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John Ginder

The food is made and prepared their from scratch everything is phenomenal everything from the brats, to the potato salad ,the pickles, the spicy mustard,and the baked goods. it's very affordable and nice meall that would fill you up fine and dandy and cost about $8

Brandon Bonwell

Great German food and atmosphere. Recently purchased 2 cakes and 1 Yule log for the holidays and the whole family said they were all the best they’ve ever tasted. The german food is amazing too. There is nothing like it in Indiana.

Anita Bonita

Amazing so much to see the sweets we amazing and everyone so nice and very helpful

Jan Ertl

Great little German place. Great bakery!!! Friendly employees

Shane Schmidt

Wonderful and friendly customer service! Incredible selection of foods! Very authentic and great atmosphere!

Adeline Corkwell

Great food. Good service.

Eric Mannweiler

This place is magical. All kinds of interesting stuff, great food, great staff, cool culture. Definitely worth a visit!

Brian Qualls

This place is amazing, if you have not been it's a must-see

Xano Lowe

So nice to feel a little part of home! We both miss Germany so much and you guys helped us feel like we were back in Germany for a little bit!

Fred Erdmann

One of my favorites.

Robert Myers

A great curiosity shop, cafe, and bakery. Great German treats and wurst sandwiches in a traditional, jumbled setting. Good fun and eats for the whole family. Even better if you speak German!

Daniel Spieth

Got a great cake for special birthday party. Then had to add some pretzels and cinnamon bear claw for a bit of salt and sweet taste fix Love this unique family run place.

Jane Reed

Great German bakery.

Diana Tijerina

So many amazing steins and the brats looked so good. The apple strudle melts in your mouth.

Deborah Her

Loved the German potato salaf


Super friendly staff and good service! Lots of stuff to see there! We will definitely go back!

RJ Dingle

What a cool store/restaurant! When you walk into the the door you are instantly transported to Germany. Right when you walk in you are greeted with hello's and German dessert cases. The restaurant seating is situated throughout the store. You seat yourself and they will find you. The food tastes homemade and is very good. The store itself is full of German souvenirs and packaged food. Great place to check out!

Rob Walters

Very friendly had everything I needed great selection of pastries

Jackie Marker

Great place to check out and have some cake and coffee! They have amazing cake. We also picked up some little candies and mints my boyfriend has only seen in Russia. Prices are very reasonable too.

rita roberts

Authentic German food that is quite good. Very tasty German Potato salad. Quaint restaurant inside a shop filled with German chatchkies. Recommend.

Dave Bagnall

Always a fun stop - they have outstanding baked goods, interesting food options, and the oddest collection of random stuff I have ever seen for sale in a German bakery! The people here are always friendly too; it's an eastside institution and definitely worth a regular visit.

Aaron Birt

Fantastic food and a very unique store everyone should see!

Benjamin Rowland

Classic german pasteries amd tons of gifts. Picked something up for Oma.

Kimmie Vo

My son loved their tangerine cake! He wanted it for all his Birthday! :)

Andrew T

Quirky little German restaurant/gift shop.

Jeff Buhrt

We made a quick stop to pick up a sampling of great desserts again. Friendly place as well. ;)

matt riley

Heidelberg is always delicious. The assortment of wursts and baked goods is awesome! Amazing that it really hasn't changed in so many years. Wonderful experience as always.

Denise Allen

Heidelberg Haus is an older, well established (family owned and run since 1968) restaurant, bakery and gift shoppe that serves a limited selection of 1 or 2 wurst servings of bratwurst, knock wurst (with or without curry catsup,) kielbasa, liver wurst or square wurst. All are served fresh and hot with German rye bread and excellent warm German potato salad and a dill pickle spear. These lunch/dinner selections are at a very reasonable price (currently $6.98 - $8.98.) The true star here though are the fabulous baked goods. The house made cakes, strudels, cookies and specialty baked goods are very very very good. I also really enjoyed their basic brewed coffee. I take away one star for the cluttered (and sometimes obviously old and dusty) gift items on display in EVERY nook and cranny. It does give the place character... but I would prefer less clutter and more dining space.

Heidi Mckinney

Love this place! Wished they could they could expand a little and have more Seatings there! But great Food and I feel a little bit of"Home" there

Sierra Mcclellen

Wonderful authentic food, really neat place. Lots to look at. Would've given it 5 stars but it took 20 mins to get service and they only had 3 tables of customers, other than that staff was very friendly. Also cool place to shop for gnomes, fresh meats, and hard to find German stuff.

Aaron Adams

My family and I come here regularly and cannot say enough nice things about the staff or the food. This is a one of a kind gem.

