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REVIEWS OF Long's Bakery IN Indiana

Jessica Wickham

LOVE LONG'S BAKERY! Best yeast donuts this city has to offer and fairly priced. They are doing donuts right! While I've not tired everything this bakery has to offer, I've tried quite a bit and the "melt in your mouth" yeast donuts are my go to favs! BRING CASH as they are a cash only establishment, but totally worth that set back. Also, I will say that they went above and beyond for a customer of my job. They were an Indy local that moved out of state, when they passed away their family wanted to serve their favorite donuts at their service, Long's were gracious enough to make the massive order and they made it to the airlines in time to make their flight out of town.

Leanna Abdelmaged

I grew up in Indianapolis, but haven’t lived here since I graduated. It was a family tradition, ever time I came for a visit, my grandfather would get a box of Long’s. I moved back to Indy over the summer and couldn’t wait to get Long’s. This was my first time standing in line and purchasing a box of glazed for my family. The line was long but moved quickly. I was disappointed that the donuts weren’t warm BUT they still tasted just as I remembered. My only regret is that I got a dozen instead of a half. I can’t stop!

Julie Boysen

Grew up in the neighborhood it's in. Best bakery try their sticky buns oh my goodness

D. Frank Adams

If you like doughnuts, this place provides a sugar rush.

missbeutdoinme young

Cant get a better donut then longs... I try an go before church

Theresa Roberts

I usually order ahead and run in to pick up for convenience. But I realized that I miss the community. Strangers talking in line, laughing and sharing their stories.

nevaeh sweet

Great donuts just got nets on them and flys

Jack Leo

Perfection in pastry! The service is extremely fast and the place is clean and everything they make is completely delicious! My dad brought me here as a little guy in the late 50s. The flavor and pleasing appearance have everything they make has not changed a bit since then.

Jowanna Peterson

My spot for getting some of the BEST pastries in Indy!

Kyhle Porter

I love Long's, quick service even if they have a long line and the quality is always top notch.


Best donuts I’ve ever had in my life! Lol. Not originally from here and not a donut fan but the freshness is what sold me. Wish they had off street parking though.

Fiona W

low-key overrated and too close to the city but still pretty good

Recovery Account

My family comes here every single trip to Indianapolis. Best place ever! You have fans for life!

Judith Anthony

Love this place! Nothing else like it.

Kayelee U

They're the best! Been getting their Mary Ann's for almost 60 years, yummy!


The donuts and brownies are delicious but, the lady with the blonde braids is not to friendly she just looks at me crazy even when I speak. Tired of the crazy looks cause I go in there like twice a week. Wow

Wallace Flowers

I have heard a lot of things about Long's Donuts. I heard that they are the best in town. So I have really wanted to give them a try. So today being Mother's Day, I decided to get some for my wife. I ordered three glazed, a maple and a blueberry cake donut. The place had a line out the door! I highly recommend Long's Donuts to anyone who is looking for a quality product

Catherine Garcia

Best donuts in Indy! I go to the downtown location. Never been to the southside one. Parking can sometimes be a pain. Normally when the lines are long, they get people in and out. You can only use cash which is sometimes a pain because I almost never carry cash. Staff is friendly and welcoming. Place is clean, and the yeast donuts are LIFE. Going to Long's is a treat.

Robert. Eugene Robertson. Jr

Long is the best bakery they have real good pastry

Michael Schmidt

IT's a nice place, with sweet suprises!

Denise Coleman

The pastries are extremely good and fresh.

Scott Whitecotten

My dad has been bringing Longs donuts home since the 1970s. Being firefighter working downtown made it easy for him to go by there. Then, straight west home. Today, dad calls just to say " hey, I got Long's" and of course, we all drop everything to run over and enjoy those melt in your mouth fresh yeast donuts! Lol The Best by far Always GREAT always FRESH. Love - to the baker's, the counter, and owners of Long's bakery.

