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Here you will see the opinions of real people who use the services of MCL Restaurant & Bakery Springfield (Bakery) in Illinois.

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REVIEWS OF MCL Restaurant & Bakery Springfield IN Illinois

Sarah Bailey

This is my favorite restaurant! The stuffed chicken is delicious and the Harvard beets are earthy and sweet. The strawberry shortcake is heavenly!! The staff are welcoming and helpful.

William Schiminski

Delicious food, generous portions, great service from Jill......blueberry pie wonderful!

Emily Steward

We've been coming here for years! Great comfort food, nice portions, and never super busy! I used to come here as a kid with my mom and grandma. Now my mom and I bring my son and he loves it too! Something for everybody

JC Thomas

This restaurant has a charming premise. Despite literally having cafeteria in the name I was surprised when I discovered that this restaurant is, in fact, set up like a cafeteria. I enjoyed my overall dining experience. I will say that I found the food to be slightly over salted and I thought the pricing was perhaps a tad bit aggressive. Despite these issues I would definitely be willing to return to this establishment and try other dishes. The staff was friendly and my server Dakota was exemplary.

Gloria Legg

They have really good food

Nancy Wessel

They have the best pies around Springfield

Monica Rice

Good choices, but cold uncooked greenbeans, food was just, "ok."

brendak brown

The. Lady. Patty. Is. Really. Nice. We. Like. Her. And. Will. Be. Back. The. Food. Was. Great. And. The. Guy. Who. Service. The food. In. The. Middlie. He. Is. Very. Nice. To. Take. Care. Guys. From. Mr. & Mrs T ommie. L. Brown. Jr

Lisa Heaton

Great! We will go again.

Luis Tello

Awesome!!! The Staff, the food was Awesome!! They've earned a lifetime customer!!

Geoff Brauer

Lots of choices and everything treated great!

Roberta Jones

OMG the food is fantastic, it almost taste as if your grandmother was in the kitchen doing the cooking. The deserts or to die for.

Chuck Johnson

Excellent food excellent selection of food and the prices are fair.

Dawn Vandewalker

Food excellent but a bit pricey

Todd A. Rutter

Portion size was nice & service was good, price was excessive for cafeteria style. Prices the same as a real restaurant.

Amber Hinton

Great staff

Jason Durbin

Always Great Food!!!!

john schnebeli

Awesome food great time and very tasty home cooked food

Cindy Hewitt

Costs too much money for what you get. A roll doesn't even come with the meal. If you want one its $1.50 a roll. Don't think I will return.

Larry Cooksey

Very good and nice

Katrina Mossman

Cold food right after they opened, loud rude managers, and my deviled eggs tasted rotten. #worthless

Dave Juergens

Never have liked cafeterias they are expensive and remind me of how old people enjoy dining . Popular place for those 70 and up. Definitely nothing spectacular

Patricia George

My mom loves meeting her and this cafeteria food is good.

Michael Pierpoint

Food was great as usual. Servers were there for our every need. Thank you

Piper Reynolds

Food is good but portions are a little small

Mary Chapman

Normal food, rarely over-salted, helpful waitresses and waiter

Tiffany Stark

Love Jill

Debbie Downs

Food presentation excellent. Food was excellent as well. A little pricey.

Sandi Hembrough

Very good food.

Mike Gay

Great place

phillip lovekamp

The food is very good, the price is moderate but worth every penny, the staff is friendly.

Steven Sgro

Springfield Illinois best restaurant. 'Nuf said.

Lori Whalen

We eat here once a month. The food is good and the variety is good.

Tyrone Alle.

Feels like you were back in school lunch

Andy Turner

Too expensive

Lynne Price

Great food, lots of choices, healthy food. Good service. Clean. A little pricey

james braley

Its just enough food

Hollyann Terrell

Very fresh food, excellent customer service, very clean and food was delicious

Jaime Kincaid

Food is good prices are reasonable

Marsha Jackson

Excellent meal. Friendly staff.

Kimberley Moore

The Prime rib and mushrooms were sooo good and friendly helpful staff

Pauline Eustice

Always friendly service. Cafeteria style, but waitress still checks on drink refills. Price affordable.

