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6634 W Cermak Rd, Berwyn, IL 60402, United States

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REVIEWS OF Vesecky's Bakery IN Illinois

Matthew Jerkovic

Being bored and raised in the Berwyn Cicero area. It is one of those places that time is stopped because the bakery taste just as good today as it did when I was there as a child.

Rick Fronek

Very friendly bakery with a great selection of coffee cakes, Donuts, pastries,danishes and breads. Visited on National Bakery Day!

Sarah Osinovsky

I’m in love with this place! I remember an old delicious bakery in Cicero named Minariks. This is of the same breed. Just delicious food and I loved it’s smell here, look, and bread and pastries! Very courteous service as well!


Bought pastries 2 weeks ago, and the quality is not good any longer. Plum kolachky round grew a mold only 3 days after purchase. Tossed. Poppy pastries were dry and tasteless. Don't waste your money or time there. Will update if they change.

Jean Karp

Saturday mornings at 6 with mom back in the 70's❤️❤️. Cream filled coffee cake, butter pound cake with tons of fudge frosting that was so good we cried! Their salt sticks, pull apart coffee cake, kolachky, etc.... SO UNBELIEVABLY GOOD!!!!! The ladies in there would always give my sisters and I cookies while we waited. One of my best memories, Vesecky's in BERWYN!!

Emily Payne

Old Bohemian bakery. Its a bit of a drive for me but love the food.

John Trindle

I can always find something to satisfy my pastry fix.

Jola Chacinska

Limited hours. European bakery

Susan Lopez

John Filipek

Alexander Wald

My grandparents and parents took me here and I still go here. It is the best bakery ever! Everything is fresh and the "hotdogs in a bun" are the BEST!

Gino V

Observed a roach crawling around the open pastries. I tried to mention it to the ladies behind the glass that there was a bug crawling around the food but they acted like they didn't hear me so the roach just kept on doing it's business. Sad to see because I've been going here with my grandma for over 30 years now and never once would of expected to see that level of cleanliness.

Joanna Carr

The best bakery I've ever been in. We plan any trip to Chicago around the bakery visit. I buy for family and friends. My husband family lived in the Berwyn neighborhood and this is always the highlight of our trips back.

Yo Mamma

One of the places contributing to my weight problem. :)

John Schaffer

One of the best bakeries in Chicago area.

MaryRita Kizior

Good, fresh bakery. You won't be disappointed.

Ann Cummings

Niki Ruetten

This was the first job I ever had 16 years old and everything is still the same

Mark Ryan

Matthew Harper

Great coffee cakes and pastries. In late October we got a wonderful German chocolate cake that were still enjoying today

Ramona Mcgill

We bought our wedfing cake here over 25 years ago it was the best cake I have ever tasted

Doris Moore

Bonnie Zavoral

They gave the best traditional baked goods!

Cheryl Kakuska

I love this bakery. My family and I have been going there for so so many years. I picked up a order of $100 of bakery today. Had to buy for all my family. Such good service.

David Piper

Jacob Becker

Momcilo Ryan

Great old time Czech bakery, selling fresh made baked goods made the night before. Lamb cake for Easter, linzer

Let 2u

Love there pastries. So many options. Accept cash and credit card. Must need to try there apple pie!

David Vanderway

They have a nice selection of bakery.

Melissa Malec

This place us wonderful! It was my first time there and my boyfriend grew up with these baked goods. The cashier was friendly and even let me try a kolacky since it was my first time there.

Dennis Fulford

Wonderful neighborhood bakery

Pam Kouimelis

Yummy fresh baked goods one of the best around

Kara Smith

I must go! You will not be disappointed!

Roy Robinson

Awesome bakery delicious hotdogs in a bun

Heather Thiesing

Great service, Great bakery. my parents get it all the time. Never been disappointed. If you have never been to Vesecky's Bakery, you should definitely go.

F Garcia

Still tastes the exact same as what I grew up eating 30 years ago from this bakery. Was thrilled to bring my son, who is 5 years old, here during his first visit to Chicago (we live in Atlanta). He was a little disappointed that there wasn't really anything in the cases to choose from (showed him pictures before going), but understandable since we showed up 20 minutes to close. Glad we got plenty of cookies and a loaf of rye bread. He loved everything. Might need to discuss getting some baked goods shipped to us. Plenty of great food here in Atlanta but not a single Czech or Slovak restaurant or bakery here. Closest were get is a German bakery an hour away. Did find a Czech bakery in Birmingham but not nearly as good and it's a 3 hour drive.

Joan Derrick

Great selection of baked goods

Erica Heavner

This is the place for Hoska, Rye bread & The BEST kolakcys you will ever have. I'm an apricot kolacky fan myself but the others are amazing too!

