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3693 E Longwing Ln Suite 125, Meridian, ID 83646, United States Located in: The Village at Meridian

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REVIEWS OF Cinnaholic IN Idaho

Doshorte ドショレてDovencio ドゼンチコ

I ordered a cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting and chocolate chips. I was surprised by the speed they made my roll. When I tried the roll it was fresh, tender and hot.

Grandt Samuel Photography

Never been here before, and now I wish you had one in Salem oregon. AMAZING

Tyler Smith

Jeremy inBoise

Cinnabon, eat your heart out! So amazingly good and so many choices! I can't imagine eating a cinnamon roll anywhere else! Always fast and friendly service.

Mark Davis

Really good cinnamon rolls with lots of flavor / topping options. Definitely worth a try.

Kira Heward

Took the family to Cinnaholic today. I had amaretto frosting with pie crust and raspberry jam. Yum! We will definitely be visiting again.


Oh my goodness!!!! Crazy Delicious. I'm going back tomorrow!

Shelby Harger

This place was a fairy tale wonderland of spices and aromas. My old P. E yea her and his sister own the little bakery. With its charm, good cinnamon rolls, and great service it is the perfect place to go to.

Jordan Nicole

Delicious, the peanut butter frosting was amazing. So thankful to have this special treat here especially because we are vegan and have food sensitivities. Thank you so much Cinnaholic!

Thomas Miles

Would have loved to get a cinnamon roll. They closed at least 15 minutes early on a Friday night. There were about 30 people outside and 2 more groups tried the locked door after me! The village was super busy. Why would you close early? Or at 8:30 on a Friday night when their is literally tons of people outside your doors trying to get a cinnamon roll. Apparently they don't like business or money.


I think these are the best cinnamon rolls EVER!

jaidyn kinneeveauk

customer service was great! two young ladies, one with the fun-dip hair was so helpful! 11/10 recommend

Amber Thomas

I'm giving them a 3 star because the prices really are not affordable as they say. I will give them credit the food is good but the prices arnt very kind to my pocket book. Starting price is 5 dollars and then up from there.

Camille Lindquist

Matt Henrikson

Awesome cinnamon rolls and great staff! Large cinnamon rolls and great flavor options.

Wilma Shearman

These are the best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever tasted. I cheated on my diet for these cinnamon rolls. If I eat gluten I get horrible stabbing pain in my stomach but it’s so worth it if I get to eat one of these! If I could choose only one dessert for the rest of my life it would be these cinnamon rolls. And they’re 100% vegan never would have guessed maybe if all cinnamon rolls were vegan then they’d all be this good. I don’t know what their secret is but I’m here for it!

Brady Wolfe

Terrible customer service. When you pay over $6 for one cinnamon roll, you should be able to expect both a premiere product and first class customer service - instead when we asked for extra banana topping, they still skimped on the bananas on our cinnamon roll (giving way less topping than any of the displayed rolls or pictures featured online) and the manager made a scene in front of other customers trying to make us look bad, stating, quote, “it’s all about portion control.” Definitely would not recommend this business. High price, average quality cinnamon roll, and terrible customer service.

bethany mcmahon

Nicole Brosnan

Terrible management. The manager was extremely rude and disrespectful when asking about their product and store. Will never be returning here!

Vivianna Roodbergen

This place is absolutely fantastic! They're some of the best cinnamon rolls I've ever had! And you can customize them in all sorts of ways. Better still, they are entirely vegan!!! It's unbelievable! They are so tasty! One of my favorite places to eat away from home!

Carina Lozano

Cinnamon rolls were delicious

Sam Hard

Betsy Petersen

Eating the OG cinnamon roll is almost a spiritual experience. What is that frosting made of? Heaven and cloud fluff and sugar, I'm pretty sure.

Nataly Medina

Susan Graves-Cox

The rolls are good. If they didn't tell me I would have never known it was vegan. I love that you can build your own roll. I picked cream cheese and caramel and my daughter did cake batter frosting ,strawberry jam, marshmallow and cookie dough.

