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REVIEWS OF General American Donut Company IN Indiana

Steve Dickey

I really liked the General American Donut Company! Contrary to the picture of Col. Sanders on the wall, this is not a chicken place. The do Donuts here and they do them well with options for vegan if that's your fancy and the coffee is strong. The atmosphere is really nice, it's a really cool vibe. Parking is limited so as soon as you can park on the street. The staff was super friendly.

Mark Spence

The doughnuts go quick here. Generally sold out before they close. Either way whenever I get in for my weekend doughnut there are always good interesting choices to choose from.

Brian Adams

Always great. Try the Benny

Jon Blackwell

This bakery offers a unique experience, decent coffee and delicious doughnuts. I ordered the coffee and cream doughnut.. the frosting tasted just like coffee and the cream was perfect level of sweetness. A fireplace in the corner and some other interesting pieces, my girlfriend and I enjoyed our stay here.

Henry R

I really love GADCO, but my wife and I were super disappointed to find the shop was closed when we stopped by today. According to Facebook, Google, Yelp, and GADCO's website, the shop closes at 2 PM. Unfortunately, we found out that the shop was operating under Winter hours and was closed when we showed up. I wish we would have known, or else we would not have driven twenty minutes to stop by the shop. Oh well, maybe next time.

Elisabeth Petrosino

Best donuts and coffee in the city!!!

Scott J.

Vegan donuts, plain, caramel and pineapple glaze!

SamJoy Jordan

I LOVE the different flavours they have. Although a little pricey (especially compared to the almighty Longs), it's definitely worth a visit especially for the donut enthusiast. (I'm not one -- just curious about the city I live in!)

Melissa Ann

A little pricey but such yummy vegan donuts!!

Kita Atts

This place is great. Great service. We had the creme brûlée doughnut and it was awesome. It has just a bit of creme which is perfect.

Neil Feuerhelm

Excellent donuts and great coffee. Very friendly staff. This is a must try.

Shayla Smith

Incredible, I mean INCREDIBLE donuts. They also have fantastic coffee and the whole shop is so Instgrammable. Definitely stop in!

Nikki Lindsay

I don’t consider myself a donut connoisseur, but I’m quite sure that I know a good donut when I bite into one. Although the donuts are very pleasing to the eye with toppings, glazes, and good height, they just don’t measure up to what my tastebuds were expecting. I ordered two of the raised glazed, one rainbow sprinkle, and once I heard the description of the beautifully layered glazed croissant dough donut I had to have three. Boy was I wrong! The raised glazed were good, but not spectacular. They were kinda cake like. When I bite into a yeast donut I expect a tender dough, a fresh aroma of yeast, and some snaps of crunch from the glaze combined with the bits of golden browned dough from the fryer. Although there were some crunchy bites and good heigth, the rest of the donut was a letdown. Now, my granddaughter enjoyed the sprinkles on her donut, but she likes just about anything that has sprinkles. The croissant dough, “Bennies,” were a waste of my money. They are so delicious looking, but when I took my first bite the donut bit back. I was expecting a soft tender deliciously layered sweet donut, but what I got was a horribly tough dough with a sour aftertaste. I tried to give it a chance, but I finally had to just throw it out. It actually made me sick to my stomach. Perhaps this was just a bad day to come, but after this experience and almost $17.00 later for six donuts I don’t plan on a return.

Justin Reed

The only place that I know of with vegan donuts that reminds me of Long's

Kimberly Neal

This place is fantastic, great donuts and great service. They even made me a quick iced mocha.

Robin de Bled

I really wanted to love this place, but I don't. Don't get me wrong, the donuts were good, but I feel that they make the mistake of so many donut places these days of being too fancy. The best donut shops, in my view, are the ones that have been around forever, make basic, cheap donuts and do it really well. Here the donuts are too elaborate, too big, and too expensive. They're good, but it's hipster donuts, which isn't what I hoped for.

Kate Hatfield

Service was nice and the building/ambience is cool, but I honestly don’t understand how the donuts have so many good reviews. We got three different ones and they were all just kind of blandly sweet and tasted stale.

Dillon Martin

Good Coffee, Great donuts. We had pinapple, coffee and cream, and creme brulee. Atmosphere is nice and casual, and they pump up the jams.

