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REVIEWS OF Brown Sugar Bakery IN Illinois

J Madera

Discovered this hidden gem in Navy Pier and could not be happier that we did. They really deserve to be known and better located within the food vendors area. The staff are great and the cakes are delicious. I highly recommend the Turtle and the Vanilla Cream Cheese Caramel cakes. This will now become a must when we travel to Chicago. Thank you to the staff for the wonderful service and recommendations.

Katrina Mallett

It breaks my heart to have to write this review. I have been a devoted customer for three years, and I have always been satisfied with the customer service as well as my order. However, the last few times I went it hasn't been the best experience. I wanted to purchase a four layer cake for my daughters Sweet Sixteen, I was informed it would take four days. Everytime I have placed an order I was always informed twenty- four hours. I opted for a four layer cake that was on display. Big mistake, the cake was not good at all. We tossed a fifty dollar cake in the trash. The last few times I purchased cakes, it seemed as if they weren't homemade. I miss the customer experience this bakery once possessed.

Clifton Dale Sr

Cakes and pies are tasty but the service is something to be desired.

Pearl Jewels

Beautiful bakery store. My daughter loves Carmel cake. I think they are a little too pricey but I understand why they are so costly. I am glad they are in the neighborhood. I do enjoy their bake goods.

Alana Martin

I haven’t tasted the cake, so I can not comment there. I do know I won’t return or recommend this place. A friend ordered a cake for me on Saturday for pick up at 6pm the following Monday. I called Saturday afternoon to change the pick up time to noon on Tuesday. The person I spoke with (I didn’t record her name) said she’d confirm with the bakery, and she’d call me back if there’s an issue. I received no call, and so I went to pick up my cake on Tuesday. Except, no one could find my order. After a few minutes, my (paid in full) cake was found, and the person told me my pick up was for Monday. I explained to her that it wasn’t - immediately after the order was placed, the pick up time was changed. She didn’t stop there - she wanted to go back and forth, showing me what the receipt says to “prove” I’m wrong. No ma’am, your customer DISservice is wrong. Mistakes happen. All you needed to say was “sorry about the wait, here’s your cake.” And with that, you lost two customers - me and the person who ordered the cake, who happened to be on the phone during the exchange.

sarah smigal

What can I say?? Caramel cake that will make you slap someone. Proudly black owned and operated bakery located in the Navy Pier. A slice will easily satisfy two people and the cost is SO worth it. $7 and change for a piece but the portion is generous, the flavor and (excuse the word) moistness is not comparable to anything you've ever had. It's like Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines got together and made a beautiful cake baby. The staff is kind and helpful and truly enjoy what they do. You made my day Brown Sugar. THANK YOU!

Dynamic Duelingduo

Brown Sugar Bakery has old fashioned down south hand scratch cake like Grandma used to make all of their dishes are delicious rather all of their sweets are delicious staff is awesome terrific pricing is very affordable

Let E

The Turtle cupcake is a slice of heaven. It was soft, moist and not to sweet. Sorry no picture

Aim's Extensions

I was a first time customer today, it was pretty busy but the wait wasn't long. The staff was friendly & helpful. The bakery was nice & clean. The Carmel Cake was Delicious. I will definitely return.

Darcel Taylor

Excellent staff and cake


Carmel cake off the chain. Cup of cold milk, and you all set, wasnt to crazy about other cakes

Candice Thomas

My mom bought the turtle cake for my dads bday. It was awesom!! So pretty. They’re cupcakes are awesome as well

Alice Carpenter

Entered near nine, it wasn't busy. Food is like a restaurant in Louisville I loved.

Rebecca Holbrook

Great baked goods. Try the chocolate double chocolate cake, you'll love it.

Dejuan Thompson

Excellent bakery. Black owned. Amazing Cakes and Cupcakes. Red Velvet cupcakes are extraordinary. A must try.

George Salomon

The best cake in Chicago hands down! It puts all others to shame. I am a fan of the strawberry, pineapple, and coconut cake mouth watering and moist. Their German chocolate cake is sometimes not available because it is sold out. This is a testament to how good the cake is. Extraordinary! This cake shop could have my last coin. The staff is always friendly, respectful and serves with a smile. Love the atmosphere.

