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REVIEWS OF Kneaders Bakery and Cafe IN Idaho

Marc Sunderland

Wow, this place is one of the best bakerys on the planet! Great menu, good prices, and fun atmosphere combine for the perfect meal. Keep in mind, my last visit didn't include my children, but still! They also have an are that features gifts, decorations, cook books, etc. That is changed up depending on the season. They also offer the best gift baskets I have ever seen! This place is packed with just amazing stuff!!

Amy Minzghor

Delicious variety if scrumptious sweets, soups, and sandwiches.

Merlady Idaho

Good food for pretty good prices, but theyll serve you frozen bread pudding if you dont ask for it warmed up.

Brittany Hope

Fabulous food! Wonderful and timely catering. I was extremely impressed with what I ended up paying for a company lunch-in. Highly recommend.

Krissa Deurmeier

I’ve been to Kneaders many times and always enjoy it! Friday we went and I decided to try the Apple Squash Soup and it just didn’t taste great to me (not bad, just not as flavorful as I had hoped) and the staff was great about switching it out and making sure I was happy with my food! Considerate staff, clean dining area, and yummy food.

Renee Carden

Customer service was great. Ordered out, they were wonderful.

Melanie Barber

Blueberry #5 is one great smoothie

Benjamin Jespersen

Food was absolutely delicious. My wife and I got the "turkey bacon avocado" sandwich and the "chicken salad sandwich" croissant. Both were amazing. The deserts we had (fruit tart and mint brownie) were incredible also. The brownie was a bit rich, but the tart was light and wonderful. Service was quick and friendly and the atmosphere was very cozy.

Akshay Bhole

Wonderful bakery with excellent coffee. Things taste fresh and the focaccia was divine. The sandwich I got was a large size portion as compared to similar priced sandwiches in larger cities

Homeless 2070

Great food and service however I did find a hair in my lemonade 4/5

Donna Smith

Boy do we love this place. We have made it our weekly lunch stop. My favorite is Dave's BLT on a croissant. So very good. We always come out with a loaf of bread or dessert. The employees are so nice. Great atmosphere.

Parker Steadman

Great variety of food, and very relaxing dining environment! Super friendly staff with a nice and clean inshop!

Dingo Stephens

Amazing food, best in Idaho Falls. Always super friendly people

Miranda Manning

They don't serve French toast after 11am

Mellissa Sargent

The food is good but not for the price that you pay. If you're in a rush at all don't waste your time. I've ordered inside and it took forever so thought I would try the drive thru but it seriously took 28 min just for one sandwich.

Elizabeth Mashburn

Thought I would give them a try! I was very pleased. I got the Turkey cranberry croissant sandwich it was so... good! I am definitely going back!!! The pricing is reasonable not too high and the service was amazing!!!

Tony Stallings

I have been to Kneaders in Idaho Falls several times. I have had a great experience each time I have been there. The staff has always been friendly and helpful. Their salads are really good and just the right size. The restaurant is a nice clean environment.

Kaelyn Eckman

Great food

Daren R

Decent food, friendly staff, but the place was dirty. Every available table was dirty, seats dirty, floor covered in food and liquid of some kind. The place looked like a tornado went through there. The people in front of us also had to ask for a table to be cleaned off, and there were 10+ tables available, all of which were filthy . The wait time for the food was also quite long. First time here, probably the last time. Not impressed.

Jasmine Nichole Hall

Since the option of zero stars seems not to be an option, I'll give it one. Absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced. I've given them several chances, only to be let down every time. Food tastes great, when you actually get what you ordered and paid for, which has happened to me exactly one time. I have not had one trip to Kneaders that hasn't resulted in me going back because my food was wrong or something was missing. The staff are stuck up and distracted. The last straw was tonight. I went inside because I didn't have 30+ minutes for the standard drive thru wait, and I thought by ordering in person my chances of my order being correct would be better. They were out of turkey, understandable. I've worked in restaurants, things happen. But maybe let me know before I pay and get ready to go sit down. And maybe give me more than a tiny shred of chicken for a substitute. Also had to go back to get the croutons I ordered, after the employee confirmed my order three times. Long story short, not going back. Also, the place is kind of dirty inside.

Olive Norris

First time at this place and I fell in love better than Panara

Jenny Carlson

The girl taking my order was a young brunette who wasn't welcoming.she didn't seem like she wanted to help me and normally I get asked if I have my rewards card but she gave me the price and never asked if I wanted anything else. When she called out my name she swung my food in front of me and quickly turned around and eye contact. It was rude and snobbish.