Alex Turner

Adorable donut place. Super chill atmosphere great for studying. They serve cake and yeast donuts and have a variety of flavors. Good place for groups to sit and they have a cool fireplace in the corner. Donuts are larger than expected and pretty good. Got the maple bacon yeast donut and it was huge! Definitely worth the $3.

Angelique Robinson

Best doughtnuts in Indy. Oh boy, what cute little doughnut shop 2 minutes from the AirBnB. The doughnuts were fresh and flavorful. The plain glazed was phenomenal. But the coffee by Stomptown was out of this world!!! The owner was the best host ever.


Great space but the donuts are quite awful. I had been wanting to try them for a bit. I got 3 different varieties and each one was grosser and greaser than the last...very disappointed.

Trish Stoner

Yum! Utter deliciousness. Creme brulee donut was spectacular. Staff super friendly. Love the eclecticness of the decor too. Two thumbs up!

Matthew Bucken

Fun local specialty donuts shop. Creative flavors and good selection if you get there early

Scott Reiners

Expensive but worth every penny. Every time I am in Indy I make sure I go! Try the salted caramel, it's my fav.

Travis Mumford

Amazing, artisan donuts in a sparse, bohemian building. Be prepared, a dozen will set you back a decent amount. but it'll be soooo worth it.

Jeremy Rhoades

I'm not much of a sweets person but was happy to try a vegan donut. Despite being super sweet, it was delicious. Their coffee is ok but the wife was REALLY into their regular donuts.

Jason Greenway

Well-made donuts. Great Latte.

Stephen Crowley

Great tasting quality doughnut, always a great selection. Love the Benny (cronut)!

Carlyn Warnock

They have great vegan donughts!

Raeann S

Favorites include the Bennie, Lemon and Salted Caramel. Be prepared to spend more money on a donut than you may be comfortable with, but it pays off in my opinion. Also, don't miss out on one of the best lattes in Indy!

Wings of Paine

$26 dollars for 14 doughnuts. Not worth the money. You would be better off going to longs doughnuts

Russell Fletcher

Fresh and delicious. Worth every penny.

Nick Lumsden

Holy cow batman! The glazed are amazing. Easy to find and easy to park early in the morning to bring a dozen of Indy's best donuts into the office. Very friendly staff and a really cool location.

Thomas Seabright

Wonderful donuts. Try the pineapple donut if you get the chance!


It was okay. Just your run of the mill hipster donuts.

Kodiak Firesmith

Solid dairy-free / egg-free donut options! Good coffee.

Sean Bosworth

Tasty donuts, super friendly staff in a very relaxed atmosphere. My new favorite donut place when visiting Indy

Cari Morales

Donuts are bomb!!!! Awesome flavors!

Ben Spaulding

$25 for a dozen?? LMAO!@

David Ginsberg

Look, the staff is friendly, and that is great, but lets be honest, the donuts here are not spectacular. Long's blows this out of the water. Heck, fresh crispy cream is better than this! I'm not trying to rag on them, they are okay, they are nice, but it seems like hipsters just like to say they like things to say they like things.

john armitage

terrific doughnuts! Love that you serve Stumptown coffee.

Leanna Grady

This place is SO good! The coffee is excellent and all of the donuts are tasty

Richard Lemke

Nice little place to have breakfast with small group, with your best friend, or just by yourself. Donuts are great, even if a little pricey. Interior felt very comfortable.

Kristin Swank

Meh......the donuts are ok, but not worth the high price. Plus you have to get there REALLY early to get any of the good donuts, the ones that are not standard. I'm glad we tried it, but I probably will not go back.

Luan Voehringer

Cool atmosphere! Amazing donuts!!Definitely worth visiting over and over again!!!

Gavin Gregory

The donuts speak for themselves but the fried chicken at lunch time is where it's at. Plenty of sauce/seasoning combinations and it's all made to order. Truly some of the best in Indy. Hopefully chicken & waffles comes soon!

Willy Frick

Tad on the expensive side but hey, they’re definitely fancy donuts. They ARE super tasty, and the coffee is great.

Tracy Warner

This place just has the worst customer service ever. We call every Sunday and if you don’t call before like 7 AM, don’t even bother. It’s like they take the phone off the hook or something. I finally got ahold of them one weekend and asked that they hold a box of donuts for me. They didn’t say I had to pick them up by a certain time. My husband came by 3 hours later after church to get them and they gave them away and were sold out. I’m done trying and feel like they don’t care about their customer experience at all. On top of that, their doughnuts have gotten worse and have a super yeasty / beer flavor. There are better donuts with better customer service in town.

