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REVIEWS OF Messenger Pizza IN Idaho

Kyle Ronnau

Pizza is highly subjective, but I think in terms of taste that Flying Pie and New York Richies are both far better. Medium three topping pizza at Messenger was $34, pretty spendy. We tried a white sauce veggie and a red sauce "pie fight" , second pizza took two trips to the counter to finally get the staff to make it and came out way overcooked. Overall not impressed, will not return.

bill sheets

I love the unique pizza variations they offer plus craft beer definitely a place to visit

Austin Kreautler

The pizza is definitely the best in Nampa, and probably the next in the Treasure Valley. I love going here, when I can afford it at least

Mary Martin

I literally dream about their pizza crust. Slices are HUGE and like others have said, their prices can't be beat. Love this place

Rory Edwards

Favorite pizza place by far. Good salad bar. Beer, wines, soda, and root beer on tap as well. Buy by the slice or the whole pizza.

Montgomery Boldt

Just discovered that this was down the street from where I live. I was about to order from another pizza place but I'd heard good things about Messenger so I ordered out there instead. I'm glad I did, the pizza is amazing. I thought at first 15 for a small pizza might be steep but turns out the small is almost 14 inches and for the quality of pizza it was more than worth it. My only complaint is that I couldn't tell where it was from the street and passed by more than once trying to find it. I finally found the sign for that building complex so I looked around and eventually found the entrance inside the complex. I'd give 5 stars here for sure, but not having a very visible sign out front to direct customers into the business, especially when the main door is not on the street, made it very confusing for me to find. Hopefully they put up a big sign soon, but at least I know where to go now because I'll be back there very soon.


Great selection, the staff is always friendly and helpful. We love the 24" pizzas! Available by the slice or whole pies, you can't go wrong here.

Carol Murphy

Love it here! Great food, original decor and great service.

Andrew Flowers

Best pizza in town without question. Service is always friendly and quick, and the slices are always dynamite. Great addition to downtown.

Lisa Bonds

Quiet atmosphere and family friendly feel. Great food and a variety of alcoholic beverages.

Kyle McCarty

Awesome! Again! Love their pizza adding bacon! Will be back-again!

Tyler Mckinney

The best and biggest pizza in nampa. Along with pizza they also serve beer. They go together like 2 pieces from the same puzzle.

Chuck Lichtenhan

Good pizza, always is

Michael Johnson

The difference between a fresh pizza and one of the slices they heat up is huge. It's tough to go back to eating those premade slices once you've had them fire up a fresh one. That said, the lunch special with a slice and a salad bar is excellent, and the sandwiches they offer are some of the best in Nampa. Great drink selection as well.

Lance Cornell

Great piece of pizza. One slice makes a meal. Large variety of gourmet soda, beer, and wine. Easy place to dine and have a conversation


The pizza slices are HUGE. The decor is super funky. The beer and wine selections are awesome. Really, what more could you ask for? Plus everything I have ever had here (pizza, cheese bread) has been SO tasty! I stop here every time we are in Nampa from Boise!

Charity Andrade

Large single slice, nice salad, very casual,

Jay Sears

Had a great time, great food, had great company with me!

Josh Barber

Friendly staff. Good service. Great food. Will definitely be back.

Tim Eide

These guys rock one of the only chill spots to eat in town where you can see great art and have great vibes whilst eating huge slices of pizza.

miguel raya

Looking for a place to eat before the Luke Combs concert and we decided to check this place out. Pizza is so good and the large is huge. Pics dont do it justice. I will eat here again if I'm ever around. Friendly staff especially when this was our first time here and they helped us decide. We got the Toga Party and idk what else but it had the meats for sure.

Trechor Kinikini

Cheap and delicious

Henry Taylor

Messengers Pizza is a great local place in historic downtown Nampa. They have a unique menu with all types of pizza. Good place for just a slice too. If you order a large, just be prepared for a huge pizza. The box barely fits out the door. My only knock on them is sometimes they are inconsistent with the crust. I have had a burnt bottom before. However that does not dissuade us from going back. Also the beer joint "Prefunk" is right next door if your into craft beers with your pie. Messengers delivers to it

Eric Bishop

Big azzz pieces

Clay Walter

Great pizza, great atmosphere!!