Kalua J.K

Love the atmosphere, reminds me of the cafes in Napa Valley CA.

Zach Wilson

Not only was food amazing! But I’m very impressed with service and hospitality of these ladies here. Will be back. Sourdough pancakes all the way.

Angela Whiting

The food is amazing. I requested a special order and they were great to do it. I also wanted to buy a piece of decor that was sold out, the manager was great to try and find one for me at a different location.


Service is wonderful! Food is really great!

Lana Miller

I’ve been sitting in their drive through with only one car in front of me for 12 minutes now. I used to love this Kneaders and came here with my family several times a week. Not anymore. Something happened and as of recently every time we go in or order through drive through they take FOREVER. Yesterday we got 4 pastries, which were right there in front of us, already cooked. The woman behind us got 2 pastries. There was nobody ahead of us in line. We waited for 20 minutes in the store. I almost left without getting my food. I didn’t even order something that needed to be cooked. They just had to put the pastries in a plastic box. Sadly they have lost my business. I like their food but I’m not willing to wait for 15-20 minutes every time. Sit down restaurants don’t take this long. :(

Cristan G

Nice atmosfer,the prices was very decent.The only think that I dinnt like much, was we wait for some stuff longer that we shouldn't.

Amy Ballain

The food is really good, prices are good, but the staff isn't friendly, and it took us 15 minutes to get our order (which was just pre made dessert.) They were not very busy and staff was just sitting around talking about giant spoons on the wall. In the meantime, my children were sitting very patiently for their cookie, but even they have a limit. This tends to be the same issue I have every time I go there. Oh, and my brownie looked like someone took a bite out of it (I'm sure they didn't, but you had 20 brownies to choose from and you pick that one?) Finally, the place is dirty. Almost every table had leftover crumbs or plates or napkins or or or. Add this to employees just standing around...

mason Jennings

Love there turkey bacon avocado on. Facccia bread. Yummy good stuff.

Elsie Anderson

It has great food and fresh deserts made that week it is the best

lindy snyder

Great staff, not super busy... Great food!!!

Ruth Schwendinger

Always fresh and inviting

Hailey C

So we love going to kneaders to get half price desserts on Saturday night and the great thing is they always have a ton of desserts left, so even if we don't show up right at 8pm (when the sale starts) we've usually gotten what we were hoping for. My all time favorite dessert is the pecan tart, with the fruit tart in close second. Honorable mention goes to peanut butter pie and the lime tarts. I tend to think the cupcakes aren't that impressive. For dinner I love the roast beef sandwich!

Jake Curren

Food was light and delicious yet filling. I'll be back.

Lizzy Souza

GREAT food and service! They even went above and beyond to make a birthday cake for my boyfriend's dad and customized it, it was delicious! We eat here at least once a week, sometimes twice and we have not been dissapointed.

K Conklin

We've only been for the desserts, but they're worth it. With a family of 6, who can beat the buy 5 get the 6th free? They have a very friendly and helpful staff too.

Melanie Smith

The food is always really good.

Carla Campbell

32 minutes in the drive thru. They didn't give me the bread that goes with the soup but I didn't notice until I had driven away and wasn't going back to wait in another line. Had a key lime tart which was made with the most bitter limes I've ever tasted. YuK!

Gregory Barker

The unlimited French Toast breakfast is unbeatable in taste and value!!

Andrea Paulsen

Great food, great service

Joyce Balmforth

I went to Kneaders on behalf of the EIRMC Auxiliary and ask about possibly donating to the Auxiliary for a request from The Cancer Center. I was able to speak to the Assistant Manager and explain our circumstances. She explained to me that her dad was a cancer survivor and she graciously presented me with several gift cards. We both shed a tear and a hug. It was a great experience for me and the staff at the Cancer Center were so grateful. They will be used for patients who may travel a distance and/or have an extended stay in Idaho Falls. Thank you so much for your generosity Kneaders!

John Wray

Like every kneaders, service is great, surroundings are clean and pleasant. Food is fresh and delicious.

Cambria Kelley

The last couple of times I have been in the drive thru the employees have been rude. I haven’t gotten my receipt or even a “here’s your food have a nice day or anything”. On top of that the lady that helped me today didn’t even ask if I wanted more than one desert. The food is too expensive for this type of service.

