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1309 Main St, Logan, UT 84341, United States

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REVIEWS OF Crumbl Cookies - Logan IN Idaho

Kendra Pace

This is my new favorite place to go when I want a treat. I get warm fuzzies and a tingling excitement when I see the pink box! I’ve always preferred home made cookies until Crumbl. These are even better than homemade and I don’t have any dishes to do, I just get to enjoy the cookie!! Love it!! This is definitely my happy place!

Valerie Walker

I love Crumbl!! Me and my husband make special trips to Logan just to get their cookies. Huge cookies and they are always served warm! I don’t think I’ve had a flavor yet that I haven’t liked and I love how they change their menu every week to mix it up. Always great service and it smells like wonderland and heaven combined when you walk into their store, I’m drooling just thinking about it! Crumbl deserves 100 gold stars!

Colleen Parberry

Love these sweet morsels of goodness! Their cookies are the best! My favorites so far is the sugar cookie and the key lime cookie:) Enjoy!

Nathan Loveridge

The cookies are great to share with a group of friends! For only $10 you get a box of 4 giant cookies which is good for about 4-8 people. When I went, I received great customer service! Allie was great and helping us choose cookies. They also let us sample their ice cream! Although, I'd probably never buy the ice cream here because of the price. $8 for a pint. You can get pint for half the price at Walmart or Smith's at similar quality. If you are willing to spend money there for ice cream, I recommend the honeycomb!

Alex Gerber

Crumbl has always been my favorite place to get a special treat, especially since they moved super close to where I live! They are always coming up with new flavors, each more delicious than the last! Their customer service is always top notch, especially since it's always a struggle to decide which flavors I want. I just want them all!!

Brandon Wilson

Wow!! Just wow! I love Crumbl cookies. They melt in your mouth like a buttered up hotcake right off the griddle. Ask for Sage, she gives absolutely incredible customer service. She let me taste every cookie. So good and so neat!

Kiana Probst

I have been to this specific location several times and each time I have a great experience. Every employee I have ever talked to has been so nice and friendly. The cookies are always warm and delicious. I love the excitement of different flavors every week. It is so much fun and we make sure to go every time there is a new flavor. We are huge fans!

Jami Hansen

I love there cookies! They are huge, soft, yummy and when they are fresh and warm they are divine!

Katie Westcott

Went at 9:56 in the morning a whopping 4 minutes before they open and all the workers just looked at me and wouldn’t open the doors.. what a loss I was going to buy multiple party boxes and a few gift cards..

Gabriela Schumacher

I love crumble! The cookies are yummy, fresh and huge! The service is quick and fun. Great place

Deeann Evans

Warm cookies delivered to you? The best thing ever! Also you can get some milk to wash them down! And their ice cream is delicious. Any place that deliver cookies, milk and ice cream is AMAZING!

Alyx .Dodenbier

I tried Crumbl this summer and I could not believe it took me that long!! Their cookies are amazing! Their social media presence is also great and they are overall a very well ran company with very nice and friendly employees who are happy to help! Would recommend to anyone and everyone!!

Carly LeBaron

We love Crumbl! The cookies are huge and they rotate their selection so you can keep trying new things. Luckily, they always have my favorite sugar cookies!

Analise Arnold

I’m in love! These cookies are so delicious. They’re the perfect amount of crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. They also rotate about 4 different flavors every week and are always open to new flavor suggestions. As a company they’re very open to customer feedback and sometimes will build locations in towns just based on instagram comments! I would 100% recommend this place if you are looking for some amazing cookies (ready within in seconds) and great customer service.

Brittany Higham

Oh my crumbl. Best 6oz of cookie dough baked into a heavenly cookie I've ever had. My nephew visited from Washington state recently and I took him here. He couldn't stop talking about how great they are! He said they were even better than his grandma's (she a pro baker up in Washington). You just gotta go! They melt in your mouth.

Sydnee Jackson

Crumble Cookies has changed my life for the better! Love this place, I tend to crave their cookies often. Everyone should experience a crumble cookie, they have so many wonderful flavors to choose from. Would recommend!

Gabriel Anderson

Literally the best cookies I have ever had in my entire life, hands down! You will not be disappointed

Megan Wahlen

Allie and shay are the best!! Our customer service was amazing! I’m coming back just for them!!! Thank you so much girls!

Hollee Alvarez

Busy but we were helped pretty quickly. Cookies were perfect.

Mark Sanders

The sugar and the chocolate chips are my favorite, but their specialty flavors are delicious too. Can get crazy busy in there, but they are usually pretty fast.

