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5608 W Fairview Ave, Boise, ID 83706, United States

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Where is Great Harvest Bread Co. Boise?

REVIEWS OF Great Harvest Bread Co. Boise IN Idaho

Tyler Avila

Unrivaled, quality food. Great prices, friendly staff


Wonderful place for fresh baked on-site breads and pastries.

Donna Ahern

Has a great selection.

Randall Harvey

Get the dill bread, make grilled cheese.

Diane McConnaughey

Yummy. Local. Friendly

Tirza Cunningham

Smells are free! Excellent baked goods. Friendly service. She helped me to my car with my purchase.

Jessica McConnel

Best fresh baked breads and treats!

Landon Reese

Wonderful place and amazing owners! We we're in an accident nearby and they hand delivered cookies and bread, gave us ice, and checked in several times on of we were ok. Couldn't ask for a more friendly, caring staff and culture! On top of that they have fantastic pastries and fine bread!

Carmen Westre


Rogena Brown

Nice place for bakery goods that is healthy.


Oh my! Delicious breads, nice menu for eating in also. They give generous samples.

Joy Fraley

Great service and great food.

Randee Sue Pratt

Love this place

Holly Waterbury

Kind workers. Amazing bread!

Nicole Settlemires

Went in the am for breakfast and there is no fresh baked bread until 1000. Scone was ehhh. Hubby enjoyed his cinnamon roll.

Eric Larsen

Great, friendly service. They give generous samples of their bread. I ended up getting their turkey avocado sandwich, which I definitely recommend

Mike Fabbi

Amazing fresh baked bread and great sandwiches!

Renae Haddadin

Great sandwiches and soup. Bread is fantastic.

Lisa Latimer

My husband

Graham Freeman

Great bread and sandwiches. Free samples with gobs of butter.

Tim Adkins

Best bread ever!

Jason McGee

Fantastic sandwiches. If you want fresh bread this is the place to go.

MrH Altius

Great selection and friendly service

Jennifer Daugherty

Rueben sandwich was amazing! Lemon bar was pretty good too.

Mark Studer

Great baked goods and solid sandwiches. Try the chicken salad sandwich which is wonderful.


I had a basil pesto turkey sandwich. It tasted good, I'd recommend it to anyone. My work always gets this bread around the holidays from supporters of our business. Good bread. Prices were good. Staff was friendly.

Janae Larsen

Great place for lunch! Locally owned with an amazing team. Love their products, especially the cinnamon bread.

Brandan LIESKE

Raspberry bread with icing on top. I will just be carrying on with my day and I'll randomly remember the taste of the bread. It happens frequently. I must need to go buy some

Nikohl Bernstein

I come here often and while the service is hit and miss, the food is always good. However, I just watched an employee drop some to go/coffee cup lids on the floor, then proceed to pick them up and put them in the holder for customers to use. When I called her out on it, she said they fell straight up and she had gloves on so it was okay. I have worked in food service and this was NEVER acceptable. Plus she picked items up off the floor in gloves and didn't change them when she went behind the counter. Be aware if you drink the coffee with a lid or eat lunch. Makes me wonder what else they continue to use after it's been dropped on the floor...

Teri Blessing

Great samples and mouth watering goodies!

Jake Leekley

Great service and bread. A bit pricey

Nek'ka Migel

What a variety of breads. Love the samples.

Tides Treatment Services

Great place to pick up lunch before going into work!

Kathleen Warner

Super friendly staff and best quality food

Rebecca Skeldon

Great bread and baked goods. Definitely on the pricy end.

Isaac Andres

the honey wheat and sourdough bread is so good here!

candice wisbey

Different daily selections on bread. tasty homemade sandwiches great scones

Sue Schatz

Love the bread and pastry! Friendly staff and they give free samples!

Sarah Spencer

The food is delicious! The staff is friendly and helpful. Huge variety of breads and it smells amazing in there.

Robert Brinton

I've shopped here before and enjoyed the breads and sweets. Today my friend and I stopped for lunch. I had their spicy pecan chicken salad sandwich. My friend had the grown-up grilled cheese. The sandwiches were so good, we swapped half-way through so we could each try the other sandwich too. Though it isn't close to my work, I will be back for lunch again.

Megan Couch

We loved the sandwiches, the cookies and the bread samples.

Soli Salazar

Rock ridge crunch is the best bread!

Karen Spjute

We love everything about Great Harvest. They sell local raw honey as well. Nothing better.

Michelle Wilms

Nutritious and Delicious food, a comfortable atmosphere with wifi.

