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804 E Main St, Brownsburg, IN 46112, United States

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REVIEWS OF Hilligoss Bakery IN Indiana

Chris X

Would def give five stars but half the time they're open they're out of basic things, like yeast donuts. Not much variety but when they do have things in stock they're delicious.

Larry Lackner

Very good freshly made donuts. Great selection, friendly staff. Much better than chain donut places or convenient store donuts. Worth the extra stop.

Eric Thomas

Best donuts in Brownsburg.

Alex M

Best in the west !

Ben Biddle

Great local donut shop. For techies, check out their cash registers - they're modified C64s!

Angel Roberts

Best donuts in Indiana!!!

Ian White

Friendly staff and tasty donuts, try the higlander grogg (coffee).

Liam Schmidt

my neighbor told me long’s was better so we went there. hilligoss is still at the top.

Breanna Branch

Amy C.

Some of the best donuts I've found anywhere. You have to bring cash, come early and be prepared to get in line, but the line runs efficiently. Very reasonably priced too.

David Dicks

This is perhaps one of my wife favorite places to get pastry items. She absolutely loves your original cheese Danishes

Indy G

Great bakery, I would put it right up there with Long's

Mackenzie Owens

Love it but they doesn't accept card..

pat haynes-madden

Great bakery. Their donuts are awesome!

julie arnold

Fresh and Friendly! Melt in your mouth donuts! Thank You Hilligoss for being the best bakery in town!

Daniel Ford

Awesome service and baked goods!

Brandon Signorino

This place definitely lived up to the hype! The front of the store is very minimalistic, but their offerings are wonderful. Excellent donuts and cookies at fair prices!

David Monroe

Simply the best donuts in Brownsburg and possibly all of Indiana.

N Koyani


Lauren Morgan

Better than Long's without question


(Translated by Google) Local donut shop. There is also a sweetness modest donut that matches the Japanese taste and is a favorite. As this is a rural shop, I can not speak Japanese. English only. (Original) 地元のドーナツ屋さん。日本人の口にも合った、甘さ控え目のドーナツもありお気に入りです。 田舎のお店なので、日本語は通じません。英語のみ。

Leslie Golden

Love their peanut butter Donuts


The donuts are amazing. Service is great

Jessica Mccombs

Better Than Longs

Nikki R

Best donuts in Brownsburg.

Gabriel Estes


David Todd Reynolds

Donuts here are amazing and so fresh. One of the softest yeast glazed I've ever had. Come early because they start running out of variety after 9 am. Cash only.

Tina Harlan

Yummy! Best peanut butter chocolate pastry ever!

Nathan Miller

Update 9/2018- they now accept credit cards. Hilligoss is my favorite donut shop in Indy! Friendly service, donuts are ALWAYS fresh, and very reasonably priced.

Jayson Day

Highly recommended for breakfast been going here for the past 40 years.

chris kirk

Just found this place starting to think no one knew how to do donuts out here And then I found this place and was proven wrong

Lauren LaCorte

They only take cash. If you want donuts on a weekend, get there really early cuz they run out. My favorite is the yeast with chocolate icing.

Sara P.

The cinnamon and sugar cakes are to due for! All of their cake donuts are excellent and fresh. Get there early to make sure you get the donuts and bring cash. Look for coupon for 3 free donuts in the money mailer.

Bill Z

Best doughnuts...EVER!!!

Candice Hill

Love this place!!! It's definitely a must on the weekends.

Jane Lucas

K Chu

Good hometown bakery

sjayne267 .

No frills, just very fresh donuts and coffee. Got my donuts to-go. First time customer but will definitely come back.

Timothy M Schwenk

Excellent donuts. Very reasonable prices. Allowed us to use the tables even when the Ace hardware's food truck night didn't have any setup. High recommend.

Michael Dowden

Literally the best doughnut I've ever had, and I'm a connoisseur of fine doughnuts. Bring cash (the don't accept credit cards) and be prepared for a gustatory experience.

Randee Heath

Awesome donuts. Glad to have a great bakery close by

Margie Appleget

Indiana's best kept secret place for donuts and pastries. Very nice wait staff.

Aaron Lawson

Awesome local donut and coffee joint. Why give your money to some box store when you can purchase local from a family business that does so much for the community. Hilligoss is a hidden gem in Brownsburg.

