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REVIEWS OF Cristina's IN Idaho

Matthew McGraw

Scott Mears

Cristina the owner visited us at our table and personally signed her cookbook for my wife. Good food and a fun place to eat.

Eric D

I've been a fan of Christina's for years, both the original Boise location and Ketchum site. However, I will not return after this last unpleasant experience. First, the atmosphere was truly awful. Like the worst I've ever experienced, anywhere in the world. And I don't mean dirty, or unattractive in anyway. It's a beautiful little place. But immediately upon walking in you become aware of just how unhappy everyone is to be there. It's like stepping into a joyless little corner of hell, with unhappiness and tension oozing from every in the room. An environment almost without oxygen. It was a very strange, but unmistakable, palpable tension from everyone in the restaurant. You've been places like this before - it's the feeling you get when someone has just completely gone off the rails on an angry tirade, and everyone is trying to pretend it hasn't happened, staring straight ahead and just wanting to get out of there. This was both staff and clientele alike. I almost wondered if we'd just missed some awful occurrence. Of course, the service from these tortured souls was predictably horrid. The waitress immediately made it very clear how unhappy she was to be there and how inconvenienced she was to have to take our orders. From there - we waited a full 50 minutes for breakfast to arrive, with empty coffee and water cups waiting to be refilled, the creamer we requested never delivered, etc. And when the food finally arrived, everything was wrong. The omelet I'd ordered was instead a ham sandwich, about the last thing I wanted. (When i pointed this out I was snapped at, "I misunderstood you," and no effort was made to adjust our bill). The artichoke appetizer we ordered was no where to be seen. The lackluster Caprese salad was oddly split onto two plates which we then had to combine. And the food was similar to the environment - very pretty, but utterly soulless, with nothing remarkable in any of it. Just pretty dishes with bland flavors, a perfect metaphor for the entire experience of the restaurant. (Although, and it pains me to admit this, the breads were quite good - and i do believe their primary skillset is in this area). My feeling is that Christina's has become a little too serious about itself, and that dark, severe gravitas has carried over to the entirety of the operation. Once beautiful and delightful, the restaurant I spent that unpleasant Saturday morning in is a caricature of what once was; an environment trying so hard to be quaint and charming that it's now choking on its own self-importance and pretentiousness. Just an astonishingly unpleasant place to be.

Janet Golart

My son and I were in during Thanksgiving weekend. The services was attentive without being intrusive. The food was fabulous. I had the Blue Cheese, Pear and Walnut Risotto and it was the best. I definitely would visit Cristina's again when in Sun Valley.

Danielle Schecter

Must go!! So delish can’t get enough. When I’m in town I eat there everyday. Service is excellent. Love Christina’s !!! Thank you for all the delicious food.

Kathleen Wagner-Marsland

Rebecca Koenig

So delicious and even though it was quite busy, our service was great. Had the special Mediterranean dish and they brought me chocolate cake for my birthday dessert

Deb Santa

We celebrated a birthday on the deck on a gorgeous Fall day.

Diego Munoz

Tina Haas

This is nice Restaurant

Dean Bucholz

Monique Kilroy

Nice setting, busy kitchen, we had stopped in for an early dinner so not busy. Our waitress was aloof, ordered the penne dish and a pizza. Disappointed with both but the Chianti was nice. Taste was not vibrant, very bland and disappointing for the ridiculous price. True Italian makes you feel at home, welcoming and sharing an eating experience. Not the vibe we got there. Would not recommend.

Mari Monroe

What an amazing place! Chocolate cake to die for! We were treated like royalty. I highly recommend it.

Mitchell Lee

Gourmet bakery serving all types of food in a small, quaint setting. Great lavash bread

Juan Antonio Cardoso

Erik B

Good but expensive food.

Margot Calabrese

Should take one star away for nasty service people

Tiffany Snowden

Lovely food! Super sweet staff! Thank you!

Stein Syversen

Great breakfast, impeccable service

Craig Whitehead

Bill Bryant

Scott Gittens

Christopher Cook

Bob McNeel

The best!

