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Jango IG88

The best bakery in America!! This place has the best lemon cake ever! The quality is so consistent each cake, pie and or pastry consumed is magnificent each time and often tastes better. The service is tremendous. The attention to detail is something to appreciate and marvel at. The ability to deliver on time is exceptional. They make make METRA look terrible. The bakery is very clean sanitary and well organized. Each item is amazing. Attend!

D Alvarado

I was looking for a place in the northwest side that had tres leches cake—and I ran into this spot. Not only are the prices reasonable, but the cakes are delicious! Please note that it will cost extra to have writing on cakes, but as I mentioned, they’re reasonably priced!

Erick Jones

Remains top pastry and dessert shop every time I visit.

Stan Fischer

Good old-fashioned Wholesome Sweet-craving Satisfaction

mary hodur

The pastries and donuts are amazing and very well priced. Everything is fresh and amazing! And the service is polite and very helpful and attentive!!

TPG_ Lil Panda

First time here, I don't like the staff is like talk with robots no greeting at all and they pick up the pastry with the hands, yes I saw it. Not coming back ever

Dynamic Duelingduo

Chicago sweet connection is a really Grand place to visit all of their desserts are so delicious at a super affordable price I go here for my co-workers and when my grandmother was alive I would go and get her fresh pies lemon meringue every Saturday. you have a go for yourself to see and smell their intoxicating aroma with fresh baked goods.

Ananth R

This is the third consecutive we are ordering our daughters birthday cake. Although they have the same choices that is available everywhere the taste of the cakes are so good. Definitely worth a try

Manuel Quintero

Lots Of sweets recommend

Nilda Egipciaco

Love bakery goods

Leonardo Roman

Always satisfied when I go there. Great customer service

Jose Capo

Love the variety of the nationalities

Drag Sut

Love this place and love 3 milk moca cake, very good selection off cookies and cakes

Sonia Vasquez

Good treats. price has been much. Staff vary nice.

Chris VanAllman

Such a great place to pickup a delicious snack or order a cake for a special occasion! We stopped in to order a cake for our 25th anniversary last weekend and today we picked up a beautiful piece of art. It was way beyond our expectations! The staff behind the counter was friendly and helpful, we love this place!

Gerardo huerta

Fresh variety and good price

Mansab Khan

Good customer service, delicious cakes

Sophia Sheikh

Excellent cakes and pastries Always fresh! I have been ordering kids birthday cakes and cakes for festive occasions..mouthwatering options and reasonable price!

michael tracy

Great service

Christina Henkelman

Greek bread was tough, the truffles dry. I had a mini European cake that was pretty good (strawberry mousse).

John Smith


Octavio Cardenas

I bought a cake in El Guero in Cresthill il when we got home to cut the cake it was spoiled. I went back to the store and told me that they were fresh every day yet there is no expiration time or date. I bought another one tasted ok but one of my family members took a bite and there was some type of plastic with metal stuff in it. This place is obviously not sanitary. It ruined our party! Check the date on the cake, if it has one!

Bill Starzynski

Like so many other places some (most) of their stuff is excellent. There are a few bombs, like paczki- yuk!, cookies are often dry ( don't try to explain they're made with butter, I'm a pastry chef myself!) But for the most part really good. Excellent Apple fritters-OMG! Cakes-I won't spend the time doing it myself (mostly). Croissants to die for!

Anthony Popelka

Fantastic pastries donuts and cakes.. Wide selection of baked goods made fresh daily.

Diana L

Bought one of those mini cakes. My friend that accompanied me accidentally dropped it on the floor and the edges of the cake were clearly smushed in its container. The male cashier working that day saw what had happened and just stared at me and said "we don't sell them like that to you, so you'll have to pay for another one". I didn't ask. Keep your comments to yourself.

Pro Knitwear

These guys help us out in a pinch. We had 8 birthdays and 4 anniversaries, they fit everything on those cakes. Way to go!

peter rabadi

Priced so good you end up buying more than you could handle. There aren't many places left like this near me so I try to shop here as much as possible. Staff, display, cleanliness, and service are all exceptional!

Chaz Olique

Awesome spot for any pastries, cakes and other desserts. The Tres Leches cake is the best I've had in the city. Love this place!

