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REVIEWS OF Janjou Pâtisserie IN Idaho

Jordan Schoen

Hands down the best coffee shop in Idaho. This place is owned and operated by two of the most down to earth people. I want to keep it a secret, but this place deserves recognition.

Justin Taliaferro

Great Latte, pastries, and baked goods. Will definately return.

Brian Fields

Great little bakery tucked away in a strip mall across from Albertsons, not far from downtown. Great croissants, coffee and amazing desserts. Quiche lovers this is your place. I’ll be back next time I pass through Boise.

Britta Bracy

TJ Wilson

I stopped in here for a light brunch with an old friend and what a treat. Everything was so delectable. I ended up getting several sweets and a few pastries to take home to share with the family. There is truly something delicious here for everyone. The service was fast and kind. The locations was clean and welcoming. The only slight issue was when we say outside and there were a lot of flies. Not sure this is something in control of the business since we were outside and all, but the neighboring business had fly stops and other deterrents in it's outdoor area. This place is a great little shop and worth your business. I think my next birthday cake will be from here.

Jonathan Prior

Great pastry,good coffee,,the staff were a little cold but the food made up for it

kt juul

I agree with another reviewer, I wish my other 5 Star reviews were 4 stars just so I could put this one in a class of its own. Unbelievably delightful. Yes, it’s expensive but I stopped caring about that after my first bite. I will be back for sure.

Javier Jauregui

Driving through Boise and decided to stop by. My only regret is that I didn't come here earlier. The pastries are delicious, the space is great, and did I mention the pastries are delicious? They are delicious. 11/10 will eat again once I finish writing this.

Katherine Bonsall

Simply amazing

Michal Molho

If your looking for real coffee, (not the American bluf) this is a great place. Even the pastries are crunchy and taste real and not like the American fluffy imitation.

Phil Bear

Owners are amazing. I work at the nearby gym, and I know how much effort Moshit puts into her baking. She does not settle for second best, and it shows in the quality of the food that she makes. If you want a pastry that screams authenticity, then you need to look no further.


Yummy flaky croissants like they're supposed to be!

Joel Gladd

Best pastry in the Treasure Valley

Tristan Sahwell

We took home a whole spread of sweet and savory pastry: croissants, bostock, pain au chocolat, brioche. What a very delicious treat!

Shane A.

Efrat Asaf

Cindy Torres

Best French Bakery in town. The pastries and croissants are the best I've ever had. Good coffee too. Nice people also :)

Joshua Parker

K Mas

Victoria Deltoro

My husband and I were very excited to take my grandmother for her first experience at Janjou. The pastries and quiche were, once again, phenomenal. During our time there, a male employee made a bold statement to one of the patrons who had just walked in praising him loudly for manners that he hadn't seen from ANY other males in a solid month and this painted other male patrons here in an inaccurate bad light. After sitting on it a while, I went to talk to the man about his comment and my feelings about the importance of being aware and accurate when making statements that affect other patrons. He then proceeded to argue with me and belittle me and imply that I was petty. Apparently, these are the manners of which he is so proud. Eventually, the owner had to come out, stop him from talking and clean up his verbal vomit. She handled it with the utmost profession. After this encounter, he went in the back to talk about it which was audible, came back out, and ignored us until we left. I intend to continue to support this exceptional establishment but if he is present, I will go somewhere else. I prefer the bold and wild flavors to stay in the food and not the employees. Coldness doesn't have a place in either. He had succeeded in leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Adam Aore

I have been in Boise for 4 years and I wanted a good cake to enjoy, and I wasn't disappointed at all, plus the lady is from a country that deeply love, Israel, I'm glad that I stepped by ^^

Sarah Paradis

Superb coffee and tasty treats!

Melissa R Wolfe

Sean Smart

The best patisserie in Idaho, arguably the best in the west. Family owned and operated. Pasteries are amazing, espresso is the best in the valley...difficult to describe and truly do them justice. It just needs to be experienced.

nathen fox

Out of this world pastries, tarts, and the best mochas anywhere!