Michal Lukasik

One of the best places in Sun Valley. I've worked there in 2007 at Work & Travel Program and it was amazing experience. Great people and of course perfect food. Great soups, pizza and all the rest!

Rick Fedeli

Visited this location on a recommendation of a local individual. It is not really comparable to most restaurants I've visited that are local to me. The meal was average, there was a 45 minute wait for food during busy hours -- which we agreed to and were informed of before hand. Service wasn't what I would expect from a decent restaurant. Servers were not attentive. Fiance had to run down a waitress to just order coffee. Given the area and the clientele that exist in the surrounding area, I would expect better service and food. A 3-star rating is generous.

Hillary Blackstone

We came in to Christina's for brunch without a reservation. Although the restaurant was busy, staff greeted us right away and got us seated on the patio. The food is a little expensive compared to your average meal, but this isn't the place to go for an average meal. It was a great experience all around.

Shannon ss

Nice atmosphere and good food.

Rich Mecier

I like this place. Christina's made a excellent butternut squash ravioli on a Sunday. The pizza was also good. The place is a little small and may have a wait. I plan to visit them more on future visits.

Gretchen Anderson

Lorie Haynes


Mark Wells

Great quality. We liked the parmesan and grapes as a complimentary side.

Brady Harrison

Sara Adams

Enrique Cyellow

Great food and gluten free delicious food as always

Chris Jackson

First Class. Homeade everything. Thanks for the great experience. Sweets to savory.

Laine Harbaugh

Ben Figueiredo

Carman Freiburger

What a lovely place to sit out on the back patio and enjoy a beautiful breakfast. Give it a try!

Greg Waldorf

Matt Small

Ashley Gilliam

Cristina's provided the most amazing wedding cake, pies and french macarons for our wedding in October 2017! Even our cake tasting experience was so special! The taste and design of all the desserts were better that I could have ever imagined. Our guests all said it was the best wedding cake they had ever tasted as well...and we agree! We also had the awesome pleasure of eating breakfast and lunch here and everything we ate was incredible!

Timothy Krenz

Todd Johnson

Top notch, amazing food and a very cool atmosphere. The coffee was hands down one of the best I've ever had.

Steven Edwards

John Knowles

Derik Townsend

Great food and service.

Guadalupe Gonzalez

Jim Jenkins

Awesome Italian breakfast in warm friendly comfortable environment.

Ezmur Silva

Chris Hinshaw

Small excellent Italian inspired place very good food. Very friendly staff. They display case will knock you out!

David Blue

Crystal Fuller


APRIL Garrus

When we arrived we learned that a reservation is normally required. However, we arrived just in time for a reservation that didnt show. Yay! We made our way to our table through a tight and crowded space. Once seated, I looked around to admire a cute and cottage-like feel. Our server who seemed kind, appeared as if he just got out of bed, spewing an almost scripted biography of the resturants owner. We enjoyed the personal touch of the handwritten menu that seemed to be prepared daily. Since we were visiting, we didnt realize that this place was as expensive. Additionally disappointed in the comparison of the taste of the food vs the prices. We would have also liked to be able to view the bakery case but the crowd prevented the possiblity without feeling claustrophobic.

Sandra Belloso

Cassidy Ellis

The food was great. Unfortunately our server was not. Hopefully he was just having an off day.

Rich Morris

Absolutely top notch!

Amy Storms

A bit pricey, food was good but not spectacular. Cute building and setup, clean.


Great service and ambiance. Average omelette.

my moto

Ordered a small Wedding Cake only 3 days before the wedding. It was absolutely perfect and so well done. We wanted something non-traditional and spoke with Diane and she totally understood and captured our taste and style. Many Many Thanks for delivering in such a short was beyond delicious! We added the bikes of course!

