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Where is Great Harvest Bread Co. Meridian?

REVIEWS OF Great Harvest Bread Co. Meridian IN Idaho

Jeanne Allen

Best bakery in meridian! I love the free slices

Dawn Beard


Pat Armga

So good, love their sandwiches and breads.

Judi Collings


MIlton Blackburn

I love going here and sampling all of the different kinds of breads and treats. they are always so nice. If they don't have something out that I want to try-if it is available-they are always willing to open up a new item and give me a slice. I've really been enjoying the new cupcakes and the new energy bars are amazing. I think they are called a cashew crunch? Anyway, they are so good. My favorite treat is the blondie. My wife likes to use the cinnamon burst bread to make french toast. So good. Last spring she ordered an enormous gift basket for a very deserving teacher. The Meridian Great Harvest store did such a good job. Even substituting a cupcake that we requested. So easy to work with. I thought the gift basket was a good value as well. I only wish this store was closer to me so I could go more often.

Opal C

We had a company lunch and ordered sandwiches from Great Harvest. Not only were the ladies very accommodating but they even made the distribution of sandwiches simple for us with these cute name tags!!! I appreciate you guys and the little touches you do!! :) As for the sandwiches, they were very fresh and well put together. Paying was very simple/quick and since it was my first time inside of the bakery, there was a TON to look at/purchase-- I might've left with a bag full of goodies for myself!

Jarred Blankenship

Super friendly. Amazing sandwiches. You should go.

Shantia Praest

Always love going over!!! Great food and people!!! Emily always has a welcoming smile

Tobie Jacobson

Love their sandwiches and love their bread! I could eat the cheese bread (forgot the name) for days! Seriously so so good. If you haven't been here, you haven't really eaten a sandwich. Their food is wonderful!

Tallia W

Great place to get a loaf of bread. Or stop in and get a great sandwich for lunch. I recommend the cinnamon burst bread and a ham sandwich. The sugar cookie are really good.

Jessica McConnel

The BEST bakery around - I only wish they carried the potato dill bread like the Great Harvest in Boise.

Landon Reese

Friendly bakery with great fruit bars and cinnamon rolls

Tru 3

We stopped in with gluten free bread we'd purchased next door at Jakes (must go!!!) and a tall guy with dark hair went above and BEYOND for us to make sandwiches on our bread. He was awesome and definitely saved the day, it's dinner time and we hadn't found anything to eat all day due to traveling with food restrictions. Bless you tall man with a headband, you Jean-wearing angel! (And if this was not legal, it never happened.)

Jessica Jorgensen

Yummy food. Yummy bread. Yummy treats.

Carmen Westre



The cinnamon rolls are my favorite ever! I never thought a cinnamon roll without frosting could be so good but it really is! (They have frosted ones, too.) I normally frequent the other location but have never had great customer service at that one. Today I went to the Meridian location instead and everyone was super friendly and helpful. If you want a pleasant experience, go to the Meridian location, not the Boise one.

Michael Armstrong

This is a great bread store with onsite bakery. You are greeted with the wonderful aroma of baking breads, a cheerful smile, and an offer to sample fresh breads right from the oven. The staff is great, nice variety of breads, and great lunch options, with an outside seating area.

Ken Mencl

Excellent food, and service! Shae and Alexys were quick to take my order and the sandwich was phenomenal!

Mark Pancoast

I have lived in the Boise area for 5 years, and I only buy my bread from the Great Harvest Bread Co. in Meridian. My wife and I usually stop in when we need bread, split one of their generous sandwiches for lunch, and pick up three loaves of their delectable "Harvest Blend" bread. We then eat one loaf and freeze the other two. Whether it is fresh or has been in the freezer for weeks, it always tastes the same, delicious! The customer service at Great Harvest is always welcoming and courteous. In this day and age, with all the alternatives out there, it is to their credit that they go above and beyond in producing a healthy, quality product and a positive customer experience on a consistent basis. Thanks Great Harvest!