Huette S. Woerz

Kate Buhrke

Best pastries and coffee in town. Excellent service. Sweetest owners

Insuk Suh

Almond croissant is a killer!

Cameron Page

in Town from Denver, stopped for coffee. stayed for pasteries. Very, very, very, worthwhile.

Laura Barrett

Awesome selection of unique quiche (yam and goat cheese, leek and goat cheese, etc), and French pastries you can find anywhere in Boise! Never been disappointed yet!!

Carlos Hwa

Had high expectations for this place from the reviews, but thought the quality was good but nothing special. The service was also weird. Although the lady that took our order & served us was very friendly, the owners were complaining loudly to each other about another customer that had just left and another employee that did something incorrectly. Seemed like pretty bad form when there are customers in front of them, and it made me want to finish my average pastry as quickly as possible and leave!

Alexander Scott

True artisans own and operate this patisserie. Great care is taken to make sure the finest details are executed perfectly. I've tried a few menu items here and each one was impeccable. I look forward to coming back here and slowly trying each pastry.

Elisabeth Naylor

Beautiful pastry, pleasant staff, well prepared coffee- a must visit if you are in the area.

Shannon Barry

Brandon Wolters

Helpful and courteous. They didn't have macarons as they do not make them anymore, but that's no reason to give a bad review, just information for others.

Jacci ONeill

Wow....great mocha latte, amazing quiche Lorraine and beautiful looking desserts. If I lived in Boise....I would eat here every day....and would probably gain 100 pounds

Christopher Woerz

I have been taking my son's here since they were very little and on Saturday morning when I ask what they want for breakfast they say they want to see Chuck (one of the owners)

Jeff Hunter

Wonderful pastries

Adam Adkin

Wonderful pastries, quiche, and coffee. Very friendly people. Glad that we stopped in while passing through Boise!

Chelsea Barrera

Everything is made with such care. The Bostock was amazing as was the pecan tart. My mocha was really good as well not overly sweet or bitter. One of the best, most quality bakeries in the country.

Robert Williams

This is the real thing. If you've been to France or Switzerland and fallen in love with their pastries, the almond and chocolate quesants, the berry tarts, and all of the rest, and you can't find anything like them in the US, this is your Patisserie. There are real French patisseries in many US cities. This is one of them, and oh my goodness...

David Hickey

This place exceeded my expectations. I was just looking for a decent coffee but got not only a very good machiatto but a delicious raspberry torte to go with it!

Facundo Martinez

The most delicious and authentic french pastry I have had since visiting Paris. European atmosphere with a sleek interior, soft jazz, outdoor seating. Everything is beyond delicious.

Sunshine Meitzner

Excellent. I had the berry tart, which was pure heaven.

Ben Wade

Wow. The first day I came here was a Wednesday. The second and third were Thursday and Friday. This bakery has the best quiches and croissants I've ever had. The coffee uses locally roasted beans and locally produced milk is pretty solid as well. Please check them out, you won't be disappointed.


Easily the best patisserie in Boise. I especially love the croissants!

Tianzheng Yu

Sabrina Lilley

Wow. Horrible customer service. I spoke with someone named Chuck and he was the rudest person I have ever encountered. I will never, ever order with them again.

Will Alexander

The pastries are fantastic!

Jim Turner


So so good! When I moved to Boise from Europe, I was disappointed Boise had such low quality bakeries but this one is it, best of the best!

Shayla Hutchison

This place is amazing! I loved everything we tried. Must come here if you like pastries

K Dawson

Brandon Emerson

Wow! I'm impressed. One of the best almond croissants I've ever had. The coffee is super fresh and delicious. My first time in but I believe I'll be a regular from here on out. Stoked to have this place so close to my house.

