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REVIEWS OF Guru Donuts IN Idaho

jo murgel

I think the donuts are novel, but maintain that beyond that they are too sweet and too dense to be considered a "good" donut. If you're visiting Idaho, check it out. If you live here, there are better places to get a donut.

Astasia Limon

Great donuts! Coffee was average.

Heidi Ware Carlisle

HIGHLY recommended for any large event!!! I used Guru Donuts for my wedding this May. We did donuts instead of a wedding cake. The mini donuts were perfect, and we had SO many compliments about the delicious flavors! Robyn from Guru was so easy to work with, and ordering donuts was probably one of the easiest parts of the whole wedding planning process because of how simple they made it. We did a special order with all vegan donuts because many of our guests have food allergies, and they tasted great! Nobody could tell they were vegan :) WAY cheaper than doing a wedding cake, and there was no annoying cutting and serving involved!

Trygve McCrea

We love to travel and when we do we seek out those hidden gems! This is one of those gems. Last summer after visiting Portlands, Blue Star Donuts, we had the desire to experience the same satisfaction of a fresh, yet delicious donut in Boise. Guru's did that for us! Highly recommend these wonderful people and there perfected donuts.

Todd Bernhardt

An amazing selection of high quality donuts. They rotate flavors every month so there's always something new. BOGO donuts during happy hour at 3 is always a good deal. For anyone trying Guru for the first time I'd recommend the Hipsterberry and Dirty Chai, my personal favorites

SheriLynn Adams

Ok...and that's it...spendy for nothing special. Over rated.

Sonia Vazquez

The coffee is delicious, ans has good price, and the very rich donuts.

chelsea brice

The customer service wasn't terrible. The girl was nice and friendly. The donuts were horrible though. We bought 4 different kinds and they were all equally gross.

Nick Costanzo

Excellent donuts. Not a huge selection, but there ones available looked all good. Old fashioned was perfect. Prices are reasonable. Highly recommended

Tiffany Grant

So I don't even like donuts and I like this place! I love that they use local, fresh ingredients. The donuts are huge, but light and airy, with bold flavors. The cake donuts are really good too. And they make a mean hot chocolate, add their natural flavoring and you've got a spectacular array of choices - we love the raspberry and coconut. The service is excellent, the employees are very friendly, and very patient with kids, and have a super fun story time on Tuesday mornings.


Good donuts!

Jerry Luther

Definitely not your standard donut establishment. Different and delicious!

Michael Tuchband

Best donuts I've ever had, artisan, wonderful fun flavors, a good selection of vegan donuts. You NEED to come here if you're in the Boise area and love donuts!

TJ Wilson

Fun, interesting, and tasty variety of donuts here. A little on the expensive side, but worth it for occasional use at work or for a celebration. Recommend the girl scout and the hipster. Always fast service and never crowded. You can even walk off there calories taking in a neurosurgeon morning in downtown Boise.

tom swanstrum

Best donut in Boise.

Pam Heath

Hands down, the best place to chill out and enjoy coffee and a gourmet donut or two. Ample seating and a great drink menu, including cider and beer.

Dawna Brannon

Super Friendly great coffee and donuts!

lao ma

I’ve been to over 45 states and these are the best donuts I’ve ever come across. And in a very cool little cafe. Highly recommend!

Brady Wolfe

Great atmosphere, and the staff is always very helpful. Love to come here at happy hour! Great donuts with a lot of unique options.

Charity Andrade

Love that we can get a donut that doesn't have artificial color or flavor and is still pink.

Alexander Puga Melendez

Great donuts. No regerts

Bizzy Schorr

They have high chairs! And a great combination of a classic, historical Idaho building and a fun dining experience.

Isaac Comcowich

The hipsterberry donut is one of the best donuts I ever had like a smoothie on a donut not to heavy!

Vivianna Roodbergen

They have delicious, vegan doughnuts here! It's one of the best options I have found. The Alice in Wonderland one is my absolute favorite!

