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REVIEWS OF Geraldine's Bake Shoppe & Deli IN Idaho

Rose Crane

Love this place when do you make your chicken noodle soup

Emilie Merrill

Great restaurant- love the family feeling.

Chelsi Shores

Brooke Bowser

Jae Bates

Oh my goodness. If you're looking for the best cinnamon rolls, orange rolls, or sugar cookies then look no further! Their baked goods are superb and it would be a shame to not get soup and a sandwich while you're there as well!! Go for the bread bowl and make sure you take some goodies to go!

Gibson Walz

Best cinnamon rolls in town!!!!

Jesse Dickson

Great food and service. Huge cinnamon rolls.

Byron Ball

Food was excellent, cost $$$

Khalea Allen

A place where all of my family of six can find something to eat. Gramma loves the tomato bisque. My cousin loves the lobster roll, and my aunt, the Ironport on tap. Me? I love the bacon ranch on a fresh roll and a chicken strawberry salad-add bacon! Last time I went in the clam chowder had not been taken care of and got too old to sell. Before that they were out if strawberries, so no salad. And the time before that they were out of 3 soups. So only 4 star satisfaction as a restaurant. Ml

Christina Morgan

Toni Hargrove

Bakery goods are more than awsome!! They frequently run out of breakfast pastries. Get there early or order ahead. Rolls, breads, cookies, pastries, sandwiches. Delicious made to order deli food. Nice place to sit and eat. Love it

Louis Adamson

Their lunch menu is delicious! Don't forget a treat

Jeremy Tarver

Just a good local place. People are nice and food is good.

Trent Kelly

Excellent food!

idaho hunny

Awesome food great service

Brad Youngquist

Stephanie Woodward

Everything made here is amazing. Ownership is fantastic, staff is friendly and helpful.

Erin E

Best soups and sandwiches in town. The baked goods can't be beat, either. Really miss having the west side location, we don't get to enjoy the delicious goods as often anymore.

Brian Muir

Love their ham and chicken salad sandwiches on a fresh hoagie bun...delicious!!!!

Devin Roberts

Fantastic rolls and other baked goods and they make a mean turkey sandwich on top of it all.

Jut Jet

Good homemade food. Can't go wrong with anything.

Chris Porter

Aaron Surratt

Rick Krumenacker

Martha Overdorf

Max Stoddart

Nicole Goddard

Wonderful fresh food and customer service as always. Never been let down.

Cody Astle

The chicken salad sandwich is excellent!

Jenny Carlson

jim mende

whitney beard

Jillian Stambaugh

Devine! Love the orange and cinnamon rolls and the regular dinner rolls. Their bread is fantastic, fresh, and a treat. Kids work there, so don't expect super cozy customer service or help in choosing things. You'll know exactly what you want while standing in line, so don't let that stop you!

Rodger Hartley

Great rolls & sandwiches !

R jay Henderson

Chadd Johns

Katie Tribble


Mike Waldron

It's been better..

Cole Staples

Great pastries and breads

Andrew Harmon

Derek Empey

I like grabbing lunch here but the food is kind of hit or miss. I really enjoy the Malibu chicken sandwich. Some days I get it and it's one of the best sandwiches I've ever had then the next time I get it it is bland and boring. Over all pretty good.

Jimmy Oyler

Deby Scholes

It was a cold day and I was craving their warm soup, I had just had shoulder surgery the week before so I could not carry it out to my car and they were very kind to help. I would recommend this place to anyone great food great service thank you all

Pam Rossi

Angela Bodell

Great soup.

Stacie Gardner

Dorene Reyes

Jamie Johnson

Kae Neslen

Lynn Briggs

conor adams

The local bakery is alive and well with this place.

Alana Bills

Greyson Himes

marci Thompson

Bobbie Jay

Love their rolls!

Karlie Cordell

Freddy Zane

Decided to try some ice cream... super good and not too expensive. The best is a fresh sugar cookie with an ice cream cone

Daniel Powell

My favorite backery! I make special trips to get a sandwich and a cinnomin roll here.

