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REVIEWS OF Orland Park Bakery IN Illinois

Jon Hull

We used Orland Park Bakery for our wedding cake and couldn't say enough good things! Our cake was beautiful-simple/nautical- EVERYTHING we wanted! It was delicious! Our guests raved about it all night! Orland Bakery is very well trusted and we will definitely use them again in the future!

Rhonda Starnes

I purchased my wedding cake there 2 years ago. They are good for standard cakes, but not if you want something other than their cookie cutter cakes. Flavor was really good. Paczkis are the best.

Kim N

Orland Park Bakery has excellent baked goods but the service is a nightmare. I was shorted part of my order bc it was misplaced by the person waiting on me. She set it down and forgot it because she stopped to check her cellphone. I live over 10 miles from the bakery so I was mailed a gift certificate. Not very tasty.

Marie Kanofsky

Always pleasant employees. Wasn't too crowded today. decent selection still.

Diana Juhasz

If you are looking for a bakery with all of the traditional favorites done to perfection, look no further than this fantastic gem. The eclairs, the kolachki's, the danish... divine! The almond crescent rolls and coffee cakes are so good that I make the hour drive just for them. And then there's the Goldblatt's cheesecake. Simply amazing! Thank you Orland Park Bakery! See you again soon!

Peter Redden

Warm and friendly atmosphere. The place always smells amazing and they have delicious new ideas all the time.


One of the best on the South burbs.

Miles V

The atomic cake is to die for

Ben Maldonado

Great local bakery. Try the cheesecake, you won't find anything else like it.

Angela Evangelopoulos

Another delicious excursion!!! I go for the petit fors - my very favorite treat!!

Peggie Colbourn

Donuts are great but long line.


Yummy baked goods, and they have #cake!


This is a great bakery, the desserts are yummy. The staff are polite. I gave them three stars because each time I visit, part of my order consist of the Maple apple pecan pastries. The first time I had them it was find the second time I ordered a dozen for a brunch after bragging about them I only received two with apple the rest w/o! I called to speak to a manager, there was no answer, by the time I got someone on the phone, I was told the manager wasn't available. I left a message to have the manager call me back, Never Happened... Since then each time going I've begged them to make sure the maple pecan apple pastry is the one with apple, each time getting home finding only 1 or 2 did. My most recent trip since summer, December 02, 2017 I was excited about going since I hadn't been for a few month's. I ordered the maple apple pecan pastry again, first I was given apple danish. I caught it before leaving the store. I stood there again begging the person to make sure it was the maple pecan with the apple. I took one out of the box, bit into it, apple. I'm thinking this is good. I get all the way home to the east side of Chicago and find that the remaining 5 are without apple... How could this be. Do they keep them mixed on one tray? I was extremely disappointed once again. I give them three stars because I drive too far to return something that should not happen repeatedly, what an absolute waste!!!

Dawn Leader

Everything here is so good. The cakes are beautiful. There is a long line on weekends, so order ahead or place an online order to get in and out more quickly.

Chicago MyHome

Paczki Day! 70 people ahead of me, and I was out in under an hour. Very efficient. Amazing! Great prices and top quality products. Everything tastes fresh, actual food, not all chemical garbage. Very impressed!!

john ramsey

Orland bakery was very good to me cashier was the helpful and did a good job thanks

Donna Kubowitsch

Love this bakery. Always fresh and delicious bread, cakes and pastry.

Cindy Sparr

Bakery goods fantastic, customer service ok

Mary Ann Morgan

The place was packed but totally understood there were 2 fests going on so they were short handed behind the counter. Well worth the wait.

Bridgette Yahne

Soo good and fresh

C Collins

Great almond croissants

jeff merkin

great donuts and great cakes

Cindy Cox

Yum, very delicious pastries.

Dolores Nester

It's a great bakery. I have been coming here for years. You want everything in sight. I LOVE the bacon buns. If you need a party cake for your next special occasion this is the place. They make fantastic party cakes.

