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1600 Pocatello Creek Rd, Pocatello, ID 83201, United States

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REVIEWS OF Perkins Restaurant & Bakery IN Idaho

Jenell Webb

Good sized servings for an incredible price. Busy on the weekend.. Very well worth the wait!

Megan Pond

We had a great experience here. We finally got service here unlike other restaurants. It seems like it's becoming common for servers to drop off your stuff and then never come back. Definitely wasn't the case at Perkins. Stanton was our server and he was absolutely perfect. The food was great and cooked to perfection. I had low hopes going in, but came out so pleased. We will definitely go back again.

Nate Meier

Perkins is one of those restaurant chains that you can rely on for consistently cooked food, delicious entrees and friendly staff. Perkins has the added bonus points for its wide selection of pies and sweet treats for after the main course is complete... if of course you still have or can make room.

Glenn Van Walraven

Our server was new and handled our small group very well, he was very attentive to his station. Had the double shrimp and it was fantastic. Atmosphere was very welcoming to visit in after we had finished eating. The dining room was very clean. We were welcomed upon entering and thanked when we left. We will be back as usual.


Little slow and took awhile to get our orders but for a small town restaurant they are pretty solid and I would come back again. Albeit food took about 45 min to come out, when it did it came out hot and tasted good!! Server was friendly and even the manager had come around just to ask how our service was. Very affordable like you would see at most chain places in the city. If your in the wisp mountain resort area give this place a try.

Mike Reeves

Great service. Drinks were kept full and food brought right out Eggs were not cooked right though

James Krysh

Great dinner experience. Wait staff was friendly and helpful. Manger came out and asked how everything was and was also friendly. Meals were great!

Brian Hall

Just had the steak and eggs breakfast skillet; enjoyed it very much! They have good menu choice and the service was fantastic and friendly! Plus they now have a coca-cola freestyle machine to make an awesome variety of flavored soda beverages!!

Trinity Claycomb

This place is a s**t show. I ordered takeout and the food was horrible. I understand that it was a very busy weekend and things happen but the manager, even though she was very nice, argued with me about my messed up order. Customer service there is almost as nasty as the food. I got my money back and gave my refund to the girl at the counter. It wasn’t about he money, just the principle. If you get a messed up order just refund the money and apologize. Don’t try to justify the horrible order. I can’t stress enough how bad it was.

Dale Wilson

Good food. Friendly people. Above average price.

James McDougal

Had to stop by as a last minute thought on our way home from Yellowstone back to Utah. Had to grab a strawberry cream pie. It was totally worth the detour

Russell Houser

Good but prices are a little pricey

Sharon L Stratton

We went to #3795 in Pocatello, Idaho for breakfast. Our server was Tony. I have to say that it was the best service, food was excellent and very quick... the best Belgian waffle my husband has ever had! Prices are reasonable and will make it a point to go back whenever we are in the area.

Kurtis Allred

These guys were great. Good staff and great food. Our waitress was amazing.

Don Munkres

Great service, good prices, food was real good

Nichole Wilde

Rude servers and over priced food

moriah wolters

There coffee and pancakes were DELICIOUS!! My 2 year old loved the muffins and bacon!!

Em Greenwald

I would say that it is a split review. The food (sweet and spicy sriracha burger) and service (Heidi) was great but the time to get a table, place an order and receive our order was horrible.

Calvin Soze

Terrible service I placed a to go order I was told it would take 20 minutes I didn’t receive my food for 40 minutes! The bacon is very small and over cooked! I would of been better off at Denny’s

Kimberly Hanna

These guys do comfort food and great service right! Even when the kitchen is "slow," they are prompt, and their cooks know exactly what they are doing. Every dish so far from breakfast to pie has been spot on! I will return again and again. Thank you guys!

Kevin Walker

Maybe short handed that day but took for ever to get our food .family of 6 took a good 45 minutes or more the get their food .

Oleksiy Blavat

Only get burgers here. Came in with a large group. The tilapia was cold, as well as the majority of the food. The wait staff is extremely friendly, but whoever is working in the kitchen has hands like a deer. The expediter (if they have one) is completely incapable of organizing a large order to come out warm. It's whatever though, you're in the middle of nowhere and everything is closed, so if you're forced to come here, just get the burger (any of them), you can't fake that.

Chantal Willis

Excellent food!

John Niendorf

Huge portions and reasonably priced

Matthew Wilburn

Love this place ❤️

Destiny Delmar

Super friendly staff, decent food, homey atmosphere. Bathrooms were clean and well maintained.

Robin Podwojski

Food and svc good

Betty L Grover

Service was slow but we had about twenty in our group. My food was excellent. Everyone else was happy with their food also.

Mike Blaker

Decent food. The service has improved from years ago.