Mike Tucker

They have the best sandwiches and dessert items! Everything is fresh. One of my favorite places to eat.

Emy Clevenger

Good food but terrible service. Waited 30 minutes to get our food, food was cold when we got it!

Kathy Saville

Yummy got tarts for co-worker birthday!!

Nicole Stitt

Love how fresh the food is! The people and desserts are amazing!

Cindy Edwards

This the the fourth time I have visited the Idaho Falls store. One visit wasn't that bad, but on the other 3 visits I was very disappointed in my sandwich. I haven't been back for a long time. Today I thought I might see if they had improved. I ordered a Turkey/Cranberry Croissant. I got home and took a bite. Nothing but croissant. Took my second bite dry turkey. I took the top of the sandwich off to find no mayo or butter (no moisture), a tablespoonful of chopped turkey smack in the middle (not spread out to the sides) and no cranberry. Oh! Wait. It's liquid cranberry sauce that was squeezed into a nickel size mound on one side only. $7? Really? It felt very much like a cheap cheeseburger from McD's. Took it back and asked about it to the manager. Technically, that is the sandwich they are instructed to make. Oh! Well, I handed it back. Kneaders - we are breaking up permanently.

Shannon Jacobson

Heavenly! The sandwiches are crazy good. Desserts are da bomb! Only one sadness, the Idaho falls store doesn't cut the price of all of the desserts and breads like the other stores do at 8 PM Saturday night. Since they aren't open on Sundays they have to get rid of it. But I guess our store doesn't want to.

Colleen Spickelmire

Excellent food! Love the homemade soups and salads!

ashley dixon

Good food, took a while to get thru the line, very busy at dinner time .

CoCo Kraning

Food is good. Bread bowl is hard and difficult to eat. Cheesecake is good.

Matt Leonard

The sourdough bread is the best!

Jan A. Cullen

Love everything there! Sweets for everyone

sofie casassa

I love love love their desserts and ,food!

Clyde Acor

Awesome and very delicious food but a bit expensive for sandwiches and soup.

Cookie Watts

Over priced.

Jill Beck

Yummy food, mostly cozy atmosphere. Cute little trinkets and home decor you can buy in addition to the delightful baked foods. Highly recommend for food and service.

Theresa McCoy

Nothing special for the price and their salads are not worth $9.00

Marianna Huffman

Great soups...they don't always have the Parmesan Sausage Kale (which is awesome and spicy), but all the soups are great in the bread bowl!

J Harris

Ordered and paid online and chose the convenient pickup time option...order was not ever made. Order was then made quickly and not to how I ordered the first and now second time. Returned tonight to give it a another try and was excited to see two slices of Banana Cream pie available (the sign said banana cream and it looked like heaven) the cashier noted it was lemon...why does it say Banana Cream? I don't know but it's Lemon was the you have any Banana Cream? No, you can clearly see we just have Lemon was the response...what I clearly see is that you have a Lemon marked as Banana, do you what the Lemon or not...Seriously, there are other places in town that offer better service and goodies that are just as good..not impressed and not returning

J'Lene Webb

Always Love Going to Kneaders! They have Excellent Variety of Breads, Breakfast Options....French Toast..... Yum....Sandwiches, Soups, Salads and most importantly the Awesome Variety of Desserts! There is something for every Sweet Tooth! I usually opt for the pie or salted carmel cheesecake, but their tarts, cakes and cookies are yummy to.

Kim Olson

Love the food.... pretty slow each time we've been in but overall worth the wait! Not giving 5 stars only because of lack of efficiency... food excellent and prices good.

Lelainne Horvath

I just visited the drive thru for lunch. I was the only person in line. I asked a question and the girl taking the order wasn’t all that helpful. I drove around to the window and she opened the window, told me my total. I handed her my card and said thank you. She opened it back up with my card and said “want a copy?” Then I said at the window for almost 15 mins, I kid you not. She came back with my bag and said “there you go.” I asked for another dressing and as she turned she rolled her eyes and said nothing. She came back handed me the sauce and STILL SAID NOTHING. I work in customer service in the food industry and I was baffled. No, “thank you for your patience”, “sorry for the wait” “how’s your day” or “have a good day”. She was so rude. I can handle food taking long or being the wrong order but terrible customer service just isn’t acceptable. I don’t see myself coming back for food again.