Nate Hall

Ryan Galyen

Best Donuts in Hendricks Co. A Brownsburg institution for years and years...and now they take Credit Cards!!!

Jason Pretzsch

Good when fresh

Tina Betuker

We grew up spoiled on Beil's and Lutz but when my parents were in from Chicago for Thanksgiving 2015, I decided to chance a 6:30 a.m. pastry run to try Hilligoss for the first time. Friendly and patient employees guided me to a selection of danishes, cinnamon rolls, and The Alligator {drool}. We still talk about how delicious and amazingly fresh everything was. I ran back in during the Christmas season for decorated cookies and you should have seen the smile on my husband's face. Nice owned family business - you can really feel their personal commitment and joy. This place personifies why I love living in Brownsburg!


Best donuts in town!

Randal Floyd

Best donuts and pastries on the planet. That's all there is to it.

Rena Dillon

Best donuts hands down!!

Leon Gottfried

Best doughnuts around, other pastries and cookies are good too. Sorry they don't bake bread or rolls.

chad barker

best donuts around

Kent Ward

Best donuts and danish anywhere

Rachel Ferguson

Best doughnuts every!!!!! Super friendly and efficient staff.

Stacey Handlon

Literally the best donuts in the world

Ame L

Very overpriced for just a single donut? But they are local so popular!

Chayranna Harrington

I've lived in Brownsburg for years and hadn't tried this place. I usually opt for Longs. However, Hilligoss is literally 3 minutes from my house. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Doughnuts were amazing! I was kind of bummed when the cashier told me they don't have blueberry cake doughnuts that often. Overall, great experience! Two thumbs up for me ☺️

Ryan h

Yummie. Reminds me of being a kid at the hometown. (Busta's bakery in Peru, IN.)

michael Cooper

Just had my first donuts from here, delicious.

Reggie McGuire

Quaint little shop. Friendly service and tasty treats.

Jennifer Slagle

Best donuts ever. Been going here for 25 years. Longs just doesn't compare. Long live Hilligoss!

Dave Martin

A - MA - ZING!! Love the doughnuts & the great service!

Devon Hobbs

Even better than longs donuts in my opinion! Best donuts I have ever had!

Derrick Duncan

Fantastic one of the best in Indiana!!!

M. Hart

Best donuts ever.

Sam Corbin

Great Bakery

Elizabeth Sumner

We love the donuts! I like Longs a little better, but this place is great and close!

David Sisk

The best. Friendly and quick. Great everything. Ummmm i love it.

Andy Delchambre

2nd or 3rd best donuts within an hour drive.

Brandy Przybylski

Derek Ringer

Doughnuts are good, comparable to just about anywhere else.

James J

Went there this morning @10:30 for them to tell me they were "out of doughnuts!" lol Why stay open if you're out of product? Many customers were arriving and leaving immediately upon being told they had no doughnuts..smh

Denise Bourbeau

Everyone praises these donuts over everyone else's. Highly excellent bakery

Joshua Dockham

Donuts melt in your mouth!

Angela Vado

One of the best bakeries I have been too. Get there early or there will not be anything left.

Bill Brown

If you are a pastry person then this is the place for you. Get there early though because they sell out of products quick.

Greg Nix

Grandmother loves the donut holes, and we love everything else! The best around for sure, flaky melt on your mouth with every bite.

Madi's Channel

Hiligoss is by far the BEST bakery around! We have been going there for over 30 years and I now take my kids! They still remember my Dad taking me in when I was my daughter's age. Its nice to be a familiar face in a small business. Congrats on 45 years Hilligoss! Keep up the great work!

Clinton Sherrile

JUST wanted some good doughnuts and they're great thank you so much

Darshan Patel

Love those

Jennifer Miller

Fresh and delicious!

Carl Bicknell

Could become a habit, so many selections its hard to make a decision

John Earl

Gotta get there early, but the donuts are fantastic!

Chris Bennett

Great Donuts! Love the retro Commodore 64 computers

McKenna Means

Nicholas Schafer

Donuts and danishes are great! Cash only. Menu options are somewhat limited.