Chelsea Heninger

I'm so obsessed with this place! They have the best food and the people working there are so sweet! LOVE the cinnamon rolls!

That Local Pessimist

cookies and breads are nice

Ned M.

Allen Campbell

Hog Dawg

The food taste great, but the The service was so slow. I could’ve ordered Chilean sea bass from an expensive restaurant and had it I’m out quicker.

Dave Orr

Great cinnamon rolls and cookies. Great service.

Dillan Pilcher

Great soups and breads

Kathy Saville

Marsha Davis

Bill Hayes

Josh Harris

I was a former employee at Geraldine's Bakery in Ammon. I worked there for roughly 4 months, and in the time I was there I never felt welcomed. I heard of the bakery through a family member and I started working for the time being. I always showed up to my shifts on time and I would stay late. Later in the year, I was going home during the Christmas break, and I asked my manager if they would save my spot when I got back to school in January. Turns out Geraldine's doesn't have the decency to tell their employees when they let them go. I texted my manager when I returned to Ammon, and was available and what hours I could work, and she simply tells me that they don't need me anymore. I appreciate the professionalism. So as a college student I was left without a job which I need to pay rent/tuition. If you have teenagers wanting to work here, I advise not to. Management is uptight and gossips all day instead of helping their employees and taking them under their wing. A very judgmental atmosphere, that doesn't pay enough. Also the food is way too overpriced. Jay is a great business owner and I applaud him for that, but I couldn't take the management any longer.

Corinna Wright

Yalon Yandle

Brooke Gunter

I love geraldine's! It's so good!

Jeremiah Clark

Great family, great service, great food

Tatted Big Daddy J

Loved it

Keith Duffin

Yummy food, but be careful. They should have an addiction warning on their rolls and peanut butter bars.

Ashley Grover

Ben C

Great breads, sandwiches, and soups, but the cinnamon rolls are the best.

nicholas jones

Good bread and sandwiches. All very fresh tasting

Chase Hymas

Marilyn Francis

Stopped here on my way through, friends had told me ow wonderful it was, they were very nice and friendly. I got the carrot cake. The first bite was "off" but thought it was just me. The next bite.... um... yuck. I think something they used to make it homemade was spoiled. I called them from my phone as I was driving down the freeway. I wanted them to know so they could pull it and not sell it to anyone else. The woman on the phone was genuinely apologetic and offered to "make it right" and wanted to give me another. I explained I was headed down the freeway but just wanted them to know. She was sincerely thankful.

Kevin mcdonnough

Jake McCulloch

Wanted to order Tiramisu for my birthday, which we happened to be celebrating the Saturday after Thanksgiving. When my Mom called, to order it, 10 days before we needed it, we were informed that they didn't have the ingredients to make the cake, and they weren't going to be open during Thanksgiving weekend to pick it up anyways. They were only making rolls for special order and that was it. Used to go in all of the time for their Tiramisu at least twice a week. Now, it's never made. I head to Fred Meyer instead. The kids they have working their seem, at more times than not, inconvenienced by the customer.

Coops 25

J'Lene Webb

Always Love Geraldine's! Friendly Service and Great Food! I haven't had anything I haven't Loved! You know it's good when it packed with people, but the $1 grilled cheese was obviously a hit!

Brent Lane

Awesome little deli in Chubbuck, ID! Delicious food and very reasonably priced! Always great service!

Tasha Pope

Delicious baked goods. Recommend the cinnamon rolls.

Charolette Kirschbaum

Stephen Feit

Great sandwiches, rolls and service.

Judy Jaquez

Great place for something sweet

Mike Tucker

Amazingly delicious!

Graden Godfrey

George logsdon

Julie Smith

For the food I would give them 5 stars, but the service is where they fall short. Their staff moves so slow. It can take up to 15 minutes to get your order of just a cup of soup. Don't come here if you are in a hurry. I keep coming back because the food is delicious, but I dread the long wait every time.