Roger Wann

Good sandwiches and soup. Wonderful baked bread.

j gnow

Friendly staff good bread

Jim McVey

Bread selection is not great compared to other Great Harvest bakeries.

Hannah O'Brien

Amazing!! If you havent been here you really need to! They have free samples to try all their delicous homemade bread!!

Gabe Keely

Wonderful food. Great staff.

Kris Lloyd

Great sandwiches! And the people too!

Karyn S

Great pastries. Great bread.

Cupcakeman sweet

Awesome yummy bread. Really nice staff. Great prices to.

Charlie H

Yummy, delicious. Just too pricey to be a habit.

Charles Rayhorn

Good cookies.

Mercedes Lupercio

I absolutely love their turkey pesto. The turkey avocado is also delicious. Good size sandwich and great tasting soup. I always enjoy their complimentary samples of their freshly baked treats and breads. I have been to the Meridian shop as well but their sandwiches are much smaller for the same price :( I prefer the Boise shop.

Addie Murray

A little expensive

Nicole Walton

Super yummy, only reason for not giving 5 stars is they are not careful about allergy stuff. My daughter is allergic to peanuts, and I get that it's our prob, not thiers, but I was disappointed that they used the same knife to cut a sample of bread as they did to cut thru a peanut butter blondie. It wouldn't be that hard keep but samples separate. Their breads are divine. But not super affordable.

Kim Dewit

This place makes the very best bread one can buy. Check out their weekly bread options, too! I love the Dakota and the 5-grain loaves.

Peter W.

Great food! They always have great cookie and bread selections and the samples are the bomb. You'll have a hard time picking a sandwich and the soups are excellent too.

Gregg Lovan

Dakota whole wheat bread. Places to sit. Finding more each time I visit

Vaunda Skidmore

Three weeks in a row came in at Noon to buy a simple loaf of white bread and the shelves are almost bare with a 5 o clock close time. It's a real shame as this place used to be fantastic. Now it's like the people working there don't make the effort to keep product on the shelf. What are your employees doing for 5 hours if there is no product to sell and the store is closed on Sundays? Perfect opportunity for competition to take the money and run!

Pam Purkett

I love Great Harvest bread. I wasn't impressed with the lady that waited on us. Trying to decide what bread we wanted and she was outwardly very impatient and huffed at us when we asked questions.

I don't know

Bread was delicious, our cashier was very helpful

Sarai Munoz

It's delicious! Very welcoming people! You have to try the carrot cake!

Yelena Yashchenko

Very welcoming by friendly staff and cleanliness. Thank you for being amazing. I love coming here for morning coffee that’s good quality along with a tease of a sample.

Lori Carson

Love, love, love the wonderful breads at Great Harvest. I keep missing the half price loaves - must start stopping in there earlier. Such a habit-forming place!

Tessa Bellecourt

The best baked goods in town!

Ryan Winter

Thumbs up best cinnamon rolls in the city

Victoria Nargiel

My office manager orders Great Harvest for the office at end of month since we're too busy to leave for lunch. I opened my sandwich to find a hair in it! This is the SECOND time I've had a hair in my sandwich!!! Last month when we ordered, there was a hair BAKED into the bread of my sandwich! Completely lost my appetite. I won't be eating from here again!

Frank and Alice Lester

Great people. Great bread

susan Stearns

Homemade breads, soup and bakery. Sandwich menu

Thomas Ruebelmann

Warm, fresh bread and pastries. The smell, and taste! Enough said.

Karen Oster

Great tasting healthy bread! Many choices. Free samples. Also offers sandwiches to go!

Tessa Aston

Fabulous comes to mind.k

Danny Kenney

Thanks for the wonderful service Ms. Precious and the ham and swiss with clam chowder soup was awesome.

lane Wolfe

Delicous. Very friendly and the food was awesome. Best breakfast sandwich ive ever had. Yum

Clyde Rasmussen

great lunch stop.

Michael Metcalfe

Good lunch

Christopher Eder

The bread is good, in a yeasty doughy kid of way. The service is awesome.

Rodd Cox

Great tasting breads and cookies. Good sandwiches (both hot and cold)

Thomas Turner

The best

Ron Humphrey

The cookie bars are fantastic.

Daryl Kochel

If yer tired of grocery store bread, then this is the place for you, the bread is baked daily and they have a small Cafe to have lunch.

Heidi Long

Great place for lunch


Good sandwiches, great bread! A little on the spendy side, but just like the other units in this chain the location delivers a solid product. Great for lunch.

Stacy Parr

Great place, great workers, great food! (-:

Frank Lester

Great food. Friendly people.

Christopher Smith

Still great sandwiches...

