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REVIEWS OF Bakery By The Lake At Parkside IN Idaho

Vartan Yozghadlian

Laura Upton


Yum! A breakfast blt!

John Blake

Such incredible food!

Northwest College Support College Transition

A little pricy all things considered, but it has a great view and awesome baked goods. Also great paninis!

Brian Styck

Great food at great prices. Lunch sandwiches & salads were excellent. Friendly staff too. Would definitely come back.

Wayne Mumford


Ordered an Iced latte and it tastes like a cup of milk. :-( super sad because I haven't had my latte today and I was really craving it. When I asked the gentleman if he could fix this horrible latte he simply shrugged at me and said "that's two shots, I'd have to charge u for an extra shot." to the barista I say... I am not a first time latte drinker and u made a terrible one. I can't believe the lack of customer service in this place. I paid 19 for a half sandwich for my 4 year old, my sandwich and 1 cup of milk. I will never make this mistake again. Please find better training for your customer service so you don't lose anymore customers. As for me and my family of 8, we will never be back.

John Kelpin

Great Baked goods and Coffee

john Deremiah

Bernard Denke

Alexandra Sipe

I stop here every time I am in town. The coconut macaroons are excellent - actually, all the pastries and sweets are excellent - and the coffee is good too. Friendly staff and nice options for seating

Yaseen Ali

Great coffee, friendly staff, and delicious healthy lunches. Lots of sweets too! Wonderful atmosphere and location.

Elizabeth Ertel

Everything is excellent.

Blossom Masters

Always the best! They have what we want ready even before we get to the counter!

Al Montague

Good food and service, but their WiFi is hit or miss. Sometimes it connects, most of the time it is either slow or doesn't connect at all.

Skye Causer

I witnessed some poorly dressed manager type guy, who appears to be in his late fifties, treating customers like garbage. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing. Will not be back.

Ali Hasanzadeh

Such a beautiful place to spend your early morning. Love the food and the tea. Nice staff. Seriously their breakfast croissant.

Greg Dixon

Rick Rund

Really good cup of coffee. Good lighter items for lighter meals. Our third stop there over the past three of four years. Finally moved to the area so we will try to make this a stop at lest two to three times a month...

Giuliana Palmas

Best coffee in town and the croissants are tobdie for. Always enjoy my coffee time.

D'Arcy Dormaier

So nice! The food has excellent flavor and texture, and the service is excellent! All this in an awesome setting of beauty and tranquility... Just go for it!

David Arun Harper

Owner has a BAD attitude

The Suitors

Aside from messing up a few orders, the older guy that shows up there sometimes is total trash. He treats the people that pay his bills like subhuman peasants. Don't go in there unless you want to risk having your sunny day made a little cloudier by a smug prick.

Motoko Kusanagi

Super good guacamole and habanero cheese !

Chrissy D

Wonderful little niche for anytime of the day; breakfast is by far the best. The line gets a little long, but for good reason. Make sure to grab water while in line.

Diana Layton

This place is the best bakery I have been in . Am a baker myself ,and I have to say this a top one place to go

Mike Normand

Great coffee and service.

Danny Vredenburg

Consistent. I have moved and come back to CDA a few times and the service, coffee and baked goods are always on point at bakery by the lake.

steven carnahan

Love this place. Good coffee varieties of tea's very good service

Skyfire Voip

Nice place to have a cup of coffee and eat a baked good. Prices are higher than baked goods at grocery stores obviously but you are paying for smaller volumes, ambience, and some specialty items you may not find elsewhere.

Derek Smith

April B

My favorite place to meet friends and drink coffee in town. Their food items are tasty, their coffee is good, they have a nice selection of tea, and it’s comfortable.

L Penston

Shanna Brown

M&R Field

Cozy little cafe and bakery with friendly staff and REALLY good coffee. So few people really know how do do the foam on an espresso drink, and they have it down pat here!

