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REVIEWS OF Whistle Stop IN Idaho

Christopher C

Thick homemade pizzas.

Joe Roden

Good food and fast service.

Stephen Dallas Williams

The pizza are Thick and the sauce is awesome. Wish they offered a thin crust for us carb counters

stephen calhoun

Nice home made food but lacks atmosphere but locals all eat here.

Rick Blaze

Service was good and fast, and the bacon is thick and tasty.

Joe Foruria

Had a good steak dinner, reasonable wait and affordable price.

Yvonne Mcklveen

Place is fantastic! Pizza looks amazing, burgers great! Cute as heck. We were thrilled. Service pleasant and friendly

Scott Henery

Great home cooked food, for a reasonable price . Awesome breakfast .

Roberta Howes

We had breakfast and dinner at this restaurant. Both were so delicious. The clam chowder, which we both dearly love, no kidding, was the best we’ve ever eaten. Would pay $$ to get that recipe since we live so far away in another state.

Floyd No.2

We always stop here. Home cooked meals and breads. We had pizza tonight. Mmm Mmmm!

Staci Talbot

The food wasn't very good and the waitress was a little snotty

Jessica Stuart

Food was so amazing I didnt get a picture!

Xavier Matheson

Awesome breakfast with homeade white bread toast.

Jacob Weber

We had lunch here on our way home. The food was pretty good. The bathroom was not very clean. Overall it's not a bad place to eat in Cascade.

Joyce Byington

Totally loved new favorite place. Hope to go back soon!

April Sunshine

The food was good. The server was ok. He was Not very friendly at all. Place is dirty. Flies everywhere. And the bathrooms were definitely unacceptable. I'm pretty sure they would fail any kind of inspections.

Dave Larson

great food, very friendly and super reasonable pricing

Mark Kuskie

She has a great affordable breakfast. And is open at 6.

Heather Cruson

This restaurant is unlike any that I have been at. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming. One waitress there, I do not know her name but her initial is R, was really friendly and provided some really excellent service. She was training someone and I think that the kitchen was training as well. I watched R give a little girl an ice cream cone. When her dad picked her up, she dropped it on the floor. R gave the dad a container for the ice cream. Watching this whole scene made me happy to know that there are GOOD people out there. This is one place that I will most definitely come to again. It was such a family friendly environment that I liked. GOOD JOB WHISTLE STOP!!!!

Linda Newlin

Great little town

Nathan Vanden Bosch

Great prices for great food

Julie Frazer

Food was good. Waitress was nice.

carolyn Grothaus

Good pizza, great crust, flaky breakfast biscuits, generous portions, good service. Interesting place.

Shelley Blackstone

The owner was extremely rude, we asked for seperase checks at the time of the order the food came out in a reasonable amount of time but she got mad because I asked for ranch and she didn't remember it and I asked nicely again and she got mad and slamming it on the table food was burnt and she never came back to ask or refresh our drink order. Won't be going back.

Lloyd McLain

Great food. Pizza was excellent

Shannon Getz

Quaint little place to eat. Good food. The cinnamon rolls are huge!!

Bridget Hostetler

Service and food is nice and friendly. Love their cinnamon rolls.

the fam

Great pizza

Glenn Prichard

Great homemade fresh food with even better down home service!

Michael Page

Great food and service at very reasonable prices.

roy bartlett

Great place to eat. As long as you don't go between 4 an 6.They get so crowded that you might have to wait 45 min. For your food .the waitresses are really nice (Dee and Cheryl).

Ivy Gimmel

Food is decent, but it's the best place in town.

Susan Dewyar

The burgers were pre-formed frozen patties that were overcooked and dry. I really wanted to like this place but just couldn't.

Matt Stanley

The wings were awesome. GET THE WINGS!

Porter Kindall

The Whistle Stop is perfect for every trip. If you're headed out to the Winter Carnival, fishing for the weekend, or hunting for the week, the food has that taste of home that most restaurants lack. The service was fast, friendly, and all around fantastic.