J Gramling

What's not to love? Great food, atmosphere, and staff. Great place for lunch!

Heidi Puckett

Many memories flooded after our visit. My Oma used to bring us as kids. Still as wonderful as I remembered. German potato salad and black forest cake. My personal favs....absolutely amazing


This is such a cool place to go to! It’s family owned, and they played The Beatles in German while I went here. The grocery store was very cool to look at, and the cookies are amazing! The grilled cheese and potato salad was the best grilled cheese and potato salad I’ve ever had. My only problem was that I wish the menu had more items. Other than that, very unique place to go to for some authentic German food. :)

Gabe Z

Great atmosphere and wonderful food. It gets busy around lunchtime so keep that in mind if you are on a tight schedule.

Nathaniel Zarich

If you can't make it to Bavaria anytime soon head over to Heidelberg. The shopping is very charming but it's the cakes and other confections that will blow your mind. They also have a great food menu featuring German favs. Super friendly people makes its a must go place.

Teresa Cotner

Servers are so nice and helpful spot on even being short-handed server was on it

Elizabeth Martin

Awesome, German food, pastries and cakes. If you're from Germany, you will love it!!!

Kathleen Anderson

Been going here since I was a kid. Delicious food, kitschy gifts and knick knacks, awesome baked goods and packaged German foods. Apricot pockets are melt in your mouth. Tried a chocolate covered cherry cream puff this visit. So decadent

matthias gergan

We had to take a detour due to roadwork and stumbled on this place. And it was amazing!!! Loved the eats and coffee and the whole place is so much fun. Full of really interesting stuff. Could have spent hours there. The people are also really helpful and friendly.

Paul Butler

Charming atmosphere, friendly staff, yummy food. This place brings joy to the entire family. A special spot.

Domonic Shackleford

The hazelnut nougat ice cream is def worth the purchase! Also only place you can get some messiah mints so good jesus would resurrect himself again to get one.


Great German bakery and cafe.

Beth Lineback

Authentic German food, staff was great and the bakery items were amazing. The cookies were my favorite

Caitlin Laughlin

Small but extremely tasty plates for lunch. Bakery is to die for. Any German spices or groceries you might need are available, although they are costly. The lunch plates are inexpensive, but groceries can cost you. (I assume because they aren't in high demand and are difficult to import) People complain about the service being slow, but even at rush I enjoy the chaos of it all. If you feel you're not getting the service you need, simply ask one of the servers. Remind them that you are there and that you require attention. They are understaffed and those who are working are always busy especially during lunch rush. They aren't rude, they are frank. Be straightforward with them and they will be with you. Quite a wonderful group of people if you ask me. I feel at home each time I'm there and leave with nothing but positive memories of Germany and a desire to go back, both to the cafe and Germany.

Lyn Condict

Lots of options and german souvenirs in this convenience store / restaurant / bakery with slightly inflated prices. If only they got rid of all the knickknacks and only focused on food...

Sabi Dongol

Great little place!!! Love their Kelbasa and potatoes salad. Awesome food and Ambience. Takes back in time.

Rodney Butts

Great Food And Good Service

Kenzie Rudolf

Very helpful and friendly. Great bakery

Pamela Thompson

Cool store but the bleached blonde waitress who looked strung out would not shut up. Screaming stories across the place to other employees about someone with cancer and a car wreck. Not the experience my family was looking forward to.

Carol Bays

Got everything and their and a little restaurant. Love there's bake goods.

Erin Avey

My family has been getting cakes from here since before I was born. I am beyond excited to bring a new generation into this tradition by ordering my baby shower cake! Literally, they have the best cakes I've ever had. The rum fudge is to die for!

Hailey G

Delicious German sausages, beautiful baked goods, and all the fun German groceries and knock knacks you need!

Todd Hudson

A unique resource, slice of history, fast friendly service! 50 more years please!

Melissa Wonderlick

Great place to get authentic German food in Indianapolis. I absolutely love the potato salad. Their bakery dessert are also very cheap!

Will Armstrong

A satisfying taste of Germany

Kathy N Jim Pell

Cool crazy place, more German gift shop than restaurant. Lots of inexpensive meals. I would give 5 stars but didn't see any Weiner schnitzel on the menu. Definitely will go back, it's unique.

Nahir Loyo

A unique, family owned, fun place to enjoy wonderful German pastries and sausages with a not-to-miss warm potato salad. The friendly staff makes you feel welcome. I try to go there every time I go to Indianapolis.

