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REVIEWS OF The Cookie Place IN Idaho

tena leboeuf

There are only 5 flavors plus the flavor of the month. Favorite out of 2 out of the 5 kinds. The sugar cookies were frozen and the taste is mediocre. Not worth the $10 for 4 cookies

Blake Davis

Panda Bear

They were ok. Too thick for me and not the best flavor. Didn't like the sugar cookie. Snickerdoddle was ok. Don't like that you have to buy 4 at a time!

Mike Whitaker

MacKenzie Harris

Seriously amazing! Best cookies I've ever had!

Ryan Hemsley

Morgan Ehlert

Super friendly staff & amazing cookies

Cortney Christensen

Adrienne Buck

Baked just right!

Bianca Fairchild

I think it's kinda silly that you guys don't sell cookies individually? Crumbl Cookie does across town with the same prices. I love your cookies, but I don't like buying four at a time. I'd stop in WAY more if I could buy them individually. Great food though, great service!

Craig Checketts

Benjamin Jespersen

Good staff, went for a late night cookie and there was a long line. It was close to the end of the night and they gave us a couple vouchers for another day because of the wait. The cookies were still fresh and delicious! Definitely a great place for a date night or a quick couple cookies.

Stacie Bailey


The staff was supper friendly and talkative. She was supper helpfull as well. The cookies were all to die for! I highly recommend this place!!!

Jennifer Jackson

Nancy Scoresby

These cookies are the greatest! They always taste fresh and delicious!

Mckell Voss

Amazing cookies! They are huge and thick and so soft! A lot of times they are still warm from the oven. Definitely my favorite cookies of all time, especially their sugar cookie. Great customer service.

Annekkia Ritter-Truxal

Savannah was great! Loved the cookie

Elias Diego

Faith Alden Barker

Expensive, but worth it every once and a while

Jaden Stakr

I was never here google don't ask me about it

Jennifer Nelson

Yummy cookies!

Melanie Lemon

Delicious cookies, Friendly staff, what more do you need?!

Barton Weaver

A friend brought some cookies from the Cookie Place to a meeting. They were so good I went over and bought a box!

Krista Vigliotti

We ordered a large amount of half sized cookies for our wedding and they were perfect! Very easy to work with and simply the best cookies around! Thank you!!

adriana bustamante

Andrea Smith

Always excellent service and the yummiest cookies!

Janell Thomson

Best chocolate chip cookies in town!! And such a friendly staff!

Matt Davis

Summer Kofoed

The cookies were delicious and the service was great! Ali helped me with everything I needed and gave me a sample to help me decide.

Samantha Archibald

Good cookies but you have to buy a minimum of four cookies so I tend to go elsewhere. If they changed this I'd definitely be there more often since it's right by Java. And it'd be a much higher star rating. There's many other bakeries that sell individuals and a new cookie shop opening next month fairly close by. Hopefully with that maybe they'll change the four cookie minimum.

Marissa Andersen

Amazing cookies, great service.

Madison Hudgins

The cookies were doughy and just not very good. They were not worth the price at which they are being sold.

Jordin Achord

Parker Fraz

We got one of each flavor and they are all pretty good, but they want $2.50 for each cookie. They are pretty good sized, but i really dont think hey are THAT great to spend $3 on one cookie

Desaray Garrick


Easily the best cookies I've ever had!! (next to my moms). I love the crispy edge and gooey center. They microwave really well to simulate "hot out of the oven". The cookies are large and thick. So far I've tried Chocolate Chip and …

Blake Smith

Their Snickerdoodle cookie is AMAZING!

brad w

A bit overpriced and a minimum order amount of $10.

Carmen Centore

Such yummy cookies!!! The peanut butter cup are my favorite

Brad Barlow

Some people like crispy cookies. Some like soft cookies. These are both. A super thin crunch on the bottom of a big chewy soft cookie. Yeah, they’re a little more money than some other bakeries but they really are totally unique and people will love you forever if you show up with a box.

