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REVIEWS OF Cafe Selmarie IN Illinois

Z Clemens

A little pricey, but pretty tasty. Sat outside in a nice little patio right next to the square. Had the "pot pie" which was more of a deconstructed take on the classic. It was more like a stew with fresh puff pastry added into it, but i honestly think i preferred it that way. The desserts were great. Wish they had a better beer selection though.

Rose Stone

Very good food and service

Caitlin Boyak

Seriously a great place for brunch and I love the area. Delicious and a great price for the quality and portion you get. Would definitely go again. The staff was awesome as well, very kind and attentive.

Rico Lajom

Excellent service and food options. It's a little crowded and the tables are too close to each other but it's definitely worth checking out.

Scott McLellan

Overall, I was satisfied with the food, while being slightly under-satisfied with the price. I got the namesake Selmarie Benedict with a side pancake. The Hollandaise sauce was really nice, and the flavors of the eggs were great. The pancake was also one of the best I've ever had, with really nice crispy edges, perfectly sized, and not too sweet. I was surprised to see that my tea order got me a whole pot of tea with a lot of tea. The service was also very nice, and food came out quickly. At the same time, the food wasn't hot when it came out. It wasn't cold, but it didn't at all feel like it was recently made. The potatoes on the side were not nearly as warm, or crisp, as I would imagine breakfast potatoes would be. I was just really bummed that such nice-tasting food came out so not-hot. I probably won't come back for brunch, but I would come back for a pancake. :)

Jordan Ziolkowski

Cafe Selmarie is probably the best brunch spot in Lincoln Square. I go with the Pesto & Eggs 80% of the time but I've tried the smoked Salmon Breakfast, Selmarie Benedict, Corned Beef Hash and recently the Tomato Bisque, and I have always been very happy. First of all, Cafe Selmarie is a brunch restaurant that switches to a dinner restaurant midday, but it is also a walk-in cafe and a delicious confectionary bakery. They have a great breakfast/lunch and dinner menu, but if you just want a canoli, a slice of cake, a chocolate chip cookie or a cappucino - they got you covered, baby! Second, though Selmarie is a fantastic spot to visit any time of year, in the warmer months you can enjoy their large and beautiful patio which sits right on Lincoln Square's Giddings Plaza and has a great view of the fountain and all of the community activity that goes on here. The service is always spot on. I've been very annoying and sat at this restaurant for two and a half hours ordering mimosas one at a time and the servers were always very friendly about it, never trying to push my party to settle up and go so that they could flip the table. The prices are not cheap but the food is not cheap either, so you get what you pay for. The coffee tends to be a little bit on the sour side for my tastes but still among some of the better coffee in the neighborhood. They have an assortment of condoments, however only tabasco and cholula as hot sauce picks, and I wish they had a Frenk's type Louisiana style hot sauce as a third option. If you want a table, you have to go in, there are no phone reservations. If capacity is full, they will ask for your number, put you on a list, and you get a link texted to you where you can see your position on the waitlist. At this point you can walk around and check in. They'll text you when your table is ready and you will have ten minutes to return with your whole party and be seated. I've never waited longer than 30 minutes even though they have quoted me 45 at times. I can't say enough about this location. Inside or out, brunch or dinner, as a carry out bakery and coffee shop, summer or winter, I have always had a great experience here, and I think you will too.

David Angel

This place is often busy, and for good reasons. They have a good selection of food, and the prices are decent. Just a quick heads up: parties are seated when everyone has arrived. Normally that would bug me, but they are busy enough that I think it helps turn tables around quicker. That's really the only thing I can complain about. Everything I've gotten here has been really good, and I plan on going back.

Carol Muscari

It was a treat to come back to a familiar place I used to come to a lot more than 15 years ago. Fantastic staff and insanely delicious chicken salad. I can't wait until my next visit home. I'll be sure to stop in


I went here for Sunday brunch. There's a nice patio to sit at, but the wait is longer. We chose to sit inside and were seated right away. The food was delicious and sized just right to leave full without leftovers. They also serve brunch drinks. It's a great place for friends and families.

Danny Fritz

This restaurant is priced well, serves excellent food, and has good service. Highly recommended. This is another one of those places you go for breakfast. The walls are splattered with interesting paintings and photography often revolving around trees. When you wait for a table, you get to look at all the tasty pastries! The dishes are healthy portions of delicious foods and are priced in the 10-15$ range.