Jody Strowp

The staff did an excellent job helping me find meal options without onions and garlic.

Mildred Rhodes

Always good.

Shellie Gordon

Great staff, great food!

Bill Bodine

Good but as good as it used to be

Laura Lanham

Cafeteria style food, family oriented.

Stacy .

The staff is incredibly friendly! The food is pretty good and they have a nice variety for our vegetarian family.

T F Sakolsky

Great place to eat when you are hungry for some old timey food. Set up like a buffet except the staff dish out the portions. You can get take away from here as well.

Patricia Curry

Cafeteria style restaurant. Tasty food, excellent pies.

Marjorie cottrill

Awesome food and service

AlTIM Production

Here all the time for lunch

Lindy Eatherington

Love MCL. They have such fantastic pie with real merringue. Does it get any better?!

Terrence Wright

Decent wholesome food

Jack Bucaro

Clean, and very friendly good was good

Marilyn J Ferguson

We go there often. The food is wonderful! It's cafeteria style and each item is charged separately, so big eaters would do well to go to a one price for all you can eat buffet. But for me, I generally get the Mayfield plate. I get one meat, 2 vegetables and a roll. The cost is just over $5.00 plus drink. For excellent taste, you would do well to go here. Everything is fresh. This restaurant seems to cater towards the older generation. Coffee is fresh and complementary.

Guy E Bouvet III

Food is not bad. Great iced tea. The floor staff is always nice, helpful. What I can't understand is why the line employee's do not all wear a cover on their hair and they never wear gloves. As well they don't appear to be trained when it comes to rotating food items. I think these things fall on management.

Tina Olszewski

Love this place. Cafeteria style with great selection and they have small plates. Everything is delicious.


If you have a meeting or a movie and you're a little short on time, grab a tray, get in line and be seated and eating a full meal in just a few minutes. Always a wide variety of food available.

kathy thompson

This a cafeteria place. They have great food. Great pie. All the staff are great. Very clean & neat. Just a great place. Well go back.

Adelina Gutierrez

Great homemade food, like the friendly people

Kyle Boehme

Always a great menu of a wide variety of wonderfully prepared food.

Mary Laskowski

Great food.

Missy Crowder

Only buffet I will eat at

Sylvia Fitzgerald

There's a separate price for each plate

Richard Kinner

Great food. Reasonable price but can get expensive fast.

Steve White

Good place. Lol expensive but good quality

Rob F

Good selection to please everyone... Cafeteria style put the food you want on your tray, pay for it, sit down and eat. Fast and good...

Matt Muchorski

The food didn't look good and tasted good. Looks like it's been sitting out for awhile

Ken Dye

Variety and everything is excellent.

Cheryl Coontz

Food was tasty and hot. Service was great!

mary laskowski

Good but not like it was in the past

Janaia Williams

Great food display and local town eatery. Food was fresh and delicious.

Justin Gentry

Going here since back at the mall. The smoking section was the best.

Sue Coonrod

Great selections-delicious food!

april Juggalotus

Good home cooked food cafeteria style definitely not a young crowd bit good food quiet place

Harvey Baker

Great service and pie

Vicki Anders

Good food, cafeteria style. Depending on who is serving you, the portions can be small. It's a little pricey for what you get in my opinion. Food is usually good though.

Amanda Vaughn

Food was delicious service was great, I was part of a large party and the room was a little crowded.

Tim Zacha

Outstanding service. Food is very good. Reasonably priced

Marsha Irmler

Food is always amazing here!!!

Greg Cohill

Very overpriced. This is a cafeteria not really a restaurant like it says. Food was not fresh because it had been sitting there for awile too. All I had was a salmon patty a scoop of broccoli a scoop of sweet potatoes a simple salad with nothing on it other than iceberg lettuce cut up in one scoop of dressing in a small bowl and Ice-T and that was 1695. I thought that was outrageous. The only positive thing I can say about this place is it was clean and it had a nice atmosphere. Will I go back? Absolutely not. If I'm going to pay 1695 for a meal I'm going to go to a nice sit-down restaurant and have it cooked fresh


Always a great place to eat. But little expensive to eat more than once a month.