Dale I

What a great find! Tent camped on motorcycles and was recommended to come to the Whistle Stop. Homemade bakery and one of the best breakfast biscuit and gravy plates ever! Don't miss it!

W Gusse

Pizza was undercooked and basically a pile of cheese and toppings on crispy bottom doughy top bread. Throwing out the 3/4 I didn't eat. Just plain bad. Hope you have better luck than I did.

Tony Fackrell

Love the chowder.

Nadda Nope

Really wanted to rate this well, but can't. Service was tolerable, but they were understaffed, meaning everything was really slow. My food was good, but my girlfriend gave up on her Denver Omelet for two reasons. One, the "cheese" they use is a Velveeta derivative, which was a little deceptive (and she hates pasteurized cheese products). Two, was the hairs she found while she was trying to pick the "cheese" off the omelet.


Great pizza, but tough prime rib.

Kayla Fuller

Ordered the chicken alfredo and it did not look or taste that great. Most of the menu is pricey for the food you actually get.

Vicky Gonzalez

That was absolutely terrible. They served me rotten blue cheese dressing, a fatty, chewy sirloin and served my husband what seemed to be frozen fish filets from a box. We ate here because it was the only restaurants open in the entire tri city area, lest we starve. After eating here, I regret that decision.

Josiah Woodward

Delicious!!! The wait staff was wonderful!

Teri Williams

They only serve breakfast until 11:30 but made an exception for us even though it was noon. Denver omelette with cheese was delicious. Coffee was under $1.00 Best breakfast spot in Cascade!

Jerry Welch

Great place for breakfast. Sharon is the greatest

Halie Boren

Good chicken fettechini and pizzas. Didn't perfer the hamburgers tho.

Alan Barnes

Good food, good service, great price. Nothing fancy or pretentious, just a good place to eat. We'll be back.

Angie Douthit

Best pizza you will ever eat. Very friendly service.

Debra Voss

Great food, had to bring half of it home

Lisa Winslow

Always great food. Great prices.


We came up from Meridian for a girls weekend. Friday night we felt like pizza so we came here. We ordered two pizzas. This pizza blew all of us away! Everything from the crust to the toppings is home made and very excellent! We were so impressed with the food on other people's plates, we are planning on coming back tomorrow for more. Very sweet and caring staff. Warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Bobby Foster

Great restaurant with small town feel and value pricing. A definite must stop for Cascade Idaho. I can't miss a chance to stop when we come through.

Mikayla Nelson

I love the food here. Always good.


Only have had the pizza there, needs work

Teresa Hughes

We ate here on a very stormy Sunday evening when all the other restaurants in town had closed due to power outages. We could see that they were not expecting a crowd and were understaffed. Our waitress had already worked a full shift and came in to help. My sister and I each ordered a bowl of clam chowder, corn bread and we split a dinner salad. Not only were we served immediately, the soup was hot, the cornbread warm and the wonderful salad cold. Others around us who had ordered pizza or other meals were having to wait due to the crowd. The clam chowder didn't have as many clams as I like, but it was really good. This is not the first time I've eaten here, and it certainly will not be the last.

Jim Smith

Excellent food and service

Kent McBride

Great food and good prices.

Heather Blake

The food and pricing were fine, and we used to go just for the large cinnamon roll, but I actually had to use the restroom after this past visit and the state of it was so filthy, I'm sad to say I don't think I can eat here again.

Jocye March

It's a nice little place and the food was good.

Kathy Henderson

The Whistle Stop is a regular stop for us going or coming home from McCall from Boise. We enjoy breakfast which does end at 11. Their finger steaks with sauce are delicious and enough for two to share. The prices are ridiculously reasonable, decor charming, cinnamon rolls fabulous and if they're available buy a day old one for $1.25. And a bonus, shop down the hall in the quaint gift shop. A true little Idaho treasure.

Brandi Murrey

Undercooked burgers, canned pineapple on the Hawaiian (I expect fresh). 3 stars for quick service and good fries.