Ben Zuckerman

Great place for breakfest and lunch, most defiantly family friendly. Loved the eggs and service.

Mark Cunningham

It's a Perkins. Good pastry and breakfast, okay lunch and dinner. Waitress was great with our grandchildren.

Michael Borris

Always stop here whenever I go to Deep Creek. Great food, nice people.

Augusto Cangahuala

Good food and friendly service. I got the trio and the portions were perfect. I would also recommend the ice coffee. The kids all get a menu with crayons, so everyone was entertained during the meal.

Brooke Loudermilk

Ugh. Service is embarrassingly bad and slow. Still waiting for coffee after being here for over an hour. On the bright side, the eggs and pancakes are yummy. Pork chop? Not so much.

John Condron

Good food. Good service. Clean. Inexpensive.


Food is good, but I really hope their kitchen is cleaner than their bathrooms. Those are so gross.

Colleen Welch

Took us over 1 hour to get food. It was cold when we received it.

Karlia Lopez

Good food, great service

Mark Schwacofer

We like it.The food is great is it's a little spendy but worth it 45.00 for four of us . service is excellent. Update Went back again waitress mixed up our food mixed up the orders figured she was having a bad day then got charged a 20 percent gratuity we didn't agree to after leaving tip wont be back.

Laina Smith

Service is always friendly, but sometimes a little slow during lunch. If you're pressed for time, order ahead.

Mike Strong

Friendly atmosphere, good food and great service

Mitsi Johnson

Great service, fresh food, wonderful muffins, pies and cookies

Priscilla Wheatley

it was great service and a great waiter, Got our food fast and took care of our tickets right away. 5 stars tonight

Colleen Bosma

Nice staff and delicious food

Sue Chadwick

Although my dish was delicious, my husband's shrimp was very bland. We arrived at the restaurant around 3:50 pm and it took about a half hour to get our food. There were only a few people there and it certainly wasn't rush hour.

Tiffany Moore

The food is always good, and the staff is friendly. Service is always slow, sometimes to the point of not being worth it. They are OK at refilling drinks and such but it takes them a bit so don't come in really thirsty. If you have the time to sit and converse it is a good place for a hot meal with good variety.


Good food and sevice

Angel Cox

Slow to get food and drinks. Waitress in a hurry and not make it all worse my kid has a severe dairy allergy which causes asthma attacks. I made a big deal that she cannot have milk, cheese or butter. The waitress said okay. Food had butter in it and caused attack. All waitress said was “I’m sorry’ checking out I got the same. They didn’t even comp her meal. The sorties weren’t even sincere! The place wasn’t really busy either!

Dave Betz

Good food, reasonable prices. It took a while to get our food, but we had a large party of 11. Our server was great!! Kept us in coffee and we enjoyed our dining visit here.

Linda Miller

Prefer perkins breakfast over cracker barrel! Food was good, fixed just as we asked and prices fair for the area!

Sondra Mcguire

Good service and food!

Mike Aimsback

Good place to eat at in Pocatello after we get done Relay Racing in Black Foot Idaho

Kenneth Hendrickson

Good food, good service

Patricia Boyce

Food and service is always exceptional.

Kathleen McDonnell

Delicious food and service. Owner comes to tu our table to ask how you are doing when he is there

Maureen Hamilton

Very good service, manager is customer focused and staff is friendly. Food always fresh and good. Nicely prepared. I'd recommend it to my picky friends.

Paul Sauder

Great food, friendly service, convenient location.

Caitlin P

We felt like other tables were getting better service. Our server asked if we were ready to order (we were) but he quickly walked away to cash out other tables and get others drink orders which was odd. My toast was soaked in so much butter it could squeeze out of the toast and leave a pool in the plate. My sisters food was burnt but our server thankfully took it off the ticket. Coffee was decent. I think if you come on a day where the cooks care a bit more it would be a better experience.

Clint Teel

Food was great it didn't come out too fast gave ya some time to have a cup of coffee and relax, there was some live entertainment tonight which was nice. The food was good decent size portions server was attentive probably a little longer eating experience than usual but it didn't seem to matter. Perkins does a good job would definitely recommend them.

vicky Bowyer

Very good food

thomas yusko jr

Friendly service in this chain restaurant sets it apart from others of it's kind.

Ken Morgan

Nice place. Salmon was a little over. But I enjoyed.


Very slow waitress... and we were there before the rush

Sam Fidler

Excellent food with great service. I wanted a crispy waffle smothered in syrup and butter and that is exactly what I received. The eggs were a little cool when I ate them but that's more my fault for talking so long employing the waffle. The atmosphere for brunch on a weekday was relaxed with an older clientele of apparently regular visitors since waitresses exchanged casual conversation and predicted orders. The manager -and, I assume owner - checked on each occupied table and settled at one with a regular customer and engaged in a lengthy and personable conversation. A good place to eat with real quality food and professional friendly service.

