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REVIEWS OF Gross Donuts IN Idaho

Timothy Willig

Consistent speedy in and out or sit in and bible study great quick bite after church ...

Robbin Strand

Fantastic donuts & apple fritters! The absolute best I've tasted in a long time.

Ryan Merrill

Best donuts in town. People are always friendly

Elyahna Hughes

This is my life like I literally love it

Jesus Montez

The service is great and it's always so clean.

D horn

We love this place! The donuts are very fresh, staff are wonderful and we make it almost weekly trip.

Jelena Canter

So yummy

Cindy McComb

Best apple fritters I have ever had in my 53 years! Crispy around the edges, yet light and fluffy inside. No greasy texture at all. Must try!!

Matthew Lowrey

Post Falls is a better place than the Coeur D'Alene one. However, I have only been once to both of these facilities. It's not Dunkin, but it'll do for an occasional treat.

Carolyn Corbin

The donuts are good, but the place is quite dirty, needs a good vacuuming ,the bathroom looks like it needs a good cleaning.

Heidi Martin

Excellent donuts. Excellent service!

Carl Wiles

Awesome amazing donuts. Like voodoo, but better.

Matthew Behringer

Great local donut shop, my only complaint is that unless you show up overnight or early morning the selection is usually lacking. But they make good espresso drinks and have ice cream too.

brenton freeman

Always friendly staff, and doughnuts that in my opinion are the best around, even better than voodoo doughnuts.

Jeff Allen

Great doughnuts

Lyrl Westrum

Donut case gets refilled with fresh product at 3am. Great for a graveyard shift pick me up. Coffee doesn't take long to make a new pot, either. New beans are a little less bitter than I like, though.

William Tyndale

YUM! Quite possibly the best donuts in the PNW..Good selection too..

gbn. -wo. bhJeff Lhueearabee

Great donuts. Super friendly staff. I only wish they were closer to my house so I could walk off the extra calories!

BRice MUnsey

Customer service was poor. The donuts are grocery store grade and when you buy a dozen they fill it with plain donuts and if you want different kinds it's an additional .70 cents. Will never go again.

Crystal Walk

So fun and delicious!

Jeff Nehring

Definitely NOT gross. With a wide selection of unique donuts. Love the classic donut shop feel and the prices are wonderful.

Ben Davis

By far, my favorite donuts in the Pacific Northwest!

mark brown

Excellent selection of very tasty donuts, great coffee, and really friendly staff. A frequent stop with family and friends. They can also accommodate larger groups.

Beth A

Nasty donuts. Tried it 2 different times. Not impressed.

Eryn Mueller

Can have your donut filled which choice of available flavors.... say whaaaaat, yes please and a burrito yum... will be going again....

Edward Carlson

Great donuts either the Gross or regular. The prices are not bad.

Elizabeth Close

I always come here when I have errands to run in Post Falls. Their simple cake doughnuts are the best in my opinión, and they have free WIFI.

Jennifer J

Great place for donuts and coffee! Plus room for meetings!

Terry Werner

Good donuts, great staff and good place to visit.

Zechariah Kemper

Great Donuts! My two year old loved the large variety of creative donuts. I have seen gross donuts involved in the community at multiple occasions where they are giving great donuts away. I love that a company has a bigger agenda than making a buck. I would highly recommend this place for a good snack or social gathering.


Delicious better than the rest! The reason I gave 4 starts instead of 5 is sometimes they sell out, then I'm sad. Lol that's what happens when your good!

Scott Colbert

Really a problem for me that these are so good.

Josh Jarboe

Custom filled donuts? Yes please!

Mike Richardson

Courtius staff , great dounts

L Binks

Best donuts around. Try the custard filled maple bar. Mmmm.

Rick and Deenna Hans

An amazing meeting room with so many great snack and drink options.

Scary Bunny Mask

I never heard of Gross Donuts

Ryan Rardon

I'm a total fan! This little joint may have tossed around a few names in the past but I think they've nailed it this time. With a wonderful selection including the maple bacon bar, to the bear claws and regular sprinkle right on down to the buttermilk glazed, fruit burritos and apple filled crumb this place is you one stop shop for the donut lover inside you! They even have coffee and sometimes ice cream. Go for Gross!!! Oh and the prices are perfect, and the staff is polite, did I mention they're open 24 hours?

Colton Finch

Really fluffy, delicious donuts that are more expensive than average.

Ron Garrett

A great donut all around. Pricing is a little high though.

Casey Thomas

Everyone here is so very helpful, even when I end up grilling them about the makeup of each donut (which the variety is top-notch). Their coffee and tea is yummy, and they'll go the extra mile to make my drink spectacular. This is also a great place to meet up with friends and just hang out! 10/10 would recommend!