James Thompson

Gourmet donuts and bespoke coffee ... just what your AM needs, nee DESERVES. Wonderful scratch made donuts with clever names and delicious flavor profiles. On a cool, crisp fall morning what could better? Do yourself a favor and swing in, won't regret it. A must see in Boy-see!!

Jason Young

Love this place!

Elizabeth Straker

I'm in love with Guru Donuts. Vegan selections tastier than anything I ate before I was vegan. Unique flavors that are both pleasing to the tongue and easy on the eyes. They are absolutely serious about good coffee. Kombucha!! Kid friendly. Beautiful location. Amazingly kind and helpful staff. Local AF. I'm in love with Guru Donuts.

Sonnie Jackson

All the hype that this place gets is wrong. Me and my sister went to try it out and were so disappointed? There were only a view choices of donuts to pick from. I ordered hot it should be called cold chocolate. It was awful there was no chocolate flavor it tasted like hot water. My sisters coffee was so cold that she made the guy serving us put it in the microwave. It was also tasteless. Over priced and way over rated. The donuts at Ridley's in Middleton are way better. The young man who waited on us was very sweet. That is the only reason I am giving 2 stars. Trying to get to the restroom is ridiculous. Look just don't waste your time going to Guru donuts.

Cathi L

Super fun donut and Cider pairing event!

Brian Crane

Fantastic doughnuts. A bit pricy and somewhat hard to park and get too but great selection of flavors

Michelle Shouse

Bright and friendly place with yummy donuts and a nice selection of drinks to warm you up, with lots of space to relax.

Ethan Bray

The staff are very kind and helpful, and the donuts are handcrafted to perfection. The menu changes every month with seasonal flavors like Santa's milk and cookies.

Patrick O'Very

I went an hour before closing and I was still able to buy 3 varieties of gluten free donuts.

Thomas Hutsler

Some of the best donuts I've ever had. Excellent vegan selection as well.

Elsa Pacheco.

Love the donuts and matcha.

Mark Slabaugh

If you love bagels then this donut is for you. I had the Nutella campfire bagel which was wholly disappointing. I have never had a classic donut that was so chewy and thick. It had the consistency of a bagel and a plain bagel to boot. The icing was thin and imparted no flavor to overcome the plainness of the bagel. Dunkin’ Donuts are far superior to this hipster version of a bagel.


Amazing donuts. Not your typical overly sweet pastry or gas station ambiance. Relaxing atmosphere and donuts Comparable to a delicious cup of tea or coffee just layers of flavor. Donuts for adults.

Madisen Hyatt

Have quite a few vegan options! They distinguish them with a black card and white logo for the donut name, the regular donuts are flipped (hope that makes sense). Very unique flavors, staff was very friendly, great atmosphere!

Savana White

Their vegan donuts are AMAZING! I am impressed every single time I go. Love that they rotate flavors every month and always something new to try!

Geniphur Scofield

Incredible donuts! The Lemon Meringue and Peanut Buddha Mocha were so good. The employees are incredibly friendly! I really loved visiting this donut shop while I was in town. I recommend swinging by early since they do tend to sell out.

Faust Belarmino

I LOVE donuts and I try to hit up the best shops every time I travel. I Googled the "best donuts in Boise" and Guru donuts was first on the list. We went there at about 11:30 am and there were just a few people. I came up to the counter and was greeted right away. I told them it was my first time and the lady explained their donuts and the different flavors they had available. I bought a dozen donuts and got 10% off. The donuts were DELICIOUS!! The flavors and names were fun, original, and matched well together! The dough has a fantastic texture - thick but light and wasn't bland. The fresh fruit on some donuts were great. Each bite was filled with flavor! The only downside were the cake donuts... I got 3 cake donuts and they greatly lacked in flavor... it was good as long as there was icing or chocolate with it... but when you eat it alone, it was very bland. I'll ignore the cake donuts and give these guys a 5/5! Fantastic donuts!! :D

Ronnie Mehelic

This place is great! I'm from out of town and came across this while walking around Boise, and decided to drop in. Wonderful customer service, they have a few Vegan options, and great coffee. Had to try the drumstick doughnut (like the ice cream). The inside atmosphere is relaxing and no pressure to hurry up and leave after making a purchase.