Whitlee Puzey

Josh Russell

Moses T Collier Jr

Love these guys. Great food. Awesome service. Recent accident still being remodeled.

Teri Fairchild

This place is just okay. I went in for a warm cinnamon roll. They literally heated it up in the plastic container in the microwave. I NEVER heat anything in plastic at home. Plastic forks and knifes with coffee worst than a convenient store! Invest in plates and real silverware! I won't be back.

shad miller

Ryan Nelson

Bread and bakery items are great. Chicken noodle soup had no flavor and was watery. The service was below average with cashier not trained on systems and an all teenager crew who missed food on several orders and very unorganized kitchen workflow. Good food and the would be four stars if everything else was put together.

Chris Campbell

Dina Angell

Beth Chacon

Marrilynn Shoemaker

Travis Mauldin

Connie Kinghorn


Best sandwiches in town, but mostly crappy slow service with a on average bad soup selection.

Douglas Brown

Great home cooked sandwiches. Like Mom used to make. Soups great too.

Sowero Blackheart

They have the best cinnamon rolls. Yum.

Tyler Allen

tyler williams

Very good sandwiches

Jacob Thomas

Mark Feichtner

Stephanie Jett Droghei

Love this place! Great bread, rolls and treats!!

Amanda L

Ryan Archibald

Just enjoyed a French Dip sandwich, it was tasty and the aju was warm... Next time I'll pay an extra 1.50 for more meat, but that's just my preference. The water was ice-cold and there were about 14 types of cookies to choose from for dessert. Tried the almond Florentine, it was crunchy and chewy at the same time. Looks like I beat the lunch rush by about 20 minutes...

Calm Waters

Great morning breakfast.

Chelsea Harding

Would be better if they answered their phone during business hours as they should. Almost everytime I call to place ahead a order or with a question, I don't get a answer the first time I call. Love the food, but the customer service needs some improvement. Besides that, they are a great bakery! I recommend their beef and barley soup, it's comfort in a cup.

Landon Lusk

Grew up loving it. Still good!

Bryon Gundersen

I have been there a lot. I have had everything there and I liked it all. I especially liked the sweet stuff.

Kara Maldonado

Elaina Lundquist

Kannan Nicholas

Casey Stoner

Yummy treats and bread!

Loralee Bowen

Dana Stoddard

Great bread. Love their cinnamin rolls. Soups are great.

Kirk Bailey

Its really good! The atmosphere is...Family based, which isn't particularly what I want when going to a bakery but it's food and service is always to notch! The handmade soup, best thing ever. The bread, nobody will ever best my mom's recipe, but it's good for bakery bread!

Sheree Fielding

I love Geraldine's! Excellent food & excellent service every time I go there!

Heather Blair


Greg Furlong

Delicious Reuben sandwich, shame they ran out of cream of broccoli.

Kevin Mortimer

Great place for a delicious sandwich

Trevor Atkison

Prices and products are amazing! No more to say.

Janette Spicer

Love it a clean comfortable place to go. Customer service the best.

Dave Wood

Gary Starnes

Best bread in town

Jerry Smith

Great rolls and sandwiches. Raspberry rolls are my favorite.

Peggy Johnson

Bought cinnamon rolls for father in law. I think the rolls are to big and sweet. Do not like the orange they put in all the rolls.

Jeff Williams

Cindy Hinz

Thor Odinson

Whenever I am in Pocatello I stop here for a BLT and orange cinnamon bun. Very tasty and good customer service

connie moser

Susan Brown

Pricey but worth it! Fantastic baked goods!

Amanda Harper

The sugar cookies are AMAZING!

Danielle Vertefeuille

Mark Hokanson

Matt Tubbs

Oh man, their bread is so delicious! I love their sandwiches so much. I'm in heaven for a bit when I'm eating one.

Natalie Erickson


Had to wait 45 minutes behind a car just for us to get our order wrong!

