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1916 W Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60622, United States

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REVIEWS OF West Town Bakery & Diner IN Illinois

Jess Larocque

Best breakfast I’ve had in this neighborhood, great quality food and really nice servers! We had Bill, he was great and offered us a coffee to go


Great service. Super nice staff. Chill vibes with outdoor seating for bakery or service customers if not busy. Pastries are excellent.

Kristina Chmiel

They made our wedding cake a few years ago and we go back every year to buy an anniversary cake. It's a little pricey because we special order it to be the same as the top tier of our wedding cake but it's always beautiful and is the best cake we've ever had.

Alex G

The sheer amount of pastries alone warrants a visit, but it's the quality that stands out. Some other good coffee shops without their own bakery also get their pastries from here.

clint glugla

Weak hipster stuff if you like


Great bakery and great food! This place is a go to for my wife and I. Patrick is always a great host. I highly recommend this place! The cupcakes are my favorite but it's hard to go wrong with anything here.

Juan C. Alday

Dont for get to pick up some cupcakes on the way out.

Maria Arreola

West Town & Diner is the best place in West Town! Very friendly staff! Great variety of vegan bake goods. Josh is amazing he is super friendly and very helpful with explaining vegan and nonvegan bake goods. I am not vegan but my co-worker is and this place is my go to from now on. Cake balls are amazing!!!

Angela E Vjr

West town bakery made my wedding cake & cupcakes and it was absolutely awesome and beautiful. At first, I won't lie, I was really worried because I was told they couldn't do a tier cake for me since it was during a busy wedding week but then they later told me they could do a 2tier cake which was perfect for me. They answered all my questions and were very helpful during the planning process. All I asked of them to do was to do a half bridal half batman cake with some type of lace design. I remember talking over the phone and saying I trust you guys will come up with something great cause I've seen your pics on instagram. when I saw my cake oh my goodness I was not wrong! it was soo cool!! I really wish I could have taken better pics but they really did go beyond with how they decorated the cake! I loved all the details and lavendar flowers! And my husband obviously loved the batman side lol The cake was delicious too! Thank you - I 100% recommend

Michael Morgen

Breakfast is awesome and the service great. I keep coming back for more. They serve Dark Matter coffee which will get your day started right.

Jesse Badger

Just because I work here doesn't mean it can't also be great.

Anne Hill

Got the carrot cake for a birthday celebration, they wrote on it and that cake was the best carrot cake I have had in a long time!

Elizabeth St. John

One of my most favorite brunch spots in the city. The coffee is Dark Matter...yum!! The staff is always friendly and the food is always good. A plus for people with kids, this place is totally family friendly. However, people with kids and without can come exist happily in this warm and friendly environment. Gotta go!

Keith Myer

Delicious food and out-of-this-world looking desserts. The cake balls are something you just have to try. They look small but pack a huge taste and are deceptively filling and satisfying.

Justin Goldberg

The best vegan biscuits and gravy I've ever had. Fantastic bakery and superb service. My favorite place in West Town.

MELA MujeresEnLasArtes

Awesome!! Great coffee and delicious food.

Bob D

I really like this spot. The Dark Matter blend they get is awesome. Food has been a bit inconsistent but overall really solid.

John Ferguson

Seasoned potatoes make this corned beef hash delicious (took me by surprise) and the cafe au lait was excellent as well

Stephen Jones

This is our breakfast spot whenever family comes to town. Great food. They also serve Dark Matter Coffee (a blend specific to West Town) which I would drink every day if I could afford to. They'll give you one to go if you ask nicely.

Jay Rodriguez

Our first time visiting this spot and it was so good. The vibe you get walking into this joint is like a throwback to when dinners where awesome! The service and the food was absolutely delicious.

Nicole Baetiong

Lovely staff. Great look indoor. Decent coffee.

Cindy Elias

Awesome place to eat and loved the vegan options. Service was friendly and helpful.

Sam Karow

Solid and interesting stuff.

Valarie Winkleman

Super sweet staff and really great food options!!!!!

