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REVIEWS OF Le Pain Quotidien IN Illinois

Lucy Xiao

The sourdough is decent but the croissant cannot be called French/European in any way - it is not made with French butter, nor does it have a crispy outside. I guess it's still better than the average sweet American version, but it doesn't remind of its French cousins at all.

Reece Lamb

Pastries were amazing as expected, and the light faire (passion fruit smoothie bowl) was refreshing. Service was excruciatingly slow but it is Labor Day, so just be aware if you come on a holiday. I think it's great they're still open considering though so you can't complain. Maybe they need to work on staffing on holidays a bit more however.

Johnnyrev1 Out

Hella good food here.clean and hits the spot just right!!!

Bruce Anderson

Great food. Want to go back! Great pastry.

Raul Rodriguez

You can't take this level of quality and service! Awesome place!!!

Sahir Hoda

Should be a top contender on r/wewantplates

Amanda totz

Cute cafe! Good options to the menu. Staff were polite and great

Nate Tinner-Williams

Great place for a casual sit-down meal. Lots of organic options on the menu as well. You can find them all around Los Angeles county!

Serena Uible

Delicious breakfast. I had the breakfast bowl and coffee. Really delicious. And I got some veggies in my breakfast - always good. Service is great! My only negative is coffee bowl. I just don't think it is as comfortable as a mug. If you have small hands, I think it would be even worse. Still, great meal.

Joe Hudson

Food was good if a little small for the price. Service was a bit slow and it wasn't that busy.

Prerna Bajaj

A place to relax, enjoy an organic coffee and also not to miss small brownies that they have. They also specialize in hazelnut spread which is too good to be true. And if you are going to eat, do try the avacado toast or actually anything out of the menu and it will be light and simple.

Gene Brown

Visiting Chicago for a few days, I wanted to try a local restaurant for breakfast. This place did not have a wait time so decided to try it out. We were seated and not told of their short staff situation. We got our drinks after 10 mins from a separate waiter from our original who slammed our cups on the table when I mentioned how long we had been waiting. We finished our coffees and waited another 5-10 mins and still had not had our food order taken. We decided to leave and just pay for our coffees but then they couldn't accept payment because they couldn't find our original waitress. Overall a bad experience.

Elizabeth List

Had the smoked salmon and avocado tartine, which is an open faced sandwich. Scallions, dill, sliced radishes and a lemon wedge were included. It's really nice to have option of adding gluten free bread. I waited only a few minutes and it was served in a cardboard box with a plastic top so I could see. They also put it in a bag without me asking. Water was provided with a top and straw. Lots of amazing pastries just begging for a place in my tummy. I will come back for you, darlings. Beautiful place with outside seating too.

Huseyin Mazlum

Personel souls be friendly..

Margot Schwamb

3.5 stars. Nice environment and friendly waiters. I got one of the open-faced sandwiches which was good but trickier to eat than I liked. My daughter had the quiche which she liked and we both also enjoyed a cup of chicken soup which was great but not worth the price tag. The score reflects the time it took to get seated and the price. Probably because it's on Michigan Ave.

Ria Rorich

Lovely soothing classical music during the day; beautifully decorated and my toasted avocado and salmon tartine with fresh mint tea was delicious. My husband pigged out on the pastries and French toast! Our new favorite to-go!

Eric Zaba

Good food well presented but portion sizes not American enough for me

Anthony Pennza

Pretty good. Had the steel cut oats with berries and their coffee. Server was pretty cute and had a nice smile too.

Mary McClaskey

Absolutely delicious healthy food and not so healthy French pastries.

claudiu stefan

Nice cozy place with good food

fernando garcia

I really did love the food and it was real worth it. However, the server was not genuine enough that I believed her. I am usually not a hard critic but I did not come all the way from California to be treated any differently. I don't care who you think you are, when you put on work work smart and that means being good to the customer. I love this place for the food and the bread is soooo lovable. But, hire someone who wants to work and be genuine. Not obnoxious and is there with the (what seemed like) bf.