Nicole Orlando

The cakes and sweets are so good.

Phyllis Martin

Great pastries and baked goods here and they have nice long hours and are open every day.

James Mitchell

Wow that's sweet cakes

John Cisneros

Really good Cakes and Pies..

Sameer Kajani

Great Service. Same cakes as Oakmill Bakery but open longer and cheaper prices.


**This is the first review I have ever done in my life. I've experienced some bad service in the past but never bad enough to motivate me to waste my time and write reviews. But this is unacceptable.** Today we stopped in to this place and picked up a pecan pie, slice of cheese cake and a loaf of bread. Got home only to find that the bread was old upon making chicken breast sandwiches for lunch. The bread CRUMBLED and FELL APART as it was obviously AT LEAST one day old, possibly more. After lunch, I moved onto the pecan pie hoping it would be their usual good quality pecan pie. H O R R I B L E. Aldi sells a pecan pie off the shelf for $2.99 that beats this pecan pie by a mile which I think was sitting in their freezer for months. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE and unacceptable. (The pie was brought out to me from back of the store, which is why after eating it I believe it was in the freezer. In the past, I've found them on the tables in front of the store). I came to this place expecting a home made quality pie and FRESH bread - because it IS a bakery, after all, but didn't get it today. Wife says the cheese cake was okay although it didn't have any crust. Overall, I won't be back anymore and will stop recommending this neighborhood bakery to friends who ask. What a total waste of $9.


All kinds of goodies here

Ed Zaccari

I wanted to purchase an aluminum tray almost filled with one of my favorite meals, called spanacopita. These usually cost $11.00 each. Because it was cooked, therefore sitting in the countertop warmer, the attendant charged me $15.00 instead...! I really didn't like here greedyness. If I didn't purchased it they we're going to dump it.

Corinne McKeag

They were more than prepared for Fat Tuesday with pączkis pre packaged in boxes of 4 ready to go and looked like there were a lot of pre-orders as well. Had to wait in line extra long due to a "customer" that was complaining about her order not being filled or right. When it really sounded like she was complaining in order to get a free cake. The bakers handled her complaints as best as they could, but when showed her past orders and no order for what she wanted and a current bday cake (Happy Birthday) she complained about the lack of an exclamation point and then that it had writing at all. At one point in the conversation she said that she would just "take it off of their hands then" meaning that she would be doing them a favor by taking the cake for free. Bakers said no and that they would call the manager. But eventually it looked like she paid for it. Even despite the long(er) lines due to 1 "customers" attempt at scamming for free baked goods, the packis were worth it. My office is very happy today with bellies full of pineapple, blueberry, apple and rose paczkis.

Jason A.

Been getting tiramisu from ANTONIS religiously. This is where it's from! nice to know when I'm on the north side I can stop in...EXCELLENT!

JPaul Alvarez M.


Almig 5050

Awesome helpful staff


See for yourself you'll be happy.

Dave Cooper

Excellent!! I have always been happy with everything i have gotten here. Strongly recommended!!

Sirmetrius Howard

Very good European pastries

Reina Sosa

Explain to me how you write a quote for something and then when you go back to order they say that is not what they said. I thoroughly explained and even had photos of what I wanted for a baby shower cake. The employee goes to confirm with someone else the pricing of what I was requesting which wasn't anything super difficult and quotes me a price in writing. I then say I am going to think about it and I will be back if I am going to order it. Days later I go to place the order and the same person who helped me the first time says she did agree to what I was asking for and the price would be more. Even though there is a written quote. Unbelievable! If you can't honor your quote how will I know if I'm going to get the cake I am requesting. Very shady and poor customer service. Order at your own risk!


They always have such a great assortment of pastries, cakes, cookies and breads. The cakes are beautifully decorated and reasonably priced. They'll work with you for decorations on made to order cakes. Get there early as many items sell out fast. If you like fudge type brownies, this is the place to go.

Penny Bady

I bought the carmel cake with carmel swirl in the middle it was one of the best cakes I have eaten in my life it was so moist not too sweet just perfect!

Alfredo Vazquez

They got rid of the option of you picking your own butter cookies. Everything is prepacked now. Still a lot of good selection from cake slices to fresh bread.

