Plus, it's MCL!! This one is a EASTSIDE legend!! Only place to go for good cafeteria style food. And those cinnamon rolls are my childhood!!! Comfort food at it's best

Mmhh Hhaa

Great food. Only complaint is they often don't have some of the items listed on the day's menu.

Anita Chaplin

Love their salad and whole wheat roll. They have some of the best unsweetened iced tea!

Eloise Moore

Food was great and service was excellent. Young man on the floor was very nice and helpful. He is excellent with everyone and always ready to take care of us with whatever we need. He makes himself available to his customers. Enjoyed our visit.

Nancy D

Good food, reasonable prices. Good place to eat.

Kevin Russell

Friendly and accommodating staff

Joanne Smith

Friday is my favorite day eating here

Ishall Love

I went for the coleslaw mainly but I also got stuffed chicken lol. The coleslaw was nasty OMG I got it refunded. But everything else was good.

Shara Bunting

Love taking the kids here. Clean, quick, tasty, and the staff are always super nice.

Julie McKee

There are always an amazing selection to choose from. Always tastes great. Staff is always super sweet.

Mark Harris

Everything was great.

Consetta Horton

Loved the Roast Beef potatoes Gravy and Gr Beans

Auriel Charpentier

Lots of choices and different deals. The food can be a bit pricey but on Thursday they have 99 cent pie day. Yummy! Good, friendly service.

David Reed

Good food, decent portions. A little pricey for a cafeteria for me, but food quality makes up for that.

Vicky Ramey

Great place to go eat .we try to go often.

Danielle Dillon

Lunch was a bit expensive...but food was good.

beth chesser

This is somewhat of a healthy option for lunch. However the vegetable portions seem to be shrinking. The cost is getting higher, but that's the norm for anyone who wants to skip a drive up window. The constant though is the people here. The staff is always the same friendly faces. It's easy to come here for lunch and get out in an hour.

Jazmin Kinard

Not GOOD food was cold

David Spencer

Went in for fish Friday. Worst ever cold rubber, green beans cold you just lost my business forever. Manager was like who cares. Time for a change I'll never be back.

Stacy Newman

Food was cold i got broccoli and cat fish. The broccoli I couldn't bite into and catfish wad hard. Got the chocolate pie it wasn't good at all. Our server was very annoying.

Iago Copperfield

Rude cashier, average and pricy food.

Candus Mitchell

Mcl Maclaughners. Not to many know about that! The cafeteria has been around for awhile. And are one of my favorites!

Jeanna Parker

Food great and service excellent!!

Jeannie Phillips

The food and service is always wonderful, but prices are a little high. All you can eat Fish Fry Friday is so good! Miss harvard beets that hasn't been an offered the past few visits. Reminds me of my Grandma's.

Beverly Easley

Clean and food was good

Kareema B

My co worker LOVES Medicaid Lounge.....aka the place where older adults, old people, typically frequent. It's not that often that our group goes together to this place. Boy had I been missing out. Awesome specials. Lovely service and a all around nice atmosphere. Will definitley be back.

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