Alex Wash

The place to get some Danishes. They sell out fast, so don't wait until you are too late.

Jon Tenney

The absolute best small bakery around. Been going there for 30+ years. Donuts to die for..Not 5, but 10 Stars!

Thomas Sperka

The donuts are superb ,on par with the best anywhere, their pastries set Hiligoss far above other bakeries.

Carrie Gray

I grew up on Hilligoss donuts, now my kids are!! We all agree the best donuts hands down!!

wayne tucker

Yum fabulous doughnuts great price and service and they take plastic now

Jeremy Jones

Best Bakery ever! Everything they make is delicious!!!

Bitsy Ramsey

The doughnuts and danishes are SO SO GOOD! Been going there for years and will continue!

Alexa Legacy

Comparable to Longs. This place rocks! Get in early to get the best variety.

Powderpuff Persians

They bake fresh daily and very friendly. Highly recommended for dinner rolls too!

Dale Bandy

some of the best donuts you'll find anywhere

L Knox

Long’s gets the most press but this long-lived locally owned biz can match them donut for donut. Open early until they sell out.

Scott Mayhew

Dad's been bringing me here seen I was a Lil one you won't find a better bakery anywhere else

Ryan Michael

Goods prices and good donuts.

Charles Alford

Everything I purchased and tried was excellent and fresh!

David Wefler

Extremely good service. They had a line at 6am and I hardly had to wait. Excellent coffee and they even take a card!

Monique Stanley

Never disappointed. Always the best doughnuts in town!

Janet Scanlon

Visiting from Georgia and this was the best donut just as Dough in The Box... !!

NancyJo Roberts

Excellent donuts! Fast, friendly service in a small town business! 40 years in business!

Robin Mangus

The donut s where amazing but the young lady that helped us was far from happy to be at work.

Donna Johnson

Great fresh homemade dounuts well there is nothing better. It is made made fresh everyday. It is first come first serve basis. It is a great way to feel good. I love there different flavors. I would get me some of there dounuts

Julie Laplanche

Great donuts and cookies. :)


Best donuts and danish

Nancy D. Shaughnessy

Love their donuts delicious and always fresh!

Anne Darrow

This was my second or third time at Hilligoss Bakery. Wow let just say it has been awhile since I was being mistreated as minority. I was at the counter and ordering donuts. The lady was not even smile or acknowledge me. She just starred , rolled her eyes, and act she doesnt even want to help me. But when Caucasian person came to the counter she was all smiling, talkative, friendly, and etc. Let just say if you are minority like me dont go there because that lady will make you feel like 2 feet small or less. S

Nessa Blue Eyes

Best bakery in Hendricks Co!

Andrew Haram

Best donuts ever!

Jennifer Ferryman


Melissa Anderson

Super yummy well worth the drive from Oklahoma!

Nick Schall

You can’t go wrong with Hilligoss. Absolutely delicious.

Joshua Perdew

Better than box stores. Prices cheaper than DD (who make theirs in a factory and deliver or frozen & defrost in oven). Prices inconveniently put on side wall. Not that big of a deal unless the young guy over charged you & you think that the prices jumped 20% (which still was cheaper than DD). I'm just disappointed that when I caught it later, the kid joked that they were worth more when he touched them, but noone ever actually apologized or offered a few extra to cover the amount that he over charged. I still go, but wish that Longs was still here...I think that they were partners 40 years ago but had a falling out & split the business.

Evan Ress

Fantastic doughnuts at ridiculously low prices

Jonathan Yant

Best bakery around!@@ never a bad experience

Tryphaena Hernandez

I LOVE this bakery! My husband and I have been wanting to try it out for awhile, but we always forget until it’s closed and we’re driving by. (Of course, lol!) Anyway, this morning, I stopped by for a cheese danish and a glazed twist and let me just say that they were THE most delightful breakfast treats I’ve ever had! Excellent service, very prompt, and very very satisfying! Y’all made a pregnant lady’s day today! I will be back as soon as I can bring my husband, so he doesn’t feel the betrayal he felt this morning when I went without him. :)

Beyonica Life of Beauty

Their donut are to die for!

