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209 N 3rd St, McCall, ID 83638, United States

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REVIEWS OF McCall Pancake House IN Idaho

Austin Rhodes

This is an awesome breakfast spot! Service is quick and friendly, the coffee is delicious and the food is tasty! Definitely recommended trying the sourdough pancakes!

Jessica Smith

We stopped in for breakfast on a wed at 8:30 am. The place was already packed. But it was worth the wait. Very friendly wait staff and food aas quick despite how busy they were. We ordered the giant cinnamon roll. Its huge! Enough to feed 4 people. The exterior of the building was beautiful. I will be back the next time we are in town.

Jess Kerns

Wow! Great food! The pancakes & cinnamon rolls are the size of plates! Make sure to get the Huckleberry pancake! This will be a must for every trip we take to McCall!

Carden Reynolds

Not a bad place to eat at all! The staff was friendly, and the restaurant was clean. When I saw the prices, I thought 10$ for a pancake and a side of bacon is kind of pricey. Until the pancake came out and I realized that I could only eat half of it. The pancakes were good but not great, the bacon was amazing, and so were the other sides that were ordered by my group of 10, a great place to eat some breakfast food!

Bryce Tremblay

There was a wait but it was worth it and the food and service were good!

Bart Anderson

Great food, great portions, beautiful restaurant

Allan Weekly

Great food. Great service. Great ambiance. Do NOT drive by this restaurant! Would be your loss.

Kendra Setlowdtr

Friendly hometown atmosphere. Great service. Scrumptious homemade comfort food, generous proportions. Excellent value. Rustic hunting lodge atmosphere with amazing old time Christmas Shop in back.Definitely will return when passing through historic McCall.

Taylor Dobson

Good service and good food what else do you need

Dave Domine

Great food, excellent sevice.

Barbara Brown

Good food and our server Jane was great.

Barn Owl Scentsy

The service is the worst I have ever experienced. The woman in the front was rude and just plain nasty. Honestly I wonder how they stay in business. If you treat paying customers the way we were treated your business will fail. We will never go there again.

Marc Brown

Make reservations. It's a popular joint for a reason. Real good breakfast and they have a neat little gift shop, too (I think the gift shop is Christmas themed all year). This is the place to have breakfast in McCall.

Gary Pertle

Nice place, friendly staff but, a half hour wait for our order.

Leann Wicks

Great service and nice variety of dishes

murphymadness murphy

We waited an hour to be seated, another hour for our food, 3 of our orders were missed completely. Waitress felt terrible and did what she could to recover the service but she was overwhelmed with tables. Food was good but will find another breakfast restaurant next time.

Spencer Cowan

Amazing food at a great price! The wait is worth it.

Amy Mantineo

Cinnamon roll was to die for! We shared it as a family before our meals and still took half home. It's HUGE! Pancakes were super good as was the country fried steak and corned beef hash and crepes. Everyone was happy and full!!

B1ng B1ng

We love pancakes! Surprised with the portion.

Nikki Piper

Fantastic as always! Best homestyle cooking in McCall.

Connor Newman

Great food in huge amounts. Come hungry and expect to take home leftovers. Great food, Everything is made from scratch or from locals. The place gets packed so prepare for a bit of a wait.

Beate Otto

We are in McCall 3 months every year in the winter. And during that time have breakfast at our very favorite place, the Pancake House, at least twice a week. The food is very good, plentiful and reasonably priced, the atmosphere is cozy and the staff is the BEST.

Ryan Georges

The outside waiting area was amazing in the summer. Flowers everywhere! Once we got seated I ordered coffee and a GIANT cinnamon roll. And let me reiterate, this thing was massive. From what I was seeing going to other tables most of their food is similarly portioned. Come hungry!

Sheri Hansen

Wonderful place! The food and service was great last year and it hasn't changed a bit this year. I would definitely recommend stopping here if staying in McCall or just driving through! I've attached the most recent menu.

Scuba Tyloo

Just order a cinnamon roll. You won't regret it. Great place to grab some good breakfast and start your day off right. This place is a McCall must considering how long they've been around.