Matt Wilson

Excellent doughnuts and a wonderful atmosphere. They're a little more expensive than your average doughnuts but worth it.

Android Enthusiast

Great doughnuts but overpriced unless you buy in bulk.

Benjamin Shaw

Always a must in Indy. Love the donuts, a general atmosphere here.

Caity Marie

The space is splended and simple with a great atmosphere. I love the plants, the employees, and of course the best donuts around!

Alexander MacDonald

Everything was so delicious and freshly prepared. I love their donuts and coffee which was so yummy.

Angela Simpson

Not from the area, always search out great donut places. Was disappointed when Google Maps directed me there with a close time of 2pm, when they must close earlier than that on Saturday. Wasted 40 minutes to drive there. Call and check their actual store hours before you make the trip.

Grace Ali

I used to love this place but I've been disappointed the last few times I've been there. They have changed something in their recipe, Donut are sour and foamy....

J.R. Starnes

Creme brulee doughnut. Need i say more?

D. Tyler Harrison

Interesting and yummy artisan doughnuts. Very friendly service

Nathan Miller

Cool retro atmosphere, warm staff, and delicious, moderately priced doughnuts.

Daniel Shannon

The donuts are amazing and fresh. This is also the only place I've found in town that serves Stumptown Coffee. Also: DOG FRIENDLY

Amanda Burdine

I have longed for vegan donuts since Rocket 88 closed last October with the only other place that I knew of served them making essentially an atrocity to the great donut name. My husband found out that General American Donut Co made vegan donuts and the plan was made to give them a visit over the weekend. The shop itself is a welcoming place with friendly and helpful staff. They also serve Stumptown coffee so even if the donuts were just okay it would have been worth the trip. But they were way better than just okay. We got all four of different varieties of their vegan donuts that day and tried them all. They’re soft and delicious and made with care. Unlike the Dancing Donut you can tell the vegan version was made by someone who actually understands that vegan food should taste as close to the omnivorous counterpart. We went again today, less than a week later because these donuts are that good. I highly recommend getting in closer to opening time so your donuts will still be warm from being cooked, they basically melt in your mouth it’s incredibly rewarding.

Devin Bowling

Nice place, friendly staff, good donuts.. my only complaint is they charge you extra to pick your own donuts. Seems weird that I dont get to choose what I'm paying for unless I pay extra.

bigkid forever

This old re-purposed building turned donut shop, is casual and chill for your weekend morning to come and have a donut. I would put these donuts in the "gourmet" due to select donut prices , if you pick your own assortment of donuts it is $25 and i think that is for a dozen. My husband visited this location a few months back, we had trouble finding it, the building is sort of hidden and at the end of short street. The outside may fool you, but the inside has a hipster to modern feel. There was no a good selection of donuts when got there, it was going on about 11. I tried a Strawberry Granola donut, which i normally wouldn't get. The flavor wasn't terrible ,however i don't think i would order it again. I don't eat glaze donuts but my husband ordered a few so i tried one of his. Ohmygosh, it was one of the best glaze donuts i have tasted in awhile if i do say so myself. The glaze donuts had been freshly made too, they were hot and just the right amount of glaze. This donut shop also helps the community by giving domestic violence survivors employment opportunities, i can appreciate a good cause. Do support this local Indy donut shop if ever you're on this side of town.

Kennedy Ormsby

I love this shop!! Most other donut shops just have drip coffee, but this place does great espresso drinks with flavor options. The donuts are great and have some really fun flavors. My only complaint would be, if you come on the weekends, it is loaded with kids and toys are all over the floor. I would recommend getting it to go on the weekends (like me) if you're not a huge fan of that atmosphere. But overall, a cozy coffee and donut shop! :)

Andy Robinette

Pleasant donut and mocha. The kids table with toys was a nice perk, however the quiet atmosphere made it challenging to keep them from disturbing the peace.

Emily Taylor

Best donuts in Indy. Particularly enjoy their blackberry-filled lemon donut.

Lynn Tolan

A comfy and casual spot to eat yummy donuts and equally yummy coffee. Child friendly.

Thomas Mattingly

Great donuts great coffee! What a way to start a Saturday morning!

Crystal Kent

Was incredible. I ordered the Fillmore and it was probably the best donut I've ever had. The place is not frilly but you can tell the focus is on the raw deliciousness of the donuts.

