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Where is Boise Co-op North End?

REVIEWS OF Boise Co-op North End IN Idaho


Some things priced better than whole foods

Heidi Ware Carlisle

Shane Ramirez

Crystal Perez Gonzalez

I don't understand why the natural grocery is rated better than this place. The selection is better and the staff is much more friendly.

Jared Webster

A great fresh and local food market that also provides Boise with some character. It can be more spendy, but quality is always worth more.

Kimberly Schroeder

There is no place like it for quality! The cashier was a bit "short" but she's probably just having a bad day

Rachel Snapp

I love the food here (especially the deli selection) but time and time again, I have been utterly disappointed by the customer service and the way the cashiers treat me. They are not personable, dont engage and are extremely unfriendly and even a little bit pretentious. I’ve noticed it increases in severity when I disclose that I do not have a membership number. Many times I thought I had just caught a cashier on a bad day, not a big deal, it happens but I have continued to have this experience. As well friends, family members, etc. so it seems I am not the only one. It makes me not want to return.


Friendly helpful staff, local food, produce & meat.

Jannae Palovich

So happy Boise has a Co-Op, they offer so many great natural local products that most of idaho isnt aware of!

Kari Morlock

Really great atmosphere because it has a warm/local vibe! Tons of yummy fresh-made goods...Can be quite pricey. I love the First Friday Sale! Be sure to become a member on First Friday because you save $10 :)

Ella Henderson

I’m sorry Co-Op, but your sushi is off. Don’t put lettuce and asparagus in your sushi. Just why. I digress.

Hopson Review

Ken Mazur

Good selection and great quality of groceries. Hot bar is very hit or miss. The Village Co-op always seems to have the better soup selection, and they replaced some of their best themes (Korean) with junk like a nacho bar. Ugh.

dana skelly

Lovely store, well laid out. Helpful and excellent staff.

Dee Lo

I love the healthy options!

Zach Reider

Maria Aragon de Gonzales

Good selection of local foods. We buy our veggies and fruits from local farms and love that we can support these local farmers through the co-op when the farmers market is not available.

Josephine Dougherty

Hudson Pruett

Dominik Sparling

The Co-op is fine, if you're okay spending a little extra money than you have to (like at WinCo). It's a lot better than shopping Whole Foods because it's local and not owned by Amazon, plus the prices aren't that far off. As for me, I like to support GMOs whenever possible, but I also like to support Idaho local - making the Co-op confined to occasional visits when I've got some extra money.

mckenzie robinson

Always smiling faces when I go here! Yummy food too!

Barbara Cole

Very upscale. (Translate as "pricey.") The staff is friendly and helpful, though.

Diane Saxman

This is the BEST place to shop in Boise for quality food hands down!

Bryan Bowermaster

Always a pleasure to invest at this place.

Lathan Hartvigsen

julia vicheti

debbie bonsteel

love the main store but a while back I went into the pet supply store and left my name and # twice re: a certain type of food, both times nobody returned my message. I went and asked at another store and now buy my food there..I have 4 dogs.

Stephen Juza

Loved the selection of everything in the store and everyone was so friendly.

Kay Thompson

Angela Stewart

Bobbi Priest

Michael X

I love the Boise co-op. I go there for all of my shopping needs. They have a great selection of organic, REAL whole foods. Their service is great, they always try to get you what you are looking for even if they don't stock it.

Sunshine Meitzner

Susan Larry Warren

My wife and I stopped by the Co-op looking for White Fir ointment, which you do not carry. I went to the "information counter" spoke with Debbie (2:20 today) I asked if she could help find the telephone number to Natures Grocier...she pointed at a phone book and said look it up...and turned around with her back to me. Now I can't remember the last time I picked up a phone book (internet) I gave it a try my eye sight couldn't handle it. My point...the Co-op must realize you no longer have the monopoly around here, you lost at least one (some what faithful) customer. Since this will be my last coorspondence with you...if your going to carry "blue gril-red state" stickers at your front counter in the interest of being fair and balanced shouldn't you carry "red girl-red state" stickers in the same location. Please respond, so I won't have to go to store management. Larry

Chisum Proctor

I love the atmosphere and the food and the people!