Andrew Fritz

To start this review off, I have severe food allergies, which means that if I consume a small amount of milk or egg, my body will go into an anaphylactic shock, which if not treated properly by use of epinephrine, will lead to my death. It is very hard to talk about it. Anyhow, I ordered a drink, which was an Italian soda. I’ve had them before, and every one consisted of sparkling water, and flavored syrup. Note, before ordering this I specifically informed my waitress of my food allergies. My waitress then took my food order, which was tuna salad. Everything was going great, until she brings in a weird “Italian soda” which was pumped full of milk and cream, which I specifically told her that I couldn’t eat. Well, that was just a coincidence, right? Well no. She then decided to give me the wrong salad, which had fried chicken on it. If you don’t know, fried food usually contains egg, which can also hurt me. I then asked her again to bring me what I ordered. And, after an hours wait, with my family basically finished, I got my tuna salad, which tasted mediocre at best. If anyone reading this has food allergies, then I urge you to eat somewhere else.

Jacob Garofalo

Wm Talbot

The food was delicious.

Sam Cnossen

Super food and great service!

Barbara Fleming

If you're looking for some good food that you don't find on every menu this is a place to go.

Hannah Emanuel

Fantastic for coffee, the case, breakfast and lunch. No other place like it. Don’t leave SV without visiting.

Gail Gibson

Charming and delicious

Di Hao Yip

Gary Allen

Delicious corned beef hash and poached eggs for breakfast. Yum!

Shilai Ding

David Johnson

Brant Boyd

Anna Contreras

I wen there for brunch for the first time. I ordered the Strawberry & Peach German pancakes, they were delicious!

Nick Max

Nice place for lunch! They have a nice outdoor area with natural shadow :)

Stef ZZ

Good food and groceries but the place is too small.

Josh Byers

Great food and even better service.

Christine Giglio

I really enjoy the small coziness and it’s warm atmosphere. The food is impeccable-Mother’s Day is a tradition!

Seanbob Kelly

Great service, superb food. I recomend the bread and desserts. This establishment just keeps getting better after all these years!

Melinda Wirth

Vincent Vuolo

Steve Lyon

Food was good but not great. The trump card was the slow service. Also when we finished eating, they did not clear the table until we got up to leave. There are better breakfast options around town.

Rhonda Cairns

Wonderful restaurant, delicious food and caramels to die for! Thank you Christina for shipping them to New Hampshire. They arrived today in time for me to (1) distribute as Valentine's Day treats to two of our daughters and (2) horde one to myself to enjoy with a hot cup of coffee tomorrow while our two feet of snow arrive! Thanks again ~

Stephanie Davis

Cozy, relaxing place to grab a bite to eat! The bakery counters is scrumptious! The chocolate cake..... Mmmmmmmm mmmm good!

Hallie Ward

One of the best

John Dugan

Kristi Cederstrom

meghann paul

Mark Leyendecker

Consistent, well executed, classic dishes. Outstanding breakfast and brunch, need to try coming for dinner. Fresh baked breads alone are worth the visit. A Sun Valley classic!

Kyle Sela

Awesome breakfast

Chris Stewart

Best restaurant of its kind in Ketchum. A must as often we are in Sum Valley. Superb!

Ron Seewald

Expensive breakfast omelet wasn't really very good. Service was good even though they were busy. We weren't surprised by the prices but expected something above average. Have had as good at IHOP!

Jordan Buck

Everything was perfection. From the basket of fresh baked goods to the colorful eggs benedict. Can't wait to go again

Cathi Leeming

Wonderful eatery great food and Super service

Marian London

Wonderful baked goods and salads and sandwiches and yummy quiche! We go there every time we visit Ketchum!

Matt Freedman

Absolutely terrific food with great service too!

Stephen Seleb

I love the way this place feels. It has all the right decor, simple seating and delicious foods. Sit and enjoy or order at the counter and take away. Spend a moment in this treasure chest as there are good finds places throughout. Grab a cookbook as a souvenir to bring you back to Ketchum when you get back to your real life.

Christopher Cook

Dillon D Jordan

Absolutely obsessed! I was fortunate enough to spend a week in Idaho snowboarding and I actually considered extending just to be able to eat at Cristina’s more! The food is delicious...delicious...delicious! The Sunday brunch is a must and make sure you pick up any of the olive oil that is available. Highly recommend!

