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REVIEWS OF Jeff's Bakery IN Indiana

Kate Melson

The best donuts

Cody Mcdaniel

Best donuts i have ever had, Krispy Kreme has nothing on jeffs

Randy Hussung

Best donut shop ever!

Andrew Posante

Delicious, large donuts available 24/7. Friendly service, and in a convenient location in Jeffersonville.

Amanda Smith

Best long johns in town!

Steven Titän E Um Cochran

Best pastry in town

Joe Johnson

Didn't live up to the hype but then again it was 9:30pm. Employee was super aloof, bored, and obviously didn't want to be there. Coffee was hours old and she didn't even know when it had been changed last (skipped it obviously). Donuts were good enough though.

Aislinn Wilson

24 hour bakery. What's not to love! Fantastic selection. Friendly staff. The donuts are absolutely delicious. It's well worth the price. I would highly recommend.

Katie Vernon

Great place to find fresh baked donuts daily. They are delicious!

Damisha Tavares

Best donuts in town!!

Carol Stenbro

Tried the peach turnover. Appears to be made with canned peaches. Ok but not exceptional. Sugar over powers the flavor. Typical American bakery offering sugary treats! Much prefer European or ethnic style baked goods.

Keith Lamont

Always friendly staff. Love love the donuts. My go to spot for fresh donuts all the time. I will never go anywhere else for fresh donuts. My loyalty is here.

dannny tungate

if the girl that waited on me was any more cheerful i believe i would have thrown up.

Samantha Conley

Best bakery in southern Indiana

Jeremy Kruer

Best donuts around and 24hrs

Janet Gibson

Very little selection and overpriced

Roderick Mcclanahan

Second time going love this place need a 2nd location in louisville

Victor Reader

Jeff’s has the best chocolate icing on any donut or cake I’ve ever tasted. The chocolate iced donut with cheesecake cream cheese is my favorite!

Daniel Lowe

Very good donuts & pastries, you might need some milk to wash em down

Albert Dooley

Everyone loves Jeff's Bakery. They have great reasonably priced coffee and donuts. I like the apple fritter the best. My son likes the chocolate creme filled long John's. I think they are good too, but VERY sweet. Sometimes the line can be long, but they move people in and out pretty fast.

Natalie Ullrich

Love the long johns....definity the best donuts ever

rita craw


Joshua Kinberger

Great prices. Best donut shoppe in town. Great friendly service. Open early.

Bruce Cadillac

Cant go wrong with a 24 hour donut shop. It is sometimes more than you can handle though. Prepare for a sugar coma

frank younger

How can anyone eat more than 2 of these beautiful doughnuts , size of a spare tire

Annette Miller

Think is a go-to in our household. Consist, delicious, always fresh.

Ted Williams

OMG. Have to to try the apple fritters

melissa wilson

Best dóunúts ànd great service

Holly M

My friend Judah told me to go to that place. He was right as always.

Chris Clark

This is a great donut shop that is 24/7. They bake them every 8 hours and some are huge. The staff are great and the price is not bad. You can get cheaper donuts from stores but not all the time. Great place to go anytime of day. I find myself wanting to go at least once a week.

Joe Moakler

They are always open 24 - 7 for when you want or need to get a great snack or simple breakfast donuts freshly made daily. Their variety is also great and you can get a coffee with your order. They are quick to fill your order. Oh and did I say the donuts taste great!

Bruce LeFebvre Jr

The apple fritter is hard to beat. Hot glaze are good as well. Get them when they are hot.

Crystal Barnes

My favorite doughnuts!!! Great selection, always fresh, always open, reasonable prices, friendly staff, and they will make custom doughnuts!!!

Delores Harmon

Best doughnuts ever.

Lil Crunch Bar

The quality of the donut is amazing to say the least. It is so delicious and savory. Each bite is filled with flavor. I recommend this to anybody that loves donuts, it’s definitely a step up from krispy Kreem.

James Bentley

A new found love! Awesome donuts and servixe!

Patti Denison

Can't go wrong with a 24 hour donut shop! The location is inconvenient for me otherwise I'd probably be there all the time! Great donuts.