Jessica Lucas

Very filling. Nothing but enjoyable experiences here. Feels like a cafe in Phoenix that I enjoyed visiting.

Rhonda Stewart

Delicious caramel cake! The Obama was not that good but when I am back home in Chicago, I drive from the south suburbs to Brown Sugar, please bring back pound cakes!

Anna Gomez

Over crowded bakery people fighting to get their favorite baked goodies for the holiday's. I Loved their strawberry & chocolate cake. But, hated their chocolate peanut butter cake (that was my opinion). Their prices were very reasonable...will go again. Parking is hard to find because they don't have a parking lot for their business. But, that's OK you have to be patient.


Purchased 3 slices of cake; coconut, pineapple, chocolate, and caramel. All the slices were moist. I’ve only, ate the pineapple thus far, and it was good. However, it was a little soggy and wet. I suppose from the juice of the pineapple. Nevertheless, I can live with that. My first time visiting and, was skeptical because I don’t go certain places in the City, if I can help, it but I will visit again more than likely before the week is out. I love sweets, even though I probably should stop eating them forever.

Bro. Robert

Greetings! This was my first time shopping for a cake at Brown Sugar. I wanted a "birth day anniversary" cake for my mother Lucille whom is now 84 years young. She became ill a few days before her anniversary. Instead of going to Brown Sugar, I went to Pete's Produce to purchase a cake the day before my mother's anniversary. I only did this because my mother was hospitalized and I did not have enough time to place the order with Brown Sugar. She had a slice of the cake from Pete's on her "anniversary" day (Sunday), it was not good! Horrible! That Tuesday I went straight to Brown Sugar. I ordered the Strawberry Shortcake. I picked the cake up on Friday. Wow! I met with the owner, she is wonderful. Her staff, young sistas working behind the counter. Very hospitable and they were wearing hair nets. Oh my God, the cake was simply delicious. The strawberries, the cream icing was "off the chain"! I had to wait for my opportunity to taste the cake at the end of the day because of the fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadan. I had two slices within 10 minutes. To everyone, please go to Brown Sugar, help her via your economic support. Black-owned buisness. I'm coming back again soon to order the Obama cake!

Bro. BJ X

Always a great, warm and delicious experience. Thanks for taking the last minute order for my wife's birthday cake. You saved me

Pete Schmidt

Overall the design was nice and cute and a success for the person I got it for. The frosting was too sweet and the bottom layer of the cake was hard or overcooked.

Lynnetta Hall

I always try to stop in when I'm in the area. I'm also glad they are open on Sundays now.

Eric Brown

I ordered a turtle brownie and 3 assorted cupcakes and WOW!!! A cozy little bakery that makes the best pound cake I ever had......I'm definitely coming back!

Jennifer Thomas

Great place, dope vibe, good food!!!!

Essence M.

LISTEN!!! This place is insanely delicious!! For all those who love dessert this is a heaven for you. Whether you want cupcake, cobbler, pound cake or parfait know that it's delectable and available here. I mean literally one of the best bakeries in the city of Chicago without a doubt. My top FAVORITES are: the cream cheese pound cake, the strawberry shortcake, the lemon cake and the new Apple Carmel cheesecake. Clearly I'm a foodie with a humongous sweet tooth.

Nakeara Wilborn

I called this bakery three days straight every time someone picked up the phone and put me on hold for over 30 minutes and never returned to the phone finally this morning I got in contact with the manager of the bakery only to be told that she could not assist me with a pound cake order that I needed today for my father's birthday today. I am so disappointed! Everyone says we should support our black owners but look at how they operate and treat us

Monique m

Totally fell in love with this place when I first went weeks ago the caramel cake that I brought never made it to the people that I bought it for I ate every piece really enjoyed it so this time when I went back I bought nothing but caramel cake all six pieces well unfortunately two of those pieces about four days later had mold on them so I'm not sure why the cake didn't last because the first time that I purchased the cake I didn't have it longer than 2 days but this time I had it for 4 in two pieces had to be thrown away because of the mold really was disappointed because the cake is so expensive so the next time I may not to buy as many slices or I just know not to keep them past a couple of days I'm hoping the reason for the mold was because of the fact that they use fresh ingredients and no preservatives or additives in their product because I know organic will go bad quickly so once again I love their caramel cake the best thing ever would highly recommended without no hesitations will always be one of my stops when I go to Chicago it's something that you have to have every time you make it to the city

Carol Henry

Good strawberry cheesecake

Kristal Martin

Hands down the bomb!!!! Best bakery in the eastside of chicago !!!!