Brandon Upson

Got a sweet tooth that needs a fix? Take a stroll downtown and stop by guru! Thos place has all the goodies. My favorite is the bacon maple bar.


I enjoy their new location (Now not so new) I love the uniqueness of their donuts and love the taste too! :D

Tim Black

Good But I don't want to get a half dozen at a time. I would like to get a single donut. Staff was very nice and friendly.

Elizabeth Corsentino

I love the delicious donuts and creative flavors. I love the cool vibe. I love that they treat their employees well and let them express themselves. I love that they value diversity in the workplace. I love that they offer vegan donuts although I personally worship butter. I love that they use local ingredients. I love that they support so many local nonprofits and host a weekly story time. I love that they worked hard to make a dream come true. Above all - I. Love. Hipsterberry.

Barbara Elliott

Fresh inventive donuts along wth the standards. Great service. Happy hour in the afternoon. Yummy!

Shaun Coe

Super donuts and awesome people. It's a very trendy place

Emily Lee

I heard about this place through the grapevine so when I was downtown the other day I knew I needed to pop in and check it out. Great vibe, friendly service, and delicious donuts and coffee. The combo of the ambiance and the tasty treats makes this a win for me. P.s. they have some delicious vegan options if you are into that kind of thing (if only you could taste the photo). Didn't see any gluten free varieties in person or on their website, but that would be a welcomed addition in my opinion.


When they ware about to close store in about a couple minutes, they let me in and take two donuts and it was great, but I’m pretty sure I could’ve just even gotten a better one if I could make it there earlier.

Rickard Bjerkander

Love this place. Super good doughnuts, great coffee and the staff is awesome.

James Burns

I am a donut enthusiast. Guru has gotten in its own way. It is a quirky, decent, donut shop, but I feel is over-rated. The actual donuts are average, it is the toppings that they spend time on. I feel Guru is an average-tasting donut at a premium price.

Anthony Hamby

I have yet to fully experience what GD has to offer such as checking other things regarding to this place so I gave it four stars for now.

Randon Clayton

Love the place and staff!! If you haven't seen their building you should stop buy it is beautiful!!

Lori Villa

They have the best donuts. Never boring, always fresh and have awesome people who work here

Mark Tuggle

Awesome friendly staff, totally chill atmosphere, and delicious Apple Fritters!!

Troy Kurz

Great flavorful donuts with interesting flavors. The names of their donuts are classic. They bake them fresh each day and you can tell with how soft the donuts are. Offer happy hour which is buy one get one free on the donuts. Inside is also very comfortable. It’s a great atmosphere to hangout and eat donuts with coffee.

Tim Stinebaugh

Pricey but good.

Stephanie Wheaton

Make this a priority stop! Donuts are to die for ❤️, perfect location downtown. Staff is friendly, great place for meetings, families or a quiet cup of coffee... with a donut of course!

Erica J.

A little overpriced but good donuts.


Wanted to love it, but sadly it's just a regular donut ... except the fact that they cost $2.00 - $4.00 each. I was willing to pay if it was worth it, but honestly I think Dunkin Donuts are better. They are similar to a gas station/grocery store donut. I agree they may have more vegan and gluten free options for people and that certainly does set them apart. I also won't discredit that they likley use far better quality ingredients than a gas station/grocery store donut. But, again I shouldnt be paying over about $1.50 for a regular glazed donut. Sorry Guru, won't be back They also use cheap plastic cups for coffee that feel like they will crumble in your hand, horrible paper straws when compared to other paper straws. Nitro coffee is cool, but honestly wasn't very smooth. On a positive note it was in a great location, easy access DT. There is plenty of seating. It was clean.

Devani Scheidler

Interesting offerings and delicious! Expensive? Well, it's an experience, not a boring donut shop. Nothing against boring donut shops, clearly. But this is art. And art is worth it.


Best doughnuts in town by far.

Linda Siu

The donuts were unique and tasty; I like the earl gray and Boston cream the most!

