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REVIEWS OF Mekato's Colombian Bakery IN Illinois


I'm from Venezuela. This Colombian food remember me the flavors of my country too. The people is so warm, the cheapest prices, enjoy the juices

Oliviá Lopez

Very good bread and coffee...nice music too.

Edward Riveros

Good customer service. Great variety.

Karen Zaret Guerra Otero

A place where you can find a lot of good Colombian stuff. Every time we go to Chicago we have to stop in Mekatos. It's delicious

Serena Maldonado

Great establishment! Great food! Service was great!

Laura Diaz

Very good food and sweet bread. The only reason I did not give it a 5 is because one day I went in to get 5 beef empanadas, got home and they were chicken. I do not live close so I just ate them.

Daniel F. Madriñán-Chiquito

(Not the best experience) Una pequeña panaderia que tiene todo el sabor Colombiano, empanadas, buñuelos, pandebonos,papas rellenas hasta cafe y Ducales!! I love coming here every time that I can when I am in Chicago. However, today Sep 1, 2019 I got a bad experience, the woman behind the counter was very plain, she looked angry, didn't like that we asked for prices of the products, never did eye contact, we didn't even have a smile. We felt unwelcome today.

frank bobelly

Not bad

Nancy Sampson

You can either sit here and enjoy your baked goodies and cup of Colombian coffee or you can take your goodies home to enjoy! My favorites to get here: Chicken empanadas (make sure to ask for the hot green sauce to go with your empanadas -- no extra charge for this and it is made from scratch. Other goodies: Try the guava and cheese topped off with a little coconut pastry. These three combinations are layered within the flaky, light pastry. The bottom layer is cheese, guava is in the middle and coconut flakes on top of the guava (which you cannot really see but can taste). This pastry is flaky and light and is usually cut/sliced into small triangles. It's rich but super delicious and goes perfectly with their Colombian cafe con leche (coffee with milk). If you like coconut you must try their coconut bread (they look like chubby biscuits and topped off with coconut shavings). Not overly sweet, but definitely satisfying. If you like anything with guava, try the "Gloria" guava pastry. They have them with or without cheese. I prefer without cheese, but both are very good. Have you ever had an Arepa? If not, give it a try -- Arepas are sold with or without cheese. These are not overly sweet and are made with cornmeal. It's an acquired taste, so you may or may not like Arepas, but try it and see! GOOD NEWS: Cash, debit, credit cards are all accepted. The long counter/bar has plenty of stools that fill up quickly on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. My favorite things to get here are: the chicken empanadas with their green spicy sauce with just the right amount of heat, the Gloria filled with Guava, coconut bread (perfect with their Colombian coffee) and the triangle shaped guava, cheese and coconut pastry. This is my very favorite pastry. I also like their guava filled donuts (looks like a donut but is more dense) and dusted off with sugar (not powered sugar). The staff is very friendly and welcoming. My only complaint is they don't always call out numbers (even if you take a number). Yes, they don't always call out numbers, but I am always amazed how the ladies behind the counter always know WHO IS NEXT. There are a few tables towards the front, albeit small, but always a challenge to get a table on a weekend especially the ones near the large glass window. I tend to sit at the bar (tall stools) and enjoy whatever I purchase here. The price-point is excellent. Their baked goods are made fresh every morning. I went here on 11-11-2018 (for the 100th time -- LOL) and was their first customer at 7:05 a.m. I sat in my car for 20-minutes waiting for them to open Sunday morning. I don't live in the area, but it is well worth the drive (for me). I highly recommend you get to this bakery before 9 a.m. (the earlier -- the better)! Their baked goods are high quality ingredients. All delicious. Don't be afraid to ask "what is this called" or "what is inside" (some of their baked goods are stuffed/filled with guava, guava and cheese -- or something else altogether). Also, if you like flan I highly recommend their Flan, which is ethereal. STREET parking ONLY and it is ("Pay to Park"). You don't have to "Pay to Park" on Sunday (parking is FREE every Sunday). Mekato's is located across the street from the Chicago Police Department (look for the City of Chicago and USA flags across the street). The bakery owner is very nice, down-to-earth, friendly. My final rating is 4-stars. WHY? They do NOT have a public washroom, parking can be a pain and they don't always call out numbers (even if it is super busy/crowded). If you have to use the washroom you will have to wait until (1) you get home (2) or hit up a fast-food restaurant in the area. If you have a washroom emergency, there's a McDonald's on Foster & Kedzie near North Park University (if you really cannot wait). Just sayin'

Diana Arrieta

Absolutely love it! Very authentic, delicious, and fresh.