Maika Yang

Very laid back. We were greeted right away and the waitresses were quick with getting is water. After ordering, food was out within 5-10minutes. Their breakfast menu is delicious along with their baked good. I ordered the croissant sandwich with hash browns and was surprised at the size of the sandwich - as big as an adult hand. I will definitely return to this restaurant.

Barbara Paige

Very tasty almond chocolate croissants and the ham and cheese are awesome too. Great alternative to Tartine for B Patisserie with as good if not better croissants.

Shannon Niemi

We came here for a quick breakfast and it did not disappoint! The donuts were delicious, and they have other offerings in the display case like quiches and croissants. All the pastries looked beautiful and yummy. Strong iced coffee hit the spot! You can also sit down and order from a full menu. They have an outdoor area when it's nice out. Definitely trying this place out again.

Bill Gendel

Food quality was average at best and pricey. Service was not much, if at all, better. I won't be going back. Popular cool spot, with diverse menu but not anywhere worth the hype.

Jason Stockler

Good food and great service.

Wissanee Blaine

Varieties of food. Friendly and fast. Love the Benedict Fresca and Avocado Toast.

Rob arreguin

Good semi-home style food , decent portion well within the comfort food zone. Just made the home fries to small and to many spices and dry, they remind me of Doritos or bbq chips. Bring back the other home fries and we're good.

Kristy Marie

Good service, great food and big portions!!

bai w.

the vegan biscuits and gravy is so good

Hayley Collins

The food is unique and tasty! Service here is outstanding and entertaining. I love that you can see the chefs hard at work baking and making. Wonderful place. : ]

James Borkman

Fantastic bakery/restaurant. Great choices abound for both breakfast and bakery items. Definitely try the scones if you're here. Outrageously good.

Shauna Santare

Build your own avocado toast... Only you can mess it up!! Dark matter Coffee and bakery is great too

karina giammaria r tt

Awesome service, awesome vegan options, everyone wanted to know where I got the cake balls(cake pops without the stick), they were so good! and they were half off! They have specials everyday, and Tuesday is half off cake balls. I didn't serve them until Sunday and they were as fresh as ever thanks to the amazing little cake balls tray they came in.

J Luci

Large space with roomy tables. Menu and food is good. Love the concept of rooftop garden to table. My staff experience is a no go, but maybe it's not always like that.

Michelle Havinga

Great iced coffee and desserts! My favorite was the chocolate chip cookie!

Jenn Farrell

amazing place, can't go wrong with any bakery item

Lynn Elliott

Cool environment that made my visit fun! Parking was a pickle, but it is on the city so that is the case. Since I hate fighting to park more than I enjoy a cool environment I probably will not frequent here. But it was fun to experience!

Jim Taone

Awesome folks that are serving great pastries, cakes, cake balls, etc. Great spot!!

Bonnie Watt

Delicious eggs Benedict (I got the one with pico de Gallo) and good service. The only reason I'm not giving five stars is because it had the most horrible smell inside the restaurant. I was eating outside when I went in to use their bathroom and I almost gagged. Not sure what was going on.... Besides the smell it was great and I could sit with my dogs in their outdoor seating section. Would definitely return.


good breakfast. a solid place

Timothy Brusveen

I've been here tons. The coffee is good and the food is fine and I never do these but I felt it was probably necessary to at least say something. Today there was a screw in my Denver omelet. Probably a half an inch long metal screw fell off my fork as I was about to put my third forkful in my mouth. The waiter and the cook and the manager were all nice about it and I don't blame them but a screw fell off the vent above the grill and into my food. That could have gotten really ugly. Like I said I've been there a lot and there have been other little things like bugs on fruit and hair in my pancakes things happen, I understand that. But not screws. If you're too busy to notice you just served somebody hardware, maybe you need more staff or more oversight. Just something to be aware of when you're there.

jeremiah barr

West town bakery does it right. I've gotten a number of tasty treats from these folks and have yet to be disappointed. Try the cake balls, so many great flavors and vegan/gluten free options. Get the red velvet cake balls, those are my favorite.