William Ferguson

Delicious brunch. Tasty coffee. Location is second to none.

Matt Langreder

This is our go to Sunday breakfast spot. Good selection of well prepared food! They have drinks if you're doing a boozy lunch. They have lots of great bakery items as well if that's your thing.

malena montiel

Is a great place for the whole family

Erdmann Rogge

Great outdoor seating


The place reminds me of a museum restaurant, nice clean white walls with works from local artists. Their menu is composed of basic plates but sharp on taste. I ordered the dinner special that evening last week. The skirt steak was grilled to perfection, tender and well-charred. Served on top of creamy polenta which is balanced with the green salsa that came with it. For dessert, you haveto walkip to the storefront and choose your dibs. Many of the cakes have alcoyin them. We missed the popular tres-leches cake and I opted for the Sachertorte, this is a German bakery afterall.

EstherSylvia Firlej-Perisin

European-type coffee house with lunch and dinner menu. The food is nouvelle and good, the portions appropriate. Nice selection of wine and beer, import as well as domestic. The best part, however, is the pastry: German/Austrian pies, tortes and cookies. If you have a sweet tooth and a discerning palate, this will become your home away from home

myiesha hunt

Love everything there!

Mohamed Tamba

Loved the chicken pot pie and of course the russian coffee

Matthew Atias

Came here for dinner, hoping to catch the Summer Concert Series on Thursday nights at the Lombard Lamp in Lincoln Square. We were slightly too early. I find many of the nicer places in Lincoln Square (as a big man in a budget) to be either too pricy, or to have tiny plates that are not worth the money you paid. My wife, 20 month old daughter, and I sat down for dinner. Service was quick, prices were VERY reasonable, and the food was stupendous. The Wagyu Burger was amazing, my wife got the Pot Pie (which she raved about) and my daughter both ate and threw the Kids Mac and Cheese all over the place. Definitely worth the stop if you're in the area and looking for a great meal, or a nice dessert (as a diabetic, I didn't even start to look...they are a Café, after all!!).

Amanda Iverson

Love to come for spiked coffee and brunch, usually split one sweet and one savory plate with a friend. Always make sure to take-away a dessert... Or two!

Sylvia OM

Good one to try it

Ashley Nowak

This place is so great. I love the white russian coffee and the outdoor seating is very nice

Tino Arreguin

Great place

Robert Daryl Young

I have always loved their desserts but tonight I was blown away by dinner service. First, our server was outstanding in every regard. I tried the short rib special and it truly was amazing. The best dinner I've had in recent memory. Whoever came up with this dish deserves major accolades. Apps were awesome, nice edited wine list and the world's best Black Forest cake punctuated a perfect meal. I had a fabulous meal.

Lindsey M

Nice cafe with friendly staff. Coffee drinks are good, desserts are just okay. The food looks amazing though, will be back to try.

Alexandra Gantier-Hochart

This place is not baby friendly. I came with my little one (3 months) in a baby carrier for a cold beverage and to enjoy the sun outside. Even if it was for 10 minutes, the waitress didn’t allow us to sit outside. There were a lot of tables available. It’s too bad! The juice was refreshing though.

Richard Supran

Love this place! Went there for the chilaquiles but apparently it's not on their regular menu anymore it's just a special item. Ended up going with the salmon breakfast which is equally as good. Hope they can bring the chilaquiles back to the menu though as it is my favorite

Henry Potamakis

A must for a Sunday morning breakfast with family and friends. The service is pretty good, but the food will really change your experience. The servers are always prompt with bringing drinks to the table, and often times recommend new items on the menu to try and find which dishes appeal most to the regular crowds. If you come here and order the corned beef hash, you’re mouth will be screaming “MORE MORE MORE”!!!!! It will probably also be the first time you will have tried real corned beef hash because the meat is not out of the can here. The chefs hand pull it, and serve it with poached eggs and garnish. Also the crossaint is always a must to top of breakfast with a nice hot cup of coffee.