Katlyn Koski

After speaking to the manger and getting everything fixed they made are cake for the baby shower it was so big and so perfect! And tasted absolutely wonderful!!! I was so happy. I’m very close to popping and I’m a happy prego hahah thank you so much sweet connection. Thank you for fixing the problem.! If anyone ever has a issue with there order you absolutely need to take it up with the manger and no one else.! I take back my bad review because they made me happy and fixed the problem! Once again thank you very much!

Jose Perez

Chepe the best cake designer ever.I love it

Lidia Rivera

Very good sweets

Ken F

Everything sold here taste great

Michael Gartrell

Best bakery in Chicago hands down pastries are sooooo good and the prices can’t be beat.

Joulie Odicho

Love this location Very helpful and good quality love it


This place is good for those who has the taste for the for some things, sweet

Ana Ortiz

It the best bakery I ever seen in my life it have every race pastries I ever seen it beautiful and exotic place of pastries love it very much

felipe segura

Great cakes, and affordable prices.

Victoria Bellisario

I dont love everything here. Carrot cake is very good, chocolate cakes good. Cookies are just ok. Spanikopita is very good. Bread ok. Doughnut and coffee cakes are good.

Jon Hall

wide variety of baked goods at very reasonable prices

Azzit Hussain

Amazing selection and delicious desserts

Erika Sanchez

So delicious cakes. ..


Best Tiramisu ever! prices are great and staff is helpful.

cat n

Best dessert so far in this here city. Haven't had any bad thing yet, and customer service is always wonderful.

Salman Almansour

Passion three milk cake loaf

Natalia Mitchell

Best. Bakery. Ever. I grew up with my family getting desserts from Oak Mill, so that was always my basis to go off of when it came to great cakes and pastries. Well, Sweet Connection has them beat! The selection is amazing, and the prices are extremely reasonable. I will always get my birthday and special occasion desserts from here from now on!

cynthia mariscal

Drive 30+ min to get 3 Leches cake. The best I have ever tried. Not mushy, soaked just right, perfect sweetness, and the frosting is not overwhelming. Highly recommend!

Santorini Patrone

One of the best bakery around if you love

Karen Sahara

Best bakery ever!! I've been coming here forever! 5 stars staff is so helpful and friendly! I love every thing I've tried

Valerie Owens

Yummy baked goods.

Amer Matti

No selection not too sweet decent price

Debbie Miranda

Great place to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Penny Koskiniotis

they have what you want! All sweets !!! ARE AMAZING! ADDICTION

Fez T

This place is happening Lots of sweets to choose from

Mary Slattery

Great bakery!! Everything is fresh and very tasty

Robey Samkari

The best place for fresh bread, open a 6am.

Nick Kanellopoulos

Great cakes, greek cheese and spinach pies and cookies! The closest to original, high quality Greek food you can get in Chicago!

Citizen Sage

No prices on many items so i couldnt make a decision on them and had to walk away from those items...Later i asked someone. I got a young Hispanic guy who was kind of disrespectful and a smart ass. When i asked why dont you have prices on these items he didnt have anything to say. Some items dont have a list of ingredients which i believe is ILLEGAL but anyway you cant make a decision if youre trying to avoid certain ingredients due to health reasons ! Other items have a LONG LIST of unhealthy ingredients. You dont need 30 or 40 ingredients to make baked goods but this place thinks you do. So i wandered over to the donut and danish case behund the counter. Two employees stood there chatting with a customer and didnt notice me staring at them. Again there were NO PRICES on the donuts or danish. So i walked away. In a few minutes i came back and they were still chatting w the same customer. I stood there for a minute staring at tbe workers and neither looked over at me and added 2 plus 2. So i interupted one worker and asked her how much the donuts were. She couldnt hear me. I had to ask 3 times before she heard me. She gave me tbe price. Then i asked about any day-old stuff. She took me over to them and there was no sign that they were day-old and of course, NO PRICES. I asked her too why there were no prices on tbe day-old or donuts and she said "I dont know. " Disorganized, unreasonable place. I'll never go back in there.