Sean Armstrong

Guru is the best! Cleverly named, fantastically flavored donuts and a wide variety of vegan options. Everything I've had here has been wonderful. The employees are very friendly and will always suggest their favorites. The make tasty teas as well.

jsn fld

Exceptional donuts and terrific coffee. A daily stop when I'm in town for business.


Slightly disappointing. My friends raved about this place but our donuts seemed a bit stale. Maybe we caught them on a bad day.

Blake Brunk

My daughters favorite place whenever we go on dates. The staff is great and the donuts are better than voodo donuts (famous donuts in Portland). Every time I try a new flavor it becomes my favorite. And their coffee is wonderful as well.

Melanie Odette

This was our first visit to Guru, as we are newly vegan but craving doughnuts. Lo and behold, they had 7 vegan varieties left less than an hour before closing - AND we didn't know that meant it was Happy Hour, so the donuts were BOGO!! Really big treats, extremely tasty, and an amazing, friendly, LGBTQ-supportive staff. We're DEFINITELY gonna have to make this a regular habit!


Nice customer service and great coffee and donuts.

Jessica Morgan

Friendly service and great donuts!


Great taste, staff and va8.

Curtis O'Daniel

Environment was very welcoming and warm & friendly


Always good, check menu monthly for new creations.

Jennifer Steffen

Fun donut shop downtown Boise, with good coffee and great, creative donuts.

David Harlan

You go to a place like this for good donuts and they don't disappoint. A great variety of raised and cake donuts with both traditional and unusual toppings. I really enjoyed my vanilla frosted cake donut with peanuts and chocolate drizzle. The atmosphere is comfortable. Highly recommended.

Lisa Mcclanahan

Super sweet doughnuts more than what I expected. Nice place

Richard Glen

Awesome. Staff are unbelievably friendly and helpful and the service is really quick. Highly reccomend this place

sam randazzo

Donuts were still fresh in the middle of the day. Coffee was good. Service was great.

Adam Sattley

Located in an old historic building, Guru Donuts is a newer hipster dive that hits the spot! We tried one of their plain glazed donuts, and one of their popular purple berry-flavored donuts. I don't remember exactly what it was called. You need to get a key to use the restroom, and it is located downstairs in this old building. The place has a very chill vibe, with stickers and flags that indicate a welcoming atmosphere.

Matthew Krunglevich

Excellent local don't shop with good coffee and treats. All pastries and donuts were fresh made and delicious. Counter service was fast and friendly and coffee was hot and fresh. Great downtown space with adequate seating that is family friendly. I'll stop by anytime I'm in Boise.

Annika K

You can’t go wrong with Guru. Made from scratch, vegan and gf options, with the most spectacular flavors.


Best experience ever with Guru Donuts on 11/11/2018 @ 1 - 2pm All the workers were very kind and respectful and truly loved their customer service. They deserve a raise

Aaron Jones

Come early or risk having a limited selection of very yummy treats and coffee.

Selamawit Okubamariam

The best donuts ever.

Natalya Brown

I love how herbs are incorporated in the donut toppings - basil and lavender, who'd of thought?! Delicious! I love the hipsterberry donut, hands down my favorite. And I had no clue it's gluten free, that's how amazing they make their donuts.

Lorelei Miceli

Nice atmosphere, friendly staff and there's always a few vegan options to choose from! I would love to see more options, but the ones available so far are great and taste just like any other donut would.


Good donuts? Yes. Overrated place? Methinks yes. But that's just my opinion. You may love this place, but I just say okay.

Sarah Ballard

I really wanted to like this place but I found it to be overrated. Of the half dozen flavors our group tried, the best was the cinnamon and sugar.

Promise So'shone

Beautiful donuts, great vibe, awesome staff, but I wasn’t crazy about the donut flavors. And donuts are my fave...

Johnny Devriese

These donuts were expensive before, but now under new ownership the prices are even more expensive! The donuts are decent but definitely not worth it.

Jason Smith

Definitely not my idea of donuts. Seems to be a really trendy kind of hipster place with vegan donuts. The service was good It was definitely what got this review to 3 stars. It's such a different spin on donuts. I just happen to like the same donuts I've liked all my life when I go into a donut shop and I can't get one of those I start to get really frustrated. it's not my cup of tea It was very crowded in a lot of people were there and very excited to be there I just wasn't one of them. Really won't be back.