Zo Wesson

Bill. He's a host and a waiter. He's friendly and accommodating. Go to see Bill. Otherwise there's really nothing else to this place that impresses me. I liked the audacity of having a breakfast mac and cheese on the menu. The only problem was it's so unctious. With no kind of acid to cut it with and a paucity of bacon and vegetables, it became a huge slog to try to get through. Their biscuits didn't fare any better. At least they know how to prepare a decent egg. This seems to be a neighborhood spot. The patrons there seemed very comfortable with it. If you're from the neighborhood I can see the appeal. But it's definitely not a destination location for me. Glad I ate there though. I got to meet Bill.

Matthew Geerling

Great house-cured corned beef hash. Awesome hash browns; crispy and seasoned very well.

Amy Farthing

West Town Bakery catered the cupcakes for my wedding back in May 2018. The cupcakes, which were a combination of regular, gluten free, and vegan, turned out amazing! All of our guests loved them. If you're looking for someone to cater special dietary desserts in the Chicago area that are reasonably priced, definitely look into West Town Bakery!

Shane Bugbee

Best cake. The maple, almond, blueberry is the tops.

Brandi Elder

Donuts are very yummy amd the coffee is good too

Stephen Quillen


David J

Tried the chocolate covered bacon and it was delicious.

Carmen Arvizu

I liked the atmosphere and the staff was great, the food could have been a bit better

Julianna J.

Tasty, Vegan AND NUT FREE! I would give this bakery 5+ if I could. Finding a tasty and pretty vegan cake is difficult; top that with finding a nut free cake with those qualities....nearly impossible. A recent birthday celebration of my son in Chicago enabled us to enjoy this beautiful and tasty cake. I have been baking birthdays cakes for over a decade since my son was diagnosed with nut/peanut allergies. I have decorated these cakes (I'm a busy professional woman and decorating is not my strong skillset...but we do what we have to). My daughter found out that there is a bakery that not only offers vegan cakes (I avoid dairy) but it's also nut free. Finding nut free baked goods is a challenge. While you can often find cakes that do not contain nuts, most bakeries warn you about cross contamination because the cakes are made on shared equipment. Being vigilant about nut free, I decided to call the bakery since I saw they have some products with nuts. I was assured that the cake will be safe for my son (not cross contaminated), plus I won't have to deal with the dairy frosting. So my daughter ordered a custom cake, stating again, it needs to be nut free, and not cross contaminated. This cake was moist, rich, aesthetically pleasing and delicious. Having carefree celebrations with a baked cake is a rare for us, yet we didn't even have to compromise on flavor. I'm from Europe and do not like overly sweetened cakes. The cake had the optimal amount of sweetness. Also, we at the cake for days and there was no loss in quality. I don't live in Chicago, but will definitely publicize this bakery in the food allergy community. A rare and unique find. Carefree eating for people with food allergies is a unique experience.

Jonathan Walters

We love everyone at West Town. And our son also loves everyone who works there. They are quickly becoming part of his growing up! Thanks you guys! See you this weekend!


Weak food, fun bakery

Sinthuja Ramalingam

I've ordered a couple of vegan cakes from West Town Bakery. One was ordered at the last minute on the same day I needed it. They both tasted amazing, and people were shocked to find our they were vegan.

Vincent Andrew

Amazing breakfast! This is the kind of place where I want to slowly try everything on the menu.

Nancy Lewis

Amazing cake balls!

Laura Freeman

Good food, great service

Andrew Wisniewski

Had close to 30 different varieties of biscuits and gravy in my life and this one takes the cake, or shall I say biscuit! The biscuits were cooked perfectly and the gravy was seasoned and balanced perfectly. One thing I noticed right away is how fast they refill your water. It’s small things like that that speaks volumes to the customers!