Genevra De Mond

My sister and I adored this place. Actually we went twice, for breakfast and lunch. The food and drinks were outstanding!! The atmosphere delightful. Our trip back to Boise was highly enhanced by going there.

Greg Dennler

"People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising" -- Mark Zuckerberg I am the 82nd person to review Janjou Patisserie off State St in Downtownish Boise. This is my 430th Yelp Review. As with the quote above, I've seen many of my Yelp friends such as Yulia N., Ophelia M., Dani S., and Amie A., check in to Janjou and it wasn't until Dani suggested that we go together that I actually tried this place, which I am glad that I did! This place is in a busyish shopping center near downtown. The parking is free and easy which takes a load off. There is seating outside and inside. They sell pastries, espresso, coffee, quiche, and desserts among others. This is a popular place! Word-of-mouth looks like a secret recipe that keeps the customer coming! There were 4 1/2 (sorry Indigo) of us that met here for Sunday brunch. We all ordered quiche, and a desert, which we all shared. The Opera was my favorite (albeit none were less than perfection). I wish I saved room for the strawberry tart, but I just couldn't! Next time. There are windows into the kitchen-- you can see the magic taking place. The hallway has items on the floor as a way to store things, which is kinda tacky, but I get it. When something is gone, it's gone. Especailly on the weekends. I encourage you to go here!

Londa Moen


Jim Harpole

If you deserve a treat, and a break from the ordinary it's right here. The pastries are amazing and the coffee is perfect. Years in the business and the quality of the experience is still that wow you feel the first time you go there! Thanks for bringing us a place to feel spoiled and welcomed!

Janine Attiani

If I had to pick only one food to eat every day for the rest of my life, it would be Moshit's brioche. It is absolute perfection.

Amanda Fox

While visiting Boise from NC for a quick work trip, we went to Janjou twice in three days. This place is incredible. Impeccable, gorgeous pastries; light, fluffy quiches; perfectly flaky croissants; delicious cappuccino—I literally could go on. They'd win on the Great British Bake-off. If this place were in my hometown, I'd simultaneously gain 50 pounds and go broke because I'd be there all the time. Go to Janjou. You won't regret it. INCREDIBLE.

Christina ODonnell

This was delicious.

LaRue Workman

Possibly the best Kouign Amann west of the Mississippi! Was getting together for a special breakfast with friends and family, placed an order the day before, and oh! my! happiness! One friend said of the Kouign Amann, " This pastry is life changing!" We tried about a dozen different pastries, all were fabulous; the lemon tarts were exceptionally light. Hot cocoa could use a little tweaking, but the pastries were divine!

Robert Meyer

The array offered is huge. Coffee is quite good. Get the quiche. Worth the wait for it to warm up.

Izick Elias

channing turner

gi gi


Meghan Carter

Ali Cat

Christine Crystal

My first time to Janjou Pâtisserie, and was not disappointed! Beautiful pastries and great coffee. Pretty sure we met the owners who were helping take orders. She let us know that they do things the right way at Janjou, or they don't do it at all! Great quality food, clean atmosphere, busy place.

Cheryl Mendiola

DON'T tell your friends!

Serhiy Pavlikovskiy

Noriko Morrow

Fantastic tarts and pastries though the price is a little bit higher. You've got to go if you are in Boise!

Lindsey Corey

Alex Radcliffe

The finest authentic French Patisserie in all the Pacific NW. Tender flakey pastry crusts and moist on the inside. The Quiches alone are worth a 300 mile drive! Don't miss this golden gem! I tell everyone I know to go there. You will too.