Jonathan Broutin

Good food, nice atmosphere

Jennifer Thai

Trekked all the way over here on the red line to get the rhubarb confit. Must try!

Ivan Kiryakov

mmm avocado toast

Najia Isabel Oudnia

Frenchie! Healthy ! Delicious breakfast! Love

Christina Escamilla

Great food and atmosphere!

Mark Vang

The wait to get service took a long time. It took 40 minutes to get our food. I do not recommend dine in. The place was empty and we still waited 5 minutes to be seated. Servers disappearing, we did not get the name of our waitress, she did not ask how we were doing. Food was mediocre, not worth the wait. We really wanted to like this place. I don't even think this place deserves a 1 star rating.

Kristi Pozza

Quality food with decent prices. With so many high quality choices here, I'm not sure I'd return though.

Violeta Douce

The place is really nice, we loved the atmosphere. The bread is hard. The hot chocolate was warm, we asked if they could reheat it, they were rude about it. I mean cmon! Hot chocolate is meant to be hot, right?

Keep Private

Skip this location if you’re looking for carry out. 20 minutes after ordering I got my lunch. And the place was about 25% full.

Sylvia OM

Amazing French place for breakfast!

Benjamin Straub

Wonderful French food, with stellar atmosphere and gorgeous view of the park. I would highly recommend.

Rebecca Beaven

Best pain au chocolat outside of Paris! The coffee is fabulous, and the breakfast options are varied and delicious. I did not get to try enough of the sweet stuff but the croissant was also perfect! The French cream donut is not only fabulous to look at, it is out of this world tasty.

Jenny Nuth

The food is delightful every time. They have great pastries and coffee. The only caveat is the service -- it's pretty slow. Otherwise, everything is great! Note, it is pretty pricey ($40+ for my sister and I). All we got was a cappuccino, 2 orders of avocado toast (mine with smoked salmon), and 2 hard boiled eggs.

M Reese

Terrible service. I would not recommend. The only reason that they're still in business is because they have a great location. There are plenty of better options in the area.

Jamie Loudermilk

Nice break for breakfast...

Kinza K

I've been here a few times as I work nearby, and it's a shame that this is such a great location and cute spot, so there's potential, but each time I've gone their service sucks. This time was ridiculous and I'll never go back. The first time it was just very slow, and they had run out of many of their items by the afternoon. This was doable though and it's something that wouldn't stop me from going back. However, the next time I went, the cashier was outright unprofessional and rude. We'd ask her if they had something and she'd just say "nope" and roll her eyes. She ended up mumbling something under her breath and cussing, so that was my line - we didn't order anything and just left. She seemed lazy and like she didn't want to do anything anyway and relieved when we left. I called the manager to report the unprofessional behavior (if I was her I'd want to know because this compromises sales & the quality of service), and the manager said they'll talk to her. I mentioned I didn't want to get her fired or anything, but I just wanted to know that they were going to actually take steps towards doing something. She then said 'they can take care of the order' - I guess the manager wasn't listening on the phone when I told her that we had left and not ordered anything due to how terrible the service was. Save yourself this place and go next door to Peet's, where they have fresh pastries, better quality coffee, everything is ethically sourced, and the baristas are kind and professional.

Ruth Zaharek

Good food, small portions... that about sums it up. We had an almond croissant and a regular croissant which were both good. However the blueberry muffin was very generic and not worth the $4 price tag. I enjoyed my eggs with avocado in a skillet but was surprised at how small the portion was for $12. I have to remember that the location has a lot to do with that. And if you can sit by the front window and enjoy looking out on Michigan Avenue while you're eating, then it might be worth it. Coffee was good but our server was pretty busy and I did not get my second cup of coffee until we were getting ready to leave... however, I was able to take it to go, which was great.

Mark S.

Ambiance is goodg but the service is below any expectations. I, my wife and our litlel kid went to the cafe Sunday afternoon. It was half empty. We waited a good ten minutes before the waitress finally stopped by us and said that she was the only one on the floor and didn't have any time neither to serve us nor even give us a seat. It was so disappointing experience for us.

