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REVIEWS OF Mrs Powell's IN Idaho

Krissa Deurmeier

We stopped in for a quick treat yesterday and shared a yummy “mini” cinnamon roll. Prices cannot be beat for quality, not to mention portions! Well worth the trip and calories

Troy Hiltbrand

Paula Holsinger

Fantastic!!! Best bakery in town!!!!!!

Ryan Pax Miller

Love the food but we came in a couple of times and the workers didn't even greet us and were playing on the phone.

Adam S.

Best cinnamon rolls in town! I am a very picky cinnamon roll person as I grew up making them with my grandma, this place is the best. Then I found out they had sandwiches, also extremely good. I love that they just opened another store near my work, downtown by the cinco de mayo restaurant. The price matches the great quality and great taste in my opinion.

Richard Day

The best cinnamon rolls ever!!!

Andrea Wilson

Just awful managment Rude to customers and not worth the price and hassle Geraldines tastes just as awesome and the service is way better than this place

Allison Crawford

I've never had a negative experience here, staff is friendly and their cinnamon rolls are amazing!! I love to come in a get some half off cinnamon rolls, plus grab a sugar cookie or two :)

Jonathan Peder Pedersen

I stopped in for the first time the other day and got three rolls. An original cinnamon roll, a caramel roll, and a grasshopper roll. I have to say some of the best cinnamon rolls I have ever had. Super soft and delicious rolls. You can tell they use real butter. And the icing was perfect. I will definitely going to be back for more.


Unfortunately the cinnamon rolls are A LOT smaller and more expensive then they use to be. Still VERY good but disappointing they up the peice and shrink the food down.

Wyatt Pickering

I've been going to Mrs Powell's since 2004. Just recently they have new owners and all the prices have shot up and the quantity of food has gone down. I would go in twice a week and order there lunch special that came with a sandwich, drink, and your choice of chips or soup for $5.35. Today I had gone in and there sandwich was half the size with a med soda that cost $5.35. The price to add a soup was over $8.00!!! To add a cinnamon twist I was looking at $12.00. I can buy a very nice steak dinner at Texas Road House for that amount. I will no longer be going to MRs Powell's for the simple fact that the quality and quantity of food isn't worth what they are charging for.

Gail Geisler

Just tell the truth i asked if the soup was still good, the gal said yes. i took it home and was so greasy and seperated that it was un edible. It's better to be honest than sell someone something so awful!

Elizabeth Mashburn

I love their original big cinnamon rolls!! They are better than cinnabon. I should know I am a hard core cinnamon roll lover.

Austin Rasmussen

Roger Hunt

Stacie Butikofer

Yum. Just yum. And to top it off the people are so nice! My favorite place to grab a delicious treat.

Benjamin King

Great cinimon rolls. Much better than cinabun. Sandwiches and soups as well. This is the original "Mrs Powell's" not one of the franchises.

Adam Romriell

Everything here is made from scratch!! And it's SOOO GOOD!

Sandy Young

Alejandra Maldonado

I've been eating Mrs. Powell's cinnamon rolls since when they were located in the mall when I was a child... (20+ years)... I know they had switched owners several years back and I was disappointed in how the rolls had become smaller and flatter, but they were still relatively ok. I went in recently and they changed their frosting... now it tastes like the generic stuff you get in the store. So incredibly disappointing. Will sadly not be returning.

Misty Erickson

Yum, thanks for the delicious treat on my day off! Huckleberry Roll, I'll be back ❤

CoCo Kraning

Decent bakery items.

Patrick Thornock

Good price, and good baked goods

Jeff Beltran

chris rumrill

If you like Cinnamon rolls, this is the place for you. Also great lunch specials

Bridget Hall

Their cinnamon rolls and twists are so, so delicious.

Roger Eskelsen

Some of the best cinnimmon twists and fruit rolls in town.

Amber Fugal

Adrienne Reuter

Liz Jones

I LOVE Mrs. Powells!!! Their bread is amazing and their sandwiches are even better! They use high-quality meats, cheeses and veggies for all sandwiches. Worth every penny! I moved back to CA recently, and MAN do I miss eating at this place!!! Enjoy a good thing while you all have it & eat there!! :)

Chad Hancock

The food was delicious and there are a lot of different choices. Very friendly staff. Would come back again and again if only I lived closer!

James Sanders

Excellent sticky buns and the huckleberry cinnamon rolls were amazingly delicious !!! Going back tomorrow for more !!! Yum yum !!!!

Juli Hancock

Shantell Jorgensen

Jared Jensen

Great sweet rolls.

Nathaniel Tice

The breads and treats are all made from scratch, by hand.

Hollis Henry

Most people go for the cinnamon rolls, but I go for the brownies. Yum!

Michael Frei

I love this place! I live in California and every time I return to my Hometown of Ammon Idaho I have to come in and get the Worlds Greatest Cinnamon Roll! Simply put "These are the Best" ! I usually will buy a dozen to take back with me. I individually wrap them in baggies and freeze them. That way I can get my MRS POWELL'S Cinnamon roll fix in California. Oh! One more thing. You don't have to declare them at the California Agricultural Border Check Point when your entering that State! AWESOME!

Krysti S

Horrible customer service! WE FOUND A ROCK that was bigger than a peanut in our caramel cinnamon roll. I went back with the rock to talk with them about it. I politely gave them the rock and told the owners son what happened. He replied "that's weird". That was it. No apology or offer for a replacement. I'm super disappointed in their lack of accountability.