Sarah Gilllespie

Huges slices for great prices!!!

Liz White

The food is great and reasonably priced. Lots of fun flavor combinations. They serve huge slices.

Cheri Kunz

The pizza was huge and so good. Amazing value for your money.

Nicholas Puderbaugh

I love the pizza great size if your hungry but your not so hungry the staff are very kind and it clean and I like the decorations

Abe Rojas

I'm sorry. I really am. I just couldn't enjoy this food. I had the California sandwich and a slice of pepperoni pizza. The sandwich wasn't good and neither was the pizza. My wife liked hers. So I mean perhaps someone else might enjoy it. But it just tastes poorly cooked.

Gabriel Whiteford

Great place to get a cheap, large slice of quality pizza. Great drink selection.

Rich Tygart

Great environment. I have a long love for the building itself because my friend used to own the restaurant that was previously there. They have great pizza by the slice or in whole but I suggest buying it whole because you get it fresh out of the oven instead of retoasted. The good thing about the slices of pizza is, each slice is about the size of a whole medium pizza from any other pizza maker. They have a small salad bar but it's one of the best salad bars I've ever eaten that because the toppings are incredible. Their ranch and blue cheese salad dressings are world-class delicious. They also have an excellent selection of ales and gourmet style soda drinks.

K Kay

We come here often.. That will change after our experience today. To begin..the blonde girl at the counter, taking orders, was rude and dismissive. Not only to us but everyone she served. She got our order wrong numerous times then acted as if it was our fault. The salad bar food needed changing out, badly. There were flies every where. People were fanning them off their food. The tables were dirty. (I cleaned ours off myself.) Finally..the pizza is brought to the table.. Counter girl is still rude and can't remember what we ordered. Pizza which is usually DELICIOUS... Was not & brought to us cold! Such a disappointing visit!

Derek Bentley

Best crust I've ever had!

Daniel Hickman

I have heard a lot of great things about Messenger Pizza. After being invited to join my realtor for lunch, I was finally able to give them a taste test. If you are a pesto fan, you would love this place. The pizza crust was "meh" and the toppings were unimpressive. The salad bar was above average as they did not use iceberg lettuce, did not have much toppings, croutons were tasty but rock-hard, and their dressings were below average. I have always been a fan of trying new pizza places, and while Messenger Pizza was not at the bottom of my list, they certainly did not impress me enough to make my top ten

Amber Hawton-Hill

I can definitely see what all the hype is about. Great food with a great atmosphere.

Vanessa Westergard

Most favorite place to eat in Idaho! Gluten free & vegan options, very friendly staff. Great unique menu!!

Ed Knapton

My food is fantastic. A bacon wrap. The pizza looked great too. Huge slices! Cool combinations or build your own. The down side: line out the door with only one person pulling slices, delivering to tables, taking orders and ringing people up. Two people in the kitchen that did not seem to care or be in a hurry. The food will bring me back only if I have tons of time. Something needs to change! The girl up front shouldn’t be sweating all over the place running from cash register to table to display window pulling pizza. when one guy just stood there looking at maybe 4-5 orders. If I hadn’t called in an order I would of walked out.

Mike Hunt

Good pizza, staff is always friendly


Generally good eats. One of a few places that cover most allergen issues.

Jennifer Sughrim

Best pizza I've ever had!! Fun environment, unlike any other place.

Austin Ulrich

Staff dressed inappropriately and had awful attitudes. She got mad at me because I asked for a key to the restroom and she couldn't find it.

Holli Guray

Yesterday my family and I met here for dinner. I was excited to try it because my sister says it's super good! I must say the pizza was pretty good but the service was the worst I have ever seen! The lady working the counter doesn't need to be working with the public! Wow! My kids were even commenting on her rudeness!! Never again!! I'm still in shock on how rude she was!!