Luc Vinaja

I'm sure most people won't agree with this review. Came here once for dinner and once for the bakery. The layout of this place is nice but I felt it was a bit overpriced for what you get. The biggest problem was the service. We asked the waitress a question about whether the gravy had meat in it (which it did), but she disappeared and took forever to come back. Several other people were seated before she came back, and several people were served before our food came. The wine was a bit overpriced and tasted watered down. Paid $9 for a dirty glass and the wine seemed like it was worth 6 or 7. The meal itself was good. But the waitress never came to check in on us or ask if we wanted another drink or not. And even when we were done eating, took a while to come and ask us for a box or bring us the check. Several people who came in after us had left by this point. Also the table shook whenever someone walked past, but wasn't wobbly itself. I think the floors are old and you can feel everyone walking around. I also tried cookies from the bakery, I felt them to be a bit dry and not have a great flavor. Overall I would say service was 2 stars, food was 3 stars, value was 3 stars, but bakery was 2 stars, breaking down to 2 stars overall.

Ethan Morgan

Great bakery in Lincoln Square, highly recommend!

Lauren Penson

The food is always good and there is a good selection on the menu. The wait staff is consistent, they know the menu and pay attention to detail. They have a great selection of baked goods too from the adjacent bakery. In the summertime, you can sit outside. Pleasant decor which usually consists of original artwork on the walls. This is one of my favorites in Lincoln Square.

Adrian Aviles

Amazing food. Wonderful atmosphere. Charming location.

danish haque

Great bistro ambiance, high quality food, and gracious service make this a long time staple for the neighborhood. Over the years it has only gotten better.

Cory Crock

Delightful place with excellent food. Chef presented some fantastic combinations and he was very accommodating to vegetarians. Will definitely make this a regular spot to dine.

Rosemary Lucas

Excellent pastries and wonderful meals.

Kim H.

Casual atmosphere, great food, amazeballs dessert selection!

Kristina Chmiel

Love the bakery out front. Also a great brunch spot. No reservations but it's usually a quick wait for small groups

John Ivica Grgic

Excellent service, fresh cake and delicious coffee

Natalia ms

Good coffee, good food, fantastic baked treats, and excellent location make Selmarie a lovely café to visit and hang out at with a friend, a date or by yourself. The carrot cake is exquisite, nutty and perfectly layered with delicious cream cheese frosting that's not overly sweet.

Omar Ariza

Friendly staff, nice atmosphere and delicious black bean burger. Im not a vegetarian either. Cheers!

Angela McElwain

The food is delish with ample servings. Although one of our party had to send the chicken pot pie back because it wasn't hot, one returned to the table, the flavor was very good. An order of half chicken on mashed potato was also good but wasn't as hot as it should have been. The wide variety of pastry here is wonderful. We will go back.

sherman edwards

great restaurant! out server, Jennifer, was very helpful and knowledgable of the menu.

Alexander Holcomb

A wonderful place to grab breakfast or a quick snack. Food is good but the bakery is second to none.

Robert Rizzo

Good quality and friendly staff

Lorraine Heyart

Chicken pot pie YES!

Mariusz Falkus

Can't complain. Food was ok.

Ludovic Fr

Finally !!! A place where you can talk with someone and can hear the answer !!! Yes i know it seems unbelievable. And the food is good and quite cheap. Try it and you will approve it !

Tom Zeien

I like this place a lot and come here very often for brunch and breakfast. Staff is usually pleasant, food is tasty and good quality, there are plenty of delicious sweet options, a bakery attached, and prices are pretty good. Only criticism is they need a better waiting system, currently you have to literally go inside to put your name in (there is often a wait on certain days) and then just wait around. There are other services they can use that are more convenient.

Amy Wiegrefe

Great omelette and very good service!

Michael Alexander

Hard to decide what to get because it all sounds so good!

Geraldine Kruse

Outstanding food, service and an outdoor space reminiscent of a European cafe.

Celeste Burke

Lovely location with delicious delights

Alexandria Zigler

Tons of delicious desserts to choose from and the breakfast and coffee were delicious

Sneha Pandey

Simply wow.. The dessert was very delicious..

Margaret Salpietro

I love this place the food is wonderful

Rita Traversone

Service great, food delicious, loved decor.

Brian Anderson

Love there Glazed Hot cakes delicious food

Russell Lee

$20 for a NY strip. Great special for the evening. Of course, amazing desserts as always

Anthony Genovese

Local favorite for my wife and I. Wonderful brunches give way to poor life decisions at their mouth watering pastry and dessert window.