David Lane

Please update your menu, online and in the restaurant. The reason I came, the short rib Benedict is no longer available but still shows up online as a choice. When at the restaurant, looking at the printed menu, my second choice, corned beef brisket, is no longer available. The counter staff, who was very apologetic, recommended something new on the printed menu but that isn't listed online, breakfast nachos. It became obvious to me that I picked the wrong day to come because before biting into my dish the mushrooms looked exceptionally large, I called the restaurant to find out what variety of mushrooms these were and she assured me that they were button. Upon tasting them I found them to be bitter and inedible. I tried eating around them but there was some other flavors that I couldn't identify and that I couldn't tolerate either. I liked the atmosphere of the place, I want to come back to try the baked goods but this experience was not pleasant, sorry.

James Phillips

Pastries are amazing, coffee is always great, and their breakfast selection are good...

Jesus Renteria

Kid friendly with abundant menu options, including vegan and vegetarian items. Attached to their cake studio and bakery for cakes (of course) cakeballs (!!!) and donuts

Tim Mack

The omlettes are great and the whole vibe is pretty cool!

Kahayla Coleman

I love going here with my family. Cupcakes are sssssoooo good

Ronald Berdell

Love this place.

Daniel Cramer

Stopped in for the first time to grab a cup of coffee to kill some time before a meeting. Seems like a great place! I didn't try to food, but the display near the coffee counter was very tempting. I'll definitely stop by again!

Grant Williams

Best quiche ever and high quality coffee. Cool vibe but busy, esp on weekends!

Liz Noftle

Great neighborhood breakfast/brunch spot. Even better cake pops! All of their baked goodies are awesome. Surprisingly short wait time for weekend brunch.

Varun Devulapalli

Amazing tofu, have the tacos and nachos

Cecilia Vargas

Plates are to big. Food lacks much in the green department. Flavors are rather bland.

Cyrus Fernandez

Loved this place! I was looking for a cool breakfast joint and West Town bakery and diner delivered. Their biscuits were to die for and I loved the fact they brew coffee from a local roaster down the street. Dont forget to stop by the bakery display! Their cake balls were everything. The red velvet and sprinkles cake balls were perfect. I had a long road trip to my next destination and they made for a perfect road trip snack. HAPPY EATS!

Hope Jernigan

I eat here kind of often. I enjoy their bakery(nice croissants). However, the diner food is over priced for relatively plain food.

Mary Nack

Dark Matter coffee and cake balls. Need I say more? A total YUM!

Harmonica Blues

It's a really nice place! A good selection of different hot chocolates and wonderful coffee. The real gem of this place are their cakes and pastries! Don't be afraid to try the restaurant part.

m 0

new to the area but at the time i was there it wasn't busy or crowded and for once nobody bugged me about a menu or try to rush me chill vibe

Timothy Bruess

Great place for brunch.

Adam Cook

I think I might become a regular. Bring your appetite because portions are filling. Kinda of like a cafe in Phoenix that I enjoyed.

Noshy Syed

I had an Elsa doll cake made my daughter’s 2nd birthday and she was in awe from how beautiful it was! Plus she could not stop eating it haha. Thank you West Town Bakery!! The staff is amazing and super nice :)

Maria V Mejia

Loved this place! Dark matter coffee was delicious. Ordered the egg salad croissant sandwich which was amazing and Heidi was the best server!! Will definitely come back.

Paris Alexis

I looked up the menu on google and I saw a BLT. I called in so I could grab the food on my break. As I'm trying to order I'm told they dont sell a BLT, but they have a turkey club(difference is turkey and cheese.) So I order that and ask them to hold the turkey and the cheese. They say ok it will be 10 minutes. I get there and its not til I've been there about 5 or 6 minutes that I'm told the sandwich was made wrong they are making another. I'm annoyed, but I'm there already so I wait. I get the new sandwich about 10 minutes after that and it was cheese on it but I dont have time to wait for it to be made a 3rd time. I get back to work to eat it and the potatoes are cold and have little pieces of turkey in them from the first sandwich they made and there is so much mayo. I had high hopes for the food because their pastries are amazing.

Rich Holt

Everything that I've eaten there had been awesome. I'll definitely be back.

Brian Adams

One of the best bakery/diners in town. Family friendly. Great patio in the summer. Interesting ingredient modifications on classic American diner dishes.