Jamie Webster

(Translated by Google) Name name name! (Original) Nom nom nom!

Michael Hirst

Oh. My. Gosh. If you have not tried these, you HAVE to. Soooo delish! Clean place, great service, and the cinnamon rolls are out of this world!!

Megan N

lmeralds 14

Amy Carter

Jennifer Snodgrass

Great customer service! 10/10 will come back soon!


yummy soft buns love it.

Haley Venable

Finally...a place to get a truly amazing cinnamon roll!! The owner is a great guy and his staff is always friendly. This is a definite must if you’re in the mood for a treat!

chelsie Painter

I'm going to give this place 3 stars. For me the reason being was the cinnamon roll (bread) was kinda hard. It didn't seem fresh at all. That's a big deal to me when it comes to a cinnamon roll.

Ashley haynie

Amazing vegan food, hard to find in this area so this place is really handy! Their cinnamon rolls are good but their cookies are amazing, giant and they never disappoint.

Debbie Fulton

Joshua Westra

Custom cinnamon rolls where you can add toppings and a custom glaze, they also have edible cookie dough along with other custom order desserts. A definite place to stop for desserts.

Carol Garling

Delicious cinnamon rolls. They were incredible fresh and tasty. It's fun picking different toppings and frostings. The ingredients always taste fresh and delicious.

kerri outen

We look forward to visiting you!!! Post the grand opening date as it comes closer. Miss you at Spalding, but we're so excited for you! All the kids want to come and see you. We may be your best customers the way we all love cinnamon....

Deborah Clarence

Desiree Laird

Delicious! A fun treat with many adventurous flavor options. We enjoyed cinnamon rolls at the shop, and brought some home to enjoy the next day. Even the reheated were excellent. Have visited several times, all good!

James Gaffney

I almost have earned a free one after buying 10. That's how much I love this place. Wow you can get some of the best combinations ever. Best cinnamon rolls ever

Joseph Turner

Not just "good for vegan", just so good! Amazing dough and icing. Fast and friendly service.

Rayshaul Orr

Love this place

izaiah Lopez fam

Adam K

Katie Krueger

Best cinnamon rolls in town!

Jada shultz

Anka Trifan

The buns a really yum and the customer service was great! I wouldn't afford to have these everyday for sure but once in a blue moon I'd probably feel ok to splurge $13 on two cinnamon buns.

Paula Anderson

Beth Wilch

I love Cinnaholic and this is coming from someone who likes her dairy/eggs. I also like the fact that you can get a tub of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Latasha Folmar

Soooo worth the calories

Laurie Sargent

Went 11/6 at 4pm for first visit ever. Decided to go after work with husband based solely on google reviews and pictures. We are now very skeptical of the legitimacy of Cinnaholic’s google reviews. Our cinnamon roll looked nothing like any of the photos posted. To say we were disappointed would be an understatement. If a manager/owner would answer a question to see if it was just the teen boy who made the rolls at the date and time above or if this is how they are always served? We ordered a roll with Oreos, marshmallow frosting and chocolate sauce. When u order Oreos as a topping it is always served crumbed or smashed into fine pieces, the way Cinnaholic did it today was a single Oreo broken into exactly 4 pieces and placed on top. We opened the box and couldn’t believe it. The chocolate sauce was two single thin lines of chocolate drizzle. Both the single Oreo and line of choc drizzle was .50 each topping. One roll came to $6.63. It was very small and not anything like the photos posted. Just bummed —we tried to change from our normal dessert stops (Crumbl, Great Harvest, Culver’s) to venture out to something new and it was a disappointment and waste of money.

Garrett Sanchez

Never had a cinnamon roll like it before. Fairly priced. Fresh and hot cookies. Friendly staff. However, Not much seating, only outdoor, so bundle up if it's cold.

Megan Whitley

Cookie dough is AMAZING.