Adam Knauz

Great breakfast place and if the weather allows you can grab a table outdoor. The selection is not that great but still everyone can find something for sure.

Godfrey Ho

As a visitor from Toronto trying to get breakfast this morning, I was very disappointed in the service here. I along with over 5 other patrons waited to be seated and the waitress dismissed us all. After waiting for 10 minutes and watching the staff move at a glacial pace, we were told to continue to wait while the waitress had no sense of urgency and one of the staff behind the coffee machine was eating and not assisting the rest of her team. Poor management and poor customer service... would not recommend unless you want to watch entertaining but slightly concerning customer service skills. The food that was slowly coming out of the kitchen did look delicious though!

Hox How

The food was ok, but i order soft boiled eggs and bacon. The eggs were not opened at all, i had to ask for the bacon i ordered and took about an hour from seating to actually recieving our meal. They gave us a heavy discount, but it was still unbelievable that a restaurant serving mostly premade food could be that slow.

Phil Siegel

Great everything. Staff was friendly. A different review said high prices but I thought they were completely reasonable. Would recommend and definitely plan on eating here again

Antony Jose

The food is really amazing. I would totally go there again occasionally. No regrets!

Elin Conners

Dropped in for breakfast after finding super long wait times at other places in the area. Little did we know this was just the breakfast we were looking for! Organic food, whole ingredients, and super fresh. Service was friendly and prompt. If you’re looking for a healthy, but delicious, breakfast, this is a wonderful spot!

Robert Sullivan

Great for lunch

Mabel black label

All day breakfast let you eat smaller portions when you don't feel too hungry.

Moh Hosseinioun

The bakery is excellent, other stuff, not so much. The variety and quality of coffee served is just disappointing for a French impression. The waiting staff have not been quite up to the task - not attentive enough and shockingly below average knowledge of coffee (I’m no expert but do know what different roasts are and if you serve them.) The French donuts, however, make you wanna go back!

Brendan Segraves

There can be a wait because of the location, but the food was really good. We got the tomato avocado omelet and the Dutch pancakes. The pancakes were excellent. So was the omelet. For the omelet I was expecting tomato slices but it arrived with a tomato sauce. At first I was like, "really??", but the sauce was amazing. We were both very happy. We finished our meal with a lemon tart. It was the perfect balance of sweet and tart.

Damien Ramos

Bread and Chocolate croissant not very fresh, but the worst was to wait 30 minutes to be seated while plenty of tables for 2 were available. During the hour we spent, lots of customers gave up to go away. The employees did their best but the global management of this Pain Quotidien was unfortunately so bad. After that, we appreciated the drinks, the ambiance and the service.

Quintijo Ellis

Ooh that food was so good.

Shan Roberts

Good but slowwwww service took over a hour

Jonathan Miller

Reminds me of Brussels.

Mykhaylo Chugay

Service is very slow,but food is delicious.

Alex Vasquez

Excellent place for brunch or any meal. They have WiFi. Nice views, just off the lake by millennial park.

Tina B

Best gluten free bread anywhere

Iris Orprecio-Price

I haven't tried any of the not-so-common food offerings yet. The coffee and skillet eggs are not life-changing, but the place is beautiful, the staff are friendly and accommodating, the location is great. Good spot for a breakfast or brunch date with a friend who's visiting Chicago for the first time and whom yoi wish to impress. Or just to hang out by yourself while marinating in artistic juices.

Mary Houston Wright

Staff is friendly most of the time but is, at best, okay with service. Even as early as noon, often unable to provide several things on menu because they are out of a particular ingredient. Management could definitely be improved.