Edith Rodríguez

Fantastic paczki, impeccable service, wonderful establishment

Jason Girard

one of the best and oldest family-owned Bohemian bakeries in Chicago. best paczki around. if anyone says otherwise, let them taste the (seedless) raspberry, fresh strawberry or vanilla custard. who has room for apple, apricot or poppyseed?

Danny Wallace

Fresh handmade bakery

Alma Martinez

Its delicioso. Increíble

aidan chranko

Really good baked items

Cherie Arch

Always delicious goodies for my sweet tooth.

frank giannelli

Great pastry

Tom Vascik

Annual pilgrimage for Kolacky and hot dogs in a bun never disappoints.

Alicia McNamara-grott

A friend who was in from out of town asked me to pick up her favorite things from here and that they closed at 5. As I left the house I saw the website and they closed at 4. The young lady waited till I got there! Not only are they very nice, my friend from Michigan adores their baking!!!

Josephine Ruggirello

Cathy Tokarski

The best houska anywhere!

David Domabyl

Absolute Heaven

Rosa Johnson

I am curious about ethnic cuisines and different cultures. I looked for bakeries in the area, and this one stand out in google maps. It does not stand out if you are driving past, but I certainly recommend you to stop and try it out. However, you must go early in the morning if you want to catch a selection. We went two times around 10:30 am and the lady kept telling us, the best selection is early in the morning. They are open I believe at 6 am. Even though, we try their hot dog wrappers, the poppy cake. I felt in love with their sweet bread with golden raisins, they sell it in small or large loaf, and they can machine slice it. Sooooo goood!. I also love their buns with inside pudding (they remind me a little of the Swedish school bread, because they are just a little sweet but not at all overwhelming). The apple turnover is very good, but very sweet. Be aware! And the amazing chocolate with white cream swiss roll, sold by pieces, is AMAZING! We bought pastries and bread before venturing out to see Chicago so we were not desperately hungry. Their prices are very, very affordable. Must try!

John Marchand

Bruce Kolozy

Mary Roe

Bakery is as good as ever, clerks had NO personality.

Danielle Bell

Franco Cosimo

Catherine Pawlowski

After my great grandmother passed away Vesecky bakery became our families fix for all the great pastries we grew up eating. To this day I can remember the smell as we opened the door and stepped inside. I often crave a hot dog in a bun more so because it takes me back to my youth and all the safety of childhood. Thank you Vesecky for being part of my life, you are truly appreciated and cherished by so many of us.

Jim Jones

I bought cookies and a cheese coffee cake and it was spoiled or they gave me a lemon cake I had to throw it in the garbage and I think it was like $8 the cookies were awesome but now I'll never be going back

Susan Mika

Delicious bakery, hotdogs baked in a roll, yummy.

Jim Strnad

The BEST Houska around. I love their salted horns and they even have PRUNE kolacky!

Dominic giafagleone

Great little bakery, not the best paczk but damn good. Also enjoyed the Polish sausage roll

Esteban Hernandez

Patti Garcia

They don't make bakeries like this anymore! Wonderful kolacky, hoska, rye bread and coffee cakes. One of my favorite treats. Sweet little old ladies too.

Mary Policky

Chris Drew

Fantastic local bakery!

Linda Whited

Very fast to wait on us. Knew all of their items names. Very friendly!! The smell was awesome.

Michele Abelseth


Jim Adkins

Karrey Dominick

There's nothing like going "home" for some tasty childhood memories.

Allen Zriny

Too much good bakery! Not a very large choice but a lot of variety of very good delicious pastries, breads and other bakery.

Sheila Scudieri

It's still original family run in a neighborhood I grew up in 40+ years ago. Same traditional recipes that have kept this a mainstay despite the changing area. Well worth the drive even if you move out of the area.

Brent Bernal

Great bakery! Everything is made fresh daily from the donuts, danish and pies to the houskas, Apple slices and hot dogs in a bun. Do not pass this place up! It's a Berwyn gem!

Paula Pacente

I live in Montana now---for the past 20 years. My grandmother and mother used to take me there when I was a child in the 1950's. Every time I return to Illinois I call ahead and place a big order. They are very special as it's one of the few old-time bakeries left that I know of. Nothing I know of can compare to their quality. Going there is one of the best memories of my childhood, and in 50 years I've never been disappointed with their products or service...

Wayne Kubitz

Shannon Mahar

Elsbeth Pearce

Vikki O'Bryan

Perfect pastry

Brianna Fitzsimmons

Stephanie Camacho

The pasteries are always fresh and delicious. It's a little pricy but it's worth it.