Taylor Peterson

Alexandria Daire

Delicious pastries, etc. Drip coffee is excellent, comfortable and cozy yet light, open and upbeat. Pleasant staff, caring ambiance. Thank you, my Son and I feel safe and easy going when we are at BBTL.

Dave Nance

Open early and close late. Works great for our schedule. Love there bagel sandwich and coffee. Some very comfortable couchs and chairs.

maddie kutschkau

Ben Brusell

Ken Littleford

This place is a dump. All the vacant tables had crumbs from previous customers. The girl didn't offer me a receipt, she touched my toasted bagel with her bare hands. I had to ask for my coffee a second time to remind her what I ordered less than five minutes prior. the bin with dirty dishes is in the same place the line to order is located. Lack of detail to service.

Retta Jones

Prices are inflated.

Corey Binder

Hailey Sterling

Worst coffee I have ever had in north Idaho area. Your employees seem to not know the difference between a 16oz and a 12oz nor a mocha and a latte. My friends, family, or anyone I know will not be going here again. Literally disgusting.

Clifford Pugliese

Free refills

Kristan Blair

Abra C

Byron Linck

The coffee's great. Food is a little expensive for what you get. Come here for the coffee and wi-fi work area.

Liam Persons

Lori Virden

Sandi Anderson

The sticky buns and latte combo!!! ♡♡♡ >^●●^<

Mike Chilton

Great service and atmosphere! Screaming kids were distracting at times, but overall a great experience.

Jim T

Digging this place! Good view of the park, nice people, delectable Bear Claw and some good brew. Egg sandwich seemed like a quick microwave job, but was still tasty.

Johanne Martin

Great staff and good food. Can't ask for much more

Adriana Winget

Nice location downtown. They always have delicious pastries and sandwiches!

Chuck Fangione

Always swingin' on in for some coffee at the Lakery!

Justin Monk

My wife and I stopped in the bakery over the weekend. Great food and atmosphere.


Nick Grafton

Carole Mccabe

My fave

Josh Downing

I get ham n chee bagel everyday! They take care of me!

Anne Couser

Loved this place for so long until they kicked out my son-in-law who is from India working on his computer and he didn't buy food.. and while I understand that I don't understand why they said they were going to call the police. So my son-in-law took his family to Boston and my two grandkids.

Tony J. Bowe

Clean, friendly, good prices and atmosphere!

Ryan Kovatch

Amazing food, however they're often out of certain items like bagels and croissants.

Michelle Rene Garcia

Great place for a cup o jo

marty maher

Delicious bagels, very trendy and up scale for a bakery/ coffee place. Highly recommend.

Yaeka Katsuta

Nice friendly place. I would come her as a place to relax and catch up with friends. Wouldn't come her just for the food.

Devin Haughton

Friendly staff and owner! Great coffee, pastry, and gluten free selections.

Shaun Moore

The older guy that works there who has black hair and a mustache, possibly as a manager or as one of the owners is a genuinely disgusting human being. I will work to ensure that as few people as possible see the inside of this bakery. Terrible job, whoever you are.

Rick Kahlbau

Great coffee and great place to visit


Always a great place with delicious food.

Gabriel Cruz

Randal McCabe

Amazing hot sandwich Amazing hot coffee. Good service. Just another great add-on to beautiful CDA

Andrew Olsen

Glen D Cline

Great place to have food and coffee.. very friendly people and nice atmosphere


Great place to meet for coffee and goodies. Nice staff, great products and fair prices.

Jacob Muehlhausen

Lori Merkel

Went to Bakery by the Lake today with three other women to celebrate one of our 50th birthdays. We were sitting as far from the cashier as one could be while still inside and the cashier came over and demanded we be quieter. Apparently our one laugh was NOT welcome! However, the two other tables with loud children were ok. Will not be returning & would put the word out it’s not the place to go if you are happy & want to share said happiness!!!!!