Neil Payne

The food is always excellent. They serve breakfast and lunch. Really good variety of dishes.

Aaron Wilder

The food is both good and largely portioned. Hard to find that anymore these days. The atmosphere is also really interesting and spacious, very high ceilings, which lend to gawking and people watching. If you're with someone who always needs your full attention, don't go here, just get the food to go and gaze into each other's eyes elsewhere. For normal people, enjoy!

Wallace Morgan

Rustic beautiful energy full of history

morgan bolderman

Wow, after 6 years in Idaho, this was the best combination of food and service we've had. Our server was a rockstar. The portions were big and the price was reasonable. Plus they had natural, non-gmo and organic options, which are very important to us. Our breakfast here was the highlight of our getaway. Awesome job guys!

Dan Klinge

Soooogood! The cinnamon roll was incredible amd so were the sourdough pancakes!

Jason Hall

If the flippant/arrogant waiter that served us this morning (thin kid with blonde hair) is there when we return... we'll leave immediately. Horrendous service with no manager available when requested.

Justin Alphabet

My family goes here every year and we will till we die! They have the BIGGEST pancakes and cinnamon rolls I've ever seen and they're reasonably priced too! Love it here!

Jessica Constant

The hostess was amazing we shared the same compassion with being patient as they were extremely busy. Once we were seated however our waitress seemed upset that we were not quite ready to order, we did however ask for coffee simultaneously! She brought us water and coffee and took our order. She never came to the table again or even glanced in our direction. We watched as she helped her other tables around us, then started to think maybe it's bc I'm different I make her nervous... But that is never an excuse! We had to ask several others that walked by for refills on our coffee. Once she brought our food she asked if there was anything else (using a tone that says bc I'm not coming back) we said- if we could please get some more coffee..... ..... She brought back an empty pot and poured a little in my husband's cup and 3 drops in mine and walked away. No she didn't come back with another pot. We left a 40% tip with a note that gave our feedback with the #kindnesswins! Bc whether you cared about me as table or not, I care about you as a server!

Tammy Zimmerman

Great food, beautiful atmosphere, beautiful flowers, great price and service

Charlotte Barton

This place has the best cinnamon rolls! The staff was friendly and the prices where great.

Charles Rayhorn

Good food. Leisurely service.

Paige Nielebeck

Always the best food! Big portions of comfort food! The waitress we had was awesome and on top of everything! Love it here!

Cristeen Millar

Loved the atmosphere, the flavorful food, amazing menu options & of course, THE CHRISTMAS GENERAL STORE!!!

Summer Miller

After 3 days of camping my family needed to sit at a table and eat like normal again. The atmosphere is very nice. The service is good. And the pancakes are huge. If you aren't looking for giant pancakes, there are many other options. I enjoyed eggs and bacon. My daughter enjoyed some biscuits and gravy. It was a good time. We will go back again.

Sharona Olsen

Good food and friendly staff. The cinnamon rolls and pancakes are enormous.

Cody Julian

Great food and service also a Gym and Pokestop on Pokemon Go

Deborah Jones

First time here from cali. Great portion size and very friendly workers.

Brett Wilkins

Very busy, resulting in a long wait. Good food, a family favorite.

Janessa Sosa

The French toast was so yummy can't wait to go back.

Chris Barlow

Love coming here with the family everytime we visit McCall.

Donna Mason

Don't waste your time.or money. Huge portions.of tasteless food. They've been around.too long, testing on their laurels. TOURIST TRAP

Amy Dunn

Food was ok (not great) but really pricey and there was a 2hr wait. Wouldn't go back

John Galban

Without a doubt, this is the best place to eat breakfast in McCall. It's so good that there are very few other places in town that bother to serve breakfast. As such, you will probably have to wait a bit for a table, but their comfortable porch will do nicely. You can also grab a cup of coffee from the coffee shop while you wait. Haven't had anything on their menu that wasn't excellent. From the country fried steak and eggs to the pancakes and waffles. If you're hungry for breakfast in McCall, this is the place to be.

Sam Crockett

Took 40 minutes to get food but its always delicious.