Jack Willis

Great food and service. A little pricey for me but I'm kinda cheep.

abrams familywc

Friendly staff and delicious comfort food.

Ross Pennington

Solid “home style” cooking, super fast and friendly service and HUGE portions.

Mindi Big Bear

Justin ..The cook ..made us a bomb Crispy Chicken Salad. My other fav is the Chicken wrap, they are both very yummy

Elizabeth Corsentino

Low quality food but good service.

nick painter

Unbelievably great tasting food! And amazing service! The Sharon's Special pizza is out of this world. Our waitress, Rachael, was very nice and courteous and did a wonderful job. I'll be returning.

Katrin Thompson

Homemade bread, pizza, tip: call ahead for pizza even if you are dining there. Takes 15-20 min. Then you can arrive, eat salad and then your pizza is ready.

Matt Capell

I had their pizza this past weekend and it was great. Tasted like homemade pizza. Great small town feel and restaurant decor was fun. We had fished all day, and it was nice to come back to a "home cooked," meal in a way at this place.

Belinda Childers

Great service, comfortable atmosphere & good food!

Autumn MacDermott

The atomsphere was nice. The food was a bit disappointing. The pizza was excellent, the finger steaks were heavily breaded and the cocktail sauce was a bit overwhelming with horseradish. The prime rib was served well done, rather than medium rare and was blan. Overall not excited to visit again.

Corey Turner

Great breakfast.

Master-Timothy Haskins

Good food! Great price! Me and my wife where able to eat with the $4 tip under 20 bucks. Left very full

Mike Bowen

Great finger steaks. A lot of them for the money. The lunch portion is sufficient for a big eater. The dinner order will insure the need for a doggie bag.

Grant Anderson

Surprisingly good pizza. Takes awhile, but one of the only places open later on Sunday.

Brian E

Wife and I had the worst 2 cuts of prime rib ever. Was mostly gristle and fat. The small amount of meat that was there was tough as leather. The salad was bulk institutional/school lunch like.... Maybe it was just a bad night but we will definitely try somewhere else next time we're in Cascade.

Steve Allen

Food very good. Fast service. Great home made bread!

DS Hayton

Excellent service and good food. We were in Cascade during the eclipse. Despite being rushed off their feet the staff remembered us from one night to the next.

Tammy Shaffer

Best Hawaiian Burgers in Idaho.

Meg Sims

Food was amazing and the price was great, will be stopping here again!

Anka Trifan

Our favorite spot for lunch in this town. Not the healthiest but then that's what a salad is for.

Kassia Cummings

Always has great food everytime I go here

Deanna Paine

The food is very delicious and the staff is attentive and friendly.

Nathan Vandenbosch

Check out there breakfast specials come early everyone loves this place

Bill Shelton

Nice quiet place to have dinner

Taneka Gardner

Their claim chowder is the best I have ever had! It tastes so delicious and you can't beat the price of their prime rib on Friday nights!

Brian Combie

Everything was great. Kids had some great burgers, and some huge Chicken Strips. Great fresh salads for some instead of fries. Seasoned fries for the rest. Only problem is the ketchup! Cheap grainy tasting stuff. Didn't even end up using it and I LOVE me some ketchup. Oh and another plus is, it's a Pepsi joint. Well done, we'll be back.

John Quinn

Wonderful service and a great traditional breakfast. The price was right too.

Kelly Rhinehart

The staff was great to visit with about the community. The food was fun as well.

Idaho Urban Sustainability

Great pizza. Affordable. Thick and good.

Paula Lenz Kerr

Giant cinnamon rolls. Good burgers. Good finger steaks.

Judy Cunningham

Lots of food at a good price in a town with no fast food companies.

Brandon Pechin

Love this place stop here every time we come to town. The pizza is awesome and so is the staff, plus they have booze now!

Marianne Kantola

The best kept secret in Cascade. Our favorite stop to have a yummy breakfast. Such friendly service and reasonably priced.

Mary Berreth

Good food at a decent price...

Tammy Schoen

Always love coming here. Their corn bread is Y U M!