Dennis St.Clair

I give this bakery a well deserved 5 star rating. I went on a Saturday afternoon and the line had 10 people ahead of me. Which was good because I needed time to nail down my decision on what I wanted. The customer service was great and the line moved quickly. I got 4 slices of Carmel cake, 1 slice of strawberry and the sixth slice was free. 1 red velvet cupcake and 1 lemon cupcake. I was shocked by the affordable pricing. When I got home I passed out the slices to everyone and we all agreed. The cake is light and fluffy. What surprised me even more was the lightness of the icing. It wasn't thick and heavy like most Carmel cakes are. I'd recommend this place to any cake lover in the state of Illinois. I wish this business the best!

Lynn Perryman

Best cake ever! Period!

Edna Hill

Always delicious. Carmel cake is my favorite. Gonna try coconut next.

Melinda Tarver

I was lucky enough to catch the 'seasonal' Orange dreamsicle cake. It is the bomb dot com. From the Carmel cream cheese to the bread pudding, and don't forget the sweet potato pie. I haven't had anything here, that didn't make me wanna smack my momma. Sorry mom

Rodney Ramsey

The slices seem to have gotten smaller, but are still a decent size...

Natashua Mister

Brown Sugar. What an amazing bakery and business. I was introduced to Brown Sugar by my friend. Up until Saturday, October 13, 2018, I had not experienced any issue. Since the bakery has started to pre-package the cakes, the slices and consistency of the cake have diminished. Literally, the pineapple, coconut cake was crumbled. The turtle and German chocolate cakes were semi-melted. I was caught off-guard. When I called back to the bakery, I expressed my displeasure. Here is what it got me, "You can bring the cake back today; but, I can't guarantee that we will replace it." The first thing that hit my mind is that the woman who owns this business would be displeased. The response is not an example of taking pride in your product. I am very impatient with businesses that respond to an increase in demand with poor quality and poor service. I hope the next time I visit there is an increased focus in product and not profit.

Litany Williams

Omg I love this place

ron clark

Great cakes and cheesecake, also discounted specials so you can try different things without paying full price.

Lori Davis

Ordering was easy. Pick-up no fuss. Cake was delicious. Will be a repeat customer.


Great cakes, terrific service. Hard time calling to place orders sometimes. But, so worth the redialing.

Carly Nash

You will not be disappointed in the menu and service. The staff was very helpful and observant. Prices were average for the menu.

Colleen Bennett

Dessert are delicious and as busy as they are the Customer Service is wonderful. A must try

Carol Cain

Best caramel cakes, coconut pineapple cakes, cupcakes ever. They need a string or some type of handle for carrying boxed sweets

Rosalyn Blaylock

The Obama cake is delicious! As is there caramel cake!

Denise Pye

I like it better when you could see the cakes


Great bakery! Huge slices of cake. Coconut/pineapple was moist and delicious. Lemon cake was also great.

Simone Kristine

I'm a huge supporter of this bakery. They serve the absolute best pastries with the freshest ingredients and a wonderful and professional staff to serve you. Great job Brown Sugar Bakery!

Deborah Hinton

The West Side location is never open.

Karen J Forte

Although they are known for their Carmel Cake, their NY Style Cheese Cake was SUPER AWESOME! The slice is so large, it took me 2 days to eat it! Taste better than some fancy downtown restaurants I've been to. And the portion.....WOWzers! I will be back!

Black Hands

Awesome bakery I've never left unsatisfied I've tried over a dozen different desserts all have been stellar.

Njumele Rollack

Decadent desserts that just make you feel good...

Herman Richardson

Cake is o so GOOD

Rana House

Never disappoints!

James Arms

This place is the bomb. I finally got a chance to purchase a cake. Best Carmel cake I had in my life.

