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901 US-91, Richmond, UT 84333, United States

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You will see the opinions of real people like you who are consuming the services and products of Pepperidge Farm Thrift Store (Bakery) in Idaho.

To this day this business has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 and this score is based on 178 reviews.

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This Bakery corresponds to the category of Wholesale bakery.

Where is Pepperidge Farm Thrift Store?

REVIEWS OF Pepperidge Farm Thrift Store IN Idaho

Jared Rogerson

Awesome place.

Jaehoon Song


Chaitanya Errande

Kristen H

Camryn Smith

Amber Metts

Logan Hansen

Lou G

Brian Nordgren

Fun place to buy awesome cookies at a cheap price.

Deborah A

Great gem if you get there at the right time. They have bulk cookies and Goldfish for $2/lb. Sometimes they have a great selection. Sometimes the counters are bare. Good luck!

Karen Walker

Dennis Hardy

The store has great deals on cookies and a lot of other items.

James Day

There is usually a good deal on Gold Fish, crackers, cookies, and cheese at the outlet store. It is also fun to try free samples. If you are passing by it is a must stop.

DiAnne Casperson

Pepperidge farm goodies at reduced prices!

Chris Abel

Haven't been there for a while I was impressed

Jennifer Walton

Matthew Cox

Bryce Bohman

Slow, not enough employees. You'd think a big company like this could afford to have more than one employee in the receiving department. Dave said he has to unload trucks, do something with the "line" (something like that), and do something else, just him. So, here I am, still waiting to get unloaded at almost 1PM, and I was here at 8am.

Diane Cartier

Still waiting for the drop 1h30 after appointement... not surprise ...

angel valle

If You want milano cookies this is heaven awesome prices

Ashley Jensen

Crystel Jukes

Great place to get amazing cookies for a fantastic price! I love going to the thrift store the staff is so friendly!

Belynda Jackson

Stephanie Taylor

Always friendly, and obviously great treats! We come here often to stock up on gold fish for our toddler. Come earlier in the day for the best selection.

carolyn glauser

Taylor Sorensen

The outlet here for Pepperidge Farm is awesome! Cheap Goldfish crackers and incredible cookies in bulk!! Love the Milanos especially!

Amanda McKnight

Sandra Caito

We love going into Pepperidge Farm whenever we are passing through!!

Marcia Gridley

Michael F

great factory outlet Pepperidge Farm cookies and other goodies...

Andreia Legendre

t brook

Only one cashier, 10 plus people in line. Maybe just a bad moment. Great store though! Pricing visability for items could be better. I had no idea how much a box of milanos were.

Annette/Verlin Williams

Only thing better if they still had cookies in the bags

Shay Hall

Lisa Sims

The store is great, but half of our visits here it is closed during normal posted hours. There is no other notification of the closure, just a sign on the door. Be nice to know before driving 20 miles out of the way.

Donnie Fowler

For those cracker and cookie needs even those yummy goldfish

Crystal Mitchell

Great Staff, love their cookies and fishes

Chris Baxter

Sweet deals on "defective" cookies! I buy them any time I'm near here!

Lou Jerome

Good deals on good snacks

Neals Proctor

Cade Moody

Donna Bragg

Mike Romero

People seem angry to work in the outlet. The products are awesome. The mess ups in a bag are tasty and only 2$ a pound!

Titus Wrathbringer


Bunky Boo

Tommy A.

I wish I had come here sooner! Super discounted prices ...where else can you buy goldfish by the pound?!

William Underwood

Awesome prices

Susan Otley

dohgiedog Dohgie

North-side of business has about 6 unloading docks, but they had us in, and unloaded in record time, plenty of room to manuver your rig if the rigs that have been unloaded will pull completely away from in front of the docks! ! ! !, south unloading docks, at least 10 if not more plenty of staging area, but slow it took over 4 hrs to get Unloaded it was bad, and. that's with our rig and 2 others there,and the company wannabe/"loading dock foreman " get this!! this is after we're unloaded and signs off on the trailer conditions being Okay, comes to trig with puffed out chest,telling us how he should've rejected the load! after the Northside foreman accepted there half of the load, & pick-up point signed off on the trailer conditions being Okay also, some people have nothing better to do, than to bust our chops! good luck w/the s-side of this place!!