Vivian Mitchell

Great fod, friendly service

Gali Valentin

I came here all the way from Boise to try the infamous pancakes I’ve heard about, got there at 12:45, two hours before they closed and we walked in and they told us they were closed. People kept walking in yet we’re the only ones told that. This was a waste of my time. I had also called about 5 times to see if they were still open, but no one ever picked up. This was incredibly upsetting.

Becky Johnstone

Consistently good food. Breakfast available through the day. Good service. Very clean.

Marcus Martinez

Really good food at a great price, ordered and our food came out hot and quick, had the homemade biscuits and gravy and it was superb.

Jeff Warth

Waiter with the special hoop earrings, was persistent in telling me and my family members what he thought we should eat instead of what we wanted. Very unprofessional. Staff has become unfriendly and rather cantankerous. I will no longer do business here. So many good memories and a few people have ruined that


Get the cinnamon rolls it's only 5$ and it's worth it

Christy Lindsay

Huge portions of incredible food. Very kind staff and speedy service

Carl Spackler

Always the same great food and mostly same employees for the last few decades. I grew up in McCall and really appreciate to see some things not change, outside of the new building of course! Thanks Bonnie

Me Taylor

Huge portions, so busy there's a lot of waiting

Laura Memmott

The food was amazing. Service was great we had a party of over 20 and the service never lacked. Will definitely be visiting this restaurant when we come to McCall again.

Jennifer Steffen

Delicious breakfast in a gorgeous building. This is a must-dine-at restaurant in McCall. We had those potatoes (yum), fruit crepes, biscuits and sausage gravy, a plate sized pancake, and an omelet. The portions are very big, so plan ahead when ordering! Friendly staff, good food, as well as fun historic decorations give this restaurant 5 stars.

Richard Mecham

Amazing place great food

Autumn Bernal

The biggest pancakes! Great service, very reasonable prices! My one complaint is they cook their pancakes with a slightly crispy edge, which I know a lot of people like but it is not my favorite pancake, the texture or the flavor. But this is probably my preference and not necessarily a bad thing. The pancakes are slightly denser then I prefer as well, more old fashion tasting.

Nathan DeWalt

The hour wait to get seated wasn't too out of the ordinary, considering it was lunch hour during the weekend. Once seated however, our waitress was very inattentive and short with our table. The experience was worsened when we had to wait 50+ minutes for very basic entrees (waffles, steak, and chicken). We also didn't even receive pancakes that we ordered, to which the aforementioned inattentive waitress responded with "My bad", then giggled as if it wasn't part of her job to take orders accurately. She probably wasn't giggling when she received no tip, I imagine. On a positive note, the food was pretty good and the portions were very large. The atmosphere and decorations were very authentic and despite horrible service, I would still visit this restaurant again. I'm sure with a better waitress, and less of a wait for food, it would have been a fantastic experience.

laura schaeffer

Great food, wonderful service. Ordered the turkey dinner which was awesome. We are repeat customers and will go again.

Jordan Reynolds

Amazing sour dough pancakes. Overall, great breakfast and value.

Alexandra Gamez

Everything and I mean everything is super good and prices are very reasonable, they serve food like for 3 days at least. Highly recommended

Cameron Stewart

Pretty good breakfast. Would go again.

Maria Thompson

Thursday night and waited about 5 minutes to be seated. After 15 minutes we were given water. After 25 minutes we were asked if we wanted anything besides water to drink, by the busboy. I ordered a glass of wine and was advised that he would need tell someone else to get it, which I understand. He was probably not old enough to serve it. We were watching everyone around us, some that were seated after us, get orders taken and served. We never got the glass of wine, never had a server take our order. After 45 min we had nothing but water. We left. It was sad cause I was looking forward to the meal.

Mari Flores

Great service and food. Power Juice

Mike Kauspedas

Really great gluten free pancakes. Acceptable corned beef hash. Service was fast and friendly.

Kirsten Finnigan

Good but I wasn't overwhelmed. It was a quiet early evening and I was disappointed that the Christmas shop was closed.