Alien Dog

I haven't been to an MCL restaurant since the early 80s but, other than a location outside of a mall, it seems mostly unchanged. This one offered the normal bland, overcooked, cafeteria style food that caused my long absence from their establishments. This MCL, however, provided excellent breads that we're crispy outside and moist and fluffy inside, and are made fresh there daily. The wait staff were attentive and seemed to know the regulars well and what their preferences were.

Ashley Dixon

Excellent food and service every time!!

John Reedlore

Love this place.

Pepper Randle

Everything is home made everyday. Fresh salads and amazing desserts

Pamela McDavid

Always good food

Bill Jenkins

Decent food, clean, quiet store. A bit on the expensive side, however. It's not a buffet. I ordered crusted tilapia and it was quite good. Two pieces of fish, perhaps 8 ounces total, plus one side, a roll, a cookie and a drink was about $14 after taxes. The drink refills are free, however. The staff is very attentive and helpful.

Dorothy OToole

Good food but watch how many sides you choose because it gets expensive. It is cafeteria style.

Teresa Hopping

Our waiter Scott was super nice and friendly. We never waited for anything.

Dawn Whalen

Food needed some flavor I got the stuffed chicken breast. Extremely dry out!


excellent food, friendly service, delicious homemade desserts!!!

Wanda Martin

We like everything

Melvyn Klaus

Many choices of good tasting food.

Tina O

Love this place. The cafeteria style allows you to choose whatever you want. Plus you can get small plates for the lighter appetite. My husband Luke's their pie also.

Deanna Stemmons

Always great food!!! Great service.


Really good and best food

Stephen Harris

Great food, great people!!!

Bill Garst

Good food but over priced.

John Minser

Food is good but it's a cafeteria not a smorgasbord so it can be very pricey if you're not careful

Sherri McLendon

Too expensive for what LITTLE u get! Got Prime Rib and it was COLD & rubbery!

Brent Pickerill

Great home cooking!

Cheri Caswell


Chris Woods

As always great place to eat

Andrea Marcum

Food and service were great!

Lawrence York

Excellent dinning facility

Jim Bucks

Nice selection of things to choose from.

Jennie Sez

Okay, where to begin. On the negative side, they promote themselves as homemade but YUK 1: the mashed potatoes tasted like instant potatoes (not even the good ones) flavored with Country Crock. YUK 2: The green beans had so much smoke flavoring in them they completely annihilated the taste of the bean. However on the very POSITIVE side, our tossed salads were crisp and the fried catfish absolutely perfect as was the sweet corn. Len and I shared a piece of Peanut Butter Pie - (we ended up taking it with us but it was excellent). The meal for two came to a little $30 plus tip for the server but we should have just ordered one meal and an extra salad. This is really on us, when in an unfamiliar restaurant we really should remember that as we get older, we just eat less and should start out sharing, you can always get more. So overall, worth the stop.

Brandon Wenneborg

Always amazing food

Susan Stege

Great homestyle meal and pie! A bit pricey.

Craig M. Yip

Cafeteria style comfort food restaurant. Loved the food. What I'd expect from a southern comfort style place. Nothing unique about this place. But nothing bad about it either. I'd go again...

Barb Taylor

It Is a cafeteria you get to pick what you want the chicken is delicious

Robert Lewis

Great food, nice people.

Cindy Martin

Food was mediocre and barely warm. Was here for a meeting and got a coupon for my meal. Won't intentionally come here to eat again. On the bright side, the place was very clean, including the restrooms and the wait staff were pleasant.

Dora Balfour-Lyda

First time here, the staff is very friendly and helpful. The food is very much homemade and southern! Will be back

Michelle Davenport

Great homestyle dinners. Yummy desserts!! Missing Grandma? Head to MCL!

Lora Mote

Food was good. Lots of choices and saver meals. My only complaint was the lady cashier. ( we didn't know that at the time) She was also dishing up food so we went by the drinks(no one there) passed the rolls ( no one there) to check out. Here she come. I asked about drinks and a roll. Her smart answer to me was " well I guess you want me to be in 3 places at once". I snipped back "no obviously your manager does." Didn't like her attitude and will not go back.

Denise Settles

Love this place the food is Great!!!

Ann Windsor

Good selection, great food, nice atmosphere.