C Squires

Friendly employees and great deals

Brooke Wayment

I love Pepperidge farm!! The customer service is fabulous. Meeting Madi, one of the employees, was literally the best thing that happened in my day. She was so courteous and the coolest employee I’ve ever met at any store I’ve been to. Great products and place to visit! Definitely will come back all the time.

Chantell phipps

wesley pound

Always like the variety and prices.

Ryan Johnson

Chevy Suburban

Great place they were giving away a case of goldfish for 20 or more dollars spent at the store great deal

Lance Ozminski

This place is perfect. If you love there products, (me) then this is the perfect place to get them with a low price tag.

Larry Vanhove

Ralph Wright

Great and friendly service. Love to shop here.

Shay Christensen

From Oregon and coming back for a bunch of gold fish to take back. great price

Tyrell Neal

This is a fun place to stop. They have discounted products and bags of cookies! The kids love to pick out a treat. They even sell some frozen items like cakes and soups. Sometimes they will have a deal where you buy 25$ worth and they give you a free case of cheddar goldfish. My kids like to see what they can find!

Wendy Pearce

Adam Howell

Awesome prices on things we love.

Lana Perschon

Sharon Wade

The buys are really good not as wide of selection as in the past. But really great place otherwise. This is in their little to the general public.

Alicia Nichols

Kandi Evans

You never know exactly what products they'll have out, but you can't beat the price. Their frozen soups are also great!

Baby G.

Nice prices, parking lot structure, cute little store. It's always fun to work here & I love the people.

Cristian Naranjo

Brandon Olsen

Small but some great deals here.

Elizabeth R

Teeny tiny store stuffed full of delicious goodness. Come during the middle of the week for the best selection.

Robyn Madsen

I make this pilgrimage once or twice a year. We struck it lucky, the shelves were full, with lots of variety!

Araceli Nava

Paul Hammond

It would have been nice, but we drove from salt lake city to find it was closed. It didn't say it was closed on its website. It was really depressing.



Shane Mortensen

Mandi Winn

Great place great prices.

Kelly Gibson

We just love coming here. The prices are amazing!

daryl jarman

Great place to get bulk cookies and goldfish as well as packaged seconds. Worth the drive from Logan. Call ahead to ask what they've got today if you're hesitant.

Dan Washburn

Holiday season, shelves were half empty.

Bryon Gundersen

I love this place! If you are looking for Milano's or chessmen's or goldfish crackers and any other delightful things at a good price this Pepperidge farm store is the place!

Shauna Watkins

Great for low proceed gold fish and cookies

Rachel Wittwer Erickson

Love the deals and the prices here! The best!

Carrie Eddy

Small location, good prices, nice people.

David Alder

Great place to get cookies and crackers

Allen Perl

Cheep gold fish is always a plus

Cameron Anderson

Jerry W. Hulse Trucker Evangelist

Top shelf very professional

Emillie Hansen

Heidi Fitzgerald

Mary Hendrickson

Nicole Opie

Goldfish goldmine

Angel Aranda

(Translated by Google) Great service (Original) Buen servicio

John West

Didn't have to say a word, walked into r'cving assigned a door and was empty 8mins later.

T Scott Rees

Great place to get better prices on Peppetidge Farm prodicts, than the grocery stores.

perry pope

Cless Olsen

Great little country store pick up great cookies

Katelyn Elkins

Romer Pinto

David L Fischer

tania rosales

Sally Keller

Who doesn't like big bags of cookies and other Pepperidge Farm goodies for a great price?!

Nina Schwinghammer

Cookie thrift store! Great deals on bulk bags of cookies like Milano’s and Brussels. Freezer section as well.

judie ames

Friendly people ok selection

Jerry Skidmore

Great prices on cookies and gold fish crackers. Good luck on what they have, it depends on production.

Sharon Fr.

Great bargains on cookie's.