Charis Luna

Local patisserie with delightful, fancy pastries, a clean, refined aesthetic, & the best espresso in town. All the food is perfectly Instragram-worthy :)

Becky Leach

This was lovely; the spinach quiche was very nice, the cheesecake was melt in your mouth

Arc Reno

When I first walked in, I was expecting to be overwhelmed by the smell of baked goods. I was not, and I actually appreciated it. The shop's design is sleek, clean, modern, and lovely. The owner explained to me why she named the store what she did, and the name's meaning only makes the place lovelier. (Ask her yourself — I'm not telling.) None of this is the most important part however. The cheesecake is mind-blowing. It is the best cheesecake I've ever had, even better than my grandmother's. I also had the leek & goat cheese quiche, and it was wonderful. It had a perfect balance of lightness and richness. The crust's flake had an unbeatable texture. If you're concerned about the price, always remember that you get what you pay for, and the quality is worth every penny and more. 10/10 — will do it again.

Maji Daines

Delicious pastries run by amazing people

Jowita Kaufusi

Was super excited to try European pastries... For me it was way over priced, $14 for two pastries. One pastrie was pistachio.... didn't taste any pistachio

Eric Hansen

The BEST!!! This wonderful lady makes amazing French pastries and other mind blowing items that border on, if not cross the line of PERFECTION!!! Her talent is truly a GOD given gift. Never disappointed, allways satisfied, and intensely racking my brain how to get back to Boise. This is a must stop, stop by early, the popular items are sold quick. I recommend a Raspberry Kouign Amann. OH MY!!! You will never be the same after tasting it. Thank you Mrs. Gabbitas for sharing your talent.

Wheelys Boise

DO NOT tell your friends- shhhhhh it’s our secret! This is the best pastries and lattes in town! Everything here is made here so you are buying local quality products handmade with love. Its a great place to meet friends, family, small groups or meetings or every day ritual. Enjoy

Kayla K.

Absolutely delicious! The pastries were a little pricey, but done very well and worth it. Nice time for adults to get together and enjoy- also they were very nice to my kids as well!

Grant Feichtinger

That's What It Is

A. Great almond croissant, amazing taste, crunchy, almondy, airy, fluffy, caramelized, buttery goodness. Not greasy at all. The mocha was good as well- nice chocolate flavor without being too sweet. The drink price is high for the size, but the quality makes up for that side note. B. I was in Boise again had to stop in for the goods, 6 months later - still great!

Dan Fisher

Was recently in Paris and these croissants are better than any we had there

Praveen Vadakoot

Lisa Madigan

A little gem... the best coffee and pastries in Boise...

Der Panther

Absolutely amazing!

elisa edmunds

Best place to get pastries anywhere! This place is the real deal!

Veronique Antoinette


The goat cheese and leek quiche is delicious. As is the kouign amann. Good coffee.

Rachel Dailey

Cameron Scott

Today I was given something I didnt order, I just asked about what it was, so instead of getting my apricot tart a got an average cheesecake, I'm furious cause when I called she remembers everything and she says to get the apricot tart you have to pay for the cheesecake that I didnt want... and I told her you know what it's okay, then she says okay so now we are even... I used to really like this place till today, just a little better customer service would make that bakery the best in boise!

Derfss Smith

Stephanie Alvis

Great place! Been there several times and have never been disappointed. Our most recent trip the barista/cashier told us as we were trying to decide on a pastry to go with our coffees, "there's not a bad choice in the case!" That's the truth! We had narrowed it down to 2 and the ultimate decision was made when the owner came out and told us which one was her favorite. The coffees were excellent as well- admittedly the first time we went in they weren't stellar (not bad just nothing extraordinary) but I think that they have mastered their espresso machine and honed their skills! My mocha was creamy and just enough chocolate to not be too sweet. Delicious! But word of the wise- get there early in the day if you want the full range of pastry choices. Since they're all made fresh daily they dwindle down by the end of the afternoon. EDIT TO ADD: We’ve been pre-ordering a few pastries for the past few Christmas Eves, it’s a tradition now! They’re the best desert for our little family’s “Fancy” Christmas Eve feast!

Kelsie Fields

The only place I've ever reviewed. This is by far my favorite spot in Boise, and the best patisserie I've been to in the North West. It would be even more perfect if it wasn't tucked within a strip mall. I've been to Europe several times, and she does the most incredible job of making her pastries with a true European touch.

