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5452 Madison Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46227, United States

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REVIEWS OF Kim’s Kakery, Bakery & Café IN Indiana

Jaclyn Thomas

Best bakery around! The owner is so kind too!! I've been a loyal customer for 13 years for a reason!!

Michael Scott

They did this beautiful cake for me an my wife anniversary....I had the banana pudding side....bos

Greg Schulte

The best bakery on the south side

Spooky Brucey

This is by far the best bakery on the south side of Indianapolis. The staff is always friendly and they have a lunch menu available made fresh to order.

Craig Majors

Scott Lindsay

The best place to get gluten free cakes. The staff is wonderful and always more than willing to work with you on any g-free order! Thank you Kim's

Emma Kaufmann

Katie Young

Best cupcakes I've ever had, and their pretzel rolls and breads are amazing.

Myranda Basso

My husband recently returned home from a Naval deployment and we had a cake made for a welcome home party. At times communication was a bit difficult, us having to call repeatedly at times, but a lot of business comes though so it's understandable... All in all it was a good experience! The owner was even kind enough to open the shop on her day off because my grandfather had forgotten to pick up our cake!! We highly recommend this business, and intend to go through them again!

Mike Brown

Everything is delicious! Why are you still reading this... You should be on your way already! 10 out of 10 really

Alex Summers

Kupkakes to die for!

Dennis Walker

Amazing cupcakes and the pretzel rolls are phenomenal! Friendly service and fair prices.

Preston Rahim

Best eclair ever

Victoria Hawkins

Priti Singh

i had personally a bad experience. icalled them to make sure if they can make cakes with filling. and she said yes. then i asked if u got pineapple strawberry she said yes went there she said she. dont have pineapple i said ok no problem. Then i asked her to do some minnie mouse cake she said i dont hve a license to do it i said fine whatever. then i said do some princess stuff for a girl she said ok. she asked me if i want to put sprinkles on it i said yes she charged me for it i dont care abt the charges. bt then she said filling extra 5$ i said fine blue color icing extra 5$ i said fine strawberry pink cake extra 5$ i kept sayin its ok. so my total cost of the cake came up to 43$ cake was for 2-8 people serving. so i went to pick it up. and guess what? no deco no sprinkles no filling strawberry nothing jst a stupid boring cake it was for my daughter who was abt to turn 5. i did pay 43$ for jst a plane cake? should have ordered it from walmart they would have atleast decorate it with any disney characters and would have paid less and would have pick it up on same day. since kims bakery closes sunday monday i had to pick it up on saturday and my daughters birthday was on monday. i wont go there no more.

Mike Terry

Friendly, great

Ed Sherman

Chris&Lauren Schaney

We loved our wedding cake - it was perfect! Thanks to Tracy and team for pulling this look together for us! Not to mention the guests loved the miniature desserts.

Robert Con

Kayla Braun

The cupcakes were moist and looked good but they are flavorless. I ordered 12 of the lemon blueberry cupcakes and I did not taste either one of those in the cupcake and neither did anyone else. Perhaps if there were more than 3 blueberries per cupcake, we could have maybe tasted the blueberry. The lemon frosting did not taste tarty like a lemon at all. It just tasted sort of vanilla but not really. I can't even really describe the taste.

Jennifer Washburn

Beautifully done!!! Appreciate the responsiveness of the staff and quality work!

Austin Isbell

I just called this place not even 5 mins ago to ask if they make chess cakes. I’m looking to have a custom cake made for a friend’s birthday and rather than asking for a picture of what I wanted, the rep on the phone simply said no. This I feel was very poor service and I see why this place has negative reviews. The 1st impression is a last one so I definitely will not be giving this place any of my business.

Mark Beckham

Very friendly and helpful.

Keith Lewis

The service was amazing the food is fascinating sweet friendly people and the price was just right

Jessi Swain

glenda sanders

Best cupcakes ever!!


The place is super cute, staff was friendly. We got a few different kinds of cupcakes but they were very plain and a little dry. Chocolate didn’t really taste like chocolate and had a hint of coffee. Confetti Cupcake was pretty tastless. Strawberries and Cream you couldn’t even smell let alone taste the strawberry. Red Velvet was ok. Carmel Buttercream was actually very good! We got mini cupcakes in everything except for the Carmel Buttercream. So maybe it’s just the mini ones that are bad? The icing for the cupcakes is really good! But the cake itself kind of sucked. Disappointed :/

Kasey Juhasz

Went for a sampling of wedding cake and there were no flavors to try that were on her list of wedding cake flavors other than traditional flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, etc. We chose to try her cakes specifically for the unique flavors she lists on her site and in the wedding guide she gave when we arrived. She asked what we did not want to try and we specifically said no chocolate and vanilla and that's what she brought us. We were so excited to try her unique flavors but we were made clear that wouldn't happen and our business was not wanted. We wanted a unique modern cake but when describing it she only stressed how expensive it would be as if she knew the client she was working with and as if was not something we could afford although she did not know our budget. The entire experience was very unwelcoming. Unfortunately, we won't be going back.