John Jawor

Always good backed items especially the bacon buns

B martinez

Whatever you get , it will be amazing!


Seen this place on Chicago's Best Show. It took my Lady and I a half hour just to narrow down what to order. We will definitely be back to get the rest.

Madzia Stasiowska

Best bakery I've been to. The only thing I don't like is the big line Saturday morning! Everything they sell is fresh and delicious!

Yadi Lopez

We are OBSESSED with their kolacky cookies! Especially the cheese ones. I thought I had found the best ones from a different bakery. But when we tried these out.... we had a new champion! My kids love their variety of decorated cookies. We recently tried the cheese and strawberry coffee cake... my hubby just devoured it, it was that good! This is my new favorite bakery and go whenever we are in the area! Definitely recommend!

Jeremy Bengtson

This bakery is the best you will find with a selection to die for and service far beyond most bakeries that leave you waiting in line. Huge selection of so many different items. If you have a sweet tooth you a fool to miss this.

Lonique Bardwell

Service was great!! Very friendly and organized. And the desserts are wonderful!!!! Something for everyone.

Pam B

Too much sugar ... but u gotta love it

Denise Gartland

Best bakery in the world. Try their atomic cake it's truly amazing

Diana Grogan

ABSOLUTELY One of my Favorite Bakeries !!!!!

Bill Bromberek

Best bakery around

Jennie Perkins

Wonderful pastries.

Dean Vollette

Visited first time to ask about wedding cake. Then bought some apple slices and blueberry bread. Really delicious. This morning I got the paczkis. Wow. This place is worth the visit.

Kathryn Fritschel

Growing up in Orland, this bakery has been a family staple for the last 20+ years. They have a great location in the heart of Orland and a big store with plenty of cases full of delicious treats. Everything I've had here has been amazing. The cupcakes are wonderful, the macarons exactly what you wish for, and the cookies are fresh and delicious. Even though it's always busy, they staff well to make sure you don't have to wait too long. In fact, you need the time to browse their selection! I would definitely recommend to pick up a great to bring home or to a special event. And try the turtle donut!

lori Harding

Been going there over 50 yrs, wish they would bring a store to Mishawaka where I moved too. Everytime I go back home to Palos I bring back a cooler full of stuff to freeze

Wanda Buss

Just the best bakery I always want one of everything. Two weeks ago we had the strawberry cheese coffee cake it was so good and the strawberry topping was the best I've had. I try to stop at least once a week (most weeks it's twice). The doughnuts are so big you can share and still have more than enough. I could go through the bakery and have something great to say about all the products bread, doughnuts, coffee cakes pastries, cookies, cakes you will not be disappointed no matter what you choose. The bacon buns are a favorite of my youngest grandchild. Yes you may have a wait so if your catching the train plan accordingly. The ladies at the counter are so very nice and always patient with everyone. I love this bakery

Debbie Wassel

Huge variety of cakes donuts and breads. I personally shop for the donuts. Really huge sized and are very generously topped or stuffed. Usually 5 to 8 people in front of you. There is a short wait but definitely worth it. Staff is very friendly and knows all the items perfectly. Bakery accepts credit cards for any amount. There is NO bullying the customer using plastic for a $7. 00 purchase. Ample lot parking. Open 7 days.

Jamie Marie

Best Paczkis EVER! Amazing employees and exceptional customer experience! Definitely will continue to buy all my baked goods here and recommend to all my friends and family. Keep up the delicious baking!

Patricia Alves

Great baked goods.

Larry K

Only decent bakery in the area

Trebor Magmathon

Great bakery and excellent quality goods. No matter what you are in the market for you will not be disappointed. With good quality ingredients you know its going to be good.

Shari Bremer

We walked in to order a tiered cake for an 80thh birthday. We called ahead to see if we nneeded an appt but they said no. However, the lady who orders the cake orders does require an appt. Luckily and thankfully, she had 20 min to assist is between appts. She was incredibly helpful & informative.

janet borchardt

The best!!! Staff friendly, always busy. You have to get a number, and sometimes the wait is long, but staff moves things along. And the wait is worth it!