Dustin Beard

The food honestly was not that great.. Not awful, but not great. My chicken pot pie was almost room temperature. The staff were friendly and helpful, otherwise I'd probably have rated this place lower.

Jared Fulcher

Good food.

Brandy Bond

Clean and friendly staff

Rena E. Mcgee

Food is awesome. Service is great

Sandra Bolyard

Not a place for fancy food, just decent good food and great breakfasts.

Steve Harvey

Modestly priced food that was prepared excellently, with excellent waitressing service.

Jeremy Lambson

Would like to give them five stars because the food is a good deal and tasted great but the bathroom is bad. If they just renovated that. Nice appearance but smells sour.

Ryan Lott

Great experience. Quiet meal with family. Excellent tasting foods in all the varieties.

Sue Binegar

Good food &service.

Dorothy Rhodes

Excellent food and service!

Tammy Morgan

Good service, standard can get anywhere type restaurant food. Don't go in 15 mins before closing they shut the grills down then.

Cody Neaman

Wow, I've never been here before so great experience! I had the sunrise pot roast skillet and it was pretty good plus my favorite thing part about my experience is that they have those soda machines that you can choose any flavor you want and of course I got grape sprite! So it's a great place, the food is good but not expensive and the staff is friendly and awesome. For sure will be going back.

Dianne Singleton

No never ever again. Poor service. Exceptionally sloooooow turn around time. Got my order wrong. By the time the correct order would come out, the rest of my party would have been done with their dinner. Not impressed. We watched a couple walk out after waiting and never getting served. If u could rate it a zero I would. Never ever again

Andrew Perkins

I do like coming here rarely packed and can collect my thoughts!

Kevin Martinez

Great food and excellent service

Jacob Andersen

I don't come here often and each time that I do I wonder why I don't come more frequently. The food is great and the place is nice. The desserts are especially good.

Kevin Hubbe

Good breakfast, nice atmosphere. Staff is very nice but a little understaffed.

Dan Clements

Amazing breakfast great friendly staff. Come here multiple times evey time we come to Deep Creek!

Sandra Tegland

Good food, friendly service

Steven Peng

Messed up order, then didn't fix it properly, then charged full

Alvin Fitzpatrick

Coffee was severely diluted, service sucked, and the food was mediocre.

Kelsey A

Great food and friendly service!

Larry Chartrand

IWe were well treated , friendly polite service. The cook with Soy bean oil, so my wife had Chicken Cajun style, and baked potato with veggie of the day. I had pork chops with baked potato. They serve decaf coffee

Margo Rowland

Service was great, food was great, and the muffins were even greater


Great place to eat, good food and service.


Wait staff was friendly and the food was good.

Curtis Magnuson

Service wonderful. Meal very good.

Clarence Wolfe

Always good food and great staff( Jennifer)

The Gaming Tm

store demonstrates consistent poor customer service and product knowledge. Associates are mismanaged, poorly trained and exceptionally impolite. On my last visit I ordered my usual ’doppio macchiato’, instead, I received a plain doppio. The associate had no idea that expresso temperature is expected to exceed 160 degrees F. It was difficult to receive the refund on my payment, and no one offered to rectify the mistake in a manner that would alleviate the tension. NOT THE FIRST TIME! An extraordinary display of the systemic mismanagement.

John Christensen

Good service and great food

James Szatkowski

Good food, great service -reasonable prices

Lamar Gray

Sharon Dick gave amazing service, the food was amazing the atmosphere is amazing. The view our the mountains is amazing but no one more amazing than Sharon Dick! Thank you for allowing me into your fine fine establishment. 7 Stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Bryan Beam

Good food good service

Sleep jonez

Good service I got the waffles and omelet

Danny Butterfield

Food was delicious, and service was fast AND friendly! Tip big here!

Corey Williams

The food was nasty, they put processed cheese on our food that was abhorrent. The other food was dry and over done. We wondered if it was because we came an hour before closing. Oh and the waitress was sweeping the floor next to us while we were eating

Corey Belin

Food was good but that take way too long to being the food out.

Marianne Mares

Can't beat the delicious desserts. Perkins is a perfect place for pie and coffee

Mike Hales

Great place for breakfast. The wait can be long at times, but is worth it for good classic American and diner food.

Jose arche

Food was a little too oily. / we didn't get exactly what we ordered.

Shelley Page

Their food is of the home cooked style and is very good. But they are a little higher priced than other places and a little crowded.

Robert Warner

Great food....good service.

Paul Heller

Menu has improved - skillet meals (I got salmon) are quite good. Friendly staff.