Jason Yorke

This place is a local institution and the people of west Indianapolis consider it a cultural & historical landmark. It's the first place I always point out of town visitors to who are here for Gen Con or one of the races. If you've never been before, get a dozen of glazed donuts and proceed through the gates of heaven into a state of euphoria that can usually only be reached with the aid of illegal mind altering substances. They're that good. It's a fact of life for Hoosiers in Central Indiana. Unmatched and near mythic, legendary status. Long's is life.

Jennetta Harris


Liv Knight

If you're ever in Indianapolis, Long's Bakery should be the first place you go. It's small and you'd probably miss it if you're not paying attention, but that really adds to the charm of it, kinda like it's your little secret place. The info on the bakery's history is a great addition. The staff is very patient, especially since I was so engrossed by all of the options they had. Of course the sweets are AMAZING!!! The brownies and blueberry donuts are out of this world. Did I mention it's cheap? I'd give 10 stars if I could.

Charon Richards

I got there late (shortly before closing) and they still treated me very nice...speaks a lot to their customer service. Staff was amazing. David was so nice. I'm not from the area and heard this was THEE place to go. The bar was set high and they exceeded my expectations.

Julius Rice

Love this place in Indianapolis it is one of the best donuts I ever had and will continue to go there

Scott Campbell

Our favorite place for donuts in Indianapolis! (Jack's is a close 2nd) Make sure to get a dozen of whatever is hot and fresh!

shantel davis


Joe bickers

Never disappointed. That's all I can say

Lydia Jay

Their plain doughnuts are second to none in Indy. They are completely worth the occasional long line and cash only.

Denise Hodges

I used to stop at Long's bakery coming from school back in 68! It was good then and it's still good today. My aunt and uncle lived on the west side of town but I went to George Washington so we had to go downtown and then transfer that's when I found out about this wonderful bakery.

Carmelita Barber

The "BEST" glazed doughnuts I have ever had or tasted!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!

Krista Tabels

Love this little home style bakery. You can tell it is a local favorite. Great atmosphere. Nice employees and customers!

Ron M

The baked goods are delicious as always. Fresh and inviting. I do feel sorry for the ladies who work there. None of them seem to be happy. They move slowly with frowns on their faces.

David Mulkey

The absolute best doughnuts I ever had. They only take cash.

S Scott

Delicious, unbeatable taste. I have and anticipate many times will again wait in the loooong line at open for hot donuts from Longs.. Even though its a 5 mile out-of-the-way jaunt; its never been anything but well worth it!

Maria Khan

Best donuts in Indy! Make sure to bring cash and get their glazed donuts.

mary hensley

Long's Bakery is an Indy staple. Because it's so popular, there are usually lines in the morning, especially on the weekends. So give yourself some extra time there. Also, parking can be difficult sometimes, so you may have to park down the road and walk. So if there's rain or snow, be prepared to walk in it. Their doughnuts

Lauren Martinez

The BEST donuts in the city! Nothing beats Long's and I've tried a lot of other donut shops. Are they fancy? No, nothing fancy. Just incredible classic donuts! What more do you need? The plain glazed is one of the best things you'll put in your mouth. Then they have lots of options to choose from. Blueberry is great and so are the cinnamon round donuts

Sean Wilson

Damn good donuts and really chill workers.

Adi Kamath

The cinnamon donuts are small disks of life changing happiness

Dean Adams

The best donut place in Indy. Go early or call in for pick up. It's normal for the line to be out the door.

Jennie Deem

Best donuts in Indianapolis! Cash only, line moves quickly, they've got it all figured out. You don't last this long if you don't deliver the goods, and they do in spades!!


Always great doughnuts and other sweets. Just wish they would start accepting debit cards. Kinda a rough neighborhood for people to be carrying cash.

Dan Barnard

Would go here 3 times as often if they accepted cards. Amazing donuts though!

Montique Page

The best donuts in the Nap , love coming here great customer service and quick service thanks Longs

Ro Sital

Well Long's is forever an Indy/Hoosier favorite so if you have you must get some fresh baked goods.