Pam Smart

Devlet Getson

Great croissants and brioche. The cocktail savoy cheese crackers are to kill for. Quiches good as well as lemon and pecan tarts. The eclair was so so. Overall a treasure of Boise

Sean Andreas

Excellent! Great staff, coffee, pastries and atmosphere.

Marie Hardwick

Everything is equally beautiful as it is delicious. Everyone is very friendly and helpful and their pastries are wonderful and authentic


Im always looking for the best cheesecake everywhere I go....five stars simply for the best cheesecake I've ever had that I still haven't been able to top anywhere else.

Heir Verner

This is an amazing place! They put so much art into their pastries that you are transported to France. Tres bon magnifique

michael lott

Excellent all ways round!


One of the best artisan bakeries in town. It doesn't matter what you order, you will like it, and it will come so beautifully packaged you can't help but snap pictures of it.

Paul Schaefer

Amazing treats of all kinds.

Isaac Borup

Wowza this place has the BEST pastries and coffee drinks! Owners Moshit and Chuck clearly take immense pride in providing the absolute best quality inn everything they serve.


So far the best pastries in town. I dropped by the store 10min before closing, based on what owner told me, all their best selling pastries are long gone. I picked one slide of cheese cake, one apple tart, to go. They both turn out to be the best taste pastries I’ve tried in town. Not overwhelmingly sweet but rich in flavor. Definitely will come back for more. Good job

Thisbe Sahwell

The pastries and the coffee are amazing at this place.

cute and funny pets

My sister and I tried to go get a coffee here after grabbing food to go from mazzah. We were outside the patio not even sitting just put our food on the table because I was gonna go inside to get our coffee, my sister was going to wait for me outside but before i could even go in we were told by whom I assume is the owner that we couldn’t sit there that it was only for customers, I told her that I was gonna go inside to get a coffee and she says ok but you can’t eat here. First of all I weren’t planning on eating there and we were customer. Her tone and attitude were just belittling, we felt very unwelcome so we left and went to caffeine instead. No need for her nasty attitude.


Sarah Phipps

A special bakery in Boise! The deserts are on point - quality ingredients resulting in top notch treats. The mixed berry tart is delicious and easy for a toddler to enjoy as well. They have nice tea options, their green tea option is lovely. I miss little cafes and bakeries in Europe but today, as I shared a treat with my toddler & drank tea, the little patio table with the crisp 66 degrees and yellow leaves falling around us eased a bit of that heartache. I almost felt like I was back in Prague.

Sid Edwards

Croissant was dry and crunchy, pastry and coffee were average, and service was mediocre.

Chris DeFonte

Delicious pasteries!

Kaylee Little

This bakery is definitely one of the best I've ever been to. Amazing customer service, absolutely delicious treats, and the bakery itself was just fabulous. It's a bit small, but it is awesome! I definitely recommend trying it, I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Theresa Pham

Best bakery in Boise.

Matt Howell

Tanner Berkson

The best pastries in town. Don't waste your time going else where. You won't regret it.

Metee Srimark


A little piece of Paris in Boise! The pastries are always melt in your mouth delicious! Cute little shop with modern decor. They are a little pricey, but once you take a bite you won't even care.

Joan Scofield

A little expensive for lunch and treats but the high quality is obvious and worth the added expense.

Mallory Wilson

Amazing pastries and great coffee.

Josie Hurley

Jordi Rossman

Literally the best pastries I've ever had in my life.

Dmitry Levin

Very classic french bakery. Not too sweet, exactly as I like. Beautiful and cozy space with excellent service. Not cheap, but for such a quality the customers should pay well.

ariel gimple

(Translated by Google) very high level! Patisserie is one of the best in France. Moshit owner of the place, what a charming and welcoming ... (Original) רמה גבוהה מאוד! פטיסרי כמו מהטובים בצרפת. מושית הבעלים של המקום, איזה מקסימה ומסבירת פנים...