Marshall W.

Pure amazingness...

Brody Chaplin

Meredith Adams

Delicious!!! Friendly staff. Would go back!

Allison Mayers

bigboy marks

great service great food

Tevia Hoalst

I was so excited to take my daughter here and we could not have been more disappointed. We walked in and the kid (short tight curls) at the front couldn’t be bothered to say anything, when I clearly was looking around trying to figure out what we were doing (as he stood and watched us) he says nothing-I have to ask him what our options are to which he points to the board and states there are 3 steps. Period. Nothing else. I then continue to look around to find a paper on the counter with some suggested flavors, I again had to ask him if these were the options to which he replies those are just ideas we’ve come up with. Nothing else again. Perfect customer service opportunity to try and sell this place. I mean if you can’t be bothered to care to be there why should I as a customer care to come? Then when we finally decide on a small 3 pack of rolls he carelessly grabs a prepackaged bag and turns and TOSSES it carelessly to the other counter. At this time another boy comes out and asks about the order to get started to which our “helper” responds in front of us rudely “the orders not ready yet, these people are still trying to get it together” still offering no help. At this point I just finish the order not caring anymore. The worst part was once the order is done we are handed cinnamon rolls that are cold and nothing worth speaking about. I have a hard time believing they don’t have an option to at least heat them, but I’ll never know because that would have taken customer service to offer. And if that isn’t an option who would want a cold cinnamon roll? I did try and call the store to alert management but the number listed only goes straight to the store where our “helper” answer the phone. I HATE leaving a poor review because I know how hard small business is but this was just too awful not to report. Even when he saw I was visibly upset about the poor service he couldn’t be bothered to try. For a newer business this small a person like this is so detrimental. To give credit the other boy in the shop asked if there was anything he could do after I asked for the name of the boy the helped us but at that point I just wanted to leave. So very disappointed. I hope they get it figured out and wish the best to the owners who have no doubt worked hard.

Sunny Joslin

Austin Montierth

This is my first time reviewing a place. My wife and I have never gone to a business and instantly regretted giving them our money like we did at this place. Even though we were the only customers, the service was poor- the employees were all huddled together talking and seemed uninterested in helping us expect for one kid that walked up to the cash register. This was our first time at this place, but we ended up ordering some random cinnamon roll within a minute of arriving because the kid that did help us stared us down the whole time and acted short with us when we asked simple questions. We got our cinnamon roll fast but it wasn’t that great. In fact, we actually ended up throwing it away after a couple of bites- I think this could of been avoided if we had a little more time to decide and see all of the menu.

Bryan Davies

Rachel Wittwer Erickson

Awesome place with awesome cinnamon rolls. They were having a special this day and it was a good deal!

Alena Sanborn

Vegan powered.

Natalie Lenihan

Their cinnamon rolls are delicious. If you take one home and it's a little dry the easy fix is to microwave it for 10 seconds. Lots of topping options

Corbin Hall

Luis Loya

Shelby May

Manda Newb

These cinnamon rolls are to die for!

Brooke Nugent

Tony Chow

So excited for you guys! I've heard nothing but good things about other locations!

Sherie Nelms

connie burda

Curtis Schmitt

My favorite carb indulgence is the cinnamon bun. Cinnaholic is king. I don’t mess around with any of the crazy toppings (although their cookie dough is amazing). I go for the straight-up, old school cinnamon bun with vanilla frosting. The toppings just distract from its amazingness for me.

Aaron Wagner

leeann leavitt

Delicious but no inside seating

Crystal Henkel

The BEST customer service I have had in a long time! I wish I would have caught the sweet girl’s name that helped us tonight but she was so thoughtful and generous with us! She made my kids and I’s night! The cinnamon rolls were delicious and did not disappoint! We will definitely be coming back!