Kathryn Cervantes

Plenty of seating indoor and out including counter top which is a personal favorite for quick bite. There are a couple TVs over the kitchen as well but only sound playing is music. Huge fan of west town coffee and cake balls now happy to add their diner to that list. Full size menu with vegan and unique options including avocado toast that doesn’t make you feel overly basic for ordering. I went with the Benedict Fresca and bottomless coffee, was even offered one to go! Will definitely be a new regular. Extensive pastry selection for grab and go as well.

Sebastian Krupa

Delicious and the selection is awesome. Strongly recommend. Coffee and hot chocolate are yummy too

Jorge Bautista

Great tofu

Eva-Maria Breier

Great place, staff super friendly, delicious food, loads of vegan options

Ewan Dickson

Good food, cool atmosphere, they were a bit short staffed but our server managed to keep up.

Jason Raynard

You have stop by here since it is on great walking distance from Damen and Chicago in West Town, you should see the homemade donuts and snack to choose. I love those original glaze donuts, it is a must have to eat! People are friendly, they are more down to earth that would just welcome you to the table and chatting with you to give you recommendation. They are AMAZING!!

Emily Kapostas

West Town made our wedding cake and they executed on all levels! At the tasting they took very detailed notes about what we were looking for and the overall look of the cake. They explained the whole process, and took care of delivering the cake as well. There were no hiccups, question marks, or any problems at all and it was amazing to see our beautiful cake on our wedding day. It was a 3 tier geode cake and it looked and tasted amazing! We got tons of compliments from our guests on the moistness of the cake. The frosting and fruits were not overly sweet and we are super happy that we chose to go with West Town!

Keri Wiley

Oh my goodness!!! This place is absolutely amazing! The baked goods are delicious. Everything I've had there has been perfect. The people that work there are very nice, incredibly helpful, and totally knowledgeable about their food. I really love this place.

Roxana A

The staff extremely rude! The waitress with the blue hair doesn't want to acknowledge you. Bad customer service.

Ryan Kent

This place was great. Great service, short wait, delicious food. Not too busy, lots of options. We came with a large group and they did a good job accommodating us. I would definitely come back.

Shamroze Khan

Pastries and baked goods are awesome! Breakfast was just ok. Short rib lacked any real flavor. Probably wouldn't come back for food, but will definitely be back for their sweet treats!

Marius J

good food, awful service

Giovina Romandine

Great breakfast, brunch and lunch spot in Westtown. The eggs Benedict is divine, avocado toast scrumptious and the cinnamon toast is more like cake than toast. Their bakery treats are decadent.

Mike Ryan

Love that they have real maple syrup! super friendly staff and great food.

angela vanoppens

The food was delicious and prepared exactly the way that it needed to be it was a large portion and everything was extremely fresh .The atmosphere was great

Jackie Michalek

Was here on Sunday and experienced the rudest people and service I’ve ever seen. The cinnamon roll was tossed into the bag - UPSIDE DOWN! When we asked the woman what the donut hole flavors were her response was “can’t you read.” The only reason we didn’t walk out right then and there was because we were told then bakery was unbelievably good. After the ignorant service, the food just didn’t sit right.

Merove Heifetz

Consistently amazing service and wonderfully fresh food (they don't even have a microwave!).

David Garcia

Service, food, coffee, was great. Got the biscuits and gravy and it was done very well. Will be back to try corner beef hash and benedicts

Grant Golden

Proper hipster place. Which suppose means I'm one as well. Awesome music, very strong mimosas!

Katie Edmondson

Eggs were inedibly undercooked on 4 of 6 meals. Toast was not toasted. When they served a person with a gluten allergy an omelette with toast, rather than making a new omelette, they just removed the toast and left all the crumbs. They did comp one person's food, which accounts for the one star. The other star was for good coffee and tea. Bakery fine, diner bad.

Tara Liceaga

One of our favorite diners in the neighborhood. I ordered a custom cake recently, which was amazing. So incredibly beautiful and delicious. Everyone loved it!

Patrick Moorhead

We love this place. Family friendly, the kids love the food, great treats. Totally great Chicago neighborhood spot!