Marissa Gonzalez

I LOVE thos place great food and i just love the look

Daniel Lightner

Incredibly good and simple dishes. Instantly fell in love with this place, the great service, and the friendly smiles of the owners themselves!

Ken Dixon

Definitely worth the drive! Great food and TONS of German trinkets. Also an awesome bakery with lots of authentic German goodies.

Gary Hosking

Very interesting place with something different to buy and eat. We were looking for cakes for a special occasion and they were pretty, but did not like the taste

branden westhoff

Literally everything they make is good their cake is the definition of heaven in ur mouth it dont matter what cake either they dont make bad food


Great place deserts are the best

Brian Powell

They have the most authentic German potato salad I've had in the U.S. Unfortunately they have a small kitchen so they are only really able to handle sausage platters. Service was very poor overall but the food was good. The danishes look better than they taste.

Heidi Hood

Always pleasant atmosphere. Food was good.

Thomas Stein

Good place to have some good German food, a little short on staffing.

Tony Kinney

Very good food and service. Authentic German food. Best I've had outside of germany.

Mark Hodson

Good German food!

Jerry Landrum

Heidelberg Haus ..... stop by for an authentic German Bäckerei experience. Light menu of Deutsche food and good coffee. They have a great gift shop with lots of German goodies!

Sonja Cline

I absolutely LOVE this place! It was quite nostalgic for me since I spent a few years in Germany myself. The food and coffee was amazing and the staff were all very friendly and helpful!

David Goff

I really enjoy this place. Its like one of those hidden gem of indy. From what i was told all the baked goods in there bakery around back. One of my favorite things to get is the Poppy Seed cake. And there prices are great too.

Pam Deters

Friendly casual setting. Food was perfect. I ordered the small plate of kielbasa sausage that came with bread and German potato salad it was delicious. I ordered a slice of the orange Mandarin cake, very very good. It was light and refreshing. Prices were excellent I received the small plates and the cake and it was just $11. I was completely full. I like piggy banks but can't find them anymore Heidelberg has a lot of piggy banks in their souvenir shop plus a lot of traditional German gifts. This was my first visit and I'll definitely be back.

Shana'e Le-Poet

Always a joy to go there with my sister who loves anything Germany. The prices for the food are good the memorabilia is a bit pricey which is why you never see anything change... Only stuff added but it always has an amazing feeling to it ill come back & add pics later.

Derek Fakehany

Delicious bakery items. Cakes, pastries, cookies, etc. Plus a German store with a wide variety of wears. One of our favorite places to go.

Roberta Zachidny

Had the fried pork chop with German potato salad and peach cheesecake for dessert. Meal was delicious. Training a new waitress today so service was just a bit shy of normal. Waitresses were quite personable as professional. All of the pastries looked very good and fresh. Would definitely recommend.

Mike D

A fantastic place with great food and friendly servers. I would highly recommend a visit here

Angela Vado

I love this place. The lunches are very good. The bakery is amazing. You can also shop foe items that you can't find in stores! It makes me miss Germany!

Erika Yates

Great food as always, bought chocolates, jams, marzipan etc., a happy day.

Austin Orr

If you dont know the good side of germany, this place fully embodies it. The place has been on a few tv shows and the news. Good food, great dessert, and sooooooo much culture crammed into one tiny space.

rioxis sardonis

Good food, an almost overwhelming atmosphere. So much to see in a small building. Friendly staff.


Sausage and deserts were great. Potato salad was flavorless mush. Service was awful. It was a Sunday, so maybe that is why--maybe busier than usual? Buy wurst, buy torte, enjoy the interesting store.

Jami Marvin

Unique place with delicious pastries and desserts. Always come here for my best friend's birthday Black Forest cake.

Levi Scotten

The foreign, crowded aesthetic of the Heidelberg Café made me fall in love with it almost immediately. The food is amazing, the bag of Wafers I bought, which were Espresso flavored, are my favorite wafers now, and the owner is such a nice guy.

William Spangler

Slow but friendly service. Good basic German faire. Wonderful bakery. Eclectic decor.

Larry Bowmer

Good food, great desserts and friendly waitresses.

Julia Pedigo

Went for lunch and enjoyed the authentic food and eclectic atmosphere. The cake is divine and I have not stopped thinking about it.

Kate Herley

Adorable atmosphere and delicious treats!

Stephanie Morris

This is a really neat German store that also has a bakery and a SMALL restaurant instead. They bakery and good is good but service can be slow at times.