GoEazy Kickz

The best bakery in Chicago. The Carmel Cake is to die for. Try their many flavors of cupcake, my favorite was the strawberry lemonade.

Monique G.

Never disappointed

Levetta Davis

I have been coming here for years, Ordering cakes for birthdays, baby showers,retirement partys, repast,etc..... buying cakes. In oct. I purchased 3 cakes for an event and I was not pleased call up the store to speak with the owners,whom seemed to busy to listen to complaints about there,products. I was given the round around until I just went back there to speak with them which was three weeks later. The cakes were made,horrible they tried to tell me that the cakes are,not always made evenly they looked horrible. The owners were rude her and her husband. I almost didn't even get a word in and they like to over talk customers. This is very bad business. So word of advice to everyone who go there be careful and mindful of your orders you place there. The owners hate to admit when they are wrong and do not have,people skills .THIS IS VERY VERY BAD BUSINES. I WILL NEVER PLACE AN ORDER THERE EVERY AGAIN.

Aisha Hampton

Best bakery in Chicago

Reggie Grant

I was having a grillin session one weekend, and one of my guest brought over a Carmel Cake, and I told him to put it on the table over there, he looked at me and said, I don't think that is a wise idea, so he said cut you a slice and taste it, and if you still want me to put it on the table, I will, little did I know mostly everyone there knew what he had, but me and they were lined up at the table already, so after I tasted a piece, I told him to put it on top of my refrigerator in the house,

Briana Dogan

I myself use to love to stop by and grab me a slice of cake to go. Not gonna lie it was the first that u actually pay for what u get. Meaning the cake slice's we're so big and good. Since they cut the cake in advance now. The cake don't taste the same. I had ask the young lady why they had started doing that she didn't want to respond so I added they the (staff) were cutting the cake to big. And she replied very rudely yeah. my suggestion to that is that they should use the cutter counter to make smaller cuts. But to stop cutting the cut in advance because it's take away from the cake taste.

Regina Roberts

They have the best caramel cake ever!

Tondaleo Allen

This bakery is amazing and the owner is equally as great. The cakes are sinfully delicious! This is a definite go to for the holidays but order EARLY. My favorite is the caramel cake

Helen Wakefield

They give it up. Great cake and huge slices for a low price. Fast service and always fresh.

Will Davis

Best Carmel Cake. They use to cut big pieces in front of you but now it's slices in a a cooler. I haven't been since. Maybe when it warms up

Natasha Paul

OMG! That chocolate cake and caramel cake is

Ian Robinson

I love this place. Amazing desserts!

Reborn Naturals

Absolutely amazingly deliciously sensationally taste of heavenly greatness!!!! We ordered two 4 layered cakes, a slice of caramel cake and turtle cheesecake. The staff was very nice and busy. I will recommend stopping by to indulge as we did! I wish I had a piece of love right now!!

Erica Reaves

When it is not busy they are friendly, unfortunately I came in to buy some cupcakes for Easter. (they were undercooked) and the girls were standing around talking about everyone that walked in. Try going on a weekday, Don't GO if its a Holiday or Special occasion. UGH!

Annette Lonie

Cakes not like they used to be. They have a sour smell the next day..Icing is TOOOO sweet now, icing is very thin in between the layers. Taste isn't as good. Too high!! The place is depressing looking. Every thing is that ugly brown...the dont look real clean, even the business cards are depressing and ugly I something go elsewhere because the thought looking at this brown brings me down and the cakes are disappointing more often. The young girls have bad attitudes too

Durwyn Jackson

This place is a mortal sin... in a good way. Stay away from the Carmel cake... one bite and she got you... straight heaven! buy the cake not the slice, you will regret it!! The cupcakes are so good, it's unreal!! I'm glad I don't live near this place... this will own me!

LaKisha Booker

This is the best cake I have took the Carmel cake to my job pot luck we been them since over two years now

Borris Powell

Brown Sugar Bakery unquestionably offers the best caramel cake in Chicago. And, if you're looking for a birthday cake they have staff on duty that can generally decorate a cake on the spot. The taffy apple happy cake it's a local favorite. The best part about Brown Sugar Bakery is that some cakes selections can be purchased by the slice, a full cake and a half a cake if you're watching calories. And please don't forget to check out the reduced for quick sale items which provide the opportunity to to take home samples of amazing Delicacies. If you have a sweet tooth, this is your place.

