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825 Burlington Ave, Western Springs, IL 60558, United States

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REVIEWS OF Kirschbaum's Bakery IN Illinois

Amber Garcia

Been here twice. Left both times disappointed and feeling robbed. First time was just for random pastries and cookies to try. Nothing to write home about. Next was cupcakes and cakes for a bday. The cupcakes were tiny and looked like they were frosted at home with a butter knife. Also not very tasty. The only perk was they made the order with less trhan 24 hours notice which saved me! Other than that not worth the high cost.

Robert Buonauro

Go here if you have a sweet tooth and don't care about the diet. Awesome selection of bakery

dsjan 99

Grew up coming here with my family. I try to visit here as much as I can when I'm in town. I've introduced my kids to their baked goods and they're hooked too. Good old fashioned baking. It's so good!!

Briana Barrales

Best cookies ever! I'm not a big cake gal but I've heard they are amazing. All I know is that the cookies are buttery, crispy and amazing. They are also very reasonably priced. It's also an old school bakery so that's why it's amazing.

John Ware

Best bakery in the area, gotta go during the week for different items. Everything is fantastic!

Julie Jern

The best doughnuts!

Adam Kellerman

Great service and food!!

Trish Walker

Ryan Golemo

Very good pastry and cookies. Great variety and good service

Margaret Bentley

Eileen Kelly

jgksmom Murray

Yum! Sugar cookies are delish. Frosted Molasses raisin cookies was soft and yummy. Should have gotten that coffee cake.... :)

Jake Parrillo

Donuts and coffee cakes, of course.

Joe Mahoney

Jane Beavers

Hometown bakery. It's the best. Whenever in the area always go and buy goodies.

James Hillebrand

Great American Bakery, just the best

Elijah Ricks

Long wait on a Saturday morning at 7:15, but you can't beat the value. Great price and great products.

Bryan Trowbridge

Fred Mcanerney

This is the best bakery for off the shelf purchases OR ordering special items. I wish they would open an east coast location. Now that we moved, I have to be diligent on ordering and picking up goods to bring back!!!!!.

Dana Murphy

michael schwind

Dennis Gilhooley Jr.

Brian Rhodes

Apparently, this bakery does not consider the customer always right. My wife purchased a cake for my birthday yesterday as we do twice a year for our birthdays' for the last 5 years. The cake was stale. Upon returning it we were told the owner would get back to us later that day with a response. The owner argued with my wife and told her they tasted the cake and it was fine. Refused a full refund, did not offer a new cake and didn't even offer to return the old cake. Terrible customer service! We will never patronize the bakery again. What a shame to lose a customer over a $20 cake.

Donna Tarkin

Best bakery ever for ages

Stephen Smith

I still travel 30 plus miles just to get those tea cookies

jim M

Traveling Weim

This has been my family's go-to bakery for four generations! Simply the best!

Julie Christian

Marcia Magon

Best bakery ever!

Steven Maloney

Definitely the best bakery in the area. The donuts and cookes are to die for, as is the cinnamon log.

Kandace Bozovic

Eva Kirschbaum


As the owners son I think the guy who put one star it not are flat you just why to pickey

Dawn Devorsky

DJ Alborex

I saw them on the Fox32 News and decided to check them out. So much history has gone into making this bakery great! A must have for everyone....

Evan Cunningham

Timothy Eavenson

The best!

Vera Johnson

Another great place.Have to try bread basket,they are only available for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Mauricio Blanco

Gosh, those sugar cookies are delicious

Destiny Moon

There pastries are really good and there was a lot of people waiting to get some pastries. I'm guessing there's always a lot of people there

Kevin Krzywicki

Best Bakery in the Western Suburbs I drive about 20+ minutes past multiple others to go here they are amazing...if you haven't been there don't wait your mouth will thank you

Ramesh Patel

Erica Heavner

Great Chocolate Donuts!

Sean Brynda

Best Smiley Cookies out there. Cakes are also amazing. I get donuts there in the morning every once in a while.

Wil Wilcox

Thomas McNeely

Best cookies and cakes

Suzi Spitzer

We ordered our 4-tiered wedding cake from Kirschbaum's and they did such a beautiful job! The staff was very patient and helpful and helped us decide on a design that would fit well with our wedding theme. The tasting sample we received was very generous! The price of the cake was very fair, especially compared with other wedding cake vendors. The frosting pattern was simple but beautiful, and the cake looked and tasted perfect on our wedding day! Plus, it was great to be able to support a local family business! Highly recommend this bakery for wedding cakes! Their crescents and smiley face cookies are amazing too!