Edward F. McDonnell Jr.

Great food in a lovely spot

Tami Walker

The food is always incredible! Delightful flavors and pairings! The outside patio is also a great spot for a luncheon.

Craig Winkler

Great little restaurant with lots of outdoor seating. Coffee is good and the orange marmalade is fantastic. Fresh butter for your bread and a wide variety of menu items for breakfast. A little pricey but well worth it.

Janice Petersen

Sadie B

I came here a couple weeks ago for brunch and it was amazing. The staff was so friendly and came to talk to us about where we were from and we had a great chat. The coffee was yummy, food was amazing, and it was such a sweet and fun atmosphere. It was a dream place for breakfast and I wish I was able to come here every day. They make their own baked goods and have an awesome selection in their deli and have homemade jams! I highly recommend this little cafe.

Decai Huang

Dawn Hickman

Mihai Gherman

Best place for Italian food in the state of #Idaho. Best deli case food in the state of #idaho. #Delicious

Kyle Johnson

Sofya Akhetova

This place looked awsome, and when we came in the server told us that we can edit any dish because they were all hand made. Very hyped, I ordered a vegan gluten free pizza with a punch of vegetables. It come out really sad for a 20 dollar pizza. Just spinach tomato and a few mushrooms. I also asked for half of the pizza to have meat for my sister. It was very sad, not even tomato sauce on the botton. The waitress, who was just amazing (the reason why this review isn't one star), offered to bring tomato sauce (we were charged for it) and brownies (also another reason this review wasn't one star, it was amazing!) Pretty sad. I won't recommend this place for a vegan, but all the other dishes looked good! Just bad luck I guess... :(

Peter Basolo

Excellent food. The service was very attentive, and the lasagna with elk ragu was great.

Marcela Madrigal

Nancy Warren

Yesterday I had a birthday lunch with an absolutely beautiful cake...Red roses with a yummy white frosting. Perfect service and delicious food. Thanks everyone! Christina's deserves its fabulous reputation.

Kathleen Gherman

Such a special place. The food you can't find anywhere else and the service is always professional.

Jim Bigelow

Bruce Cannon

A lovely and tasteful breakfast.

Todd Rambur

I was quite surprised by this little place. We love trying new restaurants and you never know what you’re going to find. We were welcomed promptly and she was very pleasant and we were seated immediately. The music was pleasant and at the perfect volume. All of the staff seemed happy and polite. She brought a basket of fresh bread and cinnamon bread with some creamy butter. Quite the treat. The pizza was cooked perfectly and the crust not too thick. The ham/egg sandwich was top notch. The tomato soup was creamy and robust. Great experience and defiantly a recommend. Kudos!!

Pamela Johnston

Jesse Gonzales

Your personal experience will be unforgettable, the food in itself afrodiact, a great way to start your evening out.. Experience Christina's

Barry Balof

Crowded, overpriced. Pastries were solid.

Rayne Bell

Ali Tepsur

Sheena Raidiger

The fettuccine with scallops is absolutely amazing! Very nice atmosphere, and all of our food was over the top delicious.

Scott Dayley

Tim Reynolds

Reliably excellent on everything they do.

Jennifer Wachal

Superb eatery, authentic down to the accents!

Chris Campfield

So so good.

Allison Remington

John Michael Schert

I never visit Ketchum without eating at Cristina’s. And have never attended an event or party in Sun Valley that didn’t feature Cristina studiously omnipresent in the kitchen. One of the top five restaurants in Idaho. Most definitely worth the visit.