Erica Boykins

Today I happened to be on the Southside, I was so excited because I was near the bakery. I hadn't tasted it's deliciousness in quite some time. I ordered 4 banana puddings, 2 slices of Carmel cake and 1 square cut piece of Taffy Apple cake. My excitement turned to disappointment, although still tasty, the Carmel cake was a bit stale, and the banana pudding was way off. The banana puddings were flavorless, all I tasted was the a thick sweetness and cookie, no bananas or banana flavor. My husband did enjoy the Taffy Apple cake, so not a total waste of money.

Othereo Obiora

Fresh products always a sweet treat to visit

Mardisa Randolph

I'm sooo Happy y'all on the Westside... Thanks, the Best caramel cake in town!!! Hey Ms. Stephanie, How you baking? LMBO

Rose Johnson

the best treats!

Juicy Bibbs

Brown Sugar Bakery is a very welcoming Bakery with Professional Staff that are eager to wait on you and take care of you. So much deliciousness going on in this establishment......I will return!!!! Coodles to Brown Sugar Bakery for making my daughter's Birthday a hit!!!!!! Prosperity looks good on you.....#DELICIOUS

AiJai Mahoney

This place is heaven.... All of your bakery needs are met here. I can't say enough great things. My mouth is watering just writing this post right now. OMG! Go to Brown Sugar Bakery and treat yourself <3

Clarice McGhee

Today was my first visit & it definitely will not be my last! Very friendly staff, great assortment & delicious desserts

Antwan Carter

She owns a piece of my heart

Veela Ammons

I would give them five stars if it wasn't such a long drive for me. You know your food is good when people have broken into your shop to steal carmel cake. Lol And it's happened a few times. Wasn't me. I gladly make the trip and pay my money. I always tip the cashier because I'm so happy to get those carmel cupcakes.

Detria Warren

Best damn bakery in the state of Illinois

Lashondra Patterson

i heard that this place was good so we order my daughters favorite red velvet first i want to say that the appearance was ok. I put the candles on the cake the icing was soooo hard that it was hard trying to stick the candle on the cake . I could tell when i started to cut it that the cake wasnt going to be moist and yep i was right cake very dry none of her guest liked the cake i didnt like the cake either . I thought that i would take it to work every person i gave a piece to didnt like it we just threw it away . the cake was suppose to be the best part of the sleepover Next time i Will stick to what i know. very disappointed . we also brought a couple slices of pound cake the flavor was good but again very dry.

Darlin Nikki

I've been talking to my boyfriend about this place for a while and just the other day he surprised me with some delicious treats..i will definitely be back

R'Mel Cornelious

I love Stephanie and this bakery and this neighborhood (my old neighborhood). Not stocked up like usual the last couple of times I've been there.


The turtle cake is AMAZING! I need more

charles shaw

I'm not a big dessert or sweet treat junkie but I must say brown sugar hits the spot. I had the peach cobbler, cake and brownies and there's only one word to describe them. YUMMY!

Martha Kemp

The cakes are great

Deborah Perteete


arianna oneal

Cant get enuf of the cake. It so delicious. They gonna make me be 600 pounds

Deleatrice Howard

Really good variety of desserts

Gregory Robinson

Nice clean Bakery for the neighborhood delicious items

Casandra Fleming

Carmel cake all day fye

Terri Lynn Kyles

Beautiful place, great workers, & the owner is personable, & thankful. I want to emulate her behavior as I continue to age, & grow. The caramel cupcakes r a setoff 4 your mouth! They r sooooo yum! Cakes r yum as well. U cant lose here. But u will gain some obesity here!

Marjo McKenzie

Long line, not enough pies to fulfill all the orders, so there was still a wait. Fresh out of the oven, after 2 hours of waiting.

Stefanie Alston

GREAT EXPERIENCE!!! My friends and I was visiting from Detroit and Stephanie showed us LOVE!!!! The cakes and brownies were AMAZING!!! All passed down recipes. And the neighborhood was beautiful!!!