Kalamity Deschain

Came here because of the reviews - was not disappointed. Loved the cinnamon sugar donut holes the most. Here's what we got for $10: 12 cinnamon sugar donut holes 1 brownie 1 peanut butter brownie 2 cinnamon fry 1 cream filled 1 jelly filled 1 blueberry cake 1 chocolate cake 1 apple cake All very good. The cake donuts aren't sour cream cake donuts, but they are still soooo good. They also have cookies, cake pops, and all kinds of donuts.

Dennis Hyatt

BEST damn doughnuts in the city of Indianapolis. Period, end of story...

Ken Roth

Stopped by after heading back to Il for some donuts on the recommendation of family. Wow, they were right. Worth the trip, bring your cash.

shelly Hyder

Nice and warm worth

Don Cornelius

Great pastries. Brownies are amazing and strawberry tarts are out of this world.

Renee Williams

Always love getting doughnuts and pastries here!!!

michael BigBear1970

They have the best doughnuts in the state hot an fresh daily

Marcia Flaunders

Great doughnut and pastries the best in the city.. Long standing company over 50 yrs.

Erica Fabulous

Amazing doughnuts just be ready to wait in line for that yeasty goodness

Elizabeth Reilly

This location is awesome. I was at the back of a very long line and I got through in less than 10 minutes. The staff there totally rock and you get the doughnuts you Long for. ;)

Eric Groh

I've been away for 3 years and had to stop by when I was back in Indy. Omg have so missed the yeast donuts and they were wonderful.

TeeTee MeMe

Best blueberry cake donuts!!! Cash only and expect a line

Ben Compton

A true Indianapolis GEM..a must if you visit the city.. best bakery in town!!!

Cash Goals

Best Home Made Donuts In The City Of Indianapolis.

Janne Jackon

A city gem. Its worth the wait!

Lynnette Kennie


Will Fields

I go crazy for these donuts. Was home for a week and at over a dozen. Have been going since a child and haven't had a thing that didn't taste amazing. This is a must if you are in Indianapolis even for a day. Stop by and get anything. They are CASH ONLY. No ATM.

Bianca Phillips

The wait is worth it and the items are not too expensive. They ONLY take CASH! Get there early if you want something specific - once they run out that's it for the day. Their bags of butter cookies are perfect for when you are craving something sweet and sugary.

Jach Davi

I visited here from the Chicagoland area. I got a dozen of various kinds of doughnuts. I thought the price was excellent for a box of a dozen (I spent a little over $8) but thought that the doughnuts themselves were mediocre. I was pretty excited about trying this place because of all of the hype I heard about it while I was in Indy but I really didn't think that these doughnuts were that great. I've had better doughnuts from shops in the Chicagoland area.

nancy vaughn

Great service and doughnuts are out of this world

Natives IdleNoMore

I loved these doughnuts...yeast and choc yeast are my favourite!!!

Jean Bell

I love Long's bakery I just don't like the part of town it's in very unsafe but the donuts are great

KITs McQueen

When the yeast donuts are hot and fresh, they are melt in your mouth amazing. You have to find the time when they are fresh and not going through a shift change. The Bavarian cream, jelly and cake donuts are delicious too. The line can be long at times with very little parking but it's worth the wait. Cash only!

John Green

There's a reason for the long Long's line. I have yet to find better yeast donuts than Long's... The other Long's baked goods are also excellent. The goods are 5 star quality but I hate that they're cash only. One visit I forgot they were cash only after waiting 20 minutes in a long line and if it wasn't for a friend in front of me to pay for my goods, I would of had to leave to go to the ATM machine... pay ATM fees to take out money.. then get back in the long line at the very back... that would of truly SUCK... and I would've did it to because I traveled from way on the other side of town just to get Long's... I understand the reason for the cash only is to save costumers money for the charge that the card companies charge business for using credit/debit cards, thus forcing the businesses to either eat the cost or pass the cost onto the consumer by increasing price of the goods. I think the remedy for this for Long's would be to offer a discount for costumers who pay cash (current price currently) & regular price (increased cost for Long's to accept credit/ debit cards). That way the customers who would need to make a trip to the ATM before going to Long's aren't paying the higher ATM fees than the smaller fees added to their Long's goods. The question Long's needs to ask is how many customers have they lost because of their cash only deal for those who don't want to get robbed by ATM fees or those who have cash but realize once in the business they want more than what they have cash for and only buy for what they have cash for. If I was the business owner that question would keep me awake at night.

