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12375 W Chinden Blvd, Boise, ID 83713, United States

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REVIEWS OF Blue Sky Bagels IN Idaho

Hassan Al-Shawaf

Luke Patterson

Best homemade bagel sandwich in town!

Susannah Heist


Chad Jorgenson

Severn Eyrse

Hate to admit it, I worked at the store location through 3 iterations of a bagel place so it will always rate 5 stars to me

Daniel Spiegel

Ordered a bagel sandwich and the girl behind the counter was very responsive and put it together exactly as ordered. It was tasty, though the avocado was only a thin spread. I guess that's what you get when you don't pay extra, avocado is expensive.

Laura Gallivan

It was good, but spendy.

Sondra Jones

I love this place. The best bagels and cream cheese I have ever had. I always look forward to coming even when I lived put of town. They also have sandwiches that are wonderful! Either stay and eat or grab a dozen to go you will not be sorry!

Katie Jess

Jeff Rutland

Great bagels, friendly service. Coffee could be better.

John Whitehead


Joe Abmont

So good!!!

Michael Armstrong

A dozen variety of bagels of decent size. Good selection of cream cheese. My egg, bacon, & cheese on cranberry orange and my wife's tuna salad on parmesan were very tasty. Simple bistro setting. Staff was friendly and efficient.

Steve Honett


Tyler Aubertin

Really love the variety in the bagel and the cream cheeses. Yet to do a sandwich in the shop because we always buy enough to make them at home!!

Seth Shaw

Charlee Andree

Diane Carlisle

daniel grubbs

so so bagels and sandwiches. nothing special.

Brian Thornock

Great sandwich! Definitely going back again when I'm in the area.

William Martin

I love their bagels. Great sandwiches

Anne Carter

I love love love the bacon scallion cream cheese. The staff is great!

Airin Hokom

Best bagel sandwiches I've ever had

Jennifer Hillis

Fresh bagels and friendly staff!

Jared Stokes

One of my favorite places to each lunch. Customer service is slipping a bit but the food is amazing

Leikin Kelley

George Foley

First place I go everytime I come to Boise. Love the place


Bagels are fresh. Coffee is good. You can get sandwiches made as well. They have both breakfast and lunch items. They make it to order. This location has super friendly staff. Seating is available to dine in. Coffee is free refills too!

Germaine Howson

Our weekly treat. Nice staff, yummy sandwich es.

Desiree Dowling

Kathryn Peterman

Best bagels in town!! The staff is friendly and super efficient. Couldn't believe how fast they assembled my large order of bagels and coffee. We visit the Chinden location regularly now. I highly recommend a parmesan bagel with the bacon scallion cream cheese!

Raven Bishop

Kurt Gusinow

Decent bagels, decent price. Like the pumpkin cream cheese, when it is in season.

Topher Judd

I wanted to give another star. But I've had pretty awesome bagels before. It's a good place and I wouldn't overlook it.

Tera Hardison

Melissa Robin

Any chance we get to go to Blue Sky we do! Best bagles in town even Idaho! Love all the selections they give you for no extra cost!

Luke McManamon

Love their bagels, wish they had better coffee.

JJ Davis

Matt Jorgeson


Dean Ray

Good place to go for a quick bagel sandwich or a deal on bags of bagels for home.

Bryce Call

I love their bagel sandwiches. They've got some great specially cream cheese and bagels that just take it to the next level. Highly recommended. Also, they're cinnamon sugar bagels are amazing!!!

Jeramie Kramer

Great food as always...seemed staff was more focused on tasks than attending to customers. Smile once in awhile tall girl;)

zac Rice

Unique and good experience

Katie Hecht

Good bagels

Barbara Morrison

Chelsea Porter

Fresh bagels, made to order quickly. Service is always great too. The employees are quick and personable. These bagels are the best!

Becky McKinstry

Delicious bagels and excellent service. Friendly and fast!

Stacy Henzler

Love this place for a tasty quick breakfast sandwich for families on the go!

Tracy Strickland

Erika Johns

Josh Kiepert

Excellent bagel sandwiches. Friendly staff. Quick place to get breakfast or lunch.

Sarah Libengood

Huge line in front of me today, but these guys rocked it out and got me in, out, fed and on my way in no time. All super friendly. Awesome job!

Julie Jones

Best Bagels EVER. Family favorite and the go to place when we visit the Treasure Valley.

Adam Hale

Always awesome and friendly service! This was our first food stop when we got back to the area. Amazing Bagels!!!

Jessica Ross

Amy Reid

Awesome bagel sandwiches

Steve Howson

We go every Sunday, love this place.