David Devlin

Jim Brothwell

esteban penuelas

They quickly get you in and out

Vaughn Fifield

Good cookies, great people.

Karli Rae

Fun stop with the kids. They loved buying giant bags of gold fish!

Ethan Huff

The cookies are so much cheaper but just as tasty than in the store!

Randy Harper

Good outlet store connected to the factory

Matthew Daum

Friendly staff, big variety of cookies & goldfish. The downside is that most of the snacks were made in November 2017 and it's now September '18. They say they're good through the end of this month. Seems kind of pricey at $2/lb for the nearly expired bottom of the barrel leftovers. You can get good fresh cookies like these with similar prices on weekly sales at some grocery stores.

Bryce Holt

I love the golf dish

Ann Stoddard

Love this outlet! I always have to stock up on my family's favorites.

Jeff Foster

We are from out of town, and it is always fun to visit your thrift store and see what you have

Luke Adams

Good discounts on their snacks. My only complaint is that's it's really out of the way unless you drive between Idaho and Logan frequently.

Ray Stelchek

Very good

vincent jarvey

Nice dock workers. Also overnight parking for semi trucks, and bathroom inside.

Chris shaeffer

Let u deliver early and always friendly

Art Hanson


Porco Utah

$2 / pound for Fish shaped cookies in clear plastic bags. about half to 1/3 of price of packaged cookies compare to grocery store price. Can buy in bulk in cardboard box for better discount. selection changes often, depend on what they are baking at that time.

Misty Mattinson Wheeler

Love this hidden gem! Wish I knew about it before. Great place to go and get deals on goldfish crackers and cookies. If you are ever up in the area you have to stop by.

Le Copel

Karen Cronin

Awesome friendly service

Ben Martinez

Pleasant place

Joel McCloud

Pathetic HR decisions. They seem to have a proclivity and strong penchant for hiring the least qualified personel. If your a forklifter thinking of applying here, don't, apply to the Walmart distribution center instead.

Lucille Lichfield Olsen

TODAY if you buy $25 anything in Richmond Pepperidge Farms thrift store you get a case of goldfish (valued $30). They close @ 4pm Saturday.

Brian Chidester

Very tasty cookies and a good price

A Google User

I love there cookies they have

Ryan Moyle

Tatyana Ilyuk

Zero stars. Not the best place to deliver. People at receiving are so mean. And if you have an appointment, don’t worry about it, you still going to wait for door for few hours .. I am so disappointed.

Peg Carpenter

Great value!

Daren Wallentine

Tery Thompson

Timothy Jones

Great to work with

Valerie Clark

craig scott

Good fast drop

Taiton Hansen

Adan Banda

I get all of my snacks here! Goldfish, cookies, etc! Highly recommended for discounted bags of Milano cookies and other Pepperidge items.

Mary E. Griffin

Great deals! Excellent quality.

Matthew Whitaker

Good selection (depending on the day) and delicious cookies and crackers. Try the mint Milanos, they are delicious!

Lynda Jensen

I love the outlet store here. Lots of options and great deals. I keep coming back because the selection constantly changes and you never know what's going to be available.

Daniel Carmack

Always a fantastic visit. Clean and friendly staff. And the thrift store is a great way to get cookies and goldfish alot cheaper

Alina Emch Brewster

Amy Atkinson

Cathleen Irons

Jacob Brown

Kevin zappitello

Their milano cookies are da bomb

Brandon Carrico

Jason Denlinger

Best place to get your Goldfish Crackers and Crackers It is much than the store!!! I'm coming back again soon!

Peggy Higham

We love stopping here and filling up our car with bulk cookies and huge boxes of fish crackers. You never know which ones they will have so it's an adventure. They have frozen products too but we don't get them because we have to travel too far.

Jacob Marvin

One of our best customers here at M7LOGISTICS LLC. We LOVE Peppridge Farm in Richmond UT. As well we love there delicious products!;) Thanks Pepperidge Farm......:)

Parley Bingham

Luke Freeman

Great, good selections, helpful staff a quick process.

Alison Ence

Winona Colvin

Adela Ayala

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