Dean Lee


Heather Gingrich

They make such great donuts

Spokane Off-road Adventurers

Best donuts in the area

Travis L Lister

I dont usually give 5 stars on anything but these donuts go above and beyond amazing.

Aiden Ripley

Brooklyn is a really nice girl who works there, and give great customer service and recommended menu advice. Thanks Brooklyn (RIP)...HOG Group.. Aiden.

Rob Tarver

My kids love this place. Coffee is sub par, but the great doughnuts make up for it. The banana fritters are amazing.

Mike zook

Oh they are not gross .... They are actually quite tasty

Nathaniel Naff

Great donuts and a very friendly staff!

Benjamin Tullis

excellent product, $$$. I spent $17.80 for 13 doughnuts, more than what 2 dozen cost elsewhere. They were some of the best tasting doughnuts I've ever had so I wasn't upset and money wasn't wasted, but I can't justify buying them very often.

Tyler Speraw

Fn amazing

Jeffrey Scammell

Great staff and Delicious donuts

Joe Hefner

Nice place! Friendly staff! DELICIOUS DONUTS!!! What more do ya want from a donut shop!?

Tyler Sweat

My work comes here pretty regularly to pick up donuts and we absolutely love the place. They have a fantastic selection and find them to me really a good quality Donuts. All their sauces and different specials are really fantastic and the coffee is great too.

Michael C

Pleasantly surprised to find the name was ironic and not coincidental.

Robert Cerda

Since moving back to Idaho I started looking for a good donut shop, the peanut butter triangles here are to die for. The service is quick and friendly, all the employees smile every day here. The owner is even a nice guy, very friendly and sweet. I can't rate this place better if I tried. Also, the shakes are to die for

Richard Taylor

Unique donuts. Check out glazed burrito with fruit filling. Great coffee selection and others.

Andrea Weitzel

OMG!!! The best donuts I've ever had!!!

david martin

$$$$$ they like thier donuts !!!!! good but ???? /~°p

Stephen Flechsing

Best donuts in cda/ post falls area.. Davis donuts is straight garbage.. i like all donuts, even grocery store donuts are fine, but davis donuts are terrible.. donut dugout is good but not great.. definitely the best around here though.. i miss maple bars in CA where they were a foot long and had 1/4 inch of maple on them


I heard good things about this shop so I decided to try them. I spent nearly $3 on 2 donuts. A chocolate bar and a cinnamon roll ($1.69). The chocolate bar was .98 I believe. The cinnamon roll was still raw inside with very little cinnamon flavor. The chocolate bar wss like plain fried bread with just ordinary chocolate flipping. Nothing to brag about. I thought their name was maybe the owner's name, but I've come to realize it's their donuts that are gross and way over priced. Never again.

cody carson

Fresh and from scratch donuts. Super delicious with a great atmosphere. You can also get ice cream.

Troy Fridley

Great environment, friendly service and grossly awesome donuts

A Dyer

Great place open late. Weird name but no gross donuts here.

Toni King

Wow a real honest to goodness donut shop! Got two Apple fritters to go. They look and smell delicious. Stay tuned!

Jim T

How can you not love this place! ? Fresh made overnight Great staff Room for friends #AppleFritter #BearClaw #BostonCream

wayne lockman

Yummy great donuts. The fritters selection is delicious.

Erin McCall

This place is a family favorite! Everyone has their own favorite as there are so many different flavors to choose from!

TJ Johnsen

Love Gross donuts. Coffee isn't great but everything else (service, cleanliness, food) is terrific!

DeAnna Fowles

Went in today to get donuts for my daughter's birthday, the young lady that help me was wonderful. My children love your donuts!!

Robert Lake

A great place to grab a donut and coffee with friends or your family. They always have a large selection to choose from including, my favorite, the peanut butter chip filled one. The staff is always friendly and our kids enjoy special trips to the "donut store"

Russell Johnson

This place has great donuts. The maple bacon bars are amazing.

teresa kempton

Best donuts in Idaho!!! Never a disappointment. Looooove their apple fritters and glazed raised donuts. Always a good decision!!!!!

Raul Zaragoza

This place is great. would've given it 5 stars but the blonde gal behind the counter is not very nice

Laura Pirrie

One of the best place to get donuts

Brad Culpepper

Best gross donuta ive ever had. Large inside love of roo for lage groups.

Benjamin Weaver

These donuts are delicious! Favorite place in town for an old fashioned!

Christopher Urbat

Love the people her. The girls are so nice and take the time to get to know you. We used to go every Sunday for donuts but stopped for a while after my wife had our twins. And when we stopped in for a delicious dozen, they remembered us and asked us all about the kids. Such a great place.