Autumn Dyer

Best bakery in town, looove the cinnamon burst bread, great with coffee or tea or anytime really. Also got the Virginia rolls for Thanksgiving. Everything here is fantastic and fresh.

Elizabeth Johnson

Cinnamon swirl bread for french toast...YUM

Brooke Hall

This place is the friendliest place in Meridian. The sandwiches are great, my kids love getting a slice of bread, and we are all happy to share a yummy cookie.

Tyrel Rose

Fun place, large variety, staff was Super Niceee. Totally surprised by the lively atmosphere inside. Would return

Jystine Stevens

I love this place! They are always friendly, always ready to help and serve you! And their food is AMAZING! Definitely recommend this place for bread and lunch!

Julie Frazer

I love this place!

Annette Guidry

Good food, great samples. They make a gluten-free bread. They have great sandwiches and you can choose your own healthy bread. They also have great pastries such as a fruit bar. They have internet, but I wouldn't sit more than an hour or hour and a half. They can be a busy sandwich place, but a nice place to meet.

Michael Phelan

Delicious breads and scones that look like muffins. The Girl who helped us was named Kellie and she was a boss. Give that girl a raise!

Elizabeth Balmaceda

Love This Place, That's It.

Bob Byers

Their sandwichs I did not try. The sourdough that I did buy was heavy, doughy and the worst I have ever tried.

Ethan Robertson

Fantastic fresh bread

Laurel Bush

Love their bread an they give full slice samples.

melissa s

The bread and sweets are absolutely delicious! The staff is nice and the sandwiches are good. They give free samples of bread or cookies when you stop in. I suggest trying everything available. Some of them will surprise you. My favorite is one that I didn't expect to like.

Mar Housley

Yummy! Good sandwiches & great breads.

Roger Patterson

Great Brad and great service.

Kaiden Prestwich

These guys have the best bread and sweets in town! I love going in for a free slice of bread and getting a delishious Turkey Pesto sandwich! I always am looking for an excuse to stop in!

pepper wood

Wonderfully delicious food and service!!!

Donna Chaney

My family loves Great Harvest! My grandchildren are real fans of Red, White, and Blueberry for breakfast, and their all-time favorite for lunch is Asiago Sourdough. We make at least one, and sometimes two, visits on a weekly basis. Highly recommended for awesome homemade breads, as well as other treats!

Ca Fi

The sandwiches are always good. So many different breads to try and bakery goods too! Everything is top notch quality.

Angie Dorsey

Warm inviting atmosphere, very clean and the lemon bars are delicious! Lots of sandwich combinations to choose from served on freshly baked bread.

Michael Patience

Really friendly service here. As soon as we opened the door they were welcoming us in. They have gluten free options, and a bunch of samples to try beforehand. Everything was clean, so it was a very comfortable place to have a lunch with the family.

Sariah Griffin

Love, love, love thier bread. Tried the Red, White and Blue bread, yummy and super good. Cinnamon Burst is the best.

Vanessa Westergard

Great Harvest Bread bakes delicious, perfect bread daily. They also offer jams, soup mix, chili mix & fresh sandwhiches & soups all day. Excellent customer service.

Rich Mecier

This place makes great breads and bread treats. Everything I get here makes people happy.

Juan Vasquez

Great harvest is always a joy to be in! Baked good are beyond amazing and everyone is always friendly!

Curt Chierici

Great breads, friendly staff.

Bread and Butter Forever

This is honestly one of my favorite places to eat! The staff is so friendly and helpful! The place is clean and cozy... feels like home! The sandwiches are AMAZING! And the cinnamon rolls? I Can not get enough of this place! If you are considering going, You Should Go!

Jensen Stevens

Charles Rayhorn

Good bread and good cookies. Reasonable prices.

Holly Empey

I love the bread, but the service was slow. I didn't get a sample, either, which was a bummer. Then again, i didnt ask, so.

Randi Rodriguez

i absoloutly love love love great harvest food is wonderdul and the fresh baked breads are to die for

Nutrishop Boise

Amazing bread and treats!