Carl Ogle

The blueberry cake is Amazing. Easily the Best donut in Indy. The ladies working are always friendly.


OMG!!! Super delicious

Shay Cox

It was later in the day so the donuts weren't hot but they were good. We were visiting from PA and were told we HAD to go to Long's for their hot, melt in your mouth donuts.

nicole williams

I was asked by my oldest daughter to please pick up 2 dozen doughnuts before I drove back home 2 1/2 hrs IT WAS SO WORTH IT♥️

benny18777777 .

Long's bakery has a wide variety of cake and yeast Donuts. Their signature Donuts are there yeast Donuts and they are very delicious. They also have a variety of brownies and cakes and different kinds of pastries including cookies. I would highly recommend Long's bakery. Be prepared to stand in a decent-sized line though because they are very popular for their donuts however their staff is also pretty fast so you won't be standing there long regardless of the size of the line.

Paul Gaddie

I have been stopping here on Friday mornings for a long time. They have hands down the best yeast donuts in town. If you get there at the right time ask for them hot. They are even better. As for the rest of their donuts, I really like their cake ones. They are always moist and they have a big variety. The rest of their options are very good as well. The only down side I would see is they only take cash.

shannon smith

I tell everyone about them donuts. I call them Crack. Everybody I know when I say I'm going to get some crack everybody put in an order. We be feigning for them donuts. Line be around the block in the winter time. LOVE THEM!!

Stephanie Jones

The customer service was great but the actual customer's where NOT. Very rude and inpatient customers everytime I go.

Holly Souders

Donuts so good. Long lines but move fast. Worth it

Susan Stewart

Really good doughnuts. The staff is super friendly. They always make you feel special.

Cheryl Eiler

Love their donuts but bought cupcakes for a birthday party and they were awful. Over cooked and absolutely no flavor. So so disappointing.

Nick M

1st visit. Everyone raves about this place, so decided to visit. I ordered an apple sauce/cinnamon donut, and a pecan roll. Delicious! The associate was very nice and helpful. I was unsure about the apple sauce donut, so she let me sample it. The service was very quick, in and out in under 5 mins.

John Terry

The donuts and pastries sold here or always wonderful there always fresh if you go early in the morning you can get them while they're still warm. Just remember that they are cash only they don't accept credit or debit cards. So bring your lunch money and you can't go wrong here.

Annie Puckett

50 years later they still taste the same

Brandi Murray

Great Hot Donuts We Bout 3 Dozen Yeast

Phillip ONeal

Greatest Donuts in Indy and they ship to the people who wants them out of town.

Ron Harger

It fairly good doughnuts. Service is slow but part of its charm

Morgan C

My boyfriend and I were in Indy and I him told we had to go to Longs! He had wanted Krispy Kreme so bad and I told him this was way better. Donuts are super fresh and delicious! I love the applesauce donuts and the cinnamon fries donut! Don't forgot CASH ONLY!! Cheap fantastic little surprise in Indy!

Teresea Black

Little wait...but Well worth it!

Teresa Amankwah

Got in and out very quickly and the donuts were delicious

Frank Hamiter


Anthony J. Burgess Sr.

Love Longs Bakery, this is one of Indy's treasures. If you are in Indianapolis look them up cash only!


Right now in Indianapolis Dale really only two bakeries available for fresh baked breads cakes and pies and there would be Long's bakery in Taylor's Bakery on the east side Long's bakery is a long-standing of the community on the west side and has the best donuts that money could buy and they are terrific when you catch them hot and they are magnificent.

Misadventures of the bedhead Mama

My Husband& I grew up getting Long's on Tremont! Wish there was one here in Ga..we introduced Long's to our boys last they want the huge danishes on their birthdays! Hey..consider long distance delivery?!

Theogony Lord

First time going and it was such a great experience. I love the smell and the staff was so nice. The donuts were amazing, freshly baked at 6am and still warm when I got them at 6:30am. If you've never tried Long's donuts you're missing out.