Tim Wright

Food tasted good. Service was poor at best. Staff was busy doing something while customers stood in line waiting and waiting and waiting. Saw a cook scratch his ear & head, bare handed, and then grab a bunch of cheese, same hands, and keep making food without washing hands...

Jill Greene

Cant go in without being the 10th person in line witj a 30 minute wait. Walked in and out for the 5th time. Ever thought about a second line??

Ben Harris

Consistantly fresh pizza with a wide selection of topping and beverage options, including some interesting on-tap beers and sodas. The atmosphere of this place is grungy and weird, making it the perfect hangout spot in downtown Nampa. An absolute staple of the city.

Daniel Michel

After returning to Nampa after 6 years, it was nice to come visit a place that helped me through my high school years. The pizza as always is amazing and the atmosphere will always feel like home to me.

MeeshaKeena K

There should be a warning label on the size. 3 feet of pizza.... A lot of pizza.

Stevie Hart

Fun place and tasty pizza. The Drunken Goat sourdough calzone is amazing!

Ken Kaderly

Love the pizza and amazing salad bar. Of course great service as always. G I grew up downtown Nampa and I love watching it evolve. They should put one in downtown Caldwell.

Airia Howe

My daughter ate the whole piece ! Even the crust

Toby Joiner

Messenger is very unique and inviting. Excellent service and the pizza and tea is great!

Derek Brandt

One of the Best pizzas on the west coast.

Melanie Urrutia

Great pizza

Angus Macdonell

Great sandwiches and pizza

faron annan

Delicious food I had the b-bomber sandwich. Everyone else had the pizza. Fresh bread was used in that sandwich.

Jerry Hunter

One of the best and most original pizzas I've ever had. Price is a little on the expensive side for a pizza but well worth it. The pizza crust is hand tossed. Decent beer and wine choices.


Went in with my family and ordered a pizza. Ended up waiting almost 2 hours for my pizza. All I've heard is how good this place is and unfortunately this place wasn't even sub par. My pizza was completely gel layer and soggy. I was in disbelief that I waited that long for this atrocious pizza. Unfortunately this awesome staff is outweighed by the food. And I will never come here again. Only good thing was the Samuel Smith Chocolate Stout.

Jon Wetzel

Good pizza by the piece

jeannine smith

The food was good, but it took over a half hour for my friend to get her food on a not very busy afternoon

Nicholas Osgood

Pizza by the slice, or whole pizzas. Fresh dough great environment.

Thomas Gearrey

40 minute wait in line, 15 people left because the line never moved. I mention it to the cashier she repiles," Sorry I just work here". 1 hour wait for the food, everyone coming in after us gets their food before us. After taking our order to the wrong table twice, part of it was forgotten. Not impressed. Learn to manage the place. Every negative comment isn't about the food, but about the slow innept service.

Tyler Adams

Great food great service awesome beer selection

Mary Korte

The salad bar is always good and they are gluten free friendly. They make their own gf crust so that is way better than most places. They also have a great beverage selection and a fun variety of toppings.

Andrea Punley

Very friendly service and amazing food

m j

Favorite Pizza...In Idaho. Responsibly sourced, reasonably priced, ridiculously tasty and root beer on tap (local) to boot. Figs, feta, fun & fabulous salad bar. Casual eclectic atmosphere.

Mona Martinez

Reminds me of the Pizza in L.A. with the big slices and all.

Cassidy Zombie

Best by the slice pizza in the valley, cheap and fast. Always a plus when the staff lets you just sit and eat very cozy

Alex Campbell

By far one of my favorite places to go out to, always a good meal surrounded by good vibes

Nate Bernard

Favorite pizza joint to date. It ruined all other spots for me if pizza is what I'm feeling, it's always messengers!

Zach Worden

Great pizza but the salad bar is amazing!

Cody Oswald

best pizza place I have been to. way better than the main pizza chain, and it is very affordable.

Justin _

Love this place. Pie fight + added Brick 29 bacon. Perfection.