Stan Rowlands

It is a great little restaurant with good value.

Justin West

Good pizza, great service

Debbie Pitchford

Best pizza on the planet

Kelli Sellers

Great food, friendly staff. This will definitely be a regular stop for us.

Bark Eater

Had dinner got the clam appetizer the beef brisket with baked potato and cream broccoli soup all were excellent staff was friendly and courteous definitely recommend it the pizza must be good during my meal there were quite a few people coming and getting pizzas

Faron Woods

Great service great good good prices

Emily Hill

Honestly, we should have gone to Subway down the street. Service was ok compared to the food. We ordered the soup of the day to start, potato and bacon soup. It was so bland we had to put a lot of salt and pepper in it for taste. My husband was even putting hot sauce in it. The bacon in it was burnt which is funny because the bacon on my husband burger was extremely undercooked. We both ordered burgers and they, like the soup, were very bland. The buns which I guess are homemade were very dense. And I don't believe they give you free refills on sodas. I didn't ask but I assume that since they sell drinks by sizes, small, med, large, or soda by the pitcher. At the end, we had to walk to the counter to get our check and we were the only table in there. **edited. Added a star for such a polite and professional response from owner. I would be happy to try this place out again. Thank you for the info

Shanna Lynn

Older but clean for as old as it is. The food is great. The one downside for us is that they do not have a kids menu. We always have to pay full price for a meal a 3 year old eats less than half of.

Robert Wurster

Good service and homemade breads

Dyllon Peters

We got the chicken fingers and frys super good been to some other places like this in other towns and they suck I highly recommend this place for lunch or dinner

Doug Rueth

Best place in town with Fast and friendly service

Victoria Rebholz

When we came in we were greated by a lady that said "sit wherever you can find a seat". They then brought us waters and didn't ask us if we wanted to order any other drinks. They then came to take our order for food. While waiting, we did have a seat in the resturaunt where we could see the kitchen and noticed that the same people handling the food, were also taking cash, and did not wear gloves while food prepping. When they brought us the food it was underseasoned and overcooked & and top of that, they messed up our order.They did not check on us once after they brought our food to us. We actually had to go up and grab our own boxes to pack up our food. Really is quite a bummer, this place used to be awesome, but we doubt that we will be returning.

Owen Karstad

I had a Hamburger and a milkshake. One of the best sit down restaurants I've been too. Great service and great food!

Melanie Flake

The food is just ok. I guess it's better than the subway down the road.

Blake Oberman

Vary warm environment. With great service.


Good food, good service.

elisa edmunds

Such a cute little greasy spoon! Service was great! Breakfast was fabulous! Homemade bread used for toast! It's so delicious! I definitely will come back! More than reasonable prices and generous portions!

Jason Garner

Definitely the best food in the area. Fantastic tuna melt.

Bill Haag

Pretty good little cafe/dinner. By the looks of it the one lady is doing the waitressing, cooking and dishes. Which was ok because the food came out quick. All the food was pretty good, nothing over the top but was good. Not many places to grab breakfast in the little town but would recommend this one.

Emily Van Allen

Really good quality food! Super quick service! From the time we sat down to the time we left it was only 25 minutes! If your ever in cascade I definitely recommend this place!

Sunni Salli

The pizza was terrible! Usually we like their pizza but it had little flavor abt there was so much cheese that we couldn't tell if there were any toppings.

Joshua Holdridge

Great food at an amazing price! Best burgers in Cascade, by far!

Paulene Cowger

Always a great place for breakfast or dinner

Cheryl Wilson

Always love eating there. The food and service are great.

Andy Hansen

Oh man!! Gotta get the GIANT cinnamon roll. Worth it!!

Michael Barrie

Great food, fast service

Rachael Rice

Came from Utah to Fancy this establishment... Food and presentation is a 5

Tom Storm

Good food and good prices.


First time there. Enjoyed a good breakfast and hot coffee. I'll go again.

Jennifer Chitwood

Great service and food!

Jennifer Zavala

Good food and service. Needs a little updating.