Mia Coleman

The best donuts hands down. We come from Louisville which is about 25 minutes away just to get the donut holes and choco long johns. Yummy!

Laura Molling

I was so impressed by this bakery. I am an out of town visitor buying donuts for my family who were hosting us for the weekend. They live only minutes away but this place seems to be a diamond in the rough. The helpful staff helped me choose an assortment of incredibly delicious donuts. I would go back there every time while visiting.

Jessica Brust

Best donuts around!

Daniel Vincent

I really do not understand the rave reviews this place has received. The donuts are well below average. One could easily find better donuts at any supermarket. We have had donuts from Jeff's twice now. I wanted to give them another chance. The latest batch we had this morning. Both times the donuts tasted of nothing more than stale bread with icing slathered on top. Even the fillings tastes old and overly sweet. Either we have gotten 2 bad batches or people expect almost nothing from donuts around Jeffersonville.

Greg Witt

Great Donuts! Support Local Shops like this!

john g

Very good fresh doughnuts! If you catch them hot out of the oven the glaze, or the doughnut holes ( the center of the glaze), will literally melt in your mouth. Yum-yum

Roger Renfrow

Walking into this place, I was immediately struck by how good it smelled. A good bakery has that homey, grandmother's kitchen kind of smell. This place has it, and then some. And as good as it smells, their pastries taste even better.

Ronald Hughes

Good food. But expensive

David Sharpe

The staff is really friendly and of course the best donuts in town!!

S. Trauman

Unbelievable donuts ! Dense, huge and they are not afraid to use icing !!! They are open 24 hrs. A friend brought in a box and we can't wait to go there in person. The glazed are at least 3x the size of other bakeries, the icing has incredible flavor and it is thick. The apple fritters have more flavor than others I have tasted and are thicker- also with a great amount of frosting. As a side note to other bakeries, not Jeff's, if you're afraid to use icing, why even be in business...

Dustin Ransom

Best doughnuts in jeffersonville


Best donuts I've ever had!

V. VB Mary Tewell

Best all arounf


If they weren't so expensive, I'd get donuts from here ALL the Time!!!! LOVE their donuts, BUT, can't afford 20 bucks for half dozen when I can get same taste for a 3rd-4th of the price at the grocery store bakery. Do love em though!

Christy Pait

When we visit Jeffersonville we will always go by Jeff's bakery! They have awesome Apple fritters!

J Spruill

Great bakery but boring unfriendly staff. I’ve decided to just not come back. I’m always treated like I’m a nuisance for whatever reason.

Liz Zil

The BEST donuts!!! All of my coworkers enjoyed them too!

James Lewis Olin

Excellent service and food and location


Awesome, open 24/7!

Cathy Evaline

The Jeff Bakery in New Albany , I have been in there twice, one time being noon on a Saturday when they are supposed to be open until 7 and neither time there were hardly any donuts. They really need to get on board with the demand.

Michael Hartung

Food is good and the people are usually friendly and helpful. Do yourself a favor and try a "tiger tail."

Deborah Flickner

Best donuts ever.

Lindsey Brown

Stopped by to pick up my son's birthday donut. It was done right on time. Always a good experience when I stop by. Love this donut shop!

jay busa

Southern Indiana favorite doughnuts

Robert Arnold

Try the regular glaze and cinnamon rolls, hands down the best around

Seth Husted

Excellent doughnuts. Price is a little high.

Creed Snow

Probably should change the baking times to move up the table on freshness. Sometimes they taste a bit off. Still good though.

bartholomew burgess

This bakery only carries donuts but they are the best. Soft, a little chewy, light but still substantial... delicious. I really like the one with sliced almonds on top and the Apple fritters are amazing. The donut holes are really good but they sell out of them quick. Highly recommend!

Antonio Lopes

Big fresh delicious donuts and fritters. Open 24 hours a day. What's not to love?

Todd Epley

Best donuts in the area and they are open 24/7. Try the cherry long John with creme filling it's incredible. As are the apple fritters and the maple long John's. Actually, every donut I've ever had from here is amazing so you can't make a bad choice.