Jazlynn Erickson

Erin B

These cookies are amazing!! New favorite “cookie place”

Deirdre Williams

It is a great store

Jessie Schuelke

LOVE the peanut butter chocolate cookies. I dream of them! wish the prices were slightly lower but I still buy them!

kaden Morgan

Awesome cookies with even better customer service! Would highly recommend!

jana mendoza

Great service and excellent cookies!

trinna ryan

Love the cookies!

Jessica Bourne

Best cookies in town!!!

Romeo Martinez

Really delicious cookie in the inside it's raw cookie dough that makes it really delicious and they are warm that melts the chocolate I really recommend there cookies.

Jason Schaffer

Hands down some of the best cookies I have ever had!

Brittney Goodier

Absolutely LOVE this place! The cookies are HUGE, soft, warm, and delicious! The service is very friendly as wel . Even though the price is a little high (minimum order of 4 for $10) I still think it's worth it.

Tina Wilson

Joshua Stock

These are the best cookies in town. We have tried the other place that crumbles. But I, and you, should and will always be a cookie place fan! Cookie place takes their cookies to the next level. If you're considering here or that other place, stay with the real Cookie Place!

Kattelina Scorp

Gave me major heartburn. Only 4 types of cookies and 4 for $10? I could buy a box and get more for less than $5 or by making from scratch. My first time buying today probably won't again. My son loves choc. Chip cookies but wouldn't even take a second bite. Maybe a bad batch?

Dawnelle Thomas

Love them!!!!!

Jana Nixon

On my recent visit to Idaho Falls I purchased a few boxes of these cookies and took them home to freeze. I have been in heaven ever since! They are the perfect, most wonderful tasting cookies ever! I love being able to take one out of …

Travis Butterworth

Good cookies. Ridiculous that you can't buy just 1. I haven't been back since feeling obligated to buy 4.

Leisure Time Inc.

This place is awesome! On a regular basis we go here to get cookies for our team here at Leisure Time. Everyone instantly gets happy when they see them! The chocolate chip cookies are unreal!

Elizabeth Jardine

Sarah Cellan

Love The Cookie Place! Best cookies in town. Peanut butter is by far the best and the limited cookies are all too.

itzel _mariaca

Our chocolate chips were a little raw but had a good flavor. The sugar cookie orange frosting was very unpleasant Heads up the cookies are not able to be purchased individually. We felt a little quesy after eating the cookies

Jamie Blake

Tracy Keeley

We love The Cookie Place !!

tracy ehlert

Great service.

Linda Hawley

Great cookies!

Nicole Mitchell

Kelsie Bradshaw

The cookies tasted great, and they are big! My only complaint is they are slightly under baked (all 4 of ours weren't cooked all the way) and price is a little spendy.

Nancy Lindsey


John Mickulin

Every cookie is amazing! I enjoy going in and trying the limited time cookies as well. Customers service is always great too. Love The Cookie Place!!

Hookl 1975

Best cookies in town!

Trisha Carvajal

Brandy Salinas

These cookies are what dreams are made of!!

christina nerio-osai

I love this place. Always a happy dance in my mouth. Cookies are always perectly warm and melts in your mouth. Andrea was super friendly and helpful. Shes great

Teejay Woodhouse

Chelsie Garcia


AHHH! WHY? My wife and are obsessed with these cookies now! I do have two suggestions. Give the option to purchase per cookie (you're making me fat.. ok fatter). Also we would love to see white chocolate chip macadamia nut available!

Kenley Magleby

amazing cookies! Jade was so sweet and hooked me up!

Sierra Thomas

Heather Baldwin

These guys are the BEST! Always fabulous customer service and to-die-for goodies!!! Will forever be a fan!!! ❤️

Sterling Russell

I such friendly employees. Ask for Savannah she is the best!

Angela Eyre

I don’t live in Idaho but was in Idaho Falls for a wedding where The Cookie Place cookies were served. All I can say is, WOW!!! I found myself trying each of the flavors and all are such amazing cookies! They are soft, delicious and taste just like homemade!!!! I even keep daydreaming about them and I can’t wait for when I can get back to Idaho Falls to buy some! Superb!!!!