Christian Vega

To preface: the 5 star rating is for the wonderful employees and managers who work at this business. I started coming to this Le Pain the month after it opened. I've met so many wonderful people, many of whom know my name and order. I know Gaby, Felix, Audrey, Garret, Laura, and the list goes on! I frequent breakfast, and totally use Le Pain as a 2nd office. If it didn't hurt their reputation, I'd absolutely give a one star review for my recent visits. Why? I brought an associate from a business I hope to work with for a breakfast last week. We both arrived right at 7:00 when the cafe opened. I order the scrambled eggs with bacon and cheddar, (which has become my favorite). I was told there was some kind of breakdown in the kitchen, so I settled for a waffle which was room temperature, and my acquaintance got a croissant instead of his omelette. Not the impression I wanted to make. Over a week later, I visited again having no question in my mind the same issue would persist. This time I brought my mom and my brother who were visiting from out of town. We arrived around 9:00, and the manager said good morning at the door. She informed me and my family that once again the breakfast menu would be substituted with soft or hard boiled eggs, and that they were still serving sandwiches and salads as well as a small selection of additional items. Pardon me, but I don't want a salad for breakfast. I just want my eggs, my beautiful perfect scrambled eggs that I always get. I think it's ridiculous that the poor staff have had to explain to me, and every other customer, each and every time I've visited, (even the counter to get my espresso daily), that the menu is small because of the issues in their kitchen. It's been over a week, and this isn't the first time breakdowns have limited the menu!!!!! I remember after New Years I stopped coming for breakfast for a few weeks because the stove-top was an issue. Now it is the oven, or the stove-top, or both? What is going on? Again the staff have tried to help me, but until there's a solution, they sadly can't and I've had to walk out on my favorite guys. I'm sure I'm not the only one. :( I'll see you guys next month. You'll be missed, -Christian V.

Oscar Chacon

A great place for a good breakfast or a light fare. It is centrally located on Michigan Avenue. The wait staff are usually very attentive and ready to help. I particularly love their organic brioches.


I really enjoyed the food here. Service was a bit slow though so I knocked off a star. They were still very good though.

Seongmin Choi

Great fresh bread, kind service. A lady here recommended me the apricot pie. I bought it for breakfast and tried just one bite. I took 1 photo and 5 minutes later it was gone... The pie was buttey and fresh; the apricot slices on it were sweet, soft and extremely fruity. The sourdough bread here was also good, especially with some almond milk and some ricotta.

Char Nettles

Delicious!!! Interesting but super tasty menu!! Lots of healthy options, but also fantastic pastries. Right across the street from the Melennium Park.

Pierros Zevolis

Pretty nice restaurant at a central location of the Chicago city (Opposite the Millennium Park). Cosy decoration, at the indoor seating, casual outdoor seating is available, warm atmosphere. Good variety of beers, nice also for food. The service is good.

Ray Coleman

It`s nice, I had some nice moments in this restaurant. :)

Brian Powers

Nice Chicago take on a Parisienne bistro. Always crowded. Breads and pastries are fresh and prepared for take out. Menu is limited but engaging. Coffee is something to pass on unless you like an expensive and bitter single "bowl". Entrees are tasty bistro sized portions.


Loved the atmosphere and service here. Kat was really polite and gave great service.

Ashley Wenzel

Really great little brunch place! Highly recommend sitting outside. Perfect for people watching. Everything we got was delicious. Loved the cold brew and pastries!

Martin Kelly

They were closing in 20 m interested, and didn't want to be bothered.. + the tea they recommended (almost $6 ) was 2&1/2 times the price of others and was like hot lemon water.. disappointed.

Dimas Corral

Very good place for a European style breakfast! Food tastes very natural -organic ingredientes in some dishes- and also good taste. Fair prices

Josh Carnes

Stopped in for breakfast last Saturday, we did not have to wait long to sit down, took forever to get our drinks, and could not get a refill till we grabbed waitress at end to get the check. My breakfast sandwich was basically meatless, both kids had mini pancakes, they where descent for kids meal, wife was really hungry hungry so she got a waffle, when it came out she was wondering where the rest of it was at. Only 1/4 of the size. Not worth it, barely for snacks, instead of meals.

Lori Murphy

Nice breakfast. Staff was polite. Had the baker's breakfast, the soft boiled egg was perfect.