Brian Hendricks

Great bread good service

Steve Barnes

Good as usual

Jane Doe

Woke up early to get here first thing in the morning to get rolls. Was told that I had to buy the left over rolls from yesterday before they put the new fresh rolls out. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! This is a bakery and I expect fresh rolls. If they have leftover rolls they should sell them at a discount but still offer fresh rolls. I only purchased these old, regular priced rolls today because they are not for me. I will never return here again.

Becky Snyder

Yummy cookies and rolls made daily.

Jerry Mcmurry

Janeen Leak

I absolutely love this place !!❤ Thank you Jay and Merry your the best

Debra Kay Barnard

Light and fluffy

Lorene Ames

Paige&Jeff Butikofer

Pepe Frog

This place is the BEST. It smells so good and the prices are great for the quality of food.

Ashley turpitt

I was not impressed one bit. I guess maybe I went into this place with higher expectations than I should have. When you call something a specialty sandwich that is what a person is expecting. All the specialty was chunks of cut up deli meat mixed with mayo and a couple pieces of shredded almond in it. It wasnt satisfactory one bit. Then my sons sandwich was a roll with a small slab of cheese not even maybe a dab of mustard and mayo with a slice of ham. The cookie tasted like it was mixed in with some dirty dish soap. I will not be going back and will not be recommending this place to anyone. I could have spent the same amount of money at Jimmy johns or panera bread and recieved better food!

Tazmania Yelloweyes

Amazing home baked treats with fresh soup and sandwiches. What more could you ask for?

Trevor Smith

So good!

Jodi Pendlebury-CLuff

Jimmy Montoya

Erica Simonsen

Best fresh clean food!! Excellent service!!

Andrea Beasley

Love the baked fresh items here

Toni OBrien

Janice crank

It took 30 mins at the window for Geraldine to dish up a 12 oz soup and bread bowl. Good think I didn't ask for butter on the roll it would have taken an hour. Plus there was five cars behind me waiting. I will not return. Disappointed again!!!!

Papa Bear

Everything here is amazing

Alexandria Anderson

The bread and baked goods are really delicious!


Yummy food but a bit expensive.

Brooke Wheeler

Rachael SLaughter

Danielle Harwood

I absolutely love all the pastries here ❤️ the staff are nice and it has such a homey little vibe! Great place to catch a bite to eat!

Ethan Wolfie

Trent fire brother

Love the food

Montana Grant

Service seems pretty slow and there aren't very many healthy options if any at all. I did like what I've ordered in the past. The chicken noodle soup was mostly noodles (not something I like but others might) and hardly any chicken. But I usually get some sort of free cookie when I order which is nice. And they seem to be the only place around that carries play dough ice cream (but it's seasonal).

A. Anderson

Val Ray Ferrin

This is an Awesome place the food is scrumdiddlyumptious I really like it!

Holly Raymond

Kristina Young

Kind of dry, but still good taste

James Hammack

Great sandwiches, fresh baked bread, rolls & cinnamon rolls! They also have breakfast sandwiches that you can get all day. If you haven't been there I highly recommend going there for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Dallas Droghei

Geraldine's has the highest quality dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls you can buy in Pocatello hands down. All their food I have ever eaten there has been of excellent quality. This includes their soups, sandwiches, cookies, and ice cream. If you live in Pocatello and haven't been here, you're missing out.

Kevin Hansen

Delicious soups on a cold day... need I say more?

Bethany Howard

Shelby Hall

Great food great ppl

Mackenzie Burke

I love this place! the donuts are to die for and the employee's are amazingly friendly. I would highly recommend trying their cinnamon rolls as well. So good! Great place, great service.

Brandon Smith

Great service, unlike most places around town. Good food and treats. A bit expensive in my opinion, but the smiles keep me coming back!

Carl Nelson

Great food and excellent service

Mic Warren

Great breads, snacks, soups and sandwiches...

Tina Friesen

Very nice but, very slow.