Wayne McClay

Good bread

Jang-Sik Shin

Good bread, nice free a loaf of bread

Ali K

Great food. Walked in for lunch during their rush hour. It was very busy but they were not under staffed. Got in and out in a timely manner.

Monte Gerlach

Amazing variety of fresh breads, desserts and sandwiches. Everything made fresh daily

Jesse Christensen

Need to ask for unsliced cinnamon chip for french toast.

Susanne Johnson

Came in this morning for a treat and cup of coffee on my way to work. Disappointing. You would think bakery staff would be friendly and ready to take care of customers first thing in the morning. This is not the case here. I've been a fan in the past, but not so much now. And that is not Dawson Taylor coffee they are serving.

Jessica Tamlyn

So yummy! Great atmosphere

Gregg G

The Cookies are spectacular along with any bread you enjoy.

Richard Smith

Great bread and other baked items. Love the cookies. Try it you'll like it.

Virginia Pike

Went to buy soda bread for St. Patrick's day, they were out this was at 3:30ish, very disappointed. My first time there.

Chris Keilty

Great breads and sweets.

Jenni Davis

My husband and I love their fresh, quality breads and treats. I wish they had a bike rack though for those of us that don't commute by car!

Sara Meyers

Great service! The sandwich I had was the best I've had in years! On Friday they make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread which is to die for!

Chris sigrist

Great bakery. They have great sandwiches and daily specials.

Chris Castillo

Tastey breads, muffins, sandwiches.

Master Of Shine

I absolutely adore this Great Harvest location. I stop by on my way to work and buy Cinna-Minis, or a couple loaves of coffee cake for my employees in the mornings. I also sneak over for lunch too, as their sandwiches are amazing! Super fresh ingredients and of course awesome bread! I always call ahead when headed that way to make sure they have a particular loaf of my favorite bread available. Also the free slice is my favorite part :)

Mathew Peterson

Had a business lunch catered and everyone raved about it!

Paula Reedy

Wonderful smells when you walk thru the foor, great selection of breads & muffins & cookies and very good service.

Ben Moore

Outstanding place for breads, cookies, sandwiches that are high quality and made locally. This is not a discount bakery and you will pay a premium for their products. I think it's worth it in the end. The bakery rotates the types of breads that are made on any given day so if you're looking for a loaf of something in particular, make sure it's on the schedule. Some days there is carry over into the following day, other days it's sold out within hours of them opening their doors. If you have your heart (or a meal) set on having something in particular, be early!

Aaron Weddle

Walking in to the store is like being wrapped in a warm hug as you're greeted by the intense aromas of the day's various breads and sweets. A smattering of samples are always on display and the staff is super friendly. They've also got a great lunch menu consisting of soups, salads, and sandwiches.

James Edmonds

Fantastic fresh bread and sandwiches! Great costumer service! We will be back again!

Randy Nelson

Clean, efficient staff. Great food.

Angie Sanchez

Great delicious challah bread!

Tom-Pingkan Black

Wonderful place to get fresh bread and desserts

Mike Briggs

Best bread in town!

Paul Lewer

If you like amazing bread, pastries, and sandwiches - this place is the ticket!

Adam Reno

Great people and great goodies!

Sonja Brumfield

Best bread and pastries. Always fresh. Great service.

Scott Seegmiller

Ruben, enough said.

Sue Edwards

I love coming in to Great Harvest to grab a coffee, scone and read a magazine or the paper..It is a wonderful me time experience.

Gale Slota

Well, I don't know. Something has changed, I feel like I am begging for retail incentives that have been freely provided for many years. Presently, the incentives are still provided, but with a biased attitude towards me for having asked about them, and following through with my purchase punch cards. I don't feel comfortable shopping there any more and will finish out my purchase punches for my bread loaf and sweets cards then shop at another local bakery that povides the same product quality and where employees genuinely welcome my presence as a consumer.

Mike Shaffer

The pastries were both savory and sweet and very filling. Today when my wife and youngest son and I had lunch there, it was busy, as is customary at lunch, but the atmosphere was pleasant and relaxing. The employee who took our orders made sure to double check that they were correct. The manager and owner, Annjanette even came out of the kitchen to chat a bit and make sure our dining experience was pleasant and top-notch. Is it lunchtime yet? I'd like to go back! The potato soup was creamy with smoked bacon in it. It was filling and fantastic!

Tiffany Birdwell

I love this little bakery! The owner is always so friendly and the staff is pretty great too. It's a slower moving pace that allows to sit and chat with friends and enjoy your meal.

Bart Buskey

Love the food, homemade bread, blondie brownies, scones, cookies and etc. Staff is awesome, too.