David Walters

Great old school bakery. Loved everything I have tried. Staff has always been pleasant even at it busiest times. Be prepared to cram yourself in when its busy, and be sure you grab a number. Wait times are not long, the staff is great at getting your order and getting you back on your way.

Harriet Kulis

Always great service. Knowledgeable staff. Even if there's a line it moves quickly. Regardless of the wait the pastry is worth it. We miss having it in our 'backyard.

Kevin Gawlinski

Fresh food!

fred brunetti

Old fashion bakery my favourite

Jennifer Curtis

Jackie Bombka

Kasey Conely

guy S

I can remember going to Kirschbaum's over 40 years ago always a fabulous memory and happy times should be rates a 100 stars. What a positive atmosphere !

Janet Napoli

best cherry crumble or blueberry crumble pie!!

Miranda Teska

Richard Kasprzyk

Great selection

john nolan

OMG.... best pastries

Carolyn Sherry

Elizabeth Osuna

Lisa Daly

Mason Matschke

Susan Kane

richard ahern

Would give 10 if i could

Tim & Eric Fan

Always have enjoyed their cookies, pastries & doughnuts.

Megan Mathers

Marty Ch

First time at kirschenbaum Bakery yesterday. It reminded me of krutas Bakery back home homemade pastries, Donuts, bread, the cake was delicious last night for Roger's birthday this morning I had the pastry it was very very good if you want some good Bakery go to kirschbaum Bakery in Western Springs Illinois

Mary Catherine Hogan

Jim Blessman

Schmidt Family

So many delicious items to choose from! We ordered our main selections ahead if time and received that huge order absolutely 100% true to our request. We also couldn't resist ordering some additional items after looking through those on offer that morning. Should I ever be back that way (I live in Canada) I'll be sure to stop in again to satisfy my sweet-toothed travelling companions!

Kim Pede

Fantastic family bakery! Delicious chocolate iced donuts, melt in your mouth coffee cakes and wonderful birthday cakes.

Cheryl Gename

Nice place but the girls are talking a lot and,you have to wait until they are done th I get waited on

Cecily Krzyzak

Delicious pastries. The lady that helped us is a bit hurried tho so makes it kinda hard for someone who doesn't know what they have and since you really can't get closer to the counter to check what to buy before your number gets called. It wasn't crowded today but it does get crowded. It's worth it the wait tho.

Steve M

The best

Mark Walther

One of the best bakeries on The Planet!

Charles Day

Fast friendly and efficient. Great selection of fresh baked goodies.

John L Novacek

Great pastries!!!

Michael Mitchell

Terry Arndt

Everything is delicious. Plenty of friendly staff!

Maria Abellaneda

Very good pastry bakery I always go there once a week fo pecan rolls and glazed cinnamon twists delicious

Luigi Mazzei


Razvan Daniel Catarama

It's good, not great. I love the fact that it's a local family business and they are so kind and pleasant but their bakery goods just don't stand out above the rest.

gary matveychik

I believe that this place is the best bakery in the area

Elzbieta Szczerba

Kevin Gould

marguerite mohlman

Love it love it love it!!

Dale Gustafson

Minerva H. Property Manager

Hands down the best eclairs in the whole country! Scared to put this review because they will get bought out quicker! Love going here with my boys and getting tea cookies and our favorite Smiley face cookies!! Then we watch the trains go by!

Adal Rich

I came here on a vacation with my friends. The cupcakes here were so delicious. It was awesome They were so soft and yummy. It was awesome. I really like this place and will be back again for some variety bakeries treats. I think the price of the cakes is reasonable.Everyone needs to try this.

Christopher Finlay

Best bakery in the area.

Alex Garbe

My family has been going here longer than I've been around. They're known for their smiley face cookies, but everything they make is delicious: doughnuts, bread, rolls, cakes, cookies, pies, and probably some pastries you've never heard of.

Rory Locke

Dan Burtnett

Bob Rezner

So glad this fixture is still the sweetest spot in the Western Suburbs. The cakes, cookies, pastries, and donuts have set the standard for over sixty years. Any town lucky enough to have a family owned bakery is better place to live.

Phillip Montana

Jerry Camacho

Very good pastries that come out of this little Ma & Pa bakery. While I don't think is the best in the area, to me it is still in the top ten. People are super friendly and helpful here. The staff takes pride in helping you decide what pieces to pick. They take the time to explain things and give you their full undivided attention, these are things you don't get at chain stores.