Undraa Bayasgalan

One of my favorite places. It's a bit pricey but it is definitely worth it. The service is usually good.


Great Belgium Café.

Gordon Londini

Great food, wonderful atmosphere! We will definitely be back in our short stay.

Frederick Kluck

The pastries used to be good here, but the quality has plummeted. The croissants and pains au chocolat are worse than what can be bought in a grocery store. They are NOT worth the price. Go instead to Pret a Manger.

Ramez Haddadin

We really wanted to like this place. So cute and convenient. The first time we went, service wasn't good but we figured it was Summer and they were busy. Just went and same issues with service. Food was tasty but we were very surprised given their prices that we were dipping out of jam and Nutella jars that other customers had used. For all I know, someone was double dipping. Seemed like a cost savings measure at the expense of compromised sanitation - I would not expect given their prices. Could have served in smaller saucers to each customer. I see similar reviews about the bad service and apologetic responses from the owner; however, weeks and months after those reviews, it's the same story. They likely figure they will have a constant stream of tourists but not the locals. I don't think we will be back :-/

Laïd Bouloussa

We went there for a breakfast with my wife. Nice place. Staff was very friendly. The breakfast we had was a basket of organic bread with coffee, butter and jam. All was very good. The bread quality was fantastic.

Shannon Johnson

Very Nice atmosphere Family and Pet Friendly.. delicious Hot Organic Teas and Coffee Delicious smoked Salmon.

Michelle Keasling

We had salmon, cheese, bread and salad. Everything was first rate. Service was nice. We sat out on the patio in May and the weather was cool but pleasant. It was quiet probably due to being early in the day on a weekday. It was just a fantastic Chicago experience and we will come again.

Angela McElwain

Delicious food with many healthy options. Be prepared to take home some bakery goods as they are wonderful.

Anna Erdman

Have been here twice in 5 five days because it is so good. The Belgium waffles are literally the best. The prices are little high but definitely worth it!

Chelsey Park

A little pricey and food portions are very petite for my taste but great spot ti just hang out with friends and chat with a cup of tea and great variety of pastries.

Bdour B

Definitely great spot to check out. Gorgeous view. Friendly stuff. Very accommodating. Absolutely GREET food and experience

Jermaine Kemp

Despite a long wait for a table, about 20 minutes, on a not so busy Saturday, the food was great and so was our server. I'll definitely give it another go. Great for brunch and the health conscious eater.

Petrik Pavincic

Delicious omlette with goat cheese and mushrooms. Cappuccinos are first-rate.

Kristin N

Very relaxing Parisian style cafe with good food and nice relaxing french music. It is a little expensive but worth the experience and good organic food. If you want to feel like you are at a Paris cafe it's a good place to go.

Chris Shepherd

Bit snooty. Cups with no handles and small portions. Premium price.

Ahmed Arshad

Fresh food always! The service was great. Every bakery item looks amazing. The food is a little overpriced, $30 for what you see in the pictures is definitely on the pricier side but totally worth it.

Timothy Landenberger

I've come here twice now. The food is fantastic and reminds me of Paris, so it was very welcome. The staff was super friendly and were a pleasure to talk to. I plan on going back when I'm back in Chicago. Thank you so much for the great experience.

Claudia Lenore

I actually work here. The food is pretty good and from what I hear, the front of the house servers/baristas are very lovely.

Juha Qureshi

Great food!


The service was very kind and the food was good also. They have mainly eggs here for breakfast so it’s not recommended for people who are not into eggs

Lidice Toledo Lopez

LPQ's bread is delicious, their menu items are incredibly fresh, their smoothies are like my grandma used to make 'em. Plenty to choose from if you're vegetarian or vegan. This location seemed to be understaffed and the service wasn't superb like it's been at other locations so I only got coffee & went on my way. I figure Michigan ave is a bit hectic and hard to deal with, but would love to see their service be consistent across locations.