Zuleidy Lucho

Loved this place the menu and workers very nice. Tastly food and special ms. Floyd very perfessional. Will be coming back

Sharon Lezama

The desserts are simply the best and they have such a large assortment. Food is always excellent.

Pat Clarke

Love it - fantastic food- awesome chef

Alexandra Mandl

Always a great place for a low key brunch. Just wish they had a few more options...

Rachel Schneider

One of my favorite brunch spots. Creative menu. Great coffee. Friendly and attentive service.

Adri M

The cakes are really good bc there not too sugary like other cakes. They also have a restaurant but i havent tried the food yet.

Janice Belen

Amazing service. Sweetest server. Wish I got her name. Food was delicious. Get the pesto and eggs!

Jamie Waltman

This was the first restaurant I went to after I moved to Chicago, and I fell in love. Simple food, quality ingredients. Staff is very friendly, drinks are exceptional. My partner and I go every Sunday for brunch. Would recommend!

Laure Goode

Been coming here since 3yo. Love it. Deserts/bakery items are better than their sit down food

Dave Katzman

Wonderful food and atmosphere. I have been coming to this restaurant since they opened and have never been disappointed.

Suellen Tobe

The best menu. Great for meeting friends and family.

Al Mendez

Even though we showed up in a large group close to closing time they took care of us promptly and the food was on point. A Lincoln Square mainstay that's been there for years. Definitely worth a visit.

Darin Fentress

Great food, moderately priced. At first glance, Selmarie looks like a bakery, but this is a full-service brunch/dinner restaurant with a good selection of cocktails, beer and wine. Slightly annoyed on a few occasions when the wait staff forgets to check on our table, but overall a great addition to Lincoln Square!

Clare O'Sullivan

Limited; they were only serving brunch on a Saturday at 2:45 pm without an option of anything on the lunch menu. Food was good but couldn't even see the lunch menu. This was not mentioned on their website, which should be made clear since I wouldn't have taken my boyfriend's parents there for lunch if I'd known all that would be available is breakfast food.

Karina Leon

Raspberry Bavarian cream cake is the best! Stopped by for a slice after hearing great things about it. The staff was very friendly and attentive. Definitely recommend!

N. Zeldacious

You pretty much can't go wrong with any of the selections there. The baked goods are amazing, too. The summer patio is in a great location, also.

Kyra Lammers

A wonderful little date night spot! On Wednesday nights there is a 3 course prix fix menu— such a great value! The salmon was absolutely amazing. And the desserts— giant slices of heaven! If you’re not around here for dinner, stop in for a coffee and cake at any time of day. You won’t be disappointed!

Ashley Brodin

NO WIFI?!? Sat down, ordered, and immediately had to get it to go once I was told there was no cafe wifi. Majorly disappointed that I found the one cafe that doesn't have wifi in the building.

Kevin Price

We told the waiter we were in a hurry and our food came in 3 minutes. Delicious chicken salad sandwich. We will definitely come back when we have time to enjoy the outdoor seating.

Blanton Davis

Overpriced and not good enough to be worth it. Also the bloody Mary's are made with clamato but it doesn't say that on the menu. You gotta warn people about that dude. Yuck. .co

Very good cookies, and amazing service.

Stone Mason

Fabulous food. The menu is so good it does take time to make up your mind on what you want to order.

Keita Erskine

Great food fair prices dope desserts

Yevi Goz

Loved it both times I went. First time was brunch, and it was amazing. Second time was dinner and that was equally good. The sauces and menu are well thought out and fit together perfectly. The bakery and coffee are excellent and so was the service. Definitely going back.

MA Karam

It's a cozy place, good to have lunch, especially with a family.

Kevin Davis

Probably the best burger in Lincoln Square, great mac and cheese too, and of course decadent desserts. Great place for a date - kids too. Excellent service as well.

Robert Schildgen

A little slice of Europe, just like our families cooking, and nice atmosphere!

Mark Shoemaker

Breakfast burrito was a win. The kids Mac and cheese was legit. Vibes are

Beatris Ulrich

Awesome little cafe atmosphere. Fantastic eating. Outside seating for those nice summer days. Incredible bakery and coffee. One of my favorites!