Chris Thomerson

I prefer Great Harvest for coffee and pastries as they have (in my opinion) a better selection of both. However, everything I have gotten here has been tasty and fresh.

Sumayah Holden

Best salads and sandwiches around! We stop at Kneaders every time we are in IF because it is FRESH and HEALTHY food. The Turkey Cranberry Sunflower salad is my favorite and I love a place that knows that seasoning a salad makes it! They have an amazing bakery with all sorts of deliciousness too!

Joseph Stokes

Not if you are in even a slight rush! We stood in line inside for over ten minutes and then left. Maybe the drive-up window is fast but inside is not. Their food is pretty good but not worth that kind of wait. We went to Panera and received prompt service. This is the second time this happened to us.

Marla Scollick

Found our new favorite spot!

Shawna Tarin

Love Kneaders

Lisa Miller

These Cakes are the BEST ever.

David Barnes

Excellent, friendly service .great selection of pastries and sammys .will surely come here again .

John Parker

One of my favorite places to eat a good lunch. I get the Turkey salad and a twice baked croissant.

Scott Worley

Great lunch options and a huge selection of baked goods, not to mention the absolute best key lime tarts!

Beverly Velez

I received the gift card and was able to come and feed my husband and sandwich drink and dessert under $20.00. Today we brought my picky eater (10 years old) who just informed me that she is willing to come back because it's good. Love the prices and the good food.

Devyn Herrick

Absolutely delicious sandwiches, salads, and desserts! Amazing quality food that is well worth the money. Love coming here.

Elizabeth S.

If you ever get a chance to go to Kneaders you really need to stop in and get a sandwich a pastry or an awesome salad. I highly recommend it.

Iris Judd good. The Raspberry Bread Pudding is delicious.

Jay Ellis

They have some of the best Raspberry cream cheese pie. The cream cheese is a lighter whipped cream cheese and not the heavy thick kind. Very delicious beyond words to describe.

Rita Hale

Phenomenal bread (foccasia) with turkey, bacon, and avocado - wonderful atmosphere and baked goods

Peglee Rockwood

Great place for delishous breakfast!

Dana Stoddard

Always good food. Always good service

Jordan Jarvis

Great place to get fresh baked foods. The French toast is the best!

Kathy Draper

Always so good.

Tyson Woolstenhulme

Make sure you get there early on Saturday night if you want anything good... Oh hell its all good

Brian Hunt

Yummy bakery with sandwiches, soups, salads and desserts. Service speed can be hit or miss. I don't mind the wait. This is a kind of good food doesn't come fast kind of place. Also not all of the sandwiches come as half as well so if you want a smaller option you have to share or do the simple sandwich.

Linda Boggetti

They have excellent soup, and very good sandwiches. Nice for lunch or a light dinner.

Melanie Vineyard

Excellent pastries, but I didn’t care for the sandwich or soup. The raspberry cream cheese pie is good, and Cinnamon French toast is also tasty.


A little higher priced then most around the area. However, the food is so AMAZING! Chicken noodle soup is so great!

Robert Taylor

Good food reasonable prices

Hailey Leavitt

Staff was snobby. Took my money to great harvest

Maria Forgit

Great desserts

Adrianne Elliott

I LOVE Kneaders! One of my friends and I go there when we need to catch up. It's always busy, but never too crowded. The food is always yummy! This last time I got a breakfast sandwich on a croissant...that croissant was sooooo good! It was buttery and flaky and was one of the best croissants I've ever had! My sister-in-law makes frequent trips here for the mint brownie. All the desserts I've tried have been phenomenal.

Rebekah Baron

Love the fast and friendly service. All you can eat french toast for breakfast was delicious!

Jerry Mumm

They have the best Reuben sandwich

J Mang

High quality food! I highly revommend their croissant chicken sandwich, their French dip sandwich, and their eclairs

Ali K

Great food and pastries. They have a drive through.

Jacob Petersen

Delicious! Came with the family and they had something for everyone. Great portion sizes, friendly staff, and clean. Long lines during peak hours is the drawback, but it is because everyone recognizes that the wait is worth it. If you go with your family snag a table when you first walk in and then you know you'll be alright while you wait to order. Berry cheesecake was phenomenal.

Jonathan Miller

We ordered the UNLIMITED french toast and they stopped us at 3 cuz they were out. Kinda dishonest if you ask me. Sad to see a dishonest Kneaders franchise

Aaron Bagley

I enjoyed the atmosphere and the food. The price was right on point for a deli/bakery. They were out of the bread we were looking to buy but it was the evening.