Jayakumaur Ravisankar

Stopped here for a quick bite and coffee when visiting the bean. Had the croissant and the coconut macaroon. Was soft and fresh! Conveniently located from across the bean, it's a good stop for a quick coffee or even a proper breakfast. Friendly staff and great customer service. Located next to both Starbucks and Peets, still you will find a good crowd here! Would definitely stop by again for that good flavored, strong cappucino!

Jebster Sr

Food was good. Wait staff a bit snobby.

David Schwartz

A good breakfast or lunch spot. Slightly upscale but still reasoably priced

Andressa Ravanello

Cozy space for a brunch. Orders can take a bit longer if space is full. Great options for all tastes.

Jovany Osorio

Good food, and good service. Tasteful and healthy options. Perfectly cooked eggs with my croissant sandwich.

Michael Lah

2nd time here. Just love their pan au chocolat. I like to stop there on my way to Millennium Station. Super nice staff. Always happy to accommodate. This time we picked up two tarts to take home to the kids, and they packed them up perfectly. They were intact after the 2hr trip home, but disappeared shortly thereafter :)

Victoria Marshall

I love this place. Nice and cozy, friendly staff and I got the best toast with salmon and avocado, yummy:)

Zach Stainbrook

Service is a little slow but the food more than makes up for it. Highly recommend the Belgian waffle, but everything else I've tasted is also top quality

Edison Liu

Nice enough. The serving waitress is very nice. But those behind the counter were not

Joe N

ok i would expect better quality for the price, but great location

Crisis Stealth

Very nice and joyful place. Even if the prices are a bit high, food and bread are really good.

Hanh Giang

Wasn't even able to eat here because of bad customer service. Happened to walk by and waited outside to be seated. After a couple of minutes someone approached my group and asked if we are just hanging here or waiting to be seated. We decided we want to eat inside and he told us to go inside and someone will seat us. We waited for almost five minutes next to the "please wait to be seated" sign. I then approached one of the many workers there and asked if we could be seated and she looked at me and said you can seat yourself and get the menu from the front. If it was self service then they should have told us and get rid of that sign. My friends then wanted to just leave but I said this is something new so we picked up the menu and walked around the place trying to find an open clean table. All were dirty and still had dishes so I asked another girl if she can clean a table for us so we can seat. She picked up the dishes and said she'll be back to wipe it down. We stood there waiting for her to come back in the middle of the restaurant. Waited for a couple minutes and she never came back. We decided to just leave since we weren't even acknowledged.

St Veo

Awesome breakfast restaurant. After 4 months of eating toast, I was really excited to finally eat some dark bread again. The taste was awesome and we came back for another breakfast the next day. The service was ok, but we waited 20 min to get a coffee refill. The experience was still worth 5*.


$11 plus tip is too expensive for this breakfast. The amount of the salad dressing made that salad not eatable.

Undercover Brother

I can't support this store knowing it support that female manager of their that finds it perfectly fine to not only argue with coworkers on the floor but attempt to buy narcotics on the clock. Something about pills and oils or something. So unprofessional. If it weren't for that maybe 4 stars since the atmosphere is actually beautiful and some menu items are delicious. I'll be watching -UB

Hashem Said

It was a pleasant experience. The hard boiled egg was very cold, which was unfortunate, and the variety of breads in the petit dejeuner was underwhelming, but it's a nice spot overall.

Jason Romine

Great well-marked vegan options!

Kendall Box

The staff was pretty great but we spent the first part of our visit without a waiter. Food took a rather long time even allowing for the Sunday crowd. Food seemed to have fresh ingredients but was rather bland and portioned on the small end. Quite a few drink items on the menu were also unavailable.

Lily Chrastek-McGraw

Great food horrible service.

Dmytro Nor

Great interior design. Fresh amazing bakery. A lot of healthy choices at the menus.

Rebecca Borg

Loved our food and drinks. My husband ordered the Belgium waffles and they were fantastic. I ordered the Zucchini Thai salad and it was flavourful and delicious. The staff was friendly and courteous, not overly friendly but kind enough. We're already planning on going back even if it's just for take-out.