Ceil Obrien

Amazing bakery. Everything is beyond delicious and fresh.


Wonderful baked goods ,good prices, great service.


Great bakery best coffee cake ever YUMMY

Coyle Joseph

Cake was made wrong and when we asked for the manager we were told she was on break. Done with this place

Alaine Bohnsak

Orland Park Bakery spares no expense when it comes to providing the very BEST baked goods for its customers .. The cakes have beautiful presentation, pies always freshly made and breads delicious! Thank you Orland Park Bakery for serving us well!

Bernadette O'Hare

Great stuff!!! They have EVERYTHING!! Closed on Monday.

Rosanne Rapata

Excellent selection of donuts, cakes, cookies, bread, etc. For you Italians out there, they actually have authentic cannoli; not that sweet sugary junk. Staff quick, helpful and friendly!


One of the last best bakeries.. They kind of all slowly went away..Some folks are just fine picking up the quick box made cake at their local supermarket... This place is going strong and hope continues..doughnuts,coffee cake & bacon rolls everything is always fresh!Something good for everyone

Deborah Brown

All I can say is I love this bakery

Kathy Gizowski

Last Easter I ordered a lamb cake, as well as a birthday cake and dinner rolls totaling approximately $65. The BD cake was awesome. Unfortunately, , I could not serve the lamb cake because it was not done thoroughly (raw). I stopped in at the bakery, as well as mailed a note to the manager. It was disappointing that I did not even receive a return call. These cakes are over $20. We are the customers that made you the bakery you are today.

Steve Leigh

Simply the best bakery goods this side of north Chicago. Delicious . Yes they are busy of course they are busy they serve the Best. And unlike some dummy that complained By saying he or she wants to scream whenever they go by. Because they are always busy . I scream in joy that I’m in the area so I can get the best service and best bakery goods this side of heaven.. Keep up the great tradition of quality and care as well as service.

Sylvia Bernice

My wedding cake order has been placed. Tracie has been amazing and accommodating. From the cake tasting to finalizing details. She is the best! Thank you for all your help and looking forward to seeing my cake.

Kelsie O'Neill

Oh, Orland Park Bakery! I used to always go into the bakery, excited for what they had in store. Now? I want to scream whenever I drive past! The staff always seems rushed and annoyed, even though when I go in, I am only usually one of three or so. Also, I have noticed the quality of food go way down. The only sweet I find myself actually looking forward to is the chocolate long john. Lately, I have been making my way over to Doughs Guys, where I can get much better food at a much faster pace. Overall pretty disappointed with Orland Park, which is upsetting because I used to always love you guys. Don’t get me wrong you have a few amazing surprises in store, but like I said, only a few.

yvonne bockel

They have great bakery

Annette Dunigan

Best bakery ever!!!

Annamae Ginter

There always great.

Kimberly Bell

I only know about this bakery from Chicago Best. However, the past two times that I have been there there has been a problem. Majority of patrons are caucasian and from my experience certain older staff has a real problem with African Americans. Items ordered were good. However, I will mot return.

Sal Ami

Upside down pineapple cake is great

Tom ONeill

Have enjoyed all my past selections , almond coffeecake, " to die for " , rye with seeds , best in town . Atomic cake delicious

Carolyn McGuire

This bakery is so close to my heart. We grew up going to this bakery for Sunday morning donuts! However there is so much more!! You cannot walk into this bakery and get just one thing. The cakes are incredible...the atomic cake is a family favorite.

Ed L

It's a bakery... What else can you ask for

Angela Alburei

Orland Park Bakery has tasty and beautiful products. It is a bit expensive, but well worth it. I have ordered unicorn cakes and cupcakes from here for a birthday party. When I picked up the order they accidently forgot to give me the cake, but they let me come back after they closed to get the cake and they gave me cookies. The staff is helpful.

constance winkelmann

Used them for my wedding and they have a lot choices and everyone loved the cake and treats. My only issue was that they didn’t use my cake topper. I even brought it to them to show that it was a heavy topper. They told me no problem but on the day of my wedding they never put it on top but put my topper on the side of my cake .