Stephanie Reed

I wish there were several star ratings compiled into one review, to be fair to restaurants. I was steered to Cristina's by the gracious front desk personnel at the resort we were staying at. Quaint at first sight, my husband and I entered the establishment only to hear a heated argument between the owner and the delivery man. Things better left to the back room. An older waitress showed us to a glass room with cramped seating. Being claustrophobic and unable to eat in a room of plus 85 degrees, I politely asked if there was an available table inside the restaurant. She said, “sure you lead the way”. Then told a young waitress, Antonya (forgive me if I spelled it wrong), that she was too hot to have to deal with a customer like myself. You are hot because the glass room is above 85 degrees! Also this type of language is better said in the back. I give 5 stars to Antonya, she was a pleasure and a wonderful waitress. 1 stars for the meatloaf, not worth the pretentious price or any price for that matter. I give 5 stars for the tomato bisque and cheesecake, excellent. To be fair, 1 star for the um-professionalism, 1 star for the atmosphere and 1 star for the other wait staff. There are other wonderful restaurants in the area that are consistently excellent, so Cristina’s will not be a “go-to-place”. Etiquette goes a long way in my book.

Richard Ostrogorsky

Robbin Freedman

Delicious food, friendly staff, Christina is delightful!

Baby Meal Plans

Cristina catered our wedding. It was fabulous! Best place in town to get caesar salad with anchovies.

Maria Carrillo

Juan & Cristina Leon

Sean Finegan

Betsy T

Always a great meal. I've had breakfast and lunch here and its always excellent. They serve the best balsamic vinegar!

Jill kiser


lyle hurst

Went for breakfast on the patio. Great food, friendly service. Don't know about the prices because it was hosted, but it is sun valley.

Roger Meacham

No spoiler report here, mmmm......


Good service ALWAYS seems crowded busy. Take out salmon a chicken thigh few shrimp few dolmatie and bread $45, dine in breakfast frittata and buckwheat pancakes with berries $35. They ran out of pastries at 9am due to the holidays-early-get-on road mobsters. The Hala bread is $36 a loaf. Glad I asked before deciding to picking it up or not. The orange marmalade is excellent, bread is excellent. There is a little store front with tasty options but they are too busy to label anything with price. Expect 10-30$ each like bag of coffee candy, mint jelly, balsamic vinegar with a twist...

Jenni Simpson

Annie Jones

Rebecca Kesner

Lovely restaurant & bakery. Charming atmosphere & the food was very good.


Yummy food and an amazing hot apple cider! And I love all of the shapes of the cookies, so cute!

Critical Essentials

Casual. Delicious. Super friendly.

Jason Hesse

Christina, I don't know which treat was better; your baked goods or getting to meet you. The breakfast was amazing, thanks for being flexible with special orders; the server was so much fun; your out-door space is so beautiful. Sun valley has alot to offer, but we are making plans to drive out again for the highlight of stopping in every morning for baked treats and espressos. We'll definitely make reservations next time

Pamela StJohn

Bailee Rider

This is a simple yet beautiful place to have breakfast or lunch. There may be a wait l but it is worth it. Highly recommend. My fiance and I went twice in the time we visited the Valley and so glad we did.

F____ P

Curtis Hansen

Got a dark chocolate cake with raspberries for a birthday celebration -- really enjoyed it!

Kathy F

We come here every time we are passing through Ketchum and Cristina's never disappoints. Service is impeccable, food is simple and delicious, and we adore the outside patio! This latest visit we ordered the CK's Eggs for breakfast, and our first round of eggs was a little overcooked for our taste (we love runny yolks!), and when the food came back it was absolutely perfect. Staff went above and beyond making sure we were taken care of, and then when we got the bill only our drinks were on it. I told the staff we got the wrong bill and they told us our breakfasts were taken care of. I insisted on oaying for our meal because it was incredible, and Cristina herself came out if the kitchen and insisted back that we would not be paying for it. There is no better hospitality in Idaho, I am sure of it! Cristina's is a true gem!

Avid Dirtrider

Going out to breakfast is one of my favorite things, and I'm willing to pay a reasonable premium for great food, service, and ambiance. But $16 for a bland german pancake, $19 for a 3 item omelette, or $9 for 2 plain eggs is just ridiculous considering that our server appeared to hate her job; our order took 45 minutes; and we were never offered refills on our waters or coffee. If you go to Cristina's despite my advice, good luck!

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