Man 1000

I've lived in Indianapolis nearly eleven years, I've tried many bakeries here and surrounding towns. Through my experience, nothing beats Long's Bakery. Though I must say, Hilligoss has the the better glazed yeast hands down. The other donuts I tried were too sweet. Their specialty called the savanah, a peanut butter dough donut with chocolate icing, left me underwhelmed. I would'nt make the 20 minute drive there again but if you live in Brownsburg I guess it's cool.

Gregg Howard

It's 2017...BEWARE THEY ONLY TAKE CASH!!!.why are you not accepting credit/debit cards??

Jason Barnes

Thank you for 45 years of great service. Me and my family have enjoyed your bakery for 35 years. I love your products and hope for many great years to come.please dont change a thing !!!

Lois Finch

Best. Bakery. In. Brownsburg!!!!!

Ron Bailey

Brian Eldridge

this is my new favorite donut shop

kyle busenbark

Good Day

I have been coming here since highschool i am now 53 this place is the tops!

David Warren


roger williams

They never have yeast donuts after 10

Ritchie Flores

I have never had a donut I didn't like from here. This is one of the few places standing in my way of cutting down on my carb and sugar intake. Excellent service too!

Kathy Kinley

Not much of a selection but what we got was wonderful. Price right, counter person very nice

Robyn Jackson

Best donuts in town

Dana Sparks

Darrin Marion

Donuts are on point! If you ask me, they've beaten Longs by FAAAAR!

Amanda Prince

Absolutely delicious

Don't B. A. Tool

To the person who gave them one star - learn to read. There is a sign clearly visible on the front door that states their cash OR check policy. Credit card transactions take a percentage of each sale on top of sales taxes. If they don't want to pay those charges, it's completely their right not to do so. They have been a Brownsburg institution for over 30 years. I'd say they are doing just fine without your $2.85. There are several ATM options VERY nearby to get cash quickly...probably quicker than driving through town to the hideously grotesque Dunkin' Donuts. What kind of parent are you to give your son a sand and wax candle flavored monstrosity from DD rather than taking the time and small amount of effort to treat them to a Hilligoss glory-filled donut? If I knew who you were, I would report you to CPS for that. It's abuse. Really. Dunkin' Donuts is everything that is wrong with this country. "Here son...have a dry, plasticy, 'baked last week and frozen till last night' sorry excuse of a donut." You are evil.

Jennifer Mayhew

Love this place

Heather Allen

Over rated. No CHOCOLATE donuts!!! Cash only too.

Jon H

This place is a donut mecca! These donuts are delicious and they have a large variety of donuts to choose from. Word of advice though, get there early! This place gets hit hard and the donuts don't last long!

Tiffany's Travel

Jake Wood

Women are always snappy with my son. They are not children friendly. When I ask the woman why she acted like that...she just got snotty to me. Donuts are great! But not worth dealing the rude women in there that act like they are doing you a favor by waiting on you.

William Murray

Delicious homemade yeast and cake doughnuts, cookies, and more! I wish they accepted credit cards, but they only take cash or check.

Keith Hay

Can't say enough. No words. Must Eat! 10 out of 10!!!

Kalob O'Riley

Royce Schaekel

Get there early for the best donuts ever!

Jonathan Isenhower

Joe Wesling

Simply the best bakery in the area.

Hsiao-hui Sobek

Customer service is exceptional!! The donuts are always great!

Barbara Beals

The best bakery in Indiana!

Patricia Boelte

Best donuts in central Indiana

David Hardwick

Kyle Kerr

Never went. This smart phone is dumb.

Keith Harkness

Good Donuts

Nicole Compton

Hilligross donuts are the best in Hendricks County hands down! Get there early for best selection because they sell out fast?

Nick & Christine Xinopoulos

Love, love, love their doughnuts but the staff always seems unhappy. I've tried going several times and each time, I've been snapped at or treated like an idiot when I ask a question. Unfortunately, several people I know have said the same thing. Hope this family tradition can cheer up.

Beth McJones

No gluten-free options. People without allergies rave about the deliciousness of their fresh baked donuts and treats. Many repeat customers and constant pleasing reviews on community Facebook pages.

April Young

The absolute best donuts there are! My dad would get us these donuts since I was a young girl. I've grown up with them. Now I live in zionsville and I make the drive just to get their donuts. No where else compares. I love them!

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