Kristy Holdaway


Great cookies, definitely worth stopping by.

hannah steele

Highly recommend!!

Ashley Webb

I REALLY wanted to like this place. I think the concept of a place with gourmet cookies is a great concept, but this place just kind of fell flat. I'd give the cookies a solid B-. (Had the chocolate chip and peanut butter.) They were just average. I was also bummed that the atmosphere of the place was so bland. It's a huge space and they could have designed it with some fun seating areas (There's nowhere to sit!! We went with friends and had to eat our cookies either standing in the corner or in the car. We chose car.). With tons of other places to get great cookies (the sugar cookie at The Drink Factory is THE best one I've found in IF), I won't be coming back.

Amber Bare

Celeste Hill

Denny Dark

Liz Bruno

Overpriced for mediocre cookies. They scoop the dough too nig so it doesn't have time to cook through. I like gooey cookies, but this is too much. They aren't bad tasting but something I can easily make at home for much cheaper.


Great cookies! They are a bit pricey, so they are reserved for special occasions. I have not been there since they allowed you to buy extra cookies, so I can't review on that. They do have a punch card. Buy 10 boxes get one free. My favorite cookie is their chocolate chip. I also can't say how they taste the next day, because they are usually gone. They also have snicker doodles, oatmeal raisin, Chocolate peanut butter, and I wanna say oatmeal chocolate chip. Grab a glass of milk with these babies. They are rich!

Ali K

David Williams

Carl Reese

The best cookies around. Well worth it!

Douglas Larsen

Estelle Welch

Favorite Cookie place ever!!

Susana Lopez

Terri Snarr

Best sugar cookies ever!

Heather Layton

Always great cookies!

Chris Chapman

Best cookies in town!!! We blind tested chocolate chip cookies at The Cookie Place vs Crumbl and The Cookie Place by far was better!! Better flavor, better texture and better chocolate chips!!! If you’re in Idaho Falls it’s definitely a place you need to visit!!

Kristina Kunz

These cookies are becoming an addiction... I adore the sugar cookies! All of the cookies are great to share & the staff members are awesome!

Josh Howard

Great cookies but the little girl who was working behind the counter had her friends loitering in the store. Like four of them all sharing one cookie (probably free). I went in to order and they barely moved out of the way, whispering the whole tome. Just annoying and awkward. Cookies are great but if I see that girl and her friends working, I’ll come back later

melissa andrews


Good cookies!

alicia flegel

Seth Martin

The cookies run for $2.50 a cookie which is high for this community, but would be reasonable in other communities. They are decent-sized gourmet cookies. I came in at about 3:40pm on a Thursday to place a catering order of 32 cookies that I needed ASAP. (I should have called in advance, but I didn’t think to.) The lady said that she could have them ready by 4:30. (She needed to make them.) When I returned at precisely 4:30 they were all there, neatly boxed, and ready to go. She even insisted on helping me carry them to my car. I am completely satisfied with my experience and would recommend this establishment to my friends.

Greeny Grooshina

Kristi Johnson

Best chocolate chip cookies ever!!!

Jeanna Hill

Absolutely hands down the most delicious cookies I've ever had. I would highly recommend this place to everyone

Brittani W

5 star taste and service! You will need milk for sure! I liked the idea from another reviewer to have a place to sit and eat; that would have been nice. For those who said the cookies are pricey, that's business. Of course you can make them cheaper at home. That's true of every place that serves food! And these cookies are divine!

Lynzi Bond

The people are really nice and they are absolutely delicious. A little pricey but perfect for those moments when you just need a cookie

Pallet Bedz

Benson Bagley

Megan Jorgensen

Most amazing cookies ever!

Lauren Hill

Yay cookies! Soooo good

R.A Kennedy

Super friendly and answered my questions with a Smile. Excellent cookies!!!