Donnie MacKay

Always good and friendly people. The food is delicious and the desserts are great. We always get their pies for family events. The kids really enjoy their food as well. I highly recommend this restaurant. The soups are top-notch.

Angela Lee

Always a line but rightly so due to their yummy food they offer. No complaints except that their bakery items are expensive.

Kathleen Gorby

This place has a good variety of healthy options when you want some food fast. Their salads are amazing along with their fresh baked bread. The other great/not great part are the desserts. If you're trying to stay healthy stay away from those items, unless it's a special occasion.


Good fresh food. Delicious pastries

Jonathan Huse

Wish Pocatello had one. Good food!

Paula Jacobsen

I really loved the bread I bought multi grains with filbert nuts in it

Jordan Abrams

Positives: Food is healthy and environment is clean. The breads are fresh, the salads aren't limp, and the sandwiches are delish! The environment is super cool and modern. The treats on display make waiting in line a pleasant experience. Negatives: It takes them a long time to put together a bowl of soup and a sandwich.

Mitch Sullivan

It's good food

Tamie Jamison

Bacon avocado turkey on friccata cheese bread is really yummy

Jimmy Montoya

Good sandwiches

Jane Bahr

Food was great. Brownies delicious.

Avery Van Wagner

Pretty good food.

Nichole Jones

They changed the salads

Lani Brewer

Very Christmas! We had soup and sandwiches both were very tasty. We would prefer being waited on instead of waiting in line ten minutes to order. The food is great and the atmosphere is better.

shawnzie Gra

For the love of all things holy this place is amazing! Try the roasted bell pepper soup and their white bread. Chicken sandwiches are to die for as well and do NOT leave with out a fruit tart!! Worth the cellulite ladies!

Ginger Stacey

So disappointed. I have really enjoyed Kneaders but they have recently changed their salads. You can no longer get a full or half. Now you have to pay for a full, but only get the size of a 1/2, and you only get about a third of a regular serving of chicken. AKA 3small bites. Complete waste of money. You should not spend $8 and still be hungry, and I’m very careful to watch my Portion sizes and not over eat. This is what you would get as a side salad at another restaurant, but still get a full entrée for the same price.

Mike Gilstrap

I honestly don't think I can say enough great things about this place. Love the food and staff!

Betsey Sayer

Mint brownies are so light and yummy, buy 5 get 1 free! Drive up takes awhile but worth it.


I don’t know who chose to change the syrup on the French Toast to caramel goooooo. It is awful and they don’t have the good old syrup they use to have. We won’t be back for breakfast again.

Melody Snow


Sarah Wood

Their turtle cheesecake is so delicious!

Holly Briggs

The customer service from the staff here is impeccable! There was a young man taking orders from customers this evening & the man in line in front of me was treating him so poorly & he handled it so well! I wish I had caught his name but I was so impressed with his customer service! Way to go dude!

Aimee Germann

The food was great, very family friendly. We ordered a cookie and they brought us a free cookie when the food was ready. Yummy breakfast foods

Sara Martinez

Delicious desserts and good, warm, home-style deli food too. Great bread bowls with hearty soups that rotate in variety. Go early if you're looking for something special; specifically the key lime tarts are known to sell out. If you have a sweet tooth, Kneaders will not dissapoint. They have everything from decadent brownies, whip cream filled and frosted eclairs, fruit filled, flavored, and plain croissants, cupcakes, and cheesecake.

Jackie Adams

Fantastic. I love it there. Yummy.

Stephanie Martinez

The rudest service we have ever experienced at a food establishment in Idaho falls ever!

Mallory Hulbert

I had a delicious breakfast sandwich and smoothie here. And a pastry. Super tasty.

Rodney Frank

Good place. Very busy on a Saturday evening. Good desserts!

Becky Buddenbohm

I always love it here. The salads are amazing!! The soup is wonderful and the sandwiches are yummy!! The desserts are out of this world yummy!!!!

Jcma Smith

It is very enjoyable to eat lunch here. Love the menu and the fresh tasting ingredients.

Susan Brooks

I am a huge Kneader's fan. We moved to IF from Colorado and I have found the quality to be extremely consistent. You can always count on a great sandwich, salad, soup and dessert here. My go-to's are: turkey bacon avocado salad, any of the soups, and any dessert. The best soup I've ever had here was there beef vegetable. I've only had it once, so I don't think it's a common one, but if you see it available, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it!

bryce abegglen

While the food is good, ordering at 12:24 and still not having food at 12:53 is a bit rough. Understandably it was lunch time, but it looked understaffed. Sadly disappointed and probably not going there again.