Britany Block

Simply the best cookies I have had in years. My family was traveling to indianapolis for a convention. This place was on route. It was impossible not to stop as their outside decorations are so beautiful, and my other half collects lawn gnomes. We were able to find some unique lawn gnomes for purchase. Honestly, the best part of this was was the home made cookies. We ended up with a pound of cookies and simply, wow. They were the best cookies we've had in years. My mom, who is very into healthy eating ate a half pound of them by herself! We can't wait to come back next year!!

Natisha L-D

Great pastries and sausages.


Never any seating available, like ever

Deborah S

Excellent as always. Best pastries in the region. Bee sting pastry is fantastic.


Great prices for the dollar.

Pam Eccles

My husband got me a German Chocolate cake from here for my birthday... the best I have ever eaten! Amazing! Highly recommend it!

Mitch Rector

Such an adorably kitschy place. I love coming here for lunch, but don't expect it to be quick. There are lots of treats and knick-knacks to look at in the meantime. Menu is mostly sausages, potato salad, and bread, but they also have a bunch of pastries, cakes, and cookies. Staff are very friendly and fun to listen to.

Donna Davidson

As a restaurant, it has good food, traditional wursts with potato salad. Good service too. Only one page menu, but from my experience, it is traditional German fare. Bakery is the highlight. Many fancy cakes and layered desserts to common German cookies. In addition to the edibles, they sell rooms of German knick knacks, groceries, and miscellany. There is also an antique bakery museum in the midst of everything else. One could spend a lot of time here looking around. It is a place to buy German goods as well as house made food. This is our second visit here. First time was just to eat with a group of people. Today we ate lunch, got bakery items to go, and explored the rest of the place. We will return when we are again in town.

josh Davidson

Great customer service. Amazing food served in a wonderful friendly environment. If your looking for authentic german food. Plus plenty of german novelties to buy and a full fledge german grocery. I highly recommend this place for anyone looking to eat local or explore

Shirley Russell

Did post their closed for vacation on web.

Jim Hendrix

Great food and service

Jay Kirkpatrick

This place super rad. Great pastries and German food. The place is packed from wall to wall with super cool nik naks. You could probably go everyday for a month and discover something new. My son and I went there and our server was great and made it an even better experience.

Veronica Hamilton

Not sure what I can add that hasn't already been said about this east indy treasure. Don't come here expecting snappy service. Come ready to sit back, relax, enjoy your food in leisure, and look at all the amazing German souvenirs available. The bakery is wonderfully fresh. The curry wurst is my favorite item on the menu and don't you dare sub a dinner roll for the rye bread!

Monica Vargas

Delicious as usually! They have amazing pastries and great coffee.

Colton Overly

Absolutely delicious baked goods and very polite people! Sabine was very welcoming.

Jonathan Garcia

Reminded me of home. Very friendly staff. I got the currywurst.

Craig Barboza

Potato salad was great. Porkchop was okay. My friend loved the brauts which I plan to try next time. Pastries are great.

Joseph Ginder

Excellent German food with friendly service

Derek Franklin

All I can say is that the meal and dessert were awesome! And the overall experience was phenomenal! Loved it!

Vicki McIntyre

It's been forever since I've had authentic German food so this find was a pleasant surprise!! There's so many German items here (knick knacks, clothes, candy, food, drinks, etc)!! Let me add quite the bakery here as well!! My currywurst was spot on; potato salad was excellent; staff super friendly!!

John Branson

Super good food! Service was a little slow but worth the wait. I'll be back again real soon!

Emily Schneider

Always fresh baked goods!

Tonya Perry

Such a cozy atmosphere with just the best food. They have always treated us like family every time we come in there. We love being able to shop while we wait on our food. The food is always freshly made, hot and delicious. Every time!

future bagger

If your are looking for authentic German cuisine look no further the potato salad is the best in the area. The atmosphere is very relaxing. They also have some of the best items in the bakery.

lex s

I was impressed as a historian with artifacts, media clippings and memorabilia.. I had a brat, potatoes, egg and pastries. It is a coffee shop with one person serving. Nice place to visit Deutschland memories.

Shellee lavin

The amount of merchandise available is overwhelming. Service is incredibly slow. Almost feels like restaurant is an afterthought for staff

Amanda Ely Pedigo

This place is a must visit. Everything is delicious, the family run business is full of friendly people and has tons of personality. Its unique.

Chad Cooper

Authentic German at a great price.

Laura Danielson

We just ordered our wedding cake from here! It's less expensive and more delicious than any other place we tried.

Darya Jackson

What can be better than a Weiner, hot potato salad, a pickle and a buttered slice of rye bread? Maybe a pint, but they don't serve alcohol. Absolutely delicious food, beautiful cakes and pastries, tons (and I mean, tons) of souvenirs and some German "specialitet" foods like curry ketchup and pickled carrots.