Diamond Serrano

No Colombian place around tops this spot. Beyond the BEST!!

Katey Hoffman

I absolutely adore Mekato's! Whenever I need something buñuelos the size of my fist or some good pan details bono or Postobon Manzana, I head here immediately. Everyone who works there is friendly and the food is delicious. The empanadas are especially delicious with their aji. If you've never tried Colombian food but want to dabble, check this place out!

Juliana Neiza

Love this place. The fam and I have been coming for years, and enjoy each visit. Friendly staff and delicious, authentic food.

Isaac Howard

I came back from Colombia looking for pandebono to match that which I had in Cali, CO. Mekato's, when you get there at open when the pandebono is hot, equals the quality of the some of the best pastries in the world (out of Cali). They …

Riri Bir

CHEESE BALLS the best thing ever. the food is fresh and warm and the workers never doubt what you order. you feel like your in colombia.

Luis Zaldumbide

Best place to get quick bite

Marco Menjivar

Delicious empanadas.

Elvia Montoya

Food is delicious especially the empanadas and maracuyá water.

manuel machadoaguila

I love colombian food.

Rodolfo Blanquicett

Love it

Sergio Escobar torres

This place is just amazing. The food is delicious. The atmosphere is authentic. Can't wait to go back.

gachalover 111

I love their beef empanadas and buñelos

Jerry Marichal

Loved it

Luisa Olivo

The best Columbian food, the tamales, arepas, papa rellena and the coffee with sweet bread is delicious!! Additionally, great costumer services.

Baxter Swenson

Best Colombian bakery in Chicago.

Shajaira Lopez

I've been going there for five years now and they never disappoint me with the food. Coffee, pastries, and fritters are delicious, just wished that service would be just as good. I had to walk out today after being yelled at by one of the servers just for stating that it's not fair that people just walking in now have a smaller number than me, after she yelled that everyone needs a number from the ticket dispenser. Funny thing is that I've never taken a number in all the years I've gone and no one ever asked me to. But to yell at me, forget you! I went to the Colombian restaurant next door.

Berludis Rodriguez

Delicious breakfast

Jelani Embree

Love it

Viqas Shah

I've been coming to this bakery for ages and their food is consistently fresh and delicious. The service is excellent and kind. The space is small but cozy and it's a nice spot to get a coffee, some empanadas, and sit at the counter. Would highly recommend!

Wagner Soria

Best colombian bread

Susy Gomez

We drove quite a ways to buy some bread and the restaurant closed early today for some reason. I guess they didn’t need customers.

Christine Brewer

The best empanadas, arepas and chicharrónes, you can dine in or take with. This bakery has a lot of Colombian specialties, so much to choose from.

Sterling Moss

Great Colombian food to go! Empanadas & bunuelos always fresh and very tasty

Rachael Jolliff-Blake

Great food, good price. Places to sit inside but you can also do takeout. Empeñadas are amazing

Ligia Christensen

Continues to be the best! in carry out Colombian authentic food at a very reasonable price.

Maria Uribe

Good Colombian empanadas & breds

Robert Woodworth

Good fast food, limited dining area.

Jennifer L

Best empanadas, arepas, and aji in the city!

Patricia Garcia

Good café con leche and authentic colombian bread!

John Vargas

Friend staff, amazing food at incredible prices!

G Manda

I DIDN'T COME TO PAY EXTRA FOR THE ATTITUDE! I don't know why they have these women who are beyond rude, snappy and overall GROSERAS serving if they have such a nasty chip on their shoulders. People come in of all nationalities and I'm so …


Service was so slow we left, only 1 order before us

Carlos Paez

Great pandebonos! It is a grab and go as there is very little amount of place to sit.