Casey Swenson

I had the most amazing time of my life. The food was so super duper good. The staff was super kind and super thoughtful. I was not disappointed at all. The cinnamon rolls were the best ever in my life. None other has came close to it. I cannot wait until I go there again someday. Also the gift shop was so amazing. I have never ever been to a better gift shop. I even bought something for my friends it was so awesome. I hope to be back very soon.

Michaelyn Patience

Very enjoyable. Food is delicious and very large. I had 2 plate sized pancakes that I had to take home because I couldn't finish. Their eggs could use some work, but overall everything was amazing!

Astropup 5000

The food here was good. Too good. Almost as if they're hiding something. What are you hiding, pancake house? I couldn't even finish my meal because the portions were so generous. Sometimes smells fishy here and I'm going to get to the bottom of it. If you don't hear from me soon, notify my next of kin.

Thomas Collins

The pancakes are huge and delicious but the cinnamon rolls are ambrosia.

Fred Miller

Dinner was fabulous! Family of 7. Two perfect Ribeyes for my wife and I, "the best Cob Salad ever" for my Daughter in Law, great Corned Beef Hash for my son, excellent taco salads for my other son and sister in law, and our 7 year old grandson got stuffed on spaghetti. We were seated as soon as we arrived. The service was excellent. The price was super reasonable. The girls said breakfast was great. Dinner sure was. We'll be going back.

amy isacson

Starting to turn into a tradition for us. Something for everyone! Kids and grandma like it, along with us in-between folk. Neat atmosphere and especially fun around the holidays.

Amanda Hamell

Good food, a little slow service on Christmas Eve. Cinnamon was bigger than I expected, size of a dinner plate. We had to take half of it home. Good deal turning omelet into burrito, they add avocado and salsa to it. Also we can two pancakes as our choice of bread.

Dave Haines

Service and food were excellent

Bob Doyle

Great food and very clean

Steve Linson

Food was good the service was good all around good experience

beth dubay

I love this place, the omlett was one of the best I've had. Thank you

Mikayla Brassfield

We waited over an hour to be seated and almost an hour to get our food. They refused to split the check for a group of nine. We were then told to do the math ourselves and tell them how to charge the cards. One of the items we ordered was not good at all and nearly untouched. We asked them to take off the item since it was not eaten and we waited so long for it. The owner would not let the waitress remove it. We asked to talk to the owner and we were told it is policy that no one can talk to the owner. The food in general was unimpressive. For how we were treated by the owner I do not recommend coming to this establishment.

Joseph Woodbridge

My family has come here for years. Always have prompt service. Quality is consistent. There is good verity. If you go before 8:30 then you usually don't have to wait in line. Kid friendly.

Alethia Hoff

My family goes camping at Ponderosa twice a year and we always stop by the Pancake house. The trip would feel incomplete without going

Tina Slokan

Really nice place! It was my first time visiting McCall & I took family with us. We enjoyed the gift shop too & took home a monster cinnamon roll.

Lind Skanter

Stopped for an early lunch. The restaurant was modestly busy. My waitress was pleasant, but maybe a a bit slow taking my order & in bringing my bill when I was ready to leave. I had a clubhouse sandwich & bowl of potato bacon soup, both very tasty. The portions were generous. Menu prices for the food are reasonable, but I detest paying $2.25 fir a cup of coffee.

Toby Mouser

Great food (try the home made cinnamon rolls), excellent service, but very slow to get food. When the food did start showing up it arrived for one person at a time. By the time the last person got food the first person to get theirs was almost done eating, this was for a family of four. If all of the food would have shown up mostly together I would be happy to give a higher rating.

Rick Whiteford

Well worth the wait. Great service and even better food. If you're in McCall then you have to eat here or no one will believe you even took a trip to the busy little town of McCall.

Gaming with Pickle

Love the place. Great food.and service.

Dan Cotten

Best breakfast in town..

Dave Rainey

Heavenly cinnamon rolls that you can't eat on your own. Great breakfast options including gluten free which was delicious.

Tobias Collins

If you're a corned beef fan, you'll be satisfied. Belgium waffle was delicious.