Nathaniel Sconiers

The only one place to go for the best pastries in this state

Reginald Quarles

What can I say? Longs is one of the best bakeries in America. Warm yeast donuts are pure ambrosia!


Best place for donuts and pasteries... Indianapolis icon...friendly staff!

tony henson

Best glazed and blueberry cake doughnuts. If you are new to town or just visiting, do yourself a favor and come check them out.

Vickie Bevington

Best donuts I've ever had.

abe m

Long wait sometimes, but well worth it! Every other donut shop in Indianapolis should just shut down, they can't hold a candle to Longs. If you're really luck, you'll get a batch of hot donuts, right out of the fryer. If you're with more than one person, I highly recommend getting more than one dozen, heck, I can take out a dozen by myself! Great eats!!!

Abe A.

Amazing yeast glazed, blueberry cake, and applesauce cake donuts!!! I've tried them all, these are my 3 go to donuts

thumper styles

Love this place it's the best. Better than Jack

Andy Robinette

Tasty traditional style donuts. No indoor seating.

Sabrina Detzel

Best donuts ever, no competition. Have to get the yeast donuts they're so good

Elle gen

Always great! For years it has been ranked among the best!

Andy Rogers

Best donuts I've ever had. If you can get them got make the trip you won't be disappointed. The glazed always hit the spot. Although you can go wrong with the cheese danish, Apple fritter, cinnamon fries, or brownies.

Jason Utt

Hands down best donuts in the state (probably country)!!! Amazing yeast, blueberry to die for, etc...

ashley pierson

Its Longs!!!! If you're from indy and dont know about Longs, you've been hiding under a rock!!! Longs is melt in your mouth deliciousness.

Daniel Vandersall

There are bakeries. There are donut places. A lot of them. There is only one Long's. This is the apotheosis of donut making, the ultimate point where no further improvement is possible. The texture is worthy of finest french masters, the taste is pure sugary cocaine. Park somewhere on the street; it will be full. prepare to walk a bit to the even longer wait inside. You will stand in line. There is always a line. It is worth the wait. This business is cash only; a box of their incredible yeast donuts, the staple, is a little over 6 dollars. For a dozen of the best donuts you will ever taste, this is a bargain. If you live in Indy you know this place. If you visit, this is one of those food gems, the local treasure.

Darrell Pierce

Long's Bakery has been there off of 16th Street since 1955, and for the last 64 years has been gracing Indianapolis with the best donuts the city has ever had. Never a disappointment, they're always warm, fresh, and the line for them always goes out the door. They take cash ONLY, which makes it even funnier that it's never been robbed. I mean, who's gonna rob a place that would have an entire city looking for you? Inexpensive, and positively delicious, they only reason you may find yourself going somewhere else for donuts, is due to their single location.

Thebiggestideas 197

I just love coming here n the morning and smelling the fresh donuts and buying them for me and my family. We have been buying them a lot and we enjoy them so much. Also the price isn’t bad.

Mary Ezell-McClerkin

Was in town visiting with my boyfriend and he said I had to try Long's!! OMG the best bskery ever. I will definitely be back when I come to town to visit. So fresh. The staff is wonderful

Kyle Dahl

Overall: Simple, delicious, and down-to-earth - a must-have for any donut fan in Indy. The good: There's no crazy concoctions here or "limited time only" flavors, just the classics that you know and love. Which means that they can focus on quality and delivery. The plain yeast donuts are great, and everything was fresh and delicious, but our favorites were the twists (glazed and apple-cinnamon). The atmosphere is home-y and humble, and the service was friendly and not pushy when it came time to order. The not-so-good: I've heard that the lines can get incredibly long, which would hinder the experience for sure. We waited 10 minutes or so, but 20 or more would be reason to wait another day. Also, the cash only aspect of it is a downer. Food: 9/10 Atmosphere: 9/10 Service: 9/10

Jennifer Carruthers

nice and friendly people I love there donuts so good only thing they want keep warm all the time but I definitely glad they in business the donuts wondful

Maurissa Moore

This place is legendary and for good reason. Glad I got to visit on my brief trip to Indy. I shall return! I need an eclair!