Jose Porres

Great pastry's and food in general fruendly staff

Monica Guio

Great colombian food!! Authentic and fresh.

Johanna Javier

Love this Colombian bakery. They have delicious vegetarian empanadas, the best buñuelos, and guava pastries. I don’t care for the service so that’s why I can’t give it 5 stars.

nube barreto

Not bad good food empanadas and buñyelos are great

Nicholas Joerger

This is delicious and what I expect from a Colombian bakery. I will be coming back to this place.

Daniel Villalobos-Terrazas

My brother lives in Bolingbrook, and requests that I bring him $40 worth of empanadas every time I visit him. I can’t blame him; their empanadas are the best.


Food is great! They run out of some of the favorites sometimes so you might have to wait until the next batch.

James Isaacs

Great informal bakery and cafe for us Colombians far from home. Good place for emoanadas, tamales and real coffee!

Jon Hall

their empanadas are so delicious. I always stop there wherever I'm in the neighborhood.

Erica Bee

My rating is mostly for the food. I can't comment too much about the service, as I've always treated this place like a bakery... because that's what they advertise themselves as. They do have a few small tables and bar style counter to sit …

Yesenia Mendez

Yoooo what can I say about this place!!!! LOVE IT!!! This is my MUST STOP place when visiting Chitown! My favorites are: empanadas de carne, buñuelos(cheeseballs), pan de bono, arepas de chocolo, chicharron, agua de maracuya....and ofcourse cafe con leche!!! ☕

Sofia Ciriaco

the empanadas are really good but the associate was so rude , i was still deciding on what to get and she was pressuring me and the place was empty i was the only customer at the moment. Then i asked her if she can add two more empanadas to the order and she just had the most horrible attitude.

Juan Camacho

Delicioso!! Really takes me back to Colombia with their food. Highly recommended for anyone looking for AUTHENTIC Colombian delicacies.


Delicious! Open early, best food. Small place but they are expanding. My little retreat :)

Guillermo Torres Productor

Great place for breakfast. Arepas with cheese. Ask for them!!!! ;-) GT


Excellent try their beef empanadas

Eduardo Moreno

Great place Fantastic food and great service..Viva Colombia

Sanamente Hoy

Delicious Colombian bread and pastries.

Jeff Presley

The empanadas are so good!


Great Bakery....Ok empanadas..


I love this place.. mornings are always super busy and there isn't a lot of seating so I recommend to go early around 7-8am on the weekends.. they could be better organized but the coffee and the arepas are worth the wait.... Love it..

Gabriel Porras

One of the best Colombian restaurants in Chicago

Juana Hernandez

This place has very yummy food. I usually order one of everything when I'm there. Love it. And the staff is always nice. It's a small restaurant but it is very cute.

John Muñoz

Great bakery/coffeehouse

Maria Marquez

(copied from my yelp account) I LOVEEE Mekato's! Been here so so much and I have never had a bad experience. I dream of their arepas con queso all the time and am getting so hungry just thinking about the deliciousness served in this cute little joint. While this place doesn't have the most seating and gets quite packed on the weekends, groups move fast in and out as they eat their food. Their cafe con leche is as exquisite as it gets, and I enjoy every single sip of every time I have it. You have to visit Mekato's if you're around, it's a great place for a quick bite and you get so full on just a couple of dollars.

Dan Madriñan

It is a great place that makes you feel like in Colombia, with nice music, and very good bread. The best time to visit it is in the morning when everything it is out of the oven. People is very friendly

Jonathan Mejia

Great service

John Hills

Good food, comfortable setting, and reasonable prices.

Jose Trejo

We love the food and service

Alfredo Cervantes

The best empanadas in chicago!!

ingle tingle

The beef and potato empanadas and green salsa is so bomb. The green salsa is so different from what mexican salsa verde is like but it's so nice.

Chris Velez

This place is on the other side of town for me, yet I take that journey to enjoy their freshly cooked empanadas. I have never had such an mouth watering empanada with chicken. I highly recommend this Columbian shop.

Paul Bohorquez

Best bakery and restaurant in the Chicago area

Julio Reyes

The lady working there is rude so watch out

Alexandra Fontanez

Very nice place I like all they have there good food,music and great personal.