Sara Martinez

Delicious cookies, steep price. Cons: You're unable to purchase individual cookies until after you purchase a box of four. Four cookies = $10.00, then you're able to purchase extra cookies for $2.50 each. However there are typically only 4-5 different types of cookies to choose from. Pros: Consistently good cookies! Always packaged up warm. Gooey-soft middles and perfectly crisped edges. Would recommend if you love cookies.


Best cookies in town!

Jo Hutson

Love cookies , especially the chocolate chip!!

Vanessa Romrell

The Cookie Place has the absolute best cookies! Every flavor is exceptional with the perfect texture, crispy on the outside and a little gooey on the inside. You can tell they use real ingredients! Sorry mom, but your homemade cookies have been beat!

Stephanie Chiles

Love the raspberry white chocolate cookie! Please bring back soon!

Jason Burton

Unbelievably good cookies. Huge, heavy, and tasty. If you like cookies, you’ve got to try these.

Scott&Brit Shurtliff

These cookies are the best in town!!

Chris Charnock

This place has the most amazing cookies. My wife and I are definitely frequent customers here. They currently have four flavors of cookies. *chocolate chip, *chocolate peanut butter chips, *oatmeal chocolate chip and *oatmeal raisin. My personal favorite it chocolate chip. I like their cookies when they're hot and fresh out of the oven but my wife prefers them a day later when they've cooled off and firmed up. The cookies are sold in 4 packs for $10 and they're HUGE! Give them a try, they won't disappoint! Give me a like if my review was helpful!

Jereme Ogren

Good fresh cookies

Toni Brown

Ashley Leonardson

I bought 6 cookies yesterday based off a friend's review they were meant for Valentine's for my kids and a couple friends all but 1 are raw...... The flavor of the one is amazing it was a very clean nice place just bummed to spend $15 and now we can't eat them.

John Sullivan

Just as good as the one my wife and I tried in rexburg. I love the chocolate chip and my wife loves the peanut butter ones. Pretty much the same review as the rexburg one I left, needs more buying options as we can’t finish 4 cookies very fast. Even 2 for $5 would make the customer base a lot happier I feel, not too mention bring more people in. Otherwise, love this place!

Wade Mohler

This is the best place I have ever been! I give the cookie place a 10/10 and would recommend to any body who wants a cookie that tastes like it came from the heavens!! We were helped by Jade and she is the nicest person and very helpful! If anyone wants a great cookie come see Jade here at the cookie place!!!

Brian Rucks

Best cookies in town. Classic flavors done right!

Stephanie Bernstein

Susan Scholes

Cindy Hammom

Jade Jardine

Tara Haymore

Best cookies in town!

animal lovers!!

Way better than the cookies at Crumble

Danny Campbell

They were giving out massive cookies for FREE! they were very tasty.

J Lamb

Good cookies--if a little on the cakey, floury side--but ridiculously overpriced. We've come here just once as a special treat for the kids, but won't be back because I'm loathe to pay that much money for a cookie. They're good, but they're not THAT good.

Chandler Phillips

Best cookie I've ever had.

wind walker

Cookies are great. First time we bought here. Would have given 5 stars but the attitude of one of the staff was below what youshould expect. Husband asked if there was a military discount and was told very rudely no by the girl making the cookies. Then she shot him a glaring how dare you ask look. The cashier was very nice. A simple polite no would have worked.

Randi Oswald

The BEST cookies in Idaho Falls❤❤

Terry Dannehl

Real nice cookies clapping big and fluffy nice cookies

Cortney McDonald

Valeen Terry

These cookies are the perfect combination of crisp on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. The fresh ingredients and real butter is evident in every bite! And that's what keeps me coming back.

Tiffanie Scott

Jacob Campbell

Charles Hamilton

Great service and yummy cookies

Andrea Scoresby

Heather Hathaway

Breezy Bird

Staff is always pleasant and courteous. Cookies are fresh and yummy.

Carole Johnson

Angie James

The Cookie Place makes the very best cookies! Plus the new S’mores cookie is amazing!!

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