Marci Dawes-Flores

It is a nice quiet establishment. Breakfast is served all day. The prices are reasonable for a delicious meal.

Barb Hunkele

Food horrible

Craig Zentz

Good service and good food

Gerald Ball

Great food great staff and the best part there is an American flag out front

jaden simpkins

Wonderful service great place to bring the family

Amber Wilt

Best potato soup I've ever had. We came in with a party of 13 people and they didn't waste any time opening up the back room to accommodate us. The food was delicious and the chocolate chip cookies were amazing. I really enjoyed this restaurant.

James Schellhamer

The food wasn't good and the service was extremely bad.

Elaine Downs

We came in late on a Saturday night. I think we over whelmed the waitress and cook. In spite of that the food was great!

Lee Martin

Food was just ok ... service not good at all ...didnt even have a server and when the food came back wrong twice they acted like it was our fault .. not a good place to eat

Chuck Fisher

Good comfort food, highly recommended

Ron Recover

Very good service

Mike Tucker

I love the breakfast here!

Kathryn Wright

The service is wonderful and the food always tastes great!

Wanda Crawford

Right across the street from my hotel me and my dear friends that just moved to Pocatello and had never been to Perkins met for some great food and to catch up on the latest news. Great times for all, plus my friend now have a good new place to take their family for a reasonable priced meal.The atmosphere is family friendly, there are a lot of menu choices with great prices. Their staff is very friendly, service is good and so is the food. The serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

bo arnold

Good food decent prices

Benjamin Smith

Friendly and accommodating to my large family. Food was good too.

Shaun Myers

Food was ok what kind of sick creature puts Kraft singles on a omelette.... our food took 45 minutes and the order was completely wrong as well. I didnt tell the manager because it want worth my Time. They were messing up everyone's food.

Brandi Schimpf

Quick service, great prices. Love this location you can depend on them to seat you quickly and be very attentive to the tables needs, rolls, refills. Wonderful experience would highly recommend for families. Come on Monday for pie night.

Diane Puskarich

Good place, good food. Need more help on Sunday's wait time for food was unreal.

Aaron Ely

Nice staff. Food is typical from a chain restaurant.

Joseph Simonson

Portions weren't very big and the food quality was mixed (great mashed potatoes, iffy rice and asparagus), but the service was quick, customer service was good, and the pie was excellent. Just wish we'd gotten more quality bang for our buck.

Shannon Merrill

Foods always great. So is the service.

Misty Kisner

Terribly long wait for gristle filled steak tips & mushy onion rings. Save ur money. Cook for yourself. It's faster!

Mike Pierson

Well prepared,reasonable price

Melanie Miller

Didn't think the food was good for the price and service was slow

Nelly W

Yummy and great service!

Erica Stouffer

We have been here for over 20 minutes only getting our drinks. The service is really slow and do not wait accordingly. There are no toilet paper or paper towels in wash rooms and we have a reservation we may not get to. Our family is not happy about this service and so not recommend the restaraunt

Tim Voss

Food was good.

Barbara Warner

They serve a rural area in Western Maryland and do it well. The food is affordable with a nicely varied menu. Depending on the time of year (either during ski season or summer) you may have a wait for a table, but they do their best to not make the wait too long.

Deron Kennedy

Sat for ten minutes at a table, never got drinks, very poor service on a Saturday morning. Walked out

Lorrie Fout

I love Perkins! They are courteous & family friendly! They have a great kids menu & are so understanding when there are "messes!" If you want a nice meal in a comfortable atmosphere, eat at Perkins! They also serve breakfast all day!

Darryl Pennywell

Nice food and portions. Heidi good server and manager even checked on us!

Robert Wickman

It was great the people there really care about service. Ive personally recommended this place to multiple family members.

Elaine Tobias

The food was very good, but service was rather slow. Lots of empty tables in our section, but a long wait to get our food.

Ashley Stuart

Food is always excellent and our server Vicki was amazing!!!

Linda Hemmert

I didn't get the pancakes that was supposed to come with what I ordered. When I asked the waitress about them she said it didn't come with pancakes. I showed her on the menu it comes with 4 pancakes. She came back a few minutes later with 3 cold pancakes that we're hard on top and not even cooked on the other side. Not impressed at all.

Burgess Condon

Food not hot, air conditioning on, and they could not turn it off. Waitress did fine! Food too expensive.

jacob spurk

Ask for Anca, she will take care of you!

Ronald Huff

Food was good as always and their customer service was awesome. That is where i go for a good breakfast.

Michael Schmidt

Go before 10 on Sunday to beat the crowd.

Rick Blessinger

Very good food and great service at a fairly reasonable price

Jean Michaels

Very good

Tom Knecht

We always end our family vacation week with breakfast at Perkins. Food was prepared and presented competently. The wait to be seated was long, though, and the restaurant was short on dining room staff, so service was not the best despite our server's best efforts to compensate for the lack of help.