Maxym Kovalchuk

Nice food

Sabrina Matthews

This is one of my favorite spots. Great food, service, and environment for friends, family, and connections. Always where I bring out of town guests... Always the meal they remember most. Update - they removed my favorite ditches. All of them so... I went afterwards and found THAT was the magic. Updating with a downgrade - 5 to 3. Service is still stellar however.

Eva Shonuga

Food is good atmosphere is fantastic . Kid friendly. Updating, they've taken my favorite off the menu and apparently they don't do grits anymore?? Going from 5 to 4 stars for that.

Kritika Rana

Great food and coffee! The ambience is very 50s with adorable booths. I had the malted chocolate and toffee pancakes and hash browns. They might have been the best pancakes that I've ever had!

Chris Vamos

This place makes the most amazing bread! ...but they don’t sell it here? Odd.

Raquel Galvan

Friendly wait staff. Welcoming environment

Shelbie Moser

Has multiple vegan options and I LOVED my donuts from here. #eatingwithshelbie

Mister E

So many delectable treats here. And, a bomb double decker turkey club !

Lidia Bejm

My little girl has an egg allergy and finding a bakery that can make her cake especially for her first birthday. This bakery has outdone themselfs. By far best cake ever! My guests were shocked to learn it was vegan and the birthday girl even liked it (smashed her cake and ate some). Barley had enough to save for the next day! I strongly recommend this place. Customer service was grest. The girls were super sweet. Thank you west town!!!! I will be coming for all my cakes even if i do have to drive 45min. So worth it....

Jake Youngberg

Horrible service

Jose Guzman

A true gem in the city.

Belle Espada

West Town is the one of the greatest bakeries in Chicago! Friendliest staff and the food is amazing.

Michael Pfammatter

Good vegan options

Kendall Hope

2 stars because food wasn't too bad. It's way too expensive for the quality of the food. Just save your money and go down to sunrise cafe.

Dan Pacer

One of my favorite places for weekend brunch - not a typical 'diner'

Kyle Bacon

Really good bakery options, a little on the expensive side. The brunch options were pretty average though.

Franky Cilella

Great food, great service. Try their cake balls!

Nick Geeslin

Great service (the sort of server that is genuinely happy to be there) and great eggs. Cool spot with cool art

Quinn Newhall

As a vegan it is one of the few places that I am offered a large variety of foods that are familiar to what I would eat prior to the diet change. The vegan biscuits and gravy are to die for as are the cake balls and Dark Matter coffee. This place is a local treasure and never fails to please.

Dan Gocek

A fairly good diner / dessert bakery. They have a lot of sweet options (the french toast cinnamon cake is very good) and a decent breakfast and lunch menu. Busy on the weekends and there will likely be a wait.

Marcos Resendiz

I've only recently tried their pancakes but man o' man they are so tasty. The donuts are good. Coffee is bitter. Staff is super helpful. Complete breakfast is life! The garden is one of the cheeriest things. Look forward to trying their vegetables.

Vasyl Markus

A diner with baked goods. The food is pretty good high-end diner food with mid-range pricing. The decor is 50s nostalgic, but (fortunately) does not try too hard. Friendly servers, although you do have to get their atrention. (Not a bad thing that they don't hover, and I haven't once felt they mind to he called over.) The baked goods are good, although some items tend to be too sugary for my taste.

Kate Flores

I got my wedding cake from West Town Bakery, and they absolutely killed it! We had two flavors: chocolate cake with chocolate filling and vanilla cake with caramel filling. Both were amazing in the tasting as well as day-of! And while West Town Bakery had a more limited selection than other bakeries we considered, their taste was superior. Another important factor for us: these guys can do a completely gluten free wedding cake! Of the five different places we tasted with, West Town's gluten free cake was the best, hands down. It was soft, spongey perfection, and no one at the wedding could tell it was gluten free. There was a pretty lengthy wait time to get in for a tasting, and it was a little annoying that you could only pay the deposit/balance over the phone (calling at specific hours). But nonetheless, we loved our wedding cake, and so did our guests! My husband's #1 wedding day regret? "Not getting to eat more of the cake."