Chanell Smith

Good cake products..too much traffic and crowded

Dee Taylor

Just tried for the first time. Wow! Absolutely Amazing..Carmel Cake.

Vincent Stokes

The best caramel cake in the world.

Eugene Sadler

Best bakery in Chicagoland!

Sharika Harris

The cake just melts in your mouth. Moist, Rich and Delicious all smiles and stars.

Jenna Roscoe

Love going here. They are always nice. Will let you sample a piece of cake. Cake slices are huge or a very nice size. Different varieties of desserts and are reasonably priced. Love the cupcakes, brownies and cheesecakes! Yum!

Theresa Williams

Like her cskes


Cake & pies are always their Peanut butter & jelly cake

Phillerian Abraham

The lemon cupcakes are so moist and delicious! My daughter's friend said "this cupcakes are slammin".

Cy Jacks

Everything I've tasted is good. Always a good treat.

Ms. Jay

Caramel was good but, I had white icing in the middle of my cake. It looks like they used a old cake and added caramel.

Geneva Brooks

Mom cake we're delicious

Yvette Allen

Caramel and German Chocolate cakes...I'm in love! All incredible desserts. Coffee and water would be nice to stock. Still all thumbs up!

Deonna Strickland

Always great service

Willie Cobb

I absolutely love this Place if you have not gone there you have made a mistake

Mattie Gibson

First time visit, brought a slice of double chocolate cake and a slice of strawberry, coconut, pineapple. All was delicious, but the double chocolate was my favorite. Will go back, there are other cakes, cupcakes, and parfait I want to try.

Jerry Kaufman

My first visit here (3/2019) was all I hoped it would be. I ordered a slice of a caramel apple cake and a coffee, then sat and worked for an hour. The cake was unbelievably delicious. And the staff was incredible - helpful, friendly, made suggestions, welcomed folks as they walked in. I had a great experience here. I look forward to trying more amazing food!

Rotunda Smith

Not impressed at all. Being a baker myself i know good cakes and this ain't it. They are "pretty nasty cakes that are cheaply made.

Tiff Woods


Juliet Davis

There online selection is better than in store But there dessert is good very gd service make whatever you heart desire

Orlando Williams Jr.

The Obama cake & Carmel cake is DELICIOUS!

Daion Crawford

The best cake in Chicago, hands down. Prices won't break the bank either. Very good bang for your buck

Camisha Porter

Went to this bakery for the 1st time. Pound cakes was out until the baker make some, says the cashier. I purchased a cup cake with lemon icing, HORRIBLE not fresh, oils were coming out of cup cake. Won't return & definitely won't recommend anyone

Brandon C Hall

Great Sweets. Never disappointed

Chan B

Best Caramel cake I've ever had. I thought Angelica's bakery has some good Caramel cake, but Brown Sugar beats them 10x more. The cake is fresh and moist and the Carmel is soft and not hard like Angelica's. My mom even loved it and she is not a fan of most cakes. A little pricey for $4 per slice, but well worth it. They just need some air in the establishment.

lee jones

Porky & Bess is the treat of the year! #Fav

Ms. Kelly T

The presentation was awful if I buy a slice of cheesecake for almost 7 bucks? I would like my cheesecake to not touch and stick to the plastic that it’s in making it look unappealing and sloppy. The crust of my cheesecake taste like straight sugar but other than that the cheesecake itself was the same good. Brown Sugar please don’t fall off and begin to bake lazy pastries thanks.

Jimmy Mitchell

Chocolate cake with German chocolate icing.....Yes the Absolute Best!

Joyce Rogers

Loved the German Chocolate Cake.

Seng Her

The guy behind the counter was awesome

Mommy&Lyric Marks

I Love this place! I need to stay away im trying to lose weight but always find myself here


Absolutely Scrumptious Looking

TaNaisha Lee

Good service, fast! The pound cakes? Amazing, just like my grandma used to make. Delicious!

Amanda Manuel

The cakes and cupcakes are heavenly.