Lynda Korsah

Bad experience with orders in ithe past. today was no exception. Really tasty cakes so I come here for all occasions. Was saddened today because my order was not filled at all and could not be found and when I complained the workers behavior towards me was unacceptable. I asked why my order was not filled. I got sarcastic patronising angry speech .... I had to literally stand my ground to get the worker to pay attention to the specs of the order. One customer was so irate at me for questioning their service she yelled at me hysterical . ...manager was not available. I was grateful to get my cake was obvious the baker was angry when I saw how the cake looked! It did not occur to me to reject the finished product despite the way I was treated here cos I really like the cakes. But I will never order from there again.

Christoph Wolter

The service was incredibly rude to my family upon inquiring for a cake. We were told to order our own cake decorations off of amazon and they couldn't guarantee writing a five letter name a top said cake. The employees looked visibly unhappy with our presence and made us feel like an inconvienece the entire time. Ultimately couldn't be convinced to pay for a cake from a bakery that doesnt seem to want my business. We will be very reluctant to return here.

Judd Nudelmaan

Wow what a bakery amd great prices

Mike Boudakh

Great cakes friendly staff

Marcos Corminas

Yummy cakes and desserts!

Anastasia Williams

My son’s First Birthday cake was made to order and was exceptionally delicious AND beautiful. Daniela made the ordering process a breeze and was really helpful answering my technical questions to ensure I got what I needed. Staff there is always helpful, the place is clean and the selection is amazing! I highly recommend trying their European Milk Chocolate mini cake (big enough to devour by yourself OR to share with someone). Living so close to this place makes it truly difficult to stay away from this Chicago gem.

Mike H.

full service bakery with wide variety from cakes and pies to donuts. I been going here for 10 + years and never once was disappointed with my purchase. The bakery is on site with a retail store. Also, priced reasonably!

Drdan Kuffal

Massive cakes. Great service and fresh. We count on them for the holidays. And might enjoy the coffee cakes and turnovers a little to much.

Bill Wilson

Came on this place by accident but what a find. Delicious pastries for a good price, and good service too. Have already been back for more.

Angelica Kladis

ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEIR CAKES! I've ordered for birthdays, graduation, and holidays! They never fail to disappoint My personal favorite is their red velvet cake and BAKLAVA AND FLAN! always a good go too for sure. You won't regret it

Pedro Nieves

Great bakery great prices outstanding customer service. they have lot of patients when dealing with rude people I was shopping for a cake the customer ahead of me was being very rude to the lady behind the counter took her time answer all her questions purchasing a cake then she wanted to cake inside a cooler because she was taking it to a backyard party and she didn't want it melting so the lady assist with putting the cake inside her cooler but told her we are not responsible if there's any damage to the cake once it leaves the store

Marta Segovia

Ponczki are amazing

Donna Lambeth

Great bakery items reasonable prices beautiful work on special orders

Dean Martin

Great Pastries. I get them for my customers and I am always being asked where they are from! The bread is amazing as well. Get a tray of Butter Cookies as well.

June Longoria


dher dheyab

I got three milk cake with Carmel, it was amazing and irresistible

J Luna

Love this place been going here for years is always a Sweet Connection

Teresa Bledsoe

Pleasant environment and the cake was delicious

Lisa DelCampo

You walk into a breath of sweet treats!! Prices are beyond affordable and the staff is not only helpful, but genuine!

Ahmad Musa

Best place for a good family birthday cakes.

Stephanie Kuhn

Delicious & easy ordering for a cake pickup

Jovan Marinac

Fantastic bakery.

Angela Ockrassa Davis

Love the friendly service! Cakes and pastries are very good. Cookies are ok generally speaking, but a few flavors stand out more so from the rest. Also, I like the fact that these sweets don't have a processed or sugar loaded taste. It's just right!

