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REVIEWS OF Country Donut IN Idaho

Jeremy inBoise

The best Maple Bars I have ever if they can just make them good for you too! My go to donut shop!

Zach Cogswell

Best donuts in town hands down! Portions are awesome for the price point and the flavors are everything a person would want in a donut. #Idahosbestdonuts

David Hall

Always fresh and excellent

randy johnson

Best doughnuts in town. The doughnuts are big!!!!! And always tast fresh. Employees always seem happy and very friendly.

Stephanie Cooke

I want to rate them 5 stars because they are always so friendly and helpful even though I don't stop in enough to be "known" by staff(usually once every couple of months). They have way more than donuts; espresso, shawarma(middle eastern meat and veggie filled yummy pita), baklava, & other stuff. This is why I give them less than 5 stars. Their branding is off. They're like a donut shop and some type of deli. They may have breakfast too but I'm never there that early. They stop serving the food items before close and they are an early day place that closes before you expect them to. I'd call. They are family oriented and like I said, very helpful. They'll do special orders without complaint.

Pamela Smith

Great doughnuts & coffee! We love the staff that works here. However the bathrooms could use a good cleaning.

Michael Valenzuela

Best donuts in Boise Idaho.

Christy Robertson

I've never ever seen your choice of donuts in such an array of choices. Not to mention size. Omg ! A donut here can get the size of a cake . Amazing soft freshness. And the friendliest service ever !×

chris weber

Was out of donuts and rude very unprofessional

Caleb Roe

Always so delicious

Rob Betlach

Always delish

Creg Steele

Great donuts

Jennifer Tackett

These donuts suck, tried twice... always taste like they're fried in old dirty oil!!! Waste of money!!!

Douglas Watt

I really like this place. The cases were full and the counter help were very friendly and the donuts eere the best ive eaten in Boise. Ill definitely be going back.

Luis Rogelio Marroquin

First time here, tried the apple fritter- LOVED IT!

Matt Henrikson

Best donuts in town by far! Portions are huge and the staff are always friendly. A family favorite!


Will be calling the health department about this place on Monday. I am beyond appalled at the cleanliness of country donuts. The two men working when we went in were disgusting. And that's a major understatement. They were so filthy and the one who served us had a massive wad of chew in his lower lip. Lord only knows if he washed his hands after putting that in his mouth. But based on appearances, he couldn't have cared less about cleanliness or germs. He came from the back where he was preparing the next day's donuts. No gloves, no hair net over his greasy hair. Neither him or the guy who rang up our donuts were even remotely friendly. We were the only ones there and they both seemed irritated that they had to come out from the back to help us. There were only a few donuts left and we didn't want to disappoint our son who was promised a donut after an event. There was one donut left of the kind he wanted but it was ripped in half. Of course we still paid full price for a donut I imagine was dried out in the middle. But we will never know for sure because my husband returned them all the next morning. He asked to speak to an owner or manager, he explained why he was returning the donuts and her response was abrupt and she couldn't have cared less. She also didn't seem remotely surprised to hear about the chew or condition of the men the night before. So my advice to you is, if you care at all about who has touched the food going in your mouth, do not eat here!

Henry Franceschini

Always fresh baked goods, bear claws are the best.....

Dakota Perkins

Awesome customer service! And yummy donuts! Will definitely be back!

Lexei Belden

good donuts bad service girl rushing me when there was only me in line and someone else behind me

Julie Frazer

Huge donuts and very well priced

Mike Cook

Really good donuts, very friendly and a good variety. My son was sad they didn't have a bronco donut though. He seemed appeased with the butterscotch eclair with chocolate chips. It was amazing.

Gilbert Reyes

Good donuts crazy price



Cherie Ward

Best Donuts that I have ever had!!!!! I do not buy them any where else!!!❤❤❤❤


The quality of country donuts is second to none. They are almost always sold out but their crumb donuts and they are by far the best I have ever had. From fritters the size of sewer plates and chocolate bars you could club a man with, everything here is supersized and tasty - you can't go wrong with anything under the glass.

Glen Pruitt

Best donut in the state even when they were out of state kind of

Roy Meyer

The best donuts in Boise! Can't rave enough about this place. You gotta try these donuts! Staff is nice too.