Brian Olsen

This is a fantastic bakery where my wife and I can pick up Colombian goodies she misses from home. You can't beat a delicious beef empanada with ají. Pan de yucas are fantastic as well. Yum!

Josue Villarreal

Good bekery

Stephen Kaplan

I moved into the neighborhood 2 months ago and have been going here at least once a week since then. Everything is so good here, especially the caracol. The music is great and there's a great energy to the place. I'm so glad this is here!


Great food and quick friendly service

Isa Cruz

I love the taste, great bread, coffee and Colombian chocolate!!! Price is fare. For me the problem is the service!!! The girls at the front desk are not nice, they are not waitress so you have to be your own waitress, clean the table and pick up the dishes, as they said, we don't have time to go and clean the tables. One they I told a girl, I like this food but the service is the worst, I'm sorry to said this, hope they do something soon. Hope the owner find out about this.

Edwin Perry II

Excellent food. It makes me feel like I am back in Medellin, Colombia. The bakery has a large assortment of fresh, bakery goods like empanadas, arepas, bread, pudding and coffee. It is highly recommended.

Leydi Eagan

Most authentic Colombian food I’ve had!


The empanadas are the most

Aficionado Arelojes

The best empanadas ever ...flan. bu ñuelos,chicharrones. Guauuu...the staff is so untrained and rude at times specially in the afternoons on weekdays man. This lady drags and always rude I don't know if is my luck or she works days but boy …

Joel Carl

Beef empanadas, roscones, pan de bonos. Great authentic Colombian bakery!

Ankh Tech

Great Colombian food

Silviya Petkova

Best empanadas, delicious food all together, great people, and service.

justin cadet

I love this place the pastries are so good and unique

Victor Bolanos

Rocio is the best , I like all products but I love her service. Nice colombian food.


Best Colombian buñuelos and empanadas

Sonya Radtke

The guava & cheese turnover is absolutely amazing. most definitely will be coming back

Christopher Cortes


David Johnsen

I love their empanadas and caribañolas (which look like empanadas but are made with mashed cassava), and the spicy green salsa makes them even better. Their sweets are excellent, too. I especially like the guava and cheese turnovers. I've also tried a bunch of other menu items and enjoyed them all. The staff are always friendly and prices are very reasonable.

Hector V

Great coffee and baked goods. Wait is often long and street parking is limited. If judged on coffee and food alone, 5 stars.

Mauricio Romy

Excellent service and great Colombian breakfast. Must try the meat empanadas and the Arepa de Choclo.

Daniel Hernandez

Delicious Colombian specialties!

Ana Aranda

Excellent Colombia food, but bad service.

Jorge Vanegas

Best Colombian Bakery at the Chicago area...awesome empanadas...

Jeanpier Aguilar

They didn't have what I wanted

Olivia Monterrosas

Good bread and also good food

Efrain Nevarez

Good cafe

Timothy Backe

Great Colombian style bakery. Empanadas, pandebonos, bunuelos, and coffee are all amazing.

Maria Lugo

Freshly made bread every single day!!! I brought there cheese bread to my boyfriends family and they loved it! been bringing them bread ever since!

Sandra Rivera

Came all the way from Columbus ohio to eat

Brandon C

Staff here is extremely attentive. Not as conversational but they get the job done in a timely fashion. They make really good Colombian delicacies including arepas, chicharron, empanadas, etc. You name it, they probably got it. It's more of a cafe setting with a recently added dining room. Pretty good for breakfast or light lunch. Most people tend to take their orders to-go which is more of their thing. Also, they carry a variety of pastries and sweets.

Ari Flemenbaum

Best Colombian bakery in Chicago. The arepas are amazing. The pan de queso is fabulous. We drive in from the far suburbs every few months just to get our Mekatos fix.

Luis Segovia

Love this place

Tati Raz

Great place. Gets crowded....but all worth the wait!

Jeaneth Tavares

Great food but worst service. The lady has the worst attitude and was very rude. She made me feel very uncomfortable, like I was bothering her. She should not be working here does not know how to help customers. Will not come back because of this.