David Doher

Great donuts, including a bunch of vegan flavors. Very soft and delicious. Already ate 4 and I've only been home a few hours.

Alexander Halsey

They have wonderful doughnuts. The limited hours is the main drawback. Plus they often run out of the more popular doughnuts (such as the Alice in Wonderland) hours before closing. That's just unfortunate for those of us who cannot make it over there until later in the afternoon. But the doughnuts themselves get 10/10. They just don't last very long since they lack preservatives, which is not a bad thing.

Cassidy Padilla

Great donuts and coffee! Our family loves Guru!

Kristin Batten

Vegan donuts. Coffee. Heaven!! Bonus: their new location is very cute and they have done a wonderful job decorating (they've been here awhile, but it was my first time in). Servers were also very sweet and patient!!

Brad Wegelin

No donut shop in Boise comes close to the quality of donuts produced here. The creative minds at Guru put together some pretty amazing flavor combos. The options rotate which keeps it seasonal with a couple staples that are fan faves. Go early if you can! They sometimes sell out before posted closing times.

Holden Blackmer

Soooooo many options to choose from and these donuts are way better and bigger than Dunkin or Krispy Kreme. Staff is friendly and helpful! The only downside about this place is their coffee, but that doesn't take away from the other positives. Definitely a must-try when you're in Boise!

Richard Percinsky

Some of the best donuts I've ever had, straight up. Girlfriend ordered a chai tea and was floored at how flavorful and spicy it was, will be making this a must stop on my future trips to Boise!

Lisa Costa

Always great. Wish there was gluten free options so I could take my kids.

John Young

Incredible flavors, wonderful service and dang good coffee!

Jordan Brinkman

I love this place. My favorite donut shop in Boise and the atmosphere is great! They have multiple vegan options and great flavors to choose from. They also have a buy one get one happy hour from 3-4, but you have to get there fast or they'll be cleaned out. Highly recommend.

S Kenney

The donuts are just right. Great flavor, perfect creation.

Steve Bosell

Great Vegan donuts! Thank you for thinking of us vegans!

Selina Dielmann

Doughnuts were fresh, Hipster Berry was my favorite flavor. Atmosphere was cute and artsy. Knocking 2 stars because for the trouble we went through to find street parking, the price and the off flavors of some of the doughnuts I don't really see myself going out of my way to go back.

Matt Halverson

This place takes donut making to another level they're very creative and their variety quality of the donut is unparallel be prepared to pay the price equivalent to the craftsmanship

John Bamberg

My wife, who is very picky says the donut quality and seating area is top notch. And here is a remarkable feature of the sprightly young staff... even if you are 50-something, they engage you as though they consider you to be their same species, which is rather welcome and refreshing.

Oscar Terrazas Jr

We loved the business and donuts so much we named our business GuruSPORT! That’s how good these donuts are!

Ashley Hocken

Love, love, love Guru Donuts! We are Vegan so we really appreciate a business that provides a great section of plant based options. The customer service is always very friendly and helpful. The atmosphere is laid back and comfy. The ONLY suggestion I have is to offer plant based milk options in the cooler so one can grab and go. Otherwise, keep up the killer work!

Matt Cohen

Exceptionally made doughnuts with creative flavors.

Christopher Dobbs

First the positives, the decor location and the staff are great. Order was taken quickly and coffee and donuts were served in a timely manner. On another note their specially doughnut they had out as a sample was fantastic! A carrot cheese cake creation. Now unfortunately the negatives, the coffee was not that great, mind you we, my family and I, were not expecting name brand quality but we were still rather disappointed. We ordered an Americano and a vanilla latte. We we're also underwhelmed with the taste of the chocolate chocolate doughnut and the apple fritter that was ordered. The doughnut was more cake quality and was kind of bitter. For the price of the doughnuts we were hoping for more flavor. Not sure if we will be back though again the atmosphere was great so might be a good place to study it do work?