Pat Casper

The food is always good here. They have the freshest salad in town and one of the few places you can get poppyseed dressing. The people are always friendly and nice -not hovering but still attentive and the portions are huge. Can't say anything bad about this place

Sarah Elizabeth

First time going and I loved it! Reminded me of Luby's in Texas. Cafeteria style with an amazing selection. My only complaint is that the potatoes aren't real but everything else was fabulous. Salads are huge and fresh with a good selection of dressings for my kids. The plates were the divided porcelain plates which I love with all my heart. The prices are a little high but the portions are large and I feel like it's worth it. The selection of pies was also amazing. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

Randy Trams

Nice good food.

jeffrey moss

Great food

Steve Sprehe

Great old fashioned food ,no fast food.

Barb Pruett

Good variety of foods to choose from, but expensive.

Kathy Williams

Was not crazy on how the food is set up you have to rush not really being able to look at the food. My food was good but I like to be able to choose with out a pressure of other customers having to wait.

cmdrcody 2000

Best food on the west side

Nancy Shutt

Home style cooking. Great coffee. Friendly staff. Cozy place to eat.

Smokey Southpaw

Been going to MCL cafeterias for 36 years and I can't recall one bad experience!

Monica James

I eat here only because I enjoy liver and onions on occasion. While the food is good it's overpriced. A slice of liver purchased separately is $5.95. However you can get what's called a blue plate for $8.99 it includes 2 sides and bread. If you are not purchasing a plate it very expensive.

AJ Zettler Bailey

Good food at reasonable prices

Bud Price

This place is most popular with senior citizens. Most likely because it doesn't advertise or promote as being hip. Oh, and no alcohol. Bit, the selection of salads, sides, entrees and desserts is astounding! All excellently prepared to high standards. We love it!

Kevin Smith

Courteous service and excellent food.

Alex Alagna

Great food and excellent service

Marc A.

Entrees are ok, desserts are great, prices are high. You need to be vigilant to get any of the deals - you easily get nickel and dimed or find out the special only applies to a smaller portion you weren't offered.

Jerome rush

The food was good, and the staff was nice. Second time coming here, and both tines were great.

Patrick Hess

Prices are a little bit high but the food is very good remind you of Home Cooking

Bruno Barbosa

American food, great taste

deborah searcy

Food okay. Only 2 bites of watermelon had flavor. Kind of expensive. $12+ small helping of roast beef, mashed. Spinach, and watermelon.

Dawn Gaskey

Love, love, love! Always take food home to Chicago when in town visiting. Cloverleaf rolls are the bomb!

Joe Davis

Good food and Scott is a good waiter

Ally Cross

By far the nastiest food I've ever eaten. I will NEVER EVER go back. The waitress had an attitude the entire time, therefore we didn't tip her. DO NOT GO

Dee Mullen

Moderate cost, comfortable dining, great food choices

Violeta Hess

Very nice place and service to enjoy savory foods and deserts but a but expensive.

Missy Nelson

Looove eating here, home style and full of flavor. A little on the pricey side though.

Cathy Mosley

A great and friendly staff!

larry bugett

Good food

David Ratz

Always a pleasure

Gale Lee

Lots of choices. It is clean and has friendly staff.

Sandra Williamson

Very nice

Richard Miller

The meatloaf was dry with very little flavor. The price was very high for what we got. I will not be back.

mary kolis

the food is consistently good

Casey Gaule

Had not been in 2 years since my coma. Improvements have been made. Delicious food and great service!

Karen Stallion

Delicious yet a lil pricey

r d

Food was bland. Chicken was pink. Only good part was our server Taylor! Next time I will just cook at home. My food tastes much better

Timothy Day

I had the fried chicken and my mom had the southern fried pork tenderloin. The fried chicken was good, krispy and juicy. My mom gave me some of her tenderloin and it was one best one I've had. We both had mashed potatoes with brown gravy and green bean for our sides. We both also got a large roll, witch was soft and delicious. I'm going to give this place a 3, because they don't offer any meal options forcing you to buy everything separate and the prices are to high. For my two peice chicken meal with the two side and roll was almost $11.00. I like Popeye's chicken a little better and that same meal would have cost $6.00 plus, it would have come with a drink.

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