Robert Dean

Rawrrr Cat

Marty Kazmaier

The buffet, sandwiches, Pizza, and everything else is delicious.

Say Gee

It's sad to I have to say that no I do not look forward to my next visit to the co op. It gets old dealing with the same terrible attitudes you can get from its workers depending if you look or act the part or not. Don't get me wrong sometimes some of the workers are knowledgeable and helpful but then you get the people who won't give you the time of day. Really need to up your costumer service! so people don't feel stupid asking a question....

Julia Wright


Really tasty vegan sandwiches and black bean burgers. Big diner counter to eat. Good find in Boise!

Amber Van Orden

This place was an oasis for us while traveling cross country. All 3 of us (all with different dietary needs) were able to eat an awesome lunch with no fear of becoming contaminated. My son ordered pizza, I had a burrito bowl and my daughter had the soup and salad bar. All were ample portions and tasted great. We then we're able to shop for healthy clean snacks and meals to continue our trip. Great experience!


I am from back East but this is the most impressive health-food store I have ever been in. It is a true Co-op community. It is places like this that make Boise a wonderful city.

Joshua Jones

Good cheese choices!

Claire Sampsel

Love the Boise Co-op! Everyone that works there is friendly and the products rock. Try tofu bento box, my favorite.

Lianne Wong

C Walsh

love this place, great lunch spot but I find I shop for most groceries at trader joes and win co because much better value. juice bar would be a nice addition.

Alex VandenBush

This is a phenomenal place

Jade Terry

Byron Shock

Emily White

Adrian HN

Tommy West

lorie brown

Large selection of local, healthy and organic food. Employees are helpful and friendly. I am new to Boise and will shop here again.

Jason Bowers

Very friendly staff

Nathanael Ryerson

Charis Luna

Pretentious & not big on customer service, but great products and fabulous prepared foods.

Rachel Clements

Andrew Kazmaier

Selena Serna

I would like to recommend you guys work on your vegan breakfast options. The co-op in Moscow has a far greater selection and I was deeply disappointed to see what was displayed this morning at your location... The tofu scramble looked like the person who made it has never made it before... it had huge chunks of unflavored tofu... Everyone knows that tofu tastes like what you cook it with/what seasonings you add to it. Please consider adding turmeric and nutritional yeast flakes to your tofu scramble. Also if you could offer more than just the hipsterberry from Guru's as the only vegan donut option that would be grand as well. I know they have other really delicious vegan donuts available. With the vegan/plant based community growing every day it would be wise of you to offer more options for those people who are transitioning and visit your store. Thank you for your time.

Kevin Hay

Would love to help the begging lady off of the corner. I love people, but there are other ways to get help than harassing customers. Let me know how I can help if she needs any.

Margaret Carmen Seal, LMT

Scott Newbould

Love this place and lucky to live within walking distance. Great for those last minute items, as well as fresh local produce and beers. The deli makes great sandwiches.

Emily Willen

Love the co op, it's the only place I shop! Best selection of natural & organic food, plus cheaper then Fred Myers or Walmart organic selection (we compared on reciepts). But please check ingrediant label from the kitchen often as they always change the recipe to their foods. They usually start adding sugar to food (for example, they never used to put sugar in their rotisserie chicken, but not they do)- & anyone on an anti-inflammatory diet or GAPS diet knows sugar is a known culprit to increase inflammation. They also once added brown sugar, & corn syrup to their food (now removed).

Paul Venable

Great selection, variety and service!

Jacob Bowles

Waay overpriced!