Christopher Sebastian

If you're looking for some gorgeously flavored donuts to brighten your day (especially in the morning!) that are low-priced, Guru Donuts is where you need to be. The staff here are so sweet and its a welcoming environment. My only disappointment is the Hazelnut Italian Cream Soda—there isn't much flavor. Other than that, I'm sold. Great place!

Joshua Greer

Donut flavors were delicious and unique. A bit expensive but the environment was relaxed and had a chill atmosphere. Simple but engaging artwork and designs.

Aaron Weddle

The best donuts in Boise and it's not even close. Lots of great non-traditional offerings you won't find anywhere else in town. If you're looking for ordinary, this isn't it (and that's a good thing).

Paul Sweeney

Donuts are good. Coffee is great. They offer vegan options. Street parking. Worth a trip if you can.

Patrick Rectenwald

Super dense donuts, (pretty good) and ultra strong coffee. Decorated kitschy and artsy. We tried the maple bar, the chocolate cake with sprinkles and the girl scout cookie donut. Wouldn't recommend the first two, not because they were bad but because they were nothing special.

Charlotte Gold

Some of the best donuts I've ever had! Cute shop and great flavors! I take everyone here when they come to visit!

Summer MacPherson

A favorite for me and my girls, we have enjoyed the creative variety they offer since they first opened a few years back. Guru has never let us down, there's a flavor for everyone!

Audrey Kennedy

Guru has some of the best donuts I’ve had in Boise. I loved their matcha flavor in particular. I prefer raised as opposed to cake donuts. I wish they had just a tiny bit more oomph to the flavor, but I get not everyone appreciates a really robust in your face flavor. Will definitely be back to try more.

David Berkowitz

Outstanding doughnuts - try anything and everything

Ben Ferguson

I had too high of expectations based on these reviews. The raised hipsterberry was okay, but the chocolate cake donut was bad. Coffee was also fine.

Cora Krishnek

Donuts are always fresh and don't have that heavy taste/feeling that most have at other places. I love the "Old Fashion" donut, it's texture and taste is amazing. Their coffee tastes really smooth as well. The place is beautiful and set in a historic building. Love the different rooms and the atmosphere is nice. Can get a little dirty (crumbs, some tables not wiped) but it's so busy there, it's to be expected. Would be a whole lot easier if patrons learned to clean up after themselves, but in this day and age that's a bit too much to ask. :) Thanks for creating such yummy breakfast for 9-5 office workers!

Ian Sanders

Best donuts I've had. Also works great for my wife to get vegan donuts. A side note I'm not a big fan of vegan foods but these vegan donuts are better than the traditional donuts. Nice to see a few new donuts every month. Thank you for bringing donuts back into my life with a vegan.

Austin Anderson

I was so excited to try these donuts! I have been on a very strict diet for over five months preparing for the NPC Muscle Classic this past weekend and I was dying to eat some delicious food and yummy treats. Well even after months of no sweets this place still disappointed. They are extremely over priced, a fairly weak selection for being a donut shop and the flavor feel way short. I’ve honestly had better donuts from a grocery store and I could have gotten three dozen fantastic donuts from Krispy Kreme for the price of one of their extremely underwhelming donuts. Save yourself some time and money and look elsewhere.

Kalei Libby

Wow. Yum. I tried the Hipsterberry and it was deliciously soft, sweet, and donuty. The people that work there were really nice!

Jill Wynn

Yummy donuts! Expensive, but they are specialty donuts. This is a big storefront location but parking is not easy to come. by, street parking only.

Isaac F.

Do you want over hyped donuts with the texture of a fluffy bagel and the taste of freezer burnt food? Then stop by guru donuts and get your fill of overpriced fried dough smothered in way too sweet frosting. I assumed it'd be difficult to make fried dough taste bad but here we are...

S Pearl

This is by far the best donut shop in Boise. They make amazing and fresh donuts with spectacular flavor! I am not a donut person and these are phenomenal. I highly reccomend trying them out, its worth it!

ben king

Tasty doughnuts, friendly staff, homey aesthetic. Dirty Chai Latte was spicy!