Adra Ramos

Good BLT sandwich

Paige Miller

Geraldine's is my favorite local place to get lunch; their soup, sandwiches, and treats are a comfort food for me. As a couple other reviewers have stated, though, its customer service is somewhat lacking. The staff rarely says the first word when you come in and walk up to the counter, and they never engage with customers beyond very basic interactions. A couple incidents in particular come to mind: once where a man in line asked them which soup they recommend, and the employee responded with "I don't know, whatever one you want"... and once where a employee made a somewhat-condescending remark about my vegetarianism, "Yeah, we can do that, but it's not really a sandwich anymore without the meat." Last night, I went into Geraldine's about 10 minutes before their closing and asked if I could still put in a sandwich order. The employee momentarily looked towards the clean prep area then turned back to me and said "Sure..." without any enthusiasm whatsoever. I understand that they were trying to close, and of course I felt bad for inconveniencing them. But should the staff have really made me feel worse about the situation than I already felt? The food alone is well worth the visit, but by writing this, I hope that the management will at least be aware of the situation.

Brandie Jacobia

Lady Blue

Absolutely amazing food and good service.

LaWanda Ellsworth

This place use to be amazing, however, the last 3 times have been less than impressive. Today, the bread used for sandwiches was very dry & the size of a hotdog bun. I asked for provolone & pepper jack, got provolone & american. I asked for extra bacon & there was hardly any bacon, the bacon that was on there was like bacon bits. The outside of the sandwich was very messy (mayo all over). My son ordered plain ham, cheese & mayo. His sandwich had lettuce and was also very messy. We ordered a to go large soup & roll with butter for my daughter who was at home. She got a small soup with a roll & no butter. When I asked for a large bowl that I had paid for the gentleman serving was visibly upset, got a large bowl, handed it back to me & there was soup all over the sides. I asked for a cloth to wipe it up & he looked at me like I was speaking a different language. Once he gave me the cloth I cleaned off the bowl, again you could see he was visibly upset. We finished our lunch & my son couldn't eat all his soup so I asked for a small to go container. The young lady who got it for me also appeared visibly upset she had to get me the container. We always get deserts during our visits, we did not today. We didn't complain about anything as that is not our style, however, after multiple fails I felt the need to review our experience today. I hope things change so your reputation isn't compromised. Thank you.

Chris Charnock

DriftingMarilyn 123

Good bakery. They also donate to the homeless.

Michael Schield

Good sandwich with lots of options and fresh baked bread.

Nicole Stosich

It always smells so good in here. Everything is yummy!

Teuila Filiaga

Scruffy Woofy

I could gain about 200 lbs here. Great bakery !

syraq green

Great home made breads, good and soup

Morgan and Sarah Anderson

Jodie Kramer

Angie narcizo

Good food!

Michelle Gardner

Waited 20+ mins in drive thru with no one ahead of me in line. Once I finally got my food they forgot part of my order. I've had to wait a long time in the drive thru prior to this seems to be the normal thing here. The food is good, but the service needs lots of work and is waaaay too slow.

Nicolas Dorsett

This place makes some good food and has a cozy feel to it. Their breakfast sandwiches are awesome and their donuts are great too. The sandwiches are made on their delicious big dinner rolls! Their donuts however were a lot better when they use to glaze them and then frost them kinda like Krispy Kreme. Bring that back and I might bump it up to 5 stars. The service is a little slower but that’s to be expected because the food tastes and looks homemade instead of fast food tasting. I wish they had better coffee. Just old fashioned drip coffee in a self serving container.

Andrea Porter

Jonathan Stohel

Martin Ferguson

Jackie Smith

Jane Stewart

Kenyon B

Need soup? This is your place. I will gladly drive across town to get soup, a roll, and (edit: no longer serves cheerwine) some Cheerwine. The service is always pleasant and its a local shop, hard to go wrong with that! The soup is great most of the time. We took a break from them for a while when we got a meh soup, but now that it’s fall we’ve been going back more and have had great experiences.

Steve Riley

Favorite lunch spot.