Chris Brock

Fantastic quality baked goods that you can tell are all made with love and care. The atmosphere is warm, inviting and fun like a local bakery should be. The sandwiches are also very good, a little pricey, but you definitely get what you pay for. Whether you want a rich and hearty loaf of flavorful and exotic bread to pull apart for your next dinner, a staple sliced loaf to make sandwiches at home, or just some tasty baked treats like brownies and cookies, they've got you covered. Don't forget to pick up some of their jams and butter spreads too! Great stuff!

Rebecca Freeman

The smell in this shop makes me want to live in their cupboards like a mouse! Beautiful tempting displays of all sorts of bread, a very clear chalkboard listing of which breads are available on which days, and a very patient girl at the counter who was willing to let me order pretty much one of everything for my office. Their cinnamon rolls are huge, and I was lucky enough to get one fresh out of the oven (they had to pack the icing seperately, but didn't miss a beat over the situation). I will be back!

Ess Garza

Best sandwiches in town!


Best bread in the world!

Rachel Sulik

Excellent food, excellent staff! I went in for one of their specialty loaves today, but they ended up not having any at that moment. The sweet employee compensated me with a different-yet-similar loaf, even after I assured her I was perfectly happy to pay for it. The bread is heavenly (no, really, this is what fresh bread should taste like!) and I really appreciate how courteous and friendly the staff was. I'll come back here anytime!

Rob LaPointe

Good veggie sandwich

Rathna K

I just came to know about this place recently and have rarely bought bread from anyone else since. They have a good selection of bread, locally prepared, tasty and healthy. They also have a dine in that offers sandwiches and more.

Marian Luette

Great service and delicious sandwiches. Fresh breads that are so good. You have to stop by and try them out.

Sarah Passmore

I love the samples:) they are so generous. Great baking. Kind customer service.

Esperanza Sanchez

Best freshly baked bread!! Great service as well!

Dan Starman


Taylor Hunt

Great place. Very fair and very very delicious.

Debra Scott

Great tasting sandwiches, bread and pastries!! They are so nice!! Amazing service!

Donald Azevedo

Best Bread in Boise

Becky Srivastava

Delicious soups, sandwiches and baked goods. I like their free bread samples too.

D. Rüesch

Best sandwiches ever and great staff

Becky Millar

The Very Best Bread ever.

Karissa Ziemann


Richard Shelton

Great friendly staff and the breads are always delicious.

Linda May

Amazing sandwich - Grownup Grilled Cheese!!!

Richard Wilson

Favorite bakery

Courtney Baty

The food is delicious and fresh and the gals working are so friendly and helpful. Great place to go for lunch or a yummy treat. Their bread and their honey butter is AMAZING.

Sherry Wright

They have the best sugar cookies...I bring one back as a special treat for my grandkids every time I get to Boise!

Julie Coles

This place has the best sugar cookies ever!

John Kennedy

Really great soups and sandwiches!

Jessica DiRocco

The bread is always amazing! We had raisin bread for breakfast!

Kori Batt

Wow. They have samples. Everyone is wonderful. Their breads are beautiful and all baked fresh. Could eat it all.

Richard Buckham

I love this place. I have never met a carb I don't like so a bakery is right up my alley. The food here is really good especially the Reuben sandwich and when you combine that with fresh bread what could be better. The employees are are very friendly and helpful and I am always offered a sample while placing my order

Stephanie B

Excellent chicken salad sandwiches on the Best bread in town. Added some avocado to make it even more delish!! A Boise classic and truly "killer" bread.


Such a friendly and welcoming shop. Delicious, too!! Really appreciate their patience as we food allergies to consider. The space was bright, with plenty of seating for the lunch crowd.

Joseph Baldassarre

High-quality fresh bread and sandwiches. They rotate their baking schedule, so if you want a particular bread, find out what day(s) they make it.


When i began planning my first ever trip to Boise from Grand Rapids MI, several brochures recommended thai i visit this place. I told the worker at the counter about how i had made it a point to stop in, she treated me like royalty! I tried samples of their potato dill bread and blueberry lemon "dessert" bread. Both were amazing. I ordered a grilled veggie sandwhich and it was divine! I am coming back to Boise next March and you can bet I will be back!!! Reasonable price for my sandwhich. Sparkling clean batbroom.

C Gates

Love, love this Great Harvest store! Friendly staff (who always talk me into trying a sample of something new) and great menu. My kids love the cookies and the pumpkin chocolate chip bread, and I love the pan of Mini Cinis, loaded with frosting. I like that I can call ahead and have something held, as in the bakery world things can go quick!

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