Delicious sweets and love the Caramel

Amatullah Muslimah

Sorry, but I stopped in for the first time today and I am not pleased with this brownie. Maybe I'm comparing it to Gimmie Some Sugah on 71st and Paxton, but I do not like it. It's hard and not really sweet at all. Sorry... Whomp whomp!

Phillip Bates

Fast efficient service tasty treats

TianaLoves MakeupToo

The best baked goods EVER!!!! I would suggest to anyone.

Jorja Porter

Oh of THE BEST Carmel cakes. This cake made my birthday this year! Anything I've ever had from Brown Sugar bakery has been delicious. The cakes are so good that a day later, you think about having another piece of cakes hours late...the flavor lasts in your thoughts! Very flavorful, moist and oh so good. They have other flavors such as pound cake, chocolate, red velvet, name it...its going to be an enjoyable experience whatever flavor you decide to choose!

Tatiana Duchak

The best cake I’ve tasted. Truly talented and creative bakers! The staff is excellent, friendly, and extremely generous. I intend to be a frequent customer!!

Brian Dunlap

They have good cakes, pies and brownies. The service is very good and staff are helpful and nice. Come for the food and get hooked.

Sherri Ragland

That cake melts in your mouth an made me aing the campbell soup song

Maurice Rhone

Best caramel cake and german chocolate cake in the city!

James Press

The bomb! A MUST STOP any time I'm in Chicago!

Sharice Mannings

Very poor customer service. The girls even ran a customer off, because they got tired of showing her the few pastries that were left. I called the owner to discuss this, but she never returned my call.

Patricia Hoskins

I love it! Always freshly baked

Alicia Ellis

Best Carmel cake in the city.

Juan Johnson

Very nice place. Was visiting from outta town and was looking for a down home feel for my father in laws birthday. This place was the perfect solution.

Susie Mcneal

They're still talking about those Cupcakes I brought to the Birthday Party.

nikki williams

I only gave it 1 star in efforts to write this review. I reside in the Northwest suburbs and thought I would patron this African-American establishment. Today was my 1st and last time visiting the store. I walked in and asked if there were any slices available and the A.A. young lady behind the counter with thick false eyelashes and a bob was extremely brusque and retorted "we here for people that are mostly picking up orders and only have a few slices in the refrigerator" and when asked to name the varieties again was extremely brusque and quickly named off several types and I asked for red velvet and my friend wanted a slice and when asked to repeat the flavors she replied "didn't I just tell you; what you don't believe me?" at that point I immediately exited the establishment and she condescendingly yelled "have a nice day!" I'm not trying to tell you how to run your business but I am firm believer in exemplary customer service. I travelled 45 minutes to experience and I use the term loosely this ward winning establishment only to be disappointed. From my experience the award was definitely not for the way your workers treat your potential patrons. Consumers find some place else to go...even if the cake is okay find a place that treats its customers with respect because without patrons the business would not survive!

Jory Simmons

This place was packed on a Friday afternoon, and they have the whole street smelling like the tears of Jesus. The cakes are delicious. This is an African American owned bakery, who specializes in sweet treats. The people who work here are on top of it, and provide exceptional service. This is a Southside GEM. You have to try it, it will be worth it. You can order online ahead of time, and pick up your order when it's ready. It will be READY!!

Vincent Powell

The most Original Authentic place you'll EVER get some cake! And they're made to cater to you're EVERY need and desire

DeJuan Johnson

The best caramel cake that I ever had ❤

Sherry Davis

My daughter and I both threw our cupcakes away after one bite. They tasted old and freezer burned. Very heavy and dense. Not good at all! Wasted $9 on 2 small cupcakes. Walk away.

Setti Njuguna

Caramel cake was delicious! I know I shouldn't have but glad I did. Definitely worth the drive!

andrea ogden

Great caramel cupcakes

beanie Browne

The owner is so sweet! Always such a relaxed, brings a smile out of u vibe. The best Carmel everything!

Sherron Evans

Will definitely take care of that sweet tooth

Keiara Kinds

I came into the bakery to get a last minute birthday cake for my grandma. It was delicious and grandma loved it. Also great service.

Tina Smith

My favorites Baker Ever!!!!! Love the Ozzie and Harriet!!!!

perfection 04223

Bakery is cute and I love the sweets

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