David Schwartz

A nice little cafe with good pastries in an interesting neighborhood, lincoln sq.

William S. Godfrey

Great diner/restaurant in Lincoln Square. Coffee and pastry shop up front and sit down restaurant in back. HIGHLY RECOMMEND stopping in and grabbing a cinnamon bun if you are in the neighborhood.

Susan Parisi

Great for lunch, quaint, all menu items are fresh and delicious

Erica Williams

Who knew that I would find love at first sight at Cafe Selmarie? I had never tried a financier before, and decided to try the raspberry financiers. They are these little bite-sized cake-like pastries with a fresh raspberry inside. I truly had a moment. My friends were wondering what was wrong with me when I momentarily couldn't talk. These financiers changed my world for a moment in time. I will gladly travel all the way from the loop to Lincoln Square to get more of those. I love the fact that this place is open late for late night desserts, coffee and tea. Too bad they don't stay open later. Great service, and fantastic pastries - I'll be back for brunch AND lunch. AND they are close to the brown line Western stop. It's located in a cute area with shops and boutiques, so Cafe Selmarie is definitely in my future - a brunch and boutique day is calling my name!

Catie Schildgen

GEM - Selmarie is an absolute gem with high quality delicious healthy fare and a dessert case filled with colorful exquisite hand made delights. If I’m going to splurge for sweets this is the place! I’m already looking forward to coming back!! Service excellent, quiet - easy to have conversation, flooded with light on the square. Lovely!

malcolm gamble

Delicious lunch followed by even tastier dessert, with great service? Count me in every time! I will be back many times!


The food has gone downhill a bit here. I used to come because everything tasted so freh and savory but it doesn't feel that way anymore. The service is just okay but I have come to expect that from Selmarie. You need to always hunt down your server and if they bring you the check tell them to run your card now otherwise they won't be back to pick it up for 15 or 20 minutes. They also don't offer any appetizers which I think is strange.

Christian Lowrie

Been here several times. Great take away items in the bakery. Dining menu is very average though. Had a lamb shank, which was average. Brunch is decent. Breakfast burrito is bad. Salmon Benedict is pretty good. This is a "Good, Not Great" place, hence the 3/5

Stefan Micic

Friendly staff and good desserts.

Audrey Berns

Neither my companion nor I were crazy about our meals. The food was sort of bland, with off-putting textures, like little crunchy things- I couldn't even tell what they were- in my dish. The menu seemed very limited as well. On the other hand, while we didn't try any, their pastries and desserts look amazing.


Absolutely love the corned beef hash

Paul Vaccaro

Great food and baked goods This place is very clean and relaxed place to have brunch, lunch, or dinner. The majority of the food goes for the crisp, fresh flavors. Their blackbean burger is probably my favorite go-to but they always have something else I want to try.

Kristofer Nowak Realtor

Everything prepared in this bistro is done just right. Nothing overstated, nothing overdone. Quality with a capital Q.

Chris Krolczyk

I've been here about three times, and the desserts have never disappointed. What was especially glorious was their Sachertorte, which combines dark ganache, dark chocolate cake and a stripe of raspberry jam down the interior just to make things especially interesting.

Shaina Daniels

Great food at reasonable prices. The baked goods are delicious. I appreciate their large selection of cakes. The service is great, too! Stop in on a Saturday morning for brunch and you will not be disappointed.

Michael Zaremba

Food was adequate. Pancakes tasted this Bisquick and the eggs were dry

Harry Saito

Longtime neighborhood gem. Baked goods in the front, restaurant in the back, and very nice outdoor eating when the weather permits. Everything is solid and they have a very nice and friendly staff. It's also a good place for dinner and drinks are available.

Mela J

I'm kind of obsssed with the pesto eggs and chicken sausage! I also love bringing my kids for an after school pastry, they love their cookies!

Vasyl Markus

I have been a fan of Cafe Selmairie for a long time. I first got hooked by their pastries, breads, and cakes. It's still the reason to go there. But they also provide a good restaurant experience, especially for brunch. But those pastries....

Rodney Yoswig

Awesome! Fresh baked pastries and breads. Seated in the dinning room and was greeted by staff. Drink order placed and promptly served. Food selection was very nice upscale type dishes. Order placed and promptly served. Look a d tasted fantastic.