Shayla Crane


Delicious as always. Their number 2 soup and a sandwich is always a go to. Their maple bar cake is out of this world good. Definitely recommend!

Haylee Saunders

Excellent food! Their red velvet cake is to die for!!

stephen burke

Breakfast sandwich was amazing, and pb bar was ooooohhhhhh lala

ashley roybal

Dana Stiffler

Great food! They have really good sandwiches and are usually pretty fast getting them out. It’s generally pretty clean inside too. The bakery items are also really good, they have amazing sugar cookies that we get every time. They also have really good bread and rolls.

Sydni Southwick

Look no further if you're on a hunt for best bakery in Pocatello. You can find a wide variety of delicious treats here, and each one of them are more divine than the last. The cookies are chewy and soft, the brownies are perfectly gooey and chocolatey, and the lemon bars (my favorite) are the most perfect combination of tart and sweet. The rolls and the loaves of bread are by far the best you can buy in Pocatello. I have never had a bad experience here. The staff is always quick to greet and help me, and is even patient and accommodating when I ask for a middle brownie, instead of an edge piece. I love Geraldine's, and am so glad they're here to make Pocatello delicious.

Juan Camacho

Jordyn Perry

Shawn Rose

Products are amazing. Everything seems fresh and the gluten free options are awesome. However, please train your employees on how to greet customers, I’m tired of walking up and having the cashier stare at me waiting for my order. Customer service please!!!!!

Bonnie Eskelsen

Went thru the drive thru it took 20 minutes to get my sandwich and a cup of soup. Sorriest pastrami sandwich I've ever seen and cost me just under 7 bucks just for the sandwich! The soup was another 4 and it didnt have any flavor at all! I'm not even gonna start on what a task it was to order a hot tea......I won't be going back....ever. smh

Eric Reese


Nicole Hale

Chris Patrick

Oh, the breads and desserts! More kryptonite!

Eric Schaat

Best Bakery in my opinion.

A Google User

Kara Mortensen

Great homemade sandwiches soups and bakery items. Great food at a reasonable price make it our "go to" for lunch.

Adriana Lunt


The coffee is never ready and the cinnamon rolls are way too sweet But they do have good biscuits

Nikki Hancock

Slowest service I have ever seen. Do not go on a Saturday.

Celeste Rowsell

This is such a good place for a bite to eat. The service is great and the food is even better. They have amazing baked goods and soups. Definitely go here

Lora Ellis

Homemade bread & pastries Excellent salads, soup & chili Sandwiches for breakfast, lunch & dinner Pies, cake, cookies & a little icecream

Kylie Lewis

Jessica Mauseth


Amazing homemade baked goods! Rolls, cakes, deserts, croissants, even lunches like sandwiches and soups! Some of the best around.

Shirley Cooper

Porter Stanton

Melinda Samson

Loni Lish

Zachary H.

Isaac Grijalva

A little pricey but great tastes.

Nathan Burke

Jason Medeiros

Foods good they dont listen when ordering thou last time my friend ordered a beef sandwich and when got back to shop there was no meat. This time i ordered a ham & turkey sald sandwich and got lunch meat

Ambreanna Reddish

Absolutely amazing! All of there food is wonderful but would be better if they had some healthier choices as well.

ryan saunders

They have really good bread and baked good. Wasn't a huge fan of the chicken dumping soup.

Mike Price

Geraldine's has been a family favorite for their rolls for over a decade (maybe two?). They are the gold standard to which we hold other rolls to... "well, these aren't as good as Geraldine's, but they're alright." Until recently, though, I have to admit I didn't realize how good of a sandwich they make. Not only do they offer great baked goods (breads, baked desserts, etc), but they also put together a tasty deli sandwich, made fresh to-order, which I felt was a great value and really hit the spot when craving a good deli sandwich for lunch. It's a "pick your toppings" type setup, and they had a great variety of fixins. After my recent discovery, not only will I be recommending them for their fantastic baked goods, but for lunch as well!

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