Pete Dominguez

After a few run ins with your Sprinkled Vegan Whoopie pie from Jackelope Coffee located in my old neighborhood Bridgeport, I had to ask. Members there informed me of where to go. Luckily I'm a 15 min bike ride away. Keep up the positive work. I dig the storefront

ann A

Amazing food, service & selection. Everything is made from scratch.

Owen Gourley

Good food and baked goods

Rob Duda

Very fast service and good food. A little pricy though.

Lydia Brookson

Oops accidentally swiped all five stars, not deleting it because I’m lookin forward to trying it out. Also the amazing comments and charismatic responses from the manager already convinced me.

Ryan Fee

Cool bakery with super awesome staff. It has that cool old school diner vibe with a dash of punk rook/alt culture mixed in. The donuts are stellar and they serve Dark Matter coffee.

Cory Grinstead

Good food and quick service!

Glenn Nightingale

Great service

mona Drucker

Visiting Chicago. Had a delicious eggs Benedict and great coffee! Service is friendly and quick. Love the 50'S decor and a bakery in house! You cannot go wrong! I will be back!!

Will Manzo

Usually a wait but it moves quickly. Great place for breakfast or lunch. Not a fan of their bloody Mary but everything else is good.

Rachael Barrix

Worst customer service ever.. called for directions to place because from out of town and the girl on the phone had the worst attitude ever. My GPS was not working bc of festival they had outside and I asked her nicely if she could explain where she was at and told me are you aware there is a festival outside and just told me the address.. I new the address . Thought it was funny also when I told her I was driving in circles.. needless to say I told her I would order cake from someone that wanted my business.

Sarah Scheffer

What a hidden gem for vegan diner food! Tons of options. The bakery case isn't marked with the word vegan - just ask and then look closely- anything with a white background on the label is vegan. How lovely is that!

Brittany Kedziora

Do yourself a favor and order the Nutella croissant. You will not be disappointed!

Lindsay M

BEST CAKE BALLS I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE! Who knew these could be so tasty!?!? They are melt in your mouth delicious. They’re oh so gooey! The best part is they’re not too sweet! Im not even a cake person but they’re not the texture of cake. I can’t even tell you my favorite ones because the chocolate mint, chocolate sprinkled, double chocolate, red velvet, and vanilla are all INSANE!

michael w

Just had an Awesome Burger!! The No more lonely nights Cheeseburger, add pork belly.

Pete Olsson

Fire bagels, fire schmear (I recommend the caper schmear, if you're into pickled flower buds)

Bril Barrett

Vegan Donuts on the daily!

Brandon Winter

A unique neighborhood breakfast place to take out of town guests. You must get a pastry item with your meal or to take for a snack later. They also have some of the highest quality and best priced cakes for your special event.

Nnanna Emetu

Huge, tasty treats, different levels and balcony sitting. Lovely place

Lindsay Mccann

It's been my favorite bakery for years. People are so friendly, never had a bad dish and it's just inviting to sit with friends and hang out. I've ordered birthday cakes for my daughter from here and they always exceed my expectations with decorating it!!! Love, love, love this place!

Cheryl Matrasko

Excellent. Good food and nice people

Chelsea Wooton

I first visited when staying at the hotel, now I come back to visit everytime I'm in the city lol

Mary McCoy

Super awesome spot for breakfast.

Lizette Penalber

The treats here are sensational plus they have great coffee! I love the variety from cake balls to pastries - my favorites are the macaroons. The servers are friendly and give great suggestions. You can also check out a funky cake creation in their front viewing room. For the cafe half, it can get a little noisy, but their breakfast dishes are creative.

Amanda Mazzola

This place is a crowd pleaser. Good food and wonderful bakery items, yum!

Jordan Skowronski

Everything that I've ordered over the past year has been delicious. Our regular breakfast spot.

Kimberly Schwartz

We were in a rush so just grabbed some pastries for breakfast, and everything was yummy. Especially loved the trailmix scone and herbed cheese croissant.

Jeremy Kane

Like the vegan and gluten-free bakery options.

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