LeeAnn Welch

Jennifer Wood

Fresh baked goodness. No preservatives. Just plain delicious.

Niki S

Decided to eat here after reading the reviews. All reviews were accurate, food is good, samples were offered, prices were comparable and employees were AWESOME! The only downfall for me was the combo comes with a soda in a can and there were no diet colas.

Tod Oliver

All the food is amazing!

Bob Andrews-Bryant

Great Harvest has Great Bread! They grind their own flour and bake everything in-house.

Carl Siebert

Great food, great service

Jackie Hammrich

Great sandwiches!

Matt Capell

Everything is good in this place. A real treat is their pumpkin, chocolate chip bread. Try it, you will not be disappointed.

Kathleen Blackmer

Love to visit this incredible bakery every time we are in Idaho! Phenomenal and unique breads, sweets and sandwiches made with fresh local ingredients. The owners and staff are passionate about what they do and love their community and it shows!

Michelle Campbell

Ordered from Great Harvest Meridian for a meeting. Came on time. Sandwiches tasted great! Delivery was on time. Great customer service. Will order again

Kathleen Novikoff

First time visiting this place. Their breads are delicious. A little expensive but good quality.

Travis Palmer

The food is awesome and I really like the feel of the restaurant. I just wish parking was better but it's worth it for the turkey bacon avocado

Chris Mortensen

They're Rueben is one of the best!!

Jude Streicher

I eat here quite often. The staff are super friendly and the sandwiches are delicious. I definitely recommend this place!

Pam Linn

There bakery items are excellant.

Jacque McVey

Great Harvest is known for their breads (including gluten free), but they also have a case full of sweets - (and coffee to go with it) salads, soup, and custom made sandwiches. They sell a variety of hearty soup mixes to make at home. We talked to several members of the staff during our visit -all very friendly.

Kate Baucom

This is my favorite place to get lunch, their bread and sandwiches are delicious and everybody is so friendly here! I've never been disappointed, go here first for a lunch meeting or bread for dinner!!

Devin Jensen

Friendly and great bread

Shae Mencl

The staff is so friendly!! And The owners are so so kind! Plus, they give out free samples, which are to die for. HIGHLY recommend this place!!❤

Bob Higgins

Good sandwich but brownies are dry

Sara Matthews

Killer cinnamon rolls!

Karen Y

Great harvest is the place to go for delicious fresh bread and they make wonderful sandwiches!

Aaron Galbraith

i didnt like the sandwiches, but ymmv

Matthew Singer


jacob bateman

It was awesome food and services

John McVey

We always love going to Great Harvest for a light breakfast. Their breakfast sandwich is delicious and never greasy. Their pastries and breads are fabulous. Enjoy.

Tom Bartolome

Awesome seasonal baked goods

John McNamara

Amazing bread and sandwiches! Oh, and cookies too!

Leanne Smith

Ordered a ham and swiss sandwich on asiago bread. Delicious! I will be a regular.

Brittany Ward

I love stopping here for lunch. Their sandwiches and soups are delicious! It's fun to be able to choose a little slice of their fresh baked bread or dessert to sample on your way through the line. And do t forget to pick up a loaf of bread while you're there. Their cinnamon burst bread (toasted with butter) is to die for.

Sadah Bentz

AAA zzz

I don't normally eat a whole loaf of sourdough in one sitting.

Gauchay Merrill

I love Great Harvest! Their cinnamon swirl bead is amazing, I could eat it all day long! Definitely a great place with friendly staff and good food. Plus, who can say no to free samples, right?

Carol Preston

A large variety of fresh-baked breads and sweets sandwiches and soups delicious

Daryl Kochel

Harvest Bread Company is the bomb. Great sandwiches and soups. Terrific place to have lunch and pick up a loaf of bread or pastries.

Heidi Long

Fast, friendly service

Cindi Mitchell

Best bread in town!

John Allen

I wish I could eat here more often. I can't improve on other reviews, but to say that everything is delicious and wonderful quality. We're had a great experience every time.