Omar Barreto

Best donut in town!!!

anton boyarchuk

Old fashioned butter milk are tge best in town

jeff aggson

Freshly made donuts and really good!

Abe Rojas

Oh man I will tell you, the ULTIMATE PLACE FOR DONUTS!!!! I love the maple glazed cinnamon roll. Anyone, including cops, would love the donuts here.

Lloyd Oliver

This place is right by my bank. Can't go to the bank without stopping in.

Bianca Yzaguirre

Yummy! Just picked this donut shop from the reviews on here and they were right. These donuts are YUMMY! It's definitely worth the drive. We bought a dozen assorted donuts and the dough and glaze are just perfect! Definitely recommend you try it, if you are a donut lover. Also, the staff seem nice in my opinion. ☺

Rob Betts

I would have to say the best donuts in Idaho when it comes to getting donuts for our customers and employees we don’t go anywhere else!

Annette Tierney

Always get grandkids birthday donuts, they love the big donuts.

Sariah Griffin

They are not like they use to be. The taste is not as good as before, which is sad, I use to beg for these guys.

Chris Mckelvie

This place is the real deal! Local community donut shop that's been a staple for a long time! The owners are great and humble people! It's a family ran business! They don't take your business for granted! They treat you with the utmost respect! Love coming here!

Brice Hartvigsen

Love this place! The donuts are always delicious and the staff is second to none! Can't wait to go back!


Great donuts

Derrty Shirt

Amzing products friendly staff

ChArles Kinghorn

Wow what a great pastry! So big I could only eat one but I'll go back often.

Zack Peel

Day old donuts on sunday. Stale, nothing special even if they were fresh. Establishment is dirty, obviously doesn't take pride in his product.

Conejo Pastor

The dounts are amazing, the staff are friendly n proper... I recommend this to my family n friends

Mason Bennett

The most incredible, delicious doughnuts, fritters, and bear claws in Idaho! The kind of home made recipe goodness that brings childhood memories flooding in!

Bruce Cooper

Great food great Donuts it's good service. The schwarma is good and fresh. Don't forget to ask for your military discount.

Jocelyn Armstrong

These doughnuts taste like they are fried in old oil. Even my three year old didn’t finish his doughnut because he didn’t like it. Waste of money, not a single doughnut got finished.

Paden Fackrell

5 star old fashioned donuts made by hand and sold same day.

Ronnie James Harkness

Okay who ever is making the donuts there has a real flare for pastry. There is some serious technique and ability that needs to be addressed here. I am a donut connoisseur who's traveled to many countries eating donuts and these really surprised me. Not much going on in terms of flavors, and creations, nor decor at all, but the basics are so solid that this place deserves 5 stars. Well done!

Ro C

Very friendly. Great donuts

Gary Betts

On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 3

nelson nelson

Bad sercice, ok donuts

Caleb Shore

Donuts are the best I've ever tasted. The kitchen looks a little sketchy.

dillon hanes

Nice ppl and thur was a long line but went very fast thur was plenty of staff to help customers

Chris Heering

Had the apple fritter and a chai tea. Great tasting and really clean inside. Definitely coming back for more.

Webee JidnGlo

I love the donuts here. For 15 years, I've been getting fritters, maple-nut bars, pershings (fried cinn roll) and chocolate covered donuts. Wish they had a drive thru. They lose a star for price, 20-30% more than they should be. And another star for poor customer service, ambiance and seating accommodations. I won't tip anywhere they don't offer free refills (at least 1). Tips reward customer service; and coffee refills are customer service. A smiling face isn't customer service-it is assumed. Counter help has been a revolving door, indicating poor relations between the ownership and the help. I bet 50 different people have served me over the years. I still love their donuts enough to stop in occasionally, and the cost keeps me from over doing it. If the prices hold for 2-3 years I will edit my review and give them a star back. Costs go up for them, too.

Cara Cagno

Best donuts in Idaho!