Stephanie Beauchamp

Excellent food, Great ambiance, lovely Christmas Shoppe, affordable prices

DeAnn Stout

Yummy! Fresh food. The sausage isn't pre-made's good. I asked for eggs poached hard and they did it.

Chrystal Merritt

Great food huge plates

Cindy Myers

The food was good and we are usually satisfied with the service but this time I visited with several friends and the waitress refused to split the bill. She also didn't want to make too many changes to the order to "make it easy on the kitchen" . Very odd. They weren't even very busy.

Michael Miller

Very good food with friendly staff. A very cute spot that has a ton of room. This was infinitely better than what our hotel was offering us.

A.B. Creates

We really enjoyed this rare find! I would drive from Boise every other week if I could!


Very good food the small chocolate chip pancake is huge!!

Olivia Shan

A tourist favorite- A wonderful spot to enjoy a (real large) meal with family & friends. Awesome family environment and a wide variety of food. Average prices for McCall, typically very busy with waits usually of 30 minutes, but well worth it when you taste the food! If you are visiting, this is a MUST, if you are a local (like me) wait until fall/ spring & enjoy the tasty food with less of a crowd!

Connor Pogue

Holy schnikes this place is amazing. HUGE fluffy delicious pancakes (and you need to add huckleberries they're so good). My wife has to be gluten free and the GF pancakes were so good she had to ask the waitress if she was 100% sure the pancakes were actually gluten free (to which she assured us they were and this question is common). 10 out of 10 would pancake again.

Ryvona Stephens

Awesome as always. Great waitress that lives in Welder, working Fri, Sat. Sun.

Stacy Platt

Fun atmosphere, friendly staff, large yummy portions of food

Lindsay Battershell

We came here for my sister's birthday with a couple of our friends who are locals. We got dessert and ordered the cinnamon rolls. I kid you not, they are actually the size of your head, maybe bigger. Fantastic service: great servers and quick serve time. We had a grand time visiting the McCall Pancake House!

Lisa McClure

The food is always good here. Great service as well.

Nick Tholl

Really big and really good pancakes

Looley Lightening

Superrrrr slow service! The pancakes aren’t good in my opinion, they taste like custard and that’s not how I like my pancakes. Servers are friendly so that’s a plus and I LOVED the cold pressed juice bar.

Juan Fernando Rodriguez

the food is good, and I liked that they had Mexican style, very good

matthew cunningham

Quality food and service!

Marilyn Rasgorshek

Love the Huckleberry Crepes. Yummy!

Travis Patton

Little bit high price but good food.

Todd Rambur

I got seated immediately... at the bar... overlooking the dining area. I ordered an iced mocha, which arrived pretty quickly. It tasted more like chocolate milk than a mocha. An elderly waitress took my order. I did get a bowl of minestrone soup, that had spaghetti in it, within 10 minutes. It was pretty tasty. I sat, and sat, and sat waiting for my food. Parties that arrived quite a while after me were getting their food, finishing their food and I still hadn’t received mine. I had waited 30 minutes for my brunch, I had to get on the road. I went to the front counter to get my check. She summoned the elderly waitress who piped up with, “Well, it’s not like we are busy.” I would of left it well enough alone it weren’t for her snotty remark. She did comp the soup for me. I’ll try again next time.

Audrey Kennedy

Cozy atmosphere, friendly staff, and good food all at a reasonable price. Based on what I ordered they anticipated I may have a special diet and asked if there were any other adjustments or additions I might need to my order.

Mia White

Oh sooooo goooooood! Amazing food!!!

Jeff Nelson

Local tradition. Make sure your bellies are empty as portions are large and filling. Suggest you try the cinnamon rolls as well. Scrumptious

Chris Scott

Wow The Pancake House in Mcall never disappoints. Incredible food and great environment. It's a must go to!

geron m

Very long wait- nearly 50 minutes (was told about 35-40); good food; nice atmosphere. Recommend coming before 10:00 or around noon to avoid the rush. Service was so-so

jose morales

Really good food friendly people.

Mariah Morris

Ok service, food is ok. Wouldn't go back.