James Newport

Do you want a cappuccino with impossibly smooth foam? The flakiest and tastiest quiche? Delicious pastries you didn’t even know existed? Not to mention beautiful and unique atmosphere, and the most gracious of owners? Genuine French sensibility transplanted to America? Go here! I love Janjou! It’s truly a gem of Boise.

vicki raaen

Great French pastries.

Cortney Osborne

Everything is amazing at Janjou! This is an all time favorite spot!

Frank Payne

A little bit of baking heaven in Boise ! Bon appétit

StacyA McBain

THE BEST! No pastry in town compares. Espresso that competes with the absolute best and lattes with silky Cloverleaf milk foam. Worth splurging on for sure. Oh and the quiche.... I could go on.

Ellen Forgett

The kouign amann was better than I’ve had in Paris! Truly French!

Oana Cristodoru

An amazing place to experience the flavors of French pastrys. Love the croissants, Quiche Lorraine and latte. Excellent!

Emily Krueger

George Seybold

Best coffee I have had in the states. Unbelievable!

Sophia Jeffers

Just stumbled across this place and by far the most amazing food ever!

Beth Martin

High quality food that's worth the price. Been to a lot of places that class themselves as a pâtisserie, and as a pastry chef myself, this is one of the few that deserves the title. Definitely recommend, staff and owner are very friendly and it's in a lovely, quiet little area.

Dale Springer

Suzi Boyle, NMLS #37810

Very unique pastries

Megan Plantenga

I have traveled to many places to experience great bakeries, particularly to find a good almond croissant. I find Moshit's almond croissants to be THE very best!!!! Whenever we visit from Colorado Springs, Janjou is always on our list to visit....and visit....and visit again!

John Michael Schert

Super authentic French style bakery. Superior pastries in Boise.

Jackie Teller

100% wonderful. This is the place I've found wonderful food closest to Paris. The croissants are to die for. The quiche and salad is wonderful for lunch, too.

Haley Dudley

If you are looking for high quality french pastries then look no further

Mark Myers

This is a great place - so happy Boise has a french pastry shop that can keep up with best in Portland or Seattle

Chris Dick

The staff greeted us with a warm welcome, was happy to help answer any questions we had, and was very polite the entire time. Kind of a small enviornment, but they offer outside seating as well. More on the pricy side, but the quality makes up for it. I wasn't to fond that they were letting a dog run freely through the restaurant though.

Aaron Blue

Head and shoulders above every other place in town for baked goods and pastries. No competition whatsoever. They make a limited number of each item daily, so if you want a large order (their sign says >6 items!), call the day before.

Mac Staben

Spectacular croissants. Great pan au chocolate. Cute place!

Briauna Charlton

Such a cute little bakery. We have a few cappuccinos (which were great) and a slice of the Austrian Cheesecake which was unbelievable. I’ve never had such light cheesecake. The atmosphere is so cute and trendy too. The ONLY reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars which was because of the price, but I will still be stopping by again very soon. Definitely recommend.

Tyler Tripoli

Customer service

Susan Rudofsky

Tasty and very cool.

Georgina Peterson

FINALLY a real patisserie in boise! The desserts are to die for and their morning treats are a perfect way to start the day. The decor is modern, simple which is a perfect way to showcase the food, but most of all the head chef is a delight! She takes the time to get to know her customers even though she is clearly incredibly busy making bites of heaven. I myself am a pastry chef and


We are lucky to have such a place. They are wonderful, their coffee and baked delights will make you think you're in Paris, and the ambience is moderne, parfait. NS don't miss th quiche-this is quiche as it was meant to taste.

Amanda Thorsvig

Oh my gosh these pastries are the best!! We've had our share of patisserie all over France, but Janjou in little Boise, Idaho rivals them all. Honestly.

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