Louis Cominiello

Actually some of the better donuts in the area, terrible service for me today. Went in to get 7 dozen for work. I have been getting 3-8 dozen here a few times a year for over two years now for work. Girl behind counter was angry and told me, “I needed to give them at least 24 hours notice for an order that size, especially on a Monday”. She also told me they didn’t have enough of the manager specials and I would have to pay more. I genuinely don’t care about the cost at all. And I would understand if they were busy, 1 guy walked up at the same time as me and I told him to go first because mine would take longer. If you want a good donut without attitude, check out “Sweet Sensations” in meridian. This was the first time anyone asked me to pre-order a large order, which I could understand, but there is a right way to tell me that as a customer. Don’t worry about it from me though, it will never happen again because I’m not going back.

Erika Melanson

Incredible donuts..... horrible service. Absolutely the best donuts in town when it comes to flavor and dough. Guru and their vegan crap doesn't even come close to this place. They are a great price and taste absolutely amazing. The problem is the service. I have yet to have a friendly person serve me. They always seem super unhappy to be there and like the customers are a huge inconvenience. I was also looking for a particular donut they normally carry, they had some on the rack behind the counter, and the girl working said she could only sell the ones in the window. That's fine.... but you probably shouldn't display the donuts on a rack in plain sight if you don't want to sell them. I would have spent A LOT more money if she was willing to sell "tomorrow's" donuts.

Chris Schendel

Never been here before this morning, what a lovely donut shop! Plenty of space for my kids to sit and a very large assortment of fresh donuts. The cherry fritter was awesome! The blueberry cream cheese bear claw was incredible! Not expensive and they had milk to go along with the donuts!

Bobbie Palmer

Best place around for home made donuts

Tim Lewis

We came in just on a lark, but what a find! We go out of our way to have these amazing doughnuts. Friendly staff and gourmet style happy rings. Visit this great shop, you will come away smiling.

William LeFave

Always great food love this place and the staff.

Zachariah Sheets

10 out of 10 best donuts in town. The service is outstanding and the prices aren't that bad.

Mac Wrigley

Probably my favorite donut shop in town, which is saying something because I've dedicated my life to the study of this craft. I've been frequenting this shop since high school. Awesome then, awesome now. Donuts aren't just an appetizer, they're like a halo for your stomach's soul.

J Negs

Great local donut shop. All of the donuts are amazing. They are made fresh everyday in store. It is a good place for a meeting or with friends. You can sit in, or take your donuts to go. They also have drinks. They always have a great selection of donuts and cost less than a big chain donut shop. If you are in the area definitely go here.

Vianey Lopez

The best donuts and samples.

Phillip G

Been coming here since I was a little child, they have the best donuts and pasteries around! Fresh. Would Recommend

Robi Wynia

Best donuts around and the size of these will definitely fill you up.

Andy N.

If I was rating the donuts by themselves it would be a 5, but their Egyptian food is not good (2 stars). Got two little falafel in my small sandwhich, didn't even fill half of the pita bread. Their "beef" schwarma was dry and their chicken was... warm, like they reheated everything in the microwave. Staff is inconsistent. Some of them are great and very friendly, others just feel like they don't want to be there.

jone King

Great donuts the workers aren't the greatest

Tony Vowels

All the good choices, it is difficult to pick my tasteful pleasure. Yummy

Daniel M. Christensen

delicious but I was suuuuuper impressed with the cleanliness of the restaurant

Payton S McClelland

Donuts were average, weren’t bad but if you don’t go EARLY they won’t be fresh. I got a chai latte but it smelled like mold or sewer. I took it back in and the girl remade it which I appreciate but it came out with the awful taste and smell again. The machine must be broken and nothing seems too clean in the kitchen. I gave this place two stars because at least they offered to refund me when they could not make a new one.

Linda Calhoun

They are always so friendly there and they have the best donuts even better than Krispy Kreme

Eric H

Good Egyptian food.

Lleana Belden

The donuts taste good but the customer service is bad. The lady gave us a hard time because we didnt know what the donut was named and she was trying to get us to tell her what we wanted when she was at the cashier helping someone out. She was rushing us but it was just us in line. It was very poor customer service.

Zak Sullivan

Best bear claw I have ever had! Caity was so nice when she helped us and the donuts were very well priced for how humongous it was!!! Definitely go here if your looking for a good donut!