Thomas E. Mattingly

Great coffee great Donuts

Daryl Hughes

Very rude customer service

Jason Lawson

Gourmet Donuts. You either like them or you don't. Nice cozy spot.

Joseph Ko

Super cool donut shop in Indy! Went here on a Sunday morning and it was nice, chill vibe. Great for reading a book, getting some work done, or just enjoying some great donuts and coffee with family and friends.

Sherida Sharpe

I was not a fan of the doughnut, the lighting, or the atmosphere. Cashier seemed like she didn't want to be there and there were display doughnuts and a group of us, they made it seem like we all had to chose a different one vs. Having some on the racks, won't return.

amanda lepscum

Ill give them the fact that they were friendly. They have awkward (in a good way) donuts. However they are not that good for the price. They had a cartoon playing on the wall so it is kid friendly and a cute little getaway place. All around. I would go back to try their coffee but not their donuts. Having no transportation they were the closest bike ride without a bus. I think ill go back to longs where they are cheaper.

Mindy Elizabeth Bayko

Excellent donuts, friendly and efficient service, hip atmosphere, plenty of street parking, and a small parking lot! Try the Bennie - it's amazing!

Todd Miller

Awesome! Clean, has a fireplace. Yeah the cup of joe and doughtnuts make your mouth water.

Michael Hudson

Wonderful flavors of doughnuts no matter what time you arrive. In a chill atmosphere, often with a movie displayed on the wall, get yourself a maple bacon, sprankle, or the recent recipe.

Stephen Williams

Family Sunday morning tradition. The Americano is also hot and the donuts are always yummy. Apple fritter is the biggest bang for your buck. But they are so creative with their options you have to be a regular to get the full experience. Philmore, Bennie, and Pistachio should not be missed.

Dale Everett

Great donuts and coffee. Cozy rustic setting for a meeting or just a quiet place to work and have breakfast.

Chris Stultz

Wonderful donuts. Go early to get them warm. The creme brulee donut is out of this world.

Josh Wilson

Donuts are decent, but very over priced. I had to wait 10 minutes for someone to bring me a donut that was just sitting on the rack. The person running the cash register had a very bad attitude.

holly puckett

Delicious! Caramel Chocolate was a big hit. Nice place for kids to play and they have WiFi.

Eric Graul

Great selection of specialty and conventional doughnuts and coffee in an eclectic atmosphere.

Kiera Kurak

Great atmosphere. Very kid friendly.

Sherman Woods

Great service.I love the gourmet donuts soooooo good..I've been coming here for years

Jennifer Burnell

Love the atmosphere, staff, coffee, and every donut I have had here. Not Long's, but I don't think that is what they are after. Bennie is a fav, but I haven't had anything here I didn't enjoy. Omg. I try to stay away, for my waistline would change drastically if I didn't!!

Adam Shaw

Best donuts ever! Counting down the days till I'm in Indy again.

Miranda Sosa

Donuts made hot and fresh every day, you will wanna call ahead for Bennies (cronuts) and vegan donuts as they tend to be gone within an hour or two of opening. Drip coffee is amazing, as is the cold brew. Cartoons every morning, amazing music, beautiful plants. Definitely recommend!

Jonathan Hodges

The donuts were amazing. The service was great. The environment was historic.

Tyler Childress

Great donuts, great coffee, super cool atmosphere to just hang out with friends. Only coffee shop in DT Indianapolis that serves Stumptown.

Kayce Katherine

Was the shortter line for the food trucks and I will never know why. We order a coconut and a salted caramel donut. Both where delicious but the salted caramel really stood out. It wasn't to sweet and had the perfect balance of salt that hit right at the of each bite. Was the best donut I think we have had.

Preston Surdo

Great donuts. A bit on the pricey side.

Randal Vandom

Quiet, chill background music Amazing donuts Quirky decor Plenty of comfortable retro seating *** Non-gendered single occupancy bathrooms

Kris Poyser

Awful! Worst donuts I have ever had. They were brought into our work and nobody cared for them. I would never order from them again. I had to give them a 1 because 0 was not an Option. The donuts were flavorless and weird tasting

Shawna Luhosky

Very cute little cafe, doesn't look like much from the outside, very simplistic inside. Very friendly outgoing staff. Doughnuts were amazing.