Gerald King

best bakery around

Cheryl Gename

Grear pastry

Jim Williams

Lots of flavor in everything without all the extra sugar great Sloviakan baked goods

Mary Ng

I can't eat too many treats for medical reasons but I take my mother who grew up in the neighborhood, about once every six weeks for their famous how ma bread, which she freezes and eats slowly. She also orders a lot of round, cheese kolotckees or the Bohemium apple strudel. She is 90 and not diabetic and she said her mother and her grandmother made these pastries every Saturday and they taste the same.

angel drew


John L Novacek

Old world bakery. Some things you can't make better in the digital age!

Phil Jilek


cookiefan 152941

The Bakery's food is so good. You guys should go there.

Eric Camacho

Glen Hamilton

Loved it

Cathy LoPresti

Grew up with the best coffee cakes, sweetrolls, rye bread, all the breads are fantastic. Hot dog in a bun are amazing. Just the way I remember as a kid. The best!!

Jayne Forwood

I grew up going to this bakery. Live in Idaho now, but always bring baked goods home. They do have the best Rye bread and coffee cakes.

Michal Prerovsky

You want something from poppy seed this is your choice. It is much better choice than Polish poppy seed pastry. Love it.

Christine Slager

Wonderful, delicious bakery, landmark in Berwyn!

Martin Vlcek

The rye bread is great!

erwin honsa

Vesecky's Bakery, distance nor rain nor snow nor sleet, can keep me from my appointed round of rye bread, houska, kolachky, etc....

Mariana Garcia-Cortez

Desserts are soooooooo delicious

Tom Nelson

Still best bakery around

Karen Gonzalez

How could u people go here?? I used to live behind the bakery and there were rats all over and at night when they were baking i saw rats running i dont know how this bakery still open ...

Gini Smith

Love it! Old school bakery

Wayne Matulionis


Delicious goods

Matt Ciessau

A little bit of everything you might expect. Daily specials, seasonal items. You have to check it out.

Sharon Wysocki

Darrin Logan

a bakery has been around for over 30 years. Maybe the last in the Berwyn area. A classic Taste of Home.

Eduardo B

Old timey European bakery. Every thing is fresh and delicious .

Peter Danta

Went there to purchase some goodies for an Easter celebration with my mother to be held at my grandparents house in Indiana. The unfortunate part of the trip was that they were out of lamb cakes, but we did manage to buy multiple loaves of bread, a fruit cake, and several delicious kolaches (I'm not sure if that's the right spelling). I would recommend this bakery, but remember to call ahead early to place an order for a lamb cake.

James korinek

I have been going to Vesecky's since I was a kid back in the 40's. Still the same great bread's and Danish, kolach, yum!

Carmen Vargas

The ladies behind the counter don't know what they are selling. Bought a birthday cake which she said was vanilla with strawberry filling. Turned out to be chocolate with cherry filling. She said they had peach coffee cake, bought one, it was pineapple. Disappointed.


Mirian Villa

Worst bakery ever, bread is not good at all the cashier is very rude! Or maybe it was just that day i don't know but I dislike it and will not be going back ever.

Berri Jackson

Tom Cervenka

Bakery, bakery, bakery!

Gina Sharp

Best fresh pastries ever!!

John Zeman

Fresh. Traditional. Delicious

Donald Spinner

Our son send my wife a box of bakery from Vesecky"s. It arrived in 2 days via USPS to Auburn, AL. We enjoyed Vesecky's for so many good years over 50 years ago. The bakery was well back in foil and plasctic and arrived as fresh and good as we enjoyed, when we were first married, Thankss Vesecky for your years of good friendly service !

Bob Rada

Great traditional Czech bakery!

Timothy Wild

Great hotdogs

Chantel Guglielmi

Huw Winston

One of the best.

Rose Coburn

Great coffee rolls!

susan herley

Great it

Rhonda Orozco

Peter Herout

Soledad Cardenas

Everything is like home made,,

Rebecca Glisson-Burian

Childhood favorite, same great pastries

clarisa amoa

Yummy goodies

elroy jetson

My family has been going to Vesecky's for over four decades. So good--like Grandma made. The bakery: rye bread, kolaçky, and hot dog pig-in-a-blanket all superb. But the multi-fruit coffee cake and hauska are like religion at our table. Walk in the door and breathe deep!!

Martin Scarbrough

I Love this Bakery and never miss visiting it when I fly into the Chicago Area!!!!

Wallsmarts original

If you like Polish bakery foods, this place has some, actually a lot.

Donna Stefani

Love it!

Chelly Kafka

We love this place !

Qeren hap-puwk Yisra'el

Everything I have bought from this Bakery has been delicious!

Clew Rock

Marco Vazquez

Actually just park out side to cross the street dropping off mail sorry no info here

Wayne Wolf


Jeff Vitous

Last of the genuine Bohemian bakeries left standing! When I was a kid, there was a bunch. I don't live in the area anymore but I try to stop by when I'm in the area.

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