Austin Byrd

Always the best!! We went there many times and it has always been good, and we are usually full by the end of it. I drove from Boise to get there and I was happy every second. The good food, the best waiters, and a great price.

Ian Sanders

Giant menu along with giant portions. Good prices. I'm craving it again just writing this. Mmmm pancakes!!!

jennifer davis

Always our breakfast heading out of McCall, such an amazing environment! The best knick knacks every where. Staff are friendly and attentive. Sizes are huge! Biscuits and gravy are one of the best! Omelets are great! Pancakes are amazing!

Pete Jacobs

The steak and eggs was great.

steve c

This place is cool. Has a little gift store that has a ton of stuff. Food variety is pretty great and what we had was really good. Defake a stop in. Service was great even though they had a ton of people coming in .

Chad Sorensen

Long waits. Go early. Amazing food and Staff

Anita C

Come hungry. Extra large portions at a low price. Great tasting food. The pancakes and cinnamon rolls are huge!

mark harvey

Super great service! Great food too!

John Osborne

This place is a McCall tradition for our family. We always make sure to stop in and get huge cinnamon rolls. Everything on the breakfast menu is great so if huge fluffy delicious cinnamon delights aren't your thing don't worry pancakes, eggs, potatoes (get the potatoes) everything, delicious. Connected is the Christmas store which is always a hit with the kids, year round.

Jordan Packard

Amazing breakfast. Just be aware, the place is popular and you will usually need to wait. We were told the wait would be 30 minutes but it ended up being only 15. Ordered a cinnamon roll and it was ENORMOUS. Could easily split between 4-6 people. A bit slow on the service but solid food.

Austin Ciminillo

It is a clean place with a fun shop. The food is just average so don’t expect anything great. Service was meh. It was nice to come see the place one time but I’ll never be back. Plenty of other places with actual good food.

Kendra Anderson

Eggs benedict was great and the service was great as well!

Marti Perry

Good food, pricey tourist - type place. I believe that I heard they had closed since we were there. Check that out before driving from Boise.

Scott Walker

Excellent pancake breakfast. Large pancakes with plenty of blueberries. The bacon was very tasty and large pieces. Coffee and nine grain bread were good as well. The homemade strawberry jam was excellent. This place gets very very busy and we were there on Sunday of a holiday weekend. We were seated right away because there were two of us, not four. Our server, Kimmie, was fast, efficient, and friendly. Parking is excellent, but people drive fast and don't look out for other cars, so be careful. If you have a craving for a large breakfast this is the place.

David Moore

It was amazing...the waitress was Krissa,and she did everything perfectly..the wife and I were very happy..the food is off the hook...everything as ordered and brought all at the same time. Zero complaints..very highly recommended...theres a wait for a reason and you are not disappointed that you did..

McKendra Adams

We were told a 30-45 minute wait, but it ended up being over an hour. The food was good, but not an hour wait good. Outside is absolutely gorgeous though.

Susan Swartz

Such an awesome place to eat! Great atmosphere and antiques! Great gift shops!

Sue Smith

Food is good big portion. Staff very friendly

Rupali Kumar

Loved their pancakes and other breakfast options but their Huckleberry crepes were smelling of eggs.

Trina Coleman

The good: Amy was a amazing waitress! She took great care of us . The others could learn from her. The food was fine. The tall dark haired lady that sits you needs to learn the people that comes in Pays her wages and her behavior and rudeness is over the top. Just not to us but watch her in action with others. To busy texting on her personal phone to even face the man who was asking for a table.

kay carrier

The food was good and the little Christmas shop next door was cluttered but lots of fun stuff.

Korina Gillam

Love coming here when I'm in McCall. Food is good and the Christmas shop is the best. Perfect place to get all sorts of gifts & Christmas decorations.

Saeed Bawazeir

Great Food Great services Great locations it is outstanding

Michael Vineyard

Just left. The food was really good BUT our service was terrible. The easiest way to sum it up was when we asked for one of the specialty coffees on the menu and the server “No, I’m too stressed right now and can’t get that for you.” And the hostess was very slow and inefficient with helping out with the wait. We understand it being busy but these things can and should be managed.