Nessa S

Orland Park doesn't have a clue of what a good bakery is! Can someone else please step in!

Snowflake Healing

Beautiful job on my wedding cake

Wayne W

Excellent bakery

Amira S.

Just went in for the first time yesterday and tried a variety of things. They were all great, but the sweet rolls were the best. I will be coming back!

Vincent Cesaro

The cake looked great but was very dry.

John Streit

This is a real old school bakery. They have the best chocolate donuts! midnight69

Very good pastries and donuts.

Barbara Bolton

The best doughnuts around. Fresh and very tasty.

Jinger Bartolini

Everything here is delicious. Be prepared for a long line. Worth the wait!

Katherine Swidergal

Prompt service, great selection, will always come back!

Cheryl Gename

Love the pastry.

Jackie Schroeder

Bakery is very good great service but this year for 1.99 the paczki are smaller then last year and got that price not worth it.

Right Price 6.blo_anfriends

Delicious brownies, pleasant servers. The long johns definitely live up to the first half of their name.

Tom Kozubowski

So many varieties of delicious paczki! Made with plenty of delicious filling. I tried the poppyseed and loved it. Best in the southwest suburbs. They are making them until the day before Easter.

John Jasper

Why on all the vanilla long johns is there only a thin strip of frosting? Is there a shortage of vanilla frosting? I do enjoy the other donuts and the staff is friendly. This issue has now been corrected. Thank you.

Janet Scellato

Chocolate fudge white cake with fresh strawberries was substantially all frosting with a little cake and weighed a ton. A thick layer of lighter brown frosting was put around the perimeter of the white cake with fresh strawberries placed inside the perimeter. Ended up throwing the cake in the garbage. Just awful.

Dave O

Long lines but they move fast and it is well worth it.

Dee Decker

Great customer service, delicious homemade pastries and contact me for a free roof quote


Cakes are good but getting way overpriced.

Jill Sykes

We were fortunate to hire Orland Park Bakery as our wedding cake vendor. At our consultation, my now husband and I were impressed with our consultant's professionalism, patience, and recommendations as we worked to create our dream wedding cake in our budget. During our complementary cake testing, we loved how amazing the white/chocolate cake and buttercream icing (which are some of their most inexpensive options) tasted. Since we had a large wedding, we opted to do a 3 tier cake with sheet cakes as a supplement that were cut and served from the back which ended us saving us 30-40%. We really appreciated that Orland Park Bakery was not pushy or turned off by our cost conscious questions and choices. On the day of the wedding, our wedding cake looked absolutely beautiful and our guests commented about how impressed they were by how moist and tasty the cake was! Thank you, Orland Park Bakery, for providing a fantastic experience from start to finish!

Laura Kalafut

Good homemade bakery items. Only one bad thing, they want your order as soon as you get up to the counter. No time to really look around to decide what to buy. Slow down people!

elizabeth egan

What a variety they have so far all were delicious

Craig Egner

Ok bakery also high priced

Tina Alexander

First time there and pleasantly surprised. So much to choose from. Good kolachy and pies

josette myers

My first time visit outstanding pastries variety This is the place to go. They are so friendly

Pratik Muley

One of the best bakeries in the neighborhood! The quality is exceptional and the prices are reasonable. If you are in the area, do give this establishment a visit! You are sure to fall in love!!

Frances Troesch

Picked up an atomic cake for Mickey's mom's birthday, it was fabulous

Sara Roberts

Love going to this bakery for our family birthday parties and just for random daily treats. There was only one downside recently: when making our 3 year old's cake for his party, the wrong filling was used. We asked for the fudgy ganache filling and vanilla buttercream was used instead. We didn't even notice until AFTER we had eaten it, so clearly it wasn't missed by how good the cake had tasted anyhow. I wasn't going to be THAT parent by freaking out over something like that when obviously everyone had enjoyed what they had eaten anyhow. They nailed the design of the cake as well, exact replica of the invite. Honestly, no complaints over all, even with the oops!