Leslie Griffin

$12 for (3) eggs..... let that sink in...... $15 for an open faced sandwich.... I had to ask myself was I being cheap only to realize I was not.... I just don't understand the prices for so little and I wasn't completely impressed.

Vivian Van Der Graaf

We sat ourselves at a terrace table, after which a waitress put a sign out 'wait to be seated'. She kept herself busy with a group that came after us, completely ignoring us. The terrace isn't that big, so just very rude. After my husband got inside we finally got served by another waitress. Our waitress was kind and the food was very good.

Steve Soares

Had 2 breakfasts here and I absolutely loved it! The patio outside has the most AMAZING view of Michigan Ave and surroundings! The coffee, omelette and waffle with berries was all delicious! The inside is very cozy.

Greg Facer

Very quaint french restaurant. I really like this place and is one of my favourite whenever in Chicago. Service can be a little hit and miss at times but the food is generally very very good. There is seating inside and outside. Try and visit early for breakfast and enjoy a fruit salad and croissant.

Shea Carroll

It was fine - top dollar for a decent breakfast.

Robert Stoica

Just the right amount of food.

Luke Lashbrook

Great food and service. Prices are excellent!

Pablo Luna

Walked out... plenty of staff not busy and stood there with out being seated

Stephanie Pace

A unique place to eat at. It's definitely a place to go for some healthy food. There are choices for hot and cold items on the menu plus a bakery section to choose from. Location is also ideal since it is right across from Millennium Park. It can get quite packed inside at certain times.

Nancy Musgrove

One of my favorite all-time cafes! Incredible bakery; healthy, delicious food that covers all sorts of dietary requirements. Communal tables are the best!!

David Pecheux

Yummy breakfasts using quality ingredients. Terrace seating is available for people spotting!

Angie P

Service was slow but the food was really good. The fruit salad was fresh with no added sugar! Everything was delicious.

Patrick Dinkelacker

As a European, I have high expectations with breakfast. Bread, Salad and eggs never taste that good like in Europe. But this restaurant convinced me. The breakfast tasted exactly like it would be in Europe. For someone staying a longer time in America this is great. And also locals like it. Can totally recommend it, even do the price is high.

Saurav Shrestha

Server was great. Food were awesome. Justice given to sunnyside egg breakfast

Vanesa Sapundzhieva

Love this place. I always go there when I go downtown to visit museums.

alan marsh

Great food. Good prices. Excellent service.

J. Renee Miles

Consistent quality all around.

Cristina Stan

I, personally was not a big fan of the food. I felt like something was missing in my food. I ordered the goat cheese and mushrooms omelette , which it felt like it did not have enough mushrooms or cheese. It tasted a lot like a basic plain omelette. Service was very hipsterish. Waited 10min for my coffee and probably 25-30 for my food.

Aleksandra Tracilowska

Good food and friendly atmosphere :)

Jeanette Thomas

Good food, good service, high prices

Philip Brown

A little overpriced, but it's to be expected for organic foods. Everything was delicious, and the service was very friendly, if a little slow (they were full when I went, so I don't hold it against them).

will paulien

Service took forever to seat my girlfriend and I with plenty of tables available. Our order was taken maybe ten minutes after we had sat down and took another short eternity to get to us. Our plain black coffee order didn't get to us until we had finished eating. We ordered a side of bacon that never arrived but was thankfully taken off our bill. We got our bill and it was surprisingly expensive but understandable with all their organic products. Our server took quite a while to get our bill processed and was taking care of many other things, our bill in hand. Other customers around didn't have the chance to order until we had left. There was a sizeable line forming when we leftwith ample seating in the building. A homeless man had also walked in asking people for money but no servers were particularly assertive in asking him to leave. Servers overall were disorganized and inefficient.