Mary Nelson

Freshest doughnuts I have found in the area.

Tia Polley

A nice place to go, they have lots of tables in the lobby available and a good selection of donuts.

Kayla Morris

Delicious! And you can see in the window how it's made.

Terry Shuffield

Amazing selection! Friendly service.

Daniel Estrada

Very good donuts, especially the apple fritters.

S Freeman

Def not a coffee shop, but a dunut shop that just also happens to complement themselves with coffee as a side offering. Also they sometimes serve ice cream, but only during specific hours. I don't understand why someone can't scoop ice cream 24/7 if they already serve dunuts/coffee 24/7. Weird place. But their donuts/wifi is tight.

Graydon Williams

Awsome. Best donuts around. Fresh and great selection.

Wes Britton

Got good and great gross gonuts. I mean donuts! Anyways, good people serving 'em too.

melinda russell

Chai tea was great. Quiet atmosphere.

Monica Hillard

OMG! This is a hometown favorite for unique sweet treats! Where else can you find a ladybug or monster donut? Whether you're 4 or 64 ... if you love donuts, you'll love this place!

David Newton

This is a new business for us here in Post Falls. They have the full range of donuts. We enjoy them and my wife picks them up almost every week. Very friendly and helpful. Nice and clean.

Amy Miles

Pretty good

Susan Reynolds

Great fresh donuts! We're here from Spokane. It is sad U've closed Ur meeting room to adults. Our group made sure it was clean and all 12 if us bought donuts and drinks

Ronald Ciubuc

Very nice people and good donuts

Cyndie Bronowski

Best donuts around

Kelly Thompson

Careful not to buy too many at once. You won't be able to stop eating until there gone.

John Weingart

Gross. Lol they were good#

John Spano

Best donuts around! Open 24hrs


My friend thought the waitress was hot and they have really good donuts. Fresh even at 9pm.

Richard Phillips

Fun donuts. Friendly staff. Something for everyone.

Aaron Plantz

This place is an icon. An absolute must visit. They are open 24 hours a day and have the BEST fritters and donuts around. They always have apple fritters and then they have special ones like cherry and banana on certain days of the week. Everything I have ever tried from here was an absolute delight. And in my opinion, the most perfectly crafted lattes around.


Clean location, good donuts & very nice and respectable staff.

Sean Steiner

Went in at 650pm for dine-in coffee and donuts.. place was not busy at all.. counting me there were 3 customers in the whole place. Was told the coffee was out but could be ready in about 6 min. After 15 min. I went to the counter again to ask about my coffee.. took a few min for someone to get back to th counter and notice me waiting. I saw the coffee pump-pot appears to be filled and a medium cup waiting near the pot.. unsure why I wasnt either told it was ready or brought the coffee. I asked about the coffee and why I was not made aware it was ready.. no real response except "Im sorry" .. when I asked for a manager/owner card witha phone number to call.. I was told "we dont really have those".. Im unsure who runs this place but apparently they dont really care about the service here... thats ok.. I dont need to go back. I prefer to actually eat and have the beverage within the time promissed.. not just forgotten when there was 3 customers in the whole place.. Since the employees are not allowed to give the contact info for customer service issues.. I will leave it here.. and bet there will be no response... 5/29: update.. still have not heard from the owners/managers.. customer experience appears to be the lowest priority for this place.

Gordon Smith

I love the donuts and the wonderful people like Brooklyn.

Jesse Anglen

Really like this place, great service! And good donuts!

Bill Mack

Best donuts in Post Falls!! Need I say more?

Barbara McLaughlin

Amazing donuts. Very unusual name. Lol.

Josh Harmon

I've had better, and I've had worse donuts. I was pretty much in and out which is nice. The staff was polite and friendly. The prices were fair. No real complaints at this time. As for now, I will be back and I would recommend this place to a friend.

Andrea Bell

Fun Flavors and Fillings for every donut craving. Great selection of old time favorites with ingredients that make donuts super delicious. Looking forward to this local family businesses continued success.

Julie Gates

Ok but whats with the name?

anya mowry

My son and I love this place for donuts and huge ice cream served here!

Jason Blain

Great donuts and Coffee. It is one of the few local places that is open 24 hours a day.

Thad and Sarah forever

Amazing donuts, not so amazing service! But got them to go and soooo with it!!

Karen Drobny

Stopped and purchased a dozen donuts. They are wonderful. Definitely going back. The young lady working there was very nice .

writes2 ride

Yikes this is TOO GOOD... a MUST when in Post Falls.

andrew's edits

The donuts are the exact opposite of the name! They are delicious and warm, and they have very nice service. The outdoor seating is very enjoyable during the summer.