Laura Arroyo

I've been buying cakes from this bakery once a month for 9 months out of the year for over 10 years and they just lost me as a loyal customer. I have had some of the worst customer service the last few times I've been there. The last 3 times I've been there to buy a ready made cake after work they never have anyone past 5pm apparently to write a simple Happy Birthday. When I complained that they should train one of the employees that works evenings to do it, I was told it was a "skill" that can't be taught and that I should call ahead to set aside a cake. A couple of months ago I tried ordering a large sheet cake for an event when I arrived to do so I was given a book to look through. Once we picked and started asking her questions about it, the girl looked at us like we were speaking another language. After giving us the book and letting us look at it for 10 MIN! she informed us that she had no idea how to start the order, couldn't answer our questions and didn't know how to charge us. I was told I needed to come in the following day to order because the girls in charge of cake orders don't work past 5pm! This last time I called ahead like I was told to do, was transferred and the phone rang and rang for about 5 min. I hung up, called again, and was transferred and again the phone just rang for about 10 more min. I wasted 20 min of my lunch break calling, being put on hold, etc. The 4th and final time I called I told the operator and she apologized profusely and said she would have to physically go downstairs to tell them to take my call. I ordered the Mocha Tres Leches cake for my father's birthday, that night we cut the cake and to my embarrassment the cake was awful! Everyone complained that it tasted like sour milk that had gone bad! It completely ruined the evening. When I called to complain the next day, the guy did not take my concerns seriously, he made nothing but excuses for not having a cake decorator past 5, told me I just needed to call ahead, that they can't work evenings and they can't train anyone else to do it because it's a "skill". When I complained about being on hold he simply said they must've been busy. When I complained about the cake he said they make those fresh everyday and it is unlikely that it would be poor in quality and he refused to refund me my money. This is not how you treat a loyal customer! I will NOT be ordering from here again.

David Rico

Probably the best bakery in Chicago.

Brendon Thomas

I got a cake from here for my son's 2nd birthday and loved both the taste and the design.

Beatris Ulrich

Coffee and good old fashioned pastries. Come early sometimes they sell out. Chocolate donuts are delicious. Special orders too!

Niko Stergiou

Everything is Delicious

Juan Olguin

I just to love this place but seems like they are using chip quality products..teast like on ordinary chip disappoint..wen was on of my beast place....

Judith M Ortiz

My sister has been going to Sweet Connection for years, so when my son told us he and his fiancé were getting married on 8/22/15, i knew where i was getting the wedding cake. And let me tell you, Sweet Connection did not disappoint!!! Though the decor and topper on the cake were important, more important was the flavor. The bride wanted Chcolate. So I explained this very important detail to Carla, the cake consultant. Omg!!! Got the chocolate cake with white chocolate mouse. IT WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Thank you, Carla and Sweet Connection!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!

Z 7691

If you want to taste of authentic Suites Chicago this is the place with various ethnic sweets at at realistic prices. Throughout Northern Illinois and Wisconsin you will see in restaurants and grocery stores absolutely delicious Bakery. Well this is where it all comes from and their outlet stores sells it and great prices. And it's fresh cuz it was made there.. parking is free but it's a good idea to have your GPS because the blocks aren't shape Square. Lock your doors in this neighborhood don't have your valuables in sight. You can expect very long weeds here because people are custom ordering Bakery. You can get a truly made custom cake carrier it's interesting to watch people order one in the amount of questions in detail that can go into it that was quite an education. If I was a visitor this would be on my must-see list

Reina Guzman

Best cakes ever.

Kam. Forghani

Nice bakery and will come again. The prices are ok. Last minute birthday cakes ....

Joanna Leynes

Fat Tuesday came around and a local Facebook group had a post about the best pazcki in the area. Chicago Sweet Connection came up and I made my way there. It was past 9 am and I missed the rush but the line was still to the door. I didn't wait long, maybe 5 minutes until I reached checkout. I ordered a dozen and was shocked that the total came to less than $14. What a pleasant surprise. I was impressed with the quality. The two flavors I tried were delicious! Their other baked goods looked really good too.

Joe Painter

First place on to do list when I'm home

diywithsusy Z

Best of the best they make everything fresh yummy and they has fantastic cheese cake


Amazing Greek bakery..their Baklava is to die for! The sweets, breads and even cakes are out of this world! Get your birthday cake, your delicious pies and lots more!! Seek the help of the professionals and sweet

Nancy Abbinanti

Wonderful place good bakery items stop there often to pick up bakery items for work

Sam Othman

the cake excellent but the customer service was terrible the lady in that took care of me need to be fired rude as it can be best cake but will not go back becauce of the service

Renee Burden

My favorite bakery. Great variety. Carries Greek pastries. Reasonable prices. Friendly staff

Madelyn Castellano

Overall , pastries are delicious but the mexican bread recipe is not working for us , I'm hoping you will change the recipe to the original..