Kayci Cerda

DON'T START!!! You will never be able to say no again. These are the absolute best cookies. EVER!!!!

ydkjman S

They have such a range of good cookies you can't go wrong with finding one that you will enjoy. Even if your favorite isn't on the menu for the week, you can still find something that will satisfy the sweet tooth craving.

Meghan Shamy

I love crumbl cookies! It’s it the best pick me up, reward, or just whenever treat! I never thought I was a cookie person, but boy was I wrong! I am a full time student, and a police dispatcher, so the fax that I can have cookies delivered to the police station during a long shift is pretty much the best thing ever!! Definitely recommend! ❤️

Mckenzie Hendricks

my absolute FAVORITE PLACE EVER! The cookies are always so warm and delicious. My favorite part is having new flavors every week to try! If you’re looking for a delicious treat to share (or just to treat yourself which I am guilty of multiple times) Crumbl is the place!!

Briton Ray

Crumbl is a very amazing establishment. Their cookies are so good they are soft on the inside but crunchy on the outside and super fresh they basically melt in your mouth. Their cookies are better than home baked cookies. Their ice cream is amazing it is very creamy soft and delicious. Their location is super convenient and basically in the middle of my town. Their establishment is super cute it is very clean the smell is super sweet and yummy. The set up is great because the kids can see how the cookies are made. Their prices are very good and you get a really big cookie for a reasonable price. Their delivery service is very fast and the cookies are still warm when they get to your house. Their employees are very nice and helpful. I would highly suggest this establishment to anyone their cookies are good for anytime of the day. I would definitely eat here again.

Jen Cummings

We love everything about this place. It’s our new favorite go-to when we need a treat for anything. I’ve never met a cookie there I didn’t like.

Kenna Kesler

Loved their fall seasonal flavors. Lots of cookie and very rich. Plan to drink lots of milk

Daniel n Erica Downs

They were quick and even showed me my cookies before closing up the box. I don't know if they always do this or just when it's not busy but I felt they really wanted to make sure I was pleased. They were delectable, usual!

Alyssa Cowley

Crumbl cookies are so soft and warm! Having new cookies each week is such a fun change! The workers are nice and helpful. Makes me want to work there! The environment is clean and cheery which is a nice place to relax.

Braiden Stevenson

Eh wife bought a dozen cookies. They looked great but raw in the middle. Not kinda gooey raw. Could not get through one of them. Oh well people seem to like them.

Kim Tyler

What more can I say....these cookies are the BOMB! Served warm from.the oven with a rotating menu of specialty flavors. They are the best! My absolute favorite is the Muddy Buddy die for! Make this a mist go place for a decadent treat!

Mackenzie Giddings

This place is seriously my favorite place to get a sweet snack. The cookies are so good and ALWAYS warm and the cookie flavors are unique and are always changing. I love that I can just come grab a cookie for myself or get a box for my family!

Katie Hamblin

These cookies are LIFE! They have never let me down! Comfort food in its truest form!

Lindsey Bodily

We love Crumble cookies they are the best! The chocolate chip is amazing and our favorite but we’ve tried so many specialty flavors and loved them all! Great location makes it easy to make a quick stop and the store is beautiful and clean inside!

Liesl Carlson

Finally made it to Crumbl

Madison Perry

I had heard all about Crumbl, and how great it was from all my friends, so when I finally decided to try it, I was so sad I hadn't had it already! It was a mouthful of heaven! They have so many fun flavors to try and are always coming up with new ones! Going into Crumbl, the environment is so warm and fun and the drivers are super respectful! Even if they are behind, they were super nice and gave me a gift card for being patient! I have never had a bad experience with them! If you haven't tried Crumbl, go and try it, you will not regret it!

Sally Keller

Are you kidding?!? These cookies are a dieters worst nightmare! Absolutely delicious

Sheree L Allen

Unbelievably fantastic! My husband and I have to half and share the cookies. First of all because they are large and second, we can never decide what flavor of cookie or cookies to order they are so delicious! We love these cookies. Be careful you could get addicted.

Victor Estrada

Freshly baked and huge, diff flavors every week. One sometimes just dosent cut it

Hayley Loos

The cookies themselves are decent and have fun flavors. But holy moly, the delivery service is AWFUL, especially once Baked closed and they don't have any competitors here in Logan. If pizza places can cook an entire entree from scratch and deliver it in 30 minutes, how can they not figure out how to get cookies in a box and to your house in under 2 hours?? Everytime we decide to try and give Crumbl another chance, the service is worse. Seriously, just go to the grocery store, use a copy cat recipe from Pinterest, make the cookies yourself, and you'd have them faster

Adrienne Parker

Crumbl has ruined ALL other cookies for me. The chocolate chip cookie is perfect- soft on the inside, warm, fresh. I seriously crave them every day! I love that you can pick them up on your way home or if you’re just wanting to chill at home, they can be delivered late into the night.