Darrak Orr

Virgil Williams

This place is amazing!!! Awesome prices and the cupcakes are to die for!!!

Jay Haggerty

It's ALL good!

Monique Loving Me

Awesome place Awesome cake

Kristin Cox


We had two different kinds of pastries here.. First the positives: The icing was yummy!! Red velvet and chocolate cupcakes yummy REALLY good. Now the negatives: The three layer piece of cake (forgot its name) (it had vanilla strawberry and chocolate layers) had way too much of artificial essence in it thereby ruining the flavour. But yeah overall the experience was good and I would still go there for further tasting :)

Ken Dixon

Josh Kennedy

They are really amazing. I wouldn't recommend anyone else.

Jason Wall

Best cupcakes in town

Suzanne Storz

Elizabeth Keenan

The baked products are very good, and I want to like this place, a local and independent business, but the quality of service there has declined over time. Yesterday it was so bad I nearly walked out before being served. I really won't be back again. They should probably stick to custom cakes and forget trying to do walk-in business.

Jeanne Seal

Eclairs are always good but I bought 2 very stale cupcakes yesterday and Mexican wedding cookies were very bland. I’ve had iced cookies from here before that were excellent.

Elizabeth Gerberich

Love the pretzel bread sandwich

Alastaire Clark

Delicious food and cakes--but so slow.

Mary Frances

Lunch was great! Had a Rueben! Delicious! Nice environment to take friends to lunch and talk. Bought dessert to take home. Much needed break in my routine!

Katherine Arritt

Great desserts a little bit pricey I personally think.

Dave Collar

I don't hardly ever write reviews but I think it necessary today. I walked over from across the street and ordered a simple club sandwich and 2 cookies. The place had THREE (3) people in it so they were *not* busy. In the time it took friends of mine to drive down from the Park 100 area (25 minutes), I had still not received my order. After waiting the 25 minutes and watching the kitchen staff not doing much of anything, I had to go. I asked what the deal was with such a simple order. The only response I got was not an apology but "Oh, can you wait another 5 minutes?" to which I said "No. Just give me my cookies. I have to go." I managed to get the cookies. They were already available in the case. The only reason why I don't give 1-Star is because the cookies were good. I recommend anyone who goes here to: A.) Not be in a hurry B.) check your order... because if they can't get it together enough to make a sandwich in less than half hour, who knows what you will get.

Daniel P

Delicious pastries

Jay Sinclair

Delicious gluten free cupcakes!

Marcia Stroub

Everything I've had is delicious. Today I enjoyed Valentine treats with my nieces.

Nathan McClellan

Love when a business understands what good customer service means. These ladies are outstanding. I was impressed first by their ability to handle a last minute order but even more impressed by how they made me feel when I entered the store. Warm friendly greeting and they went above and beyond to make sure my experience was outstanding. I live in Plainfield but they have earned my business and will gladly drive to them for my future baking needs!! Did I mention the cake was fantastic!!! Thank Again Ladies


Recently placed order for whipped cream cake on short notice and they made it and the cake looked and tasted great.

Linda Neel

Brad Bowden

Friendly staff with great variety of prod

Cassandra Garner

I am not good at cooking, but I make better food then this place. We had the turkey sandwich, broccoli cheddar soup, egg salad sandwich, and cookie brownie bar. Their turkey sandwich looks like it was made by a 4 year old, there was only turkey sandwich meat and cheese on it. The egg salad sandwich was sweet and with no topping, I had to smother it in mustard to give it taste. If you go to buy their baked goods, you'll have better success at baking your own cookies from the recipe on the back of a Nestle's chocolate chip bag.

julie buchanan

Me and my family have been going to Kims sense she first opened across the street by far the best cupcakes and cakes on anyside of town.

Amanda Valentine

I searched a few different bakeries and finally settled on Kims Kakes from all the reviews. I was looking for something that was super important to me as far as design and a few places admitted they probably wouldn't be able to handle my request. While presenting a picture via email and in person the rep at Kims Bakery said it would be no problem. I went over and over how important that this was to be identical to the picture I was showing them. The cake was for my anniversary and we are new to town so had this been handled correctly Kim would have had a life long customer. I went to pick up the cake and it was not done correctly. They redid it then and there... On my mistake I left unsatifisied with their redo. So I called back and Kim gave me her personal number to send her pictures on it and that she would follow back up. I never heard anything back. It's extremely disappointing because I think she could sense the disappointment in my voice and the fact that she, the owner, didn't follow back up shows very little compassion. I'm giving them a three because in terms of the cake... It tasted amazing. I do believe credit should be given where it's due and they certainly have their cakes down just not the decorating part and follow up.

Lynn Weathers

Jonathan L. K.