Noreen Murray

Good place to sit & relax. Super good sandwiches & coffee

Carol Sheehan

FREE slice if fresh baked bread offered when I first walked in the store!!

James Mackie

Great stuff - friendly staff!

Wayne McClay

Great bread

Ian Barkley

Great bread. Goos place for a quick bite

Hailey Weller

Yum yum yum yum yum. This is my FAVORITE place to eat at in Meridian. Their lunch menu continues to grow, and continues to impress me! And their pumpkin chocolate chip bread? I haven't had anything else like it. It's amazing! Plus, the employees are so cheerful and make it a fun environment to be in! Would definitely recommend!

d merrilll

This is truly an amazing sandwich shop! whether is be the pastries sandwiches or just the bread, it always tastes amazing. I would go here over any other restaurant in town. Highly recommended!!

Skyler Brough

Always have a wonderful time at this bakery! Love the staff and the smiles! I can’t get enough of the turkey pesto! The employees are always willing to go the extra mile and always take care of you when they make a mistake!

Alysa Bishop

My kids love this place! My kids tend to be pretty picky about the food they eat, but I get NO complaints when I suggest lunch at Great Harvest. We love the samples, they love the grilled cheese sandwiches, I love that they make my gluten sensitive kiddos and I delicious sandwiches we can eat with their GlutenX bread! Great atmosphere, love the seating arrangements, and the warm welcoming smiles from the staff. Great service too!!

Teresa Muller

Always fresh and amazing pasteries.

Deborah Gill

The bread is wonderful and not full of additives or presevatives.

Colin Bonner

Love this place! Fresh quality bread. Awesome sandwiches, great people. I've been coming here for years and don't plan inn stopping!

John McMurray

The pumpkin chocolate chip bread is AWESOME!

Robert Runyan

Their internet site said they sell a brand we were looking for upon driving to their location were told.they never sold this and basically we're rude. Not good customer service will not be back. They charge an arm and a leg for their product which really isn't that good

Scott Ableman

Great bread, treats and awesome place for a sandwich.

Cor Garcia

Yummy, yummy, yummy, and always prompt, cheerful service.

Sarah Phipps

The breads are always so good and the sweet treats are perfect for the days you need a little sugar rush. Try the cinnamon roll bread - seriously perfect!

Sandy seidl

Please don't eat at the Chinden and Linder. A gentleman came from outside, went straight to kitchen took a bag of chips and started eating them. He was eating them where they cut the bread. He then went and made a sandwich while eating his sandwich picked up a customers order and took it to their table. Not once did he wash his hands. Eating while serving food, while others prepping it. When Calling the owners two days in a row, still no response to what will be done.

Yoonho Aaron Kim

You can see many kind of bread. And the sandwich taste is good :)

Carol Ritter

Nice place good yummy and services was wonderful. Thank you

Les Burnam

Very friendly, great service

Adam S

Best carbs around, great scones

Jess Trevino

Always warm and inviting. Customer service is outstanding and the aroma of fresh baked bread makes you want to hang around! Yum!

Rich Chaney

This is a fantastic bakery. Their Asiago Sourdough is all my kids want to eat. The kids also love going to Great Harvest for the samples. Good, fresh baked goods. What more could one ask for from a bakery?


Is ok for a quick sandwich. The bread and pastry items are a little bit and miss. Overall a solid 3 stars.

Blake Howard

Amazing bread need I say more

Lilie M

Love this place! They always exceed expectations.

Paul B

High quality traditional bread, but unique breads truly shine.

Betsy Crowell

Such a great place to eat lunch! I loved the feta apple chicken salad! The bread is to die for! ❤

Kirsten Whitmer

Very friendly and helpful staff. Excellent food.

Kent Crawford

Great bread, very knowledgeable, friendly

sara kojeski

Staff here is always so cheery, fast, and friendly. Bread is always delicious. I keep coming back again and again.