Jeff Wilson

What can you say? Long's is THE place to get donuts on that side of Indy. Really friendly folks too.

corey anderson

better than krispy creme. people come from everywhere for Long's donuts

Tom C

Trust me when I say I’ve eaten a LOT of doughnuts. What sets Long’s apart is the texture. Some places have to serve warm doughnuts to get a good texture. What a gimmick. Long’s glazed yeast doughnuts can be purchased any time they are open and they will be phenomenal. Other items are also outstanding.

Sydney Adams

Wow! I heard of this place that had never been. My goodness what seriously delicious donuts.

Janet Reynolds Bullens

Long's is an Indy icon. Of course they are famous for their donuts and they are delicious. One of my sisters highly recommends the blueberry cake donuts! I am going to suggest picking up some brownies while you're there because they are awesome!! They have the best brownies I have ever had, even better than when Rosalyn bakery was open and still good.


Fresh baked and affordable donuts. I live in Minnesota and still make the drive to get some.

Mr Murray's Da Waver

Great doughts...Very Busy!

Bob Hoskins

How can something so simple be the best donut I ever had? I'm 800 miles away and craving one now.

Lennie Thatch

Best yeast donuts I've ever had.

Denzel Bishop

The absolute best yeast donut in all of the lands you won’t find a better donut anywhere else I guarantee it

Anita Chaplin

Childhood favorite. The one on 16th Street is better than the one on the south side. Maybe because it's the original one. Love the yeast donuts. The fruit topped ones are good too. Cream filling could use lots more cream, please.

Cc Foley

Great bakery with really affordable prices. (Cash only of course) Be ready to queue up but totally worth it! I reccomend any of their doughnuts!

Rex Anderson

Love this bakery. Always stop when in the area and have made sp ed cialis trips to bakery just because the craving is to strong to not go. Staff very friendly and appreciate them.

Jennifer Gardner

I love longs donuts...friendly and fast service. clean place. good prices. great place!

Pamela Hawkins

I love coming here the donuts just melt in your mouth. Best donut in Indianapolis.

Kelly Wood

The best plain yeast donut you'll ever taste. Asl for a warm one.

Roselynique Rankin

Very addictive. Long lines, but well worth it. Most staff is very friendly while others need to find a new line of work. Longs is hands down the best doughnuts around. When locals see the white box, we all know where you've been.

Sherry Dunn

I refuse to wait for doughnuts or my favorite the cheese danish. I guess they're OK but I still don't see what the big uproar is about their doughnuts

Jennifer Bryant

The doughnuts were good, the location was a little hard to navigate. Also, while standing in line to place an order, we were asked three times to move so the person sweeping the floor could get to where we were standing.

David Fisher

The obvious...Great doughnuts!

Amy Walker

Love the yeast donuts. Cookies not bad. Brownies hard & dry.

Kelly Miciek

Great prices, friendly staff and awesome donuts and other goodies parking is crazy always busy

andy whitehurst

Long standing Indianapolis bakery, famous for great doughnuts. Constantly good. I have been eating these for well over 35 years.

shaunette brooks

The absolute best donuts in Indianapolis,Indiana... Business has been thriving since I can remember and then some . #1/2dozenglazedyeast

Ronald Cecil

White selection of donuts best tasting in Indy

Reesecup Brown

Customer service is great...the bakery goods are scrumptious! Certain times/days there is a long line but it usually moves quickly...please just know what you want when they get to you so as not to hold up the line...they are very efficient.

Christina Pfeifer

They have the best donuts in indianapolis indiana

don cornelius

One of the top 10 bakeries I've been to. Best pastries in Indianapolis.

Rebekah Blane

The best donut shop in town! I love their fresh yeast donuts as well as their applesauce and blueberry cake donuts. You gotta try them out!

Elizabeth Graves

If heaven was a Longs donut you would be there. Early you can get them hot and ready. I talked to people waiting in line this place is always on their visit list. Only takes Cash!!!

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