Michelle Nye

Nothing like warm soft cookies that can be delivered! We stopped in to buy a box of 4. There was a tray with the daily selection of cookies to choose from. We did a chilled sugar, s'mores, peanut butter bar and chocolate chip. I have sent these to my daughter who is a student at USU and she loved them. Now I know why! They were so delicious! We ended up splitting them as they are super sweet plus I wanted to try them all.

Imprinted Princess

SOOOO good, but please, for the love of God, allow more customization options! I'd like to be able to choose a box with two chocolate chips, two specialties, or any other combination for delivery.

Marijayne DeSimone

I LOVE crumbl cookies. Literally my favorite chocolate chip cookie I’ve EVER had. They are so fun to send to loved ones as a gift! THEY deliver so you can give someone a special treat while staying at home! Win win WIN!

Suki H

Wow these cookies were amazing! They shipped half a dozen chocolate chip cookies to CA for us. Each individually wrapped, safely packed, on my doorstep! 6 cookies doesn't sound like much, but we were able to share with at least 20 people... This is one big cookie

Richard Davidson

Crumbl is the freshest best cookie place in the world. All the flavors are amazing. The Crumbl team is so nice and helpful even when the line is out the door. They even deliver when you don’t want to leave the house. Crumbl is a 10 on a 5 star system.

Kaitlyn Cook

Cookies have a decent flavor but they’re always doughy/raw in the middle. I go back every time hoping it will be better but I guess I pick the wrong cookie or something. If you’re not a fan of uncooked cookies, I would spend my money elsewhere. Otherwise, you can have mine! :)

John Mckendrick

My daughter just moved into the dorms on campus at USU, I wanted to do something nice for her first week of school, because she lives in the dorms and i don’t have the actual address, I tried calling Crumble cookies in Logan to see if the can help me, I called 13 times, listened to the message 13 TIMES and i keep getting disconnected. :( I will go somewhere else for cookies

Bradford Heugly

This place is bomb. Chocolate chip & sugar are always available. They're always good classic choices. The C.C. is better next day (not hot). They have 4 specialty flavors every week. They're always good too. Delivery is convenient & great gifts.

Benson Weeks

Incredible atmosphere! I walked in and the bakers helped me feel right at home! Each and every cookie has that grandma-like touch of care, which I really appreciate 10/10 would purchase 1000 times over

Raulon Van Tassell

Of course this place is busy! The standard chocolate chip is wonderful and there are always fun new options. We tried the "Almond Joy" and the "Cinnamon Toast" as well. Each cookie needs it's own jug of milk! Nothing like a soft, warm cookie...

Sarah Hamby

Super disappointed in Logan's delivery service. I love Crumbl cookies and wanted to get them delivered to a friend there who just passed her medical exam (really BIG deal) to celebrate. I ordered the cookies (added all the extras) and got a text they would be delivered in 20 minutes at 240pm. Never heard anything after that. I called around 5pm to confirm they had been delivered since i never heard anything and they told me the delivery guy had cancelled my order and couldn't tell me why. They said they would figure it out and call me back. Nothing. I called again around 9pm to cancel the order and they said they had scheduled it for 930pm. I told them the moment had passed since i ordered the cookies SEVEN hours ago and to cancel it. They cancelled the order and said sorry but I didn't feel like that really cared they had ruined that for me and my friend. Won't rely on them in the future for delivery. **After reading the other reviews, it seems this store has had issues with delivery for awhile now. They need to get this fixed**

Holly Roberts

This place is a MUST! These cookies are SO VERY GOOD! Do yourself a favor and go here now.

Shurlana Hansen

Large, delicious, and warm cookies. What more can you ask for? So good. Good job crumbl.


I didn't get the hype at first until I tried one of their warm, fresh cookies. Now I'm hooked, love this place. Wish it was a little more affordable though, but then I'd go too often!

Jacob Lamb

Crumbl makes the best cookies known to man! There chocolate chip and sugar cookies are amazing but the specialty cookies are always great. The only problem with buying these cookies is they are addicting and you'll fill out reviews like this for a chance to win free cookies!

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