Alexis Perez

Very good.

Mario Mascote

This place is authentic and over the years has been changed it's flavor which is one of the things I love most about it. Wish there was one in my city!

Michael Jung

Delicious little meat pockets. Chorizo was absolutely delicious, as well.

Vicente Urias

It was fantastic.

Mark Nickel

Usually quite busy,but s pretty good atmosphere and tasty Columbian breads.

Reibel Torres

Delicious Colombian food!


It was good I just don't like Chicago. There's no parking

Matheo Cuartas

Great Colombian experience, as a Colombian myself I love going there. Just wish it had more seating

Johan Mejia

Best of the best

Adrian Sandoval

The best of many things pastries are really yummy empanadas love it, great chicharron and tamales are so good , always came here when i like a fast apetaizer .

Danijela Starcevic

Love this Colombian bakery!!! Their products are a some and staff is friendly.

Elizabeth Zalewski

Friendly staff, charming and colorful atmosphere, and DELICIOUS everything! Very clean bakery with a wide selection of freshly baked treats :) The woman helping me was very kind and made some wonderful suggestions. Prices are extremely reasonable - I will definitely be going back to enjoy a cup of coffee and buy some more pastries! Thank you!

Patricia Socarras

Love this place during years its my favorite place for colombian food snaks and breads.

Isabel Paz

I love this place. Best service and best grab and go Colombian cousine

Karolis Kabirovas

Fantastic little bakery!!!! Always fresh, service is great and don't miss out on their coffee!!!!

Doug Bright

For the neighborhood, surprisingly little English on the walls to guide a non-Colombian through the options, but luckily, the women behind the counter are gems. So friendly and helpful. I won't have coffee here again (not much coffee flavor in the latte I got), but I got the sense that this isn't the reason to come. The empanadas (veggie and chicken) and cassava/cheese pastry I had were both great. The cajeta bun and alfajor I had were better. The alfajor ($1.50) was my favorite - the best i've had. If they improved the coffee, this would be a true 5 star spot - until then, I'm just rounding up my 4.5. Also, the morcilla and chicharrones(?) looked amazing, but I wasn't eating pork at the time.

Tom Maluga

Guava rolls are very tasty!

Jorge Ruiz

Love mekatos one of my favorites colombian bakerys

Romulo Herrera

Good service, great Colombian Bakery.

Andres Mancera

Best Coffee and I'm from Joliet, Il. Worth the drive on a nice morning with their delicious snacks and coffee.

Den Menne

Great food. Pleasant & helpful staff.

Carlos Camacho

Delicious variety. Excellent coffee. Amazing staff.

Guillermo Machado

Yummy colombian empanadas.

Thomas Lohrman

Awesome! Empanadas, buñuelos, chorizo, and jugo de lulo are my favorites. My wife says it's like going home!

Edgar Rodriguez

This is a great Colombian food place

Eli Patino

Bad customer service. I love the food, but I was afraid to order. Literally.


Great service very friendly and good coffee

Fortino Valencia

Delicious empanadas

luis colmenares

empanadas here are terrific :D

m c

Delicious food, outstanding service!

Sam Lingle

Always great food with friendly service.


Amazing! Great food and the people give great service

israel giacometti

Great chicharron! bread and sweets.... Tons to choose from...

Lauren Robinson

The food is great. Good prices

Erick Rodriguez

I eat the empanadas from there and its usually up to par.

Zoe Slutzky

We love the potato balls and empanadas! Yum. Best colombian bakery in Chicago. Ask for extra green sauce they are a little stingy.


I love it good customer service the almohabanas are really good as well the buñuelos the mini arepa are awsome 2 and the coffe 100% great

Natalee Herrera

Love this place feels like I'm home ( Colombia)

Mia Duque

Great Colombian food and great for a quick snack

Claudia Monarrez

I loved

Maryory Rueda

I love there empanadas

sahian fuentes

Good food just bad service.

Demetrius J

Everything is made fresh here and they serve hot food as well. There is plenty of street parking also.

Kim Ramos

Great food, service sucks!

Nelly Anzola

Great Colombian bakery

Jorge Arellano

Nice bakery good food. I will go back

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