Mindy Geary

They have very good donuts, when I came in yesterday evening around 7 I wanted some jelly filled donuts and the young lady said she could fill them which is great but as she was handling my donuts to fill she had no gloves on... I had to ask her to please wear gloves. I Just think if your handling customer donuts you shouldn’t be touching them with bare hands! How do I know where her hands have been? The other customer in the store looked at me and said thank you, I should of spoke up about that also.

Sarah Kennedy

Good donuts, friendly staff.

Jeremiah Thomas

Andrew Bratlien

What a treat to find on an all-night drive! I pulled off I-94 in search of Taco Bell around 10:30pm on a Sunday. I saw the big sign "Gross Donuts" and kind of chuckled, but I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the OPEN sign was lit. Of course I had to stop in for the name and for the fact that there's a donut place open at 10:30pm on a Sunday. The donuts were good! The service was phenomenal! I'll be sure to return the next time I come through. Thanks Gross Donuts!

Jonathan Gump

Donuts are great but had a horrible experience with a employee she was very rude to not only me but my wife and kids and for that reason we will not be going back unfortunately because we love getting donuts on Sunday morning and they are yummy

ziso 4

They have delicious doughnuts that are well frosted but bacon maple bar for the daring people but I haven't tried it. They do use gloves and everything els.

Bryce Johnson

Fantastic donuts. Keep it up

Gabrielle Brink

Love this place

Dick Riddle

Six donuts for $10? Very expensive!!! Cake donuts were really dry and appeared to be overcooked. Apple Bearclaw was very good but I found no others of the six that were even decent. I won't be back.

Josh Hartley

Awesome donuts and awesome service. Love going to the Post Falls location at all hours of the day and night with my boys.

Jared Krout

Best coffee and donuts in Post Falls! My wife's family lives in Post Falls so we visit every summer and the Donut Dugout is a staple of our trip. I love some good coffee and donuts in the morning before getting our day started and there isn't a better place in Post Falls for that. Their donuts are amazing and they make great lattes too.

Nancy Garrett

We recived a gift certificate at Christmas and could hardly wait to use it. I was so disappointed, first they need to change the oil that they fry the dougnuts in, taste like old oil, the dougnuts are not fresh, and the doughnuts at Super One grocery store are far better. Will not go back.

Heidi Helberg

Best donuts ever.

Ray Alleshouse

Great donuts good service and you pay for it lol...

Trevor Moore

Bad name decent donuts.

Jonathon Frantz

Great donuts! The fruit burritos (I think that's what they are called) are d e l i c i o u s! Although, they often sell out of the fruit burritos... so get there early. Also, you can call in special orders!

John Kiel

Always love making the donut run to here.

Ben Stingray

Amazing place to blow your diet or gain some weight. Lol. They have some of the best fritters I have tasted in decades.

Wendy S

I love gross donuts. Nice family owned place, open 24 hours. They have fun donuts, like fruitty pebbles. Clean and a good place to work on a lap top. They have coffee and ice cream too.

Sherin Roberts

Real nice people, clean, and fresh donuts really good

Connie Lewis

Always yummy!!! Love their gross donuts!!!


Donuts are alright, I like the 24 hour availability. Recently in the early night I showed up and get no service or anyone talking to me, despite one of them having seen me. This last time I waited nearly 2 minutes at the register with zero customer service and figured they didn't want my business. I get that they're busy, but if someone makes eye contact it'd be nice to hear an eta...or anything.

Frankly Speaking

Funny name but great donuts

Gilaine Nelson

I was really disappointed in the taste and even my 5 year old granddaughter didn't eat all of her donut. Sorry Gross Donuts

Allen's Landing

Very sweet! I know they're supposed to be but I'm talking about the smell when you walk in! Almost went into a diabetic coma! The donuts are awesome none the less!

Edd Ryan

Selection ... But get there early! Your choices are fewer as the morning becomes afternoon.

Enderman 103

Best donuts I have ever had!


Best tire shop ever!

Inez Marlar

Fluffy fresh delicious donuts, great customer service, relaxed friendly atmosphere...

Anthony Hyslop

Tasted really good and they gave my son a free donut on his birthday

Derek Dedora

Really liked this donut shop. The staff was very friendly and outgoing.I tried the Cherry fritter, I DONUT have words to describe how delicious they were. They have quite a variety of donuts! I'm amazed they are open 24 hours. May have to go back to try their ice cream too.

Nicole Hopkins

Good place for all kinds of doughnuts.


So good and super fun for the kids with the colors and candies

Keywin Brown

Love this place open 24/7 great staff

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