Sandy Watkins

Love their big donuts but not cheap but larger than regular donuts

James Thomas

My current favorite in the metro Louisville/So. Indiana area. There may be better elsewhere, but if there are, I haven’t found them. The basic glazed ring here is the superstar. Bigger, fresher, tastier than all the others, and fairly priced for the quality. Everything else follows suit. Simply better. And open 24 hours? Pinch me.

Joshua Middleton

The best donuts in the Trip City area and they are opened 24/7. When you go you have to get those DONUT HOLES OMG amazing.

William Bezoenik

Open 24 hours. Place has a doughnut called a zinger. Just like the raspberry coconut hostess cakes only bigger and better. Great place.

Shannon Schulz

Great doughnuts priced right. The icing is great is really tastes home made.

k stewart

Its grate dont take my word for it see for yourself.

Daniel Borders

The donuts are amazing and fresh. Good selection but coffee is so-so and do not order hot chocolate. They literally hand you a hot chocolate packet and point you to the hot water coffee pot.

Stephen Leist

Love this bakery. We always stop here when we're in town visiting family.

Steven Craynon

Best donuts in the world!

Natalie Case

Best donuts I have ever had! I drive from Louisville to get them and it's well worth it.

Sandi Leone

Went there to get cupcakes...well, they only make donuts..why not call it a donut shop.???

Rebecca May

24 hour bakery that is serving donuts and decadent desserts all day!

Todd M

The apple fritter is the real deal. Good and big donuts.

Kyla Holdsworth

Good food but a little scary to walk into. Ites almost just completely bare and I had to wait a couple minutes for somebody to come up

Danielle Fernander

By far THE BEST DONUTS in Indiana. They are open 24/7. The prices are a little high, but well worth it, because the donuts are superior.

Eric Robinson

Fantastic donuts and staff is always friendly and helpful.

Eric Roberts


Terri Cramer

Best darn donuts in the world

Arianna G.

The donuts are very good,the workers are very nice as well

Richard Hoefer

We had donuts from Jeff's Bakery at work. Amazing. These were probably the best donuts I've ever tried. I didn't visit the store but I'm comfortable rating this so high based on the appearance and taste of the donuts alone!

Cindy Rosa

OMG is all I can say. This bakery has the number one donuts I've ever had. The price would be better if they was like 1,25 each. Now they are 1,50 each. Just think they'd sell much more. All I can say is YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacy Corwin

Any time we take a day trip around our home state of Indiana, I like to find a local bakery to try. Donuts are my love language. Jeff's had been on my TO-DOnut list for a while, having been recommended by a friend. The fact that Jeff's is open 24 hours is AWESOME because donuts shouldn't be relegated to breakfast hours only! We got an assorted dozen so we could try different flavors and I gotta say, they were all pretty awesome. I think the apple fritter was my favorite, but the strawberry, filled long john was darn good, too. If you're in the area and you love donuts, you gotta try Jeff's! (Oh, and the young man who served us was very polite and friendly!)

Chris Livers

Same experience as last reviewer, usually A1 but today soggy and dripping liquid pasty white sugar ooze. Previously they had the best regular glazed donut. Had 1/2 donut and threw in the towel.

Chandler Moreland

Great donuts, worth the price. Very nice people.

Brent Beeson

This place was recommended by a neighbor, and what a recommendation. The doughnuts are absolutely amazing. After you try theirs nowhere else will do. The prices are also great for the size of the doughnuts. This place is well worth going to. It's one of the true little gems is southern indiana.


Best donuts on the planet!

Lori Jeffries

oh my wwwooordd! The cream filled long john is wild and I have two of em in the kitchen calling my name! so in love.

Matt Hall

Great pastries any time

Ashley Arnold

Amazing doughnuts :)

Warren Schnabel

Oh man.... Heaven on earth. Always fresh and delicious pastries. Got the glazed (twice the size as the other guys), and apple fritter. You won't be disappointed.