Jen Sarsfield

Thank you for the last minute cake order. My son loved his Overwatch cake. Not only did it look great is tasted great too.

Ken Osborne

Very good baked goods

Andrew Wagner

This place is a mainstay of Orland Park, and definitely way older than I am. The pastries are absurdly cheap for the quality. Just go

Louispanek Panek

Very good cakes and pastries and a pleasant staff

Aranza Valdes Lowe

I bought a Tiramisu, Eclair and 2 mini canelloni and so far the Eclair was not good, Tiramisu was to dry and to be honest at this point I don't even want a taste the canelloni.

Phyllis Cerny

Great Bakery. Can get very crowded, since it is the best.

Robert Garcia

Great selection and great pastries and cakes.

ronald garrity

Wow, nice selection of products !

Joshua Sinnema

Best donuts around! Visit, you will not be disappointed. I would recommend anything covered in chocolate icing... AMAZING!

Rosaleen Mahon

I can't count the number of times I have visited here. They are amazing. Staff is friendly and well versed on everything they offer. I have never been disappointed with anything I bought. I once asked if I could order a replica of a Jamison whiskey bottle. They said they could make anything if I brought in a picture. I brought in a bottle and the cake they made was SHOCKING. It actually was a duplicate right down to the lettering on the bottle. It even looked like there was liquid inside through their clear icing. Including that purchase, I have never had anything from Orland Bakery that my family or friends didn't love. From: Rosaleen Mahon

James Wuttke

Love this place they've done for our kids birthday cakes and our wedding cake

Kelley Ustanik

Our wedding cake turned out beautiful and it tasted wonderful!

Teresa Thornton

Love the friendly service and products!

mike s

Rating is based on them being a non-grocery store bakery. This place falls into average. There items are not bad, but they lack the goodness that makes me tell other you have to go here for X. Nothing stands out as exceptional. This is not a bad review but says it like I see it. It's a average place in an area with no competition in a time we're people don't specialty shop much anymore.

Christina Turnquist

The apple fritters and glazed yeast doughnuts are amazing! We have had a couple issues with cakes being decorated incorrectly but the bakery always remedied the problems.

Robert Case

Great food great service

Ashley Newton

My husband and I debated between two bakeries for our wedding cake. Since we were trying to keep our wedding and reception small and less costly we opted for Orland Park Bakery. We had read previous reviews stating that their cakes had been delivered late so we made sure we voiced our concern from the get go. I was ecstatic by how beautifully decorated the cake was. It was exactly as I had pictured it. All our family and friends kept saying how delicious it tasted. And they dropped the cake off early which showed me they had taken my concern to heart. I would highly recommend Orland Park Bakery.

Dusan & Leslie Novakovic

Oh my gosh!! The cake was PERFECT! Not only did it LOOK EXACTLY how I wanted it to look, it tasted AMAZING!! I have a baker in the family who calls herself a "cake snob" & she was raving about how delicious the cake was! In fact, everyone was talking about how great it was! Working with Tracie at the bakery was great! She was very responsive and thorough! We have already decided that we WILL be using Orland Park Bakery again & again!

Patti Koopmans

Down home bakery, excellent rolls and coffee cake. Their cake donuts,are sublime.

Molly Kmetty

Always fabulous baked goods!!

Kim Putz

Best bakery around

P Clarke

Largest selection + VERY GOOD

Jenna Brink

Always a great experience, friendly staff, amazing products.

Tonya Junior

My husband is a chocoholic, he was able to get a fix.

John K

Fantastic baked goods, and friendly service. Highly recommend!

Paula Novak

Best bakery I ever experienced. Great baked goods and very reasonable prices. If you're up in the Orland Park area, you must stop there and get some pastries.

Wendy Kozi

Growing up, my grandparents always got our birthday cakes at Orland Bakery. They have passed, but my family keeps the tradition alive. Nothing is better than an atomic cake from Orland Bakery. I finally went there for the first time last weekend, and I was blown away with how many delicious treats they offer! Also, the customer service is great. It was busy, but the ladies working made sure that everyone was being taken care of.