Charity K Samora

Brook was absolutely amazing! We had a great connection and his note made me feel so good.

Jodi Williams

The waitress needs to be educated on customer service. We’ve been traveling all day, came in for pie & coffee. She stated they didn’t have any coffee. Then shouldn’t you make some? She told us they close in 30 minutes. Not enough time to give a customer a cup of coffee. I remember when Perkins was a good place to go. Sad that’s not true today. The ice tea she served me looks like it’s from last week and doesn’t taste any better. Very disappointing!!! I give her a

Jennifer Lauver Boonie

This was breakfast on our last day in Deep Creek. The service and food were great. Thanks for making a sad day a little brighter!!

Nazira Spurk

Our waiters was sweet. I believe her name is Anca. Food is good a little expensive.

Rowan Sandoval

The service was great and the food was okay.

Jodie Hollinger

10 of us for breakfast, everything came out quick and hot! Server was Tiffany and she was excellent

Tanner Ward

The general manager was so kind and welcoming. Stopped into this location the night before Christmas eve while traveling to VA. Very clean, nice staff, good food and located in a beautiful shopping Plaza overlooking ski slopes. Highly recommend this location for a hearty cheap meal. Thank you to the general manager who was so kind to our two young children.

Marilyn Coffman

This was a great place to eat food was very good everyone that worked was wonderful. If tou get a meal you get 2 of there big muffins for 99 cents and the are just mouth watering. I would rate them a number 10

Dawn Ross

Good food & friendly service

James Myler

I would say they are average.

Wesley Davis

If you're a local, ask a local, the opinion will be different. If you're a visitor read on. If you want coffee, avoid this place at all costs. Yes, I know it was Sunday and the locals all flock here. I got there for a 2 minute wait - nobody in front of me. I don't doubt the lack of tables - they seemed occupied. What I didn't enjoy was a simple meal off the menu, that with nobody in front of me took a full hour to be delivered to my table including the wait for the table. Then the worst part, with nothing to do for the longest time, i drank coffee. Just 3 cups, but I have to say it's the worst stuff I've had in over 20 years - restaurants, military mess hall.galley, work including the "honor system" coffee pot (everybody brings in coffee, creamer and such, all the supplies). I guess I didn't think it would be that irritating to my stomach, but it was, and no, it wasn't the food which was C+ - fine but nothing to recommend. Since the volume was high, coffee should be the easiest thing to get right. You just keep making fresh and keep handing it out. I spend a few summer jobs to help pay for college working at a chain family restaurant so I know that much. When I go to a restaurant for breakfast, I expect at least one cup of coffee (maybe 2, 3 was due to the 40 + minute wait - I ordered immeddiately). This place fails on that completely. If they'd had a big name chain steak house / buffet with a weekend breakfast I'd have done that as at least they have decent coffee. I recommend to anyone from out of town to just go down the road to McD's and order a breakfast sandwich or pancakes. Their coffee is an order of magnitude better than this place, no matter what state I've had it in. IF I had this to do all over again that's what I'd do. On this road trip I am hoping to do most meals at Diners-Drive Ins & Dives like places, not chains (there are no bkfst places like that in this area from what I can see on Google). Now I'm going to put a praise and many stars in for the local dinner place I visited. I like to give stars where warranted.

Kirk Fox

Very good food and service

Deb Taylor

Enjoy atmosphere. food and staff

Jenny Curtiss

Perkins has amazing burgers, perfect pies.

Lonnie Lewis

Good food and atmosphere

Jake Aga

Close to home. Great food and service! I've always loved this place.

Deborah Duffin

They are extremely pleasant & I ABSOLUTELY LOVED my Blueberry Muffin from there!! Just Awesome Food & Best Breakfast & Lunch & Dinner Restaurant in town!!! Thanks so much Shantel, you were AWESOME!!!

Angela Karolewics

Foos was dwcwnt. And the wait staff was excellent.

Amberina Romo

Very friendly staff. Very nice decor. Food was amazing

scott beall

Food was out of this world. A little slow on service

Dan Robertson

Very professional, let us visit with family we had not seen in years. No pressure to rush us out. Thank you so much.

Kellie Demorest

Clean good food

Bill Whelden

We have eaten here many times over the years. The food is usually good, the bakery items too. We have reviewed in the past more positively. This time, on two separate occasions, the coffee was BAD and I do mean BAD! Burnt, bitter taste like yesterday reheated. Both times they got us new coffee and both times just as bad. This has always been a good breakfast place with good coffee but something changed. Coffee is important to us so we are forsaking this place for now. If you aren't a coffee person then no worries, food is good and so is service most of the time.