Jaxxton Clayton

Really cool environment. The pizza slices are huge! And they sell them by the slice. The price is pretty good as well. I will be going back!

D DevinM

Good pizza, big slices, good drinks

Alice Nelson

The best pizza in town and some mighty friendly employees.


Something changed with the pizza. Just not as good as it use to be.

Vanessa Limones

Best pizza in the treasure valley. It's the closest I can get to new york pizza

Todd Jackson

Good selection food and drink. Not your normal pizza place. The clam chowder was delicious and the pizza was intriguing.

Chad Orr-Compton

My daughter and I stopped in here for a slice and a drink... The atmosphere was pretty friendly, the pizza was pretty decent, all around a good place to stop for a bite.

Greg Hathaway

Good pizza and they have a decent selection beer.

Eric Jones

They cook their crust perfect and cost is just right

Tyson Jones

Pizza was good. Organic soda was terrible but at least I can say I tried something new. Customer service was mediocre. For the style and atmosphere there needs to be a server who goes above and beyond and explains why they are different and make recommendations to customers. Add this and it could be a 5 star experience.

James Thorusen

Huge slice for a decent price! Really good pizza! Great place if you just need a quick bite.

Missy Harris

Greatly enjoy the pizza here. Large, New York style with really good and crispy crust.

Jaquith Fam

Their pizza is amazing, the staff is wonderful. The only issue is that the location isn't particularly easy for disabled people with walking problems to get to since parking can be a problem, but that's not their fault. Their pizza selection is great and they use great ingredients. I found myself surprised at how each ingredient was flavorful in a way other pizza places seem to bit be able to do. I can't wait to go again.

Amanda Axtell

I'm always greeted with a smile and great service! The food there is awesome and Its a great place to have a bite to eat woke you're out walking the town! Everyone there is awesome with their customers. Not many places can say they do the same! Great pizza! And beer on tap!

Aimee Hoerth

Great pizza, portions, and awesome service at a good price.

Lwyn Dahl

Great pizza for the money

Vidal Ortiz

Awesome as always

Janesse Siler

Always a good choice, and a great location

Charles Knoblock

OK but not my style for pizza.


Our all time fave! You can't go wrong with any slice. And just LOVE the chowder bread bowl!

Paul Webster

Delicious! Creative.

Dusty White

The food was mediocre with the staff friendly yet inexperienced.

Seanna Foreman

I really miss the good old days when you could buy a slice for 2 bucks, back in 2011 that is. I really do miss the old price but the pizza is still so very worth it to go indulge and enjoy! I always get the pepperoni with red peppers, and ranch for dip with tobacco sauce! It's so good!

Efrain Scott

Service is great,n pizza's are always tasty

Denise Williams

Always absolutely amazing food!

Stuart Hill

Great food and service. Top notch

Stephan JohnJohn

I love eating here. The pizza is always amazing and the service incredibly friendly. The layout and comfort of the building makes it fun to bring friends to eat and drink. I have a particular love for the pesto pizza as well as the pepperoni with mushrooms.

Tairex Clayton

My favorite pizza place in Nampa! They're always generous with the toppings and use quality ingredients to consistently make delicious food! The drink options in bottle and on tap are just the cherry on top.

Brian & Karen Davis

Great Pizza in an upscale, old brick building in downtown Nampa. Got the "Slice, Salad, & Soda" for lunch with a close friend ($8) and the pizza slice is a meal in itself. Nice atmosphere and we could converse easily. Had to ask for ice with the canned soda but the waitress was very accommodating. Highly recommend for a girls lunch out.

Amber H

I'm from Washington, but whenever I visit my friend in Idaho we eat here! The slides are huge and tasty. Highly recommend!

Paul Wofford

I heard about Messenger's awhile ago, but never got around to trying them. I was put off a bit by the prices that I saw online. I finally decided to give it a try tonight. The pizza was really good. I didn't know that you could buy the pizza by the slice and the slices we're pretty big. I decided to get 4 different kinds and sample each with my wife and my son. We were pleasantly surprised by the flavor mixtures. I highly recommend the jalapeno pizza. My wife really enjoyed the apple and bacon. We will certainly return for more. The largest negative was the line. At 5pm on a Saturday, I waited 20 minutes just to order, but then my order was delivered in 5 minutes.