Amy Miles

Nice location, great pastries

Antigone Twidt

Quiet and comfortable, great service

cheryl l

great cinnamon rolls

Agnes Cecille

Mike McNamara

Great atmosphere and location, fresh bakery goods and coffee is excellent

David Evans

Terribly rude

kathie shoemaker

Ariana Aalto

Amazing Sandwiches!!!! The latté's here are actually really really awesome despite what other people say. They have great customer service, a man dropped his sandwich and they gave him a whole new one for free!!! Nice Location, right by the Library, Park, and Lake!!! We go here at least twice a week. Next time you're in CDA stop in here, it's a really nice cafe/bakery.

Deanna Krout

Excellent coffee

Jeff Snyder

Excellent coffee and baked stuff.

Nadia C

My friend ordered the $2 cinnamon roll and I ordered the almond chocolate scone. The scone tasted a lot better with the tea. Overall the food was good and the scenery was gorgeous.

Isaac Brown

Best spot to sip on a coffee outside

Caleb Lynch

Incredible food, great coffee, and impeccable service

Valerie Martin

Suzanne Floch

Trevor Tollefsbol

Fantastic, proper cappuccinos (they don't ask if you want wet or dry because a cappuccino is a cappuccino)! Amazing bakery in house!

Alex Barrows

Love this place! I have been visiting the Post Falls / Coeur d'alene area for the last five years, and always make a point to stop by for a cup of coffee and some sort of treats! Great service and wonderful atmosphere!!

Tina Price

This is a dependably great place to eat and drink great coffee. I love the outside tables in the summer as they have made it convenient to bring your dog to breakfast with you if that's your thing. The food is spot on every time and I've been there dozens of times. The fresh baked pastry is to die for. Also it's a quiet relaxing place with great friendly atmosphere.

James Meyers

Raymond Larson

Macaroons are great, latte was very good. Service excellent, cookies vg too.

Zach Harvest

Very disappointed in their professionalism and attitude. I will not be going back. I came in with a respectful group of about 8 people and they weren't busy. Some of us already had coffee in hand but we stopped by for more coffee and food which 6 of us purchased. They then proceeded to tell us that we cannot have outside food or drink and we have to leave after we had already spent money there. We went to sit outside which isn't fenced off or anything and an employee came outside with us and WIPED DOWN THE SIGN TAPED TO THE WINDOW that said "no outside food or drink" to remind us that we weren't welcome. I was truly amazed at how rude they were. They took our money and kicked us out. What kind of place does that?

Emily Loewe

Lydia Ratcliffe

Coffee and food was pretty good.

Karl Maier

I go for bagel thursdat $2.75 for bagel and coffee i love Bakery by The Lake

Christina Hull

Great atmosphere and great coffee! The pastries are delish too!

Erin C

Here I thought the long wait for my to go order was going to be the worst part of lunch. Well, nope, I pull it out of the bag and find the bread burnt to a crisp. Who packages up a burnt sandwich? Such an obvious disappointment.

Angela Newton

The food and drinks are excellent but 95% of the staff is QUITE UNFRIENDLY and even downright rude. Their patio furniture is ridiculously uncomfortable. They allow leashed dogs on the patio, so I'll give them that.

Broadly Speaking

I have been frequenting The Bakery for several months now. I live just down the road and found it a convenient spot to grab a coffe and a panini, which are quite good actually. The problem is that on this last occasion there was a late-middle aged man (Frank, I have to assume) with black hair and a mustache that appeared to be a floor manager of some kind.. I don't think I have ever in my life been addressed so unprofessionally and callously by another individual in this setting. I have been a patron of this place for quite a while and to be talked down to by someone who is supposed to be a representive for The Bakery as a business is absolutely unacceptable. There is no excuse for this mans poor manners and worse judgment. At every turn I will angle people away from this business. And I will certainly not be coming back.

Kate Laven

Great selection of drinks and food. The gluten-free and vegan options were a welcomed surprise.