Mike Viscariello

james robbins

Lynn Lacey

Best bakery in town!

John Becker

Great hometown bakery. Every time I go there the line is out the door, and that's all I need to say about the quality and selections of baked goods.

Josh Clement

Excellent bakery, I doubt you will find much better around here

sue the dj

The most delicious sweet treats start here. I have never had such amazing donuts, Cookies, Cakes and other baked goods.

Lloyd Shaw

Nice old school bakery. Very tasty doughnuts!

Kristin Cowhey

Tim Russell-Jones

Carol Malik

Dorothy Muellner

John Machulis

Great bakery goods. Always crowded.

Kimberly Johnson

So wonderful ❤️ & always served with care & pride. Glad we still have this jewel !

Charles Herbst

Best bakery in burbs

Patrick H

Steve Castellion

We love it here. Great pastries, cakes, etc. Staff is also very nice. We're 5 minutes away so we'll be back a lot. The last 8 inch round cake we got was a bit dry, but it was also a last minute order so we're giving the benefit of the doubt. Recommend!

Robert Treasurer

Always great

kyle polich


Long time neighborhood bakery. Highest quality and reasonable price.

Christine Bender

The best (ratest) bakery in Western suburbs - at least I can't find another one! The butter pecan ring is to die for. Don't go though - it's crowded enough.

G Cooker

Carol AAA

Chocolate chip coffee cake is amazing

Jaime Morote

Khaldee Lindsey Davenport-Landry

matthew kelly

Great smile face cookies

AL Bachman

Great chocolate donuts. Chocolate chip coffee cake to die for.

Wendi Meech

Best cake and frosting off all time!!!

Timothy Wild

Some of the best bakery good I have ever had. Staff is great easy to get to location

Kelly Houlihan

Disappointing the way things were run today. Yes, I know Fat Tuesday is a busy day. But if I preorder something online and it's already paid and literally all that needs to be done is pass me my order, I should not have to wait behind 35 other people. I patiently waited until the first 15, but when I saw I was NO WHERE CLOSE to the front of the line and would be LATE FOR WORK if I stayed even another 5 min, I had to leave without my order. I would have appreciated you asking, maybe every 5 people or so "is anyone here for an online pick up, no additional order?" I'm a teacher and planned to get a king cake for my students for mardi gras. Now, we have no cake. I could try again after school and hope that I won't run into the same situation, but I really don't want to waste anymore time here. I will never order from you again. Plenty of bakeries offer king cakes!!!

Dolores Mallinger

best donuts on this side of town

Kasia Karkosz

Will Freiwald

Best bakery around. Cake donuts and coffee cake sounds normal but far better here than any place else I've been

IRobert Lutz

Been going since 1955---always a great experience. The large chocolate eclairs are personal and family favorite.

Charlie Cook

Great bakery

Owen Hollinger

So good, bakery is amazing and prices are very cheap, everyone I know loves it.

Richard Alexander

Karen Kynell

Cherry crumble pie is the bomb.

Jim Padilla

Best bakery eeeevvvvvvveeeerrrrrrrr!!!!

Bridget Dahlgren

Best Bakery in the Midwest! ❤️

Blair Peters

Lori Hutchison

Absolutely delicious. The Easter cakes are super precious.

T Ch

Delicious strawberry coffee cake, donuts, and cookies. Busy bakery store in Western Springs downtown that reminds me of sharing pastries with my grandma.

Walter Alvarez

Kenneth B

Best danish and coffee cakes in the western suburbs.

Joe Wierzbicki

Great local bakery. Never had anything specially made there but love the baked good they offer. The smiley face cookies are a classic choice.

Luke Powers

Excellent donuts! We go as a family every Saturday morning. My wife has been going to this bakery ever since her childhood. Great people and service too

Doriene Boyd

Best bakery I have ever purchased from. Large variety of baked goods and pricing is not bad!

Tim Davis

They are the best.

Susan Johnson

This is the best bakery around,wouldn't think of going somewhere else.

Marjorie Ruth

T Kim

Love how prepared they are for their morning rush.


Best mini pecan rolls I have ever had.

Anne Stelnicki

Doesn’t get better than Kirschbaums

Charles Ormiston

Best bakery on Earth!!! It has been a family tradition to get birthday cakes and cookies there. I've had a birthday cake there every year since I was born. Absolutely the best!!!

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