April Sondag

Wonderful bakery and eatery.

Allen Lipke

Nice place, good food, fifty years in business.

Melissa Darwish

Love this place! Have always driven past but never stopped, took the opportunity to stop one day and glad I did. We will be back

Cole Nattermann

Great food and friendly helpful staff. Definitely a great place to stop

Lady Zabyth

Amazing selection, friendly staff. Definitely worth a return visit for sure!

Michael Haase

First time visit. Very good cake.

Sherri Pritchard

Delicious pastries. Service was a little slow.

Robert Bishop

Nice change of pace. Really fun looking around the shop seeing all of the items from around Germany.

Rosemary Duselis

The staff are pretty laid back and friendly. The desserts are awesome. It’s a nice, casual experience.

Chance Williams

Food was amazing and the store is so fun! I would highly recommend this place to anyone for a great meal, amazing bakery, or fun shopping for steins and other German themed curiosities.

Garrett Cunningham

Great decor and atmosphere. Food is simple, yet delicious. A surprise little Germany in suburban Indianapolis

Don Flynn

I've known JJ since the age of nine. I'm sixty one. I show every chance I get. Note: They have REAL bratwurst!!!


Small house..big taste..bigger smiles.

Shannon Elliott

Love everything about this place. Can sit for a meal, wander around seeing the amusing and authentic German items for sell, or just run in for freshly make pretzels, breads, pastries, cake and cookies. The ladies even dress up on Saturday in those bosom-y German dresses. This place is an Indianapolis treasure.

Mark McPeak

German potato salad was the best I have ever tasted!

Randy Burtner

Went in looking to have a wedding cake made they acted like it was the biggest inconvenience to talk about it or to make it when u wanted to set up a time to talk and do a taste they told me dont call them to July because he was going on vacation I get taking a vacation it was just how the put it.... I really got the feeling they wasnt at all interested in making a cake for us ... so I think I will relieve them of having to do it and find someone else .....

Christina Allen

Good German food

Amanda Bornhoeft

I love the pastries and the gift shop.

Michael Unmann

Great German items. Have to go back to have lunch and cake!

José Valladares

Loveit I drink coffe for 19 years already

Daniel Curry

Fun place to visit.

Ken Trulock

Another Indianapolis institution! Food is spot on but you come for the bakery and the gift shop. Outstanding kitche German with lovely staff.

Kurt Auzins

Amazing little place that has been there for ever. I wish the city had more places like this!

Robert bickel

Always good to visit "The Haus". Between the décor, gals, food and the sweet goods, it ought to be mandatory!

Dana Mills

Always a wonderful experience there, so quirky and inviting! As usual, the food was top notch.

Sue Smitha

Although the place is rather small and filled with lots of knickknacks the food and pastries are really good.

Leo Greenwell

The food was fresh and hot! The service was great!

Crystal Kelley

Adorable place inside and out. Love it!!! And yummy food

Julia Hammond

I'm a German Expat and love coming here. For the pretzels, rolls, bread, and occasionally some yummy Kuchen. Also, their selection of German canned/jarred foods is great and the prices are fair.

Andy Wilson

The black forest cake is beyond excellent.

David Palmer

This place is pretty great. Very authentic with lots of knick knacks. Definitely worth checking out of you're in the Indianapolis area.

Michael Hauger

This is a great place for authentic German food! First time going, won't be the last. Service was great, food was perfect! You absolutely cannot leave without getting cookies or pastries to go!

Ray Koch

Layed back great atmosphere. Good people


We love Heidelberg Haus because we moved to Indianapolis from the Heidelberg area of Germany. It is like going back to the three and a half years we lived there, but now we have money to spend. There's always some new kitschy German thing to buy, and the pastries and meals are great.

Peggy Bailey

Unique, amazing baked goods and great food...nothing compares to their warm potato salad.


great pastries and lunch. get some behojte if you like really hot mustard.

Sarah Pardue

This place is nuts, but in a good way. You can sit at the bar with a slice of cake and glass of milk, playing I-spy with the restaurant's clutter-decor. The pastries are delicious, and I recently bought an entire cake for my boyfriend's birthday. It was a 10" diameter and 4" tall German chocolate cake, for about $22 - totally worth it! They have other German staples such as a variety of bratwurst. I recommend going regardless of need, since it's just a fun interesting place to see.

Janet Bailey

Great geman food , and great service

Brian B

Love it!! Always fresh foods bakery is fresh and delicious excellent service with a smile friendly staff and clean a fun place to visit

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