Hardcore Outdoor

They make their own bread, but it's too thick. Pizza is decent IF you order "thin" crust. Thin crust is really normal

Michelle Young

It's decent food to eat late at night.

Debbie Winter

Yummy and quick service.

Sheila Hernandez

Pretty good lots of fun

Levi Evertson

Awesome service and great food!!

Kenneth Lloyd

Great pizza and good prices and staff

Terri ONeal

We have to hit the Whistle Stop when in Cascade. Awesome food, service and prices!

Moonlight Inv

Nice staff... and the finger steaks were FANTASTIC!

bobby weisinger

Great waitress. I should have listened to her

Steven Bryan

Prime Rib on the weekend, BLT sandwiches at other times... Awesome food at reasonable price!

ron mills

Food was good.

David Williams

We only saw our waitress twice, once to take our order and not again until we were ready to leave. They were laughing and talking loudly to each other in the back . Also, the fries were cold when they were served.

Jim Nourse

Good surroundings and flavorful food.

Chris Jones

Great food at fast food prices!

Steve Bennett

Staff was polite and friendly, the place was clean, and we were seated promptly. I had the mushroom swiss, absolutely delicious!

Andrew waldbillig

Good coffee place nice service cup always full

tamee bilbo

The staff was fun and friendly. Homemade clam chowder on a Friday night definitely hit the spot. Very reasonable prices. I will eat here again.

Jared M

I love Sharon's fresh baked bread! I had to exercise extreme self control to not eat the entire loaf.

Bruce Hamilton

It was a great place to eat.

Deb Bitton

Great salad and friendly service. It has my recommendation for a great place to eat in Cascade.

Robert Legault

Fast, friendly, excellent service. The food was great!

Lance Buxton

Love this place. Always stop when we pass through.

Marlo Sharp

The food was good. They make their own bread. I wish they had a gluten free option, but the burger was still good without a bun. The waitresses were busy but once the food was delivered they didn't check on us again until we were given the check. We did need something so it would of been good for at least 1 check in. We found a hair in the soup... if it wasn't for the hair we would of given them 4 stars. They don't have a kids menu. However, the kids loved their grilled cheese and soup.

Dennis Munson

If you stop here, be hungry. Hugh servings of DELICIOUS food.

Emily S

I really enjoyed having dinner at the Whistle Stop. I ordered the chicken cobb salad and chicken soup - everything was delicious and I didn't have to wait very long. The beer selection and service was excellent. I definitely recommend visiting the Whistle Stop if you find yourself in Cascade!

Steven Reames

Order the Sharon Special Pizza and it was amazing: Chicken, Bacon, Pineapple, white sauce on homemade pizza crust. Oh my, it was amazing. Got a house salad and it was huge and very filling. Weekend prime rib for $12.

Alex Kramer

9pm on a cold rainy night they made a pretty good pizza. Nothing fancy, just lots of cheese & tasty sausage.

Jessica Thomsen

Good restaurant with old time charm. Prices are responsible.

Jan Burchard

it is a destination for me in Cascade Idaho. great place to eat

Justin Page

I love this place! Every time we pass thru or camp in Cascade we always stop here. Good food good people great prices

Margaret Patterson

Absolutely terrible this is a pic of my nice welted salad...looks like I've had this for days...shame on you and especially the cook...if you don't have fresh lettuce...shouldn't sell salad...9.00 for this...unacceptable

DJ Pats

Great pizza, awesome cinnamon rolls :)

BenandRachel Allen

Took over an hour to get sub par food. Not worth the stop. Keep driving to another ton for any kind of good food.

Matthew Platt

Great food. Good prices.

Ingrid Vandenboorn

Best restaurant in a small town. Their food is just like having home meals.

Martin Duarte

Great food and prices. Eat their Everytime were in Cascade.

Kelly Jordan

Amber is the best server we've seen in a long time. Great service and great food.

Jerry Montalbano

Nice family restaurant, great breakfast special. Fridays Clam Chowder. Good service friendly.