Elise Maybon

The pancake House has head sized cinnamon rolls that are SO good! Pancakes are HUGE and the french toast is to die for. Prices are reasonable. The atmosphere is very cozy in a log cabin style building. The Christmas Store attached is so fun to walk through while you wait to be seated. That being said don't wait in the morning to get in to eat, this place is popular and fills up very quickly.

Katrina Whitten

Good food .i think if you cut proportion size down they would still be well known .

Travis Futas

Always a great place for a family breakfast if you are visiting McCall. Food is priced right and portions are massive, so go hungry!

Phil Hayward

Lots and lots of options. I had McCall's best breakfast burrito, and really enjoyed it!

Chad Vaughn

Great breakfast, friendly staff... they are usually quite busy, but the food makes it out quickly, and there's plenty of it! French toast and huckleberry crepes are our favorites!

Jared Hight

Gorgeous. The ambience is only outmatched by the food. The giant cinnamon roll changed my life. You can't let yourself miss this place when in McCall.

Bryan Constant

First. I try to leave the most positive review I can, but I also price myself in honest reviews. I can honestly say I never plan on eating here again. Hostess was kind and friendly, it was a 45 minute wait but we knew that coming into it and didn't mind. Upon getting to our table my wife and I simultaneously asked, no begged, for coffee. We hadn't had a good cup of coffee in a week. The coffee was good but we had the worst waitress I've ever had in my adult life. My wife rocks blue hair right now because she can and we got the cold silent treatment the whole time. I had to ask a lady bussing tables to refill my coffee. Got our food, great portions at good pricing, waitress and if there is anything else she can get us and I politely say please just keep the coffee coming..... To which she neglected and continued to ignore or table throughout the meal. I got a waffle wife got pancakes and we we shared hashbrowns eggs and bacon. Hashbrowns literally were like mashed potatoes, I am not exaggerating. Would have been great with steak and veggies for dinner but not for breakfast, soggy browns. Honestly, the pancake was ok but nothing special. You can have the tastiest did but if you serve it with disdain you sap the love with which it was made it of. How you have a better experience but honestly go anywhere else for breakfast, this place is not worth the wait or the roll of the dice that you aren't going to get a snooty, better than you waitress. Go to Lardos instead.

teresa boulos

There is absolutely no better place for breakfast in McCall then right here at their famous Pancake House! You've never been there you need to check it out!

Michele Yancey

Every time that I have visited I have had to wait forever to be seated and to be served. The food is mediocre. Some reviewer said that they treated you like family. . . If so, this is not a close.friendly family; this family needs therapy. I can't figure out why this place is so full! I suggest you try other eateries in the area unless you are looking for a long wait and average food.

Harry Miley

Food was *great*. Took 30 minutes to get seated, because two of our party were late. Manager's policy, we were bluntly informed. Then, it took an additional hour+ to get served. And the guys' dishes came 5 minutes before the girls'. Seventy bucks for four coffees, four meals.

Human Skills

If you are vegan don’t go. First of all, the veggie burger on the menu, that clearly says vegan, is not vegan, unless you order nothing but the patty. You think you are ordering something vegan, because it says so on the menu, then they bring you out a bun that has cheese on it and a dairy sauce. FALSE ADVERTISING. Additionally, when I first called to ask about vegan options, the server said they had eggbeaters (get educated!) and said pancakes could be made vegan by making then with soy milk. When I arrived I was told the pancake mix has dairy so pancakes cannot be made vegan. The Pancake House owner clearly does not respect vegans because she lies on her menu and he staff is embarrassingly uneducated.

Shawn Bowers

Amazing pancakes and hashbrowns. Fresh squeezed ginger juice was awesome also

Chirelle Pearson

Great! They have a ton of options but mostly breakfast in general options. I thought they'd have a lot of pancake options. (Blueberry, banana, cinnamon, etc) however that is not the case. Pancakes are good! Breakfast was good! Wait time on Sunday is ridiculous though. Heads up.

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McCall Pancake House en Idaho
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