Owen Manlapaz

This place has it all, good food, good location and good service. This diner/cafe has a wonderful outdoor patio right in the heart of lincoln square. On Thursday you can enjoy a meal, listen to live music and watch a lively community enjoy the night. If you have a sweet tooth, you can also stop in for a variety of well baked cookies or cake(s) and specialty coffees. I highly recommend their wagyu burger.

Kevin Skomsvold

I love the staff here. That is not an issue in any way. Always treated very well and with great service. My issue is with the food which seems average now. The chicken pot pie (my fave - can't speak for other menu items) is just average. I'm not sure if changes were recently made but it just isn't as good as I remember it. Wife and daughter love this place as do I. Just needs a little extra something.

Jo Brill

Great food, great service. Great company also, may you also do so well

Jessica Ramirez

Super cute casual morning place. Great quality food nice service. Make sure to get some baked goods!! Great variety of sweets with flavor and amazing taste

Dale Dean

Excellent food and relaxed, cozy atmosphere. Generally quiet. Great bakery attached for cakes, pies, pastries and cookies. One caution: Kitchen usually shuts down at 8:46p, at least on weeknights.

Rosa Beltran

Love the pastry variety..... Great coffee!

cruz romero

Friendly cozy place to get coffee and delicious pastries

Elodie Maricot

I really love this place. The food is delicious and fresh. The pastries are very good. It's also well located, in Lincoln Square, with small nice shops around.

David Ford

Tasty treats


Delightful place. Corned beef hash was delicious. Coffee excellent. It's in the square, if you are walking, even better! Parking can be frustrating. Depends what time you go.

Natalie Dirks

Very yummy food, calming decor, and nice staff. Be sure to check out the pastry case!

Dean Gardner

Fun experience

Leo Gideon

Great and accommodating kitchen, the many baked goods add to this very comfortable restaurant /bakery as a destination indoor or outdoors seating. Many many return patrons

Steph Edwards

I am constantly delighted when I try something from the specials menu at Cafe Selmarie. Had dinner outside recently with a group of friends from out of town. Service was very warm and friendly and the food was outstanding.

Rachel Letizia

Wonderful outdoor seating area. Great coffee and croissant sandwich.

Diana Grossman Tantra Butterfly

Oh how I love this bakery/restaurant. In fact I remember to ten years back when they mostly just had lunch items and pastries here. Recently I've had time this summer to sit outside and pick out a fruit tart, sacher chocolate torte, or German chocolate cake and people watch with my dessert. Honestly the vibes here are so relaxing and I just find that this European bakery has the best tasting pastries and cakes in the city. I'll have to make a point of coming here to dine outside one more time before our weather changes. The delicious pastries, the view of Lincoln square and the relaxing atmosphere with reasonable pricing will draw you in for more!

Michelle Dall

Very cute bakery and restaurant. High quality, you can tell they care about what they bake and create.

Bernadette Markley

a customer for over 20 years.. the best place in Lincoln square anytime of the day or evening for ANY meal. then there are all the amazing cakes and deserts to keep you there... oh my...

Jeremy DuBrul

Charming standby of Lincoln Square. Food is always excellent, matched with friendly and affable service. The baked goods are amazing.

Cam Vozar

Cake, coffee and brunch. Charming.

Bogdan Buzatu

Great location, friendly staff but not very impressed with the food.

Paul bateman

Best coffee and dessert spot in the city

Michelle Michonski

Great place to meet up with friends for dinner or just grab coffee and satisfy your sweet tooth. Come for dinner, but you must leave room for dessert!

Madeleine Clay

Great croissants

Jeanne-Marie Cohen

This is one of my favorite lunch spots in the city! Their menu items are always great and their bakery is fantastic. One of everything please!!

Debbie Barford

We ordered a strawberry whipped cream cake with chocolate drizzle for our anniversary reception. It was fabulous, and there were so many compliments on the cake. Selmarie has been our go to for celebrations for many years, and they do not disappoint.

Alex Epshteyn

Nice place for lunch and desserts

Nancy Swimm

Small space, but we only waited about 25 minutes which was totally worth it! I had a mushroom egg whites scramble on a dinner roll! Yummy

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