Zane Wood

Great Harvest has always managed to impress me!! The employees are so very nice and are super helpful. Their bread is delicious, my favorite is the Asiago Sourdough and the Jalapeno Cheddar! Very family friendly also!! Highly recommend!

Emily Beath

Always SUPER clean, the employees are crazy-nice, and their food is AMAZING. Like, seriously. I take loaves of bread to my family gatherings all the time. Sometimes, I eat their pumpkin chocolate chip bread with a fork. True story.


The breads and sandwiches are amazing!

Scott Walker

Super simple sandwiches with good ingredients.

Greg Kiester

Love their food

Bryan Bruin

Amazing pumpkin chocolate chip bread and raspberry white chocolate scones

Andy Penza

I would put five stars if everything was ready to eat when they open. Everytime they open there's no frosting on the cookies. Maybe they should open an hour later once all their products are finished. Otherwise good stuff if it's ready...

Zoe Butori

Cute and Delicious!

Lafe Jepsen

Almost as good as the Utah locations.

Bart Buskey

Wonderful food. Great service.

Rita Reed

Great bread of different kinds. Great tasting! Sandwich was really good! Great place for healthy made foods

Eugene and Judy Fuller

Good sandwich

Josh Goddard

I would give accolades to Addie. I was just a bystander to a situation that was going on between her and a customer who was an angry old man. She handled herself and the situation very maturely and with ease. The elderly man was saying she had poor customer service and going on about his cinnamon bun that he ate half of and wanted a return. She politely told him that they cannot refund him and he stormed out angrily. Good job Addie! Keep up the good work! It's people like you with your customer service that I love!

Malauna Gibby

The red, white and blueberry bread is delicious!

Nick Parry

Great sandwiches. Love the grilled turkey pesto.

Deanna Weigel

We love the bread. Their sandwiches are really good.

Patty Sykes

Awesome choices and great food

Kenneth Irving

Great tasting breads friendly knowledgeable. Staff

Adrian McNamara

Delicious but spendy.

Marian Luette

Very good. Service was great. Looking a good sandwich then give it a try....

Golden Rule

Great place for whole grain fresh breads. The baskets make great gifts. Locally owned. I like it.

Laura Hope

my sister buys bread here too often bc it is so good

Aly Mencl

I freaking LOVE Great Harvest! Food...GREAT! Location...GREAT! Customer service...GREAT!! Its literally the cutest shop and has such a great vibe. highly recommend!

Anne Olsen

Beat homemade bread in town!

Pink Taylor

Love their bread and sandwiches! Be sure to get a free sample!

CJ Smith

I love this bakery!

Bryce Cornwell

I have always liked getting lunch at Great Harvest! They always offer me a free sample of something they've baked fresh that day and the sandwiches are always very good! The staff are always friendly and they have good prices for the food that you get. Definitely worth a stop if you're in the mood for a good deli sandwich on fresh bread.

Randy Brown

Had a 30 minute lunch break, went in to grab a sandwich. Ordered the blt , bacon lettuce and tomato with mayo, you would think a relatively easy sandwich. Think again, everyone in my party received their sandwich and finished eating them and went back for pastries and finished those. I still haven't received my order. The topper was the clerk who took my order got his sandwich and finished it and went back to work. My sandwich finally arrived to a empty table, everyone was already gone. No lunch for me today, I spent my lunch time watching everyone else eating their lunch. Won't ever waste my time there again!

teresa boulos

Omg the best bread ever!

Ryan Harvey

Great food. Staff is ok. Don't seem very knowledgeable. Have had frequent errors on my order.

Robyn Albright

I love the scones and a good cup of coffee!

Melissa Trudell

The smell was outstanding, the food was wonderful. I have never eaten there before, but I will definitely go back again.

Cory Drummond

Great sandwiches and pastries.

Jennifer Blaylock

Very welcoming space, a huge variety of delicious breads (I got to sample two of them)! All in All, a fabulous place to go!

Donald Gomes

Great bread , service , sandwich , coffee !!

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