Kevin Headings

I've been a regular here since when they were located back on Capital Blvd. My vice of choice: the famous Maple Bacon. It was always substantial and tasty. Well, today I was informed that they will no longer carry this animal based Vice, as it goes against their Vegan roots. Damn, I'm gonna miss your famous Maple Bacon, and my visits to your shop.

Amber Sandoval

So fresh and delicious! Best donuts in Boise

Keith Hampton

This is a splendid donut shop with friendly employees and wonderful treats!

Carling Mars

Awesome vegan donuts! The salted chocolate bar was especially great. Also the people working there were extremely friendly. We went back the next day!

Jason Weiss

Creative and tasty flavors. The basic risen and cake donuts are well done, and topped with fantastic combinations.

Lynda Cook

Used to be a favorite, still super good but a little higher priced now & no th quite as inventive.

Jeff Ehorn

Interesting variety of freshly made donuts, but a bit overpriced for what you are getting.

Jamey Holloway

Yum. Yum. Yum. What else can you say? Fun atmosphere and even better doughnuts. Love that the options change throughout the week and the energy is always high with quick service. This is a must try / must stop shop in Boise. Bringing someone to town...then hit them up!

Jacob Waggoner

One of my favorite places in Boise! Super vegan friendly, great atmosphere, inclusive and friendly staff, Evans Brothers great coffee, and some of the best donuts you can find! Plus, the happy hour special is a great way to satisfy that afternoon sugar craving. Highly recommended!

Nate Banta

Good, quick service. Amazing donuts. We love the Hipsterberry and Alice in Wonderland donuts!

Stephen K

Friendly and helpful staff helped us with our order. The vegan donuts are donuts (vegan or otherwise) done right! Worth stopping in for breakfast or as a treat after a meal downtown!

Richard Buckham

I love this place I am a big fan of girl scout samoa cookies and to find it in doughnut form was sublime. The employees are friendly and helpful I had a lot of questions all of which were answered with a friendly smile. I really like to historical buildings being repurposed to something that is relevant today

Tracy Anderson

Guru Donuts is always a fantastic treat. The staff is amazing, and the donuts are funky and fresh. Today's favorites were the Limoncello and the Blackberry Pie.

Cameron Jackson

The donuts we pretty good, I've had better. This is a hipster donut shop that is working pretty hard to deliver the right atmosphere. Loved taking the kids in and having reading time!

Kara Sage

Great donuts and coffee! Love how they vary the flavors too, as I'm always finding good new ones to try. Interesting, unique monthly flavors while also having a regular set of solid donuts that are always in stock. Nice space and friendly staff too. Definitely deserved their Best of Boise win. Highly recommend.

Ashlyn Heindel

Best donuts in town in my opinion! Not the mention the atmosphere is amazing! I'm not downtown much, but when I am, Guru is one of my favorite stops!

cat battery

Guru starts with terrible donuts- heavy, undercooked, and bland- then glues a bunch of candy bars, herbs, and/or zest to them in a vain effort to make them edible. Julia Child said she could learn everything she needs to about a cook by watching them roast a chicken. Similarly, if you can't make a quality glazed donut, you have no business getting fancy. But, of course, Guru Donuts was never about the donuts. Like most hipster offerings, it is about the experience and the marketing. Read the other reviews: "art is art", "vegan friendly", "expensive, but it is the experience". Add a name that firmly positions it as a knockoff of that better-known Portland establishment and Bob's your uncle. If you are a hipster who likes sizzle more than the steak, this is your joint. If you want good donuts, you've got to keep looking.

tracy alt

Oh my gosh! My only regret is only getting one vegan donut. I’d been let down so many times that I used restraint here and absolutely should have tried one of everything. My son loved his non vegan donut. They are light, not too sugary, and simply scrumptious. Wish they would open somewhere in San Diego!! The people were also lovely and helpful.

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Bakery - Idaho


The Sweet Spot Bakery Cafe
The Sweet Spot Bakery Cafe
Bakery - Idaho


Flight of Fancy
Flight of Fancy
Bakery - Idaho