Rebecca Glotfelty

Service was awful. 45 minute wait for two adult meals and a childs meal. Saw the waitress enough to get our order, our drinks, and our food.

Austin Helsel

Love the food and great service!!

Sharae Bacon

This place is AWESOME. The make Dennys and IHOP look like amateurs. Prices are awesome too. Very friendly atmosphere.

Travis Hickey

Great place and many types of food to pick from on the menu.

Chris Montgomery

Good food, fair service

Kimberly Smith

Place is clean. Service was very slow. Food was nothing great but OK.

Nancy Coombs

Meal was excellent service was not like it is usually waitress was obviously not wanting to be there as was the rest of staff. Not one of more pleasant times.

Karen Lewis

I had the turkey avacado blt & fries. They were awesome!

Cindi West

They gave good food enjoyed my meal when I was there

kevin martinez

Great food little slow on service but the waitress keeps checking with you one of the better Perkins I've ever been to


Terrible experience. Horrible wait crew, depressed environment, the table and chairs were so wobbly I felt at some point they would surely come apart. Just all around terrible.

Sophia Askins

It was nice, but they didnt have chocolate chip pancakes

Dianna Wysocki

Great food...service was awesome...serving portions were just right!!

Roger Almeida

Their meatloaf was great


Yummy food and family fun!


Great staff and food

Jack Messick

Salmon nicely done, with large portions for the sides. Green salad also plentiful. As always the French chocolate silk pie is tremendous. Service was prompt, and my preferred booth seating was promptly cleared. Did not have to wait around for the bill either.

Heath Glumac

Excellent breakfast. Clean place, not that sticky table ean-n-park feel. I had a meal with pancakes. Great stuff!

Jane Young

Excellent food and service

Margaret Hays

Enjoyed our breakfast here. Very friendly wait staff and good food.

David Cook

Great service and they're food

Michaels Mom

Surprisingly good dinner, not usually a fan of chains.

Bert Rutledge

Really like Perkins restaurant, ours closed and we miss it.

Eric Wehrman

Went here when we visited for vacation and this place was really great. The service was good and the food was delicious, I came here with my girlfriend, my stepson and mother in law and we all enjoyed it very much! I definitely recommend coming here, especially if you are visiting the area. We came for breakfast and dinner

JS Mariani

Good tea selection; friendly staff; comfortable seating. Muffins are absurdly buttery. Stay far away from the Tomato Basil soup.

Nws W


greg sykes

Bad service food cold and wrong

Kris Kline

Great food and service

Dallas Droghei

I like to go to Perkins to have a quiet sit down meal with my wife. They have a whole menu of good entrees to choose from and pie that rivals any place in town.

DJ Coando

Quick and friendly service 4 lunch

Linda Fazenbaker

Our food was cold. And didn't get it all. Had to ask for it. The waitress wanted a $14.00 tip. For endless drinks that didn't happen either

Lisa Crittenden

Super staff! We ordered take out since we were traveling with our dog. Server was so nice and helpful. We were fully accommodated from taking our order to making sure we got everything we needed, even gave us a to go cup of water for our dog.

Dawn Wilson

Overall the food was not bad . affordable place to take a family. On the night we went the place was pretty empty and it took a really long time to get our food. We would go back.


Awesome place for breakfast. Superb staff.

Izzy Stouffer

The waiters suck and when we ordered our drinks she didn’t come until 10 minutes later. We didn’t even get the drinks we wanted. They had no paper towels and no toilet paper in the girls restroom! And we’ve been waiting for our food for 45 minutes!

Dayna Cohen

High quality customer service, and versatile breakfast, lunch and dessert options are on the menu. Lower calorie meals are also available. Their iced cappuccinos are delicious!

Morghan Browning

I was here with my family for dinner on our way home from a camping trip. My daughter wanted mac & cheese and grilled cheese. The problem was those were separate meals on the kids menu. We asked the waitress if she could get a grilled cheese and a small bowl of mac and cheese as a side. She said no, we would HAVE to purchase 2 kids meals to get both. There was no accommodation at all. To my disappointment, she comes back with a bowl of kraft mac & cheese. It was like they didn't even try and I couldn't believe they charged us a full meal price for boxed mac & cheese. The waitress seemed to have an attitude with us for the rest of our meal because we asked to bend the rules a little bit. We will not be returning after the experience.

Hope Dubna

We got here 30 minutes before close yet the staff were super friendly to us and very welcoming! All we wanted was dessert and we got the most delicious blackberry pie and vanilla ice cream ever! The pie was warm, with no sugar added, and it wasn't even expensive! Thanks so much! Really good dessert for a couple of weary travellers!