Kit M

I don't know why people have complained so much about the parking. I go to the co-op a few times a year from Twin, at random times of day, and have never had a problem finding parking...I usually park by the trees/shrubs in middle of lot. That said, I love shopping there for favorite items that I can't get in Twin. I love the smells and the wide array of products from health & beauty to bulk teas, incense & unique gift items. My daughter always loves getting a little cup of gelato and a drink and sitting outside at the covered picnic tables. I appreciate that it is locally owned and not corporate like Whole Foods, despite the high prices and the fact that I wouldn't be able to afford to shop there exclusively. Also sometimes the checkers are super nice and have given me a discount in the past even though I'm not a member (usually female). Just depends on the checker.

Amanda Hamell

Nice large selection, especially liked the selection of alcohol.

Ty White

A very nice place to find organic foods and other items

Ronda Barrett

Great organic produce and fantastic meat department. Customer service is always a 10. You do not have to be a member to shop here, but there are perks for joining.


Aside from the several incidents of food poisoning from their deli, and a lot of overpriced pretentiousness, not a bad place

Susan Minshall

Beautiful store with a lot of new and enjoyable products.

bulls eye

Amazing atmosphere but more overpriced than the Arcata, California Co-op. Where minimum way is $10.50. Bad on the local economy!

Ismail Gomaa

Judith Parsons

Great place for organic foods, fresh baked goods, vegan and gluten free foods. Also gas a large selection of vitamins and supplement s.

Nicole Robison

F Mac

As good as it gets. Strong focus on local products and a clear effort to help shoppers be both frugal and healthy. Only suggestion would be more samples on weekends because I’m a glutton for cheese.

Neara Russell

Outstanding selection of local goods! I was particularly impressed by the bulk dried fruit selection and prices. Love the huckleberry jams and local kombucha!

Robert Runyan

Always enjoy shopping at the coop

David Steininger


Always a pleasant experience - a voyage of discovery. The deli is amazing.

Henry Valenti

Luke Anderson

1st Experience (~8pm on 11-07-17): ########## I went in, went to the bathroom, grabbed some sunflower seeds, and checked out. I was greeted immediately at the door by a friendly, young guy. The bathroom was really clean, tidy, and did not smell. They only had 3 kinds of sunflower seeds (I bought them all hahaha) but so far, each one is delicious (brand name: Chinook Seedery). The checkout lady greeted me before even beginning to scan the seeds (which most places start scanning before even acknowledging you) and I really appreciated it. She was friendly. She asked if I wanted a bag, I said no. She asked if I wanted a receipt, I said no. *** I like this place.

Michelle Holt

Francisco Alvarez

Oscar Terrazas Jr

I visited for the first time just a few days ago. I'm new to the area and was hoping to fill the void of leaving the Bay Area. Well Boise CO-op, you guys were perfect. Have everything I could ask for and some. ANNNND you guys have a second location?? Sweet! I read some of the reviews. Pretty standard. That's business... I'm i right??:-) Your staff was great. Very knowledgeable and kind. Customer service was what it should be. I look forward to going often and staying healthy.... The city of Boise should be grateful you exist!

Ben Moore

Little bit of everything, a Boise establishment. Fantastic craft beer selection and a rotating tap selection for growler fills keeps the palate happy happy happy!

Clint Chrestenson

My neighborhood grocery store as I live just 5 blocks away. Shopping here is an experience, not just a chore. Aisle after aisle, there are so many options to eat healthy from local, fair trade, and ethically sourced products. I buy everything here from dog food to produce, cologne to wine. The scent of the store when you walk in is pleasant and inviting, the lighting is soft and not overwhelming like a big box store. The herbal and personal care section is so fun to browse through and discover amazing products from Skin care to vitamins to incense. The deli creates amazing food options and the produce section is amazing. The choices are vibrantly colored produce and pre packaged lasagnes and tamales. If you haven’t tried their Ketchum potato salad, you’re missing out. When family and friends visit from out of town I take them into the co-op and they always seem amazed, and envious. I am proud to shop here and proud that my neighborhood hosts such and inclusive, responsible, and environmentally conscious business. Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are great but they just aren’t as special as our local gem. Keep up the great work!

Summer MacPherson

Brett Evans

Margaret Erskine

Always good service and great produce.