J Hawkins

Delicious donuts. I've lived in several states and love the donuts here the best. Even received free, fresh donuts as a sample one day. I was in love. Some charters can be catty or rushy when ur choosing a dozen.

Karl Krebs

We were staying in Jeffersonville with friends who recommended this place. The extremely humid morning had us questioning our 1.5 mile walk to breakfast, but these donuts were definitely worth the effort. They're rich and kind of heavy, but that's exactly what I want from a quality donut. Will definitely come again!

sharon irvin

Coffee watered down coffee container need to be cleaned

Nicole Gibson

24hr donuts. What more can you say? Amazing donuts.

Clndy Mccordy

Good doughnut not much of selection left and said no more was being made, but one cashier offered to make some for their customer but our cashier was very tired acting and had very little personality as though she was not happy with her job.

Richard Waterbury

Best in town

John Sutter

I gave it as many stars as I could but it is not enough

Andre Reed

Best donuts I've ever had

Brenda Weidekamp

I buy these for my office....A wonderful feeding frenzy left overs...ever.

Lil builders

This bakery is absolutely AMAZING!!! I didn't even know there was a Jeff's bakery til about a month ago a friend had me stop her by there and WOW!! I've been back 8times!!!! Absolutely love the apple fritters, Carmel apple dougnuts but I was there couple days ago and a guy came out and had Hot glazed. . . . I cannot explain how good they were you gotta try them... They did however melt in my mouth!! I have to say the dougnuts I have ate my entire life shouldn't even be in the same category as Jeff's bakery!!! Please keep doing what ever it is you're doing!!!!

Alberta Dunkle

Best donuts around.

James Gerkins

Wonderful as always very good very fresh

Jessica Currie

Just had a donut from there for the first time today definitely will be going back for more

jaye carrico

Always great! Open 24 hours/day with fresh doughnuts all day.

Anthony Penrose

Great donuts great people great pricing

Bryan Heflin

This place is amazing.

Danny Farmer

None better .use to go there when they were in jeffersonville .

Felicia Muncy

best d*** doughnuts you'll find. I've looked. get the custard!

Pam Brito

Best donut I’ve eaten in years. So glad to see you coming to New Albany

Lisa Campbell

Love the doughnuts

Alan Payton

Best Donut's in southern Indiana

Carrie Shaw

Awesome service and awesome doughnuts

Thomas Broady

Family has Type 2 diabetes but the lady says still worth it

Sarah Epstein

Amazing find with fresh donut samples and the smell of heaven!

Timothy Seevers II

The BEST doughnut shop in the Louisville area!

Deb Duffy

Can't live without his donuts.

january gilbert

Always friendly and everything is delicious!

Jason Davis

No frills bakery. Some items are over the top sweet to my taste (chocolate frosted cinnamon bun?!

Jill Whitlatch

Great service and I will go back

Jason Fuchs

You can get a donut the size of a cake. Wow!

Elias Miller

Jeff's Bakery is the reason why Im fat and also why I dont care LOL

Jason Huggins

If you live in southern Indiana, you know just how good these donuts are.

Tammy Nettro

The best. Simply the best

Troy Day

Best 24 hour doughnut shop close to I71 and Gene Snyder and Indiana I65 off of IN265.

Bill Green

24/7 donut heaven. Sprinkle or creamfill your mouth with sunshine here. Cravings be warned Ye! $1.50 each get 6 and some holes too to get ya diesel running

Douglas Williams

The doughnuts are so delicious sometimes you can Catch them hot if you get lucky

Stacey Mason

Awesome service (Ashley),Clean store and delicious doughnuts!!!!

Casey Ray

The best

Jon Mand

Best apple fritters in the Louisville area!


The donuts have gotten smaller it seems as one used to be a bit much and usually the cream filling was bursting against the bottom of the donuts but this time there was only about a half dollar size worth of cream in them and a couple of the donuts were under cooked and still doughy. $18 for a dozen donuts is pricey and thus I expect perfection and they most certainly were not perfect.


Donuts are amazing, huge, and was my favorite place ever! The only reason we gave three stars is my husband found a hair baked in to his donut

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