Olivia Conner

Usually a place I really enjoy but I went there tonight & was definitely way below average. Was told it would be a ten minute wait which was mine, but instead my boyfriend and I received cold cinnamon rolls with more frosting than roll. My boyfriend wouldn’t even finish his because the frosting was 95% butter and it was like eating a melted stick of butter on a hard cinnamon roll. Such a bummer.

Erin Taylor

Absolutely delicious cinnamon rolls and cookie dough! A vegan dream! I love this place and find myself coming back whenever I’m in the mood for a satisfying delectable treat! I’m so glad that this place exists.

Heidi Hansen

Gal gave lots of suggestions and options for our first time. Hard to imagine if it really goes together if youve never tried. We tried a variety: take 5, lemon pie, strawberry shortcake, cookie dough and a vanilla strawberry banana. Toppings and frosting were all good. Cookie dough and peanut butter frosting were a pleasant surprise! Cinnamon rolls are smaller than we anticipated they fit in a small square to go box. They are good but not anything spectacular (we were only customers at the time,they were cooking new ones so maybe ours were the last of a slower weekday afternoon ?). Overall good. Something new and to do occassionally. A bit over priced for what you get in my opinion 5 cinnamon rolls for $34.

Sydney Mecham

Delightful staff and delicious cinnamon rolls! So glad to welcome them to the Village family!

Becky Buddenbohm

Oh my gosh!! Cinnamon heaven!!! This was absolutely wonderful!!

Steph Davies

Great customer service! Five stars easily!

Ashley Courtright

Ryan A Doremus

Gail Rudgers

Ordered a pecan cinnamon roll, was ready in 7 minutes. Was to die for. Warm, soft, gooey, delicious! Like name says "Cinnaholic".

Idaho Bronco

CHANGED MY LIFE this place has - I've told at least 15 people to go here And I've already filled a whole punch card almost . I'm in love with the place

Ro Hrndz

Delicious jumbo size cinnabons. Love the options & girls were super nice and patient when I couldnt make a fast desicion on what I wanted.

Kevin Brown

Scott R

This was our back up dessert after the other place in the village we tried to go to ran out of food. Glad we ended up here. Awesome blueberry cinnamon roll.

Kim Venche

Brandon Buck

Natalie Wixom Purcell

I have been here twice now and it has never disappointed. A delicious, fun treat that luickly is half the calories because it’s vegan. Also I would of never known it was vegan until my sister told me, after I had finished the cinnamon roll.

Obama Barack


Kevin Walker

Super tasty! Always appreciate small business owners serving great products, and this is one of the best in the Village!

holly briggs

Moved here from Dallas and was surprised we had one of these here too! Pleasant surprise. I love these desserts and even the chocolate chip cookies are good! Right now they have ones with sprinkles and I love them! We go back time and time again. Hard to find good dessert being vegan, this place does it well!!

Tony Nelson

Good place for cinnamon buns with a fun twist.

Lisa Osler

Our family went today for $1 Old Skool rolls. We were excited to go because Cinnaholic is one of very few places our 2 year old cousin with multiple allergies can eat. The staff was friendly and the service was fast. The cinnamon rolls cannot be described with words. Absolutely heaven!

Tristan Sluder

Katie Hunsperger

A little cinnamon roll lovers heaven! Its slighty hidden next to the candy shop but so glad we tried it

Phillip Stucker

So rich! If you want custom cinnamon rolls, this is the place to go. We got the Mocha roll.

Caroline Cook

Brandon Hansen

We need more places like these in Boise. It is really nice to have gourmet cinnamon rolls local

Diane Abbe

The employees were very nice and explained the menu. I got cookie dough and it is amazing! I will definitely be back.

Rachel Weber

We had this in Denver! Amazing. When do you open?

Matt B.

Brittnee Jones

Kristin Clark

Danielle Watkins

every time I go there they never disappoint. I'm vegan because of allergies and this place is a godsend for desserts you can't find anywhere else. the owner is very nice and treats us to items not on their menu! the cookie dough is addicting.

D Hair

Nicholas Rohde

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