M Pi

It's ok. Donuts are way over priced and ok. Fancy names with fancy ingredients that don't live up to there expectations

Andrew Wright

Very cool atmosphere, friendly staff. They had some unique donut flavors I've never seen before. I had the creme brulee, and salted caramel. Both were delicious

Sue Nichols

I have been here a few times with my five-year-old son and he enjoys it because of the toys and the movies they play on the wall sometimes however I am not a fan of the donuts nor the prices. The doughnuts don’t taste the way I feel a doughnut should taste. I feel flavor is lost due to possibly being over creative. I also think for the shabby environment, although it is supposed to look this way, one would think with the prices they have the donuts would taste better and the building not be so cold.

Anthony C

Awesome hole in the wall with unique large donuts. Parking is limited though. Right across from Lily. I had an awesome creme brulee donut, so sugary.

Gideon Herndon

Small shop, very delicious donuts. We tried four kinds and loved them all.

Bobby Ferguson

These are the best donuts in Indy. Pricey, but worth it. When my work team has a good week, they get a dozen on Friday AM. Remember Friday AM, that is the discount day.

Joanie Schifano

Great atmosphere, very friendly staff. Awesome for children, had a table with puzzles and toys , they even turned on cartoons for my son (4 y.o.) to watch. Highly recommend, we definitely will be back!!

Tom Tomlinson

Best ever

Kennedy Byrd

Delicious vegan donuts! They were even better than Long's bakery. I love it.

Kristin Disney

Coffee was good. Donuts were just so-so. Disappointed after all the hype I'd read online.

Robin Wheatcraft

Best donuts near downtown!!! Yes I even love them just as much as the famous Longs Bakery. This place was fun & offered delightful flavors. A little pricey, but worth it!

Mike D

Probably only reason they are still in business is it’s location next to Lilly. Not because their food is good!

Samantha Jones

Average doughnuts.

Daniel Obenchain

Great for picking up delicous donuts for work. The couch is nice to relax on too.

Jacob Bower-Bir

The atmosphere is great, the donuts are good to fantastic, and the staff are friendly. Vegan donuts are available, but they go fast so maybe call ahead and reserve one. Cons: no bike parking and the drinking cups are disposable. Also, it would be nice to know something about the ingredients for the non-vegan donuts.

Echo Vexx

I had the donuts they were not good especially the chocolate. We were going to sit down and it was so messy we just left. It sucked because we walked a mile over there.

David Sudhop

Good coffee excellent donuts!

Tari Morales

Donuts are so soft and delicious!

Babette Ryther

Great coffee! Very friendly! We always come here when we visit our daughter!

Jill B Edwards

SUCH good donuts! I was totally surprised by the salted caramel (which are stellar) but they pretty much ALL rock!!

Hannah Milano

This place is cute and hipster. I love it. The donuts are a little pricier than ones from the grocery store but that's bc these are unique and fancy. If you wanna tip you gotta bring cash. Staff is always chill and super nice. Everyone inside, staff and patrons seem happy.

John Williford

Cheap and tasty coffee and donuts, don't need much else.

Becca Deutsch

If you want some trendy donuts this is the place! It’s a very raw, open space and very interesting. There are quite a few vegan options as well.

Sue Anderson

Best donut and atmosphere in Indy! Fancy or plain glazed...they are all amazing!!

Lyndi Uitto

Love the atmosphere. We stop every time we drive near Indy. Everything we've tried has been delicious.

Rosemary Niesen

Just drove past it but didnt go in..

Megan Mcgaha

Great donuts and great Friday deals!!

Aaron Cook

This place is awesome. They cater to a crowd that's often forgotten about. The vegan/vegetarian that roam the city. They have some of the best vegan donuts in town. Hell their donuts are down right some of the best I have had.

Jessica Moehlmann

Great donut selections

Brady Purnell

The Reese's donut is the best!

Jake McChristtian

High quality, good texture...cartoons! My son and I tried 5 donuts. I’m not a food critic, but have tried many donuts. Who doesn’t love donuts and have a preferred flavor for each type? Great flavor some non-traditional tasty varieties. Cool dining area!

Russ Ray

Donuts are terrible. Way too dense and tasted stale. In fact, the only good part was the frosting but still couldn't mask the stale taste. Felt like a rock was in my stomach after eating one.

Phil Magnone

Excellent donuts! The Bennie is my favorite, but pretty much every kind I've had from them has been great! They're not exactly cheap, but they're worth it.

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