Tim Scheffler

The food was good, but the service was terrible and gal was very rude. We will not be returning!

Lisa Logan

I'm not sure what the reviews talking about the dark haired guy are about. Perhaps he's not around now. I've been coming here for 4 months, typically on a Saturday or Sunday for a warmed up cinnamon roll & a cappuccino. I haven't been treated poorly by anyone or made uncomfortable in any way. In fact, the opposite is true. I have also had the Dave's Killer bread breakfast sandwich & would recommend it, too.

Justin Van Curler

Fantastic spot in CDA for coffee or breakfast (they have lunch too!) and delicious nitro cold brew on tap! The breakfast options are great and the service is awesome and friendly.

Ben Barnett

Alana McIalwain

We love Bakery by the Lake. We drive in from Post Falls. Prices are great, more important food is a w e s o m e! Staff are alqays friendly. Our Favorites, egg sandwich, specialty cakes, cookies, macaroons, fresh sandwiches. Actually, there is nothing we don't like. Coffee is great too. Thanks...

Dennis Roark

Holy deliciousness. The warmed up sticky buns is wonderful! The coffee was fresh and hot. I needed to wait a few minutes before I could drink it. We've already made plans to come back.

Adam Seneca

This place is the best place in town. It's relaxed, respectful, has no music (YAY), comfortable seating, non fluorescent lighting (light sensitive people...this matters a LOT to us), affordable coffee, decently fast internet, and ultra cool staff. I just talked to a girl who works here who has really nice braids about hair culture, and I enjoyed how open she was, for example. And that's the norm of my experience here. They know when you don't want to talk, and they know when you do. Very well managed, I think. Very clean, orderly and logical. Only thing I can say negatively about this place is that they have no problem coming up to you and telling you to leave if you're barefoot. That is enormously frustrating since I practice continuous barefootedness. If you're looking for a coffee shop to give you an experience, you won't like this. They don't dictate your experience, you do. How lovely.

Chris Savage

Pretty nice place! Prices were better than I expected.

Daryl Wilson

Great food. Atmosphere is phenomenal. The service is good.

Shayla Oliver

Rita Logiudice

Overall nice surroundings....ordered blueberry scone, counted ONE blueberry...... disappointing!

Georgia Polacek

Great eats and drinks! In and outdoor seating. Close to parks. Free two hour parking close by.

Brent Edwards

Yodit Teklemariam

Visiting Idaho from Seattle a friend recommended this place. We stop by for coffee and cakes it’s an awesome place excellent test I recommend this cafe to anyone coming to visit Idaho

Misty Ward

The boy loved it!

Jeanine Torneo

Carol Daniels

Delicious food. Wiling to modify sandwich to accommodate a gluten free diet.

K Phan

This is a funny little place that has a little bit of everything. They were very nice when I asked for four cups of ice to go along with our drinks and big order this summer. (Other establishments were stingy with the ice during the hot summer days.) Between the cool drinks, deserts, pastries, and coffee you could find most anything you need for a morning respite.

sadie wylie

Great food and coffee. A very family friendly spot. Not quiet, so it’s not a great place to study.

Anthony Alexander

Nice atmosphere, good location, okay coffee.

Sara Amish

Jeanne Morss

Great pizza- delish cookies- love your bread!

Jeff Aly

Amazing staff who provided great service, awesome iced coffee and even better food!


My favorite coffee spot in CdA - especially in terms of location.

Kip McMillan

Friendly prompt service. Great coffee. Killer atmosphere.

wallace pharness

John Foote

Lovely, bustling, cozy coffee shop/cafe..

Elizabeth McCormick

Nirzwan Bandolin

Daniel Broggel

Very good baked goods, view of McEuen Park, and variety of seating available.

Dennis Barrett

Great place. Good choice of goodies and coffee, but don't ask for maple bars, lol. I would reccomend it to anyone.

Jacob Arnold

Great food, reasonable prices, nice outdoor seating. Great spot

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