Ma Ligaya Ako

Pizza are amazing

shadows prevented

Pretty good food put not big fan of the pizza

Sierra Clairmont

Great service.. pretty basic pre- packaged fried food, sad they didn't have fried green tomatoes


It was great. The service was amazing! The way they decorated the place with all the old time memorabilia was perfect. Will go back.

Preston Ferrin

Good little place!

Vicki Everts

Excellent breakfasts.

Samuel Gurel

Intant hash browns really? Margarine on the homemade bread not butter:(

Jen Christensen

Great home cooked food...Wonderful service!

uRandy Hen

Best pizza around.

Teri Ferguson

Love love love. Great food, especially the finger steaks, love the homemade bread. The prices are very reasonable.

David Kapp

I've always loved stopping in at the whistle stop. This time around we only got pizza, which is always amazing. Really good crust, and tasty pizza sauce. There is a bit of a wait for it, since they dont make it, till you order it! Service is friendly, classic small town manners, and all in all a very fun and good place to stop and eat!

David Schmidt

Not bad, not great. Decent selection for small town diner.

Marie Koecke

Good food great prices!


This year the food has been sub par. Pizza, burgers, shrimp. Pretty sad. Hoping things start looking up. I love this place.

Andy Palioca

Mediocre, at best. Don't get the prime rib.

Joseph Viramontes

My girlfriend and I walked in 30mins before close so we got our food to go. Still received horrible customer service as well as witness another party of two receive bad CSR. Place looks dirty. Their was a guy in the kitchen with long hair walking around with no hairnet. The couple who ordered after us received their food before us. The whole staff seemed disorganized and to top it off there is a bunch of creepy vintrilaquist crap all over the wall. Do yourself a favor and eat before you get to Cascade or just drive a few more minutes to McCall.

Ryan Richardson

Had the prime rib and it was not good. Friends had burgers that looked good. But when you offer prime rib it should be a great meal.

Susan Wood

Waited forever to get menus. Then, had to wait to get our order taken. Chicken strips were hot and yummy, but garlic toast had no flavor. Pretty disappointing considering what the meal cost.

Logan Resinkin

Busy, but that is because it is the best pizza around. Definitely stop here if you are in the area.

James Mackenzie

Good local food

Mark Duenas

Great food and service! To experience Cascade you need to eat here. Baked goods are the best!

Daniel Fleming

Staff was very pleasant and the food was very good. I travel for work and it felt like a homemade meal.

Chad Luginbill

Decent food, decent service.

Dennis Wood

The Prime Rib special $13.99 on the Weekends is excellent

Tasha Leavell

Great food, great service. Staff is very courteous and patient. I love the biscuits and gravy

Robert Knox

My wife and I had a very good lunch today. Will be back again

Kelly Lee

Pizza has little cheese and toppings looks great has tomato paste for sauce all the other foods look good service was good

Kaleb Z

Very great food, quick service and nice staff

Max Mason

Very good food Quick service

Mike Hendron

Great food at a reasonable price. Prime rib was very good. Excellent option for a small town.

Travis porter

Friendly service. Good food Big portions

Steven Harder

First off, our server was very friendly and helpful. There is a 15-20 minute wait for pizzas but she let us know up front when we placed our order, which we appreciated. We ordered two pizzas (pepperoni and a Whistle Stop original made with white garlic sauce, chicken, tomatoes, and pineapple) and a chicken fettuccini entre. Their crust (thick, light and puffy) was the best thing about the pizzas we ordered. Their pepperoni pizza is nothing special, but we quite liked the other one. They were a little bland, so I added quite a bit of salt and parmesan to mine. The fettuccini was somewhere between Alfredo and Mac & Cheese. A few of my kids tried it, but we never finished it.

Suzanne Cratin

Sorry, I tried to love it. I can't even say I liked it. Mushroom Swiss burger to go. While the burger was ready quick, it was at the cost of the edges being beyond over-done. The blue cheese dressing had a bitter after taste and the salad that was thrown into the same Styrofoam container got wilted while the burger was lukewarm .Service was quick and friendly .

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