Mr D

Yummy bagel sandwiches. If they had good coffee I'd give them 5 stars. Try all the cream cheese blends. Do it. Go. Now.

Nature Dragon Slayer

Kay Peterson

Great bagels.

Kris Babas

The girls are always so awesome in here bagels are really good thanks

Greg Reid

Blue Sky Bagels off of the best bagel you can get in town. I really enjoy their sunflower bagel. They're also known for giving back to the community which I appreciate. Service is always really good here. Highly recommended


jasmine villicana

Bradley Stevenson

Good food nice people

Todd F

Todd Christensen

Love their day-old-bagel deal

Ryan Boldman

terese evans

Justen Colton

Awesome customer service and really good food. Prices are great too. Great spot to grab a solid breakfast or lunch.

Jayme Bowman

Love love love Bluesky! Staff is always smiling!!

Christopher Johnson

Delicious bagels and great sandwiches! Highly recommend for a quick meal.

Laura Rogers

Lots of options for bagles. Quick and easy to just get something for breakfast, lunch, or a few dozen to go. Good coffee and good food.

Dylan Ms

Max Schreiber

Awesome spot to grab a bagel, they are the best in town and have a great variety! I love the sandwiches and the choices of toppings coupled with cream cheese are the best! Staff is always really friendly and upbeat, which is very refreshing. Plenty of seating, even when it is busy!

Ashley Lancaster

Tyler K Fisher


Carrie Andrysiak

So so

bandriea griffith

Love the lox bagel sandwich

Shelly Smith

Soup is fantastic and the service is too!

Taylor Grindell

Great food, wonderful environment

Cody Rayl

Best bagel sandwiches in town! Lots of choices on toppings. Free avocado spread as an option for sandwiches. They serve breakfast sandwiches all day. Great deal on "day old bagels" which are good as new after a brief toasting.

Mark Pierce

Kara Scanlon

Kombucha!!! I had the strawberry basil today! Best kombucha in the city according to the staff, and I totally agree! My top favorite bagels are the parmesan, asiago, and cinnamon sugar. Also, I highly suggest that bacon scallion cream cheese. Can't to come back here!

Dana Connell

Morning stop use to be a must

Michelle Cox

Sara K

Delicious bagels, breakfast sandwiches, teas, coffees. Friendly, casual atmosphere..consistent and yummy!

Wayne Bradley

Igor Bukhantsov

Ordered Clam chowder, it was watery. Ordered a salmon bagel, and they put like 3 tiny pieces of salmon on the bagel. I wish the old bagel shop was back.

Adam Cecil



Shivank Mistry

A Boise staple

Marilyn Hornbaker

Great, quick sandwich, friendly staff. Blue Sky Bagels comes through again.

J Dallas Gudgell

Everything and lox spread, yummm!

Lauren Aubin

Their service is fast and friendly and they have a wide selection of bagels/cream cheese to choose from!

Joan Gusinow

Always great: food , service.

Tyler Brown

Delicious bagel sandwiches! Something for everyone.

noah holley

Great bagels great coffee great peoole!

Richard Phillips

Mary Ellen Urquidi

I was a little skeptical at first. But I'm in love. Very yummy

Erick Bostrom

Good little bagel sandwiches

Cara Manning

Michael Sparhawk

crazy gamer

Walked away pretty disappointed from my favorite location on Chinden today...been here many times and never had such awful customer service. The place was dead with only one customer seated and one already being helped in front of me when I stepped in 'line.' I was only coming in to have my kombucha filled up so I didn't stand in the normal food line as there wasn't a line anyway aside from the customer mentioned above... I stood there somewhere between 5 to 10 minutes while they chatted before another customer came in behind me and I still hadn't even been acknowledged and they proceeded to help that customer and then ring him up which was 2 ft in front of me without acknowledging me still. Then proceeded to ring up his girlfriend separately still without acknowledging me at this point I walked out....with 2 Associates behind the counter this seemed pretty ridiculous. I'm an optimist and not one to complain much but this was a stretch....I won't be going back :-/

Karen Glenn

Best bagels in the Valley!

Samuel Holden

Tasty bagels!

Mike Levy

Clay Christensen

Great bagels, great service, and great atmosphere!

Jerad Saxton

Come here every week for breakfast bagels. Can't say enough good things!

Drew Colwell

Best bagels in the Treasure Valley. They're always fresh and the cream cheeses are amazing too

Mihai Gherman

Great food, fresh bagels. Service is kinda slow

Rachelle Beck

Love this place. Great people great bagels!!