The Neapolitan cake I purchased for my husband's birthday was amazing! Each flavor was perfect and the almond in the icing was delicious! Highly recommended!

CJ Hansen

I'm reviewing the cafe, I have no experience with the cake service. I visited for the first time today, and wasn't that impressed. I'll start with the good. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, it was relatively quiet. Additionally the staff were friendly, and the cheese Danish I got was pretty good, relatively large and only cost a buck fifty. That said, the latte I got was too sugary, and it took them 15 min to get it to me even though I was the only customer in the cafe. They do serve lunch sandwiches, and though I didn't try any of the food, it seemed reasonably priced. In summary: Good atmosphere, pastry decent, latte sub par, service very slow.

Jessica Oeder

Tonya Lantis

Great vanilla chai latte and chicken salad. Wish they offered gluten free bread as a sandwich option. Can’t complain though!

Min Qi Clapham

I feel very conflicted about how many stars to put for my review. We ordered our wedding cake from here. Process was very easy and I met with somebody there to talk about exactly what we wanted. We even bought a test cake separately that was just wonderful. The wedding cake was supposed to be a Bavarian cream strawberry-filled cake. It represented the very important memory of someone we loved and was really the only detail about the wedding we cared about because of the symbolism. However on our wedding day, part of our cake was replaced with blueberries and lemon filling. We were so surprised when we cut the cake and got blueberries. To this day, it's a mystery as to how much of the cake was replaced with blueberries because some guests did receive strawberry cake. I just think that they should've notified us with this huge change on a very important day. We paid a lot of money and it was not a minor mistake. My husband and I are pretty laid-back people and we would not have had a problem with it if we had known. But the way we found out was so surprising and I feel like not knowing made it worse. It felt really dishonest and unprofessional. We were completely hoodwinked! Don’t risk your wedding day by ordering here.

Erinne Palmer-Mitchell

I worked with Ashley. We talked over what I was looking for and she came up with THE perfect design for our cake. The cake was ready on time and very delicious. I will definitely be using this location again. THANK YOU!!!

Robin Goodwin

The award winning eclairs are PERFECT. The mini cupcakes are portion control. You must try the hand made breads.

Rachel Senninger

araceli nunez

I loved the cake!!!!!! Everyone loved it ! The only bad thing I would say about Kim’s bakery is when I ordered the cake over the phone I asked if they had candles and I was told they didn’t. I had to go out of my way day of and grab candles, when I got to the baker to pick up my cake I noticed they had a nice variety of candles. Other than that I would totally recommend to friends and family.

Me Me

I absolutely love this place. I live out of state and needed a cake done for my brother and his wife's baby shower. I sent them the picture of what I wanted, they made the cake look just like the picture. It was ready on time for pick up and tasted delicious.

A Smith

Delicious lunch, great service, and love the mini cupcakes!

Evie O

Friendly service, delicious baked goods.

Kathy Neilson

It was the best cake ever, three tiered and beautiful, it worked perfect for our 20th Wedding Anniversary party. Everyone loved it, never had a better cake. Kathy Neilson

Herakles Downfall

The pastries and cakes are excellent. The coffee is fresh and the sandwiches are fantastic.

ha lu

Bobby Singer

Good stuff.

Jennifer Collins

Delicious, moist and flavorful cupcakes everytime!

Brandon Beckham

Great place. Friendly staff and great pastry. The prices are amazing for home made pastries

Marilyn Cummings

Everything we've tried from here is really good. I highly recommend!!!

Nina Osborne

I was speaking with someone named Tracey last week, trying to get a simple 1 tier round layer cake that looks like the ocean(blues and greens all swirly) she asked me to send her a picture of what i had in mind and gave me a number to text. I read it back to her to confirm. It was correct. I sent the inspiration photo and never heard back. I sent follow up texts, still nothing! I had planned to use this cake as an audition of sorts because i'm getting married in the fall and looking for a bakery to do my wedding cake. Looks like i'll have to cross this one of the list. Tracy acted like she didn't want my business to begin with, then proved the point with her lack of response. Don't waste your time with this place, they don't care@

rick nordland

This place does excellent ,considering the local competition. Just around the corner..

sarah st.aubin

Ms. Voicer

I ordered an assortment of cupcakes for my family for valentines day. I live in another state so the good people at Kim's Kake Kreations delivered them right when they said they would and my family went nuts for them. My sister's exact words "these cupcakes are crazy good" Apparently they've got a strawberry cupcake that is the winner of the bunch. Thank you to all the staff at Kim's for making my family's valentine's day special.

Wolves Den Vintage

Sean Spellman

They have great desserts and

Kyle C

Wife and I have been there repeatedly. Delicious is an understatement. My tummy says so.

Ryan Dillard

Just today I purchased an assortment of cupcakes for a Christmas party and they were amazing and even got a couple gluten free fo a friend with gluten sensitivity and she highly approved and I love the prices especially since you can tell they put care into their cakes highly recommend!

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