Lucian Ciubotaru

Food and drinks were delicious but when I saw the black goo/tar/dirt deposit on the cap of the water bottle it grossed us out ......(back ring on the cap is deposited goo)....clean up guys

Derek Carroll

Amazing food, great service. Definitely a place to hit up, and just across from Millinium Park


A lot of healthy options in the menu. Some items were a bit smaller in portion than I had expected; otherwise, tasted great. Lots of fresh baked pastries and bread too. Very nice atmosphere -- warm and welcoming. Servers were quick and you are seated almost immediately. Great for breakfast, lunch or even a quick stop to pick up some pastries!

Nina W

I absolutely loved the food! Small portions, but worth it! Organic, healthy food, kind server, pretty environment.

Florence Weber

Yes, yes, yes!!!! Thank you for finally making it possible to find great tasting croissants and pains au chocolat! The whole atmosphere is really nice in here and the staff is so kind. I love the way you Cann chose your smoothie in the open fridge and they mix it fresh in front of you.

Margaret Jones

Our order was incorrect and the service was absolutely horrendous. Portions were extremely small and definitely not worth the expense. Much to overpriced for that we received. I will never go back.

Lindsey Ridley

On this particular visit I obtained a free Tartine. It’s was over flowing with association who were not very knowledgeable of items on the menu. So it took some time for me to order. I decided to get the Grilled Chicken smoked mozzarella melt that has arugula and tomato sauce and basil oil. It also comes with Gherkin pickles thrown in as a garnishment (which was not listed in the Ingredients) that completely throws the taste off. The box came in the bag wide open and both myself as well as one of their associates had an issue closing it. I’ll stick to the breakfast menu if I decide to come back

Carol Passowic

Excellent food and service, moderately expensive

John Placho

Nice breakfast selection. I enjoyed it.

Besalieal Prince

Excellent tasty and quality breakfast place with the view of the Chicago Bean.

Donna Annod

It took my boyfriend and I 20 minutes to be seated with multiple clean tables within view. Then when we were finally able to order, our side of bacon never came (but was thankfully taken off of our bill) and our black coffee arrived after we had already finished our meal. We watched people seated at the table next to us wait at least 20 minutes to even get the chance to order. I would say that it is overpriced for the amount of food you get although the food is good and the price is somewhat justified for organic products. Service is certainly disorganized and inefficient. While my boyfriend was in the bathroom, a homeless man walked in and was asking various tables for money while the servers were slow and reluctant to address him. I left the restaurant still hungry and searching for a place where I could get a full meal. I will not be returning.

Evan McCarthy

This was one of the worst visits to a breakfast place that I've ever had. I was visiting Chicago over Presidents Day weekend, and went for breakfast here the first day remembering that I had liked it in New York. I sat down and was immediately greeted and asked if I wanted water. that was the last interaction of help with the our waiter for a good hour. I sat there and waited for the food thinking that I had ordered what about an hour later I realized that I had not yet even ordered. I stood up to get the waiter and after about 10 minutes she finally came over. I ordered my food with another 50 minutes and then finally ate. I had some avocado toast with salmon and a coffee thanks to. And it cost me a total of $45.

Katrina & Brian Vanderhulst

Delicious find today! The staff is kind and attentive, the food is healthy and tasty. Plenty of vegan and vegetarian options available, European items galore! Love it and will be back soon.

Cheryl Berger

One of my favorite places. Serves breakfast as well as lunch and dinner. Nice variety of choices for food with the traditional quiche as well as lots of healthy choices. Great bread, croissants, and lots of delicious desserts. Casual atmosphere. I have always had very good service.

Jackie Wilcox

Always delicious, but on the higher price end for a quick lunch spot.

Ron Meyer

Good service

heidyk torresq

Very nice place, tasty food, the decoration inspire harmony, maybe the service could be a little bit faster

Steve Berg

Excellent breakfast with great breads. I had the smoked salmon breakfast with soft boiled egg cooked perfectly. Give this place a try, you won't be disappointed.

Sammy Wallworth

Extremely average food and poor waiter service, they forgot one of our breakfasts. Stale cookies. Would not recommend.

Paul Szczepanczyk

Salmon bowl was delicious and surprisingly had a lot of salmon in it. Well worth it!

DIana Sibrel

Great food, friendly service, $15 toast

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