Carla Mabie

Best place ever!! My friends and I can't get enough.

Lacey Mackley

Love their sandwiches. They actually put alot of meat on them which is rare to find on a sandwich nowadays . I tend to find that sandwich shops are skimpy on the meat and load the sandwich with any additional you request but not this place. Great variety of soups that are very tasty only complaint is soup being a little over priced in my opinion.

Chris Scott

Blue Sky Bagels is a great place. Delicious bagels and good coffee

Michael Naragon

Always good bagels, always friendly service!



Candy Kay Holford

Bagels are the best!! Yummy

Jamie Chaffin

Great bagels. Service is occasionally off, but still good.

Ashley Hale

Great bagels, friendly and welcoming staff

Marta Aguirre

1st time at bagel shop.

Adam Reno

Great food!

Jesse Barnum

Blue sky has the best bagels I've had in the Boise area. They make good sandwiches and it's a good place to go for a quick breakfast or lunch that isn't fast food. They serve Dawson Taylor coffee, which is a pretty good local coffee roasting company.

Scott Zoellick

Great bagels, not sure about the parking lot!

Pokemon Pokemon

Love thier bagels and sandwiches.

Laramie Holtman

I'm always surprised by the quality and price everytime I visit. Definitely recommend!

David Day

Best bagels in the area! We love the bagels and they make great sandwiches. Don't leave without a super cheap bag of still-delicious day-old bagels.

Lezlee Greatorex

Blue sky bagels is the best. I love their bagels and their friendly staff.

Alex Navarro

Delicious, easy to order, and great atmosphere! Would highly recommend.

Anne Youngs

Barbara Rix

Best bagel in town

cloeie nichols

excellent bagles

denyel son

Alex Dillon

Awesome place for some good bagels and service.

Mercedes Marie

Good, but messed up my order a little. Slow it down please, I was the only one in line.

Larry Sawyer

Parm Bagels are the best!

Stacie Nelson

My go to

Dick Spickelmire

Great bagels! Their cream cheese is life altering!

J.J. Davis

Love their kombucha on tap! And their Bagels are always so delicious!

Andrew Fuhriman

I love the bagels here, my favorite combo is the cinnamon sugar bagel with the walnut cream cheese. They have some pretty good coffee and I had an enjoyable breakfast coming here. The bagels are very fresh, and the staff was very friendly and helpful. The restaurant was clean and I was able to find a table to see at even though it was busy.

Kacie Fostermerk

Love there bagel sandwiches and "smear" selection! Also love their homemade Kombuchas! yum!

Karley Fusselman

Always had the best bagel sandwiches. The garlic herb cream cheese is bomb

Mishaela Hall

Aleays gteat service ive been to all three locations in the area and have never been disapointed. Simply delicious bagles!

Andrew Doyle

I go way more than I should. Quality food, quality service.

Jeffery Holderness

Delicious breakfast and lunch place. My wife often craves a bagel from Blue Sky.

Kristina Rimer

Bianca Arana

My family really enjoys Blue Sky and we're pretty lucky to live so close. They're breakfast sandwiches are super good and if you can order their cinnamon bagel with the honey walnut cream cheese. The only reason I knocked a star is because the last five times or so our sweet bagels have tasted like their savory bagels. So our blueberry bagel will taste like garlic, not sure if it's because they use the same knife or if they're just to close to one another.

Darren Andree

I crave the Bacon Egg and Provolone on an Asiago bagel, with onions and bacon scallion cream cheese. Yum!

Kienneth Tran

Great bagel sandwiches but get there early or they might be out of your favorite bagel. Bagel selection not so great in the later afternoon. Love the cream cheese selections too.

Breandan Sharpe

Just the best place in the world to get a bagle sandwich.

Victoria Sammons

Shell Simpson

I like their sunflower seed bagels.


Always a friendly staff a great bagels.

YouTube viewer

Great bagels.

Melissa Trudell

Very nice people, great soups and bagels, especially love their cafe mochas. Keep up the great service you all.

Daniel Lousignont

Always a great start to the day with their awesome bagels and sandwiches!

Sarah Machado

My favorite bagel sandwich is here. The bacon, egg and cheese on a parmesan bagel. Add some tomato, salt 'n pepper, and a smear of the sundried tomato cream cheese and wow. You've got something really worth tasting. The service here is always excellent. One time my Mom-in-Law and I got a bagel sandwiches here and while eating them the power went out. The staff didn't miss a beat. They kept helping customers in their friendly get-it-done manner, and they figured out work arounds until the power came back on. Any staff can be kind when things are going well. Not every staff know how to act graciously under duress.

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