Jason Robertson

Boise's Best Donut. The blueberry fritter is a family favorite!

Angelina Williams

First impression?? Gross how has the health department not shut this place down?? Everything from ceiling to floor was so gross. Customer service was just as gross. The girl that helped me did not have a clean,professional appearance. Was not friendly. Overall experience gross

Lisa Marrs

The best in Idaho


Best donuts in Boise.

Cole Dansie

Best donut I've ever had!

Bruce Solomon

Great donuts. Old fashioned way

William Bertwell

Best donuts in Treasure Valley. Tons of variety in size and flavor and texture. They also serve Tea, Coffee and soda. If you decide you are not craving donuts for the day they also serve a Middle Eastern/Egyptian cuisine that is terrific also.

audrey adams

The best chocolate milkshake ever

Scott Kawahara

The counter people are the best and donuts are amazing!

Melena Hewitt

The best donuts so far that I've tried in town!

Ryan Wilson

Go for the donuts not the atmosphere

Evan Kish

No gloves or hairnet on anyone except the cashier, for some reason. Unfriendly looks from staff. Donuts seemed to be made out of some sort of paper and were barely sweet enough to be distinguished from bread. No idea how these ratings are so high.

Katherine Johnson

Maybe the best donuts I've ever had. We got maple glazed, sprinkled smaller ones and chocolate ones. Super amazing. Better than Dunkin Donuts, Krispy Kreme donuts or even Voodoo donuts. Fresh with a perfect crisp finish. We will be back!

Jessica Hixon

Best donuts in town!

Carl Zumwalt

If you want a great selection of quality donuts, this is the place to come.

Sophia Tarr

Always a favorite for the best fritters and bars!

Gina Slawson

I love the smell of these donuts, then with a cup of coffee, mmmmm best place in World for a donut! Their service is OVER the TOP!

James Warrick

With a doubt a THE BEST donuts in town, and the staff are the friendliest.

Dan Carlin

Good Donuts, Friendly staff.

Andrew Hastings

Been going to this place for over 20 years, best donuts ever! You won't find a better donut anywhere. Krispy Kremes don't even come close.

selena king

Some days they are the best I've ever had, but then I bragged them up and took my husband and they weren't nearly as good. Not sure what happened, maybe just a bad day.

Michelle Creech

Delicious pastries, great prices, friendly staff

Meghan Brown

Good seating and selection.

jessy weeks

Favorite donut spot


Great Donuts, you must try them. Just as iconic as Randy's Donuts

Dale Rhoades

Best donuts in town

Mike Julson

Berry berry good Donuts. Place is nice and clean stop was helpful and friendly. Donuts were little unique as well having some that I have never seen before. I don't get donuts often but this place is really good. A little on the high price so if you ask me paying $13 for a dozen donuts doesn't really seem like a good deal, does anybody remember when it used to be six bucks? God I'm getting old

Jose Rico

Great selection. Close to Fred Meyer and Albertson. Good variety of sweet and plain donuts, I love old fashioned donuts - maybe not entirely fresh - this time around - was there on new years eve - so possible they were a day old. The buttermilk glazed was excellent!

Madisen Hastings

YUM! Great donuts. Buttermilk and old-fashioned are wonderful.

Kyle Green

Amazing donuts! The soft, melt in your mouth kind of delicious

Nicholas Cristella

Good donuts I hope they get a dunkin donuts license.

Celtic Wolf

Man I love their donuts just wish they were just a little cheaper. Buy 6 and it cost you over $14.00. But ill still go back their to good not to.

Paul Sweeney

Delicious locally made treats. From small to large to as big as your head you will love this place!

John Rowan

Really good donuts

Colin Albright

Real freaking good tasting, I'll darned tell ya. Prices good as heck too. Wow.

Ben Thornton

Delicious and fresh. Good all-around donut

gregory chua

soft and fluffy donuts. I made the mistake of trying this place out for my first donut in Boise. as a result every other donut from elsewhere was disappointing. 5/5 powdered donuts here.