Dana Davis

My favorite bakery! Picked up few essentials for a get together with girlfriends. Cupcakes and slices! As usual, perfect.


Wedding sales are top.

Rick Martinez

Deeeelish treats for good prices! Whenever I'm in the area, I feel compelled to stop by.

Gary Smith

Best bakery in town. Everything is cooked fresh. Bread to donuts to special order cakes. The amount of people prove il


Great bakery and really goid prices

Bob Powers Sr.

Great baked goods and can always find a special in the paper. Love this place

Chris Schap

Great stuff, was out this way from Des Plaines and always have to stop and pick up some goodies from here to take back North.

Rita Buda

I've been coming to this bakery for the last 17 years. Always liked it. I've never had a bad experience or a bad product. The girls are always very nice. All the 1 or 2 star reviews make me wonder if the writers themselves have a serious attitude problem. Especially the ones gripping about rudeness. I never .experienced any rudeness at all. People need to look at themselves first. Anyway, great job OPB.

Richard Schneider

Awesome staff great selection of baked goods b prepared to wait place gets crowded

daniel hogan

Love this place and by the crowds so do others

George Rossano

Great variety, super fast service, with really good prices.


Truly a great bakery with fine pastries, breads and cakes. I grew up in Chicago with "Gladstone Bakery" which is now closed and have looked for another great family bakery. Orland Park Bakery has taken it's place. They have the best Paczki's and Atomic Cake in the southwest suburbs.

Gail Schaefer

Paczki heaven! Preordered paczki for my husband's birthday party (Why have cake when you can have paczki??

Theresa TALLON

Friendly and yummy

Linda Strzelczyk

The best bakery in the southwest suburbs.

Rachel Davidson

Best bakery around.

Lisa Quintana

It is a family tradition to get Paczkis from Orland Bakery. They are the best I've ever had. They also have great customer service.

megan meierer

Awesome baked goods!

Jeff N

This old Orland Park landmark has some great Cakes and Pastries. However they really should improve their signage inside so the ordering process is a little more clear and less chaotic. The wait times to Simply order things that are already sitting on the shelves are significant so do not go in there if you are in a rush. Most of what we ordered was fantastic however the chocolate covered banana nut bread loaf that we ordered was unacceptably dry and almost inedible, no nuts to be found in it and not much banana flavor either. It was like eating a pile of sawdust.

Wendy Wolowiec

Had to check out. Love Weber bakery.


This truly is the BEST BAKERY. Great selection, FRESH everything. Finest ingredients, clean, friendly, helpful staff. My favorite bakery.

Antoine Collier

Everything is good

John F. Bramfeld

Above average bakery, but the almond coffee cake is in a class by itself.

Jill LaVant

Bought cake here recently for a dinner party! Fabulous!

Susan Nally

Love the Atomic cake, Cinnamon Raisin bread, donuts and the best Paczki known to man!

Wing Man

They have the best cakes and pastries in the whole Chicagoland area. Great prices and service as well! I highly recommend Orland Park Bakery!

Alice Nebelsiek-Piorkowski

Went for Paczki..worth the 1/2 hour drive..fabulous ...and the staff is phenomenal. There was a line and they were very good at getting people in and out quickly. Make me a believer in Orland Park Bakery

Benjamin Brinkmann

It's the best bakery.

Patrick Connelly

Always fresh, always excellent taste, always wonderful people

Ted Bouzios

Always good

Alexis Ciambrone

The donuts for fast Tuesday are amazing and they are good

Jennifer Valentino

Best bakery on the south side. I ordered an atomic cake for my daughters first birthday and it got RAVE reviews. Everyone asked where I got it and they LOVED the cake. I will definitely be ordering all of our family cakes from here. They also have the BEST Paczki's around! LOVE THIS PLACE!

Michael Braun

we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cherry cheesecake pocket

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