Sally Roberts

Amy Desy Hanson

Ramanujam Sundarrajan


(Translated by Google) You must pay the money If you think about to put on those hands say in the United States. (Original) アメリカでいい物を手に入れようと思ったらお金を払わなければならない。

Tony Miller

Alesandra DiMatteo

Love shopping here! Great produce and desserts!

Shayna Williams

Payton Hampton

First of all, understand that this is not Walmart. The food is much higher quality- quality for which you must pay. My wife and I love to walk here and buy fresh, clean produce. If you are looking for the best sandwiches in Boise, the pulled pork sandwich is so good. Great fresh bread. I personally enjoy the raw milk, which can be hard to find.

Adrian Marcello

ahh the Co-op, where they are always hiring but they never seem to call you back even though you have years of retail experience and have shown interest multiple times.

Steffen Frost

Great place to get organic food and to have coffee and free WiFi.

hillary duncan

what a wonderful 1st time! my little guy and I just had a gourmet lunch, got some bulk items for a project and were surrounded by & helped by the kindest individuals. much love!

Willie Wilcox

Not a rabid fan of this place, but try their cookies!

John Michael Schert

Great local, neighborhood co-op with a focus on local growers and vendors. We shop here for all of our needs.

Thomas Lacey

Good place for great health food

peter pena

Favorite place to go and get a quick breakfast.

Jesse Rundle

Quality produce, great burittos, good coffee, and awesome people.

McKayla Harmon

Nora in the deli was so nice on the phone when she took my pizza order. Very genuine and obviously is a wonderful addition to the co op.

Lucas Felten

This store has almost everything that you could aso for, including fresh organic meats and produce and an excellent selection of beer and wine. Their sandwiches and to-go meals are amazing. Prices are a little high but you get what you pay for. The store is always clean and the staff are very helpful

Trey Pryor

Corey Van Allen

Gareth Carlson

Maureen Lewis

I live in wyo. now, but remember all the wonderful times I spent their shopping. GEE, I SURE MISS BOISE CO OP AND THE GOOD PEOPLE I MET THEIR. WISH i could move back.

Spencer West

This store is nothing short of magical. Great people, great food and you can support the local economy. They have one of the best burritos in town and they have a stellar beer selection.

Leslie Tillman

I waited 1/2 hour for a black bean burger. There was one order ahead of me so they weren’t busy. Staff was slow, unorganized and rude. When I finally got the burger it was burnt to a crisp. I will not be back.

Roshan Patel

An awesome concept for a local grocers. Great food and a wide selection. Don't forget to become a member!

Matt B.

Liz Bigbluesky

Bob Dylun

Dale Schiro

My favorite stop before heading out to the foothills.

Joni Kutz

Derrick Hicks

Shawn Bybee

You're the only place in town that carries my favorite beer, Rochefort No.6, so that alone earns you 5 stars in my book! Your staff have always been friendly when I have stopped by as well.

Randy Lynn Kramer

Best ever cheese selection and awesome deli with so much to choose from, you want to try it all!

Jackson Rose

cat04 mistic minecrafter

Sharissa H

Kelly Sonnichsen

I must admit I fell for the marketing hype from "WholePaycheck" and was highly disappointed when I went there. I actually was there on their grand opening and was really excited about it. But I can't believe how most of the produce wasn't even local or organic. I took the Boise Coop for granted. Ive always just bought all the fresh veggies and fruits I wanted and never have to worry about it being organic. I remember I even complained about the prices until I seen whole foods prices for non organic food. Needless to say I will be only shopping here from now on. Ive been noticing a lot of improvements lately and they seem to be getting their act together. It's a lot more clean and open now and doesn't feel so cluttered. Also they have a great hot bar and juice bar as well which I just love! So whether you live here or just passing through, you gotta check it out. My favorite is the fresh made burritos with their hot sauce. I'm back Boise Coop and this time I'm not leaving!

Cece C.

Lots of fun supplements to be found here! They aren't Amazon but in an emergency they are good to have local. Plus its one of the few places you can get a variety of raw milk.

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