Ali Kaye

You can tell they're handcrafted donuts, and they taste delicious! This is my 8 year old's favorite place to get breakfast. Quiet, friendly staff & a good location.

Candy Kay Holford

I always have a great experience here their baker's are the best around

Jennifer Picanco

Great fresh donuts and pastries. Such a local gem.

Emily Tasker

I just had the worst experience in here. This USED to be my favorite place to get donuts. I don't know if management changed or new owners or what but customer service was not great. Polite young man however I have never had to pay for a box to take my frosted donuts home in and had to argue that the frosting would melt on a very hot day. I was told it would be fine in a bag and that they wouldn't melt. Not acceptable.

Dorothy Gutierrez

They have the best Old Fashion bars. The staff is not always the same. The owner is nice and friendly. I also like their apple fritter. Yummy !

Kratos Max

It's very good

Terry DeLaney

Great donuts. Terrible "designer" coffees, though. The person working the morning shift needs to work on her people skills. She gets irritated if you don't know the name of the doughnut you want.

Kamelia Basir-Rodriguez

Been going here for two years and have never been disappointed. For some reason, I wanted to try something different and went to Guru Donuts... so sorry I did. My whole family never let me live that one down. The taste, prices, selection and service here are unmatched. I will never go astray again.


Huge donuts, fair prices, free samples, friendly service love this place.

Bret Bennett

Very friendly staff. Doughnuts weren't too bad either. Prices are reasonable. Certainly better than the hotel continental breakfast.


I’m giving a 2 star because I went for the first time a week ago and loved it. I would have given it a 5 star except for the 2nd time going and being disappointed. Went back for the 2nd time just yesterday night and got 2 donuts a glazed coconut and a maple donut. The coconut one I ate the night of and the maple donut I ate just today after a funeral. I was in need of some comfort. Sadly it was not even a full day old and it already was pretty dry, which ok, but then I found it was also moldy. I didn’t catch it because it was on the bottom of the doughnut. So I was pretty disappointed. I’m not sure how old it was when I got it but I thought they were day old fresh sort of thing. I’ve never had anything go that quick so I am guessing it was more than a day old when I got it. I’m quite surprised because for food industry type places usually there’s rules on how long to keep something before tossing it. They could have at least separated it marked it down and labeled it as “older” before selling it. Instead I payed full price for an old moldy donut. Quite disappointed.

Jason Stern

The best donut shop in the Treasure Valley!

crystal benboe

Best Donuts ever!!! The staff is as equally the best!

Elsa Mendoza

Did not care for the grease after taste. The place was not the cleanest.

Mikell Corless

Lady was hella rude. It was good food just i didn't feel welcome.

Carl Hair

Good good good. Coffees good also. Clean, fast service, good parking

Jesse Edson

Best donuts in town!

Roshan Patel

Always a good spot for some donuts. Make sure. You go early because they sell fast

Kyle Harbison

Great donuts at a decent price. Had a nice selection even at 0900 on a Saturday morning. Not sure about the other reviews comments on attitude, but the people that were there this morning were super nice and all had smiles.

Cathy Thomas

Great service! Freaky fabulous donuts!!!! Love Country Donuts!!! One of my family's favorite treats!

She Gon

Fresh baked donuts. Friendly staff. Appropriately priced items. Great tasting food. Nice selection.


Best donuts in the area. I moved to a different state for a few years...Found out donut shops like this are few and far between. Country donut has amazing donuts, amazing selection and taste!

Jeff Newman

Best donuts in town!!!

Ariana Lee

Great friendly staff(always happy), delicious doughnuts, and relaxing environment.

Eli Volkov

Hands down the best Doughnuts around (and baklava)!

Bree Helgeson

Right around the corner from my house and where I grew up. Wonderful donuts!!! They also have great coffee! Love this place. Sometimes, at certain hours, there is quite a line, but it moves fast and is worth the wait for a cheat day!

Ray Teeter

Best donuts in Boise

Steven Harder

Awesome maple bars.

David Davis

Great donuts. Great service. But a terrible and very dirty restroom.

Terry Roberts

The best donuts in Boise!

Corey Bixler

Super good donuts. Not like anywhere else in boise

Kelsy Petsche

So freaking good.

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