Daniel Petridis

Service took over an hour for breakfast after ordering. This was the case for every patron in the restaurant. The restaurant was maybe a little over 3/4 full in capacity. We were told there was not enough grill space. This is pathetic and I would not recommend this Perkins.

Mark Yount

Good food, good variety. Was a nice end to a trip to Western Maryland.

Ben Durkit

So good I had to write a poem, Eating good food at Perkins Waitresses are lerkin Very nice and poilite, Man, look at that muffins hight. It sits well in my tummy Just go here and eat you dummy By this poem on iTunes 15.99 pls thanks

Steve wendling

Food was tasty but my wife's shimp and rice was just warm. No dinner rolls either. Overall Ok for the most part.

Sarah Kahl

My husband and I eat here whenever we get the chance. Their omelets are delicious, staff is friendly and it doesn't take long to have your order prepared. Their desserts look delicious but I never have room. May have to stop by just for dessert one day!! I really wish they would change the genre of music or just not play any at all.

Patricia Lee

Good, fast breakfast. Not your typical fast food type. More like homemade.

Todd Rambur

We were seated and attended to promptly. Truly, one of the best waiters we have had. He had perfect timing. Food was as expected. Hot, fresh and tasted good.

jim freeman

Good food and service

Robert Schaaf

Fantastic "California Omelette" the pesto sauce really put it over the top. The ice tea was fine and they had worchestershire sauce for me as well as Rye toast. The waitress was new.

Ash n

You can't miss the French toast waffle with strawberry's

Aime Sanders

Biscuit was hard as a rock, my sons cheese sticks were the same way.

Eli Eikavitch

Very good friendly service, and good food. Who could ask for more?

Jason G.

Great food, good prices

Claudia ortega

The menu is too large indicating that they use mostly frozen foods. Unfortunately, it tastes like it too.

Rudy Martinez

The food is great ! I ordered a pork chop dinner with asparagus. I also ordered a side of Asparagus for our vegetarian meal separately. We didnt get the vegetarian side meal . We called back when we got our room next door at the Laquinta inn. Which recommends them. They said they added to the first order. If they did the side consist of 4 single pieces. Honesty is a good principle. Disappointed in response. Thanks anyways.


Very friendly and considerate wait staff. Everything was just as we ordered. The tables and the booths are clean. The wait staff often checks up on the customers.

Jesus is tlc

I love this place! Don't get to Maryland often but when we do we love coming here! Great food and fantastic service!!

Jodi Apel

Fantastic food every time we go. Strawberry pies are the best ever!

Tina Hidalgo

The food was okay.....had to send back for twice due to a food allergy and they made me feel like it was my fault. I told them twice and it still came back the same. I WILL NEVER EAT THERE AGAIN. I COULD HAVE DIED THANKS BUT NO THANKS

Jeff Facemire

Very good food. I had the chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. Really enjoyed it. My uncle said their pies are great. Service is good. Our food arrived in no time, and the waitress was very helpful.

Daniel Bartley

Great food, friendly staff. Definitely recommend. Within walking distance of several hotels.

Curtis Johnson

good food. expensive

Rebecca Stewart

Terribly busy when we went. Long wait for table and food

Rich McCartney

I drive 30 minutes to go here. None in my area. Good food and service. A larger senior discount then most. Always worth the drive.

Lolly Lovesuckle

Good service. Great selections.

gayle gibson

Great food, reasonable prices, clean..

Craig Mikesell

Meat quality was meh... nothing to write home about

Bart Gardner

I had forgotten how many different items they had on the menu. Breakfast all day long. Great for family and friends.

Matt Christy

Great food and a friendly atmosphere


Great breakfast to me, cinnamon rolls were the best at the end.

Virginia Poole

Very good food and service

Robert Outterbridge

Great food and good service. The service could have been friendlier, better eye contact. She appeared insecure.

Brice Bowen

Food was pretty good price was good server was very nice..wait time after ordering was pretty long...will revisit

David Kapp

Just a quick stop for some pie, the French silk was decent, but the Carmel apple pie was amazing, especially with a scoop of ice cream!

Jonathan Curtiss

Good food. Great service. We visit the area once per year or so, and always have a few meals at Perkins

jane beck

Our waitress was awesome

Gary Comstock

No grapefruit juice. Messed up order. Took over 1/2 hour to be served in an otherwise empty restaurant. Only one entrance to and exit to the establishment. Very disappointing.

Christine Orton

Food was delicious as always

Adam Daczkowski

A bit overpriced, especially compared to competitors like Denny's or Eat'n Park, and the food was super bland. Eggs, sausage, potatoes... there wasn't a grain of salt or flavor to any of them. But the biscuits, pancakes sweets, etc. are good. And the staff was great.