Jason Ralph

There cinnamon rolls and twists are unbeatable!

Reid Talbot

Tasty treats, even if they are expensive

Katie Dredge

Josh Peters

Their cinnamon rolls are not only delicious, mouth watering and huge, but also what dreams are made of. Everything here is homemade, and the staff has been very friendly. A must for all your cinnamon roll needs.

Melody Madsen

Used to fantastic, but lately the rolls are underbaked and barely iced

Jesse Hendricks


Love it

Brandon Boster

Awesome cinnamon rolls!

Jeana Waldron

Everything here is amazing!

Anna Butler

Kreg Overstreet


Jenn D

I looove the cinnamon rolls!!! I live in a different state now and can only get them on road trips, so far I haven't found any I like better! The orange roll is heavenly too!

Steve Barnes

My wife and I got a tray of bread pudding from Mrs. Powells on Friday. It was the best bread pudding ever, we have about it all gone now.Thank you! Steve Barnes

Reed Holland

Amazing soup that comes in a bread bowl. The cinimon twists are also really good. Friendly staff as well. Highly recommend.

L Mayo

1. Management has changed again, so the old prices and sizes aren't there anymore. 2. THEY HUGE AND DELICIOUS. The cinnamon rolls are so big and fluffy and have so much frosting and are so CINNAMONNY AND DELICIOUS! 3. The staff and owners are super nice. 4. They have a bunch of other treats and creative things to eat. In other words, they have fun making things. 5. Cute girls work here. Just sayin'. 10/10 would go again

Mitch Larsen

Delicious treats, been a favorite place of mine since I was little and they were located in the mall

Betsey Sayer

Day old giant cinnamon rolls good but dry. Fresh sugar cookies very bland- no discernable flavor in cookie or icing. White bread yummy but made with margarine !? Who does that? Can't find a good bakery except chains like Kneaders-Panera. Its weird how little good food for sale Idaho Falls.

Kabel Smith

Mrs. Powell's has been a childhood favorite and I dream of her big fluffy cinnamon roles. My mouth waters at the thought. Recently Mrs. Powell's changed owners and I went in ready to again embrace those luscious fluffy cinnamon rolls, only to be disipointed to see they were half the size they used to be and not nearly as tall. They upped the price a bit, and shrunk the rolls down. I hope that they can again bring back the same finesse with the cinnamon rolls that Mrs. Powell's has been come to be known!

Montana Grant

Haven't gone in since they remodeled but I thought the food was pretty good as well as the service. Not a whole lot of healthy options though.

Brittany DeWidt

The food is so good- tastes like good home cooked food! A little on the pricey side, but I think it's worth it.

Jamie Longbottom

I had stopped in several months ago (before the new owners renovated), and was extremely happy with the product I had gotten. The cinnamon rolls were light and fluffy and HUGE. I stopped in again last week and to my disappointment, the rolls were much smaller and not very fluffy...and they cost more than before. I am sad to say that I will no longer be stopping by on my way through town. They definitely are not worth the price.

Sara Martinez

Best cinnamon rolls in town without a doubt. Dangerously decadent, even their regular size ones are huge. They also have miniature ones that are more reasonable to eat as one person:) They also have different flavored glazes to top them off such as orange cream or walnut butter. You can also get cookies, rolls, brownies, and fudge bars here almost everyday of the week. Additionally, and what I feel most people forget about, is that they also offer a great lunch!! Ive had their bread bowl soup before and it was delicious and perfectly satisfying on a cold day.

natalie anderson

Cari Luce

Jonathan Rosenberg

Once again, Great $7 bologna sandwiches! Quit taking my post down and you’ll be at 5 ⭐️ in no time. Really though, the best review is from 2 yrs ago...

Dennis Miller Jr

Cris Hatt

The staff is always very friendly. We Love the huckleberry roll.

Joyce Jackson

I ordered bread pudding with raisins, thinking it would be pretty good. It was the best bread pudding I have ever had from a vendor. I have had Kneader's variety of bread puddings and Chuck A Rama's which I thought could not be beat. But this beat them all. And they also make chocolate bread pudding which I haven't tried yet. Next time, I'll order without the drizzle; it's sweet enough without it.


Great huckleberry rolls! Best sugar momma in town!

Ryan Smith

Tabitha Romriell

Great food and service!

Chelsey Eddins

Family tradition is to eat cinnamon rolls on the first snow of every year. The last couple of years I have forgotten, but Mrs. Powell's cinnamon rolls are amazing and save the day. New tradition! Thank you.

Ray Matthews

I often go here and they know me now. Yesterday one of the girls brought me a big thing of soup at work and it completely made my day! Plus they handed out Father's Day rolls to all of the guys that work on the strip!


Great cinnamon rolls! I'm from out of town and always stop in for one. Delicious!

Destini Clemow

Katie Powell72013

The staff is great everytime I go in. They put a lot of care and love into their food. My whole office loves their lunch menu and it's requested almost every week!

Elizabeth Palmer

Every Tuesday I treat my girls to one of their many flavors of rolls. Everything I have eaten there is amazing.

Amanda Kranz

cari luce

Great place

Ed Crapo

Love their cinnamon rolls.

Natalia Adams

mitch workman

Great cinnamon rolls and baked goods, but sandwiches and salads are nothing too special.

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