Teri Clark

Omg they have the most amazing gluten free pizza that I've ever had I'll be back soon. Hope y'all have more gluten free stuff like bread stick ECT

Erika Land

Quirky fun place to get some lunch! And they serve old Rasputin on tap! My favorite!

Bret Miller

Amazing food and atmosphere!!!! Awesome people.


Good pizza. Kinda reminds me of a college town tree huggish hippy style a little but great nevertheless.

Cline York

These guys are affordable and friendly.

Frank Gutt

Very good

Patti Smith

The pizza is HUGE!! Nice staff, unique place. Love the architecture.

Tracy J

Jalapeno popper pizza


Messengers is the best Pizza Place in Nampa. They have unique flavors that you can buy by the slice or buy a whole pizza! I recently had to change my diet to be low sodium and I am happy to say that I can have their margarita pizza - low sodium but not low on flavor. Nice atmosphere, very eclectic decor. I highly recommend Messengers!

Eugene Sugar

Food is ok but the waiting in line to order takes quite awhile.

J.S. Cerda

Messenger pizza is awesome! Before I retired, my job took me all over the country. I've had pizza in the best places to include NYC and NJ. I even had pizza in the oldest pizzeria in New England (Boston). Messenger is in the top five! The pie fight rocks!! These guys do pizza right!!!

Jim Simmons

Good pizza and great beer. Beers a little spendy but oh well. Grab a couple friends and get thier huge pizza

Izzy DaGamer

Large slice a pizza for great price! Always recommend

Kenyon Turner

Add Bacon and Goat Cheese. Trust me. It was incredible. Can't go wrong. Slices are huge. I got the one with Jalepenos. The Bacon was solid. Big n Juicy

Nicole Fourtner

SUCH GOOD PIZZA!!! By the slice or a whole pizza. 8 piece bread stick and 3 slices cost $14 and the 3 of us were. Super good, nice staff

Kiley Johns

I absolutely love the nice little hidden gems in downtown Boise and this one is by far the bast. Service is amazing and the lady that helped me was so friendly. Great prices and fantastic food. Highly recommend!


Love the food and the people, they keep me always coming back for more! If your not a big pizza fan they have other options too, like a good salad bar.

Sidnei Evans

Damn excellent pizza

Tianna roxx

Best pizza ever, and big slices

Kandace Hayes

Good pizza & beer :)

David Routt

Good pizza. Would have liked some dairy free cheese options besides goat cheese.

Ryan Moore

Not bad at all...better than pizza hut or the others...still looking for a real new new pie....


Nice , ma' and Pa

Preston Ferrin

Easily some of the best pizza in town!

Bruce Angle

Absolutely the BEST Pizza in Idaho

Zach B.

Excellent pizza, big slices, great prices for a slice! Also, if they have their pesto rolls you have to try them. So scrumptious. Their pepperoni pizza is my favorite.

Jennifer Easley

I have been going to Messenger Pizza for several years. I love their dedication to clean, locally sourced ingredients. Their pizza is the best in the Treasure Valley. Although it is small, the salad bar is great! Salad bar vegetables are always fresh and the dressing is delicious. You get bread sticks with your pizza that are every bit as good as the pizza crust. I love the atmosphere and creative artwork and tables. The beer, cider, and soda options are great. Last time I went, I had unsweetened iced tea that was amazing. I'm not sure what it was but it tasted like a spiced orange tea.

Jeffrey Austin

Good local pizza and a very nice atmosphere

Chadwick Regalio

This is one of the best places to grab some food, and I NEVER have had any problems until now, which is why I'm still giving you a 5 star review because no need to be petty right? My complaint? All the case pizza's were stacked ontop of each other, where usually they are elevated above the pizza below them. It just looked really unappealing and watching them lift the pans up to get slices UNDER the pans, not great.