Terry Dannehl

Me and my girlfriend always come here fast friendly service waitresses are courteous and fast Great Loop food

Megan Hawley

Oh my goodness there pie was absolutely scrumptious! Would eat a pie every day if I could

Scott Barnes

Decent breakfast fare, and pleasant service, but restaurant is severely understaffed. Would not recommend going here unless you have a lot of time on your hands. There are better, non-chain alternatives in the area.

Dave Pankau

Good friendly service

Michael Bender

Good food, good service

Candy Mudry

We are visiting Pocatello and decided to eat a late dinner at this Perkins. It was 8:30pm when we arrived and there were only two other tables eating at the time. Our waitress took nearly five minutes to come to take a drink order, which was two waters and two milkshakes. Then it took 10 minutes to bring the waters but no milkshakes because she said she had to take food to the other table. A different waitress had bring the shakes. We ordered food and we have a severe gluten intolerance so we asked if the Eggs Benedict with the hash brown base was gluten free. Our waitress said yes but the person eating it experienced major discomfort indicating gluten somewhere. The food took nearly 20 minutes to come to us even though there were only three tables in the restaurant. We waited and waited for our waitress to come back because we needed take away boxes and the bill. She never came back. We never got the takeout boxes and had to go to the main counter and ask for the bill. The rest of the food was decent but not memorable. The service was beyond horrible. Upon leaving we walked into a black parking lot. No lights. None at all. I wouldn't recommend going here to anyone. Find somewhere with better service.

Krystal Dugger

The food was under seasoned and didn't come out all together. Ground beef was a chopped hamburger patty.. lettuce was soggy and brown... Cheese was canned cheese poured for nachos.

Felicia Mason

Fast friendly service, decent prices, good food.

Aaron Kennedy

Really nice place, really good food, really nice people

Awilda Fike

Food is always good...desert is amazing..

Ramaa Vasudevan

Good food. Friendly staff.

Linda Wood

Excellant breakfast, friendly service

Becky Phillips

Tonights experience was not one of our better ones. My husband ordered a steak skillet and the meat was either almost all grissell or almost completely blood raw. All the manager could offer him was a free piece of pie. Beyond disappointed. Usually when something goes wrong, the manager gives at least a 10% discount.

PJ Clark

Nothing special about the food but the service is absolutely outstanding! Update 7/21/2018 - Went for breakfast on a Saturday morning and they were incredibly busy. And the service was STILL outstanding! This is an amazingly well run establishment.

thomas cutler

The waitresses is great like the food

gladys mayeer

Food and service. However, restuarant needs to be updated.

Cathy Capell

Went to dinner with my son .there was only two other tables with people. It took 25 minutes after we order to get our food. Food was okay nothing to say I would go back for . I would give it 2 stars.

Esther Wei

This place serves everything you can think of (well, American fare at least). Breakfast, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, desserts, etc. So far I was able to try the Everything Smasher (think tater tots with eggs and stuff on top, sprinkled with lots of cheese) and the Pick 3 combo, where I picked chicken noodle soup, turkey sandwich, and a garden salad. Great prices. The service is quick and attentive, and they are able to split checks up with ease.

Mark TeKrony

Went there twice in past 2 days with 3 very active kids. Had same waitress and she took great care of us. Even remembered that my youngest likes grapes and brought extra. I was very pleased with the service and the food was better than expected for a chain restaurant.

Dale Curtis

Food is good but the service sucks

Diana Meyers

Great food!! Great staff!! Never disappointed....

Inna Siegel

Great food, friendly servers, easy to find, lots of parking

stacey schellhamer

People were friendly I have no complains about the people. Food tasted like leftovers and they need to spend some money in maintenance and updates.

Karen Miles

Good food, not capable of handling large parties


Food was a bit greasy and service was slow.

Sean Taylor

Very good always consistent. Good food,.good service

Sherrill Redd

The food is good; the service is going; and the people are kind and helpful. Thank you!

Carol Taliano

Went to Perkins for what we thought would be a good home cooked meal. Walked in found 4 tables with customers seated. Two gentlemen sitting waiting for service and 2 customers checking out. Now the service is Usually very slow, but the two men waiting had been waiting some time to be seated. We decided to leave. If you have to wait 10 minutes or more to be seated how long do you have to wait to be served??? Terrible service for so so food!

Vicki Wynn

Great food, so excited it was hot!!!

Dan Hoyle

Good food, great service.

Scott Rogers

Slow to be seated but after that it was GREAT. Really good service and excellent food.

Kenneth Cook

Service was very slow and portions was small. Pretty expensive

Kathy Whitaker

It was okay friendly staff nice manager

Jesse Stonbraker

Breakfast food was great! Service was quick, a little expensive but it was still good!

Jeneane Sorensen

We hold monthly luncheons there. Good good and good prices

rell l

Good food at a real decent price.

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