Gordon Howard

Service was awesome and the food was great!

Ash Johnson

Great food! I highly recommend the french toast and pink pina colada smoothie!

Clifton Davis

Excellent food, easy parking,. A bit crowded.

Nancy Archibald

Nice food, but they will not modify your order or accommodate your special needs. Too rigid! Unfriendly...

Patty Brown

Omg! Everything was so delicious!

Eric Velasquez

Kneaders is a wonderful place to go when you want fresh healthy choices. Soups, sandwiches, smoothies, and salads. After you ate a healthy dinner, you can splurge and get some great dessert! Tons of fresh baked goods as well to choose from. It's a popular place and won't break the bank. The Rueben is good and so is the turkey, bacon, avocado sandwich along with a smoothie. We love eating here!

Jake Gallup

Great croissants and decent coffee. I've enjoyed everything I've had here!

Zach Speck

TERRIBLE experience. When we walked in there was an employee in the back complaining about how she didn't want to do her job. I tried to get the attention of someone while I was waiting at the counter and was ignored three times. They didn't have the food on the menu that I chose. They put cheese on my food even though I told them no cheese. The food wasn't even that good and was horribly priced. I'm NEVER going back to this restaurant again! I encourage you to not go as well. TERRIBLE service!

Juliana Drake

So yummy. Wish I could come here every morning.

Mary Campbell

Really good soup and sandwiches and pastries!

Kathleen Layton


Matthew Rubio

Great food for a good price. It's a little spendy compared to other sandwich shops, but it's for a good reason. The quality is far above the usual slog like subways.

Ronald Duck

Nice atmosphere, friendly staff and great food.

stephen burke

Love, love the sandwiches here. Bread is amazing desserts even better. But prepared for not fast food speed. This place is busy and slow.

Bonnie Eskelsen

Food is great, service sucks, I won't be returning again for a while if at all.

Cecilia Perdomo

feel in love with them as soon as I went there !

Stasha Mouser

Shelly in the drive-thru is fantastic, I stop by every Thursday night after class at the college and she is usually there! She is great!

Courtney Haueter

Delicious. Everything I have tried is amazing.. the sandwiches, soups, salads. All of it. And, I truly love the customer service. It is always clean and they are so kind. Once, I was their picking up a treat for my 5 year olds birthday and the girl gave it to me on the house!

june lockhart

This was my first time going to this bakery and I had heard many good things about it, so I was very excited. I went around brunch time, which was probably not a good idea. The cashier was sweet and explained the products well, but the bakery dining area was very dirty. I had a hard time finding a clean table to sit at. There were spills and trash on the floor. The food was good enough, but the atmosphere kind of ruined the experience for me.

Bart Mower

Great food and service

Susan Sullivan

Love their Sandwiches and bakery. The Turkey bacon avocado on focaccia is really good

Leann Hammon

They were really fast when we were ordering but we sat in the drive through for 20 minutes waiting for 3 things. It was ridiculous and I would never go there again

Dana Bucher

Kneaders sandwiches are delicious. This location is alway very clean. I wish there was more seating because at times it is so busy it's a turn off to go there. But my 5 stars are for the pure deliciousness of the food. We also love going through the drive through for a loaf of specialty bread that far exceeds grocery store bakery bread for dinner now and again. Totally worth it!!!

Nicole Webb

Delicious. Service could be more friendly.

Gene Webster

Good food, a little pricey for the type of food, salads have a good portion. Nice atmosphere.

Barry Bennett

Great food and at a good price.

Tom Nulff

For what you get and how expensive this place is I'm not impressed. I ordered in the drive thru. I ordered a quart of soup and a salad for 13.99. All I got was the soup. I wasn't going to sit and argue. So a quart of soup is 14 bucks. Very very disappointing. This first time we went there we went inside. Just to expensive for what you get. We won't be back.

Amy Mansfield

Excellent food! I am a repeat customer!!

Karen Lane

Great all you can eat breakfast...just make sure you have thirty minutes to wait, bring a microwave to heat it up, and bring your own syrup. McDonald's will give you the same breakfast for half the price, warm, with syrup, and it only took three minutes.

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