Bella A

Super friendly staff and amazing food. I'm from Chicago and I'm picky about pizza but this place is awesome

Jamey Pomeroy

Chill environment. MASSIVE portion sizes and the pizza tastes great. Would recommend if you are walking around downtown Nampa.

Scott 123

Also enjoy eating here.

Daryn K

I've almost always had good food here. Even when it wasn't good, I couldn't really say it was bad

Josiah Graves

The food took almost an hour, even when it wasn't very busy. The calzone was closer to a loaf of bread and the sausage in it had very little flavor. I've heard great things so I want to go back and try some of the pizzas but the first impression was very bad.

Angela Eileen

Their prices have gotten higher over the last couple of years as they have gained popularity but the service and the pizza is as good as ever. Fun funky place.


Great lunch slices, and the brioche was killer.

Ghoti Lost

Awesome staff great pizza

Chris Lindbergh

Huge selection and smelled great, but was missing the extra goat cheese we asked for, keeping it from perfection. Friendly staff and comfortable surroundings.

margie potter

I love this place. Reasonably priced and the best pizza around. No GMO's and they use local ingredients.

cisca garcia

Messenger Pizza has the best calzones. The pizzas are uniquely named and yummy. Its located in downtown Nampa by a couple of pubs. So we ordered and ate at a pub. It was great!

Andrew Dahle

Great food. Try it.

Nanette Duncan

My favorite pizza crust in Nampa. This time I ordered a 12" pizza, but it was more like 14"!

grace jurhs

This is my favorite pizza place in Nampa. There are many good options (and all are delicious) and the environment is very welcoming.

Kaitlin Aisthorpe

The fresh pizza deserves 5 stars, its delicious, well priced, and pretty huge. The buy by the slice... from what I experienced, not so much. It was SUPER tough, it tore up the roof of my mouth. But all in all, its amazing, just buy fresh.

JP Rennquist

The pizza here is pretty good. The portions are enormous for a single so I actually posted a photo of that. It is a little odd that they sit out without any apparent warmer so you kind of have to just take their word for it that it is rotating stock fast enough that they are not just sitting out for hours at a time before being sold and re-warmed. I had a few sips of the draft Rootbeer, it was good in terms of sweetness and mouthfeel, etc but I would have preferred some more carbonation but that is a personal taste so I won't mark them up or down for that. It is worth trying for a draft Rootbeer fan. I also liked that there was a non-alcoholic option on tap. Kudos for that. Where we get into dings is on the layout. I was there with my friend who is in a wheelchair. It was actually potentially/possibly his last meal out as he is dying. But it was pretty hard to navigate the place in a wheelchair. And the "seat yourself" vibe might work well for the college crowd but it was tough on us and came off as indifference. The tables are beautiful but they are also extremely heavy and I had to move a couple of those out of the way to make room for us to all be seated together. The bathrooms were simply atrocious. In very poor repair. There were no towel dispenser and a marginally effective hand dryer plus freezing cold water to wash my hands left a really bad taste in my mouth. I think if they were to do even minimally basic maintainance on their bathrooms and clearly identify handicapped seating that they would get another star and a half, maybe two from me. But if those things don't matter to you (the reader) then this place is worth checking out for the eclectic menu, really creative and engaging decor, and enormous slices.

Julia Secondi

Mathew is amazing! Thanx for a great night guys

Joshua Norwood

Cool little pizza joint with a salad bar. Great decor.

Kevin Walker

Love the pizza! Easy to get a slice or a whole pizza. Good beer selection.

Nicole Hall

Great customer service and great gluten free pizza. I had the veggie and I thought the crust was good compared to other gluten free crusts.

stellar plays

The pizza was amazing and crisp

Veronica Sosa Altamirano

Big and tasty Pizza I ever I give it a five-star and recommend this to anybody.

carolyn foster

Atmosphere not inviting at all but love their thin crust pizza.

Mrs M

This place is a favorite for our family. I also love that it's local.

Erik Sanchez

Great pizza, slices bigger than your head. Can get a combo meal fairly cheap.

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