PC Ibarra

This is the place that supplies many restaurants in the Chicagoland area with their cakes. Love this place.

Rampelle Aguilar

Great selection and really nice employees!

Amir Mir

***Gelatin in lots of their products.**** Even their flan has gelatin

Jereme McGovern

The best cakes

Vinh Le

:) great place love the sweets there :)

Ina Harden

Got Carrot Cake at Old Chicago is to die for. I always order at least four. I need a case please!!! Please give info!!!

Junior Alvarez

Great place to get your sweet tooth fix for all occasion.

Nicholas Ugo

Great gem for cakes and treats!

Matt S

Great hours for a bakery. Large selection and very reasonable prices. Last time I was there service was very warm and friendly

Regina Christophell

Wonderful service from happy people who were helpful and earnest. And the choice of baked goods was incredible!!!

Michelle Hammond

Great cakes, donuts, cookies and other fancy sweets. All very reasonably priced. They also, offer some low sugar treats. This place is so good they have a whole sale business.

Kelly ModjeskiHamilton

Good sweets. Reasonably priced.

russ ruffin

Absolutely fantastic

Selot Zewdie

I have a business account with this company. Since the day I started ordering from them, it's been a nightmare. The owner, Peter Kalis is unhelpful and unresponsive to any emails. 65% of the time the orders are wrong. They usually send the wrong products/forget to send ordered products, and they still charge your account for the missing items. My main issue is the lack of communication in the shop. I called a few months ago before lent to ask if their baklava contained dairy. The man who answered the phone stated that the baklava is made without dairy. One of my customers went into the shop and asked the same question, and they told her the baklava contains dairy. Now, the customer is furious with the cafe. I emailed Peter Kalis (owner)asking him to confirm the ingredients within the baklava, and I stated the same issue. Of course , he didn't respond. If you are a business owner, I suggest going elsewhere for your sweets. They're overly priced, low quality, uninformative, and very careless. The people who work there do not care about the quality of the products and they definitely don't care about the clients. They don't know the nutritional facts of their products. They will tell you anything just to get you out of their face. This place is very sketchy and I highly suggest going to a different bakery, especially for business owners!!

Jacqueline Berliant

Delicious Greek pastries!

Cat cat

Love this place

araceliz vazquez

Great cakes ,cookies for all occasions a hidden gem

Sue Bilek

Divine red velvet cakes

Anthony Kordowski

Wonderful place to get pastries and cakes made and bread and what nots

Luowei Wu

nice place, lot good cake, not experience

Sara Salinas

They make a really yummy cake with eclairs!

Daniel Michmerhuizen

Expensixe, but equisite and extraordinary!!!

alfred mirad

Amazing aromas and the bread goods are of the charts

Andrew Castillo

One of a kind!! Flavors are great

Delonda Yvette

I purchased a Chocolate Fudge Cake from Pete's Market, this had to be, the nastiest cake I ever had. I'm sorry, but my family and I did not enjoy it

Chester Lui

Yes you don't have the best customer service but it's ok your donuts are on point!


Great pies friendly service. I bought the pecan and an apple pie, both were great hits with everyone

Natalie Tiske

Great pastries

Anna Panagos

Origin of most Chicago restaurant desserts, breads, pastries. Big discounts on day old breads and seasonal items. High quality. Very good!

Bob Jurewicz

Great pastries, though the prices could be a little cheaper!

Sexycricket a

My son's cake was fantastic!!!! The cake isn't dry the frosting was sweet but not to sweet.


Very good cakes

Linds m

Great cakes

Amanda Rye

Amazing confections and perfect service!

Eric Cruz

My mother's favorite Baker / pastry place I take it to Arizona when I go see her so she doesn't miss it

Lon T

Best place in town!

Venetia Lappas

Reasonable prices ,good quality,very clean and good service .


Excellent service and tasty sweets. I love this place.

Ramiro Landa

No problem with product, the problem is the personnel that needs training to take care of the customers.

Catalin Maticiuc

Awesome sweets! Great selection of cakes and pastries. My favorite is the German chocolate cake

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